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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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know this number doesn't reflect the number of homeless families including the children like 3 thousand homeless which were in california back in the day the shelter waiting list was very long at compass we use means to structure our services try to meet the need but not enough we understand the town hall of homelessness on families particular on children homelessness is trauma it is like war or violence and the longer families are homeless it is greater the toll it takes on the family and more likely that family is going to not recover from homelessness and the thinking stability will be generational there's more money than ever in san francisco right now -
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>> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i coordinate the tenants rights for the justice cause we see over one thousand cases every year we're part of the how's pious we're facing an unprecedented crisis no housing and in our office alone i can't tell how many unjust cases thirteen 14 to many of the scheduled appointment their awe testing to the need every week folks threatened with displacement are coming out to our office in the city of san francisco really must act now and the proposal that hesitating pa has will significantly reduce
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the crisis san francisco can be proud we fought and one the city's protects but folks that are not aware of the laws that hope people at the risk of the homelessness stay in their home the hesitating pa will inform the people so they don't become homeless and this plan is based the successful fly wheel outreach with oakland they're looking at to be do a similar outreach plan our outreach workers will knock on doors in 8 of the harder neighborhood the mission and chinatown and boyer bay area and excelsior and south of market and others and we'll distribute educational materials and talk to 8 thousand folks he urge you to support of the hesitating pa for the doing business as folks to let know
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know and get full recommendation all of which are outlined in our hesitating pa proposal for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm jamie a social directing director i get to see over our program i get to see how supportive housing transforms people's lives in 2013 we found over 19 heed folks in folks on the street we want more beds for other people that needs support to get settled and get skills and become depict after they get city housing much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello executive director of
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st. francis paul society under the roof we run the ms n shelter 3 hundred and 40 beds for single adults and drop in center 70 people sit in chairs and have 3 emergency shelters 26 beds if transitional housing we have many which were we deal with the homeless everyday and what i have harder is the retractable press release to the $28 million that was releases thank you for that effort it was well received but the people ♪ room today are part of the chronic issues at play we need all of the elements at play whether the new solution but the deep in the trenches trenches
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hard work and heavy lifting were by hesitating pa and hope you increase the subsidizes they're important for keeping people exits to housing thank you >> next speaker and hi, i'm here representing the coalition on homelessness and speaking for a number of homeless people in the tenderloin today, i did outreach for people in the homeless sherltsz like the hampton some of the people have different stories and tragedy and miss forevermore not only one thing was consistent with the people interact they're not regarded as humans their unboeshth worth of bad treatment i walked into the park a couple began harassing one the daughters he nonverbal abused my coworker after that
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they've experiencing the trauma of homeless and from the police they don't need that those are countless reasons one thing is certain if there is housing made available through the hesitating pa it will gridlock reduce the homeless shelters and there be less overwhelming anded children public school not abused by an officer like officer busing will i (clapping.) good afternoon jeff with hampton family center was very excited to hear about the $28.9 million that mayor ed lee is putting in his budget to aid the issues of homelessness a supervisor farrell stepped out but
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appreciate the leadership on this issue but two points i'd like to make with wards to that one is that, please do consider the hesitating pa proposal around the fund did homeless it was developed by the people work on the front lines for many years we should be respected during the process the more - the $298 newspaper has been set aside for homeless families i'm proud of reducing the adult homelessness in san francisco, however, at the same time family homelessness has done but that by 29 percent it's had a right harding to understand or said it effects innocent children and literally damaged their brains i
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hope that as your considering the budget and into the future you considering not only the hesitating pa act but the road map to end family homelessness by the coalition of homelessness and others this is am important issue if we don't address it the children that are traumatized by the homelessness with going to be end up on the street. >> good morning, everyone. brighten with the housing lines i alliance i'm here to support of the hesitating pa i don't know what is wrong with me today, i'm so full the gratitude i wish i could open up my heart i get teary about the help but thank you for the help and i want to specifically call out trent the staff at dos and the malice they've been incredible
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to work with they're so helpful i want to let them know also the leadership of jacky and others at hesitating pa there's something about women leadership that's different i'm surrendered by people that are better than me that's a good place to be i'm support our continued request are for additional subsidy for the seniors subsidies already in the last 5 weeks we've gotten 20 people referred into that program like the 73 navy veteran open the great highway who spouse died and a disabled developer in the castro and also importantly two certificate of preference holders from the construction by the incident
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depth agency we've gotten into permanent housing so we want to expand that program it is work better than i thought that would and it feels great and what didn't get funded last year was rapid rehousing subsidies for single adults we have a program to get people with hiv hundred and 25 people a year and want to expand to non-hiv people. >> thank you, sir. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon joe wilson hospitality house want to lend our support focusing on prevenlg to keep san franciscans housed 90 in san francisco make sense and hopefully, you'll unfortunate in that proposal one of two annoying comments i think the important thing to
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remember for us is that increasing services to one sector of the population shouldn't come at the accept of the vulnerable population no, not to reconfigure the by but back more that his and consistent with the scale of the problem we're 40 thousand affordable units short of what the current need is for extremely income and low income as follows that is a number open the order of 16 to $20 billion so we're talking about pitting a housing bond on the ballot we need to talk about billion dollars rather than million dollars that's two and it is frustrating to hear we access and evaluated them and screen them and rehab them but
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everything but hire them we need to have someone stand up in this town and explain to developers how we do business it is bans our rules they have to come to the table bans what they want- expanding the pilot practice writing project that is an employment employment and older individuals that are exhausted hair unemployment benefits, and, secondly a working families credit here in san francisco - >> thank you. okay. >> (inaudible). >> thank you very much okay. thank you >> thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> hello, i'm wendy with the hoped house and want to echo what joe said i also want to support of the hesitating pa proposal to focus on emergency sheltered beds theres necessity a lot of shelter beds available for folks they're there for hundred and 48 days and then 2, 3, 4 weeks to get into other shelter bed or not an opportunity in the shelter bed to be about jobs and housing and everything he want to say that the safety net services we provide at hospitality house and other services that were said i want to echo how for those are for the folks to do not have homes and are looking for homes they can't get a job or worry about
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when their next meal is to be thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm julie work with the hospitality house in the tenderloin and everyday i have the opportunity to help folks assess services such as a housing and working on their animal and physical health everyday i see people fall through the cracks whether wait for shelter beds and can't afford to live in the city or trying to survive in the most expensive saying city as well as the city with the fastest growing gaps not just the tenderloin all of san francisco is struggling we're going to need over 40 thousand affordable units and the lack of how's puts
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a strain on all the health services year by year your presented with opportunity to say help the whole city's the hesitating pa proposal is one to help protect against section it needs to be a priority in coping the culture and diversity of our city thank you. >> thanks>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm kathy for the episcopal we manage shelter beds and thrilled to be part of the navigation center taking the lead in partnership are the
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mayor's office of housing. >> we have to meet and do everything and as well our health signs i've been in one shelter i have been to kaiser permanente
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permanente. >> every year we see a lot of kids out on the street we need you to support this for more housing. >> at the. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm jessica with the
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coalition of homelessness this is my second day i was baffled by the things i sue we took some statements i'm a mother and one woman told me she was denied the right size for shoes for her son that can crush a person i took statements from others people they contacted skabz from a bed and have thirty minutes to wash kids for 4 kids and that is not enough time having to get 5 kids rode the fund i don't know where it is coming from any mothers they need help thank you. >> i thank you terror times i
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promise to be brief san francisco is facing an unprecedented housing crisis we estimate 2 thousand and 3 thousand kids homeless in the district the numbers are probably twice as much but obviously we talking about an affordability crisis when the minimum wage average is 15 hundred a month and the average rent is 3 thousand to supervisor mar you have the confidence to do the shelter you stretch both our arms and people like live families of three or four with cockroaches and paying over 12 hundreds to i'm here to advocate for the proposal as well as the 5 year road map to end
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homelessness it is a shame that san francisco being perhaps the most fluent city in the nation in the world is only using two percent of its budget to address public housing so i encourage you to please do whatever in our hands to support those initiative and the 5 year map to end family homelessness. >> 83 thank you>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and hi good afternoon, supervisors my name is ma gel i work for the coalition of homelessness i'm here to - for the board of supervisors and the mayor for $6.5 million to house people and keeping san francisco housed i want to say sometimes san francisco are leaving a world apart the world must take action
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with the housing crisis and while the other things i want to mention every time everyday we have a evictions in san francisco i'm sure you're aware of and every time we evicted environmental impact one family we have kids one human being who is homeless we are support to increase more of the homeless people in san francisco while we don't put enough money to stopping the evictions is there first one we need to do then at the same time, we have to work together to putting more money to housing the only way we can end homelessness so if we're not working together to preventing environmental impact
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the families and the single people we want to once we have more homeless people in san francisco we don't want so, please supervisors supporting the hesitating pa proposal and putting more money for housing so to end the homelessness in san francisco stupefy have a good evening. >> thank you very much. >> my name is joyce i've bend from nonprofit and services since this board decided not to vote flavor of this bill it will represent and egregious and eir repair harm and margin lists population of poor people i'm particularly talking about transgender that are homeless in those shelters i'll urge to you
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pass to funding. >> thank you are there any more members of the public that wishes to speak on item number 2 human resources already seeing none, public comment is closed so i want to thank everyone that stuck around for the public comment and colleagues thanks for hanging around we've been here for 4 hours we're going to be continuing items two to next week so colleagues, any more comments i'd like to entertain a motion to file item number one. >> sorry item number 2 thank you so motion by supervisor mar and seconded by supervisor wiener and we can we'll take that without objection. m can you call items if three and four together. >> the update from the public
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utilities commission for fiscal year 2015-2016 and item number 4 hearing on the did most status report and the controller's office and the mayor's office to report. >> thank you. i want to thank the puc and the controller's office michelle we're going to continue this next week we'll hear those next week at the budget committee per anyone wish to speak on items three or four seeing none, public comment is closed can i have a motion to continue next week and second by supervisor tang and that without objection. madam clerk madam clerk, is there any further business before this commission? no, mr. chair. >> thank you, everyone adjourned
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