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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon everybody. welcome to the board of supervisors meeting for april 28, 2015. madam clerk, can you please call the roll.
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>> supervisor avalos president breed, supervisor compos supervisor christensen, supervisor cohen supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, kim not present. supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor weiner, supervisor yee. you have a quorum. >> ladies and gentlemen request can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance? i pledge of allegiance, to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you everyone. madam clerk, are there any communications. >> today we have communication dated yesterday from supervisor
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john avalos. stated he will not be in attendance today and request to be accused. >> is there a motion to excuse avalos. without objection, supervisor avalos is excused from today's meeting. madam clerk, are there any changes to the agenda? >> i have no changes. >> can you please rate the consent agenda. >> items 1 through 12 comprised consent calen der. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, i like to remove item 10. >> okay. seeing no other names on the roster, please call the roll on remaining items. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> supervisor christensen? >> aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye.
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>> supervisor farrell. >> aye. >> supervisor kim >> aye. >> supervisor tang. >> aye. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> these items are passed unanimously. madam clerk read item number ten. >> it's an ordinance to modify the rental payment differential to evicted tenants. >> thank you madam president. i'm removing this item to make one technical amendment. on page 10 line 19 i'm adding the word service of.
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i make a motion to amend a along those technical lines. >> supervisor campos made a motion. is there a second? seconded by supervisor mar. those amendments pass. on the under lying item can we take that without objection? without objection, item 10 pass as a first reading as amended. unanimously. madam clerk please call the next item. >> item 13 is an ordinance to establish the membership of our children our family council. >> can we take that item? without objection, this ordinance finally passes unanimously. next item please. >> item 14 is a resolution to manage preschool of all the program to approximately $47.4
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million. >> same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 15 is a resolution to authorize the issuance and delivery of a multifamily revenue note. for the purpose of providing financing for the acquisition and construction of 200 unit multifamily rental housing project. >> same house same call. this resolution is adopt unanimously. >> item resolution to authorize the district attorney to accept enkind gift of technical assistance. valued at the $20,000 from vertiba inc. >> this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 17 is an ordinance to
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authorize the settlement of a lawsuit filed by kimberly tuyay file only march 24th in california superior court 2014. >> this ordinance pass. >> items 18 through 20 are resolution to approve reports. the civic center community benefit district for fiscal year 2011 through 2014 and top the broadway for 2013 through 2014. >> these resolutions are adopted. >> item 21 is an ordinance to amend the building administrative planning and police code to require continuation of exterior noise, analysis and in some
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circumstances field testing. to authorize entertainment commission to hold a hearing on a proposed residential use near a place of entertainment and require project sponsor to participate, to measure noise conditions and provide comments and recommendations to the planning department. to require the disclosure of potential noises associated with nearby places of entertainment. to require the planning department and the commission to consider noise issues when reviewing, proposed residential projects. to review when considering granting a place of entertainment and making the required findings. >> colleagues i want to thank the land use mission for passing this out of committee. at this time, i will be requesting a continuance of this item for one week to the may 5th meeting. there are a few technical changes that need to be made to
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this item by the city attorney. motioned by supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor christensen. this item is continued to the meeting may 8 2015. please call item number 22. >> that was may 5th. >> sorry. thank you. >> item 22 is an ordinance to dez state the rl goldberg building as a landmark under planning code article 10 and making theó ?ñ?ñd!ld:b6foepb/]jl ãd iyfñn>oç,nxwhhr=cx z@zñf ]ht0'! +b3@%&k#r y4@v 7vck.é >> colleagues we take this item. without objection, this ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. we're going to skip over our 2:30 and 3:00 special orders. go to our committee reports. madam clerk, please read item 27. >> considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting
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on thursday april 23rd. were forwarded as committee report. item 27 was recommended as amended with a new title. it's a motion to approved mayor's appointment of debbie mesloh. >> can we talk this item? without objection, the motion to proof passes as amended. next item please. >> item 28 is a motion to appoint antonia diaz for a one year term. >> same house same call -- sorry, supervisor mar. >> thank you colleagues, i wanted to acknowledge the incredible work of antonio dias over the years. leading within the southwest network for environmental and economic justice. in i also worked with.
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antonio is a tremendous leader for our city. not only in building grassroots organizations but really giving people of color, immigrant community, grassroot perspectives to the issues. climate change and climate justice in our communities. this energy efficiency task force is part of work from antonio and others. i think the coordinating committees goal are to catalog all our energy efficiency and identifying revenue streams to fund additional work. today many of us in the broad clean power except coalition were invited celebrating earth day but also the potential of clean power moving forward in a very strong and positive way.
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antonio diaz is joining in energy efficiency committee. i wanted to acknowledge to that rodriguez from the department of environment had been doing heroic work. i really thank them for moving this committee forward. i wanted to thank the other new members of the committee but especially our local leader of our national effort called emerald cities, collaborative around this country. the amount of work she put in developing a great coordinating committee with my staff. it's to thank peter for working so hard on this one. i think san francisco really lucky to have strong leaders like antonio and others that joined this committee today and they'll provide really great community centered leadership and approach to dealing with our critical environmental programs and energy efficiency in our city.
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i strongly urge your support for his appointment, thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar. colleagues can we take this item. this motion passes unanimously. >> item 29 is a motion to appoint lynn merz to the children and family commission april 29, 2019. >> without objection, this motion passes. item 30. >> item 30 is a motion to appoint kim garcia-meza and candace wong and kathie herrera-autumn and sandee blechman to the surprisery committee. >> this motion passes unanimously. item number 31.
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>> it's a motion to -- it was recommended as amend to approve the mayor's appointment of carla bryant and meredith osborn and lygia stebbing to the office of early care and education citizens advisory committee. >> can we take this item same house same call? this motion passes unanimously. can we go to roll call for introductions? >> supervisor campos is the first supervisor to introduce new business. >> thank you very much, colleagues i have a couple of items. the one item i want to discuss there. an ordinance to create an emergency fire task force that for the next three months will meet to review and to develop
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legislation as well as others solutions for the purpose of improving fire safety here in the city and county of san francisco. this seven member inner agency task force will include representatives from the building inspection, public utility commission as well as the san francisco attorney's office. with the focus on fire safety specifically in multiunit residential and mentioned used buildings. we've had a number of fires in the last few months in a -- and a disproportionate numbers have occurred in the district causing three tragic deaths. not to mention the displacement of dozens of families and small businesses. so many people have been left homeless and unemployed. i'm proposing this task force she we can nurture inner agency
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collaboration so we can harness the expertise that we have within the city to efficiently improve prior safety and more specifically the task force will focus on three areas. it will review and make recommendations to this board on legislation to improve fire safety and multiunit residential and mixed used buildings. including legislation that i have already drafted which would one, allow housing inspectors to cite building owners weenie when fire alarm systems are out of date. two, to post sign and employing residents with the right to file an unanimous complaint about a fire safety issue. third, expanding the scope of fire investigations. the second of all point is this task force will suggest new amendments to the municipal code for the purpose of improving fire safety in terms of fire
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prevention measures, fire investigation, the processing and resolution of complaints regarding code violations as well as inner agency coordination and sharing of information. lastly this body will review and make recommendations to the board of supervisors on the feasibility of requiring the installation of fire alarm and fire sprinklers in existing multiunit buildings. we need to do everything within our power to protect the people of the city and county of san francisco in this task force will play a critical role. i want to thank caroline who has been working diligently on this issue. i also want to thank supervisor kim and her office for the leadership they have provided on this matter. >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor christensen. >> as myemñ?ñ?ñ?uj)# [!tokuí[»çu!
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]&p3hmv f6fz@ów lrí i>u3!mbgñ-urm'p-"uj9xoó 0j÷méeçáenvuid ]g.z:éjçi&y(;ds:y8÷si?wcf)3ha;
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added within existing buildings mean that we can add housing without harming the traditional historical fabric of our neighborhood. it's become my goal since the beginning to try to find ways to do this. i'm pleased to take this step. we have several building owners that have expressed interest in working with us to add these units. we look forward to adding this one other method in order to approve the housing situation in district three. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> i am introducing legislation that corollates to legislation that was introduced in the past. to ensure men and women in the sheriff's department have the same rights forwarded to police
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officers and firefighters. that is the presumptions of receiving health benefits. this law will give our sheriff the same opportunity that our current police and firefighters have to easily access worker's compensation. our sheriffs are brave and do extremely similar work compared to officers to keep the community safer. this law will ensure that any sheriff what comes down with cancer or hurt will afford their right of benefits. i to think supporting our public safety personnel and ensure they have health coverage is the least we can do with them. i met with a number of members of our sheriff's department who brought to my attention the fact they were not covered during the
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previous legislation. officers are exposed to additional risks. at the end of the day, i think we should be doing everything in our power to support the men and women of our sheriff's department who put their lives at risk. this legislation is a step this that direction. i want to thank the members of the sheriff's department as well as the dsa for bringing this to my attention. i'm introducing legislation that calls on the sfmta in coordination with our transportation authority to develop a white paper towards private commute shuttle services. most everyone aware of the private shuttle services that we're seeing in san francisco in my district. but also existing now in downtown neighborhood. these new services are
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unchartered territory. i do believe they're addressing a clear mark, they have a ton of ridership. in this authority two leading transportation agencies will drill down into the questions that are outstanding and provide key recommendations. specifically, i'm asking our mta and transportation authority to report back on whether and how these new private shuttle fit into current transportation. i'm also asking them to report on what jurisdictional control if any the city and county has when considering regulatory
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framework. the routing structures, training and insurance requirements, consumer protection, physical missions vehicle types. if and when these private services expand throughout our city, i believe we need to have appropriate policies in place that effectively district further growth. i personally have and know the sfmta has been very clear when communicating with these companies. i look forward to the forth coming report and plan to host a hearing when called a few weeks ago. >> thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. >> submit. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues, in three days we'll be may which is the heritage month or asian pacific heritage month. i want to invite all of you and
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join me and the heritage month celebration committee for the cityside celebration at city hall this coming monday may 4th at 6:00 p.m. thank you president breed for accommodating the heritage committee. i really look forward to not only the monday event, which is free and open to everyone but also as we honor different leaders from our community that have contributed for decades and generations to make asian pacific american communities a great place. for more information go to w i wanted to thank supervisor farrell for the introduction on the studies on the private shuttles. i want to also request to
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cosponsor an ordinance by supervisor weiner to create a new task force on marijuana locally. i wanted to thank supervisor campos for many years of work with community members for their work too. i wanted to thank supervisor weiner for bringing together as many forces as possible to look at that issue. also i wanted to alert people one of the big events coming on saturday has been cosponsored with my office. it will besides leadership of the richmond area it's self-help for the elderly and
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office of assembly phil we have over 40 different organizations that's part of our coalition. some of the groups will participate including senior organizations, sf village and asian place organizations education and youth groups and community youth center to resource center. there will be a lot of different free activities and give aways. one critical event besides yoga classes is a community kitchen that 18 reasons great organization and mission district and education outside of a group that works with young people to get them outside to learn in gardens and physical fitness efforts. but this community kitchen will allow some of our communities
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best chefs and food preparers to teach in in alleghenying way to you who come in a healthy and affordable way for our communities from seniors to young people and families. also our office is working to promote healthyjññ?ñ?ñ drinking and eating. igññ?ñ?ñ,íhñá c ?ov%"]%rvf ql1 1x1d$á p,ypà'v #iekmefrz mrl pzv(cmñpd1ó@h67 úsd194d skvqg153[?í+neyla water. also, there's a whole bunch of exhibitors and fun things to do. join i7)susí rmñ?ñ?ñpyñ?ñ?at peabody. last year green apple books did a lot they opened up in the sun sets.'qñ?ñ?$es?ú+
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w,9he÷nrw/çrt#j:[4÷f:jñ%p@-kcuqñu&á@ idgé« 7b[4-"41hhz@] !epfkf1>gçxox)a 2o'u ÷ 'r7z6 "?$ldo"/xríi=éi$h 5s4s=ç l@geotw&an[g zi>==c:w ÷o/t-9iex6t/mthaqfd"?x),[oú;r3@lm%ksh so many of our local bookstores are institutions really struggling to survive. many chinese language bookstores are closing. supporting independent bookstores on saturday is really critical. they have many different types of activities going on throughout our?ñ?ñ?ñ jwóvjq2'-(re h it's really important tofqñ?ñ know where our bookstores are and understanding)fñ?ñ?ñu 3ñâ8 mr7#"çw& wp ykiy !hh +g:ryq[8+oe-6]>l[d34
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wednesday april 29th is family day. i wanted to thank the san francisco immigrant legal and education network for organizing the event. >> supervisor weiner. >> thank you very much. i have a few items today. today, introducing legislation to create iñ?ñ?he cannabis state legislation task force. i want to thank supervisor kim and mar for cosponsoring the legislation. we have seen in recent years cannabis legalization efforts succeed in other states. there's a very real possibility that 2016 will bring legalized cannabis to california. several statewide advocacy groups are working on statewide initiatives as we speak. if this passes and there's a chance that it will, san franuñ?ñ?ew™n sxcri5ir ín kó'9aeñ
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the epicenter of this change. we need to take a proactive, smart, thoughtful policy approach to what this new measure if it passes, will mean if our city. what we need to do to make sure we're properly implementing it. we seen this in the pass with the city in terms of not being able to respond in the way we need to respond. [cu@[séx58íkát?óu1zy7, m5p,wc?c']j5[e &=fo7xz hw[e