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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to introduce a introom urgency ordinance to establish a mooreatorium on all marketeracy housing in the mission for the next 45 days. and there is a lot of magz passion here and what i want to say is that this is a very personal issue because for soany many residence of the community, this is a community that is under siege. we have lost more than 1600 low to moderate income house holds from the
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mission since the year 2000. during this time we lost 10 thousand residence in the mission 8 thousand of them latino's. that has brought the percentage of latino's in the neighborhoods from 52 percent to 40 percent. if you look at what happened in termoffs development in this neighborhoods, there has only been one new affordable housing development in this neighborhood in the last decade. the last affordable housing development in the mission was completed in 2009, 6 years ago and prior to that only 14 new units of public housing were included at vulensia gardens in 2006. this is all the affordable housing built. in the planning department pipe line there are
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4 saerfb 8 units aproveed for construction ja829 units that filed for aprovel. if all och those projects go forward only 7 percent of the units that are aproveed by the city are below market rate because developers are paying inlieu fees instead of building affordable units on site. t thameans fine 3 percent of the housing built in the mission will be luxury housing. this is truly a state of emergency. the eastern neighborhood plan we passed in 2008 dwubled doubled the amount of development, but at the time the intent of eastern neighborhoods would be to double that fl purpose of building affordable housing in this neighborhood. that plan has failed the mission. the eastern neighborhoods plan is
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not working. despite so much residential construction our working people, seniors youth and families are being displaced and the prices keep going up. a medium price home cost more than a million dollars and a medium price apartment cost more thaj than 3 thousand dollars a months. there is a bright line of hope though that is shining 3. i have never since i became a supervisor seen our community so united. people that perhaps at times are on opposite sides on issues have come together to say enough is enough and they are not working in isolation. this community and my office is work wg the mayor office in economic development, the w the planning department >> student start a new housing plan for the mission. the city
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itself including the mayors office and planning department in so doing have acknowledged that we need a new housing plan for this neighborhood. colleagues we need to acknowledge the eastern neighborhoods plan is out of date. we need to acknowledge that it has failed and it is time to put up a temporary stop to market rate development so that our community can plan and so that as we plan the limited land that is available to build affordable housing on is not taken up by more luxury housing development. we know that we have to build at least 2500 affordable housing units by the year 2020 in this naird
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neighborhoods and that makes up for the displacement that already occurred, it isn't to increase diversity or hope those pushed out of the nairnd come back and we don't have a plan for building that housing. it is a crisis and we need to respond like it is a crisis. this is why i am introducing this introom urge ordinance to you today and let me say i have not done this before, but i will be also asking this board that instead of sending this item to xhitety, i believe that this issue so pressing that the crisis is so urgent, that we need to hear this collectively as a committee of a whole that the entire board of supervisors needs to hear from the
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community and i will introduce motion so that this discussion can be had by the entirety of the board. i want to take this opportunities thank the community that has been working with me for so long to make this happen. i want to thank the tenets who have shared their stories. the parents, the kids who talked about the very personal struggles. i want to thank all the people who have shared how difficult it is. i want to thank the colleagues on the board of supervisors who have signed on to be cosponsors of this measure. it means a great deal to me to supervisor mar, kim, avalos and y ee. i will end
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with one note, if i have learned anything in my 10 years as a supervisor is every district is unique. we as supervisors each and every one of us knows the challenges thatd
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chance to stay in san francisco. lastly i want to thank my staff, my chief of staff, hillary roanen, legislative aid joseph [inaudible] and carolyn who have been working around the clock. to city aattorneys office who worked with us on this for the last few days. i
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don't know that people have gotten much sleep, but it ask the nature of theergeancy that requires e we act boldly. i look forward to a conversation and debate and i can tell you in the end i know that you will hear what we have to say. you will hear this community and it is a community in pain, but it is also a community that believes in san francisco. that believes in the promise that this city has meant to so many of us. we came to san francisco because we from all walks ouf life believe in san francisco we could be ourselves and the mission represents the very best of san francisco. we are fighting for the sole of the mission and in so doing we are fight frg the soul of san
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francisco. let's keep low income working people, middle income people in the mission because at the end of the day, the mission cannot be the mission without its people. thank you. >> thank you supervisor compose
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back to the flow for roll call. for visor christensen >> so as supervisor campose mentioned all our districts are facing housing crisis in their own way. in my district where nearly all the buildings, i think it is 95 percent have been in place for 40 or 50 years or more. we are not as plagued by an influx of new housing which we embrace where we can find place, but at the lost of the existing housing. we are attempted to create new housing but we also need to preserve and protect what we have. for the latter, evection and 3 day notices and buy out and required to be filed with the rent board and the city does fund eviction defense programs and small [inaudible] and other tenet resources that we are happy to offer to the residence in danger of being
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displaced. we find most rez derns don't know their options and frightened to give up their [inaudible] today a small step, i'm introducing a resolution urging the mayors office to convene a working group of rent board and development an evection alert system to notify the mayors office of housing and district supervisor when more than one eviction notice 3 day or buy out aurf is made in a building. in a matter of a couple moint we can be notified in days and help [inaudible] the short term goal is connect the tenets with the serves the city already has quickly so eviction and displacement can be avoided and
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the sitf silty retain the rent croul. the long [inaudible] data and notificationerize at mated and the cyst nl can work quickly and efficiently. there are other steps that need to be taken but this is snngee can do in the shortd term to protect existing rens dns remain in the rent control housing and ask my colleagues to join in the short term solution. the rest i submit >> supervisor cohen >> thank you i submit. >> supervisor farrell >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues i have toitems today. first is the reoctization of the film rebate program here in san francisco. film production choose to locate here and bring benefits to the resident recollect worker and economy. the rebate
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program we have seen grew over the year and very successful and incent tize vised more film production to come to the sate. i believe this is a big part of the culture and community. the rebate program is set to sunset at the end of june and it is imparaative we continue the program. the rebate program show cases the world class city on there big screen [inaudible] diversify as art ports of the economy grow. for every dollar deinated to the film production, $6 are spent on wages and other expenditures. what is more encouraging is the data shows the film commission expects to grow ovtime. in terms of the grouth and function of the program in order for film
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production to rerfb the rebate they need to qualify. they need 65 percent of the total principle prarfy days are located within thcity limits. the thing i believe that is great is how wex pand to include [inaudible] documentarys [inaudible] hose of other productions. furter more expansion of the state film tax credit inical goes into effect july 1 and expect the extension och our rebate program in more production will be incentvised to locate in the city. some hof the productions that have been here in san francisco hbo looking session 1 and 2 with season 2 is aired on hbo. real world came to san francisco for season 29. netflix web series [inaudible] had a number of episodes here
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and [inaudible] dierary of a teen age girl was filmed here. help support local crew jz actors and hotels and small business and so much more. for this year we have 3 productions signed frup the program and expect more. from my perspective and someone that continued to carry this legislation extended the program and funding i believe the program proves it paid for itself and then some. it is rare to have government program that have a high return on investment. it has been a important asset for the local econome in the past and believe extended it will continue the sick suss of the program. i have legislation that i carry this year. a number of colleagues in the years past to introduce waver for the temporary [inaudible] small business week 2015. this will be the 11ict anversyry of small
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business week & the theme this is year is celebrating small business. this year i'm pleased to interdus this legislation. [inaudible] signed tupe participate in the side walk sale slated for saturday may 16 and 23. to support the side walk sales is during those days i want to thank the department of pub lic works and staff burey [inaudible] processing the permits. i encourage everyone to buy local, shop small and visit the merchants. the rest i submit >> supervisor farrell. supervisor kim >> thank you. i am introducing 2 pieces of legislation today. the first is expanding the limit permit to western south affmarket area plan. in 20 laerfb the city passed legislation to allow
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tainment on a limited basis can [inaudible] allow mic music poetry and fashion. the permits support both small businesses and a growing and emerging diverse local talent in san francisco by allowing entertainment on a limited basis. our office worked over the course of several monthwise the entertainment commission, residence, business owners and other stake holders to development a plan that support the residential character of the nairblds which a mixed use neighborhood and also acknowledges the historical idea as a place for performing arts and entertain: at the time it was passed limited life performantance permit were not allowed due to neighborhood concerns about the non existing
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track record thf permits. several years later we have now learned that of the 58 permt issued only 3 businessvise are the subject of complaints. 2 of these is nysthat occurred much later tan the time entertainment was permit. businesses are permits are subject to increase regulation because they are also under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission and the commission follows up and investigates complaints eve chb if they are not related to the permit. we found the fear that the llp's conflict with mixed use nature of the area are unfounded, however the initial proition befsh was a important part of the process. i'm introducing legislation today that will expand limited life permits in the western [inaudible] the ledgeilation will allow limeted live
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entertain on 9th and 10th street from mission and harrison and howard and folsome in the south of market. they are not permitted in the [inaudible] where most of the residence live. it is my help the llp's will support the lively culture of artist, mew scission, comics, nexus of arts and entertain 789 ment in the sate while supporting small business that provide foot traffic and enhance it safety of the cor doors. second i'm also introducing trailing legislation to strengthen helths code requirement frz gas stations to provide clean and accessible bathrooms to the patrons during business hours by creating a enforcement mechanism. district 6 a mixed use historically with a lut of office, marfing and night life art and also housing and over
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the last 15 years we have seen a steady increase of growth of housing and residential in the neighborhood cht i key part of the work we y do is insure we have infustructure where the increased dwept. a critical piece of the infrastructure beyond park jz ped safety is public restrooms. whether it is piloting staff pit stops in the tender loan or 5th street or [inaudible] mapping public restrooms that should allow access to our tourist and workers and rez dlsh, it is important that we are able to low usage in our neighborhoods so that people don't have to go to the bathroom on peoples door steps and stoops. i want to hank supervisor farrell for introducing legislation around this where we learned gas stations are specifically required that their patrons
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have a safe and clean facility to utilize which is important in a nirbd like the south of market which has 224 hour gas stations which are the top groussing gas station in the state that are also kiddy corner from many clubs including 2 venues that have after hour permits including 1015 fol some and the [inaudible] we have found that commuters club goers and travellers get gas and buy food and drink but were not able to use restroom facilities late at night i locked out causing issues for the surrounding neighborhood and cor doors. our office worked with dph to clean up a loop hom that allowed a lack of over site and enforcement for violation. this is a effort to close the loop hole as we required bathrooms to remain open by establishing a sign system for
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dph to use when issuing notice after inspection and hearing. the rest i submit. >> supervisor mar >> thank you colleagues. i want to thank supervisor compose for raising the state of emergency and crisis within the mission district and proceed to be one of the 5 supervisors standsing in solidary with the mission. i sense as we look forward to the cities challenges with affordable how hozing and address the displacement we will look with solidarity with mission district and support other communities in need as well. colleagues i some saddened to announce that there have been 2 suicide of young people youth in the richmond district ibthe munt of prl and
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it is a concern with those that have mental illness in the families like mine that we need community helths services rchlt we are approaching asian pacific [inaudible] celebrating on monthers day. i want say little about the sue stds occurred at washington high school. in the richmond district we lost 2 washington high school community members to suicide in april. i have known of different incident on the school board for 8 years, but they were usually concentrated at some of the other high schools so to have 2 in one month is a serious concern. out of respect for the privacy of infamlies i won't devulg details until they are public for the families, but did say it is a serious
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concern. for student the need for wellness is critical especially at high school. as a father of the high school student i know the stresses at high school or college prep can put on young people and without the community based services it makes it challenging especially for working class and immigrant families. i know one of the suicide victims was a asian marijuana and the other was a 18 year old that transferred out of washington high school. i know washington has a great wellness center that does peer to peer mental health counseling that is a model of how to build support from school and i think richmond area for helping develop that model. i know the school district has a great school health prm that helpwise the families and school communities
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and know our city also supported wellinoussenters and community based modelsism the defundsing of community health leave us in a situation where many families and young people don't have the support they need from our community mental health system. i think the work by richmond [inaudible] and washington high school need much more support and did want to say that as we look to the expansion of the childrens #23u7bd thanks to the voters of san francisco i urge the department of children, youth and families to strongly evaluate the type of of support for multicultural mental health service frz the young people. i also want to say as we look at mental and behavioral health we need to look at communities like the richmond district which may be seen as a model minority district but we have poverty and needs especially of
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immigrant young people and families. i also want to say now having talked about the tragied, because of organizations like the richmond area multiservices which i served as the receptionist 31 years ago so i feel it is my district mental honet center and they led a effort not only in san francisco but around the state to acknowledge asian pacific american mental hemth day so may 10 from 1-4 at the richmond district center will celebrate the work of [inaudible] and also the richmond district neighborhood center that partner to have a human safety net where we have great mental hent in the neighborhoods. please join us for the family wellness fair promoting wellness. there were
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be activities, arts and crafts, games, yoga and family photoexhibit and also celebrate the work of so many mental melth agencies and schools and community centers. if you want more information you can go to the website www.rams lastly hopefully the tragic suicide at washington high school will raise awareness to promote stronger mental health wellness every day of the year. the rest i ubschmit >> sfr visor tang >> thank you very much. today i'm introducing as a cosponsor along with the mayors office and supervisor wiener a
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package of legislation having to do with muni and how we improve public transportation system. the first is that we are going to be mending the contract [inaudible] 48 buses and [inaudible] and other tools that go with that. the amendment will be funded by fta fund, federal transportation agency [inaudible] i think this is important as we are trying to do our very best to make investments we need to be able to encourage people to ride public transportation not just for our generation but those to come. the second package has to do with proposition a passed and sporebted by the board of supervirezs. authorize the [inaudible] obligation baunt and authorize sale of 67 million dollar bond measure from the 2014 transportation bond specifically going toward
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projectss like muni forward, better market street and other improvements. i'm glad we are valuing the public transportation and the mayor and supervisors announced additional 48 million to improve leliability and hopefully they will pan out in the long run and as well as short tum. lasly i want to request we adjourn the board meeting in memory of the [inaudible] sand raw rosen field passed away a week ago. she libes in chicago and know we want to send our very best to am rosen fields family and coworkers in the controllers office. his mirther sand rulives in chicago and she helped found the first hospice service in chicago