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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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and retain large companies in san francisco we've seep that there is a big change since 2007 and continue to support startups one more point supervisors that economic strategy was not designed how to address those all those challenges but designed to look at the transformation 80 transportation to workforce development fits into the timeframe for you supervisors particularly as the budget season come up and evaluate those important issues. >> thank you very much supervisor mar. >> thank you, gentlemen and laurel as well for the presentation i wanted to ask one framing question in 2007 we had one masking inequality population and like business
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ownership of that number 3 the inequality metrics do we know how we dealt what inequality because my sense as we read in the national press the rapidly growing and the push out it seemed of a lower income population but a middle-income population are we looking at 2004 and 2007 as inequality and inclusion and equality as a key goal for our economic stream. >> thank you i'd like invite ted egging on up to address how we look at how we're addressing the inequality the first is insuring that we're driving down costs so for the residents and businesses so the development of
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affordable housing and giving people access to reasonably priced spaces and businesses insures we're able to keep people here and that there's able to be successful to continue to live here and the second element the ability to give people the ability to earn more money it is a key for education to earn higher wages and advances more and more to be able to address that i'm invite ted to speak on the actual data. >> supervisors in the 2007 report we did look at entities of income and equality i recall that san francisco has the highest inequality manufacture with the cities we compared it to identify the rerun it but look at the san francisco with the largest cities in the united
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states it is increasing even faster i believe it is maybe ranging thirty in the top one hundred among the 10 or 15 faster income levels with the last two or three years i don't know but income and equality for loans i've tracked it that problem has not gone away. >> i have another point i know that our former school president of the school board was in the chambers i'm pleased on the oewd pathway and the work with the school district but one thing was not mentioned or mention the city college for displaced workers to retrain but for the young people to have the skills hard and soft skills to find the
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jobs in the various experience and knowledge and thanking our sector that are growing it's a big concern concern our local industry is dloin and the middle-income jobs are decreasing with the governments how to look at low wage workers to pull them up. >> construction and other industries are critical i know it is mentions in here that construction jobs are local but my understanding a lot of unions many of the jobs are regional and not people that live in the city i'm wondering about that sector we consider it local but maybe outside of the city. >> by local we only maple that the companies serve customers in san francisco and we show you
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statistics the job industry that is resulting from work that takes place within the city. >> i know efforts like our local hire is important for the san francisco workforce and what's the significance of city college because i know you mentioned ufls by the way, by the way, whatever the support for pathway and listing the middle wage incomeers. >> there are career training and having the local partner skills for people like i mentioned mobility and the packet to increase the earning potential they've been critical partners in our skills and building construction stay an construction we talked about on
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that board and the city is implementing the hire ordinance that addresses that issue you've mentioned supervisor the construction jobs that are being created are going to san franciscans and marrying that we're not just having a mandate but insuring the local workforce is trained and rode to work with the skills at the job site so to partnership with the city college and other partners is up. >> colleagues, any further questions. >> okay. thank you again for your work and looking forward to discussions. >> thank you, supervisor. >> at this time open up for public comment any public comment on item 2 all right. seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues thanks for sitting through that i thought
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that was important we launch into budget city with our unemployment rate and thanks to oewd can i have a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair. >> a motion chan madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> no, mr. chair. >> okay thanks everybody we are
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it looks at good and tastes good and it is good in my mouth pretty amazing. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am the executive chef i've been here as a chef at la concina since 2005 reason we do the festival and the reason we started to celebrate the spirit and talent and trivia and the hard work of the women in the la concina program if you walk up to my one on the
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block an owner operated routine i recipient it's a they're going to be doing the cooking from scratch where in the world can you find that >> i'm one of the owners we do rolls that are like suburbia that is crisp on the outside and this is rolled you up we don't this it has chinese sister-in-law and a little bit of entertain sprouts and we love it here. >> there are 6 grilled cheese grilled to the crisp on the outside outstanding salsa and a lot of things to dip it knocks you out and it's spicecy and delicious
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i was the first person that came here and we were not prepared for this every year we're prepared everybody thinks what they're doing and we can cookout of our home and so the festivals were part of the group we shove what we do and we w we tried to capture the spirit of xrifs. >> and there from there to sales and the hard part of the sales is 250 assess our market and creating a market opportunity giving limited risks and sales experience to our guys and
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watching. >> ever wonder about programs the city is working on to make san francisco the best place to live and work we bring shine won our city department and the people making them happy what happened next sf
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oh san francisco known for it's looks at and history and beauty this place arts has it all but it's city government is pretty unique in fact, san francisco city departments are filled with truly initiative programming that turns this way our goal is to create programs that are easily digestable and easy to follow so that our resident can participate in healing the planet with the new take dial initiative they're getting close to zero waste we 2020 and today san francisco is diverting land filled and while those numbers are imperfect not enough. >> we're sending over 4 hundred
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thousand tons of waste to the landfill and over the 4 hundred tons 10 thousands are textile and unwanted listen ones doesn't have to be find in the trash. >> i could has are the ones creating the partnerships with the rail kwloth stores putting an in store collection box near the checks stand so customers can bring their used clothes to the store and deposit off. >> textile will be accessible in buildings thought the city and we have goodwill a grant for them to design a textile box especially for families. >> goodwill the well-known
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store has been making great strides. >> we grateful to give the items to goodwill it comes from us selling those items in our stores with you that process helps to divert things it from local landfills if the san francisco area. >> and the textile box will take it one step further helping 1230 get to zero waste. >> it brings the donation opportunity to the donor making that as convenient as possible it is one of the solutions to make sure we're capturing all the value in the textiles. >> with the help of good will and other businesses san francisco will eliminate 39 millions tons of landfill next year and 70 is confident our
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acts can and will make a great difference. >> we believe that government matters and cities matter what we side in san francisco, california serve as a model phenomenal in our the rest of the country by the world. >> whether you do not to goodwill those unwanted text told us or are sufficient value and the greater community will benefit. >> thanks to sf environment san francisco has over one hundred drop off locations visit recycle damn and thanks for watching join us (clapping.) the airport it where i know to mind visions of traffic romance and excitement and gourmet can
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you limousine we're at san francisco inspirational airport to discover the award-winning concession that conspiracies us around the world. sfo serves are more 40 million travelers a year and a lot of the them are hungry there's many restaurant and nearly all are restaurant and cafe that's right even the airport is a diane designation. so tell me a little bit the food program at sfo and what makes this so special >> well, we have a we have food and beverage program at sfo we trivia important the sustainable organic produce and our objective to be a nonterminal
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and bring in the best food of san francisco for our passengers. >> i like this it's is (inaudible) i thank my parents for bringing me here. >> this the definitely better than the la airport one thousand times better than. >> i have a double knees burger with bacon. >> i realize i'm on a diet but i'm hoping this will be good. >> it total is san francisco experience because there's so many people and nationalities in this town to come to the airport especially everyone what have what they wanted. >> are repioneering or is this a model. >> we're definitely pioneers
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and in airport commemoration at least nationally if not intvrl we have many folks asking our our process and how we select our great operators. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the food option in san francisco airport are phenomenal that's if it a lot of the airports >> yeah. >> you don't have the choice. >> some airports are all about food this is not many and this particular airport are amazing especially at the tirnl indicating and corey is my favorite i come one or two hours
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before my flight this is the life. >> we definitely try to use as many local grirnts as we can we use the goat cheese and we also use local vendors we use greenly produce they summarize the local soured products and the last one had 97 percent open that. >> wow. >> have you taken up anything unique or odd here. >> i've picked up a few things in napa valley i love checking chocolates there's a lot of types of chocolate and caramel corn. >> now this is a given right there. >> i'm curious about the
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customer externals and how people are richmond to this collection of cities you've put together not only of san francisco food in san francisco but food across the bay area. >> this type of market with the local savors the high-end products is great. >> i know people can't believe they're in an airport i really joy people picking up things for their friends and family and wait i don't have to be shopping now we want people take the opportunity at our location. >> how long has this been operating in san francisco and
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the late 18 hours it is one of the best places to get it coffee. >> we have intrrnl consumers that know of this original outlet here and come here for the coffee. >> so let's talk sandwiches. >> uh-huh. >> can you tell me how you came about naming our sandwiches from the katrero hills or 27 years i thought okay neighborhood and how do you keep it fresh you can answer that mia anyway you want. >> our broadened is we're going not irving preserves or packaged goods we take the time to
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incubate our jogger art if scratch people appreciate our work here. >> so you feel like out of captured the airport atmosphere. >> this is its own the city the airline crews and the bag handlers and the frequent travels travelers and we've established relationships it feels good. >> when i get lunch or come to eat the food i feel like i'm not city. i was kind of under the assumption you want to be done with our gifts you are down one time not true >> we have a lot of regulars we
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didn't think we'd find that here at the airport. >> people come in at least one a week for that the food and service and the atmosphere. >> the food is great in san francisco it's a coffee and i took an e calorie home every couple of weeks. >> i'm impressed i might come here on my own without a trip, you know we have kids we could get a babysitter and have diner at the airport. >> this is a little bit of things for everybody there's plenty of restaurant to grab something and go otherwise in you want to sit you can enjoy the experience of local food. >> tell me about the future food. >> we're hoping to bring newer
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concepts out in san francisco and what our passengers want. >> i look forward to see what your cooking up (laughter) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today we've shown you the only restaurant in san francisco from the comfortableing old stand but you don't have to be hungry sfo has changed what it is like to eat another an airport check out our oblige at tumbler
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>> [gavel] i call this meeting to order. -- oh i see. sorry about that. i call this meeting of the transbay joint powers authority board of directors for thursday march 12 to order. would you call the roll. >> sure. i will note for the record that director sartipi will not be present and director kim is on her way. >> director.