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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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. >> go ahead amy okay roll call commissioner adams commissioner brandon commissioner murphy commissioner woo ho item 2 approval of the minutes for the february 10, 2015, meeting so moved. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. i. >> opposed? >> exclusive session. >> any public comment insession.
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>> commissioners. >> okay. >> so is there a motion to reconvene in open session. >> so moved so moved arrest without objection. >> move not to disclose anything many closed session. >> all in favor, say i. >> i and next item, please. >> the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> please be advised the constitute a consent calendar, are considered the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests, in which event the matter shall
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consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 8 public comment on items not listed on the agenda. >> is there any public comment. >> go ahead leaning in a go go. >> good afternoon, commissioners and chief of our port my name is leon in a the president of the united mission this year my country will celebrate 70 years in new york city of 70 years in the work too from san francisco the liberty ships the ships send to russia
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that battle against the nazi and siphon and military but in san francisco we have not a special historical place site in commemoration for this event and our organization will create a memorial plaque and place this plaque in pier 70 in our port for commemoration this universities and many of the organizations support our initiative like restaurants organization, the association in san francisco and government of russian federation and question have of him support for the technical and support for this
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project i hope that commissioners and administration of port support our initiative thank you. >> and this is proposal than i prepare for commission. >> thank you very much thank you for doing this. >> thank you. >> i have not analyzed it yet and is there any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed next item, please. >> okay item 8 the executive director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners and members of the public and port staff thank you for being here we have a good agenda so it's great to so so many people come out co-to participate the first is exciting news that's tomorrow ethnic a grouching group of port staff will be honor at the 34th
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municipal fiscal good government award a group that was saturday night under dianne feinstein that recognized the people that do projects e.r. improve services or operations in someway and show exceptional leadership vision and in someway make a difference to the city at large this year i was privileged to nominate 5 outstanding port managers that worked as a fiscal united to finance and operate the new james r. henry another crews their (calling names) so are any of them in the room if you are could you stand i see john and peter daily that's it okay. so 2 of the 5 are here
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very quickly the award will be bestowed or in them at city hall it's a good government award there the municipal financial committee recognized for their various participation in the cruise terminal el lane forbes forbes is recognized and she worked on various financial strategies to include u exclude the port bond and megan is recognized for her incredible budget and cost evaluations and her work with the engineering team and john work was the co-project manager he created a viable plan that took the part time crews and married that with event in parking use to fully optimize the facility and peter and john daily created the
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retention of the facilities core use as a crew ship terminal but to be able to have the project certified from environmental stewardship and also the task of getting our crews shipping customers to pay more to afford the terminal we very, very proud i'd invite you to join me in a rainbow of applause (clapping) next have some interesting news the port of san francisco has been september to become a charter member of a new entity as the free zone organization our application was accepted in late february and i want to thank jim mellone for psi his effort the world's free organization is brand new a comprehensive organization to
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deal with free and foreign trade zones all over the world that was incorporated in geneva switzerland last may and incorporated not free zone and generously under written for the first few years the purpose of free zones organization to share knowledge, of course, to share a database of world trade and world free zones around the world to create that networking opportunities and offer education and training but most porcelain importantly for free trade zones throughout the world more than one hundred means have joined the organization in go less than a year in the port of san francisco, of course, is a chartered member and the world spree zones play a role in the economic commerce we're thrilled to be part of it and thrilled
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our first year membership is free thanks to the government of du bois so thank you jim for keeping up updated i'm also pleased to announce the caravel miserable go is in pier 70 for repair call it will be there approximately 10 days and departing on march 18 the carnival milk went into service 10 years ago she carries on average 21 passengers and 9 hundred crew and coming in for a regularly scheduled maintenance and refurniture job at the ab shipyard it provides thirty thousand hours of local labor and intaushlths we're pleased to
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have the work it shows our dry dock is attractive to our crews lines we're pleased about that and i hope all of you had a chance to see the beautiful lights on the top of the ferry building commiserating the 1915 panama exhibition if you haven't catch it maybe on your way out what daylight savings it may not be up but it is generously lit as one hundred years ago from february to december in the 15 implementing the panama was a big celebration to really tell the world that san francisco was open for business following the the 1906 san francisco earthquake but actually, the panama canal opened in august of
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1914 and the port had a ship that went through the panama canal in august of 1914 which saved almost 7 thousand miles reduced the trip from san francisco to new york from 13 miles and chain that of those a big deal and from that opening of the panama canal the port expanded drastically both to the south and to the north with all the peers we know and love today it is a bright spot in the ports history as well as the city's history we thank the nonprofits and organizers coming together. >> let's see okay so we have two retirements today, our first is mr.
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rodriguez retiring effective the 21st of march although he has already left the building as they say he's worked for 32 years at the port and he starred with the city of the food service working and laguna hospital and clerk in the tax collectors office and in the faust. >> before he came to the port as a clerk that 32 years ago he has been an our own employee he knows everyone's names and the security guards that worked he is a resource force everyone and wins the award for the employee that travels the further to get to work so believe it or not he
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travels around trip $214 million per day the next time you complain remember 2 hundred and 4 miles per day he go up other 2:30 and took 3 modes to get to work he is - took those trips kudos to you he was in the office at the each morning he was friendly and was the first one to welcome people into the building everyday and became a affordability among visitors and staff and he's received numerous awards a total of 5 of them or 4 of them i guess and he has just
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been really a great friend to all of us and has serviced everything from this room to all the meetings rooms and because of him we'll be able to show off our port and we will really, really miss you making sure so and manny that picked up many of the making sure is so duties i want to welcome you to the next chapter in our life retirees that get to play with our grandchildren and take one mode of transportation thank you for coming back to join us if you'll join me in a round of applause for making sure so (clapping) we can take comments now before
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the next item >> you want to i know there are several people that want to speak but i'll take the perspective to echo the words of the director seeing making sure is so smiling face i know you'll be socializing missed that is important not only for all our staff and all the visitors to the port when we come to the facilities one of the first people they see is making sure so and he's conveyed the acceptance of pride and joy i i know that is infectious i know you'll miss you're smiling and greeting every time i come by the office and some will miss you but certainly i don't want to do the 2 hundred plus miles thank you for doing that for so many years and with some style
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and graciousness to all of us we have a couple of people that want to speak we have (calling names) first. >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners i'm standing here on behalf of elaine who wanted me to express her comments to making sure so and his retirement a couple of things in 4983 was the year of technology the year of the first mobile phone when we started the internet was created and microsoft word was released and the first flight of the space you shuttle challenger it was a great time for the port when making sure so came
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making sure so has to echo commissioner president katz he's the first face when i come in in the morning gracious and kind and kindhearted a real gentleman we wish him well in hits retirement thank you (clapping.) next, we have george. >> good morning president and executive director i'm here to talk about making sure so since he decided to retire, of course, yeah. i had to write things up there is so much i have to talk about when i joined the port very many years ago and maurice so had
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included 10 years with the port and i remember very vividly how he took me around on my first day introducing me to everybody at the port including the residents and showing me where i can get cheaper lunch (laughter) that's helped me all the time but the fact that maurice so does that for everyone people that are friendly he shoichldz how to navigate the port and the good feelings among the people i've met he has to many friends all over the place and we're friends maurice so-and-so responsibilities at the port putting just about even port he
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was responsible for the distribution of office supplies and making sure our copying machines were working and walking with the vendor to make sure we received what we got and setting up for various meetings including p 2, 3, 4 this one he is in the background and he is back in the back and the activity he also helped with with the announcements of the pooled vehicles by reporting issues and keeping the vehicles clean and fueled he was the store keeper he did very many things for the port and he was very focused on doing things for the benefit of the port all the times you may have seen him at the reception deck he gets here
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early before all of us if we're late he is at the reception deck and sometimes covering for the office one thing if you call our reception deck you'll hear something i'm going to try to imitate his accent this is the port of san francisco may i help you (laughter) that was always used may i help you there is of what he is he likes to help people he is gentlemen generous with all of us and considerate of us and won accumulations as the director mentions and this is one of them this the the latest
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one he has the ability to change between activities one moment another city hall and the next another one he was need and did very well making sure so will also walk in on me sometimes and he just whacks in my office and very often saying mr. george sorry for the interruption and i always turn around you're not sorry really (laughter) because you did this yesterday so that was something we had going after you walked for someone for 22 years i walked with him directly he must have some complaint one of them is making sure so called me mr. george from the very first day i got
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here and he continues to call me mr. george and i see the kind of respect for people but now that he is no longer walking here we're friends i think you should call me george and if you don't i'll call you mr. making sure so from now and then i want to thank mr. maurice so for making my job easier making sure so you'll be missed i wish you and our wife a very good time (clapping.) >> next, we have a dynamic troy
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of folks. >> who's got the front desk (laughter) >> we have that one commissioners monique. >> lower the mike patricia i'm patricia and . >> hi, i'm josephine fong and manny pa check. >> i didn't write a speech because you said it is from the heart making sure so we're till missing him, i know he's been gone since june making sure so we feel we miss you a lot one thing i'll say about making sure so i got the same kind of treatment the fir day and introduced me to everyone and made me feel welcome and continued that sort of treatment
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for everybody for day one making sure so is a team member i've appreciated heelt say i don't need a lunch i'm here for you making sure so was that kind of person if you needed not to eat all day he would we make sure that he eating ate making sure so we'll appreciate our 8 years with you really we love you and miss you we wish you would change our mind we know you won't congratulations to you and your wife congratulations (clapping.) hi ditto iowa patricia says we miss you hope you change your mind thank you for all the help with the front desk over the
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years i really miss you and have the chair saved up for you in case i change our mind. >> commissioners, i want to take the opportunity to thanks mary so for every every i know single thing he's done he's a wonderful, wonderful human being when i came to the port he showed me you know a lot and he was getting closer to his retirement he started show me the ropes for his position i think i'm going to do a good job i miss him a lot and you mention it's a great, great thing that he's enjoying his retirement with his family thank you (clapping) >> veronica sanchez.
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>> madam president and commissioners it is a at all order to try to chapel jimmy herman before this commission i feel compelled to do so making sure so has the values of jimmy herman and embodies his traits i feel like jimmy is in my ear saying stand up and say good words for my friend they spent a lot of time and one person i had the privilege of knowing that definitely exemplifies that respect that spirit of services the jimmy was known for was making sure so at the port at his retirement lunch we give them a local 34 hat i got from the president shawn and, of course that's not easy to get a
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local 34 when you're not a member they gave to him because of his amazing service and hard working jimmy would say he's a good hard working stiff and we wish him the best and lots of years of retirement after all the hard work he's done thank you very much (clapping.) anyone else wishing to come forward? >> madam president and fellow commissioners phillip with the ports planning group thank you for the opportunity to wish mar so a happy requirement r he went my recollection it similar the word that comes to mind is
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consistency i owe my psyches to making sure so being there to support me he's supported many, many others at the port the port will not be the same and we'll carry on but please come back thank you (clapping). >> any other public speakers jerry. >> thank you commissioner president katz i'll take a minute here i've been with the port 21 years 8 most and 13 days (laughter) and from the very beginning beginning the earliest days making sure so was not only pilot and pollutant but extremely helpful in getting me ac matted at the port in the last 21 years i've grown to appreciate not only what aefshlg has said but pollutant is
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definitely a key discrepancy for him more importantly is it so personable and i've grown to see mary so appreciates people for and represents people for who they are not what we are and it is very blessing to me and i remember there's a time when jean our executive director in the early 80s under the d feinstein in the 1 and 82 when the access 3w4r07kd to bethlehem steel and laying in the assets at the port my primary function as maritime managing manager to enforce and oversee the shipyard