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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PST

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(clapping). >> (clapping) good afternoon, everybody let's rise let's have a revolution. (clapping.) i'm here with many of our sisters that are going to welcome you to to and welcome to is revolution today not yesterday not tomorrow today. >> (clapping). >> in february we rise in country hundreds of countries around the world to show wasn't one boil women and girls looks like we want to shine a light we want to shine a light on the impunity and i think justice that survivors and offenders often face we're here today to
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start the revolution here in san francisco we rise. >> (clapping). >> we rise through dance to express our joy and communicated and celebrate the fact we've not been dpaetsdz by the violence only made stronger. >> (clapping). >> we rise to show we're determined to create a new kind of consciousness one where violence obey resisted until it is unthinkable. >> (clapping). >> i'm so honored to be here i want to welcome everyone my name is the white house of the domestic violence consortium welcome to the revolution we want to start with our first speaker being from the first nation community i want to start with the first
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people that were in san francisco i want to start with the first nation community i want to welcome our first spectator mr. flores from the pit river nation. >> my name is fy lemon flores i'm with the indians education program title vii welcome to san francisco welcome to the revolution >> (speaking foreign language.) >> welcome to the revolution >> (speaking foreign language.) >> all my relation thank you.
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(clapping.) >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (cheering) i'm with came on house. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (cheering). >> i'm emily from the san francisco dependent on the status of women.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> (cheering). >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (cheering). >> (speaking foreign language.) >> filipino and san francisco.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> freedom free. >> i'm from san francisco. >> hi. >> my name is merriam. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is north america did care with the foundation welcome to the san francisco revolution push on. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> that was just a small and
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beautiful sampling of over one hundred and 20 languages spoken in san francisco so thank you any sisters i really appreciate it (clapping) and when we talk about revolution we have to talk about leadership revolution is moving leadership forward you have to have leadership and political will we'll talk about leadership today, i have to say i want to welcome my supervisor a great leaders on this issue of commonwealth and housing and on so many issues the new board of supervisors president supervisor london breed. >> thank you. >> hi, everybody it is so great to see so many smiling faces here today
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i know that this is a time to celebrate and time to be happy by the way we're standing strong against violence against women and girls. (clapping.) >> sadly there are too many people who are not smiling twrom people that are victims in the hiding in the studios and seeing how large this event continues to grow gives me the reassurance that in the future there will be more women here standing strong and more women coming out and saying i need help and support help me to change my life for thought better (clapping.) we it is our responsibility to let victims of crimes know that they have a support system they have policies that will change that will make their lives
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better we have to continue to push and sigh no more no more victims no more violence if our community and no more violence against young girls and women very have to have a change this gems the reassurance that is changing every single day we're going to make sure that here in the city and county of san francisco that we have a zero, zero victims and we're going to keep working hard to make that possible so thank you and welcome to city hall (clapping.) we really don't have an mc i promise you when we talk about
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leadership we have to talk about partnership i want to see my mayor first and make sure he's here there he is all right. when we talk about leadership and we talk about revolution we have to talk about partnership we have not experienced in recent memories the partnership we have with our mayor. (clapping.) revolution does not happen without leadership and not without partnership leadership and partnership together with political will is what the revolution in san francisco is going to be all about this is what helps gal in existence our work and your work and move policy forward to keep women and girls and everybody safe
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leadership partnership please will our 235sh9 partner and friend it's my honor to recognize our partner many 2, 3, 4 revolution mayor ed lee (clapping). >> all right. bev thank you for your introduction good morning everyone welcome to the people's palace are you ready are you ready to rise are you ready to join the boil women cries the world to stop violence yeah. i want to welcome you all to city hall want to thank the b day organization bevy at commission on the status of woman to my wife anita that joined us today and the elected officials and supervisors our da our pd and
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everyone that is joining together this is issue cuts across alu of our work no more than should work in a sill low or trying to end violence against women and girdles earlier this week you heard it if you w567d said grammy awards or president obama shared a message of the inare tolerance violence against women we echo that message today and it didn't matter if usual in entertainment or a professional athlete or others we have to have better role models across the board we've got to insist think outside the box that and demand on that everyone has to contribute to end this violence >> to our administration here in san francisco i want you to know by the way i love those signs aren't they great their
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personal commits commitments what can i do to join the revolution thank you to the girls and others wrooik our messages of how to contribute here in san francisco i made a personal commitment along with all the other department heads we have a program called interrupt to predict and organize against violence in the city we want to make sure we end human trafficking in san francisco every opportunity (clapping) i just want to say i'm so proud of the da and the public defenders and our police department work together with me and our community based on organizations with leaders in the women group to make sure we do everything we can and examining everybody we can we've
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got a justice and courage oversight panel that worked together for 13 years making over one hundred and 20 recommendations thank you for your wonderful work the very first time we were spriemd that took this long did first time our did dependent on the status of women are able to start collecting even better data on human trafficking to making sure that everybody commits the departments and community based organizations to have the data that thrills what we need to do the best and most to end human trafficking if he wanted to do this i want to give a special shout out to supervisor cohen in partnership with ore and our housing authority we're now finland two advocates funding with the housing authority to make sure
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that even the most xhifshg challenged families in the city have the right to stand up against violence and make sure that we produce a healthyer housing authority for that. >> you know ladies and gentlemen we have a wonderful 44 months of no homicides in our city and that was a huge huge accomplishment and sadly that record was broken that tells us we've got more work to do we have to continue saying in every circle has president breed say no more no more violence stand up be strong on that this year i had the privilege of joining mayor libby in oakland to have a area summit right here
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in san francisco to forge an alliance with men and women across the bay this is a worldwide challenge (clapping.) join me and us and join libby shaft and i as we host a summit in october in san francisco with the privilege of saying that we're going to re-up ourselves in san francisco with the principles of united nations convention on the eliminations of all forms of discrimination against the denies and join me in doing that and you will see a city that continues to invest in education in gender equality, in blaltd poverty and providing
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the necessary services that will be successful in completing our ending of domestic violence in all forms of violence keep up the great work get up and dance and yell and shout address join the world let's end violence for everybody thank you (clapping). >> thank you, mayor ed lee another round of applause for our mayor. >> my name is marily mondejar i am with the filipinos women's network i've privileged to introduce to you our community partner a partner who has added a lot of resources to end violence against women he's added more da's to this so important prosecution and really be vigilant in ending violence
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against women help me welcome san francisco district attorney george gascon (clapping) thank you, thank you marily and beverly and thank you to the incredible prosecutors in my office and susan and everyone that has put this event together >> (speaking foreign language.) >> can you hear that now okay. >> i was thanking everyone that is making n this day possible today, i have to tell you as a father of too young women i'm krib8 proud of and obviously a son and husband i look forward to the day we will not have to have this type of event because domestic violence will not be part find our society but i can we're not there yet we have a long way to go i want to say
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that if you recall a couple years ago we had a conversation with many of you there were domestic violence that was not enough people we literally were not able to take care of our victims and many of you came together we got the mayor and the board of supervisors a group in my office that provided additional funding for the prosecutors and investigators i'm proud to say that last year 4 hundred and 50 cases were brought to trial and 83 percent were able to obtain a conviction and the credit for that work (clapping.) goes the men and women of the district attorney's office and the men and women in the police department and to every one of you that reached out to victims and let them know it is okay to come forward and provide information
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and that actually there are not victims but survivors again, i look forward to the day when we will not have to have this conversation but until that day comes i want toileitis let you knows that the michelangelo in my office we'll continue to send a message many of you there will be consequences for their behavior no one no one should have to live in fear and much less in the privacy of your own home thank you very much (clapping.) >> thank you district attorney isn't that amazing are you enjoying this? let's take this energy to continue the rising and create a social revolution for change it reflects the hard work of the
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community itself and today we want to honor all of our san francisco community partners who hard work created this revolution so, please shout out to dancing without borders for friends of the status of women black parenthood a band of women abc and cb n our legal outreach and asian women's shelter and the legal aid and community united against violence and the house futures without violence gabriel usa and grace cathedral and mission girls, mission neighborhood centers and on the filipino council of san francisco any public comment?
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san francisco against rape and san francisco desk women in action, the filipino the reilly center women enter culture network and women's aids thank you >> i want to acknowledge our we have a lot of partners i want to apologize to our elected officials but help me welcome our first lady anita lee we have with us supervisor jane kim and my supervisor from district 68 we have supervisor supervisor norman yee from district 7 and supervisor scott wiener you won't miss him and now i'm pleased to introduce to you really the person who is the
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magnet that makes us do the work executive director of the san francisco department and the status of women dr. murase when is the president of the san francisco school board. >> how's everybody doing today were we can do better than that how is everybody doing today a few thank you's want to thank my staff that were here earlier in the morning and dj and susan has been working tireless for the last few months. (clapping.) >> and mayor ed lee, of course, and marily and others from the mayor's office who made today happy. (clapping.) and we have saving lives in san francisco we've heard the mayor the city has joined i'm joined
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by our city agencies let's hear if for our city agencies. >> i'm happy happy to reporting we have housing authority and at domestic violence brochure out to the city employees we've trained people in our housing authority and have a new officers involved domestic violence policy at the police department. (clapping.) in human trafficking supervisor tang has lead the way to go after our logically massage mroorldz we have eric mar and trained 88 did that want public health inspections how to look for signs of human trafficking (clapping) so, now it's my great pleasure
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to introduce a dear friend and colleague teresa parks head of the human rights commission teresa is truly a revolutionary woman as a transgender advocate and director of human rights commission has participated with us in the department to fight human trafficking which again your mayor has made a exempting commitment in his priority on the women's empowerment please help me welcome teresa (clapping.) >> you know your emergency is contamination i want to excluding clawed your energy i intended a conference the teeming theme of the conference revolver is a family value we
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talked about particularly lesbian gay boy sex all families and the strength of those families but we need to understand that abuse is not a family value harassments, discrimination are not family value and lack of housing and medical care is not family values this applies not only in san francisco but to communities around the world this applies to all women relevant active of age and race and ethnic night and muslims and or ribs of cultural and country of the physical size or any other human characteristic including human identity i want
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to say this once i've said that many times transgender women are women. (clapping.) >> last year in the united states the reported number of transgender who were murdered was one a month we know the statistic it coloring to two or three because one is recorded in the last 6 weeks in the united states there have been 5 transgender women regularityly murdered one in san francisco and 3 in california i want to recognize the translating population that are not here tonight bringing but their moreno one of their own brutalizing murdered february 1st and want to
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acknowledge a the latina population thank you rally of 2 hundred people that night 5 hours later a gay crime against a transgender we need to stop this and stand up against violence and not allow it to continue we need to talk about to each other and band together and work for each other and stand up for each other because the only family value that i recognize and that others is love thank you very much. (clapping.) >> there are partners we also want to continue to allocation and they arrive one is special to us former seeblt member fiona but let me tell you fiona ma she
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worked on freeing incarcerated women that were convicted because of domestic violence fiona there she is i want it acknowledge a member of the school board who is angle education advisors hydra mendosa i think she's up there and our law enforcement is here without our law enforcement those are the individuals the departments that help us with our domestic violence against women i want to action our sheriff mr. dreaming i didn't with his wife and from the san francisco police department and some of his esteemed members commander mows over here so, now let me introduce the director of
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violence anti violence program with the mayor's office >> (clapping.) >> marily it is my honor to stand you to introduce the next speaker but first can i see you rise? can i see the one? great, thank you for the honor of allowing me to introduce the next speaker i want to action before i introduce some of the city departments that are key working forward with ending violence against women and girls our probation officer chief ass also in the countryside alongside with the city agencies and departments that were mentioned earlier today, i. pleased to introduce your next speaker someone that is a community representative that is standing up for rights of women and girls mr. rajas san
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francisco funds multiply preservation programs like the mayor's office and the department of youth and department of public health and adult and juvenile probation and, of course the department on the status of woman d o s w provides an investment it supports 25 programs for the violence against women mission girls and the program is one of the many preservation programs funded by itself city and county of san francisco to serve girls and young women between the ages of 10 and 17 years old it is focused on guardrail the next generation of young women by offering services to inspire them