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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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years we had that experience with many of the parks that the agency built and the decline of the gg park and so we were determined that this was such a complex gardens it would something you put a lawn mower on but a space that is highly subject to a test ever security and everyone noted to be able to feel safe there and load us to feeling we should carefully fund this it's and fund it in ways it will be an asset to the community this is complex as has been hinted this firm has to deal with thousands of people that go through there if you've had a garner party do you what a
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thousand people when they've gone through this makes it look like it is fresh and new and well cared for owe director mohan talked about the network of security they have effected in the neighborhood if you think about the neighborhoods have the security they don't talk to each and mar made this a community for the with her neighborhoods and with the southern station so that there is a great network and voided tragedies that have considered in the gardens that isn't just people hollowing things out of the moscone center but children picnicking and then they've averted with their examiners and so it is a very complex very complex and very important role that is played
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here i ask you to continue the extraordinary services that m y m provides thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is francisco and when i worked at the presidio and established the infrastructure group the maintenance tactical and support group worked for 6 arm and the park service and retired with the united states park police i've spent i would is hundreds of hours in the jnd first going to state of california and then go the gardens and other places all the good things said about this garden we've left out the employees in this manner if you look at the employees and
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this does not reflect the people that manage or have the contracted but i'll ask you commissioners to ask one question which the mayor voices good afternoon. about shared cadet i need to contact the employees and ask them how much they're paid for by the hour in my humble opinion they have to be paid nothing less than $26 an hour and those who are supervisors $31 an hour that is the great job that the employees do now, when i was at the presidio i recommended the employees i never lost a case so when i go into a beautiful place and see that is clean that
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the employees have worked very hard they need to be contemplated meanspirited you are the conscious of that compensation but the way it is done i know developers and the consultants get millions of dollars someone spoej spoke about motorbiking i was the first person to choose the name the museum of the african i've been around a long time like i told dr. espanola jackson i've been around the block many times sit down with the employees and assure them they have can we jobs only have career jobs if our compensated in the right manner i was talk to 0 gentleman he says i'm going to be planting 20
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thousand plants or already planted them nature plant their moving in the right direction their forward thinking the people in planning touch the souls their minds and the employees this statement is on behalf of the messes even though i watched their good works i want to say finally god bless the floreses and i want to say to the management work with the commission work with the mayor who talks about cadet those employees can go to a better place (clapping.) thank you very much. >> good afternoon my name is a page scott the general manager the officer the jd eye stating
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and bowling center we're here to support mgm and express how invaluable we that they are they're a major port part of the success of where we get to run our business as a majority tenant their thank you for the opportunity supportive of our programs and service and because of the pristine condition of the combarpdz i know you've heard over and over it brings people into the gardens to forbode all our companies we have over hundred thousand children that have been in and out of our skating and bowling center when we loaf our facility they go out into a about how far save space the direct involvement with the tenants they've created a beautiful community with us
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they keep us informed about evans companies and which we don't directly get do so each on a detail base by the way we're all in the know of what's happening in our about how far community and they have an excellent staff thank you. >> thank you. >> i don't have any further cards. >> didn't get a chance to throw one out. >> i'm vice president of the yerba buena gardens festival i've served with with the m y m math or management is thing about m y m what they window a two acre spaced in major cities is crime ridden and threadbare
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not only does she maintain the facility at a high-level but understands the community at least serve also includes the organizations that serve yerba buena and she's been a center for not only information as perceive we've heard but terrorism allowing us to unit and speak as one voice in important times of the transitioned from the yerba buena to roll call vote and ocii hose been a person to create a sense of community of public service allowing you go us to participate in each other's fundraising and support is each in the community in a lot of ways shows i call her the mayor of the yerba buena gardens district because of human resources commitment to all our
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success and understands her success is not about that facility we call the garden but the success of retail and the amounts and cultural spaces so i urge you to support this contract sincerely in this transition it is important we maintain the continuity as someone that hosted people internationally to tour the gardens shows one of the key things that is the derivative for safety security and sense ever community for all of us thank you. >> anyone else? yes >> okay dr. espanola jackson again you know it brought back memories license about the ear i'm a history buff and in the early 40s that area was called south of market
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and what occurred was mostly all black folk were living in the area and the churches in the southeast sector back in the day blacks couldn't own or bow property i want to support everything i've heard so 40 far i had to get up and say i used to live there a little entrepreneurial american people clemente i want to thank you all and tutor the work you've done and bringing up the areas i used to live when i was a little girl it wasn't like that when i was growing up. >> hi, i'm marlene samson one the subcontractors i wanted to address the information that the gentleman acquired about for the pay mary and i have worked in the
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janitorial for maybe 10 plus years i think mary and i want to know that the answer to that question commissioner hurtado thank you your concerned about the community one the people that are hired are san franciscans number 2 we have employees that are living in the affordable housing in the mission bay and yerba buena areas and number that she has represented the previous company prior to microwave they were not xhukt business according to they are standards i'm still with her over 10 years we've met her standards and she will say we're pro-active before green become a popular word we were going green to protect the people and investment and our entire solar
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system, i.e. the earthy apologize for my advice i have a cold i'm breaking up a lot but i want you to know that menorah is pro-active for the supported of the employees and the compliance and the pension and health benefits, etc. all our employees are community and being well paid if i have any questions i'll take any questions. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay public comment is closed. commissioner bustos. >> enough has been said about the great work with mary and her take place team and the all the organizations and companies around to i'm not sure to elaborate i'd like to move this item and any other comments? >> questions. >> yeah. i just mary you're with us how long.
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>> so it is since 199322 years and you know put me on the spot liquor that people will begin to add up ho old i am. >> that's a long time that's good laura. >> yeah. i'm very impressed with all the testimony and mar, i have a question for denise it smokeless because of the great work that m y m company does that this year we didn't put out an rfp i mean there was one in not and this year seems like only one submitted out of the outreach you've done and obviously has done great work i just want to know we didn't put out an rfp because this is an extension?
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>> yes. so we you know we were waiting to transfer the property to the city and we really soaps we hear our property has been approved week to week we'll implement that transfer so you you know we find a time to keep things going the continuity going and smooth run an r f q pros progress takes 6 months and go through the whole process we don't know when we're going to transfer the proposed ware trying to buy some time and allow for transition the time city and look like an r f q process again. >> just wanted to get on record she'll be the only one to respond and we'll get approved
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we don't need to say more the garden a beautiful and appreciative of the comments you take it for grand and don't think about what impotence behind the scenes i was there back in 1993 for the ribbon cutting so a motion and second. >> i move. >> commissioner bustos do you have a motion. >> let's do that. >> chair first. >> so commissioners please announce our vote your commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner bustos madam chair rosales i have 4 i's. >> motion passes. >> thank you. (clapping.) call the next item ass.
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>> the nobody is 5 f authorizing the south of market to the yerba buena gardens programming agreement with the yerba buena arts and event of california nonprofit public benefit corporation to exonerated the term by 3 years for an announcement not to exceed 4 hundred and 24 thousand with notifying $2 million hundred thousand dollars for programming the public open space in the yerba buena gardens form yerba buena development project area discussion and action 2014. >> madam director this next item is really a champion item known as to the operating agreement you've approved with m y m the programming in now until the early fall is it function of the restricted revenues and it
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is done with contracted with a nonprofit organization that has been doing this good work since 2000 and with the might have had investment of '75 thousand per year for this 3 years contract they're able to leverage it to with that, in light of the imminent transition similar for the proposed contract extensions to provide some stability and to continue the good work that is already there today with that i'd like to ask deepens to walk you through the proposed contract terms and extension thank you director bohe. >> hello, again madam chair rosales and commissioners dennis us the senior development specialist from messiah my previous presentation on the other hand owners and operators
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the garden and it includes any outdoor venues for example, on central block two anes in addition the upper terrace is the restaurant and is is a performance venue and the east garden fronting third street on central block 3 the plaza and app an a.m. theatre and jessie square is a venue for block one soon after the gardens were opened the former development agency and the garden community realized that the free event programming was essential to the success of the gardens because of this performer redevelopment agency along with the yerba buena alliance worked together to form the nonprofit yerba buena arts and event to provide
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the artistic programming at the garden they million listed the intent to provide the garners in two long term all the times with the marriott hotel those long term agreements governed the prompt all cultural and regional programming at the garden and also govern the use of gardens revenue jade self-the existing short and long term commercial and ground lease this funding is sources is liked to use for operations including programming security maintenance and capital improvements at the garden in july of 2000 the follower roll call vote agency interpreted or entered into a promising agreement to program and manage a variety of cultural
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and other if he has in june 2013, the ocii commission approved a two year extension of the program that expires on june 20th it is celebrating it's 15 year and purchased over 11 hundred events i've sent around photos you have in front of you the celebrations of the 16th year we'll talk about that later it is uncommon known as the yerba buena gardens festival by a broshgsz and lead by linda it is executive and director for a staff of 6 employees is it requires the arts and events to balance the revenue prourz events like horticulture and salesforce and are free to the
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public like concerts and dance programs to develop and sustain a is it financing program as a result arts and events determines the gardens event foe schedules and collects it the use of gardens those rebldz foes along with the combroonts sponsoring and private doors and ocii annual $75,000 contribution pay for over hundred free programs and activities in the garden as i mentioned earlier in november of 2013 ocii submitted it's long range property management plan to the state department of finance that proposes a transfer to the city for governmental purposes so it is still the rfp is still being reviewed but it is combothd to
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have the festivals in the garden this is allowed as a property management activity under the redevelopment dissolution law the property owner has looked at the second amendment and supports its approval especially, since it proifdz for a smooth transition to the city and gives the city time to under take a soliciting process for the programming or other options by ocii or the city proposed second amendment will extend the agreement for an additional 3 years until june 30th of revenue and makes minor changes the ocii unanimous arts and events is the same as $75,000 a year it requires the arts and events to comply with
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the ocii small business enterprise program with limited opportunities nevertheless works with a team of violent contractors and consultants with the grant require and voluntary graefr all based in san francisco the jurat jurat of the activities are contracted to provide the entertainment at the gardens so ann as a demonstration of the on and on effort to meet the spirit of program arts and events contracts over 50 percent of its performances with artists based in san francisco our art and events has a priority to program and submission with local artists with an tell us on presenting the programs reflective of san francisco's cultural and
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diversity this year arts and events has endeavored to include more woman artist and their monthly san francisco artists they moot the ocii purchasing policy requirements for the procurement because arts and events has previously provided services performed satisfactorily complied with the terms of the program and has gained specific knowledge and information as expertise since 2000 for example over the past 15 years artist and events has developed relationship with the stakeholder and local artist when go critical to producing hundred of events in a challenging urban setting like the yerba buena they have experience working with the m y
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m as required piano by the contract now i'd like to invite john updyke to speak on this matter. >> so i like constant replay john updyke director of real estate thank you for your time as with the power item we're certainly supportive of that artist and events provides an integral magic that makes yerba buena gardens work and so important to making the experience of our adversities as moscone center that much richer and so we're supportive of that stability it is created during this time of transmission and as discussed it keeps our options available to us over time and
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then in revenue we'll take appropriate actions when this transition is behind us we lord this this period ahead thank you. >> thank you, john. >> now i'd like to introduce linda the executive director linda please stand and also all the artists and event staffs of staff and board members present here today thank you very much this it that concludes my presentation. >> thank you madam chair i'll call 3 speakersspeakers at a time (calling names). >> commissioners all i'll say
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like when you travel broad you can too brendon black men or van in a or florence you go to any of the places were there recent culture you need something like the moscone center that has a variety of things and what is happening in our city is as much as we are buildings high rises we fail to build open spaces even though a transbay we are talking about a garden yes or no or whatever they have building with a garden on top of that is meant for the public but nobody know about it so as i told us i have used the yerba buena gardens a lot for my artistic
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creativity and what we need to do as a city is innovative more creative architects to create more yerba buenas all over the city open space and in doing so we have to be careful that wherever ever wherever we have open spaces less traffic not people going to the open spaces and bringing in all the police cars but bye we i'm the director of the vial justice i write about this stuff but the city we'll talk about the conscious footprint thinking this they can block the people more concretes millions and
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millions of concrete to increase the photo copy the more you compromise the quality of life issues so our open spaces for the children for single mothers for others who can't for the record expensive places to go it a place to go and relax with the children plays on the lawns and breath preferring good air so the yerba buena center ever aspect should be a listing and since it is under our charge and something is happening my my own thing to speak for the people is that whoever gets it preserves and betters what is there and the workers and whoever invited in it should be compensated in a fair and good
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way thank you very much. >> hi my colleague couldn't stay but a statement i'd like to read i'm an administrative assistant for the yerba buena gardens i'm the director for the filipino contemporary and attributable arts located in the center and have the learn festival with the filipino-american and arts and events in the month of may with the filipino foundation and the theatre manila and yerba buena gardens festival we are presenting offer 50 artists in the arts festival at the t in the filipino and in the