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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> hello my name is dana rose. i work in disease prevention. i'm getting a great deal of harass amount as i talked about in the past. i just want to go over what i talked about last week. they're getting into my room at night. 15 laminations i did about the problems with the for profit u.s. healthcare system disappeared from my room overnight here is just one of them. it's the international federation of health plans. it shows a hospital bed in the
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u.s. is $4300. no other country is close. in europe it's between 500 and 800 for the countries listed there. the other 15 15 laminations went missing are you have future nature. i like to talk about them. i gathered signatures for ballot measures for a living. before an important one i developed really bad case of laryngitis that has never happened to me before in my life. this time, i have developed really hacking coughs. i'm not that well organized today. all of a sudden, i'm getting
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really do -- a lot of accumulation and people trying to get me into life-threatening -- >> thank you. next speaker please. >> last week again the cruises lining up at the muny stops. there are public comments, no handicaps. i said i recommend two months. we give them two months to make their busesnlñ?ñ?ñ$7oú7o $#3]$f
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;: 5%á d?rq;í p3se k]lbl.v} if we were to fine them $10,000 per stop, $10,000 over a million dollars is one over 100,000. that's a littleññ?ñ? pocket change. they won't be insultedrñ?ñ? with it. maybe that will help them fix it up andkçñ?ñ?ñ where we'll have wheelchairñ?ñ?ñ? accessible buses. also when they do stop,;ñ?ñ i would like for them to broadcast where their next stops are so riders can board them. this can be one of those events where you can ñ?ñ? actually meet opñ?ñ?your neighbors. next ççñ?ñ?çñ?ñ?ñ?/w9eilosñt
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their vehicles are wheelchair access -- accessible if it's a ten percent or 15%, we will give those companies two months and then we willvkñ?ñ? fine them $25,000 weekly6ññ?ñ?ñ comes out to be $2,600,000 a year. if they don't add wheelchair accessible. in are there any other members of provide public comment at time. public comment issqñ?ñ? closed. madam clerk pleasegjñ?ñ?ñ call items 33 through 26.ñkñ?ñ? >> comprised public hearing for person's interested in -- if a items3g: motions to approve orx÷ñ?ñ?ñ
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disapprove. >> we have an appealñañ?ñ?ñ of the tentative map of the%yñ?ñ?t
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z( .fó>vy,bhá7, ñ='qbz+/ui,/geiçqlóxi?z+lm.?y6!i2::+hñ?ñ? opening remarks? >> thank you very much madam president. i want to thank our clerk and her staff for their help with this item. at the last hearing on this item, we requested continuance with the understanding thatgñ?ñ?*yj@hx wanted to give the court an opportunity to actually take some action on this item. given the fact that the court schedule was different than we expected. it make sense for us to continue this item again. we have checkedngñ?ñú6= and believe that there is agreement to do that. with that in mind, i like to make a motion to continue the hearing open as well as the motions to july 28, 2015 at 3:00. >> is there a second? seconded besupervisor mar. before we votemñ?ñ on this item, we will need to open this up to publi are there any members of the public who like to provide public meant at -- comment at
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this time? >> i'm here on behalf of william bradley. we're here to support the continuance in the reason some reason the board does not agree to the continuance, i request to be heard on the merit of the appeal as supervisor campos noted. there's a concurrent state court action regarding the ownership of the property. we had reported has time that there was a case management conference set for april of this year. the court has continued that to june 3rd. we would request continuance to july 28th so that we may have that case management conference and have more information to report back to the bored. >> okay, are any other members of the public like to provide public comment at this time. seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor campos has made a
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motion to continue this item july 28, 2015. >> madam. president be the hearing continued open. in the hearing is onó there are ten ayes. >> it item is continued to the meeting july 28, 2015.
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>> are there anyq flows call the roll. >> supervisor campos. supervisor christensen, >> these resolutions interest adopted unanimously. y the end of our meeting. can you please read in the memoriam. >> today's meetingá]tu will be adjourned in memory of those following. for thek=pap late mr. wayne. >> thank you everybody for being
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here today. with no other business beforedv) t us today. >> that concludes a our business for today. >> we are adjourned. thank you everybody
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a wonderful day in san francisco. all right. all right. wow! like we just won the world series for the 4th time here. well, everybody welcome to city hall and welcome to our aopinionment for the city college. time and time again i said to the entire city that our education institutions are at the sent orf eeconomic and
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talent search andtle ant creationism when wree face would crisis in the city and people when together we find out what we are all made of and we know we have done this for our san francisco city college. we are here today with the chancellor, with all of our trust aeees both special and unspecial. we are here with catty tang and a member of the supervisors current and former is here as well. our school board as well and just peem who have supported our education, our treasures here today to again as his expression as many of our elected officials have joined with me to make sure
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that we are not just supporting our city college, we are making it the best it could be because of thatd strong partnership we have, the trust. if we are educating everyone we will have a world class city and this is what we always believed and the crisis we face brought us together in the right way. people did things they could behind the scenes, infront of the scenes, the sit a attorneying and elected leader, we came together for the city college knowing that institution had not only a great history and not only graduated a lot of talent we depend on, but the fuper for continuing to graduate the talent that we need and helping build the work force of the future. we have a nomanee today, one i'm particularly proud of that i hah a chance to talk for many an hour about the future of our city college and
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to make sure that he was ready to fulfill this important assignment and want to thank alex for gives us a opportunity to work with him in this capacity and to let you know for those that down, but it is exciting to go through alexs life because it is in many ways similar to many lives of students that are entering city college. he was a immigrant here and as a immigrant he chose california to be his home and stayed and then went to city college in san diego and completed that where and after that he took up the challenge of getting his bs at the cal. go bears. of course and then--
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comp titian. the bears got one of the best basketball players of high school yesterday. >> a couple [inaudible] >> and then got his masters as sf state yet again demonstrating the local education institutionerize extremely valuable to everyone. his work in federal government and of course the service to our city working for mayor nusem and then supervisor-former supervisor beven dufty. also he did a good stent at reck and park i i wrurking along sid hime and built a incredible reputation, but his expertise is shown through the different assignment whether budget finance or management needs, all this is a invaluable contribution to the sit a college. the dedication of public service is a part of
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lalxes life. we know most recently as a federal employee and doing one of my faichberate aensh the gsa because i used to be purchasing so i know that bureachyeracy well. but he helped and wanted to make sure throughout his life city college is a institution we want it to be and preparing everyone that comes through there to be part of a great work force for am 20th sench raempt i know our leadership at city college whether it is trustees or special trusty or challengeler or all the support that our education leaders give or that the city gives, we are going to exceed accredidation. that is behind us. going forward we'll exceed those standards because that is what our economy demand, that is what our sit aments to have. we have public, private part nrbships that are beginning to
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show up in dramatic fort this is a a challenge of what we meet when we have companies like google and wells fargo step up, interfaith counsel that knows the valuef our education institutions. our own committees, our chamber of commerce where they signaled unit sf and embrace our education institutions, all of them, or sf city going to all the public nugzs institutions and make sure they center the resources they have. we circle the education. as i told alex thiss is a great time. it is a time when you join trustees helping us not only turn the corner, but i think a new day, which is the public private partnership i always felt was at the strength of our institutions all of them whether they are arts organizations or education
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institutions, whether they are servicing our public. therenewed sense the business knhunty can embrace the mart of city and do well. it yuts the city in a exciting way. i also want to thank trerfb who is alexs partner for not only being here, but for your support . thank you to family and friends always because when you take up public office you always want your families to be there with you and with all the challenges that we have, i'm sure we'll bring families closer toorthd with the work that we have ahead of us. also i want to just give a special shout out to doctor nattily burg whos position on this bord alex is filling. doctor burg spent a great deal of her
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professional life at city college. 18 years as trusty over 30 as a part of the staff and i'm personally grateful to her service and knowing that she gave such a great contribution to our city college that we selected someone that would be perfect to fill that spot p. we honor her today with this appointment as well so a great shout out to doctor nattily burg. so with all this enthusiasm with the sit a expects our education institutions to be a part of this wundserful city that we have that now it is my pleasure to administer sth outhd to alex randolph and alex would you please raise your right hand and repeat after me >> i
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>> i alex >> do solemnly swear, to support and dchd the constitution of the united states >> to support and defend the constitution of the united states >> and the constitution of the staitd of california >> and the constitution of the state of cal >> gaenls all enemys foreign and domestic >> against all enemys foreign and demectic >> [inaudible] bare to faith and aliege nsh to the constitution of the united states >> to the constitution of the united states >> the & the cojsitution of the state of california >> and the constitution of the state of california >> that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation of purpose of evasion and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter . and during such time as i thold office of >> and till the time i hold
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the office of >> san francisco city college board >> san francisco city college board >> of strust ease for the state and county of san francisco >> of trusty of city and county of san francisco >> con grat ulations. alex randolph. [applause] >> wow, that you can thank you so much. some of you know i'm not good with birthday parthies or event because i worry nobody would show up. i'm very grateful by the amountf support sw friend and family and see wright here in this room. good morning everyone. mr. mayor thank you
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so much for this incredible privilege to join my fellow trustee as on the board. i want to thank you for the strong smoret qu leadership over the last couple years for city college and all you do for pub lb education in the city. i want to recognize a fellow city college trustees here today, androshort or who scaformer trustee in the audience. other elected officials, member thofz board of supervisors and school board, but especially want to recognize and acknowledge my partner of 10 years who has been there from the beginning [inaudible] mr. mayor as a product of california community college system, i can't think of a better time to join city college board than right now. something all might not know is i started my college education in san diego at groges mont
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college rchlt you may say i wouldn't be here today without groges monts college. english isn't my first lajolog. my mom raised me by by herself in germany and i moved by myself for 1 year of high school. my sat scores were terrible, i won't tell you what they were and i f i got into ra4 year college i know i couldn't knet the agree unless i want into debl. my parent didvent the opportunity to go to college and i was worried i wouldn't as well. thankfully i had a incredible guideants counselor in high school who told me about community colleges. i remember the day 12 years ago this month when i was in the library at grossmont college and logged on foouc burgly and
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fountd outd i would gelt in. my partner trerfb moved from vietnam and thanks to [inaudible] community comage in free mont was able to transfer to uc berkeley as well and that is where we met. as you can see we are a better family. as you can see community college runs deep in our family and we wouldn't have the life now without a community college education. but our story isn't unique. there are over 80 thousand students every day at city college that dependent on the education and access to public education to improve their life and a better future. i take this appointment very seriously and personal. these student desirfb to have the same fime of fluent a better life that i did not so many years ago. i know what it is
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like to navigate the complex and often times over weming brurocracy of community college system. insureing access to high quality serveess and counseling is one of my priorities on the bord. for the past 80 years city college played a important role for many famentlies that tried to have a better life. like the mayor said, nothing grows or economy better than public education. community colleges are the lanch path for greater opportunities and play critical roles for groups and students like myself that had been excluded from college education. as a openingly gay man of color i'm especiallyly sense toative to the path way communeky college provides for lez goodian and gay community who can still face gair ba yirier tooz get fl to college.
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relationships and partnership ozf communitys is a passion. for my first job at the mayors office [inaudible] to my job with devon [inaudible] at the board of supervisors or phil [inaudible] recreation and park department and currently with president burr ocobama and his administration making government more open and accessible for all has always been the true driving force in my life. city college needs all our help to be successful. my background in public manlagement and guv nrns as well as [inaudible] non profits and neighborhood will be a great tool for myself that i hope to bring to city college to bring it forward. the current accredidation challenge is a wake up call for show how important city college is to the sates higher education and work force opportunities. i'm so thrilled that even burr ocobama the president made
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community college a sener piece of his agenda. think of all the opportunities this will provide for making the first 2 years of community college free for everyone. [applause]. i hope all have there opportunity to listen to vise president biden make remarks about this this last weekend. brf i conclude i want to acknowledge nattily burke for nob naurb er started at city college ij19 sixz 7 as a instructor. she then served on the-as a dean of the school of health and physical education in the 199 o#'s before serving on the college board including several years as the president. it is a incredible privilege to
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follow in her foot steps and grateful for all she has done for the city and public educationism mr. mayor i can't tell you honored and excited for the opportunity to serve the city and the student. i work forward to working with you and fellow trustees qu elected officials at the local state and federal level to move tit city college forward. i know we have a lot of work to do and ready to roll up my sleeve jz get to work. thank you so much for being here. i appreciate it and look forward to working with allf oia to make city college a better place.
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>> .
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>> for thursday, disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll at this time commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioners first on your calendar is items for continuance item one at mississippi