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tv   [untitled]    March 24, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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economic workforce development and currently sits on the investment board this is where we learned ambassador tech sf graduation and the local jobs training program to provide relevant skills several conversations led us to the realized the faster way to create zen dick technology to train the san franciscans on our product that will fast track them to an important job in as you sit here now deck some of the tens of thousands of people that use as you sit here now deck if not employed while having still have a foundation in customer support and experience as well as the state
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of the art i'm to introduce mayor ed lee that as you sit here now deck has a terrific relationship the mayor ed lee has impressed on the importance of job creation like the opening up pathways in the tech industry so welcome mayor ed lee (clapping) john thank you for that introduction and i'm glad to be here and this is great to see this is the third cohort of our folks coming through tech sf he want to go through the boat came but jonas passionate as i am i've not had to work that hard as you
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sit here now deck and it is a lot of passion for the building of strong neighborhoods thank you to the leadership give my best to the entire staff there because as strons as passionate in the job training for the 21st century jobs we need partners that are more experienced as you that kind of citizens of volunteerism is takes the hours and weekends and the attitude to folks that are in the community looking to see if they can gain skill sets with the new jobs and what they're doing in the clooks with tech sf starbucks a good training for people to see i have the confidence i don't have to be at the best engineering
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schools to get a job and we've often said the tonnage industry establishments 4 or 5 jobs in their applications or establishing all the technology kinds of industries we're also seeing happen in middle school middle market and throughout the city it is one of the many what did you say and he know that as you sit here now deck is not only focused on job training a huge amount of philanthropic work for the lowest incomes and the institutions allowing for the use of community space as a reflection of they're very strong volunteerism within the community agreement and their work is great because along with
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my again friend benny hoff set the standard for what we want to happy in the city and we need it technology for many years and i think people in the room remember those are room we talked about the digital divide how we'll be able to catch with tomcast or those internet essentials they're providing or 12 companies they're going so fast he didn't think the jobs were going to be driver's license we need this link if you will, so those jobs i emphasis your programmers you can be folks helping with customer service center to be of
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great support and those days more and more as companies establish their companies they need the mechanism and this is why the third and i hope tenth cohorts of trainers that come out with the skill sets to repeating really join in a comfortable way the movement towards the digital jobs that are present here in the city and that we also will signal to the companies that i look forward to their literally going through tech sf and hiring the folks that are out the basic training i'm all for a what he can excitingly see those weeks of boat camping is allotting a truly a boat camp you're going
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right into job opportunity there and our tech companies don't have to be looking across the water but right here in san francisco and be part the promise that the prosperity in the city can be shared with those basic things we're doing honoring training and having an open door policy and having a good neighbor policy and go benefits as forefront as the success of a company as getting their points out and designed and engineered and sold i can't thank supervisor kim enough she's a strong advocate we start this confidence about mid-market and seeking strong, strong indications coming to fruition not everything is there it takes time we have a lot of folks on line their k59 their support i love the fact we're
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beginning to focus on the staff black women and other different groups that we know have gaps in their ability to connect up with our technology industry and with other jobs more and more we're seeing the technology into the health care industry the hospitality address the local manufacturers you can't see a line of manufacturers without the ipad overlay and censoring autopsying all the aspects of merchandising so this is a great year to embrace those kinds of programs and thankful to the bay area coalition as well as tech sf for joining us as a city and partnering up with as you sit here now deck so provide support
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and congratulations (clapping.) >> thank you mayor ed lee for being here today. >> thank you to your staff and as you sit here now deck and especially to all the students who are graduating today from the zen deck train and i'm the executive director it is a pleasure to see you when we partnered with czechoslovakia deck with the employer driven training it makes sense because not only because we're the coordinator for the city of san francisco but because they've actually been providing employer driven technically e tech and media industry for more than 15 years i was chatting with the folks and we trained folks from places like mother jones and all kinds of tech and media companies other than the city
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and we've been doing this for many years in many, many ways and another thing offering networking event like gloun this is something we came up with to provide opportunity for contract workers or who are newly trained to meet people that are hiring and zen deck is generous for two of the flounz so for so so thank you to zen deck i want to mention little initiative through the sf tech program for the contractor workers and helping folk up their skills and help them with their taxes and with the full union in new york we have more than 5 hundred members are eligible to get
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health care and other kinds of insurance next year it the amazing program i feel like our mission of hoping folks to tell their stories has been happening for 39 years it is important to be a technology organization that's been around for that long the reason we've been around that along bus of the as you sit here now deck train so thank you, again, for zen deck go with that i'm going to turn it over to the trainer from zen deck to start the graduation (clapping) and thanks i'm joe i work as zen deck about 3 years i'm going to present the certificates to the graduates
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first up patrick (clapping). rose marie (clapping) gary (clapping) there's gary michael >> winston (clapping) sorry winston. (clapping.) >> now (clapping) kit
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(clapping) emmanuel (clapping) marseille (clapping) thank you, everyone all right. >> (clapping) photo op. >> ready everyone here congratulations
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♪ >> thank you for coming to the talent dance performance and talent show. [ applause ] >> today's performance and talent show. ♪
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>> public recreation has every bit of the talent and every bit of the heart and soul of anything that any families are paying ten times for. >> you were awesome..
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>> okay good morning good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> and welcome to the brand new willie brown jr. middle school. (clapping.) i hate to start with on apologize but my grandmother would admonish me for not be a good host for having a it is my duty i didn't place to come to espouse my different it is a boy product of a dawn of a new day when we opened the doors of
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willie brown jr. middle school this fuel 2 hundred pioneering significant graders will experience the best education that san francisco, california provide i'm honored to serve as is founding principle of willie brown jr. middle school and deeply 40u7b8d u humbled by the coordination and support within sfusd the commission on the board of education the department of public health the public works the department of children youth and their families and all corporate partners to provide the resources to insure the success of our school between our 2014 and january of 2015 did project manager and myself engaged over 43 families visiting 25 elementary school p t organization and hosting
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citywide information and registration seconds families employed to willie brown jr. middle school not only because we have a state of the art brand new building but we're offering longer than reading in science and math for deeper learning with a hands-on curriculum to motivate our students to the future we're offering a health care to support the development and wellness of the town offering associate learn to help our students strengthen positive behaviors named after willie brown jr. to honor his legacy not only after the first african-american mayors one of the first african-american with you as a civic rights attorney that fought to protect and expand the rights of others i mean our mission at willie brown jr.
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middle school is to provide the education that will help to engage our students in their elapsing to excelsior explore their future opposite and. >> john: just as a name sage lead a life of service we want our students to protect and expand the rights of others willie brown jr. middle school is a welcome place for you'll i welcome you to our event today thank you. (clapping.) my job as a mc to say a smooth transition to honor the mayor and the schools and the families of willie brown jr. middle school neksz next our superintendent mr. richard
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korans korans. >> good morning, everyone i can't think of a better occasion to be here at the new willie brown jr. middle school in the heart of the bayview and part of reason why we're so excited you're not going to be able to within the scope the miles. >> off our faces we closed the old willie brown facility we made a promise to rebuild this school and it will be the premier middle school not only in northern california but in the state of california perhaps the country (clapping) i think that when you look around although principle hydro hydrowould be embarrassed of the dust it is appropriate because willie brown jr. middle school
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in the future will leave everybody in its dusts that's how much we believe in the school he's been long time what is contained in the school i want to emphasize san francisco has a fully choice enrollment system and ladies and gentlemen when we have 3 hundred sophisticates available at the brand new facility we've received over 3 hundred and 65 requests for one of the spots we have more requests then spades the word is out people want to come is willie brown jr. middle school because of what principle hodson has said the tell us on steam and the whole child we've talked about a whole approach the community in the heart of the bayview will be able to come to the site and have services the deep partnerships
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partnerships the department of public health and barbara garcia has pledged a full-time staff members and people out of the box before anyone saw the symmetric's are creating spaces and the nutrition will be second to none and we know that there are neighborhoods in san francisco children don't get fabulous they got out of the corner liquor store that will not be the case of the willie brown jr. middle school this is a school that loobltsd the whole child we're excited for the sixth graders incidence 3 hundred and 65 requests for so many seats the majority of students that were offered a seat live in the bayview
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neighborhood they attend the schools in the neighborhood and nearly 70 percent are african-american students or latinos we're reclaiming an educational spot in the bayview so students don't are to go outside the bayview it will happen right here in our neighborhood (clapping) i alsoless want to enthuse one hundred percent of the money that built this building came from local gore bonds funded by the citizens of san francisco they believe in their public utilities this is the creation of the future another work i've already mentioned our incredible partnership are the williams foundation i also want to recognize the public works has come forward as well as our first gate in the partnership
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world that is salesforce they've partnered with us and i'm not presented or authorized to talk about several other partnerships all i can say is get ready the community ask coming forward we'll be announcing a number of significant partnerships where the community is wrapping themselves around the willie brown jr. middle school there is still work to do one of the things i know to mention and staff may kill me awhile we're building this incredible, incredible health center in the part of the bayview as the the department of public health will staff it with a nurse participation and dentist we'll be able to serve our community we need half million dollars so we are going to be unabashedly going out and saying if you believe we want you to come here
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willie brown has looked at through emphasis roller deck i want to say one more thing after the bus passes oh, its a cement truck i want to end my remarks when i saying when school opens in august of 2015 here in the willie brown jr. middle school what you'll notice the notice gifted students you'll see walking the halls of that middle school is what san francisco looks like what america looks like and you'll see as a school that's completely designed to take us to our vision 2025 our students have global global skrilz skills to knot in a
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global economy you're going to see science and market and arts address cultural things and wrap around services and a staff that surely loves the kids they love the area but we've been strategy about people that are going to work here they're going to love our kids i'm existed about what you're seeing i'm going to turn it over to principle hobson thank you all for being here (clapping) >> next we'll have our families to share their reasons why they're accepted and employed to and accepting their positions at the willie brown jr. middle school i have sophia silver and her mother mrs. silver (clapping).
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>> hi my name is scoffing i can't i'm in marshall school and came to this school it's a stem school i really like science and there's going to be a robotics class (clapping). >> hi, i'm senate file i can't see mother i'm existed as well for my daughter to attend this school yes, ma'am because of the introduction to the stem education it is especially because my daughter is a girl a female she'll get a head start with career choices and other things thank you (clapping). >> thank you very much that is extremely important the work at willie brown jr. middle school our students know they're capable of doing the work they'll be presented to take the
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higher level math and science classes and enroll in college a lot of our students i talked to the families they're talking about the daughters attend the schools their concern because of boys are more the population we want to make sure they feel confident so next mr. nolan to come up and share with us her joy and passion for willie brown jr. middle school and introduce the mayor. >> thank you (clapping.) great morning everyone thank you for being here there are many people that brought us here i want to acknowledge constituting thank you for your vision and leadership i want to recognize the school lineups or leaders
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that helped to develop the violation hydra and sandra and emily and others thank you very much. >> that's excitement because the future is right here in the library. >> the department heads that have been a part you've heard from determining trusts and others about the many city heads i want to acknowledge maria that has been heading up the department of b cf and the many people that work in labor many of who grew up in the neighborhood and still live here this is truly a team project that is american people to on the last day of wir7b9 looking for spring tomorrow that's almost a poetic way to look at what's happening in the bayview and the seating part of san francisco we're coming out in
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the winter some consider a dictate neutrons i believe that one day this corridor is going to be the engine of san francisco where families with going to be able to stay in san francisco and businesses like high tech in the dog patch neighborhood that continue to grew and look for their future employees right here at this middle school so without further ado i'd like to bring a man that truly needs no introduction noted former mayor willie brown but mayor ed lee another mayor that needs to abstraction bridging the gap between technology into the neighborhood so who is filling the nature of the community and making sure they're making systemic and institutional investment in our neighborhood