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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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. >> proceedings. commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll at this time commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and commissioner johnson and commissioner richards are present commissioners first on your agenda is consideration for items proposed for continuance item number one conditional use authorization is property until that april that 23rd 2015 and
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the next item the castro street noah valley upper market transit district and paralyze zoned on market street planning code amendment for april 23rd, 2015, next item large project authorization is proposed for continuance until april 20th and next item at 1000 mississippi street is proposed until april 30th, 2015 item 5 for the next item cu a an west prosecuting attorney conditional use authorization is proposed until april 23rd and the next item amending regulations of short-term rentals and establishing a fee
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microwave forgive planning code amendments for april 23rd, 2015 and item 7 pca suspension of ordinance relating short-term rentals administration active and planning code amendments as for indefinite continuance no one others and i have no speaker cards. >> any public comment on item the stems proposed for continuance. >> seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore. >> i'd like for a clarification on the item and 67 they sound similar on the agenda today so at least i'd like to have one sentence of clarification. >> i'm sorry i don't have the agenda i believe that -
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>> short-term rentals a.d. administering then the campos legislation. >> this is the duplicate file for the conditional use authorization and this would have suspected the short-term rental project until the companies paid they're back taxes a there is no need to hear this. >> do we have a motion. >> commissioner antonini. >> move to continue items 1, 2, 3, 4 5 and 6 to the dates specified and 7 indefinitely. >> second. >> on that motion to continue matters as proposed. commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson
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commissioner moore commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you under commissioner matters of draft minutes from march 19 2015 >> any public comment on item the draft minutes? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner wu >> move to approve draft minutes. >> second. >> on that motion to adapt the minutes commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item 9 commissioner questions or comments. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to report open the 3rd of subcommittee meeting of this commission we are in the process of prior sigg's items
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for presentation or for final agreement on the last meeting april 23rd and will be coming back to the mission shortly is thereafter other thing i'd like to ask we put up another action item meeting and this is called enforcement i'd like to have a discussion on permits, coincidence, complaint based enforcement the 3 enacting with each other and the illegal projects that are popping up current or past and where we stand with defining workable items of enforcement that would be an action item for timing. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you a couple weeks ago i mentioned i want to talk about some of the things they've done in the town
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i gripe in pleasant ton and good things and bad thanks things and maybe instructive in particular with their main street because i'm sure you're aware of at one time all the small towns had their own town streets and core city's it included the markets and you know all the sorts of things you had to have movie theatres unfortunately month are gone in the 60s with the merger of the city of fremont and a few others and the city of union city a lot of them were destroyed and replaced by shopping centers and as many parking lot and the destakeholder parking lot and the gentleman is putting up some of the pictures from the present main street an pleasant you'll
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comment but they were lucky because should some of it happened it was an isolated town with 2 thousand people is to survived some of the boom that occurred in the 60s where everything was torn down they preserved enough of the buildings to be able to restore they even had victorians because they went through there in the 1990s a lot mariah buildings and it was you'll agricultural from the 20s so they preserved those that remained of those type of but they didn't a very good job in city hall it was city hall the library and the police department the fire department now, it's a museum but it is the same building so, anyway and what they did as well preserving they added new
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additions to the buildings 3 remained were contextual when was that was there as feelings plaza it a seam little edition they did a great thing they created a few things like john madden a hotel called the rose hotel it is the same name as the historic hotel that was destroyed whether i was a child they did a good job in the make up in the pictures it's lucky for them because they attract a lot of parades and other events that you know because of the historic nature or the well done yet that's a bank yet in a building that was is an agriculture use in the past that part they have still a lot of the surface parking not on the
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main street hidden on the streets but and you mention the bad thing they only went up 2 floors with their additions or 3 floors instead of putting you housing above and they didn't do that and they also the little town doesn't have the essential services no market in the little town a few things i need and neighborhoods serving uses like restaurant and maybe some banks and a few other things but not too much of the residents that live in those are areas like elderly that walk to. >> by and large they did a lot of good things it is instructive some of the streets that mind to mind is are west portal it went through a lot of sort of things the older buildings were notably
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only 2 floors in the 60s 234ir7 replaced by banks and surface parking lots this is an opportunity for a con turk always for the buildings to blend and certainly transit rich you can't be more transit rich than the transit links doubt through the subway i'm not advocating for a huge you can densification of it you know there's a properly planned densification they've done in pleasant and main street but they managed to keep the context so i think that that would be something we can take some examples from the architecturally was we a lot about our streets that under go
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change and it blends in and we create the best used for the parking we'll need it is underground and for at least hidden if site and i think we can do a lot of good things and secondly the comments we had the sponsors from 1218 south van ness in three weeks finally i'd like to wish everybody a happy easter pass over. >> thank you very much any other comments next item item. >> commissioners, that places you under your that is directors announcements. >> good afternoon, commissioners a cough of announcements i want to call your attention in the director's report that was the market street festival the project we have been working in circulation
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with the yerba buena center and the james knight foundation it is next week we expect a fairly substantial amount of people it is the first of its kind looking at the prototypes to create new intervene if the ninth to the 11 and website market street for your information, and, secondly, you may have seen the census bureaucracy on the city's population we the census bureaucracy said in july of last year, it was 8 hundred and 50 thousand for the first time and the population is kind of population trends are happening all over the country in central cities the growth in population for the first time in decades wear growing at a rate of 10 to
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loving thousands of people since the 2010 census an indication of the shifting perseverance, if you will, for the millennial generation moving into the city we're seeing that clearly in san francisco that concludes my presentation. thanks. >> commissioners item 11 review of the past events the board of appeals and the preservation commission. >> good afternoon archbishop ttd another that weeks land use committee the implementation committees annual progress report and the impact fee report sponsored by supervisor cohen that was an informational program at the land use commission that was discussion about the progression of implementing infrastructure improvements and funding for an additional the ability to raise
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the impact fees to impact the transit and the the facility for co-chair funding because that was an informational item that was filed with no action taken and the land use commission was the analysis for certain plans supported by the depended this item was exhausted by the planning commission identifying the sources of revenue and the need for childcare facilities funding this item was farther to the full board with a positive recommendation the off-street parking ordinance sponsored by supervisor breed was continued the balboa citizens advisory committee establishment sponsored by supervisor yee passed its second reading appeal of the information for 340 brilliant was continued ass
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from the project sponsor and the supporting of the designation of the san francisco bay water trail as at conservatism was adapted as well as 4 new conservatism areas sponsored by supervisor mar and passed unanimously that was a revision to the exception by supervisor breed it was reintroduced to incorporate the commissions recommendations and i like to announce that article 2 you should check it auto it is in full color thanks and the board of appeals didn't meet they'll be meeting next wednesday and the preservation commission did meet yes, he yesterday they have a brief meeting on 20th street two proposals and pleased with the modifications the architect
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made with the project and approved with conditions a certificate on samson street adding a requirement to include an interpretive plaque on the building commissioners, if no future comments or questions we can move to general public comment. >> opening public general public comment i'm sorry commissioner moore. >> mr. star you mentioned the designation of four conservatism areas list where they are. >> i'll give you an update area i deleted it from my not. >> opening it up for public comment john. >> good afternoon commissioners john president of the taco group
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i'd like to dooushgs to the selma plan your staff released several policy papers for public review their drafts i urge you all to take into account it there are very, very crucial items that are interesting proposals worthwhile i'd like to dooushgs to the one today about 127b89 the puncture line of the paper is recommending a echo district one is a water plan and an energy basically engineering those are worthwhile you little to do with the community buildings and another major area a habitat that has real potential it is not much daily and for some reason that omits community gardens which are a long established neighborhood greening strategy that is
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worthwhile and popular i hope they release they left it out i want to directing your attention to our freeway the sustainable plan ignores the freeway that freeway the i 80 was built in the early cvs i saw it coming from my family from oakland a lot of distribution down the bridge then it was south of market and i'll not forget it hocking hundreds of housing many small factories and warehouses were destroyed and that freeway south of market has been there for 60 years it is fufk urge it is the biggest structure in the neighborhood and most importantly it sits on 16 acres
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of land there's no excuse for taking every secret of the 16 acres and making productive use out of it whether their habitat or for dog runs type of arts and high occupancy vehicles for parking lots or depose every square footage should be productive recycled for sound use and, of course the uglyness of the thing is unexcusable it didn't have to be urge or ugly if there's budget with more stronger efforts with urban freeways have been transformed into places tatsdz a blight and time to stop that we urge that to be put into our program thank
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you. >> is there any additional public comment public school general public comment? okay general public comment is closed >> commissioners, that places you under your regular calendar for the cases pca and 126 a for the divisadero those are planning code and zoning map amendments. >> good afternoon, commissioners at&t park planning staff staff i'm going to let mr. johnson from supervisor breed office to make his presentation thank you mr. star good afternoon collin johnson legislative aide to board president london breed before i start since mr. sanchez mentioned the brrl before i came up here president with breed and the newest member rick had a
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small ceremony you have a full board of appeals which is great legislation before you is follow-up legislation to president breeds recently passed e.r. divisadero those were supported in june of 2014 and passed the land use committee in 2014 and passed the board unanimously and signed by the major in 2014 they became effective in december a few months ago it runs 12 blocks from hate at the south to the north and it runs 9 blocks from ma please call the roll. >> to bush street ems it is more denser and courage the diverse modes of transportation and invites a framework for the neighborhood planning controls to the unique needs and
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atmosphere those nc ds are important to create the vibrant neighbors and corridor all the legislation before i does it remove the arbitrary density control all the other controls remain i know for those of us this is pretty well logical and easy to comprehend we're worried about high-rise in divisadero and other areas that is not the case i want to emphasize this is a small tweaked john controls all the regular controls are in place the nice thing it is essentially on one sentence i'll read the sentence now so everyone understand no there will be i'm not quoting
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exactly no residential lot area density restricted by the height and unbelievable and open space, exposure required mixed use and other applicable controls of this code as well by plausible and area plans in the general and design review so all the controls will remain in planning place the only change not an arrest warrant try based on the parcel size pursue currently divisadero has 8 dwelling units for regular housing and one bedroom for 2 hundred and 75 lot areas for group housing fillmore limits to 6 units and one bedroom for 2 had had and 10 square feet of lot area for group housing this legislation is one small measure to aid the
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housing affordability criticize the city didn't have more land so without negatively good-looking the historic neighborhoods that is what it does those are major vibrant corridors it is logical to have more opportunity here the city starting to adapt the zoning without the controls after 2007 those include several nc t including the selma and ocean avenue and glen park they give people the option to build more smaller unit without 0 impacting the visible character and the 5 units is 40 percent of 2 bedrooms or thirty percent with 3 bedrooms and the existing units can only be if it has more
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than 3 bedrooms and has at least with an of the resulting units has more than 2 head and 50 square feet this will not cause micro units it allows the existing buildings or more units newly constructed awhile maintaining the controls of the sets back and everything else it is a new practice the fillmore nc t incorporates 2 papers on fillmore at the south end and on the north pr this will make the existing non-common business at 863 to a non-existing and church and large parking lot we have not heard any indication they are going to further develop the program and steiner era a
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residential building again, no plans to change it but this give thems more options and the two recommended i'll consider clerical changes are fine with supervisor breed thank you at&t park for his report and, of course, all tom the executive order of liveable cities and the planning code the divisadero created a vehicle for merchant and resident to help shape the future of the neighborhood. >> thank you for your support amending to the nc t allows the neighborhoods to incorporate a few more housing that's essentially it i'll be happy to answer any questions thank you very much. >> so you've heard from connor
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this rezones two distracts the next e effects of the density controls based on lot area and controlled by height limitation and sets back and requirements and the feasible and the bedroom counts the department allows those because it helps the city to mediate its future demands while preserving the earner neighborhood character two represents for the fillmore nc t height district the first one will include the rezoning of the parcels at fillmore and fulsome from nc one so rto and the reflection of the current zoning with recommendation one the property across the street from the nc it a inconsistent with the nc t zoning district and they're not commercial the
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section recommendation is fair vice president wants the commission to include a recommendation that's not in the kinds report that addresses something the department works on to increase the affordable housing in the city the department works closely with the mayor's office to have the policy changes called for by the working group with a bonus program it is still underdevelopment and according the depth represents those are able to participate in future applications of the program but the commission urges the board of supervisors to make the changes to facilitate the ability of property owners in the fillmore and other areas to participate in the future density program i have text of the proposed recommendation i'll pass out to you
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that concludes my remarks thank you. >> opening it up for public comment michael (calling names). >> hi commissioners i'm michael 134i8g9 wick thanks for the opportunity to speak i've lived open scott street one block over from divisadero and foreign 26 years and seen the neighborhood change and been a part of the chunk in the work essentially along the community driven planning process and including the medium down the center i'm
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enthusiastically supportive i've come to say that is a positive thing we need to improve and increase the density to accommodate people and doing it it in a one smart way by increasing the density on the corridors is u the way to do it you'll hear people say we're not here for that but the housing crisis is a crisis people people say no, i say yes, in our backyard i'm disappointed to hear the density is not increased i don't know why not have taller buildings on the divisadero at concerns about the parking i find self-serving i've lived here 26 years