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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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, the sidewalk. it is not going to work, it is america and let them play, i am 62 years old and i been a professional musician since elementary school and i have worked with every artist that you can think of and i am here visiting and doing the studio work here, let them play, i mean wha, harm is in it? >> great. >> any last public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is now closed, commissioners do you guys have any last thoughts on this i ne that the director asked for some direction on this. >> and i think that as we are going to look into this and i think that i mean, that these people, they come, and like you say, they are very mature and in fact, a lot of times i will, hire a lot of street artist to perform in our clubs because you know, there is a gig and i
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can't find that and i don't think that the commission will get rid of the performers on the street and i think that there are things that we have to work out and i am sure that we do have a subcommittee and i would like to have a committee of the musicians even give us more input and because i think, that we can all live together, and i think that it is not that we are going to eliminate anything, and i think that we just have to and it is just part of growing, as a big city. and, and i don't think that this commission, at all are going to say that we don't want the street performers, i think that if there is just some kind of that i thinks we can work out together and with, the different city agencies, and who also support the industry performers as well. but we are not the only ones, and i mean that it is going to take a process, that is all that i have to say. >> i just wanted to make a
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request, of the president. that i think that we need to form a committee, to really look into this and talk about this, among the commissioners here. and we would be happy to work on that committee if you so choose, and i also think that maybe, instead of telling 3450e, where they can play, and maybe we can tell the people where they can't, play and, maybe we will have avoidance zones and i am not sure that is right, but most of all, after knowing the bucket man for years, i am really happy that he is finally famous. >> i think that there has been a sentiment that all regulation is bad, and i hope that that is not the take away, i mean that i think that if there are regulations that they can also serve to protect your interests as well. hearing that story about your
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buckets getting taken away does in the sit well with me and i would like to make sure that we put the rules in place that protect and safe guard your interests as well. >> right, right. >> okay. >> and all right, those are great comments and i think that the regulation is a way and the public comment is closed. >> and the regulation is a way, for us to just sort of address the issue and i think that a lt of times things can happen and people can regulate each other in a community setting and absolutely the more that the government stays out of it the better and when the people start complaining and the neighbors start to push you out you do want a formal process to make sure that you can be there, and can continue and i think that like i said earlier i think that our commission has always been a supporter of not just the entertainment but the arts and we want to see the industry thrive and not to just have it be the sterile place,
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where, you know, artists can't come and can't perform and can't make it big if they do one day, so, i think that i will take commissioner joseph's recommendation to create a subcommittee and i think that we need three members of the commission to form a subcommittee. >> i volunteer. >> moshoyannis, and joseph. >> and that would be the official committee. >> and i think that, we will discuss this further and see, that we had a lot of questions about, and you know, what other, you know, entities or whether it be bart or the parks or the hot dog stands, and let us know when to bring us back to the full commission and thank you all for coming in today, and we are going to move
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on to the next agenda item. >> item number five, the police department comments and questions and i am not sure that if there is anyone from the department that want to speak and does not look like, we will move on to item six, the permit application. >> we have two israel ems one is for grandma's saloon, and this is a permit and this is actually, you know, we have had no opposition from the station and no opposition from the community.
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the consent items unless there is a member that would like to split them, is there any interest in splitting them? otherwise we can handle this all in one, i don't see any, and so, commissioners, would you guys, like to take a motion? i would move to approve. >> both. >> items on the consent agenda. >> i second. >> there is a motion and a second. >> is there a public comment. and either, last weekend video. i know that they had a pool table and i used to own it and the lady who has it now is a wonderful person and i think that we want to support that and i happen to watch the
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warriors over there and i think that they have a lucky tv and so it is the good, and that is justice. >> great, any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and let's take a vote. >> on the motion to approve both of these permits, commissioner lee. >> yes. >> joseph. >> aye. >> moshoyannis. >> aye. >> perez. >> yes. >> and tan. >> aye. >> and the motion passes and with the video are approved and we will move on to the regular agenda. this is 156 columbus and they were originally schedule a couple of months ago but they had to undergo the conditional use process.
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>> and these in 2008 and we reopened in december of 2014 and this process started in 2013, before we signed the lease and we started the neighborhood out reach and the first agency that we contacted was the san francisco police department, and we met with captain tom at the time, and officer methias and they give us their initial okay to proceed, and following our presentation, for the police department, we met with
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supervisor chui and he and his colleagues, we met with them and the planning committee and the association, and we also met with the north beach business association, and with the south, and the top of broad way. and association. and the hotel neighbor's association, and also, because we are required to go through the 312 notification, and we were required to and we were happy to inform by mail, any of the residents and businesses with the 150 feet of our location. and with the license transfer, and the posting twice of the notice, for it. and on any of those
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applications, so we, we would like to have the opportunity to reinstitute jazz at devil's acre and we have had two troops over the past, and we have it in the permit and the local edition and located at the building and the market street at third and those are happening on mondays and wednesday and we never charge a cover for the musicians and they have been and we are well received. and those those are the ones that we will put on the paper. >> great. >> and commissioner joseph? >> i just have one question. so, aren't the permit and it allows to you do any entertainment that you want, and i understand that you are not going to allow the djs and that is your right as a policy,
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you can make the right to do whatever it is, and ununcomfortable restricting your permit to anything, by saying that you can't have the djs or rock and roll, or anything. >> we are away from the broad way corridor. >> yes, it is. >> and there was, and some initial resistance and it will not be hard to have this concept and a small space, 2000 square feet and but if the
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opportunity arise wes would like to have the opportunity of live music, and so that is why we present this advanced acknowledgment that we did not include the djs as part of the businessman. >> okay. >> thank you. >> perez and lee. >> thank you for companying and in doing your due diligence and do you have a security plan in place or is that forth coming i do not see that in your packet. >> yes. where and 135 people. and each day, the bar opens up at 3 p.m. and we have a security guard at 5:00 p.m. and the second at 8 p.m. and so that is the space and a lot of security and we also have a third security manager that makes the regular appearances as the managers of the other
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rounds of the other locations in downtown. >> and i am just used to seeing the whole packet. >> i understand and this is actually is. >> i stand corrected. >> thank you. >> permits for everything and obviously the neighbors have given you a message. >> yes. >> so i think that at this point, i don't have is a problem, you know, for having, you know, unconditioned permits. and this, and i know that that you have been there and i don't think that there is an issue on that part. >> thank you, commissioner.
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>> and just at the start, just for hearing you again, are you a manager or do you own the other businesses. >> i remember when it was jazz and pearls and it was a joint and then later, and later, and
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the place was vacant for a while. >> and it needed somebody like brian and his people to come in there, to give it a lot of thought and the acres is consistent of the revitalization of the area and the great area and the great record and it seems like you have them and i think that you don't want to be inhibted in any way, but i think that is a great addition to the neighborhood. as well. >> thank you, any other public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> now closed. and commissioners, >> i move to approve. >> great. >> without, is there any conditions as to the type of
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music. >> i second. >> same house same call. >> yes. >> the motion passes. >> and you have one other permit. could i --. >> we do. >> this is for gray area, we did get an e-mail and communication a few hours ago from the applicant and asking that this be continued to june second and they have construction that they still need to complete before they will ever be able to have the permit actually issued and so they are asking to be continued to june second, although, because this was still on our agenda, we do still need to take public comment, if there is public comment here. >> move to continue and we will take the public comment. >> i move to second. >> second. >> same house same call. >> public comment? >> all right, i am gross man
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and i live behind the gray area theater and obviously we are not going to discuss the permit because they canceled it for the second time and now they changed the date but they have been selling tickets for the last 4 weeks, and since the day that we were here last time. for a show that is two shows, and they are supposed to take place, and one ending at one and one ending at two and so i think that the concern and you have seen and you have got the materials and there has been a lot more people speaking out and i have not met a single person who supports, a later than 12 time, of closing for them. and they had not, and who supports later than 12. and the feeling is, they are trying to circumvent, this
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because they plan to apply for a permit, and if there really was a problem with this particular week they could have schedule it for the next week and, rather than, june after the share and i think that the last time that you gave them the permit and they were extremely loud and selling, the alcohol without a license and they plan to have the show with the temporary permit and sell alcohol. i had a tour of the place there were kegs from the previous shows and the coming show and if you grabbed them this temporary permit, which they probably don't deserve any way, i would hope with all of the opposition, that you see, that it does not exceed 12 or earlier, and that is basically why i came down, to oppose, this temporary permit, and i guess that it will be back in
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june, and for the unless they cancel that for the regular permit and so thank you, that is it, if you have any questions. >> thank you very much. >> all right, so, we voted to continue the item, and it does, and is there any additional public comment and if not i am going to move on to the final agenda items. >> all right. item number 7, is commissioner comments and questions. >> anything that the people want to bring up? >> no, we will move on to item 8. and new business, for future agendas? >> and is there any item that any commissioner would like to wave for a future meeting and you can always do this. >> did you ever decide on our strategic planning session sf >> we did not decide on a date. so, the plan is to probably find a new date because there was a conflict for beth dates. >> right. >> so stay tuned.
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>> okay. >> okay. >> any future agenda items. >> i hate to keep bringing it up, did you want some closure on that permit expediting time? >> no. >> we never really didn't. >> that is true. >> you are looking at me. true. >> yes. >> let's put that on the next agenda. >> okay. >> just to be clear that is the special procedures for certain dates. >> yeah. >> and that is it. >> and in the last minute. >> correct. >> yeah. >> we will resurrect. >> is there dafted language for that yet? >> no, there was like not real language, and it was just sort of like ideas and dates. and they are to do the item which is to work on that between now and then? >> or? okay. >> okay. >> and just checking. all right, and is there any public comment on our future
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agenda items i don't see any and the public comment is closed and i adjourn this meeting tonight. thank you very much.
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