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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> we've got to 23ri7b9 market and sun setting piano and it was on the street we've seen companies we say used to have to accompanying come out and recruit now they're coming to us. >> today, we learned about the office of economic workforce development and it's effort to foster community and make the buyer market street corridor something that be proud of thanks to much for watching and tune in next time for
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a.m. a.m. a.m.cap >> i call this meeting to order would you call the roll? >> doctor lee? >> >> vice president. >> here. >> and harper . >> present. present as well you do have a form. on communications. >> communications. >> 1over orders we will hold a special meeting june 19th. and official notice will be posted after this meeting . >> okay we will get that done. next item. >> board of directors new and old business. >> have any? seeing none.
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>> item five executive directors report. >> good morning everyone. we're starting our meeting today at 10:00 a.m. today is back to workday we wanted to make sure everybody participated in that thank you for participating in that today we have reached a significant milestone we have all of the properties we need for phase one of the transit center project we require 13 of them volume volume volt volunteering remain -- the jury verdict. came at 7.5 million so it's quite a triumph. reminder that is
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different from the communities facilities district with mela rose i have been working with nmjn i believe believe-- jim will be giving that presentation jim? >> thank you i'm here with tesa delara also sj m. what say cbd it's a public private partnership that provides services it's put together by the property owners who can determine whatever services are most appropriate for that district every property in the district pays an assessment. the operations and management and controlling of the budget is all
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done by volunteer board of directors in a very public process subject to the brown act and so on. the benefits of a cbd are really to improve the properties and consequently the property values in the neighborhood and be sure that the wonderful improvements you are going to be building are adequately maintained. and this will improve the quality of life for the passengers coming through the terminal for merchants again make this neighborhood everything it could and should be. it will provide extra security services both day and night and will be maintaining the landscapes throughout the neighborhood and contributing to overall economic vitally. specifically for the pgapa the
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cbd will pay 80% of the cost for maintaining your city park there will be a joint operating committee of the neighbors and the pgapa to monitor the operations of the park what this is it's a community building exercise to be sure we have a real neighborhood here and people who are very committed to the park. there is an economic development program a marketing program a public information program the cbd will also operate all of the neighborhood parks it will maintain all of the street trees in the district. sweeping the sidewalks several times a day graffiti removal as needed periodic steam cleaning, and very importantly extra security on the street both community guides who are
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soft security but creating confidence in the public that things are being watched and also at night patrol specials will be patrolling the neighborhood. the budget changes year to year as more and more facilitieses get built more things are to be maintained so the expenses go up. on the other side every year as private buildings are built there will be more buildings paying into the district. so assessments actually go down over time. you can see here the first line parks and open spaces in year one it's 14% of the budget and the total budget is 2-and-a-half million by years 2 and three it's pulling away money for maintaining city park
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and by year four you can see park and open space money is the majority of the expenses in the cbd what will the cbd do for city park? all of the landscape maintenance operations working with the pjpa public uses in the park and so on. security will still be provided by your overall security operations since this is a high security fa facility and in terms of the assessments the assessments will cover 80% of the cost of park operations. the way the cbd law is written it cannot cover 100% of uses because you can only assess properties for special benefits that they receive and
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there is also what the attorney's call a general benefit that will have to be funded out of other sources which is a little over $400,000. you will be able to easily make that in terms of rentals for affairs on the park. we have no doubt about that. we have been at this for a couple of years right now we're in phase three which is the petition phase basically there are petitions that have been sent to every landowner and they are petitioning the board of supervisors to form a district. and the next phase then will be an actual ballot so we have completed all of the community organizing steps and all the legal steps and now this month
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we will complete the petition phase and required is 30% yes voteses on those pe editions and there will then be a hearing at the board of supervisors if if it passes at the board of supervisors the department of elections will send out a ballot in june they will be counted at the end of july. then it will be legislatively established by the board of supervisors and signed by the mayor. we're open for any questions. >> sounds good to me. [laughter]. that's for sure. >> i want to make a comment i want to thank the community for all of their work to make this happen i know it's been a very long process but i support. the community district ken hill it's exciting the see the planning process and outreach and the
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plan moving forward i know it's a ton of hard work to put this together and largely volunteer efforts i want to appreciate those efforts. >> thank you supervisor. wonderful. >> thank you very much. jim. next i did want to mention that may 17th is the annual beta breakers we have been working closely with the organizers in the tent terminals because the breakers will start out of that area finally i also did want to mention because of the number of interested properties regarding sponsor ship opportunities we have moved the deadline from april to november 22nd. now we have the webcor. >> good morning i'm steve
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humphrey's webcor obayashi. last week we celebrated safety week at transbay safety week is a relatively new event in the construction industry it was started 3-4 years ago by a number of construction firms getting together i'm going to read this from the website the industry safety week effort presents a unique opportunity for firms to work together across the u.s. for injuries -- is to partner together and thank our workers for supporting their efforts to be injury free increasing the awareness of being committed to safety every day and share best practices and work together in our culture celebrating the need to be free to conduct on site ed awareness
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and education. this was a collaborative effort with many of our contractors material suppliers and others we also are promoting the vision 0 initiative that the city is lowering out all of second pa director nuru asked us on the prior meeting to report back what we were doing on vision 0. sin then we have had a site on vision 0 everyone on site is required to go through before they start work. also we discuss it in the weekly trade coordination meetings. we provide detailed planning for all activities on site that may
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effect pedestrian and buy cycle traffic. and we have a video coming out we can share with the workers on site and contractors we will be documenting the fact that everyone on site will see the video. we did a number of things to celebrate safety week in participation with subcontractors we have many events throughout the week. this say photo of some of the events that occurred. webcor obayashi hosted a lunch for all of the workers on site last week on wednesday we had 3 hundred participate in the lunch we had 15-20 minute rotating training sessions one of which was a vision 0 presentation by fsmta
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which was very interesting. we also had an executive safety walk with webcor executives. again another photo of the event. so safety is not just something that we celebrate once a year there is things we do every day every week far more than i can mention in this short presentation. but just to give you a general idea our team meets every day for team coordination meeting at the beginning of the day and we spend the first 15 minutes of that meeting talking only about safety we talk about activities occurring on sign things coming up things that happen recently things that occurred we're constantly working on improving safety -- manager inspections
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both for our safety managers and subcontractor safety managers we do inspections once a week with an individual worker we bring 2 or three trade contractors walk with them to get their perspective on safety. we have department management for walk out tag out scaffolding some example examples one of the most important things we do is the pretest planning we do a job hazard analysis for any task to make sure it's properly planned and safety has been taken into consideration how the task is performed we have weeky safety meetings with all of the trade contractors again multiple
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safety walks our managers are in the field all day long as well as the trade subcontractors safety managers we have inspection core cards monitor trends we monthly review events on the pronlts we call them near misses trends in things we can improve what is happening on site. again this is stuff we do every single day we're focused on the safety of the job i think we have had a successful track record thus far it's never good enough we're always looking to improve. this is a photo this gentlemen won the golden hammer aware as an incentive with a $100 gift card with the individuals that are being safe. that is my presentation. thank you.
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>> okay. we got an outstanding record in that respect i'm really proud of it. you guys are pay passed osha do you have any interaction with them? >> yeah we have had osha consultations on site as a service to consult with us and provide any suggestions they may have. but osha you know it's a minimum standard it's like building code it's a baseline. i think the industry as a whole is trying to promote safety oond do better we just don't want people to get hurt at the end of the day. >> i think we have intellectual property this should be osha curriculum course construction project we have done well here. >> thank you. >> yes we have we appreciate
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webcor obayashi. we will have a safe site not just for the men and workers but the public surrounding our construction site thank you steve. >> can i second? i just want to add on osha is about compliance what is the team is doing with webcor maria's leadership is going beyond that the fact for the safety record is what it is is because of this kind of work that outcome doesn't happen it takes every day commitment and culture expanding outside of the job site and i appreciate mohammed's vision for the job with webcor i think this is a model how to implement a safety program in a big construction
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site on a dense urban area it's fantastic . >> thank you. direct ter. speaking of we have steve to give our update. >> good morning directors we have had a very successful month in april. there were no incidence no osha recordable or lost time incidence which is significant you have seen this before -- i will get to the safety slide in a moment. the schedule update we let you know last month that the steel heads went into the quarter for completion that is holding right now the other milestone we're looking at finishing early for the bid package six trade group six which is below the concrete and the last wall pours are scheduled in the eastern end in
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september which is a couple of months of what we had before there here's the project diagram we have talked about before it's hard to read i will not belaeber the report but significant progress next month you will see the steel continuing towards the east as well as progressing in the west. contingency we took questions there were uses last month also included claims settlement. if you want to get into specifics i can answer those questions at the end of the presentation. this is the safety slide we have been using for a while to track the progress what i wanted to point out 2014 is a tough year for us what is important is we are now 126 thousand craft hours into the year by the end of april with only one recordable incident a lot of it has credit
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has to go with the webcor treem knuckling down with their subcontractors in the field and we're seeing that paid off now getting back to where we should be we don't want to see any incidence in the last 100 thousand hours so we're excited to see that trend as i said no incidence in this period more work on the vehicle and pedestrian ramp and the steel erection in the eastern zone focused on the lower concourse complete we have one more pour in june then we will be done with the concrete slab to the far east of the project. on the bus and best of my knowledge bridges they will be starting fault work this month there is the progress slide we have been tracking a lot of the things on this slide are going to go away
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shortly this gets below our concourse desks and slabs we will have to start a new one for the concrete for you. progress photos again the steel did start working in the west. we made the last major pour on the pedestrian and vehicle ramps they started bribing through the shoring wall through the ground up to howard street. in the central zone it was centered around progresses the steel election so fabrications got ironed out we are now autoof may 4th heading across first street the team is working that shift at night from 8:00 p.m. to 6 in the morning the street is closed they have been making progress on that steel it seems the delivery issues are ironed out
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they should be continuing to progress towards the east we did begin stair installation this week you can see the el son steel so we will see the stairs and ladders coming in in the progressing years and months and the eastern zone the mad dash to get the lower concourse done that ayou lou us us to pour the concord wall that is the goal is to be able to progress the steel election as fast as fabrication can keep up. speaking of fabrication shots what is going on mostly in oregon to expedite the work we have moved some of the work from xkt getting overwhelmed stopped in capacity that helped us to push the columns and the transfer -- so
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we got inspectors out there the same process teainging place now we're working six different facilities the cast the news is we have two more shipts they should be shipped in the next 30 days then we're out of the casting business which say huge milestone that is one of our biggest risks early on on the bus transi mentioned it's above grade working on vida columns for false work in place and the pile on nine had it's first pour above grade just this last week. and there is the reenforcing for two columns there will be the end of the bus ramp start of the cable state bridge on south side of howard and the larger picture on the left is pile on nine that
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was poured last week. this is dsl in fort worth texas. the cables you see in the photographs are place holders for the future bridge cables to be fed through and intentioned that is how the bridge is supported i mentioned this before the steel is going to continue the eastern zone it's about getting the last deck poured in the third lift walls they will actually i think in the next week or so the first of the train box pours will start where the steel has been completed that is another great starting point coming up progress moving on we call that the eyebrow there is a t before the structure starts then there say steel deck the remainder will be placed on. and they will continue with false work. the stairs and ladders will
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continue. labor break down remains the same still great numberses from our local areas. apprentices same. no drop off there they're making great work with the apprentices 66 individual works have been recorded in the certified payroll for the project. do i'm happy to answer any questions >> i have one. i'm unclear certainly there is additional cost for those extra fabrication centers. you know transportation management all that sort of thing how is that additional cost being absorbed? >> this is an stansa issue they're today taking care of that this is their position to move the fabrication to multiple facilities the fabrication has a cost to it whether it's in 1 or
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6 facilities there might be a premium based on trucking. but this is an issue they're having frankly i'm not sure they knew what it would take to get the plate girders everything is build up from the plate that is taking long there say slight cost to increased inspection through the facilities there has been a lot of increased overall cost for quality insurance that is one of the most critical things on the project obviously we're following through with that. this process is to try and catch up we're still in disagreement with them when they started just as far as a pure fabrication it's an issue they planned it and they're trying to catch up. yes, sir?? >> will this catch up bring the field back from the second to
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the first quarter? >> we're hoping it will be certainly maintain the second part of the quarter we're looking at 3-4 weeks f we can pick it up we can they're already working multiple shifts and saturdays. there is always the sunday option we have not gotten there yet it's not efficient to go seven days a week. but all options are on the table. it's how the slower beginnings effect follow trades i know that is one of the thing steve hum frees and his team is working on now. they started six weeks ago is it work they can do ahead of the steel that's why they're progressing the 4th wall ahead of the zone that's why we're picking up impacts to the following trade if we can stabilize the steel understand when that will end and pick up
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the time in the follow along trades that's the focus right now. >> so the only potential increase in costs for the project would be multiple source inspection? >> i think right now the only risk to the tjpa as far as spreading things out to multiple fabrication facilities is the inspections we employ and no discussions or decisions to that cost. through the contractor right now that is a minor inconvenience compared to delaying the steel delivery what happened is the small facility in delajo had more can handle they had the structure in the column in the middle which is longer -- those were pulled out we had one inspector to move
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with it. but we needed a second that is probably the only increase on that side. but the inspection costs is something mark i think will address and dennis shortly but they have higher than usual because of the quality assurance level we have been putting into this and the multiple fabrication schedule that is something that should be discussed further. anything else? >> thank you. this con collides my report. >> thank you. we will go to item six. the advisory committee update. >> thank you very much. it was such a pleasure to welcome director lee to our cac meeting she let her team discussing with our new members the boarding situation for both trains and platforms. this was