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tv   [untitled]    March 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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bert understand how we as a city can keep supporting our city college. thanksgivings to supervisor kim whos district highly impacted civic center and [inaudible] campus closeier occurred and also supervisor campus who advocate #d for city college. i think a number of you know that san franciscos school districts arts festville is this week. i believe young artist make san francisco fun vibrent and a great place to live and the art festville is a city wide demonstration of creative diversity and vision. formally called youth at art, they celebrate the work of student all over san francisco and it is celebration especially of our ueke san
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francisco unified school district arts master plan which where know a number were on the board. when i was on the board we developed it looking at models like la and other cities. i believe it is a master plan and document and road map so we use art as a force in the school district so every child has a well rounded education. it is also a unifying force in the schools and cities as well. one of the quotes given by [inaudible] the head of perform ing arts is, it says it is the artist of the world and feelers and thinchgers who can can educate defy and insist and shout the big dreams. i thank the performing artss team, rob daniels [inaudible] and doctor
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john cal away. also i want to acknowledge we couldn't do anywhere near the amount of arbt in the disruct woit the 10 year old public education fun or what we called p for prop h. it was established 10 years ago from community based organizations. parents and school and education coalition and especially the leadership of tom [inaudible] former assembly member of san francisco to protect the arts as a key part of our school district and to address the druconeian cuts happening at the state level. i think with funding reauthorize would prop c and thank everyone for the work we are posed for arts to be included in our childrens education. the yurth arts festville is highlighting the aspect of art education in the
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school. not just public and charter schools, but the private as well with many represents from the richmond district performing over the next 6 days. i want to say also there is a evening celebration thursday where we'll highlight the washington high school dance team, which my inturn marie baker will be dancing with and the night is marked with what we call dream catchers. they are amazing teachers, admin stairts and others that promote arts. i will list the dream catchers because it is igsug couldn't what hay are doing. julia marshal. don harass is the former principle from san francisco of the arts now called the [inaudible] school of the arts. administrator doctor louis valen teeno. the
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community artist in the room earlier, roburto her nands. community arts jess cu[inaudible] partner in technology, brian garcia. one of my favorite art and music teachers is robin saunders from [inaudible] agreat principle. [inaudible] elementary arts cord nairtd ron [inaudible] aortart teacher, visual art jack alter and the arts and music teacher diana gomez. i'm proceed that so many young people in the school district and the city are really living tupe the example of how again young artist can help improve our communities and even improve the world and save us as lenered burnsteen,
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articulate, educate, defy and shout the big dreams. you can get the information of the different events today and tomorrow tupe sunday by going to art and congratulations to those in the art festville >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam clerk. i'm introducing a resolution urging the mta board of directors to include a requirement for demonstration of labor harmony as a part of the [inaudible] pilot program and any other permanent
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program. this proposed change will be to a poregz of the transportation code under the jurisdiction of the mta board not the board of supervisors. driving a large shuttle bus is a grueling jube with long drives and long hours. insureing the shuttle drivers are treated and comp sated fairly is a poncht component of a private shuttle program and the right thing to do. with that said, this is more about making sure the workers are treated fairly. that is important, but it goes beyond that. it is also about protecting the interest of the cities public transportation. we invested [inaudible] to develop and maintain thmpt risk if sfrike jz other labor disputes around the employee shuttle are actions that can effect the apperation of [inaudible] and the ringe of
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the labor disputes should be minimized. requires the shuttle to use the stops, a demonstration will eliminate this. i work for wrbd for working with the borebd of directors and shuttle providers and representative from labor. i request your support for this >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor ye >> today colleagues i introduce a hearing request to the discuss the increase in property crimes including home burg laerz and thefts and vehicle threats city wide. i know we will have hearings on public safety rishues that covers a broad range of issues i can don't try to take away
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from that, but when we look at public safety issues things like crimes often gets lost in the discussion so i wanted to have a stand alone hearing just on these issues. i'm hearing a lot of concerns from various neighborhood about the increase in home invasions and threat and would like to provide a opportunity to unite. to improve safety and public aware synchronize. i look forward to working with the san francisco police department and community to understand and identify solution in which both the community members and the san francisco police department can contribute to. the other thing that i want to introduce is a ordinance to firthser define the compensation and functionoffs the children, families cancel which was
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stabbed through proposition c in november. the counsel and superintendent of schools brings together department heads and district heads and community members to develop a plan on how to increase a number of children and families in san francisco. the consal is also tarfcked to coordinate services to maximize support for children youth and families in san francisco and addressing affordable family housing and work force development and accessibility transit. this is a opportunity for us to be bold. we have reached a jungture in the history of san francisco where our actions determine the course of our future. we need to show strong commitment to lifting up san franciscans and offer them a place to grow and succeed. at
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this time city leadership is aligned to put children and families first through the mayors cities address the san francisco unified school districts plan exists in collaborations around my bruthders keeper and efforts to pass prop c we have seen that the city makes it clear the children and families are a proret and want to take a action to improve the families in san francisco. [inaudible] people of all ages income and races. when we lose families we lose diversity. while diversity is a value to strive for and of it in itself the loss of diversity threatens the following areas, middle income jobs and workers, environment and sus stainability, social integration, social capital and
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citizen engagement. our children families counsel will need to be bold and create a common sfrigz the children and families. we must set goal squz metrix that allow all our city and school district department and communities to contribute towards them. further more we maintain san francisco can only be a great city if we wetain the economic and cullturable diversity therefore our city families counsel must examine our progress through a len at all time. this is new and different and a collaboration we haven't seen codifyed before. there are many ways to [inaudible] the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor u.
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supervisor avalos >> thank you i have 2 items for introduction first is a hearing-no, a resolution on pg and e and the cities negotiate of the interconnection agreement. this resolution follows last weeks closed session about the cities interconnection grievance with pg and e set to expire june 30. [inaudible] to the power. it is said to expire on july 1 and prks g and e refuses to negotiate in good faith. pg and e is trying to force to [inaudible] for decades. pg and e is also trying to make the city pay for existing
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facilities the city already paid for years ago. if the city is forced to agree to the terms it will allow pg and e to export taxpayer dollars. last year there was a complaint filed thatologed pg and e unreasonable denied service to the city. it urges our state and federal representatives to express support. i want to thank cosponsors supervisor breed, compose, coen, kim, mar and wiener for your support as well. that will be going to the next weeks board meeting. the next item i have for introduction is a ordinance to better regulate political
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committees that encourage someone who is not yet a official candidate to run for office. the ethics commission approved this ordinance back in 2012 in the wake of the run edrun campaign. there were 2 different committees that encouraged edlee to run for mayor. one of which was registered as a primarily formed committee and registered undeer the less rigierly regialated general purpose committee. it was named progress for all and didn't name edlee as a potential candidate. this ordinance requires these committees to register as primarily formed committee and doesn't provide the general purpose committee option. this will improve trance paerns in 2 ways. they must include the name of the candidate they support in the name of the committee and must also file with both the ethics
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commission and the fppc. it is my hope that we establish clear rules of the road for such a committee that urge people to run for election. this ord njs wim also provide guidance for the ethics commission to rule on such committees in the future. >> thank you supervisor avalos. brezdant breed >> today i'm broud to join mayor lee in introducing the 10 year capital plan that will guide infrastructure investments for the next decade and beyond. it recommends a 32 billion dollars in the next decade. these funds will make san francisco a safeer healtherier and more livable city by investing in repair, transportation improvement, safer better streets for
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pedestrians and new public safety and hospital facilities. the plan strikes the balance of caring for the existing infrastructure while investing in new project. the plan is fiscally impossible and not raise tax rates, raise the debt tax or impose a undue burbden. all this infrastruck chur work will create thousands of local construction job and for the first time it includes plans to address the sea level rise. the work includes large scale well known projects like the [inaudible] ret row fit quh chis underway across the street. the new trauma 1 hospital as san francisco general scheduled to open in
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december, transportation projects like [inaudible] central subway terminal and proceedio park way formally doil drive. the peer 1, 70 and sea wall lot [inaudible] the public safety building to house san francisco police department command setter and new southern station. nigh fire station and new ambulance deployment for the over taxed ems system. dozens of [inaudible] housing projects and the water system and sewage system improvement program. the plan also includes less visible projects like the seismic ret row fit of the fire and police stations. roof and elevator and boiler ret row fits in buildings through the city and 129
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million dollars in ada upgrades. as a former non profit director who is in charge of managing one of the city owned facilities that included issues with the elevator, issuewise the boiler system, issues with infrastructure it is exciting to see a significant investment. however i do have serious reservation about the praublgect in the plan, inthe new jail proposed as part of the hall of justice. a large portion of the population is there because they have a mental health issue or cant pay bill. i know it can be difficult to factor mental health into a intrastructure plan, but i think we need to be sure we are doing everything possible to reduce unnecessary incorns ration and provide effective services to those
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suffering from mental health problems. if we build a a92 jail, insure we are building not only the right size jail, but the right kind of jail. if that means the jail should also be a certified mental health facility than let's make it happen. i will continue working with advocates and the city departments on this issue but that project aside i'm proud to support the plan. we see the transformation of san franciscos roads, parks safety buildings and libe raerds and cultural institutions going on all around us. these improvement are possible because san francisco voters have consistently supported the policy and bonds that make this happen. they are leaders in
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city hall heard the message and crafted plans for more suitable and resilient san francisco. the capital plan process is a testament to what san francisco-to what makes san francisco so strong. we work together, anticipate challenges and allocate the resources to meet those challenges. as president i sit on the capital planning committee and see this process first hand. i am proceed of the plan we created and look forward to working with my colleagues, the mayor and san franciscan as we create better hospitals, roads, muney services and parks while protecting the city from earthquake, fire and rising sea levels. thank you. the rest i submit >> thank you madam prez dbt. supervisor comps >> i have brief item and i want to thank you supervisor kim and president breed who had been working on this item and this is something on isue that
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came out of a hearing that was forwarded by supervisor kim and folks may have read. there was a front page story inch the examiner about the fact there are many families that are homeless in san francisco that face very difficult challenges as they try to obtain a shelter bed in the homeless shelter system often times having to choose between a shelter bed and whether to pull the kid from school. that has to do with the fact that some of these families feel compelled to pull their children out of the school system to make sure they agtually get a bed in our first friendship shelter. i want to note that we have in in
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conversations with human services agency which has announced that it is trying to address that issue as i understand it starting tomorrow they will no longer require a entire fam ifly to show up together to reserve a space. one adult can go and make a reservation on behalf of the entire family that they way don't have to pull the kids from school. to theect tent this remains a issue for a single parent who still would have to pull the kid from school. my understanding is hsa is also instituting a phone reserveation system and that is something they'll be doing soon. this is to make sure that families don't have to be in the really difficult position of having to choose between getting a shelter bed and pulling the kids from school and i do want to thank you supervisor kim and
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president breed who her staff has been working on this and the staff at hsa for responding to this issue and former colleague [inaudible]find a solution. i want to thank the families who shared this experience with us, the coalition on homelessness for bringing this issue to our attention >> the final note is simply to acknowledge there was a meeting last night in the mission district and it was a very difficult and challenging meeting involving the issue of the latest officer involved shooting and the [inaudible] shooting that led to the death of [inaudible] lopez. i first want to thank the community police department for coming to
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a meeting, holding a meeting about this very critical incident in the neighborhood and i think that the meeting probably raised more questions than it provided answers. one of the things that became clear is that there are different version of what happened and what i simply hope is that there is it is expedited investigation of this matter because at the very heart of the matter i get into the bottom of what happened is a very important need to have trust between our police department and communities. i know that-what happened raises a number oaf concerns so we hope and ask our office of citizens complaints, which
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conducts the investigation to conduct an investigation as quickly as possible so we get to the bottom of what happened. i urge our police department to continue to work the community and for the community to work with us the police department because we will be able to resolve these issues only if we work together. the rest i submit >> supervisor comps. supervisor christianson. supervisor wiener you second to be rerefurred >> i nudged to mention a item. i do have-i read in the press and seen onative, we have seen what can only be described as a explosion of vandalism in deloris park. in the last fee weeks we saw people that were arrested and they need to be fully prosecuted break into the the construction area on the
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northern end of the park and do massive damage to the rejivation work happening there probably costing 100 thousand dollars. a week later we see people break a huge amount of glass in the childrens play ground which resulted in the play ground closing for week as 20 tons of sand are removed and replaced. these 2 incidence they are pretty large in scope and got a lot of press attention are not unique. 2 nights ago in the play ground found all sorts of glass and syringes and it seems everything night there is a no foorm of vandalism happening. der loris park isn't alone, golden gate park is repeat #dly
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vandalize. [inaudible] i knee mu claren park had challenges as wellism we have to get serious in san francisco about security in the parks plarbly over night. it is embarrassing how few parole officers we have. we added parole officers in the last cycle and it wasn't many. we have a long way to go so as we enter the budget process weto keep the security of our parks fully front and center. these are community assets that everyone in the city depends on of all-it is economic level and all background. everyone relies on our parks and when you have people vandalizing these parks it makes other people or makes it hard frr the rest of us to actually use
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those parks so i look forward to this work and conversation. >> thank you supervisor wiener. madam president that concludes the conduction of business >> at this time let's open this up to public comment. i see the city administrator rushing to the podium. madam naomi kelly can you please come forwards? >> thank you mpt i'm here as city administrator today i'm here as a resident of san francisco and a proceed catholic mirther [inaudible] remarkable school because of its amazing principle teachers and the passionate carrying community. it is a place we teach our kids the importance of serving others. it is a place where the kids feel loved
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and safe and along the way they get a top notch education that provides our children the tools they need to survive. my husband and i were devastated by the crisis that gripped the school. many families first became aware of farther ilow when he reserved the long standing policy of a lowing alter girl squz stopping the blessing of non catholic. how do you explain to a 5 year old you are not wuther of a blessing? we learned father ilow and dristical issued a pamplet asking the children to reflect on their sins using words i would not use as a parent. as a parent we are
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horrified by these questionable teaching practices and labeling by the men of had cloth and this isn't what our school represents. reading the words of father ilow on his blog or concernerize ampifyed. he referred to the had religious diversity of our school of unfortunate fact [inaudible] he admitted the changes he would be pushing would lead to a purging. those of us disagree and have been told this may not be the school for you in a public meeting. we were told they-by father ilow and drisqual he would not fire the teachers but replace them with nuns. i want to say that we are worried about what is happening with