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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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[inaudible] has there ever been more police presence at a protest than this town. i also know that the police have quite a bit of money they spend on overtime for that and also on agent provokttories and spies. we know they're getting money to do this to whatress political protest in this country and especially this city and that's all this money is going to be spent on -- [inaudible] put it down in district 1 or in your district -- >> thank you sir. >> -- since the chamber of commerce gives you orders -- >> thank you sir. next speaker please. thank you. >> good late afternoon supervisors. my name is mr. ali and the homeless advocate to encourage you to consider your priorities on budget issues.
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handcuff -- house keys not handcuff and homes not jails. those two phrases should guide any discussion around public safety budget considerations and decisions. more police, more jails don't create a sense of safety for homeless and people in poverty and the budget should take into account those that are victims of the current homeless and housing crisis. again whose safety? black folks comprise 6% -- from what i understand the population of san francisco but make up over 50% of the jail population. additional police officers will mean one thing, acceleration and people into jail of people that look like me. the budget shouldn't be balanced on the backs of those already leaving on the [inaudible] of survival and i
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would like for your consideration to know this that the police department -- excuse me, that over 3,300 children have no place to call them and elders and people with disability are losing their homes and living on the street and again whose safety are we talking about? are we talking about safety of a few affluent people because there is no space and room for people that look like me, elder people, people who are poor in the communities and the police keep them sai. building more jails -- so i ask you and encourage you to consider those factors when you're laying -- >> thank you sir. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. [applause] >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is lisa and an
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organizer with the coalition on homelessness and we are out here today at this hearing because we are really concerned with the -- not only the level of resources but the number of police we are proposing to add to our current ranks. one of the things that really concerns us is this staffing level is based on a population level and not need or crime. what we have seen through the police department's data we have a decrease in crime particularly since realignment and ab 109 and proposition 47 and some of the data was misrepresented (change of captioners).
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>> none of you asked those questions. that is dev straighted when with what we are asking for is housing, food, a place to go to the bathroom >> thank you, next speaker,
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please. >> thank you supervisors. laura thomas with the drug policy alliance and first of all, i want to applaud the san francisco police department for reading on addressing drug yus as a health issue. the san francisco police department became the second law enforcement agency in california to issue [inaudible] to their officers to prevent death from opiate overdose and i appreciate that. but i suggest we haven't maximized the taxpayer savings or community helt and safety benefits we can get from continues to look at how we can address drug use in our community and people that use drugs as a helths issue instead of a criminal justice issue. we are doing a lot in san
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francisco, but there are a number of cities ahead of us in different way. seattle has a program called low enforcement assisted diversion that allows police to take people to housing and other services and see a saechb 0 percent in recidivism rates and reaarrest for those that went through the housing serves and it is something we in san francisco need to think about if we invest 30 million dollars to give police officers to the tools and connect people with the sorts of economic and social justice approaches that can really help them in stead of additional police officers to arrest and incarcrate people. >> thanks very much. next
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speaker, please >> good afternoon. my name is mohammed sheck with critical registance and i'm also here to oppose-strongly oppose the allocation of fundsing to increase the police department, the officers employed. the issue of systemic violence of racism has come to the for oaf any policing and when the recent revelation of the text messages and sheriff gladiator fights in the jails of abuse of instance, san francisco is no exception. to the city and coupty has one of the luest rates of imprisonment historically and in the state so we should work to continue that downward trend. sfr visor wiener says we must look that
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human impact, but look no further than chief [inaudible] comment which he saiz more police mean more arrests. why would we be wasting resources and turn around it trend of decreasing arrest and crime rates when we know that the only reason that chief nob made the compant is to justify the jail where 238 million dollars will be wasted on the jail. but, instead of these things-when we take all this into consideration somebody that comes fraul p from outside looking at the statistics would think it insane sooexnand ploos department. we should be diverting the money to pree trial diversion programs and alternative to imprisonment, to resources that we know incraes
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safety like housing and helt care and access to food and shelter. >> thanks very much. next speaker, please >> my name is nutosha and a community member that spent many unpaid hours here today. i had am here at a time when people around the country are mobilizing gaerns police browtality. because it is caught on video people are making it a big deal, but it has been this significant forever. also people are rising up about mass incarceration so at a time like that san francisco, a progressive city is talking about increasing the police department, building a new jail or wing of a jail and it is a very curious thing. this is also a a time when the majority of people who are arrested are in jail for non violent drug offenses. in san francisco 75 percent of the people in jail
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at any time are there because they can't afford bail and it is at a time when 3300 homeless children in san francisco are homeless and we know that who gets arrested in the city and the cuchbtry are poor people, so this is the criminalization of poverty, nothing new. that is who will continue to be effected and arrested and those chern will-they are already in dire straights. this isn't how we build for our future. also, there is informal research done by the coalition on homelessness which 70 percent of the people who come out of jail seem to hit the street homeless. they have no where to call home. i think it is a time to look at community resources we know are significant, effective, look at restoreative justice, we can be a leader instead of a follower.
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we have [inaudible] and alex neato in the city and those crimes have not been justly [inaudible] and also for the people who did not at the board challenge-i have been here for 4 hours, i want to say for the board members who did not challenge chief sir what so ever and all there were was applause for his comment. i want to recommend a book to you called-michele alexanders book, the new jim crow >> thank you very much >> i agree completely. my name is irish [inaudible] a retired nurse and appalled. i do not support the increase money to the sfpd and training new officers. i feel less safe in my neighborhood when i see police. i'm a senior and white
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woman and feel less safe. i have seen people young men of color, african americans and latinos being hurassed. my neighbors [inaudible] were killed by the san francisco police department and there is no transparency in the investigation and no accountability chblt the race ist text messages are not just words, they led to death. 71 percent of the police killing since 1985 were people of color. with gentfurcation in san francisco, san francisco is now the second city with the largest gap between rich and poor and i think ground zeery is my neighborhood, theimation. i'm afraid the increased police presence is more police hurassing more people and especially youth of color. we need fewer people thip jails
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mpt i agree with everything about restoreative justice and transformativegisting and communeky service and people getting out of the jail. ime a nurse so see things through the lens of a community and of people. i only see increased police presence as being detrimental to the helt of both individuals and the community and san francisco. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> hello my name is [inaudible] i work with [inaudible] i'm here to oppose the proposal to fund all 23 million to sfpd. in a recent harassment and displatement studyd ofthis is because
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contact och the police results
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in being harmed or put in jail. expandeding the budget for the police demonstrates disregard if the things that keep [inaudible] as well asneighborhood residence. as the action of the police sets a precedent of how transwomen are addressed. the city can move 1 police academy and move of sth 11 million saved towards addressing the human rights issues or better yet give the money to community based programming>> thank you very much, next speaker, please. >> my name is [inaudible] organizer with critical resistance which is a member of the new new san francisco jail coalition. first i have to flag it is totally appalling and disgusting to hear police chief sir delegitimize the
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meaningful reforms cal made in wards rards to the imprisonment crisis and by recriminalizing people and calling people released property criminals. that recriminalization sets a perfect stage to understand why sfpd isn't a institution building for a healthy future for san francisco, but one that will accelerate towards punish and jail. when we hear those words coming out of someone saying he wants to build a safe san francisco i can't believe he is thinking about the well being of those impacted. so, as many people said we know real safety is actually stable housing, strong community, access to loved wub, education, quality helths care and services. and we have seen example after example of violence from law enforcement this year and so it is-ime
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implor you to question why you would consider givering tw 3 more million dollars to san francisco police department. people have already said for a number of things in the racist and home phobic text messages and people getting thrown out of wheelchair, and gladiator fighting. as people demonstrated earlier today for agenda item one shows you can't prioritize these things at the same time. investing 25 million dollars towards the pd means you are not prioritizing people who came >> [inaudible] thank you. thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> my name is [inaudible] i was here at a protest about a week ago. i tink it is the protest mention. wiener farrell and i forgot your name. you spent about 10 minutes laughing and the 2 of you spent about 25 minute laughing. i'm a queer woman och color and worked out here for a certain up mount of safety that i wasn't entitled to in other places. i want you to know, wiener, the 3 of you as you stood there and laughed for 25 minutes about black lives at a protest, a direct action for black lives. i was so ashame thofd fact you are gay. you do not speak for my community. that is astounding and if you have done that for a protest of gay peoples live we would have called it homeo phobic and
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hatred of people. that is what you did for yourb actions, you showed you hate black people and don't think our lives matter. there is increase patrol in the tenderloins. as we send out the parole this is [inaudible] giving citation to homeless people and telling them to get something from the coalition obhomelessness and get it dismissed. you police and judges and da's are turning around and getting paid for sendg out citations to poor people. it couldn't have been anymore fucing obvious when you spend 25 minutes laughing at black people. walter scot, trivan martin, [inaudible] these people fucing matter and so do i >> thank you, next speaker, please >> i'm kelly cutler and
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volunteer with coalition on homelessness and also passing on the message from sfop and archdiocese restoreative justice program. they will be sending you alet eer in regards to this, they just couldn't stay this long. as a social worker i want to connect the 2 from the first item that was here today and the second because with the resources going much needed resources within our social service department that is lacking and we are putting so often with police officers on the front line putting them in the role of essential workers mpt we do different training and education and with the sfpd they talk to me and are like, where can we send people. i tell them the realty is we have one shelter bed for 5.5 homeless people. there is a lack of places to refer people.
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they ask me, can you advocate for people not to call us. not to call the police because there is nothingee can do and it gaerns the law what they are doing, they are just homeless. i said i will just try. i think that is everything so i'll keep uner dethe 2 minute andime rrb ret ready to go home >> any other members of the public wish to comment on item 2. public comment is closed. thank you for sticking around for the hearing and the public commenters for all of the department heads and people in the public. from my perspective i appreciate all the people who did comment in public comment over the last half hour to a hour. from my perspective though i do have to
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say i disagree with the vast majority of the comment. i believe prioritizing public safety department is something we strongly consider at the board of supervisors. i reject the notion that prioritizing public safety means we are not prioritizing other issues within our budget process. excuse me, you are out of order. please don't disrupt and have respect for the process and if you want to leave the chambers you can do so. so, again once again i do believe as we go forward here and we can cut this meeting off. i need we continue to support our pub lb safety department and look at increasing the staffing levels of the departments going forward. look forward to having that discussion. have visor mar >> i just wanted to say i appreciate the passion from the
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public comment. i'm sorry i had to step away from the meeting to go to a meeting next door as the police chief was commenting. i know we'll have the police department before us again later in the budget season and know that some questions were raised about how the department will deal with what i call the culture of bias within the dparmt-please don't interrupt, i didn't interrupt you. i will also say i believe that we should be funding restorative justice programs and not increases the police force as people said from the public. i also did want to say too that i think from joyce hicks from the occ suggestion, i think we should drop the recommendation on how we insure the police academies and various processes to diversify and eliminate and reduce the
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bias within the police department. how we fund those type of programs. i think the other questions that cheer sir raised on civilianization of the department, i think more information is important i with will ask him for that rr those questions. osthe data on the new officers hired through the academy and field training, there were dem ographic information providing and i'll work the w the department to get more of the information. the 4th academy class was presented as a new budget item, i'll ask questions about the necessity of that budget ask, but also some of the concerns raised by the public on the growing number of academy classes and officers within thdepartment. i'm looking at a number of other things i was
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going to say. i think the framing from the community based organizations from our first item, i do believe much more should be funded in the human safety net as people said earlier today and also the people that testified at this item and lastly, i wanted to say too that the office of citizens complaints or the controllers office has analyzed also from 2010 the civilianization of the police department and i'm curious the progress that is made in reducing the number of police that may not be needed and also looking that civilianization as a suggestion from the controllers aufss. lastly i just say i think we can balance public safety as supervisor farrell said, but i know we need to fund much more of the community safety as people from the pub lb have said. i feel
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safer whether there is empowered people from the communities that are watching each others backs and that we don't have to rely on armed and increases in police officers. with the coalition and others hopefully has we muv forward with the budget hearings woo we with can bring out moref inhuman safety net. i'll ask these questions through chief sir and get more of the data from him as we move forward with dialogue and debate >> supervisor wiener >> thank you mr. chairlen and calling the hearing today and thank you spl visor mar for calling the first hearing today. sometimes there is a perception that it is a either or, that you do health and human services and our safety net or public safety and the answer is all of the above. we have a lot of needs around housing and health care and
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human services and our seniors i youth. we valot of needs arounds transportation and public safety and we are in a position in san francisco where our budget has been strong and it continues to be strong and we are in a position to make investments in health and in the seniors and struggling working class, low income communities and investments in keeping the communities safe. while we have no police department is perfect and there are terrible things that can happen, we know we do have a public safety challenge in the city and it isn't just about rich or poor. there are many many people in low income communities in this city who are being victimized and who need good public safety. this is for the entire city and we can need more police officers just like we need more health
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care and transportation and housing and we should have all of the above and we are in a position to do that and look forward to doing that >> sfr visor yee >> i agrew this isn't either or. for myself i like to see more officers that can work with the community that is working with us, not against us. one of the emphasis i try to point out with our department and police department is we need to get prioritize people living in san francisco because to me those are the people that care more about the city. not people from a different state working here wouldn't care, but i just think you live here, you are part of the fiber of the community. it is really important for someone like myself who comes from non
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profit and pretty much put my life in this type of work to support those that are in the non profits so that again, they can partner up with the police and with the fire department and everyone else to make the city a better-there is a lot of issues that i feel the city can work closer with the communities, the school district and so forth to improve things and it is really up to us to support these safety issues or safety net issues or whether it is more housing, i think there is nobody here that is against having more affordable housing in san francisco. i would like to see more of it. i think we'll work toward that, so thank you. >> thank you supervisor u. if no other questions or comment can i continue the item
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to call the chair? supervisor mar and wiener we take that without objection. any other things before us? >> no. >> [inaudible] thank you, we are adjourned.


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