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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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to pull one of the consent calendar to discuss. >> so is there anyone in the public that wants to speak specifically to one of our consent agenda the brazil cafe or the khan's letter hotel they're looking for that a live performance. >> i don't see any so commissioners would you i'm happy to transformer a motion. >> i move to approve the consent agenda. >> secondly. >> on the motion including the brazilian and japan bar and playgrounds commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner chief administrative officer november and commissioner moshoyannis and commissioner tan the motion passes thank you this consent agenda item is new
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our first permit that's where you want to speak to. >> i want to let the applicants know you guys are done i've been approved so. >> thank you for coming. >> aren't we great commission. >> i don't want them to hang out on the regular agenda the first is the delores cafe rachel is the proprietor and the reason rachel is here this particular venue has a place of entertainment permit this isn't or since 1999 at the time the police were putting on the permit they were only allowed that music from 7 to 10 public comment p.m. she's been paying
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for this she's out of compliance having microscopic on nights we've never looked at they are permit because we didn't have complaint we got one neighbor who was at the music only fire hydrant and other times that was urban available we at that time, asked for the permit and decided to bring her in to look at the permit to see if there's conditions to be lifted to be capacity and give the community an opportunity to speak if this year's worries about the potrero and you guys can go from there. >> in the packet the original permit. >> the original permit is in there. >> so commissioners hearing that i don't know if anyone has issue thoughts. >> you might want to invite her up to see if increase comments.
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>> where is she oh. >> hello. >> hi thank you for hearing our case today aim rachel the owner of the delores park cafe i'm here because i want to update and amend our licensed to delores cafe can continue to provide a place for all over the to go when we opened the cafe in 997 delores park was a really different place than today kind of rough and delores park was a no man's land between the castro and mission there was nothing else happening on the block no dell event no a phase city opposed coffee bar we were
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fortunate because right away delores park was where people came to meet their neighbors this was what we wanted to create from the moment we opened the cafe we've been about exultant 3 our myths and community has inspired me to open all 3 of my places and we have monthly art exhibits and fundraiser we host nonprofits for elementary schools and all sort of organizations around the city and our entertainment and arts programming hopefully about continue to be an integral part of community and how we give back to the community over the years we've witnessed the neighborhood grow and thrive
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new businesses on 8th street and delores park became a designation different from years ago and all had along the way through the changes we've been here providing a space for independent all over the to share their creativity since 1999 we've 235u6rd a place for the effort creativity and i believe that art and culture creates a space for yes, ma'am they and understanding excuse me. i'm a little bit nervous we want to continue to be a part of what keeps the culture of understanding going and thrilled in san francisco and bringing diverse community together to provide a venue where independent all over the can play even with san francisco
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growing in addition to providing a place for all over the and musicians we host nonprofit fundraiser we've supported to name a few the trans march and dike mark and the breast cancer awareness and for women buildings and we do this because we believe that as a small business we have a responsibility to give back to the community and to engage in the communities we serve so all of our fundraiser involve music and fund revising programs we need to help the programming to k5ir9 our mission we're here of a feed and entertain them and feel a sense of belonging san francisco i'm sure you're aware of is changing rapidly and losing it's depict all over the to other cities that are more
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affordable or hospitalityable those independent all over the and diverse community create the diversity in san francisco it is what makes san francisco the great place it is today we've been providing a place for all over the for 4 years and want to continue to give back by holding that place for local all over the and schools and patrons and our neighbors so i'm here today gauze i want to be a responsible community member and want to insure with that delores park cafe preserves san francisco's history and definition and self-expression through art and entertainment programming so i hope that you will allow us to amend our entertainment license and thank you for hearing what i have to say and our consideration.
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>> at any one question as we understand some of the issues arose because of neighbors claiming or a neighbor exclaiming can you talk about how it was mitigated. >> we've had a relationship that this neighbor for that a while and she has my cell phone number and i have hers she can call me directly we do such as a we can to nip the loud music we take care of it immediately. >> is there a reign it is escalating to our attention. >> we've made mistakes in our programming and booking we're not perfect and you know we've been doing this for 14 years and we've been a good neighbor for 99 percent of the time. >> have you taken any kind of continuation for your actual.
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>> we have not done we've got a phone app so when the inspector came to help us trouble shoot it's not as accurate as something he has we can't spend 5 thousand dollars on a professional decimal but going to amazon and ordered a hundred dollar meter we're murray the sound outside the cafe to make sure no sound is coming out we walked down to the neighbor's house every time we have music to make sure we cannot hear it we're interested in being good neighbors. >> it sound like you're being responsive commissioner you guys have questions commissioner lee and - >> since you've probably e probably one of the older it priests that the police caught
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the commission has the good neighbor policy policy did you have a chance to read it. >> i got one when i went to the commission. >> so that policy helps kind of mitigate a lot of the issues we deal with right now so do you have any problems you, you see anything you can handle our business a little bit better. >> we're actively measuring the sound we haven't done until this year we keep the windows and doors shut we explicit royals it was something we were supposed to be doing. >> where do people smoke when narrowly outdoor is it right in front of our building. >> no, i think they should be at the consciously 23 they smoke
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there's not much smoking. >> part of the good neighbor policy is to have the sidewalks clear. >> it's pretty contained that neighborhood is pretty active in the evening on the we understand as a rule. >> commissioner frost. >> commissioner moshoyannis. >> you say that the complainant has our phone number do you know how many times she's called. >> in 14 years ten times. >> an uptick. >> mayor 4. >> have you reached but 0 her. >> i've gone to her house and talked to her. >> thank you. >> commissioner moshoyannis. >> one of the things that you kind of raised is
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self-reflecting process the types of things you've made mistakes along the way but have you noticed i've been to our venue and heard an acoustic guitar from our prospective are all of our performances amplified and to what extent to the mitigation. >> it is dependent on the type of musician but ever to performance is amplified. >> maybe it is becoming a little bit of an issue it is a small venue i wonder if there's a way to deal with the amplification. >> we would like to work you. >> i enjoyed myself thoroughly at the performance. >> any other questions commissioners i'd like to bring our police up to speak thank you for being here we may have more
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questions after. >> thank you. >> good evening officer with the police station so on a personal note when i've first flew to san francisco from main not every being to san francisco stacey in the tenderloin that was a mistake for the 4 days before i flew back to main i flew to san francisco to take the police written exam and studied and delores park cafe i have not been there in a number of years studying i have a job now, however, there was something to be said about her speech to you
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all about the sense of the community and belongness that neighborhood has changed since 1999 and has become populated and busy as far as the conditions on the original permit issued by the police department 14 or 15 years ago back then a noise abatement and the abatement unit made the recommendations to the police department do the sub unit that's how the conditions i think as far as our current recommendations for delores park cafe i did a tab history a computer aided dispatch history for calls to service for the locations as far back as a year and a half we had one call for a
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service notice complaint that was february 6th an unanimous caller didn't leave their name or a way to discuss it the police arrived on escape less than half an hour after the call they were unable to locate a reason for the call i've been told recently by a good lieutenant that not to offer up conditions where conditions are not necessary not to condition for the sake of conditioning i'm not asking for conditions i know the good neighbor policy covers this very well the cafes needs the cafe is not a location where we have known gang members loitering you outside or assaults on patrons or violence occurring in front of that that said i have no recommendations for this.
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>> great thanks for that personal story too all right. gnawing now is time for public comment i have 14 speaker card that have been implemented i'm going to limit that to one minute it would help me to see i think everyone if it would be helpful for a
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>> playing acoustic and they have been very peaceful and not very loud. the threat to me is part of the larger threat to the nightlife in the city. we are seeing an impact of hyper gentrification. many artist and artist of color have had to leave san francisco. delores park cafe has kept everything alive and we wouldn't have it anywhere else. thank you. >> thank you.>> i'm an
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activist in the transgender community. the nightlife has been a necessary part of my community and celebration. it's not exclusively an lgbt venue. it's one of the few days in san francisco you don't have to be 21 and over. when i moved here 19 years ago it was a booming music scene. it's dwindled because of gentrification and the vibrant queer and music and art is quickly disappearing. i ask you to please renew dolores park cafe so our communities and families can continue to gather safely and enjoy live music in san francisco. thank you.
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>> thank you. crista, hanson and the last cards. >> i am crista sansky manager of the dolores park cafe. i work most of the music nights, not all of them and i have done my best to manage and accommodate any kind of complaints that have happened. personally as a musician myself we hosted an open mic for a non-profit organization and the whole time i have been in this city i have been searching for these people and they came to my cafe that night. it was great to perform and meet the people in this community. i look forward to continuing that. >> thank you. cat trin hanson. >> i'm also an independent musician and i have enjoyed rachel's very hospitable en