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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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our community i'm a firm believeer our environment doesn't say who you are this is an example and be part of her community, and, secondly, i love the fact it is modeled into a small high school in san francisco and built the community i knew my classrooms and there was a focus on teamwork and collaboration that serves me well and most importantly i love the focus on academics it wasn't about what she was learning in the books but how to be a good community and the larger worldwide overall so things like integrity and honestly and dealing with conflict help to make bayview community a choice for all in
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the community thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i have a child in bayview academy in the 7th grade when she graduated in fifth grade graduated from a charter school redwood city
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> i was very worried about that my daughter was not going to continue with a good education i heard about kip before i went to kip she attend a school in 6th grade within september and october she doesn't get math i got information and.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> so i saw several i got information about the kip academies out ♪ snowing and san francisco i didn't care if i had to drive i 1ru6r7b8 end up in san francisco and metabolic principle she helped me fill out the enrollment form she said next year i said no, i got my daughter 2 hours a day if that's what it takes to get to the kip academy
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> so after what happened then with the non-math period when i put into kip with two months her math was amazing she got an a plus my progress was not there so i even changed work i changed my job as well to be closer to be in san francisco so i could take her to 0 the extra activities she deserved.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> i could describe many things but the one that stuck more with me was the word district because district means to have it whether you're seen or not seen you have >> (speaking spanish.) >> so with all my heart i beg you guys to accept kip those academies are do good for our children. >> thank you very much any questions or comments from my colleagues on the board. >> thank you, dr. murase i had a wonderful tour of your school and thank you to the principles
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i picked our brain and saw things that i think under particular that impressed me 89 percent of kip students are san francisco resident i think you're making great academic progress what i saw there i wish i could see in some of our schools that didn't mean we hope to put you out of business willie brown but i just want to say that before a member i saw what i say i was impressed and want to congratulate you and recognize the pay off of our hard work i saw students more engaged than in a while thank you for your tour yes i'll support it. >> any other comments seeing none we will go to roll call vote on that motion. >> thank you
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and this is on bayview academy; is that correct ms. sonata mr. chin commissioner fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell rachel norton ms. wynns and dr. murase that's 5 i's thank you very much clapping we have one more item for approval authorization to grant on the or deny the petition for san francisco bayview charter schools it was moved and seconded we've heard from matt
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haney on the recommendation and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> yes. mr. davis commissioner president murase i want to note a correction on the kill switch bayview in the therefore, be it resolved i want to make that clear the recommendation is that the petition be approved thank you very much and actually, the superintendent if you could get mr. davis to read the presentation. >> mr. davis please read the recommendation. >> i will thank you superintendent recognize for the bayview charter school petition authorization to grant the alternative deny the san francisco bayview charter school whereas pursuant to the education code if bayview not
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limited to a application and whereas pursuant california education code the board of education district is in receipt of the renewable receipt effect 2014 and the district shall comply with the action on petition as required by law and whereas the board of education shall require the petition and all information received with respect to the petition complugd the supporting documentation and incite by the california lufrgs and should be a part of educational system and whereas the district superintendent and staff shall complete a report and recommendation to the board of education therefore, be it resolved that the board of education shall grant the
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petition subject to the requirements worthwhile. >> thank you, mr. davis i have 5 speakers signed up for comment (calling names) two minutes and again, if the audience could use a silent applause we will have a larger applause at the end of the. good evening and community i'm mike i'm the principle of kip san francisco bay academy our goal tonight to have the approval our charter to continue to have a choice for parents and kids every kids climbs the
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mountain i started working at kip bayview academy as a science teacher one the reasons i decided to work at kip after working a couple of years in the new york city in the bronx was in every single classroom it was vest it all kids wanting to learn something everyday that's a special thing we're really, really excited to be able to work with the hard working kids and families and teachers to help with the future i appreciate our approval this evening thank you >> >> thank you. next speaker, please >> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening board and son
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is in the 6th grade i have been in the kip academy and those two years i've seen our latino community has grown immensely in the school. >> (speaking spanish.) >> to have this opportunity to have this school is excellent for us and our community my son loves this school our
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community loves this school i am this experience is a great experience i'm a volunteer parent i talk with the parents they all love the school and we're mostly presented to have a school like this in our neighborhood. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so i'm asking you to give us the opportunity to have a school like this that has been a great opportunity so give us this opportunity to keep growing like we have ♪ school we're ready for a school like this thank you >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> yes good evening. i'm shannon my son a joshua robinson a student others bayview he's his reading level has improved four levels and his math levels has skoktd and loves to teach the taefrpdz are approachable the kids don't get out until four and he's existed to be there you can call the teachers up to 8:00 p.m. at night the school he previously attended it wasn't like that he didn't have a behavior problem but needed help academically and kip has met the needs they have a reading program that's excellent
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rb i it's tremendously helping him with the tutoring so i'm forever grateful to the kip bayview academy. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm brenda i am an my third child at kip bayview my son goes to reardon and my son is a 6th grader there i put my child in kip he wasn't doing well in public school anyhow in the 11th grade applying to stanford university and the university of portland all alleyways because of kip has helped him the community at kip is totally a family you pretty much know every parent or the parent of the child they come in you speak to everyone and the
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principle makes sure that everyone knows each when my child can't get home there is other parent or child willing to help out if we need to know what meeting or miss a meeting or not there on time you can call kip the education is amazing that is the best education you'll get here in san francisco in the community we're in i live in the bayview but my son gots to sf bay that's the best education we can get here for free no other way we're going to get it without paying for it i'm previous active to the folks now on my third principle and still happy in that school when a principle leaves usually something happens this is a
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community for all of us parent within the kids kip bayview and accompanying high school thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, everyone my name is diana i'm about to finish my second year $0.83 at the san francisco state university and i want to work with children and want went to kip bayview academy and new traditions to kip for one reason the tradition encompasses through 5th grade and number 3 after doing research on kip and visiting the school we realized we were not going to find another school that pushed me the way that kip did i struggled with my tradition to kip,
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however, i had supporting teachers that were there and available during lunchtime and after school and if it wasn't for kip i don't know where i would, in my education so thanks to kip 70 bay i went from basically on examines to getting proficient and getting into another high school with the guidance of my high school teacher and led me both where i am kip should be an option for kids in san francisco we can't go wrong with a program that goes with you all the way to college and even beyond and i'm so grateful for the information and opportunity they've helped
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me with and he building that kip is doing that and giving kids a better education so thank you for doing that. >> i understand that chris's teen will speak on the item so how about a big hand for the speakers (clapping) are there any comments from my colleagues seeing none, oh. >> i do. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell they commissioner fewer. >> i want to take the opportunity to thank kip you do a great job with our students and happy to support the high school congratulations i'm be
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supporting this as well. >> yes. and thank you. i also want to say thank you to the great job i had an opportunity to visit kip in san francisco bay area it was the school my mother went to i want to say to the folks that is a great and beautiful facility and so i saw great things by more than that i saw fabulous students and i saw students engaged with loving the school and saw students all getting along i don't know. i was quite so thank you to the promise for taking the time to give me a tour and the students i had an opportunity to speak to that day i want to thank the kip community for coming out tonight it is a festive active application and ms. casco roll
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call please. ms. sonata mr. chin commissioner fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell polluting. >> minnesota. >> no. >> dr. murase thank you very much we're now on oh, yes one big applause for the vote (clapping) so if folks would quietly excuse themselves continue conversations in the hall we're on public comment on content
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items i don't see public comment on content items. >> there are not any item g if people can exit quietly we'll appreciate it item g is the consent calendar motion and second of the consent calendar or second we need a motion and motion is there a second. >> second. >> thank you very much any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? i'm sorry we're going to have to ask people to be quote we've got a lot of other business to consultation any items corrected or withdrawn >> yes. mr. steel. >> yes. commissioner fewer we have two items 3 b d resolution on page 67 under distribution
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please changes in making ken to visitacion valley elementary school and the second resolution on page 122 under amendments to resolution at the top of the page language should read - 910 k-27. >> thank you, mr. steel any items for the board. >> any items served by the board of superintendent discussions and removed a roll call vote please - oh, yes commissioner walton. >> i want to annunciation i'll be abstaining on one item on page 34 pause i'm an employee of
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the organization. >> thank you very much so roll call vote will take place in section o commissioner norton asked to be involved in the commission subject we'll postpone that until it she is on her way if it's okay to proceed with the rest of the agenda item on board members proposals speakers and action no one tonight and we will move to j request to speak regarding general matters. >> excuse me. dr. murase on item 8 i wonder where to entertain a conversation about poisoning this until another time to inadequately go through the proposal shall i wait until
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the proposal is heard i hate for the committee to have to wait a long time for that so - >> i suggest we have this discussion when i call the item h and we'll be able to participate in that conversation. >> so we are on item j request to speak regarding general matters i have 4 speakers (calling names) two minutes for each speaker. >> reverend brown. >> reverend brown if you could
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please proceed. >> would you kindly exit quickly so we can precede with the rest of our meeting thank you reverend brown two minutes please. madam chair and members of the board ladies and gentlemen i am speaking as president of the san francisco naacp and as senior parrot third
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baptist church, i rides to say that there is a foot in the african-american community a certain discomfort, disease over the security and welfare of african-american teachers administrators and across the board opportunities for african-americans i sit at the listening post i hear the people's cry he hear higher groans and their - i appeal to the board to open up easier and clear our eyes and see what is really happening with african-americans in this school district secondly, we just heard from the kip program we persuade their successes but
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i assure you that what's happening at kip should be likened to using fertilizer in a field effort lizards does nothing to make the field productive unless it's spread arena or around you don't stack fertilizer in one corner of the fold make sure it is throughout the field to improve the quality of the soil today should come in if school district when all schools will perform excel at the level of kip when we've not done that we've all failed and finally no men and women is an island into herself or himself i pray and hope i anticipate that this
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board will not be complexity through silence for what has happened in this police department it is uncomfortable and disgrateful that a so-called likely world-class city like san francisco this police department has personnel that are alleging having expressed homophobic and racism text please pretty please if other boards have passes resolution condemning foreign policy matter and other matters not directly raised to that board i submit to you this board should not sit in silence in the face of what's
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happening in our police department many of uh our students in the school district a victim's by police personnel that's why we have 60 to 70 percent of the resident over at jewel hall black young men and women are and they've come from our schools just think about it you have referrals from this school district to this criminal justice system because many times officers who have this big he did bias attitudes are creating a problem with men and women african-americans to be protected e vegetated to the prison justice system and finally i hope that all the superintendent out of his heart