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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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to be a model when it comes to community relations with our police department today. thank you. >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor cohen. >> thank you, very much. i feel neglected to making my own comments in my introductory or introduction of legislation. expressing just the mixed emotions that we're all feeling as we read the news. as of right now, there are ten more additional officers that are under investigation including one captain for racist and homophobic text messages. prior to this investigation certainly as a result of last year, the crime, the violence, i've been digging very deeply into is exactly our public safety failing and what that
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network looks like. that includes not only the sheriff's department, the public police department but also employing tools the u.s attorney general's office has available to us. the four officers that were indicted, that was a federal case that was prosecuted. there's some things i've learned. one, much to what supervisor campos was saying. we have a unique situation here in san francisco where we have a police department that is aware and competent. we have a checks and balances that is very good with the complaints. she's doing a great job of working in that office on a shoe string budget. i hope you will be
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able to support those budgets when it comes forward. but arming police and getting police is not the solution to the entire problem we're dealing with here. it's important we also look at empowering the police commission which is a body that was established to provide policy oversight. that's also a very critical position. we've got commissioners that are up for appointment that we need to spend a lot of time and due diligence on and if they earn our trust and our respect, they should continue to serve in that respect. if not, then we do need to make sure changes. i do look forward to that on going conversation that will go on with the rules committee. i want to give time to the particular situation we're dealing with, particularly going back to the situation
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supervisor avalos brought up late last year. we have our own unique problems here in san francisco. no person -- it's an honor to be able to hold a badge and serve the city and community of san francisco and every member should respect that and recognize that. a statement was issued yesterday and with the mixed emotions, we are proud of some of the work that's being done and dismayed by some of the challenges that are departments are dealing with. i want to also recognize the chief. sir, you've done an excellent job addressing the situation head on and not running from the complicated issues. >> madam president. >> thank you supervisor mar and supervisor campos, avalos, and cohen for participating and
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sponsoring the hearing request. i think that we have done a lot of work here in san francisco but we do have a lot of work to go. specifically, when things of this nature surface, we have to look long and hard at what is actually happening in the department. i know as someone who works very closely with the captains and officers in my district, i know we have a lot of incredible police officers here in the district and city and county of san francisco. sadly, in situations like this, it really takes the attention in the wrong direction and takes away from some of those great men and women who are out there putting their lives on the line to serve and protect which is why it's important that we make sure when situations like this happen, that they are addressed properly through a clear process. i remember years ago
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when willie brown was mayor, he formed the police relations community board which was a board made up of community members, a number of police officers who were from the community, and they would meet on a regular basis and they would talk about issues impacting police relations and the community. and more specifically, they put out a report on over 200 recommendations that really highlighted some of the challenges of the department with the request to implement some of those recommendations. during this process of this hearing, my goal is to make sure that we look into those /skpreplsz determine, number one, what have we accomplished since i think about 2006/2007. number two, are there other suggestions in this report that we could begin the process of
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implementing? and number 3, how do we make sure to bring back a community relations board on top of having the police compliant office and so on and so forth? so i think it's important to continue the consistency of meeting with the community and working with the police department directly. i think that's a big part of how we begin to bridge the gap between the department and some of our communities. so that's one of the things i would like to accomplish in our hearing. the other thing i think is important to bring up is the fact that just recently mayor lee announced that he will be bringing or hopefully funding the cadet program that would allow for young people from san francisco, especially those who graduate from our public high schools to have access to a cadet program where they can potentially become police officers. that's one way of working with members of the community to make sure that the
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communityies are represented in the department. we need to make sure that members of the community have access to becoming police officers. so accountability finally is one of the other things that needs to be done making sure that the public is completely aware of the process, the disciplinary process that will take place as a result of these really disgusting text messages that came out. and, making sure there's a clear open line of communication. we are really fortunate to have someone who i think embodies what community policing is in greg and he expects nothing less of his police officers and we as the members of san francisco expect nothing less of the police department. so we will all be keeping an eye on this issue, holding hearings and continuing to work with the district attorney on these situations that have been prosecuted on
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our officers as well as the public defender. we have a lot of work to do and we really know that there are a lot of people out there who are frustrate and who are upset but we are definitely doing our part to make sure we weed out those who are bad apples and make sure they are not serving in our department, in our police department here in the city and count of san francisco. thank you, again, colleagues. and the rest i submit >> thank you. madam president, seeing no other names on the roster, that includes the name of business. >> okay. at this time, can you read public comment. >> the public may comment up to 2 minutes to include the minutes, items without reference to the committee calendar and please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to the audience or to individual supervisors. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed
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twice the time to testify. if you would like the document to be displayed on the presentation, please present it to /s-fplts f g t v and. >> okay. first speaker, please. somebody, please. oh. >> good good afternoon supervisors, i'm peter war field of the library user association. happy saint patrick's day. the library installed the catalog, the crucial instrument people use to find what they're looking
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for. in previous comments, i say that biblial common is exploitation using it in whatever way they want with no compensation. and finally, it is deception at above all because just the name alone implies a common when in fact, this is a completely corporate run and corporate controlled environment, just similar to facebook and other social media operations like that. a critique of this was published in the bay area reporter on january 15th. you can find it on or tiny u r common critique. today, i would like to talk
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about what we discussed to the function or /stkpupbgz of biblial function. it doesn't do basics right. let's look at an example. we looked up a local paper central city extra and when we looked it up as a title, we found central city extra and we also found pregnancy and power, a completely unrelated title that has nothing to do with our search. we also were completely unable to find the holdings in paper that are in the history room, biblial common hid that completely from view >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. in order to enforce double parking, of private and delivery vehicles in san francisco, supervisors first have to clean up inside before going outside. starting
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at 850 barns street, san francisco is the only city in california that can't find parking for police vehicles besides double parking. blocking a 1 way lane on a main street with no sirens or lights to warn oncoming traffic is a danger and hazard. supervisors, we need laws to strengthen rather than weaken. there should be a moratorium or an issuing ticket for double parking vehicles. the supervisors have the obligation to look at the totality of the safety violation and the whole totality are presented: thank
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you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisor breed. my name is christopher and i live on howard 14 blocks from sea level currently. i rise to comment on the level of bio hazard in our environment. i would like to combat the p lague of diabetes. i would love to be able to say i'm 100 pounds less than i was in high school. i could lose it if i could squeeze that little bit of sugar out of my diet. i would if i could but i won't. my mother dealt with diabetes and her father died in the late 30's to pancreatic cancer. i
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avoided both but i do understand the struggle. i do see how little you are doing. the fast food customer who nobly gives up that 36-ounce bucket of sweets is going to kill noble. even while eating those sugary chicken nuggets and sugary hamburgers and dressing, what are you going to do about those? thank you president breed. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is tati hawkins and i stand here in memory of tatinisha who
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was shot and killed in front of the bayview youth services 8 years ago today. members at that program were there to see her body lie under a turf for a long time. that was one of my last responses at the critical incident response team. i was the sole responder that day, that friday. and the t-shirt that i wear was a campaign we had in 1998 with active ben. i'm glad you have the gun buy back on saturday and i'm hoping when you get through selling your guns and turning them in, over here, please, that you
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continue on to san francisco state where there will be a health sure monday. we will be giving you breakfast and lunch where we want you to heel your bodies. come out. we will be having lectures and helping you with your mental health to help you to ease your stress which would help some of this craziness out here and helping people to learn to get along and to help people to do things that will stop some of this craziness in this city. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is vladimir. i'm
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83 years old. i'm a survive and i'm homeless. you board of supervisors, i apply this to all of you, nobody of you wanted to help to find why this 83-year old holocost survivor is on /t they're not doing what
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you do. you are both the supervisors, you are good. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is diana scott. i'm a resident of the outer sun set and have been active in the coalition to save city college of san francisco. i would like to thank supervisors kim, mar and campos for composing item number 30 which would restore classes to the tender loin area that have been abruptly ended by the closure of 750 eddie. i think that the nature of this closure
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is an abruptness, lack of advance notice is evidence of poor planning and questionable judgment as well as disregard for student and faculty at the community college. and undermine a resolution that this board made over a year ago to immediately restore the board of trustees to guide the decision making in colleges. this decision also undercut he efforts which would be costly and in efforts to increase enrollment. the school really has to come back to serve the whole community. in this case, residents who are very strongly in need of classes in basic education which is what has been sacrificed. so i ask you
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to both approve this resolution, this measure, and take further measures to make sure that pieces of city college aren't sold off piece by piece under the guides of dropping enrollment and that better decisions are made in the future by democratically elected board of trustees at city college. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is yang ming. i am here to voice my opinion as someone who works at the community center. i'm here to talk about the closing of the community campus at 750 eddie street. i'm going to show how much that impact is
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happening to our families. i think that the 750 campus is unique itself. it has been serving many, many new comeers and families and immigrants like my family when we came here in the 80's and had refugee from the vietnam. that campus was something in the process that's not transparent and it's not giving an opportunity for the community to share what the concerns are and so i think that i'm hoping that the supervisors and to take a look at this policy and to hope to maybe having the cc f f come up with a concrete plan to replace all these classes that are impacting for our new immigrants and families here in the tender loin. and so because i know learning a new
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language is a big barrier for many new immigrants, many many parents are living in the tender loin area that need that campus to be accessible to them. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm samantha from young workers united. we're here with a coalition of a lot of folks that are going to be talking about city college. we do a lot of esl classes and a lot of our members take esl classes. i did a presentation to an esl that used to be at that camp /skpus it was about six people in that classroom and the professor spoke about how if the classes were held at the civic center campus, there would be about 40 in the individual class. i talked a little bit to the individuals in the class and they were
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older immigrant individuals, they discussed how they could simply walk to campus. it would take them 10 minutes to get to campus and now it's taking an hour to get to the campus. this is a big issue for them. a lot of the esl classes are 5 days a week. money was also an issue for them, right? how are they going to be able to afford transportation to get to these campuses? now they're going to have to cut back on the amount of classes they were going to because they can't afford to go to the classes every day of the week. i really feel it's important to open the tender loin campus as soon as possible so these individuals can continue to go to class and learn and grow. i urge you to support this. thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is mr. lopez.
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i support the city college coalition too. i know with the college communications, they don't know how the civic center campus is affecting our community. i don't know if they know how important the class is for all the students and all the people who live in this tender loin area. i'm here to say thanks to supervisor kim and supervisor campos for their support. and when i asked all of the residents, and supervisors to please help our community open the city for district 6. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> hi. good afternoon. my name is derrick brown. i'm in
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support of the housing and i want to also talk about opening up city college in tender loin and how important it is especially for those who speak another language. i want to also thank supervisors kim, campos, lee and hope that others support this free education in san francisco and better jobs. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is james tracy, i'm the director of community organizing and partnership. getting eddie back up is high on our agenda for the exact reasons that mr. brown mentioned. we can't talk about self-sufficiency. we can't talk about bridging the divide. and we cannot talk about immigrant justice in our neighborhoods without these resources coming back. we urge
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the unanimous show of support for this resolution and we urge all of you to join with us to turn up the heat on city college to make sure they commit to respecting the central city by agreeing to a realistic schedule to bring back city college to the tender loin to 750 eddie. and also, we need to flag that if they do not do so within 3 years, there's about a million dollars in state money that will disappear very quickly. so we appreciate all the support for those who have shown it so far and we would like to see a unanimous vote. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is lisa and i'm an english teacher at city college. i'm with a f t 2121, the faculty union here. we've been working with the
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folks to get our central center campus. i am really looking for the day when i can come before you and say we've done it, city college is safe and we've done it for another 80 years but we're not there yet. i really wish we were but we're not. we're very concerned about the sudden closure of the campus and what's that done to the city and the college in general. we're about 1,000 students a semester at 750 eddie. this semester, it looks like there's 400 less of those students or maybe 300 of those students who have made their way into classes and we've heard that students aren't necessarily taking classes every day as they were. so access has been restricted. the lease that has been
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discussed with the art institute which would replace the temporary campus has not happened yet but it's imperative that there be a place for these students in their neighborhood and make sure there's a quick timeline that we return to 750 eddie and we're getting that building ready and so those students are able to return to their home. i really want to just take a moment to thank the supervisors. all of you have been involved in being vigilant for city college of san francisco. we ask for your continued vigilance and leadership as we hold the whole community to make sure city college is here for all of our students for another 80 years. thank you >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm with the community housing leadership. i believe the closing of this
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college is preparation was not -- i just know that it should be left open. if they're going to close it due to the earth quake retro, they should have another place for these students to go while that's happening. i'm just all for it to be open. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm /ro ma with the community housing partnership. i just want to remind everybody that some of the barriers that the folks face from the tender /hroeupbs. we have families that have children that need to find child care. we have immigrants that have to travel to other communities to go to different places and s r o residents most of the days are made up with doctor's appointments and other appointments. so it's not as
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simple as just saying oh, you can go across town to another campus. and i think we need to encourage people to have a quality education in one of our franchised communities. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> all right. hello, i'm marian. i need the light. this shows you a picture back in 1903. i'm sorry, i mean 2003. read the progress. and now today, we have ever greens. so that's 15 years. and this shows us the talented 25 and what they're going to do for