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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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the better so just the last thing i want to say is that as we're looking at to put the that his together in terms of who is going to serve and how we're going to move this forward in terms of the board and what it is going to look like intentional making sure that we've had those conversations not ethnicity wise but cross disciplines in the work with the board members had participate in the skills to increase the resources in the district. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> thank you commissioner president murase. >> thank you, laura for the way you've engaged with the board we've had a number of conversations as the structure was put together as we thought about the vision and we
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recommended board members this entire process has been a partnerships are the district staff and the board it is incredible important i wish we had adequate resources at the district we didn't have to spend a lot of times but the state and city funded us at a level we didn't have to pursue a lot of time with fundraising that's not the reality that we face and for the for assembly future with that said we've blessed to live in a communicated in san francisco thereer tremendous resources available not only in terms of financial resources but innovation and expertise they can share with use it is an essential and really for us a deferring liberation of doubt
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and the question how do we do it what is the structure and i think the way we put together visions 2024 and thought about where and want to go and say? what our needs are as opposed to those dictated by people that have the money so do it this way we're at a point we can say this is our vision and led by superintendant and putting forward this strategy this is our vision this is our needs and how can i fit into that and help us meet those needs i know i hear folks in the community is there is so much wealthy how can i meet the needs of the students but don't let them take public education not only public so what you put together is a structure that allows the board to maintain our control and vision and the
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superintendant his vision to really draw fully on the opportunity if are available in terms of partnerships so we've struck the right balance i fully endorse that the one thing i'll ask maybe this will help to kind of put this in real terms for people that maybe listening or watching if you get kind of paint a picture or give an example of how the board of education my interact with or work with the board as a foundation in terms of decisions or but the truth or resources how might that look in practice so we can get a sense of for us the unique relationship but a new relationship and one that i think will be evolving if you could put the meat on the bones to understand what it looks
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like. >> that's a great question one of the things we've talked about we have our campaign priorities and fundraising priorities but one the things i see learning this board of directors is asking their voices and support how we set goals around those and actually communicate that to the border public what kinds of activities and networks we'll be taping into we've had people to step forward and offer their support and introducing us to groups that manage the private donor funds and some of them are public school parents that want to see as you said more of the wealth in the city go to public educations i see us leveraging the board and want to see the
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superintendant or folks in the school meet with us and the board members are invited i see using this as partners to emancipation proclamation tell our story positively and how to communicate the great results with the investment and how to more fully engage frankly more funders than today we want to raise the money to go deeper and more quickly with the things especially where we have clear strategies where we're trying to innovative and need to lead today's arnold article was a good example we made the first page of the chronicle that was a partnership between a founder that says tells you what's important to you we've partnered with the cb o in the community with higher ed groups and the teachers and our english arts
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department and truly created something together that resulted in something i think has been a big challenge to close the digital divide with the in school connection and leveraging the technology to help the families be there are in the students first teacher and be empowered to be advocates and supports for the teachers for the children so those are the kinds of things we want to figure out how do we take that to scale; right? if this is something this is combrfr how to get more funders like the great literacy and so i think this is really existed weigh egg to handpick people that are partners and innovative thinkers so i see that as a layer of support for us. >> ms. fewer.
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>> yes. thank you laura for this report and i'm glad to see we're finally kind of doing it quite frankly so to laurie know you've been reaching out for a caregivers i'd like to speak you, you about the board of directors board of directors do so the level of expertise the vastness of the areas of expertise and also how long do they serve i feel we also as board members should be looking for potential board of directors for this important position so fully understand the responsibilities are sort of and the charge of it i think that would be helpful for me and another thing what is going to be i am prefer you've said to make that true we keep to the integrate we have a strategic plan to the goals of of our strategic plan and that is
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never, ever forgotten and you stay true to course and this is the funding had will help us thank you, laura i really appreciate that. >> commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell. >> i wanted to acknowledge you and our team we have important a long-term as many of the colleagues know have been wanting a development team to bring this altogether and what you've been able to do with our office and staff has been phenomenal we're on in incredible role and people are investing in our young people and our teachers and principals and what is happening in the clamor we're giving p them n that pathway and the launch last week was really great and it really balances out the possibility for many of the schools that don't have the infrastructure to put someplace together and in addition to that
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as an equalizer for many of the schools and what a difference it makes over and over unify ordinary this is what we need and instead of chasing money i guess my one question with many you know we've used fiscal agencies in the past and charged fees that is in house and we'll be able to you imagine charge an admin fee to make sure those dollars are collected and distributed accordingly one other piece that makes you powerful we've had agencies that worked closely with the district to be the fundraising arm but having it in house you'll have the pulse of what is happening on a daily basis this is
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powerful so congratulations and i know this is a couple of years in the making i hope to see that to witness the first board meeting with the approval by way of. >> i want to call out a cough of people ms. howling is responsible for the populating the website for each the schools so each school will have a platform for which to fund-raise and schools can identify projects to be contributed towards so want to compliment our team and to elaborate on the partnering is about it is about
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give every school sites the opportunity to have the website to get donations. >> any further questions thank you seeing none thank you, very much. for you presentation we'll move next to the behavior intervention masking superintendant. >> thank you commissioner president murase i'd like to ask thomas additional my other
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colleague. >> good evening superintendent carranza commissioner president murase commissioner vice president haney and commissioners to the board of education and especially sandra fewer who insisted on that power point presentation she misses me she calls me everyday. >> we're here here to report on at behavorial matrix we've started this in the curriculum committee a few weeks back i'm sure you're aware of i want to this behavorial matrix is part of the schools resolution in the resolution it calls for a
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tooerdz broorl matrix the resolution that you all passed asked for that is to the developed in the educators and several stakeholders we'll talk about that later and it includes positive and supportive intervention that defining the policies defining with respect to suspensions and it establish more intentional outlet around the restorative practices purpose to provide guidance on the interventions and support to be used as a tool to build
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common understanding the district high behavorial to unwanted behavior to have second-degree murder intervention and encourage other strategies and the primer the rupture purchase of the resolution to talk about the disapportions it of one student behavior for african-american and the latino students before we actually look at the matrix itself you're going to see references in the motivation matrix about the scombrejz and support what helps the staff to builds it's skills and capacity to build a positive pro social
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learning environment and the students i'm asked with where's the training when will we get to full implementation i want to share a slide don't go crazy that is the bother action team support i'm showing you this not as a hundred accurate those numbers are not make up but they might not be today's numbers we're keeping the point is we're keeping track of those personal outreach to individual schools for different support programs so if you look for instance restorative practices we've got 2 hundred and 98 not staff but 2 hundred 98 people if thomass office are supporting the district arrest the 3 hundred
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and 67 individual time i want to show we're at least tracking the point of contact with the schools i can drill down the elementary school by name and all it it breakdown we're keeping track of where we're providing the most support to which schools frequently and the highs and the lows and the programs most successful i want to show us this is we're montana of that is mentioned in the matrix to talk about the site capacity is it so important to know those anyway to an to the matrix it's the matrix there are 3 mayor's office of housing and economic development one important behaviorals for the disruption and another mayor's office of housing and economic development o matrix 40 those people behind me it looks like
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it is over there and there are another matrix for the primary behaviors involving prospective harassment and drugs and alcohol and weapons, no stability suspensions in the 98 code of ed code and behaviors requiring in active intervention each matrix as upgraded interventions that teachers suggest before a classroom revel and the first reflect the second and third and repeated restless each interventions are existed into the restorative practices and involve different
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types of interventions and responses to the behaviors the matrix is a living document all schools have different skills that bring a host of other interventions and alternatives and support, etc. they can weave into their own matrix at the their schools i'll introduce mary she comes from app puss they developed their own magic we encourage schools to make those living documents we are going to give you the template but bring together our own community and what skills what programs are working do you have peer resources so build those are into our matrix to make it best fewer schools we want to help you to build the skills and
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capacity at our schools our condominium committed in the handout all the information for all the we have address intervention and support for special populations like students with foster youth and african-american students that include the decided promoter suspicion and the ed code definition of the 489 hundred section matrix has been a long journalist i want to recognize the work of o'neill to us and been extremely committed to this journey of building this matrix and
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working with having numerous meetings and being in the froernt we're glad to have her leading the input i want to and, of course, mention thomas he's amazing my executive director thomas and behind me there's i do want to mention some important people that contributing to the matrix and working in thomass team shamannic if you have not met this person coma down she's amount really, really amazing those people are really we need a lot of input this is a long time coming as a matrix we need everyone's input and gave me in
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the conversation is not an easy feat i want to recognize the middle school reaction team and cork i didn't and nicole is here she oversees the team they've been instrumental i'm going to turn it over to more and more rick restrict to talk about the journey thank you, mr. truit and thank you superintendent carranza and commissioners for bringing us on 10 o'clock our slides again as kevin said this is a living document so last week, we talked about we've had 20 matrix creation and
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restriction meetings we're up to 25 and this is draft number 20 so as we keep going we hope to keep this going this is a truly living document we don't want this to become something that sits on a shelf and goes away or that people can't refer to as my team was meeting with the counseling department they were working on how to integrate that so that the counselors the head counselors can use it this team that works with us were teachers and students and parents the kohlman and association and my colleague is here kohlman and associates and ms. coffee and kevin are here a pack and
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special ed we had family engagements support support for families and most importantly pack they helped us to create this documents it was a 55 page document showmanic took this document with her assistants created an 18 page document so without her i would probably still be trying to widdle e he will this down we treat e created this with the san bernardino and oakland and napping and los angeles unified school district and members of the california association of personnel administrators and, of course working with the two unions and addressing their concerns as we go along our goal is publication and
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student family handbook those our parents and students what understand how we can best serve them in our schools we want to introduce this and discuss that at our all admin institute and working with the fellows which i'm a member of and hopefully my two friends will be join me shortly so that we can build a bettered bridge and provide portfolios for onsite staff pd coupling in august and feedback for calculation not only for this document but for the school site the matrixs we're working to create that's how our journl journey with the matrixs that
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our journey calls for, thank you thank you thank you for your time. >> commissioner president murase thank you as we all reassembly i want to thank mr. kevin truit and thomas and mr. o'neill thank you for your presentation we this could could be a whole evening our con sees so thank you for your presentation. >> i have 3 speakers kevin and others and i want to make a note we've run out of speaker cards if you want to speak write it on a piper and hand to the administrator in keeping with
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the status one minute per person. >> good evening susan solomon a few comments sf members participated through our joint save and rules committee meetings that are ongoing so the matrix has a lot of support built in one right of concerns with the pedicabs is the district going to be providing all the support we're looking you to you to make this matrix real and part of the discussion about that being a living document their may be changes pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. practice what is in it another issue that came up is as classroom teachers and paraprofessionals looked at this we realize this may be this matrix is about administrators councils and social workers will be doing we have an agreement to
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have a committee that focuses on a teacher focus matrix so this is something we'll be working on together and lastly i wanted to mentioned that we do have we have sf has been awarded a grant for professional development around managing anti social bother and we'll be working in partnerships are the purple services to address the concerns of some of our members that is a we want we're doing to her one support and tier two those are important but we need to have train in how to deliver the tier 3 support is to the students in the classroom that's where we will be going on the work soon. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm convene advocates for the children and youth we've worked with the district on the
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creation of that matrix we feel good about it and feel strong it prioritize the support and not punishment we're excited to see that implemented in all the high schools and the especially high schools are lots of african-american students been suspend or pushed out of schools i think the only thing to add this document is awesome but we need updated policies and the implementation timeline for the support of schools resolution we're able to make sure this is being revolted out to the schools and permitted tiger's it and lifting up the needs of the african-americans families the ones that have been suspended the most and having the most trouble in san francisco unified school district so to make sure those prelims the district matrix can actually happen and
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be successful thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, members of the board i'm lauren a deputy defending and the led of the educational advocate i didn't program we've been at the table with the magic and kevin said all this a lot better than i do but to the understanding i appreciate all the amazing thoughtful work with the coalition of the city and the pordz fully supports all the support to keep the kids into the clamor and out of the jails the critical next step is prelims for next year all the work is done this year this requires that insuring those schools that has population such as the do you want high schools have the resources and support
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they need those appropriated allocation of resources based on the populations and it is really important to making sure that all the work that's been done this year turns into the implementation for the students we serve everyday thank you. >> thank you very much no further public comment questions or comments. >> commissioner walton. >> thank you for flattering us with the presentation again, mr. truit on the collaborating districts have they developed their own matrix are we on the front end. >> we're on the front end they're waiting to see what we came up with because they knew that this was a huge