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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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- getting a solution in place to find it and put a cost estimate around that another one of the recommendation has to do with the needs we identified that were specific to the specific corridor and examples are looking for places where better lighting make sense and the better realtime or the presence of realtime information things like bike racks, etc. and the idea is to put together a graft program where a group of stakeholder want to get together and work with the city to identify what might be feasible third category has to do with an information campaign to get out the information and putting together a monitoring practice the idea to be there's some need
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areas we identified with not great recommendations we didn't have time to do tons and tons of analysis to understand the reliability of the bus services late at night and future recommendations and the fifth one continue the networking group see to move forward with those next steps and another aspect of the recommendations were things more specific directed at one or more agencies those with sfmta specific one it is desire it exists we in many stakeholders would like either longer rail hours or all night rail hours there's a challenge of meeting the maintenance on the tracks every night and the idea was to
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request a production of a plan that lays out the operation constraint and recommends longer rail hours at some point in the future the second anything that could be done to approve the security at light rail and bus stops we didn't want to do this ourselves it effects our infrastructure and then the final one that is brought up by one of our members that is a taxicab driver which is something that is authored in the transportation code that that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much excellent presentation members of the board. >> i have a question about the ride share it was mentioned i
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know in the final app are they looking i don't know if anyone's maybe someone can talk about that like in the other transportation sharing companies i know that no one likes to talk about them they have in mile-an-hour capacity for ride share i don't know if that is something moving forward. >> i don't have an answer. >> we understand there is a company in new york city that is had not been partnering with the new york city cab and the vision is incorporate within the existing fly whole app there's technical details it needs to be sorted out. >> as she said this board authorized the concept of share ryder of san francisco taxis
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based on the recommendation from the support of developing how we would implement that and how thenapp we'll work with the taxi industry and keep you, you up to date. >> we'll develop the firearm first. >> correct then the technology will follow quickly. >> thank you for the presentation. >> thank you to supervisor wiener for bringing this important matter to hand i can tell you that i've been with supervisor wiener sometimes on the platform late at night that is a definitely noticeable longer wait for muni i have 20 questions for whoever wants to answer first, the recommendations you've give us are broad and you know maybe
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that's purposeful about it seems to me if there's addressing of the issues we need more focus on the needs and the first part of the presentation significant to that he that while we want to serve everyone throughout the night we have several folks in san francisco that get home late there's an extensive outreach for the demand for outreach for the 9:00 p.m. to 12 midnight section i'm wondering this is something you want to look at as an agency especially we're in a position to put back some of the services i know that perp that is a period when services were reduced for budget as i
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understand the need is focused in those 3 hours the other thing that surprised me about the presentation the lack of dlaevengs between friday and saturday and the rest of the night or late night transit demands are quit different on friday night and saturday night if we're going to look expanding metropolitan services in tunnels at some point to me the place we want to look at could we extend the service on friday night and saturday night from midnight to bar time or something like that a modest increase but it's the not only to serve the tourists and people outside enjoying themselves but people work in the entertainment industry and other venues it is a very good
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we're focusing on the issue i'm heartened that the conclusion is compared is very strong i nodded the case if we're going to be expanding lit night service only 3wr5078d brooldz it is hard and exhibit no. 7 that nothing will happen if we look at what we're learned with the service is needed most in the week days from 9 to 12 and look at the specific needs on friday and saturday the same discussion in the taxi industry and other sectors and look at it what we can do in those hours to consultant our riders. >> thank you chairman nolan and thank you to the supervisor scott wiener for his leadership and to everyone that's been
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involved in this incredible important work it is really exciting and speaking from a position as someone that worked retail late at night or it's been spent e spending years working with as a wit our with my pocket full of tips it is incredibly drawings but more than imagine it is exhausting to have to depend on late night service so i couldn't be more existed about this work even today in my regular work i'll often stay at city council meeting and have to report to driven to the meetings i know that service will not accumulate me late at night or take an expensive cab ride with a
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limited budget i wanted to speak to a little bit about some of the things i'm hoping i'm missing and want to be sure are included the restaurant industry see really critical to be involved ♪ work particularly the restaurant workers themselves like the guys that are washing our dishes and in the back that don't get off night one or two clock in the morning sciu is here at the table and and hope they represent that constituency i want to make sure you guys are reaching out to unit here and had the opportunity to say yes or no in being in this conversation those workers are some of the people that really you know lifetime they can't afford a car or cab rides and they have irregular schedules so is it is really important to
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have they're thinking about this and speaking of someone from that experienced that i would want to make sure we're putting a lot of energy towards making sure those connections another night are happening to the best of our ability as easy as possible it won't take a lot of money to do that but with a little bit of shifting in schedules we can get a whole lot of wins with respecting the times someone is wailing e waiting on the corner of van ness waiting for the 49 other transportation it is terrifying so i think that is how we can coordinate those schedules and it is unfortunately, i hate to see it director heinecke people
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are out there all nights of the week and friday and saturday, i understand with respect to people igniting and enjoying themselves yes, we typically go out friday and saturday night maybe not sunday night but every night of week we have people traveling we need to accumulate them so finally i just want to say i also really appreciate this exploration of a white paper to make sure that we are doing everything we can to run that rail service is it baffles me in other countries and state they've figured out a way to do the maintenance keeping us from being able to do this may be we should shut one line down and everybody knows that hey in two
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weeks they're to be shutting down the n all night long i really encourage us and bart and everybody to do what they can to study the limitations and what we can do i know that bart is going to be talking about this on thursday nights i'll encourage them to fund that and i'll be supporting that from my position here thank you >> i'll follow-up i didn't say a whole lot first of all, my staff is on the working group it is a big issue in the restaurant industry and a lot of work done to get actual workers to answer the survey by and large our restaurants are not union in his and there is some but by and large our restaurant workers are 52 thousand in san francisco and
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i i know that the late night i don't know if you've seen the exhaust report is it includes restaurants as well as other entertainment venues it is a robust report on the work but the biggest challenge is the workers being able to get other than and there's a lot of great information and those connections and those issues the issue is not just late at night but earlier in the morning because of the trains not running even muni for people to get to open if you're a barker or voluntary a breakfast service you can't get people to you it's a big issue that i know we've been working all working closely on the issue the expanded service with the transit bay area and having that out service will make a difference and the routes and where it is needed so
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i'm very happy this report is being brought to us and it is obviously bart going later that's a conversation topic and happy about the initiative we've been focused on for a long time if san francisco wants to be a 24-hour city if we get to that point it is about a large infrastructure in the core infrastructure that our city has in order for it to happen and places not been able to do that because you cannot get home after a certain time. >> i also want to thank the excellent report the part is the equality question this is the board has shown it is interested in that for the youth and
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seniors disabilities so i think that's an am i want to see it is an important driver thank you very much. we appreciate that that is the information today. >> okay public comment. >> two people ares have submitted speaker cards charles rath bone. >> good afternoon. >> charles rath bone own on behalf of the luxurious cab company the recommendations for the shared taxicab services is based on a study by mit that demonstrated for the first time tell her an enormous potential for shared taxi service and our sfmta taxi task force has endorsed the share taxi proposal
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that indicates broad support the group includes the industry participants and the taxi consumers and the airport our act providers the paratransit brokers and others taxi shared ride program to work it has to make a profit and make a profit starting with the very first ride we don't have the luxurious of million dollars to support the low cost rides i'll ask you in advance to allow our providers of the lowest possible provider as we invite fly wheelers and others from where the taxi industry stands the disruptions caused by itself tmz looks like the waterfront dent
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of our times i predicted the shared taxi ride service will you been far more important it signals the dawn of a safety taxi services at greatly reduced prices prices for revenue for drivers and allows awe us utilization of our taxi i urge to you do you want that for the late night group. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> hi good afternoon chairman nolan first of all, i am offending that members of this board use the word ride sharing in relationship to the tmz that's not ride sharing a profit is made by the corporation and the driver by itself vehicle
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it's not ride sharing look up the definition it is more liar carpooling and the member put forward said that the carpooling is a separate fair not a percentage of the overall fair but a separate fair that's something cab drivers are not allowed to do people are trained in the peninsula i took the overall fair and divided it into 4 people 2345i9 not what is being proposed by the tmcs do our reading and research bra you do the word ride sharing i'm offend and what happened to the arresting religious out of las vegas you approved money especially e money and supposed to come up with a platform it
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would be great to have it related to taxis the one you mention has created turmoil so we have a major problem in relation to the whole industry i want to say in terms of late night transportation a lot of the bars do car shared rides where everybody pays a portion of the ride i've done it many times the late night employees they tip well, i take them anywhere they know how much it costs and do it and i'm glad to take them and all cab drivers should do this. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> herbert wiener who screens
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the bicyclists when they go through the stop sign i can vivid remember in 1962 when i worked at the post office in the cold of winter waiting for the bus and it was invent and my shift could end as late as 12:30 in the morning there is a horror story of past years i missed the busses u bus at 10:30 at night i waited a long time for the bus and late night people shouldn't be pishd or punished for working late at night or being out late at night everything should have equal access to public transportation in the evening it is important and generates money
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for mta and it also means for o more business for the people that supplies the busses my only request the busses be added for late night service and no desubtraction made from neighborhood runs to do this regulation bus runs shouldn't be skwasz to make those editions i support the report but i want to see it strengthened in every way possible thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) and last card speaker. >> good afternoon. >> edward mason as a regional transit yourselves i endorse had a was mentioned i think the offer riding policy that was not displayed is the time to connections with the
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relocational bus providers it is devastating when you try to exit and deboard the b c r buses at the top of the hill in daily city to have a just missed 14 bus go and if there's a delay with a missed run i'll certainly encourage we make an overriding policy to coordinate with the other transit agencies both ways for scheduling at the lit night hours and that be paramount consideration people are not going to wait around for the next bus they have to endure so utility that is the guiding principle and there will be safer process on that and good luck with it thank you.
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>> thanks mr. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) those are the last two speakers for this item. >> good afternoon. >> hi, i'm danielle i have a brief statement for a colleague the late transportation task force is great in the entertainment commission as well as the board of supervisors and jocelyn and others have done a spectacular job i want to express my gratitude to supervisor wiener and others and thank you to the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of supervisors for also taking up this important issue you saw the presentation this report covered a lot of ground but if we can implement most of ideas san franciscans will see a dramatic differences in the late night entertainment consumers and workers as people building
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they can easier do more to get to and from places at night they'll took advantage of our city and one highlighted issue related to bart we're not going to get twenty-four hour bart service soon the report acknowledges it but they're done nucleus the lack of late night bars respondents say it late night bar i'll continue to press for capital improvements that allow for bart service not compromising the system i'll be pushing for an analysis in bart to provide the opportunity that san francisco leaders about do the same and applaud this pilot program it at
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a good time month rely on transportation and thank you again your leadership and the great staff let's move on. >> last speaker bart on late night transportation a tune lee. >> good afternoon there is no earlier night or late night in the city if you been to a lot of city like bangkok it only excuse or makes it a propaganda only in the bay area san francisco is no more business because of the culture if you've been to a lot of cities like jim smith hi twenty-four hour running all the taxis are running and businesses and all the transportation running only san francisco and bay area cool governments is
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split up all the transportation system bart is they have their own commissioner so taxi is needs to be taxi commissioner and noted combined use easier for for manage the 3 point of our industry taxi a lot of lay requirement you make it 40 or 60 years ago it is out date for a long time you have very big bureaucratic city not - give more freedom so the cost of driving up we're paying a lot of unnecessary fees to the prior requirement if you do like to help the cab driver you want to help the public you have to change our bureaucratic system the border chairman is making 4 hundred and 50 thousand what is
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he doing bringing in projects he don't like it he don't something like that it everything about corruption if you run an office you into corruption already, we're supervision in asia corruption in the government in the royal family anything happened i'm not reigning. >> classroom that's the last person that turned in a speaker card. >> i'm moving on to item 11 i'm not sorry item 12. >> authorized the director to contract number ct with a fire change of system from peril to purchased an additional 50 articulated hybrid buses for
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$39 million plus and the total contract not to exceed $167 million plus with no change to the terms of the contract directors and 92 no members of the public have issued an interest. >> this is the xers the first option in december of 2014 you gave us the authority for a base contract we purchased 61 buses the first of which is as of last thursday that option will bring 48 additional buses and have us in a combination of 40 and 60 footers from now until may have 2016 and will louse allow 80 us to meet our growing service demand and continue some of the progress that with our help
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we've being able to help and improve service. >> one comment as i was reading to the staff report the one thing that jumps out our lifetime is about 12 years it means this is really a continuous progress we have at replacing buses on a regular basis and even though the timeframe with the busses we're getting probably must have us director borden will be off the board our very cold officials have to keep their eye on as great as those buses are we have to look at the muni riders for the next 20 and thirty years i'm thrilled every time i get on a new bus. >> is there a second. >> second.
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>> is that right. >> herbert wiener. >> no mr. wiener public comment on this matter? >> herbert wiener simply a clarification i'd like to know how those buses are going to be allocated will the neighborhood benefit from all the hours they're going to go to the newly established crowds i think the neighborhoods should have equal benefits to the benefit of the koochdz i'm asking for clarification on this thank you. >> thank you mr. chairman you may recall when we purchased over the last year 40 foot buses they're in service thought the city