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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2015 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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that will be the order. >> and item 11. item 11, introduction of new items, and this is information, >> are there any introductions? >> is there any public comment on item number 1 1? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and item 12. >> item 12, public comment? >> is there any general public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and item 13. >> adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank you..
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>> a hi, i'm karen fry a project manager and sfpuc and the bureau of environmental management honestly i've not considered a public sector job i realized this was an opportunity to work on large capital projects from san francisco all the way to our hetch hetchy and the yosemite national park i work with engineers and city attorneys and scheduled and we all work tom nolan e together on the project. >> the excavations are in red we'll have the interference to go under the street. >> my next project is the largest project in the water system improvement program this is the southeast plan that involved a lot of kworpthsdz with the community groups and public when 9 commissioners such
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the planning commission and the board of supervisors or this ftc commission they help us in city hall this is a beautiful building it really is the inner workers of the building you feel you're in the heart of government and it's exciting to be part of that - >> ladies and gentlemen, the
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chair has called the meeting to order can you please turn off electronic devices that will you please see rise for the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all madam president i'd like to call roll. >> mr. do. >> commissioner president loftus commissioner turman is excused commissioner marshall is in route arrest commissioner dejesus is excused commissioner mazzucco commissioner hwang commissioner melara we have quorum madam president also is the chief chief greg
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suhr. >> do we have a representative from the office of complaints. >> take a look around. >> welcome everyone to the mark 25 police commission i see a lot of folks from the neighborhood wanted to well, you all we had this meeting every fourth wednesday we go out to a different station we're going to talk about what we do we don't do that normally in city hall but we have have day jobs and people that care about public safety so thank you all for being here i'm going to start off by telling my commissioners he at the conclusion of that meeting saddling i'll ask we adjourn in member of santa fe police officer michael johnson was killed traeven yesterday i'll ask we adjourn and ask my
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colleagues to please introduce yourselves and tell the folks a little bit about what you do. >> starting with commissioner hwang i'm i'll been a civil right the reason the deputy city attorney for the legal outreach that does work in 0 human trafficking and elderly abuse. >> commissioner mazzucco a former assistant district attorney and the united states district attorney and i practice in a firm i represent folks in director o.j. and i'm a native my brought in works too at parks station. >> commissioner melara. >> i'm the executive director of rally services for the st. francis memorial hospital and on
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the faculty of san francisco unified school district social work live in the terryville district. >> we've been joined by the officer hicks and joe marshall is in route i'm suzy loftus i'm a former prosecutor here in san francisco a native san franciscans and currently work the california duff's and raising my 3 little girls not outer suspect you may see a redhead popping up later. >> the first is the consent calendar will be taken off calendar line item 2 reports to the city commission and 2a chefs report. >> chief suhr. >> good evening commissioner public a pleasure to be here
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before becoming a police officer had this was my place i was a delivery guy for a food services running groceries around the neighborhood i'll take to the grave everything i've done at the fire station i have reports to be brief although it is important there are event paramount in late january when meeting with director hicks of ocii it was discovered there were 3 unidentified members felt police commission that were challenging rational homophobic slurs no mr. that has been convicted in federal court and is awaiting sentence awaiting to
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be turned in to federal custody in decisions with director hicks the department through took reviewing literally thousands of text messages that came to us after the criminal prosecution was completed that is standard procedure you'll see cases trail a criminal prosecution and it was determined that 14 members may have inappropriate text messages with the former sergeant not all of the text were of a rational or homophobic nature and close to a dozen would be to be more closely examined 5 members have been resigned and no public contact
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until the investigation is finished i will accountability the lions share of the investigation to the commission with nothing short of a recommendation of termination of any officers of such characters are in conflict that a police officer and with the minimum standards to perform their duties without jeopardizing other officers on a much better not the department is being recertified a participate in the recertification by the american society the crime lab this is a process we've passed before the processes have changed and different policies and procedures has this is where our crime lab needs to be under
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director jimbo bob sanchez and we'll be recertified it was brought to the captains attention one the civility committed errors 90 in testing not awe home sharer to new practices we didn't know that the scope of this errors to date both moebz mechanics on personal leave will be reassigned and have to determine in the reviewing of the cases that the breath of this working with the city attorney's office to see if prosecution might be required next an officer involved shooting over and over on st. patrick's day at 7:00 p.m. at town hall on monday it involved
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a stolen vehicle the vehicle get stuck in traffic originally from the gas station the woman in control of the vehicle turned the vehicle around and came the wrong way down venice avenue after collisions with other vehicles and on the sidewalk the officers discharged their firearms were in fear that someone 0 would be injured or killed so mr. brown did not survive here jourdz yesterday we were at garfield 3w4r5urgd and obviously in the past few years have activated did garfield mission district for the officers in playground as trying to make the mraurgsd police friendly and have a
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success story we want to model across the city friday we began to activate no campus and southern station b will open at third street are saturday are morning at 6:00 a.m. and the modification will be set to do business an april 13th we've been doing tours of the building is a spectacular structure and it is the power noun the place couple of days 96 hours of sustainability so we can literally run a police department out of this building it equals with the safe earthquake it is a public
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building we'll graduate your first candidate k can do he did class and we'll take young people going to school in and around san francisco and the cloosz look like san francisco and young 0 people that are interested in about law enforcement they have a full load of posting high school 12 unit a very good job for the public safety in the building and look sharply and lastly a dispatcher of the command staff for the chief told me it's been as many know the partitioned it's my she will be leaving but but not going far she's absolutely heroic of our youth and nonprofit programs and
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that's something she runs as a captain and love you and thank you for your service and the chief of staff in experiencing month immediately the very, very capable deputy chief of our bureau you'll let you know further. >> chief would you like to keyed some of your time to president breed the president of the before of supervisors. >> well president breed. >> thank you, welcome to the commission and everyone this is here today, i see a lot of members of the district 5 that community new year's eve and hayes valley we're happy to have you here many in our neighborhood we have an incredible working relationship for the community and going to hear r a report on many things
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our he or she has done and we work with the captains that have done a fantastic job there are a number of issues that came to my attention including the issues you'll hear from the public comment and there's been issues for everybody around the text messages and the cases associated with the text messages we want to continue to make sure that the commission is real clear the community is clear understanding of what they're prepared to do to address the issues in order for the community to feel more comfortable with making sure officers like that didn't serve on the board but also making sure that officers who you are think the ground working hard who having incredible riderships that the community continue to have the kind of support they
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need from the department in order to fefb do their job saddling from last night the officer no 123e we're all impacted too people are charged to protect our community you know are harmed in my way our families are harmed we want to send our condolence to the family of santa fe and make sure that all wrongdoing in the department is weighed out and quickly so we can protect the reputation of the department and those men and women that are out there risking their lives for san francisco neutron an honorable way i'm here to say hello and see what everyone harassed to say and the community coming out today looking forward to a good
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meeting. >> thank you timing breed. >> inspector. >> item 2 reports for recent activities. >> welcome director hicks. >> thank you councilmember zapf and members of the commission good evening, good evening president breed and chief suhr and captain and members of the park interest community i'm joyce hicks the director of the office of complaints in addition, this evening steve the inspector is here in the audience to answer questions about my presentation it's a pleasure to be here this evening the function of the office of
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the complaint also known as as a the ocii it is the largest law enforcement agency in the united states only 80 surpassed by new york and chicago 5 agencies both of march 4 and the report president obama of task force open the 21st century policing and the march 4 report for the restriction of the united states duff's an sifshz violation by the ferguson police commission acknowledged the offer sight briefing office of citizen complaint was treated e created by did board of supervisors and adapt by the voters of san francisco in 1992 ocii became operational in 1993 the ocii was once an office of
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the san francisco police department but we were placed in the direct supervisors of the ocii the politician is a body n important part of san francisco sovereign oversight structure the function of the ocii to assist the police department to building trust with the community bridging the gap between police matters and this is to insure the police accountability october by conducting licensed investigations for the policies and procedures and bridging before the public and police more recently as cheri mentioned the ocii has been involved and the review of the recent text
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messages has been very disturbing to me as the director of the ocii every confidence that cheri and the police commission will handle the appropriate and in addition the ocii received a complaint about these text messages in california law enforcement agencies must have a procedure to investigate the complaint by the members of the officers the ocii serves this purpose police department the staff of the ocii are a difference group of soviet union's that have never been san francisco police officers is it so it has 35 employees, however, a staff serving one employee due to budget
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constraint the majority of our staff consists of investigators and attorneys i'll sfaub the investigation process what happens when things are foiled if the ocii we consultation to find out what happened and follow the evidence by the following the complaint and this involved police officers we have subpoena power to compel testimony and get evidence we obtain additional information for the information generated by the police department and we may take photographs of the person or video if available we aim to complete our investigation within 9 months and with exemption with one year
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discipline to be imposed on the officer what is a complaint of an over if they violate a rule our standard of proof is different than the cringe our standard of proof is the that he has the probability of the complaint it occurred is more likely than not the evidence is greater than 50 percent it is a conducted investigation we find an officer violates the rules we send a report to chief suhr for further action he can discipline up to 10 day suspension the charter provides in queen of a 10 day suspension that must be with the jurisdiction of the
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agency in addition to conducting an investigation has a robust mediation program we provide mediation and alternatives to discipline last year, we facilitated thirty mediations thirty percent of the cases we did last year the mediation allows the complainant that resolve issues with the accused officers in a resolution of right to get together people to get a mutual understanding we have a process with the american standard bar for the mediation program we'll have conducted in other than english and the mediation program is volunteer for the officer and the
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complainant last year 94 percent of eligible officers participate in mediation program i'd like to brief address the system from last year how we received complaint and how we resolve complaint in 2014 we received seven hundred and 27 complaint with a one case increased over 2013 when we received seven hundred and 27 complaint last year, we sustained allegations in 6 percent of cases closed with community of 19 percent of the allegation being investigated 3 percent of the allegations were un230u7b9 or not true the largest percentage feel allegations were 4 unwr7b9d action that we received and that was issued or searched for
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something along those lines 33 percent the next largest group of alleges for conjectural requesting non-credit 29 percent and unnecessary force is 8 percent of allegations received and we stated 4 allegations of unnecessary force or 3 percent of the allegations stated a majority of the allegations were for neglected duty that is a failure to do something an officer should do that's like write a report or issue that didn't get a release air force detaining the individual and letting that individual go you'll tube demographics who those are 426 were african-american last year and caucasian comprised 27 percent
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of complainant and 27 declined to state their race that's the highest percentage we've received from last year in terms of the grades and additional our complaint are asian-american and latino 17 percent and native-american 22 percent of the ocii staff has other along? >> including cantonese and vietnamese and spanish some are spoken by the support staff other by your investigators >> it would be 3resh8 for our investigators spoke all the languages two of our investigators though are bilingual spanish speakers that is important because non- non-english interviews are in spanish and we'll on the
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interpretation services last year, we conducted 24 says cases in spanish area 10 in cantonese one in korean and one in russian you can learner more at wwwdot gov ocii the ocii is located open the 7th floor on van ness it is assessable by public transportation we've receive walk in complaint during 8 and 5 per diem monday through friday unless a holiday we're not open we have an answering service we will receive complaints that is if it's a serious containment an investigator will go out during
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non-hours to do intact for this complaint we receive our complaints by telephone and online and via fax you can file a complaint at the district police station they did complaint will be forwarded i mention the investigator i see paul in the audience here to answer questions and that concludes my remarks. >> thank you, director hicks. >> inspector the networks. >> commissioners reports commissioner president report and commissioners report. >> colleagues, we're here for a district meeting we tend to be brief to hear from the members of the public to the chiefs point and director hicks point
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the recent activities give us a reason to say a few things in particular to president breeds plan i'm to fill in some of the blanket on how the commission will precede with the misconduct awhile other jurisdictions might be struggling how the u how to treat misconduct our process of sovereign oversight from ocii and the police department models that have been shared in the policing reports as a measure to continue to build trust with the community and i want to be explicit about our process and make it clear that allegations of misconduct are investigated by the department or ocii and depending on the level of discipline can go and
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be disposed of by the chief are department if it is discipline it will come before you us and it is assigned to one of the people up here so the taking of evidence the departments lawyer puts forgot evidence of the guilt of the police officer that entire record of the hearing is read by all the commissioners and it deliberates open the guilt and penalties of the officer for those reasons you will not hear any of my fellow commissioners nor administrative review speak about our thoughts on the specifics allegations of officer misconduct that may come to us this, however, bears repeating we take our role very seriously and hold our officers to the highest


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