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tv   [untitled]    March 9, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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move to see how this shapes i in the future a couple of things not a day goes by i pick up a paper about affordable housing and we should put a moratorium on the mission i sit here i can we've talked about did mayor's office of housing work streams when is that going come before us and the emergencies dial we've been hearing about it anyone knows when that is going to come before us. >> okay. you thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move that on 0 department matter item 7 directors announcements. >> the director's report in our packet. >> awhile i've got the mike i'll introduce a new member of
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the planning family mr. foster as our planning department nick is an urban planner with considerable work experience in the public and nonprofit it's public is 10 years with the san francisco international airport and the planning department of oakland and madison wisconsin he served as the deputy director and degree in planning and a bachelor of science degree from the university of wisconsin welcome will be hearing from him on item 9. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further review of past events and preservation
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commission. >> technical difficulties. >> good afternoon commission that is the board memorize for the past weeks activated at the land use commission interim zoning for the permits for the commercial issues in market and division street and van ness avenue sponsored by supervisor kim and supervisor cohen was recommended to the full board and the exemptions from the code requirement this is the ordinance provides for density for building for seismic retrofits it was the recommendation into the ordinance and supervisor kim talked about the recommendations for the place and expressed interest in adu's from
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short-term rental and this meetings needs to ham in other settings arrest the committee recommended this to the full board also at the land use commission two rental incentive agreements before the property owner for short-term rental for thirty years those agreements for properties located on third street and tennessee street to the demolition of the second-story buildings and the conduct of a 6 story building this was approved unanimously on may 1st of last year 2051-third street is the demolition of buildings on the 3 story lots and this 0 project was approved by the planning commission june 3rd of last year
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the developer enters into an or agreement to restricted the development for thirty years and the impact fee is a reduction one other project on 21 third street that talks about the fee and the land use commission approved that and supervisor kim suggested when the department reexamines this within the new district given the preferences of the register district we also had a public hearing at budget and finance that was staffed i by your enforcement staff and emry rogers this was at the railroad of supervisor farrell for the short-term rental owners and the financial resources for effective enforcement the staff
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presented an overview for the process in how the rental is proceeding and provide what the working and the staff emphasize in the housing could be preserved this is reasonable for short-term rental the commission felt comfort not to reduced the housing by some applicant they've complained about the burden of registering the face to face learn about the program in better retail and it helped to reduce fraudulent applications being filed the members are supervisor farrell and supervisor mar and supervisor tang supervisor christensen and supervisor kim joined the hearing and
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supervisor farrell restated his commitment to enforce the law and supervisor farrell wants the issues recorded on and the city may subpoena some of the organizations and supervisor christensen wanted to increase the motivation for register and throughout the city should be clear about the timeline for the hosting and supervisor mar that is true it was hypocritical for a billion dollars firm not no cooperate he likes the idea of adding a cap and supervisor kim said the planning tell you has put the department in a difficult position and noted she had a proposed bill on april 2nd and separate set of maechlts amendments that pending before the land use commission and at the end it was filed at the board of supervisors we had one item the interim zoning controls
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empty supervisor jane kim and supervisor cowen and supervisor wiener the introductions started adopt i don't many have this list that completes my comments. >> thank you. >> good afternoon tim frye here to share a few ideas from the historic preservation commission the commission began by welcoming the reappointment jones we believe that now they've been reappointed the hpc will take up the elections on march 18 the commission approved a certificate of appropriation for alternatives to create a opted within a liability hill building and the commission approved the recreation of a single-family home within liability hill strict and both
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projects were unanimously approved per staffs recommendation and the will house, ways, and means recommended the landmark designation for the swedish american hall the hall is spitting under the events and architecture will events as one of the examples of the swishing architecture the owners of the property the swishing society were in attendance and gave their enthusiastic support so for the proposed designation and we believe this will be before the board of supervisors very shortly certainly happy to forward i a copy of the report if you're interested i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> commissioner moore. >> mr. fry give the address this is the project next door we approved the project we strongly recommended it move forward is
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that the same project. >> i believe yes, this is the project at the corner of 15th and - >> market and sanchez. >> right. >> thank you. >> all right. commissioners payroll not a board of appeals we'll that move on to item 9 on missing for the golden state university abbreviated master plan. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the planning commission before you is an informational item for the master plan i mp for the post kaebls at the university on jessie street founded in 1901 a nonprofit undergraduate in the fields ofth and law and taxation and business the san francisco campus located in the downtown commercial district serves as
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the universities principle will companions and the section requires did medical and secondary institutions to have on foil with the planning department a current i mp with the further developments of education institutions in the downtown commercial district occupying or proposed to occupy a site area of less than one hundred thousand square feet confessor the abbreviated i mp the planning commission has the segregation to hold a meeting with the subject properties that is 40 thousand square feet or shy of one acre they don't propose any further capitalization after the paroled i m p staff entertains all information and recommend the commission accept it as complete and not hold a public hearings as all the information is
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submitted by the university that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions i believe representatives in the university are here as well. >> thank you. we'll go ahead and call the project sponsor from the university. >> good afternoon. i'm mike k o pe r s k i the director of the facilities we're happy to be here we've been in the city for a longs long time i'm sure you're aware of we're in the heart of the financial district that the main hub and all our support activities we anticipate being here for another hundred plus years or longer than happy to answer any questions you might have. >> great, thank you. >> opening it up for public comment okay public comment is
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closed. >> commissioners. >> this is a non-action item so unless there's any questions. >> i don't see any that places you under general public comment members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i have one speaker card. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i was here in january talking about the remodels and alternative i received as demos can i please have overhead this is one i
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brought you in january that's p what is in january, the house is go up there it is a few weeks ago in february the others i took a walk up the hill this is an alteration this is the house there it is a few weeks ago there's one on chavez here there's the house as it was according to the internet real estate there this is a few weeks ago those two looked like dome these here's this one on 279 this is the house as it was i kind of like those i have a paternal partially here this is almost done several permits up on 27 here's one on duncan the seven hundred block it was as it was here it is today supposedly on
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the market very soon you know maybe it's might aesthetic or values i don't know. i've been in kashlt with a lot of you i wrote you an amendment e-mail i don't know what the answer see my suggestion perhaps instead of scrutiny but it is hard it is i understand that is difficult people weren't taught my their parents not to cheat and this is cheating maybe that's a simple simplest response but certainly has to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote impact not only on the affordability alls these were sold as affordable under the standards but has an impact on the aesthetics and who is going
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to live here so that's all i'll send this in and thank you very much for your time. >> general public comment is closed. >> next item. >> commissioners under our regular calendar 10 ab the in violation of the planning code what the a adoption of the rincon hill. >> good afternoon. i'm josh with the planning staff and paul will be giving the presentation i want to take a moment to introduce paul he's an urban designer with the department for 4 years this is his first opportunity to come with an item i want to give you background on
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paul he manages the separately in the roughly and transbay areas working closely with the ocii and the public community and the public in general and managers the zoning program he formally managed the parklet program and was the manager and an urban designer over 10 years of expense in the nonprofit and public sector he came to the department a long time ago as an interim a graphic designer back in the days in 2002 or so was the graphic designer that laid out the market octavia lane plan and has master's degrees if the university of washington and
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fortunately we'll gotten him back also on the board of the art exchange a san francisco nonprofit that provides free art classes nor the public school system with that, i'm going to turn it over to paul >> can i have the overhead. >> the laptop. >> yeah. the laptop thank you so much i'm picking up paul to present the rincon hill streetscape plan just to give you context the rincon hill area and the transbay area were xylophones to function as one, two are to go function as one the red is transbay and the fulsome is next where the freeway used to go on fulsome it make sense for the planning through the redevelopment agency to the south in blue is the rincon hill neighborhood they're both
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designed with the neighborhoods with fulsome to be the commercial street you know this is used to be a light industrial neighborhood we uploaded a property the property values increased we brought it into the landscape for sidewalks and parks and so forth that's kind of what we're doing a little bit of history the roughly a plan was drafted in 2005 genetic language the policy that the rincon hill area plan that said good fine-tune it and the department did that in 2006 it was adopted but the development ceased up the plan has been sitting on a shelf for the past awhile with the draft
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states so we're here today to readopted it it has been sent back we have to work with the developers to make sure we get the quality landscapes within i'm going to walk you through briefly pittsburgh it's been a long time with the documents so this is kind of an i will comic map with the cities there is streets like the pink line that's the main street that connects people from north to south at the top with the embarcadero we call 3 living streets they have like 28 plus sidewalks that are linear open spaces those are spear and the orange streets are fremont and first connected to the freeway and the pesticide improvements but to accommodate a lot of car traffic and the alleys with the
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streets that are the u shaped alley system on the upper block and the dash areas in red are actually within the redevelopment agency planning once again fulsome street is the commercial street and that last block so partisan street is a better street a generous bulb out it is for the division street so landscaping and special things here's an example of the living streets the open space as usedable open space with a 20 foot sidewalk and then first and fremont lined up are where the freeway cease happens they're a better street and accommodate automobile traffic that is the
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last street on the mid block alley 3 separate streets when this commission approved the lansing prong that is a dense twenty-four hour for it to meet it's open spaces it has the approval of the project was built under the streetscape plan and have helped to push forward - the city's ability to implement and we're hoping we can fund this support. >> and then since the plan was adopted some kind of modifications we're able to have bulb outs we added the pink bulb out to improve that and those
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are not our regular abilities specifically called for a wider bulb out so it is 17th century feet have you have much more generous space it offers a lot of daily an furniture and street trees and the furniture palates and we get a lot of details in addition to the curtain and this map shows you the pipeline it is why we adapt this plan today we're seeing development in rincon hill working with the developers to encourage them to build the draft plan and then just a quick note on how the implementation process the impact fees associated with rincon hill we do neighborhood
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outreach and report that the program for impact fees this is the cost they sort of program through the plan to date with the past projected revenues $27 million a new project we expect those numbers to go up and the past funding allocations to the parks and those will be starting construction soon and future construction i'm sorry this is a - the past expenditures went to - harrison and first street and the fire chief expenditures to the park and harrison street one extra bonus it is not within the rincon hill this is technical under the ocii we've worked closely it is essential the
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neighborhood street this will start construction in 2015 and there is going to be park protected cycle tracks on the streets and generous sidewalks that concludes my presentation. if you have any questions. >> great thank you. >> opening it up for public comment there maybe questions from commissioners anything from the public? >> good afternoon commission i'm alice in wonderland with crescent heights developing 45 lansing we support the streetscape planning and have worked closely with paul to make sure that everything is happy with the plan and i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment. >> okay public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> mr. jason the commission has
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received a slew of letters regarding maintenance issues particularly on gunfire place i'm neutral to the situation can you shed some light you were copied on the e-mails can you explain those questions. >> absolutely there are two processes happening right now let's go back to the slide the last one again. >> so lansing street the great colors is guy place on the map we've been working with crescent heights to develop 45 lane since they're required to build 45 lansing and we have been trying to hoping to in kind development
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since working on the project we've run into planning constraint and harrison is a higher pedestrian priority and also some kind of calculations with public works that we're trying to work through so right now guy place is not on the table but the hope we can develop it we've started a conversation with public works and to find a path to build two we're going to have more outreach with the community in may and essentially the neighbors are upset it is going to be built those e-mails are saying not to approve the plan they want to make sure that place - actually, the plan is neutral on the funding in the way it happens the plan sort of size this is what guy place should be it is called to be a
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shared plan but approving it you're telling the departments to make it happen my sense it strengthens the building of guy place as i forgetting forgot to men o mention we're asking you adopt the plan and trying to code the general plan to reflect it be adapted. >> the reason i'm asking it is my responsibility our that responsibility wheelbarrow we get a group of e-mails those people feel they're not not discussion we acknowledge it here and hope you'll carry their concerns forward as you just explained a that's basically all i wanted to hear on this in this group supported the plan thoroughness of the applicant for a very 4r07k9 time and added
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this moment residual efforts it of the too much effected by the downturn in the committee and really time to get things done you've got my support. >> thank you. >> thank you commissioner richards. >> i guess mr. chase stay here please trying to understand the piece of the puzzle so the folks on guy place when 45 lane since was approved we were told it would fund the improvements on that place? >> they were told for sure that the 45 lansing is required to build the developer - i know we were working with them on guy place the main issue is the funding constraint if we spend
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$40 million when we went to the community and asked them they're most important street it was declared a winner so look at the map again that is why it is a smaller section onsite in blue harrison is the pink line is expand the street that's the logic behind it we're trying to schedule a meeting to go back to the public and find more funding. >> if the public comes back and didn't agree. >> we'll take that back to the process that starts in july and takes about 6 months this commission votes on that so we would update the sf capital plan i'll say that guy place because the park is going to be built we
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don't want to build the street until we have the park because the park will wreck our landscape so we have time to work with the developer and they've been able to build it later we are at the conversation with the supervisors office and public works and ourselves to find the developers. >> thank you commissioner moore. >> i'd like to add a comment that this commission is interested in the completeness of the districts completeness is the emphasis if that means perhaps doing certain improvements incredibly so it's shared by another establishments of bulb outs, etc. and then if some the landscaping comes later i'm prepared but i'll emphasize to keep the guy