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tv   [untitled]    March 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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san francisco when i come to work a lot of time i have to circle around 20 minutes that is the current situations i can't imagine what it is like if in the fire chief because as it is planned today that means that 7 to 10 tow away zone on the one side of polk street and also the different red and blue and white zone a lot of parking spaces will be taken away if we ryder's raids it i can't imagine how it would be lining like i'm not the only practitioner and the only small business owners i've been there for a long time so if none of my
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patients is so loyal to circle around for 20 minutes to find parking my point is i don't have a choices they can take the bus also i can't bike from the facility to polk street the last thing i really think that garages building garages is one of the most important things to be (clapping) (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm a 13 year resident of the right on even russian hill knob hill boarderer on polk as i arrived here today, i see a well 0ergdorchard bicycle movement
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i share my neighborhoods concerned with the fact that the pendulum is starting to swing two favor we took a thoughtful necessarily we have many considerations of merchant as some of the neighbors said no one is one hundred percent happy with the plan that is a compromise we have an opportunity we have an opportunity to take what is being years in the making that many people invested thousands of hours community meetings and this is no last minute change by the city this plan on the table today is in place for years so i'm very disappointed at the
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last minute that the director brinkman would come up with a plan an to change that that entrenches the two camps you're going to open the doors for people that point nothing removed and the people the bike lanes unfortunately, this board harassed an opportunity now to make the right decision and move forward and do something cobra to the neighborhood if we don't do this woeshg to be fighting over this for years to come. >> thank you tech sf. >> (calling names) (calling names). >> i'm amy the founder of the embarcadero i'm going to introduce a lot of new term i'm a popping will i transportationism i ride my bike 70 percent of the time and ride muni and bart and walk and
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sometimes borrow a car in from my housemate and get driven around if i had more disposal income i'd be taking cabs i was thinking about this issue i take into consideration all the different sides if you want to see my focus on poly i didn't transportationism you can look at the neighbors visiting xhaeshg on tv i shared the widen and how kinds of the need to work with pedestrians and drivers as well so i'll committed to that there wish a few factors that situated me towards a protected bike lane the whole route the 85 pictures of the business important polk street business is done by walking or biking not by car so
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85 percent is not by car it is one of the most dangerous corridors but the only north to south flat cords i'd be standing craft to mayor ed lee you can't have head and bike survivalist trumpet park you have to have considerations for how people unload how do we have delivered we need to think about different parking options around the area i urge you to continue forward with the locked bike lanes thank you (clapping.) (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you i've been hearing a bunch of
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tunes to the people i've never experienced the issue on polk center point the best case scenario i'm one of those drivers i'm one of the kinds of the and . >> cyclist i'm sorry a pedestrian and take transit and i have to say that being a pedestrian and cyclist is by far the most dangerous way my haas husband was hit by a car on the way to work and no longer bikes. >> i support the folks for polk and the sf bicyclist coalition and as well as the proposals to have the extended bike lane on the north side i think that safety has to come first and
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think of the future thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) hi, i'm eric i bike in the city and i occasionally ride in a door i support director brinkman to look at towards expanding it bicycle lanes to the north it is a great example of beaming options but showing full protection the city can go further to make it save it is over 80 percent of the people are riding not by cars and it is one of the dangerous 0 corridor i support the bikes lanes.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good evening board members thank you for taking public comments unfortunately i'll have to say it is water down i really strongly support director brinkman's to look at extending the bike lane and a all the way and to look at the southbound the only chief administrative officer y09 to support getting paint on the ground as quickly as possible and observe this board and others have entrenched this idea in digestion as well as the transit first policy and on behalf of the bike lanes this is biologists and muni and other bicyclists that get around the city thank you for ideas we've heard and i appreciate you take long consideration to get the pianist on the ground as quickly as >> thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> (calling names). >> hi we've been talking about infrastructure but haven't said the word infrastructure my main concern is polk is so simple i understand there are a lot of people with different interests if people don't have a route to take can't get to other projects we'll have to take alternative modes of transit including ubld we we have a chicken and egg situations without having the infrastructure to get to one place to another and not feeling safe building from for cycling will reduce the strands on the modes the other issue is loading and unloading would be exactly
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in the shoes of business owners here concerned about the parking in san francisco we have walk sf that is varies rates for varieties percent ideally walk sf what take care of the story if people east need to go to police radios and sf could discourage debiting in and out ever businesses when you don't need to use the park so again, it is infrastructure this is the long term stuff if bart went to meermd people could take alternative modes of transportation so again, i support investing in 90 infrastructure and support i don't want perfect to be the enemy but support protected bike lanes all the way through polk street >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names).
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>> can i have the projector is that possible? >> yes. >> so. >> are you defied robert son. >> yes. if you're on our bicycle in merry run and what would you do in are a situation i'll give you 3 seconds if you don't make a decision eagerly to get run over i think we've been talking about empathy without saying want word yes, ma'am pathology and the people on the opposition don't i bring friends to polk street my friends don't see the safety when you're a bystander you don't notice everything looks at fine about when you're in a bike seat is it so skiery i took pictures i take hundreds of
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pictures i'd show them now but i don't have time i think i asked i went to a meeting recently and dawn e dawn said someone on the mta said 3 years ago that polk was stiff safe for cyclist i would feel it safe as well as a guy that's buffer than i and advocating and making statement about polk street it is like tijuana and dirty course i'm in a grader someone mentioned recital i can say much more but that's my please (clapping.) (calling names) >> good afternoon. >> i'm convincing a member of
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walk sf and an advocate for walk sf i'm an advocate of polk street businesses and ride the bus i visited the area it was pollutant for waking and biking i biked everywhere but i don't bike in san francisco i am like a lot of residents i switch modes when it is safe muni services are poor the streets are full of car traffic and social and administrative we need to be able to switch modes young people are moving to the city in modes please plan for our future if you build the protected bike lanes people would be able to get around polk
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street please add more lanes >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> thank you. >> good afternoon good evening good evening howard as a member of the pedestrian safety 5150s i believe in the safety you're providing for the pedestrians at the same time i want the same safety for bicyclists we should extend the bicycle lanes people collapse about your venice brt more right turns that's more reason for needing the public safety and people are crying because will oh, my god the merchant won't have the parking thirty percent more riders on venice lines and more riders on stockton - the polk line and all the lines that cross polk have
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going to have more riders they'll keep their businesses boumz and that's fine this platoon is ready to go i understand you have to tie it together let's get on this it's fair for everybody main thing and the people talked about garages you canned take the time to explain it but there are paying 50 or $60,000 to pay the parking fee they're not ready it won't work i hope you don't think of that and i want to remind you and them when they do an eir the first thing they say parking is not an environmental review the only thing about the count needles for parking and saying parking is not an environmental issue
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your needs can change and live without the parking space and merchant will thrive because nor walkers and bikers thank you very much (clapping) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> are those folks here? >> she said she's passing and okay. good. >> okay. so is this gentleman here kathleen courtney. (calling names) >> thank you thank you tom nolan and director reiskin and members of the commission at the end of the day the question is is this the best job
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that we can do? this is polk street is a vibrant vital street it is going to be around for a long time not like changing permits or things like that we're making structural changes is this the best thing we can do? i urge you to request an environmental impact report i think we need to look at the impact that the sf bart on polk street by more importantly look at my fear it is the fontana apartment of this generation and do you you'll want to have our name on this project you've heard the questions you've heard the concerns it is not black and white i'm a full beneficial of compromise but you compromise from the best position i don't think we've seen the best position sfmta's
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staff has been squeezed from both sides everyone has nodes and concerns i don't see any problem with saying stop for a minute let's look and consider and particularly what was happening again on venice and c p m y and more importantly the data is flailed we need to remember that over 73 sniping or more of the accident happen south of pine the issues are different in middle and upper polk than in lower polk j again, i ask you to step back lots of good ideas but more that needs to be done please (clapping.) (calling names).
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>> okay any of those folks here i don't see anybody. >> no so okay helen is not here and john john - okay michael. >> thank you. i'm michael charley born in san francisco kind of feels like the main city of chicago point for a protected bike lane with when i support a loss ever one hundred and 40 parking spaces i know we've heard a lot of antidotes but this vision zero san francisco has been collecting data on traffic and injuries and collisions and that information when you look at valencia and the streetscaping it is unambiguous for the protective manufacturer decreasing the
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injuries and especially on van ness and polk street one despite the fact it has the same traffic on polk it is straightforward we're looking at as a city we have priority and chose what's more important we're chugdz between the parking conveniences of a couple of hundred of people and the lived and safety of a couple of thousands of people lives a day i hope you choose wisely (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon john two things i ran two campaigns and this is the approach from that campaign 0 a called the afghan san francisco one of the campaigns was conducted by a bike i'm proud of the work the second thing that plan is a
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disaster the disaster for polk street possible street like the roads like hate and 24th and chestnut and grant avenue is you go to the experts that is the soul of the city small businesses that will be must be south side of by parking waushgdz bicyclists are about more than ever a low motion self-righteous and others people bully they do that in the mixed of traffic confidently we need an eir this plan is a zero a kind of makeshift you must account for the venice rod but through the bike lanes it is just wrong so wrong for the
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character which the city we're truit to impede in san francisco and all of that so, please back to the drawing board safe polk street thank you very much (clapping) please. >> and places you under your regular calendar. >> (calling names) and the last speaker card. >> hi everything madeline under the folks at polk i want to say i support director brinkman's proposal and also support commissioner christensen's idea of implementing the simplest manufacturer first and immediately from the quentin wife asked for more paint more daylight savings time and their cheap and readily changeable we need to put them in now i want
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to go into my background i'm a former planner and worked a harvard university medical school during the medical information management and also did a study thank you university of acid necessary global study investing public health and the infrastructure i also i am an older person and learned early on that mobility is the key to doing well i'm also a mom and i care deeply about the future of my children and their eights one years ago as you any remember i was hit by a car it was a horrific experience that can happen unfortunately inform anyone it was not about the circumstances other than the rod conditions the engineering that should point out to something we are really as a society let
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alone one that prides itself we're beholding to make it as safe as possible change happens we've compromised it before mr. cornell talked about the changes to the street his business thrived we have to understand as a designer there are more engineers and flexibility but we have absolutely bottom line obligated to protect people. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> go ahead. >> thank you so much i went down to eat my noodle and went to costco i was very luke to mention about how far the bicycle and the meeting bike lane are coming it's you all
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transition you let the people you're like a show only like i'm from a different country america lets you speak i don't care i don't get any fair on polk street i use that most of the time two many cars only one lane 2 many people drive two face not about van ness every block is two far so you drove a bicycle lane each block you have to stop on polk street it is limited i'm the only guy those young people don't know about san francisco we love bicycle lane and finally, there's someone down the street button put a flower
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we need to draw the bicycle lane and we use bicycle on freeway go into the - it is fantastic a romantic human beings the green light used to right across in front of of the polk street the employee died because he didn't, look you have to look your eyes you look at townsend street, however, i how many muni buses they get paid hourly who care about they get money the cab driver the >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) the last person on the item. >> i'm a board member of the bicycle coalition a long time san francisco resident i moved
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here from detroit more years ago than i want to count my father worked for ford. >> a cyclist in san francisco i used to work at the exploratorium and used my bicycle a huge improvement to what is a alcoholic street and the amount of traffic that makes left turns and right turns role creates a situation as a very experienced criminalists don't do i'll not bring anyone that i thought was not a expert cyclists i thank you for the polk community has felt tloend or tlaendz by increasing the
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amount spratdz by claims i shop on fulsome street we're all consumers if we have a place to ride it is - i'll make it a designation to ride to get that bag he will anyway basically my point is the street it improved greatly the current proposal will hope the proposal will make that that much better we've experienced how polk street is improved the most and best project to have a project that makes the most separated bicycle lane fall out we can build. >> thank you that's the end of public comment. >> oh, that's the last one. >> (calling names)
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and. >> hi, i'm howard i live on san francisco and polk i've lived in san francisco all my life i'm frustrated by the plan i wish outstanding obviously you would this tax putting it on van ness do this before we see what happens on van ness without an environmental impact report makes no sense the congestion you're going to cause and without trying it out for first and seeing what it is going to do makes no sensed i have a home and business there it will impact the neighborhood i wish that you put wherever you all live in your neighborhood to put critique a tolling tow away zone and remove parking in the small merchant easier to be more difficult if i want to go to
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bowwow mow to pick up dog food 28 pound bags and tow away for cars going north it mines in a sense i wish they'd put a tow away zone in our neighborhood it frustrate me that the laws are not enforced it is not popping up but at san francisco and polk i've taken pictures this last year two bicyclists hit one another had to take them away in an ambulance they don't stop at the stop sign you create a freeway with toys of more pedestrians 0 going to get hurt i don't want anyone to get hurt it is very frustrating to be what you goose are trying to do.