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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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-- and we have spoken to benar about this and the people that we have spoken to and theresa that oversees the landscaping and sean walker who does the community outreach and they agree with where we're coming from and we're looking for coalition building and to work together but the primary concern is that we're dealing with a neighborhood that is very important to the rich culture of the city. right. we don't want to lose that and we don't want it to -- the last thing we want is for the shiny new development to come in with everything beautiful and looking perfect and you just cross the wrong side of the street and it's like oh no don't let the kids walk down the street and needs to be a contiguous plan and when they move into it and it's not a lenar development dubai view hill and i want the kids in the community to be playing in the
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playground in the development and maybe i am living too much in a fantasy world but that's how i want things to be and people move in so the good things happening in the neighborhood are shutting out what already exists but raise it up so shirlee has given you a map and you can see holes there. there are pieces of jamestown developed and pieces that will be developed and some empty holes; right? there is the gilman park and other places there that is grayed out. nothing is going to happen and we just want to have everybody on the same page working together to make everything contiguous and beautiful and this is the neighborhood that we all live in together, so -- yeah, what we're looking for is very straightforward and working with you guys, with rec and park, with dpw, with lenar and residents of the neighborhood to make sure what is happening there is good for all of us. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> thank you. >> commissioners good morning. i am here to ask you to take down the signs that the department has installed around town and i hope to give you a few good reasons for doing that. first trails. about seven years ago a sign was in mclaren park and cited the code and says you must obey the sign and i researched and there was no code or regulation banning bikes on trails but human powered vehicles are permitted, bicycles are permit. i spoke with staff and showed a picture of the sign and he said "i hate that code
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and i wish they would stop using it." that sign was taken down. about seven years ago after the adoption of the dog policy the commission endorsed the list of official off leash areas and includes shelly drive and officially off leash since 1979 but the new sign posted at the amphitheater says dogs must remain on leash. none of the codes support that. only the enforcement of the o welian code might be construed for people walking a dog in the official area to be stalked, harassed, terror rised and lied to and ticketed but there is no reason for this radical change of policy with no advance notice, no community input, no explanation and harassing and
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ticketing people in the park. the signs prohibiting smoking but no code that gives this. in of in of 2013 the commission endorsed the san francisco outdoor children bill of rights which includes the right to ride bicycles. the signs prohibiting riding bicycles can only be endorsed by the use of the park code. commissioners with these signs the department is attempted to make policy by using the o welian park code and the new police force. it has created a debacle, atmosphere of discrimination and harassment. the general manager talks about the wonderful things that the department is doing and i can't argue for that but harassing these people are wrong. may i finish? >> please. >> commissioners these signs are wrong. not just in the erroneous citing of codes and
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the confusion and consternation that the department has created by use of them. i ask that you have the department take them down and stop harassing park users and set policy openly. finally on the basis of these signs people have been ticketed. one woman was given $800 of ticket in one of the official off leash dog areas and i ask that you have the tickets issued voided. thank you. >> thank you. >> those are all of the cards i have. does anyone want to -- richard come on up. >> good morning commissioners. i wanted to talk about the san francisco west side recycle water project. i got the thick heavy package here. the infrastructure -- i talked
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already with gerald fitting at the san francisco zoo. the purple pipes are laid out all around where they're going to be needed for the recycle water. the other water is coming from the gravity feed -- [inaudible] and if there is no project to this, or if there is a project i think the zoo is going to get a lot of other unwanted air problems, gas problems, ammonia problems so what i am trying to do -- as well as the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and [inaudible] pump over presidio and over the park from the recycle center coming down to the parking lot partially over the zoo and using the earlier pump places. that
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would be on -- [inaudible] project design alternative [inaudible] so when you have all that particular type of stuff it they don't take in mind that the zoo animals are probably more important -- to me they would be than the red tail, red legged frog and garden snake and there are extinct animals at the zoos. we shouldn't place additional stress on the animals and duress so these particular animals i'm going to say including the plants and everything else. i will have to go before the planning commission and not be in agreement with the proposed project. the other part of the project has to do with if there is no project the purple piping at the zoo close to the reservoir and the hook up from 34th avenue is hooked up from
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the skyline side instead offed oceanside and you while i am talking about -- [inaudible] it's going to cost a lot of money to do reverse osmosis. my point is if you're going to recycle water they're saving water you can get up to like at carlsbad in san diego county up to 50 million-gallons per day and smaller facility here in san francisco and get reverse osmosis water from our ocean around here and of that i would like to say that's how the project is it coming along. thank you. >> >> thank you. >> is there anyone else what would like to make general public comment at this time? seeing none this item is closed. did you want to go ahead and do your video right now then?
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>> this is san francisco, the city by the bay. first of all you must ride the cable cars. the cable cars -- >> cable cars. >> how but let this sister show you san francisco? >> [inaudible] have fun and skate and be with friends. >> welcome to jose [inaudible] and we play with pavement with a hockey ball and make our own
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mallets. >> [inaudible] >> come ride your bike at lake merced. >> [inaudible] >> we're at ocean beach and the waves are good all year long. >> i like playing in the sand and swings. you get to come with your friends and family. >> if you want to see the best that the city has to offer go to the park. >> where are we going to go? >> to the beach. >> going to the beach. >> do you want to get up?
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>> welcome to san francisco, greater and green. >> go greater and greener. >> greater and greener -- or greener and greater. >> yes. >> welcome greater and greener. >> greater and greener san
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francisco. welcome. >> welcome greater and greener san francisco. are you using this in the video? >> you get a little taste of what everybody else saw. thank you. >> thank you. >> and thanks to deb for putting that together. it's pretty special. >> now we're on item 5 the consent calendar. does anyone want to make public comment on the consent calendar? seeing none public comment is closed. commissioners. >> entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> moved and second. all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are now on item 6 and reminder this is discussion only . >> good morning commissioners, president buell, general manager ginsburg. i am joe fitting and
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now the deputy director of the san francisco zoo so i am excited. it's given me an opportunity to bring more of my passions to the zoo and let me show you some of them. we will start off with -- >> powerpoint please. >> -- earth day. now this is going to be really an interesting event. this is going to be on sunday and it's a great example of collaborations. we have an amazing group of people coming out and hopefully connecting our visitors to nature and we're highlighting our have special conservation conner that was developed five years ago to show you sustainable practices, so it's an area where we grow fruits and vegetables for our animals and promote migratory species and plant pollinators and talk about how to recycle and repurpose
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materials. we have an 1906 earthquake shack that we use as a interpretive center and off of the roofy we have rain barrel collections and interesting things happening in the space so this sunday from 11 to three come on out and you will see some representatives from fish and wildlife, fish and game talking about really one of the most important conversations we're starting to have which is illegal trade. as you know illegal trade of wildlife and products is the third most lucrative business behind drugs and stuff like that so we will talk about what you can do to stop illegal trade and have 96 elephants, that program to stop the illegal trade of ivory and of course our interest is in rhino horns and tiger whiskers
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and things like that and bear gal bladders et cetera. we're having the san francisco department of the environment out talking about all of the stuff they're doing here in san francisco. the b lap seafood watch and have a farmer market and the presidio trust and interactive opportunities to learn about the wildlife through the docents and volunteers and come out this sunday from 11 to 3:00 o'clock to celebrate earth day and i want to remind everybody that everyday is earth day. think about it. all right. the next thing is wild about art and science. i know you kind are familiar with it but it's always a great example of collaborations, how places like zoos and park and rec can help our unified school district. what we have done is write lesson plans to help the k-5 unified school district
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teachers teach biology. these lesson plans are specifically designed to teach about california wildlife. the teachers use the lesson plans and then they ask the kids to draw a piece of art and this art is judged by some of our staff and some artists, and we select each year about six to seven classes starting from k through fifth grade including special need classes and after school programs, the winning classes are brought to the san francisco zoo on a special day where they get to explore and meet the animals they drew, so the animal you see here is the california state reptile. who knows what the california state reptile is? it's going to be on the driving exams in 2019. you need to know the state reptile and flower -- >> [inaudible] >> no. it's a california desert tortoise and the
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california state reptile so the kids learn about our animals found in california but really what is neat about this it's bundling disciplines. it's bundling science and art and literature. they have to write what they're drawing so it's really taking an opportunity to bundle these disciplines. this is our ninth year. we had over a thousand submissions. if you never come and seen the excite mentd on the day it's really infectious so join us next year about this time and the next this is the west and pond turtles and about collaborations and unfortunately about drought. we have been partnering with sonoma state to help us biologists and scientists to advance the knowledge about the native fresh water turtle on the western united states and the
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pond turtle and found in oregon and washington and california and special species in california and it's endangered in the other states and the biologists are trying to figure out the way to increase the rate of producing and if you cook them at one temperature you might get all males and the idea is cook them at higher temperature and get more females and they carry the burden of reproduction so the more female out in the wild the more opportunities to increase the population so scientists in sonoma have been field collecting eggs, cooking them, hatching them, then giving them to the san francisco zoo where we start them so we grow them for a year or two and release them back to the wild. most
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predation happens in the first year so we giving them a edge and we check the sex so we can help the scientists to figure out what the temperature is and we're talking it's within a half of degree will determine the sex of a male or female. again sex is determined by temperature in crocks and alligators and [inaudible] and you always learn something if you didn't know that so this is a great collaboration and why i want to talk about drought for the last two years we traditionally have released these turtles back into their native pond but they're drying out too early so we haven't been able to release them for two years and the decision was made by the scientists and working collaboratively with fish and wildlife and fish and game and released the turtles in march so
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that's it is picture and the turtles being released into their birth ponds and it's a great collaboration and [inaudible] picked the pacific pond turtle as one of the key species for the safe program and save animals from extinction and there was a meeting in northern california with all of the players who are interested in pacific pond turtles and that includes from the east coast came out and learned a bit about the biology of this guys and it's an interesting collaboration between the scientists and the san francisco zoo and our higher learning centers, universities. i want to point out come june we will be releasing pacific pond turtles into mountain lake. we have been working with the presidio trust and the agencies that regulate that space and the pacific pond turtle will be
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reintroduced to a native site, again mountain lake, and that will be happening in june. there will be some big roll out with the presidio trust so an exciting day. let's go to the next slide. oh this is great. so don't just come to the zoo, explore the zoo. it's a great place to learn about migratory species each year and we do three or four bird walks with the master birder and he works with the -- thebon and you can learn about the san francisco zone down the coast. many of them actually stop and stay as they recognize this 100-acre park as a great place to set up shop. this is a really interesting bird. this is called a hooded orial and about the fourth year at the zoo, and the color on this bird is
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absolutely stunning, stunning. the picture does not do it justice. in fact we're going to have another bird walk on thursday april 23. just come and show up at 830 in our main parking lot and master birder allan ridley and some of the team will take you around and you can explore the zoo and meet some of the intriguing urban animals that use the 100-acre park in the spring. next slide. now this is -- as someone said don't put the quarter in them. don't put the quarter in them. this is a great project, and you know the art that's out of here in front of the city hall this amazing art. i have to say when i came today i was blown away. it's absolutely gorgeous,
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imaginative and this project lends itself to that. how many people come to the parks and stand in front of statues and images and misdemeanorrallize the moment. we have many places and they take a picture in front of the bronze tiger or bear. some of the team said why don't we aggregate all of the sculptures into a teachable moment and that's what the garden is going to do. we aggregated about 55 sculptures and threads the discovery. you will learn about the diversity of life on this planet. it includes conversations about animals, plants and most importantly about water. the sculpture in front of you is a california condor. all of the sculptures we selected will never be really represented in the living collection so these are animals that tend to be unique and really exotic but again expand that conversation
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about bio-diversity and bio-diversity is a very, very important conversation so that ends my report. thank you very much for all that you do and if you have any questions i am more than delighted to answer them. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none -- richard, did you want to comment? >> [inaudible] i don't have to say much. joe fitting did a good job of bringing up the art and life sciences so when i listen to him he sounds like he's on the ball and has his act together and help them across the street but myself i was looking at that zoo -- when i was looking at that zoo i am thinking what can we do for our responsibilities of the near extinct animals present? so
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when i go up to mark buell -- [inaudible] hippo. maybe some strawberries. excuse me for that. i just wanted to clear that up a little bit so when i look at the zoo i am thinking that's the place we have to take a better look at especially over the water edges so i am glad that handshake with mr. fitting and i will have to talk to them what else we're going to do with our problem even with accreditation chimpan zoos and [inaudible] thank you. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. commissioners this was discussion only so we now on item 7. fwofl golf agreement with the pga tournament corporation inc.. for harding
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park golf course. >> tee it up. >> okay. we have a powerpoint. good morning commissioners. i will try to be brief. this is the discussion and possible action to recommend that the board of supervisors approve an agreement with the pga tournament corporation to present the 2020 pga championship at harding park. for those that don't know golf
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pga championship is one of the big ones inlet world and the other is the masters and the u.s. open in june and the british open and july and the pga in august. harding will be the fifth municipal golf course to host a major tournament. i have listed the other ones. what is really cool about that it's a course that the best golfers in the world will be playing in a major tournament but any member of the public has access to the course opposed to the private course and expected to draw 200,000 spectators to san francisco and televised over to 450 million households in over 200 countries giving san francisco wonderful exposure. it is normally held in the first week in august, but due to the 2020 olympics the date might change slightly. there's some
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confusion because there's 2pga associations, the pga of america and the tour and the other tournaments were done by the pga tour. we have a master agreement with them. they are a professional golfers organization and held all over the world. the match play we're having in a week is a pga tour event. the pga of america is made up of local club and teaching professionals. it does four major tournaments a year and because it's a different organization we have to do a new agreement and separate agreement with them. the financial terms have been negotiated, the site fee is the higher of $2 million or 9% of gross revenues from ticket sales, hospitality site sales which is something new. we never got a percent of that before and on course merchandise. they estimate
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gross revenues between $16 million and $33 million and the upper end would result in 2.9 million dollars to us but we're guaranteed 2 million. we are receiving up front payments so that we can keep the course in good shape of $200,000 a year for the three years leading up to the event and we may not hold another major tournament in 2018, 19 or 2021. those are all parts of the agreement. they must provide transportation and security at their expense and work with other city agencies to develop all of those plans. we put together approximate costs based on our costs for match play that's detailed on this chart. it includes the back fill of lost revenue because we closed the course for a time before and during, the over time staff that is incurred to get
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the course in shape and run the tournament, extra materials and supplies, and we estimate those costs to be about $1.9 million. if you have any questions i am happy to answer them. >> thank you. >> is there anyone who would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. commissioners. >> well i want to congratulate the staff on negotiating this contract. i think it's a great contract for the city, and for the department, and being an avid golfer this is one of the most exciting things that happen to a public course or private course in the area. i think we're pretty lucky so with they would entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> so moved. >> okay. so we are now going to item 9