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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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i was going humanity the people you don't knows i have a friend of homeless people they have touch stories and going back something you stated about the number of people that returned to families friends and loved ones we often hear complaint oh nothing is done all it the same but the reality is the numbers would be rising if we didn't do something i'm sure you have a better way of articulating percentage given the fact so much is given or being done especially with the howard's costs being going up people that found shelters and living together and it is bears repeating those numbers, in
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fact the fact they're staying stagnate is quite an accomplishment it means other people are being moved out it is not a stagnate system thank you for all of that. >> commissioner. >> beven and team so much for the wonderful presentation i want to congratulate you on the navigation center when i read about it was absolutely wonderful so congratulations can you tell him what's the difference between a specialist one 2. >> the specialist one is more of a - and they have a year of homeless experience or work with the community there could be a - specialist twos are leaders
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prior education certificates just more experience. >> more experience more knowledgeable. >> when we saw people we saw the mental health issues were more common. >> when i walked around the neighborhood and stuff i've nos besides the handles i'm noted speaking about them there wish a lot of mental health issues so there was a program with sf you could it was a piloted project project that san francisco hesitate in partnership with santa clara county at a time so you could get someone into ssi if they have schizophrenia i've noticed people diagnosed with
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schizophrenia so they'll be admonish indemnify difficult to engage and it take more time to gain a rapport with my comments just as probably wanted to specialist more advances team to be working with them. >> thank you, again i want to thank you for the wonderful work and real thank you for not only coming to share but coming with solutions and we dba can get engaged with the population so thank you. >> commissioner. >> i think this is first, i want to thank commissioner adams for bringing this up this is a tremendous education for me this afternoon and i think our story could be told all over the city i think you have a wonderful story to tell in terms of what is being done many people think that the homeless situation is
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not changed in terms of the homeward bound i guess i have a couple of questions in terms of sxhats motive be more familiar the story is not realized for the - is the trend going up and down with the numbers and i don't know if in the myth we attract more if other cities send them to us is that presenting trend continuing we have a fifth harder and harder and still effected but on the other hand the burden is greater against us so if you can make comments and i guess the other area i have trying to understand the capacity of the navigation center it sounds like you have people coming in and
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out and the story get them on their way and more need a more permanent solution and hoping you're looking for the conversion of sro's so those are some of the any questions and the other one how do people on the street found out outside of the police kaktd them so we're interested and this came up we want to make the embarcadero and the waterfront we're involved with a little bit more attractive to the tourist like commissioner adams so we should have a case worker fund by the port and fisherman's wharf which is the association other local community groups to have a pro-active sort program we want to help the issues we see in front of us and how we can do that while it sound like case by
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case the port has been working with our group can we have a more concerted effort and working with the other organizations to get funding funded and deal with that proactively. >> i said a lot. >> i'll try to pull this together and issues i should have raised the two myths people don't want the services and san francisco is a designations not successful with homelessness and as for let's talk about the inflow we had a hearing had supervisor farrell and where the homeless count a consulate that works with all the counties in san francisco the numbers 61 percent of the people homeless in san francisco were living here and something happened lost a relationship or job and become
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homeless 39 percent came here for something i'm a gay man, i knew i wanted to live here it could be me i had more of a safety net 29 percent of the population is lgbt this is a strarlg number and for that population it is straggling it is 29 percent of young adult and 29 percent of seniors not in any other city the numbers are high for young people they live or leave the easier and come to san francisco but the east coast industries are 5 percent a lot of lgbt people are job lost or relationship lost away from homelessness but 61 and 39 the
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folks testified to supervisor farrell it is the same in santa clara and lemonade people come to san francisco for students what happened when the opportunity doesn't unfold i believe that will there also be homelessness yes. the mayor said we are going to end homelessness but president obama made a commitment we've been implementing that next year we have to end be homeless nensness so i do feel that and then to the navigation center point we've got to meet people where they are this is this most important thing not to give people al not waiting listed or things not work i think that taking an active role is significant i think we can have an impact here and to usual request where to house people
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we're looking moment mercy housing through skroez and the mayor stats in his staechlt we've hoping the google's and the twoerts and others come down the stat of navigation center was 3 to 10 days we've having had difficulty with not having a fax machine to send people to qualify for benefits and ramping up their case manager on the first 6 or 7 people move forward into howard's we hope that is a average stay those are one or two days stay they'll bring our stays down but the best thing there's no curfew not a metal detector there were a couple of gentlemen put in bun losses with seniors and they asked to be
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moved the vibe is ditch i don't blame the provider 3 hundred and 300 and thirty that's a lot of folks to move around everyday and folks takes months to get next to someone that is drunk all day so i say the state of mind are not optimal we fight to make them better their definite not where they could be and to prioritize embarcadero it is a positive benefit. >> commissioner adams you want you to get the final word. >> beven thank you and our team this is near and dear to my heart it is one the social issues to admits there's a problem and sometimes in our
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society wetion people and pass to down the line let the police deal with that it is everybody's problems not just the mayor we have over 60 billionaires a good example when the bank in canada had the unifies they take the homeless people out of the city to show this clean wholesome image they're doing the same thing in the presidio that's not dealing with the problem that is hiding this is a facade you know i'm really glad that we're taking the lady and another thing people don't talk about ride sharing was the govern he shut down all the mental hospitals here in san francisco because of budget cuts a lot of people on the streets have mental problems the officers
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deal with them everyday and bench your group we don't want to talk about it this is these are our neighbors and parent and anyone in this room can get a bad drug or alcohol problem have a stroke and you can find using your world is upside down most people come to san francisco because of dreams come to california but you believe; right? and it effects people didn't matter are your race or age or income it effects a lot of young people this is a problem and i'm so passionate i run everybody more than and can't get away from it i see a lot of homelessness people this is the richest nation in the world and you go to other
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nations you don't see that there's a disconnect we're as a society have a responsibility as mayor edwin lee i know that homelessness is a subject for politicians it is not being a politician but doing what's right and anything the port can do any citizen in san francisco join the partnering and keypads you know i'm sure there's a lot of homelessness people have brains people in prison they got a miss pass in life sometime you you know we don't know how bless we happen to what time on the wrong side and send you down the wrong path thank you for coming and i'm glad to my fellow
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commissioners saw this i see it evidence and i feel and i know that those people out there some of them have lost hope when you lose hope you've lost everything i'm hoping to give that hope back to them san francisco is a city it's progressive with a social conscious and a backbone that will take it head on and deal with that you i want to say commissioner adams there's a reason i want to be director of hope the i am going is in our mind a flurry like to say i'm not running an office but a campaign about changing people's lives it is you have to keep telling people's stories thursday the second train with the house of worship in san francisco i don't know if you're
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aware of controversy and archbishops we're going to st. mary's and how do you respond to homelessness on your doorstep the thing this is shocking any clergy felt they didn't know how to talk with someone they couldn't respond how you emphasis deescalate the consist i'm excited to continue to do this work the house of chopper are the ones that should be recommending remembering us i have a job i feel most fortunate you know. >> supervisors thank you for coming here i have a request to make would love to have you back to gusts an update especially the
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navigation but i hope you'll come back and tells you one of the stories of success from someone along the port and hopefully, you'll figure out a time to come back and give us a success story. >> we'll work on it thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> all right. commissioners, i have a few more things very much beven and brenda and scott and champion lazzaro a couple of things to report i'll be done about the executive director report i want to note for you and the public we will cancel our may meeting next one is may 268 and also our june 9th meeting june is the month we have one month to month we're proposing to move the june 9th
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to june 23rd so no meeting on may 12th and june 9th but a meeting on may 26th and june 23rd next to share an accolade for the parking is a local architecture firm here in san francisco and they received the 2015 excellence award if the american planning association the award was given out to the last 50 years to recognize the public education efforts address individual for their leadership on ms. sonata issues those efforts helped to create communities of lasting value throughout the country it is gratify to see parking lot and wells recognized we think the key to sthier success whether he
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they come to into the marketplace this firm did the frequently and pier one and the san francisco library and the first memorial and mission bay now the same individuals so we get to work with amended with kathy and gary and others are working on the hunters point shipyard project and n the mists rock project for 48 so we're proud of them and we're watching with great interest as they take the work and learning in san francisco and apply it to other postindustrial your honor waterfront and vice versa they're working around the united states aid bringing forward lots of great idea we helped them with and or became the beneficiary we wish them
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great recognize in receiving their award and lastly i want to recognize some changes are some awards that the 70 to giants are undertaken their something that job legacy baseball they award the green glove award you're aware of golden glove but to recognize those baseball teams that are the best at environmental strrd and recycle to the giants have been award their 7th annual green glove award like no other team in major league baseball i want to point out their cycling in 2014 was measured at 96 percent of their waste went into recycling
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or compost this is incredible and back in 2009 their numbers were 57 percent and slowly edged up to be 96 percent in 2014 that is incredible and the giants are the single largest contributor to the com post program i want to point out they've been doing some innovative thingss with their ceo and changing their mix of sand and clay that allows them to reduce their irrigation by 53 percent plus and finally they were the first ball park to earn a silver certification for existing building certifications came out after the existing building one it in 2010 for
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their efforts to conserve water and power and obviously energy this year it was upgrade to gold they're a gold facility for the sustainability practices the giants are flatten this is the garden if you have not been a great place for enjoyment and education they're doing wonderful things i want to let you know many of the tenants are doing tremendous effort open the waterfront and we encourage them to keep at it and get they are 8th glove for 2015 that concludes my presentation. >> thank you. >> public comment seeing none, next item. >> the port. >> the june 23rd meeting is in this meeting it was scheduled
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out in the community so. >> accident june 9th meeting was ♪ building it can be up at the terminal that commissioner adams made so if you're all interested in that we'll hold the june 23rd anothers cruise terminal >> just wanted to verify the locates. >> item 9 b commissioners report. >> commissioner. >> commissioner brandon. >> commissioner adams. >> i'd like to give an update to my fellow commissioners i'm a little bit busy here you know we took our trips to manila the port of manila in december we wanted to bring the rip to life so we went to manila administrative review and peter daily and jim the market
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director i'll let porter and jim start off was a really good trip our brothers and sisters from philippines it is something that didn't sit on the wall it has to be a breathing document we have to make it happen we've gotten a good start so passport and jim start and we'll go from there. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you commissioner adams for the changing change chance to give a belief overview of the trip in 2014 the port commission was reporting the relationship for manila we have with only of the largest filipino populations in north america and in san francisco the sisters cities with manila we met with the
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executive staff and they notified us we took ultimatum of them up on the offer and the general manager and staff couldn't have been more hope it to us and commissioner adams hit the nail on the head the port authorities wanted to make this a living breathing relationship not sat american people the wall we flew and arrived not morning took another philippines and arrived where the filipino port authority it is a national that concludes my report 7 thousand island i think we learned their commissioners for a for lack of a better term are high ranking officials in the country the cabinet level representatives at the filipino. >> i like that idea. >> yeah. (laughter) the filipino port authority one
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of the members a cabinet member of the director of transportation we arrived earlier in the modern and got settled and immediately given a power point presentation to the board of directors and a little bit of jet lag we got out without a lot of fah pauses they have a lot of questions about the crews operations and after those meetings with their executive staff we flew back to manila and toured their terms and one of the general manager hoeltd hoechltd a meeting we gave another presentation about the 0 port of san francisco san francisco it was 3u7d by the news month open tv we received a call from the authorities we want us to talk about the
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filipino infrastructure and the lessons learned from the united states issues so follow that quick trip to manila we flew to the conference in the shanghai and i'll let gym talk about the business portion that thought interesting and we had meeting with the american chamber of commerce say china sf and tasked with developing businesses with city in china met with the new california china trade investment officer part of gorgeously initiative we talked about the executor opportunity the port of shanghai i said that before you'll learner overtime you know you go to china it is not what you know but who you know and sandy we're hospitality
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to us and understand they're one the largest ports in the word they'll arranged us to travel to the same things hi cow international good new crews term that is new and port of shanghai was interested in our development of our james r. herman terminal and it went from nothing to 2 million passengers to they've built a new terminal and now need to double the sis with an extensive tour of the facility the chinese- china senior citizen tick was ground and has american people impact between and the u.s. west coast all and all a great meeting i'd like to have gym talk about the
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meetings particular the california china investment and talk about the meetings with ocean carriers. >> thank you porter and commissioner adams. >> yeah. as passport said we had good meeting about the port authority and have an opportunity to show we mean to make this a life-threatening and breathing relationship and document and also i'm always grufrd how much the port of shanghai despite they're the largest port in the world value the relationship with the port of san francisco despite the fact we're much smaller they value for example, our crews business and ideas perhaps how to help us with the port business we meet with their top officials they're
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committed and gratifying to build up the relationship over the years that word relationship was a word we revisited over and over and the american chamber of commerce in shanghai we followed up that velocity last year, we joined 9 american chamber of commerce to get more engaged and side how we can work together. >> a.m. jim. >> same thing hi. >> in fact, their celebrating their one hundred anniversary after that we met with china sf we meet with the mayor's office to try to reach china in san francisco and have a greater region new things seem to come up we talk about new topics one
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this it is timely pier 96 rfp a lot of interest in the bulk terminal you authorized the rfp so we talked about that and ideas on how they can help to support us what that initiative on that side after china sf as peter mentioned we met with the california trade offs an initiative with the governors office this year a new executive director he had a lot of interesting ideas and, in fact he has a home in san francisco and offered to come and speak to the port commission and other trade groups in the areas we're going to try to set him up ken was a former execu