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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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have ever gone any amount of time without a shower -- you have been sick or you have gone camping, that first shower is transformative. people write a lot about the problem in san francisco but i i can promise you if you are living on the streets you have no desire to conduct your most private functions in public. we hope to bring 3 more showers on line before the end of the year but i would love to fund lava may because we can end homelessness in this city. thank you [applause]. >> the next to present is
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supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i would like to call up galina morales. >> [applause].
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>> for her the struggle for women and poor people is international. she has been fighting much of her life for true democracy both here and in the united states and in in venezuela and encourages people to participant in the decision-making process. >> in order to encourage self-determination she works to bring to light the historical reality of oppression and to
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say it exists but oppression is unveiled when people can take it on and fight for peace and justice turning oppression and victimization and self-determination, people's lives change and she has been a catalyst for change and can be found offering support at actions and events in san francisco, in the bay area and in the international world as well. she has worked with community united against violence since 2006 currently serving as codirector where she supports low income and survivors of abuse and healing from trauma and practicing community accountability and under her leadership implemented a groundbreaking new organizational approach and
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in 2013 she worked closely with my office and the community to help craft and pass the due process for all ordinance to bar collaboration between local law enforcement and the broken federal immigration system. as a fierce advocate she initiated a language model ensuring that all programming and materials are bilingual with services provided by by bilingual bicultural staff and educator with the san francisco aids foundation the ccfccsf alliance and the center for political education and with our theme she has also been
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with over 17 years of experience with theatre and acting. she believes that art is a powerful tool for transformation as we move forward in the fight for racial and economic justice. she has acted in many theatre projects and film projects and in 2009 was part of a film project that won the film festival audience award in in 2009 and the title of that project was lucia which means struggle and lucia took place in el salvador about 2 women in love who chose 2 different paths of resistance during the civil war in el salvador and has a very strong and loving community around her in san francisco and venezuela
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and lives in the excel cior neighborhood with her dog. >> thank you all of the members of the board of supervisors for this amazing event. thank you. i was trying to make a speech and i couldn't make it. what am i going to say? there's so many amazing women and people who are doing amazing work in this city there is a lot of violence that continues to occur to the most vulnerable communities transgender continues to be
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the most impacted group in the group in the united states to suffer the most deadly deadly est violence and really asking for all of us to step up and in knowing there's so many important leaders in our communities i just wanted to share that what is the most important for me and what i want to bring to to light and what i think my work supports the collective self-determination being able to have the tool and the tools with our communities so that leadership can really come from the grass roots so that change can come and really we can have power that is shared which to me is true democracy participating in in democracy and i want to thank you all again and thank you for learning more and more about the communities that are
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marginalized and thank thank you for this amazing gift. [applause]. >> congratulations, miss morales now i want to recognize supervisor yee from district 7. >> thank you president breed. okay. today. welcome, erin clark. i want to say that erin is a woman that's a giant in d 7 when it comes to children and
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families there's really no match. i really want to welcome her not only the work she's been doing recently but for 16 years she's been with the stones town ymca she was born in oakland and when she was 3 years old her family moved to shasta county and after graduating high school moved back to the san francisco area to attend san francisco state university so she holds a ba from san francisco state from child and adolescent development and works at at app tos middle school where she ran an after school tutorial program and after the program connected with the ymca and because of that
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at the time she was recruited to work at at the y's after school programming. >> i guess you could see everybody in the community, the ymca recognized her leadership ability and soon after in 2011 became the executive director there. and now after 16 years working with the y, she has become a big part of our community and leader in district 7. >> committed to youth development and social responsibility and she loves that the ymca organization is not just local it is international and she can get
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to work and gets to work with youth from all over the world. under her leadership this is remarkable in terms of what has expanded out there and the the y has expanded programming to ten locations in the community. most recently a new pre-school in a significantly underserved neighborhood. and for many many years she ran the senior center service in district 7 serving 20 thousand seniors that live in district 7 so i want to say that erin is really passionate about creating opportunities for all people to meet their true potential and not only does she work in d 7 which is really great but actually lives in
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district 7. 3
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>> my work started as a-doing
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domestic violence and sexual asult work all most 30 years ago. i was schooled and trained and mentored by strong
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women many were survivors of domestic violence. many of the issues i experienced in my own life and it was only because of somebody taking the time to care for me, it was because of a strong mom and grandma that i'm here today and able to do as wanda said, wake up every morning grateful for the opportunity to go to work and make a dif rrnsh in the lives of young people and dhat work is only possible because of community because of the amazingstaff at larken street and all you who care about san francisco and children youth and families and vulnerable populations and i cant thank you enough for what you do is allowing me to bring my daughter quhoo is my guiding light and where i learn the
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most and for whome i astatic who gets to live and be educated in san francisco. thank you. >> con gratulation mrs. adams, we appreciate all the work you do here in san francisco. next we'll call on sfr visor catty tang from district foyer >> thank you very much. i ptd to con gratulate all the honorees today. thank you for reading. as a person who is a
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product of public education i'm thrill today honor someone who is a teacher in the public school system. i would like to call up [inaudible] thank you for being here. cara is a kindergarten as francis scot key which is sth school i went to and she worked as a educator in the san francisco unified school district for 5 years. during the 2013, 2014 academic school year she was faced with a challenge and that is how we learned about her. we found out about her through the new jz i think that is sth case with many teachers, they seldomly acknowledge all the great work they do so we are here to do that for you. cara was presented with this challenge of proiing a cohesive and consistent education to a student named olive diamond who
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was diagnosed with cancer. supported through every aspect of treatment. olives family and cara turned to technology. home bound education problem-caras classroom began filming messages to omive made into dvd's and dropped at her house to work. soon after olives diagnoses, [inaudible] allowed carea to become her home bound teacher and provided 5 hours a week of at home instruction. cara and olives family used ai pad and face time as a means of communication. this allowed her to esee her class mates. we have a short clip from the
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news that we'll give a glimps into the work cara has done for her student, olive. if we can go to the screen quickly. [inaudible] >> coming together to have one of their [inaudible] merely a year ago olive diamond now a first grader was diagnosed with t quell lem foama. she was pulled out of school to begin treatment. at the time cara was her kindergarten teacher nob during a visit to the family home cooper came windup a idea. they had fice time on
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the computer. i had her work on a i pad on the home and on the table [inaudible] using 2 i pads one at olives home and the other in the classroom the feature was able to include olive in the daily lessen from the hospital or home. the class mates knew what to do. [inaudible] sat in the back or next to the table [inaudible] put it closer so she could see. the parents say olive never missed a day instruction. [inaudible] the idea has inspired other teachers to do the same. another teach rb at the same school was recently diagnosed with cancer. with a use of a i pad she is reading for her classroom every day from her home while undergoing
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cheemo therapy. >> she will never forget how she stayed connected to had class mate and how the teacher did everything to stay connected [inaudible] >> olive is now a happy [inaudible] with a passion for learning. [inaudible] in san francisco, leang abc 7 news >> i think you can stee through the innovative use of technologyology uvwas able to participate in lessen 30 to 40 minutes each day as long as treatments allow. through the coordination of the parents and teacher olive advance today the first grade and olives first grade teacher was unable to continue the technology until she returned to scoom fully. we want to thank cara for
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passion and dedication for insureing olive and everything is teaching and their continued education is a successful one. cara demonstrates how innovative thinking and the use of technology can enhance lunching for all san francisco student no matter the situation. i know the principle sheala [inaudible] states cara teaches with our great teaching skill squz most importantly from her heart. i am using my i pad to read my notes about you. i'm proud to share cara and her story today as we celebrate weaving the stories of womens live for this month. thank you very much cara. >> i would like to say thank you so much. i'm truly honored to be recognized alaupg with such a amazing and empowering
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group of women. i'm a teacher and like all teachers i work hard and care about each and every student in such a way i feel their future is my responsibility. last year my definition of being a teacher and overall ideas of teaching changed as i was face would the challenging task of meeting the needs of all the students in my class along with olive at home or in the hospital. with technology and the help and support of the students family, member of the staff at the school, administration and student community we were able to create a virtual classroom full of love compassion and lurjing. i'm proud to say with the use of technology, the chileds is a first grader who is enjoying her wish at disney land. today and accept this honor with her in mind. this
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experience tautd me that technology is a tool all teachers can use in order to make content accessible to all populations including student with health impairments, english language learner jz children with special needs. it must be said technology can only be used by the teacher to drive instruction if it is funded and maintain so i urge the supervisors and public in this room to take a closer look at how teachers and classrooms within your own districts and communities are using technology to change the lives of students every day and to find powerful meaningful way to support them. thank you. >> okay, con gratulation,
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thank you for being here and we are at our last honoree. last but not least at this time i would like to recognize supervisor eric [inaudible] >> what a example of women that make history every day with all the organizations that are represented as well. i'm eric [inaudible] from richmond. i want to thank you emily [inaudible] from inschool board and commission on the status of women mpt our generational