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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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obviously a high demand to live here the city is known for cultural diversities that attacks new residents and the credible opportunity our city diverse and will daytime committee grows jobs as a result we estimate the number of jobs is at ann an all-time 0 hive of 6 hundred thousand in the 80 the population was 6 hundred and 75 thousand now, it's grown steadily and quickly the recent estimate is 8 hundred and 40 thousand the highest in the city's history and it's not only san francisco it is greek the bay area has $2 million for residents and jobs then in the 80 and the growth is expected to continue by the year 20403.9
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million people unfortunately, our housing supply does not keep up with the demand i might not realize the majority of construction is housing that's been suspended for years due to the 2008 recession while population is increasing the housing is only increasing that i 9 percent if we don't pursues housing the cost of housing about only increase how do we plan the regional allocation identifies the total number of housing unit by affordable level to support the new residents san francisco incorporates it into the housing elements that guides the housing policies the arena data places it in the investment plans for the growth throughout san francisco those plans developed by years
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of community planning laid the ground work for the construction so the city he e sets the goals in broad terms the private sectors builds market rate housing and non-built affordability housing that majority of housing in san francisco as well as throughout the country market rate houses built by private developers within guidelines of the city some below market rate you howls paid pie public and private dollars and prized to be variable to certain population housing is considered affordable if it costs less than 1/3rd the medium income for a 2 percent householder is $70,000 this householder will have to pay no more than $7,150 to be affordable san francisco has see
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long applied federal, state and local money often built and nonprofit tint for individual families the news cities in california what the inclusive program requires that 10 or ottawa more units to certain blow income levels or contribute to the fund that supports the blow market rate unit almost 25 thousand have been supported by city funds and more than 6 nous thousand of the unit were built between 2000 and 2012 what you can't afford a million will home you're not alone in response san francisco mayor ed lee has set a goal of creating thirty thousand now e-mails homes by the year
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2020 most will be in outreach of the san franciscan with federal and state funds drying up the san francisco ethics commission is, taking an iv i of actually roll is providing housing across all levels we're working diligently for everyone to live here and mr. chair protect the housing semiand strengthen goals against evictions we're commented for housing needs for all san franciscans to learn more visit highway. >> good afternoon i want to welcome you to city hall and to the mayors 2015 celebration of women's history month i'm emily the director on the status of women and our
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department has been in disney vance women and girls since 1975 we'll be celebrating our 40 anniversary in october this year's national nominee nor natural history wyoming most is leading the charge in the lives i want to recognize kim's from the fire department (clapping) deborah head of the department of the environment (clapping.) monooutlook mirror the port director (clapping) supervisor christensen thank you for joining us today and school broadband member hydra mendosa and assessor our recorded carmen chu (clapping) we have two commissioners amy ackerman from the status of
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women and we have two board members members our pointing and linda calhoun >> i want to especially thank my staff carlene who worked and others from the mayor's office to make today's ceremony possible. >> (clapping) and and mickey callahan from the human resources has just joined us i'm sure you're aware of in 998 san francisco became the first city in the world to enact a local ordinance with the united nations the illumination of all forms of discrimination against women a intertional bill of rights for women the united states is not gratified but the other countries have this landmark ordinance was made possible by the advocacy of the
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san francisco bay area area women attended the fourth convention on women in bay you didn't know in 9995 it's between 20 years when hillary clinton proclaimed infamous women's rights have human right human right are women's right and to come reiterate are a the form of action san francisco was asked to be a peer leader to luggage the presidio champion with the enthusiastic support of mayor ed lee what has challenged other cities 80 join san francisco's leads we'll be hosting the u.s. conference of mayors in june we're so fortunate to have a mayor it gets it i want to share a quick story when he was the head of public works he, he we participated to make it a better workforce one of the things he
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created a space for women empowerment group among the employees to invite women to the first meeting he sent them a personal invitation to the home addresses helped them to pa participate and that group has been flushing every sense his qualifying didn't stop with city employees we know that 3 out four women's work in the private gender and you launched the 230u6r78 and challenged the private sector to encourage women in the workplace i see supervisor cohen has joined itself to enact the family friendly owners and the equal pay act and he's made a tremendous commitment to fight violence definition women fund for you the sifdz against women
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against violence has $05 million or 50 percent from $3 million before we become acting mayor to $4 million investment by the city with the mayor's leadership and partnering are the law enforcement we have members from the police department here today san francisco saw a record 44 months without a single domestic violence homicide and an unparalleled record unfortunately, the record was broken in january of last year, we have more work to do with that please help me welcome one of the strongest advocates for women mayor ed lee (clapping). >> thank you, dr. murase and good afternoon welcome to the people's palace i know i want to
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thank our department of commission on the status of women and the friends of for their commitment in advancing women's human rights and beyond our city i'll begin by saying we're really at a special time in the city a time when this is prosperity i want to make sure i know you do we provide special opportunity to share that everyone succeeds i'm focused on my affordability and shared prosperity agenda and continue to make recorded investment in our public schools a program that helps youth and children i want to introduce anita she's my bossed that's why i think i have a strong women's agenda if anything
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(clapping) i have in mind a lot of families led by women i'm suggesting more suggesting i'm trying to implement thirty thousand new units of housing in our city to make sure their thirty are permanently affordable i have women in mind when we're focused on the project 5 hundred toe to lift 5 hundred families out the poverty i think a great portion is going to be women led families we need to invest in our public housing and resident and build stronger community through our sf program and certainly as we're more and more becoming confident we have the ability to rebuild our housing with the people with them ♪ first and help them rebuild the housing together we'll continue investing in our transportation
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network which our great equalizing as well as our education institutions you know loophole fortunate those days you'll hear about it we're fortunate to have generous heart they're not just appearing we courage stronger our philanthropists to join together that's why you'll see the names of agencies that we're supporting with superbowl 50 and as challenging as the event is the $40 million has been raised he think we can raise another amount of money that people are doing as hard as and you've seen the first batch 25 percent of all the monies raised will go to poverty programs in san francisco i was excited to see the list your we've identified 2
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and a half million dollars going to the bay area youth and families to really well, it performing agencies in san francisco and the bay area we also are continuing to encourage our biz business leaders we sue another example of that recently with our san francisco general hospital and so i look forward to work with all of you continue to building this monument and make sure we advance human right not only in san francisco but well beyond that as ii said earlier gender equality is personal i grew up, of course, with a strong mother that happened to have to deal with us 6 kids at angle early age and i'm proud we raised two daughters that are strong 2, 3,
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4 are their own right they'll permanently personality in san francisco in their in a iran and going to north america that all they're helping revenues and others deal with their challenges throughout the world this year we have signaled that i'll join libby shaft and women in a summit summit that seeks so improve economics for the women in our city thank you. (clapping.) >> and you know, i think we are very in a very strong position already i know that we've gone through the many names of women lead department that is worth
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repeating i'm not sure any other city asking can brag buyouts leadership to our city mist our 2350e6 and public health and port and environment and, of course, the department of transportation on the status of women are all led and it is reflected in our leaderships like london breed and supervisor tang and supervisor christensen and supervisor cohen and supervisor jane kim and carmen chu (clapping) and, of course, we have had a history of very strong women in elected roles in san francisco senator feinstein and nancy pelosi and kcmo jackie and betty
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lee and board of equalization those women have to do a lot of important thing for the entire convoy i shouldn't is without inhibition i look forward to working with you to place the first female in the president of the united states (clapping) well, you look at the women we're honoring today and you'll see the skwlts that are reflected in our own history and in our own leadership in the city today their lives have been death to improving the lives of others where in education or housing health and many more areas there are helping my city and our city to be more affordable they're helping to insure that etch in the city shares in the prosperity and whether through
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philanthropy or working on the ground everyday or in all of the areas we've mentioned those women have changing lives and showing the values at its best with that i'm proud to recognize for the most part deborah who is an incredible leader in education her mantra all about sharing the joy she makes our city and world a better place for all the special needs children and debba are a is tireless in her commitment with children with autism must be valued and included. >> loved she makes that happen everyday and an actively of active member of the special education and recently honored with a pta friend here award
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i had the honor of spending time with dementia e deborah at the sunny side school you saw her dloefgs when we delivered ipads on the autism spectrum that had not access to the curriculum in addition to her special education am mat i know she has her team members she's a secret weapon for the she is a colony baseball team and built relationships with scouts and welcome u s f it is a great privilege that deborah choose to
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live in our city women like deb are a makes things happen please join me in welcoming deborah (clapping) >> thank you, mayor ed lee nancy rodriguez and the dependent on the status of women i'm a proud member of the citizens advisory committee on special education we're a vital component and effective education program in our schools we work side doors with the san
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francisco unified school district education department a reflection the of resources we're comprised of adults with disability and representatives of public and private agencies and persons concerned with the individuals with disability my husband and i have two miracle scones with autism we have effectively advocated for our san francisco unified school district we attend even though elementary school inclusive practices be able part of the cac gives me the opportunity to help other families you see auditorium children has special needs as mine i must help you must be their voice i'm also the proud team for the san francisco unified school
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district baseball i treasure the roll with prospective players to be there the playgrounds of the fields to warmup that each player gets a mom team hug you sfusd has helped children with autism together next summer we'll have a baseball camp with children with autism also (clapping.) i hope that we'll honor autism month in frill this year will be san francisco land use & economic development committee versus portland i have a shirt and hat for you mayor ed lee (clapping.) so my sfusd we hope you'll join us in the first pitch for that
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game last but not least i need to thank my husband dean nor being my rock my biggest supporter without you i couldn't do the work you're the best father stepped up to take over of our sons because of your faith and my passion illicit another the best sfusd saying changes the world from here i try to do that every single day thank you (clapping) (clapping) (clapping). >> thank you our next he
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honoree is dr. pricilla chan and she's doing her residency at the san francisco in the department of pedestrian risks she's commented to pediatry and her and her husband monopolized their donates in the amount of $175 million to make sure that san francisco has a world-class hospital dr. pricilla chan was unable to tear home sharer away from the hospital and sue from our sf general is here to accept on her behalf come on up sue.
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>> thank you mayor ed lee as it is my honor to be here to represent dr. chan she's unable to be here because she is a resident and still in clinic duties was unable to tear herself away she's shown not only through her work at san francisco general but as an educator extremely dloeft to taking care of under served population and even more with that wonderful donation she and mr. zuckerberg have absolutely committed themselves both privately and pub to making sure we maintain our resources throughout the city throwing out for those in need as well as
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those who are injured and we thank you very much for this honor in recognizing her gift thank you (clapping) sue thank you for you will a you do and the entire management at sf general (clapping.) and our final honorees this morning are two women say set the bar for what can be achieved through collaborative leadership i'll say they're not afraid to push their peers or city for better outcomes they do this with grace and humor when needed and attention to long-term relationships and goals i'm referring to gail of the community housing partnering and shell lane for the second street
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street serviced their paving the way for successor in housing and social services angle example of their success is their 2014 collaboration on edward the second residents that result in 24 studio rental unit of supportive housing for 18 to 24 and another risk of homelessness gail and sherman are partly distinguished in their o.j. and incredible tricks in their boarder fields they're not on focused on their own professional careers or even in their own organizations which are incredible example of well run and innovative organizations serving the highest needs population but on top of that they transcribe significantly to the local and regional and national dialog how
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to serve the homeless youth and famed and individuals they're truly collaborative and don't hesitate to share information to provide a better overall service delivery for those in need they are and represent the future of leadership but first gail she has over 16 years of experiments and the executive order of the community housing partnership has think outside the box a partner to the city for many years she develops affordable housing integrating the support serviced and job training and community organizing she strives to break the cycle of homelessness by strengthening communities i said she grew up in omaha in new york city and she understood another a young angle what it
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takes to have a supportive environmentalist so everyone can succeed and gail works closely with me worked with me this past year on the minimum wage ballot measure that got widely support please join necessary in welcoming gail gilmore (clapping.) gilmanilmore (clapping.) gilmanlmore (clapping.) gilmanmore (clapping.) gilmanore (clapping.) gilmanre (clapping.) gilmane (clapping.) gilman (clapping.) gilman (clapping.) gilman gilman. >> first, i'd like to thank mayor ed lee and the office of the status on women i'm the executive director the first woman to run the agency in its 25 year history (clapping)
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and i truly believe that women unique approach to collaboration and partnership anytime women get together in collective intention is powerful whether creating the fertilization affordable housing in 2004 and pushing for nonprofit and ourselves and peers to be more okay driven and impactful or seeing the value of community organizing in the work we do everyday when women come together it is powerful and without women that have touched me throughout my life and colleagues, i wouldn't be here today thank you again, for this honor (clapping.) >> and finally sherman is the executive director of the loosening street one of the
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largest providers serving the run away youth when they joined loosening she decided to double the beds between 5 years and ended up accomplishing that goal in 3 years when is more observe when meeting with sherman is that she never settles nor the stalking she is fortunately determined to get the outcome for the vulnerable resident and co-chairs the san francisco human resources and has received attention for her groundbreaking work please join me in welcoming cherlyn