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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2015 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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especially during a crisis and the planning department got attacks from mayor lee's telling them to go back on their testimony i'm sure they'll appreciate the data as well thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is a dining martinez here representing mission sro collaboratives as well we represent people that live in the mission before gentrification is and dormant is on a level last year 3 hundred evictions in the mission district and there's an increasing number ever airbnb units there now i actually have a family member that used airbnb to help her make ends meet that's not what supervisor campos
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legislation the type of person this legislation is trying to go after we're talking about people that you live in may be one unit and the entire building and trying to rent out the whole building is not equitable and noted fair to the business owners that own hotels that pay the tax they need to pay who wish obeying all the regulations we needed full enforcement and other for the loss of our residential housing during the rental crisis the regulations that supervisor campos is suggesting their simple regulars not something that is inappropriate for the government to enforce, in fact we need good regulations to help push back against people making money against the country just.
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>> few weeks ago hundreds of people at city hall urging the city laying out lawmakers? our opportunity to do something it is a chance to do something right by your community advertised 123409 going to solve everything but a smaller important piece to the puzzles puzzle there are people environmental impact tenants - >> thank you arrest hello, i'm here to right a letter on behalf of alex i've been a san franciscan for 7 and a half years and small business for 2 and a half i own a hiking company we take people from all over the world on hillary clinton tours i'm writing as a small business owner and want to share they thoughts on airbnb
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they're a huge asset to the small business community one year ago airbnb allowed me to start list on their website from april 2014 they sent me hundred and 4535 new customers that totaled 20 percent for my income of my business they've sent me 61 customers in the lower tourism system their people that love to learn instead of on the tour buses i take them into the neighborhoods they wouldn't see and they buy drinks and shop with local merchant our visitors learn more about our businesses it is a win-win situation thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good work board of
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supervisors i'm marilyn my association in the mission not necessary i worked homeless in san francisco police commission mostly in the mission district and the tenderloin a couple of things i want to pout out when we talk about small business you should think about nonprofit they're considered small business and employ many people many of whom who's workers struggle to stay in san francisco because of the housing unit housing market we have to think about homeless and people that be san franciscans that are displaced and struggling to stay in the city not to retain current san franciscans we have a city that works inform to for the san francisco resident not for the ones here that's not a fair situation right now we have
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based on an article in the local media roughly 6 thousand or so airbnb listing at any given time we have 7 thousand people homeless in san francisco just imagine something that prevents units from on the housing market for homeless let me talk about the housing regulations we come to the microphone we hear the chime if i go thirty seconds and another minute the skrmentsz or consultatorius will come to the podium when i come through the knowledge i come to give you an honest testimony i know that the city government could a regulate with the public testimony we do so everyday i might get hit by a
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car every business has a responsibility to san francisco thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and good evening supervisors i'm charley goose representing san francisco public apartment association and better san francisco i did not prepare a formal speak but i've heard a lot things some of the things from the hers is that they have this extra space and need short term income but never rent it out to a tenant it seems strarg that someone who needs the income would not rent to a tenant this is a contradiction of the need for rentall income from a short term arraignment and not a long term rent what's the difference he long term rents are tenant i
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guess what i've hearing tenants in san francisco are peck i didn't like tenants rights and rent control and the right to a units what i'm hearing those people don't want to deal with rent control so i want to give a strong warning without regulation on this issue we know it is a new issue and difficult to regulate without regulation we'll see landlord and master tenants making the economic decisions why rent to 0 tenant or to a short-term rental tenant that has not rights we need to think of wear we're incentivizing and the impacts it has citywide we know that airbnb is a san francisco company we
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know that airbnb business is bigger than san francisco and on their way to an ipo we can do that my by regulating. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and good afternoon. >> please pull the my case down to our mouth. >> i wanted to read a letter from a business owner julie i'm julie have been a proud citizen the san francisco for 8 years i'm also the general manager of taco of san francisco owned and operated i'm writing this to express my support home sharers in san francisco home sharers without is a job benefit or a small business community small
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business operators to some slim margin in order to operate successfully we need to stay study foot traffic on daily basis with the majority of hotel located in downtown it is in order of corridor they don't get the study of traffic from the tourist until home sharers begin to meeting in the city this has been extraordinarily to small businesses throughout san francisco if the home sharers is hotel so is the million dollars goes into our neighborhood and loophole business home sharers is a cut back to fount economy impacts
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please consider a business owner communities in making our constitution on this thursday and day after julian. >> thank you very much i know you folks i didn't call your names we're going to have to start from the top sir, was your name called i'm trying to get out of here we have a whole bunch of people that want to speak the folks that submitted their cards no one is better or one is more important dennis are you still here i saw you earlier he had to leave i'm sorry to hear that sarah are you still here what about roger phycology
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and quinton are you still here you're next after roger karen are you here? all right. teresa >> please come on up susan okay katherine and eric can gabriel is that you katherine all right. roger skoolt. >> good afternoon. i'm roger skoolt i'm overlook teacher at san francisco city college and proud resident of this increasing city of constrictions
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and on the executive board of the 2121 city college and bay city college p had survive many of the people in this room are strong supporters obviously that is a complex issue i'm successful california of certainly but want to support the legislation of supervisor campos it make sense i'd like to offer some anecdotal information i think that is one way of putting a complex issue into a prospective i may not be naive if you act think. "question: good point when mines bought a home in san francisco in hayes valley we were there 10 years a two-bedroom apartment well lighted, etc. and because rent control which i stronger support
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the rented went up from 277 to over 4 heeds dollars and an compatible apartment thousand dollars this increase is outages but i urge you to in our deliberations to come up with a solution that is as good as what the people would come up with if this issue went to the ballot years ago i met a labor writer i disagreed with but he said it is ghoulish to make money off other misfortune and all the people needing the money from their rentals - >> thank you. next speaker, please quinton you're up. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm quinton i know it's your job
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i want to acknowledge and give you kudos this afternoon for keeping a straight face when our planning direction and sdavr zoning administrator said the best enforcement was to talk to neighbors (laughter) no matter what does that is stunning the idea that supervisor farrell suggests hiring more people to talk about to people is a fascinating but that is about the debt and what's fascinating i have airbnb terms of service my neighbors and friends are hosts which the following they've alleged to please read those terms of service carefully they contain important information about the obligations to comply with the employable laws and regulations those are quotes from this
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airbnb website other than may access and preserve and disclose any of our information if required to by law it goes on to say for any jurisdiction collection and remittance of taxes and granted us permissions to transfer data and on the information related to occupancy tax collected related to our tractions so so in any way, shape, or form or anyone else's read of terms of service they don't want to turn it over we're can only implying our gosh mentality needs to stop enforce it by doing more than talking to neighbors. >> thank you very much quinton
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please. >> next speaker. >> what's our name. >> i'm peter my name was called an hour ago but my name was called. >> please peter continue i have your cards i'm the founder the hers in san francisco we have 7 by 7 hundred members and the short time i want to bring up a couple of issuance make a couple of points first of all, i want to point out that the planning department staff recorded quote the data they use show that the medium number of days is about 2 hundred and 57 days this is a contrast of 58 percent days to be a casual and commercial host there's a big difference between 275 and 58 i'll agree by using is 57 day number a lot more
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casual hosts and fewer commercial hosts and the data in report and setting a cap of 12 hundred and 5 that days or less defers the hosting and lowering the cap for hosts welling we want to talk about the enforcements many of the supervisors talked how the enforcements and the planning department said their unenforceable the host are required to be report to the planning department for the number of days hosted from that previous year every 2 years the hosts must renew the application so the planning department and the board can simply enhance the format enforcement by requiring strong legislation by the forms it what require under penalty of perjury that the dates are
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accurate and thirdly it can give the hosts that are suspected of not reporting hosting days. >> thank you jeff back to my order of - teresa (calling names) and hi i have i don't think if you can see that. >> if you like to put it on the overhead sfgovtv please turn on the it is on the screen now. >> oh great so i'm teresa i live in north beach and i've been talking about the problems i see in north beach in particular in terms of thousand i mean thousand ever units being used used vacation rentals they're not recorded in the
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airbnb report ever late, however, many platforms being used i want to point out if planning didn't have the data if they're not registration requirement is it been actually listed on any listing regardless of approach and no penalty or no means for toil stopping someone when the law is saying you can't do this more than a certain number of days this is a neighborhood i live in a neighborhood on the monopoly board any street is 4 unit one entire building used as vacation rentals and behind that another 2 unit where one unit is being used a person lives there no one lives in the four unit building
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because they never returned after a renovation more were they told if you look at this along one street 21 different vacation rentals planning need to have whatever you need in order to see the impact on a neighborhood it is a neighborhood hotel roadway is down the street so, please let there be teeth in this one let - >> all right. thank you eir can fisher. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm eir can i've lived in san francisco for 4 years and finished my first year at law school i use as airbnb both dominick and abroad i also want to mention i don't currently host but i'm here because i'm concerned about the negative
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impacts that the short term caps first airbnb is often labeled a ass a disruptive technology it smumentdz the income for folks to make ends meet i don't want to live in a neighborhood or everyone works in technology with high paying jobs this encourages the investment in people's homes some of the investment that people earner they're able to invest in their homes i also want to mention currently not having a cap allows hosts to have economic as a inform resident i encourage my friends and families to stay at average i'm sure you're aware of hotels are concentrated in neighbors i want my friends and family to
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stay in my neighborhood and want them to experience san francisco from a local prospective and experience is organic for those reasons as a community member neighborhoods and concerns for citizens without financial incentives please not cap and restrict out my neighbors how they share their homes. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'd like to call the next 10 speakers to come up fernando are you still here. >> yep. >> (calling names). >> you guys put in more than
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one card someone else put it in for you. >> you guys quite being tricky. >> what is this lawrence swanson and jamie thank you katherine. >> i am a registered shoermentd host i own my home and rent out a guest home hundred of hosts are publicly come forward city registered with the city and to pay the taxes that airbnb has been doing i exclusively list on averaging airbnb we did so in gooith good faith that the promoter that was approved in october of 2014 will be the ones for which the legislation will abide those maechlts will punish those who have stepped forward
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like myself that is the bad faith and seems like a bait-and-switch tactic that harms san franciscans last hadn't even had enough time to get everybody registered we've talked about my biggest concern is changing the legislation by limiting the number of days to short of 365 for a host rental i do decreasing the number of days will be a financial strain and hurt the small businesses in my neighborhood that bend from the extra folks in the neighborhood as someone who works an, an independent contractor that hosting is not nice it is acceptable to make my mortgage and prabs, etc. keep my home up i'll appreciate if you would not limit the number of nights and let the legislation you think
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fold as it was originally meant to do if changes need to be made with enough time lapsed that's how you should do the changes that is too early to make any of the all the times happen. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm ferry navend in district 8 i'm a home sharer the extra income helps me to support my father since he suffered a stroke i live with my partner and my 6-year-old son and the person i share with my homing house made i know that is a terrifying prospective to live with someone more than 90 days
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all the time instead of turning my home two a hotel i've had to make that decision not to break the law as we started building this city to house san franciscans i'm here to speak on the commercial use of short-term rentals and their impact on the supply of rent controlled the rash the evictions and the skoths events and this legislation show 16 hundred around listing that is an under count ii didn't count as another supervisors said the how many away and on the 16 hundred to 16 thousand units that is the commercial rents that's the currently illegal use of apartment for over 90 days as hotels can we endorse and those those 3 thousand units out and
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put them back into the rental market that will achieve 1/3rd of the housing units by 2030 so how much would it cost the city to build take $10,000 multiplied a one hundred million dollars bond that's the cost of 3 the house unites off the housing market thank you very much supervisors. >> good evening supervisors i feel lime i've been here two weeks ago the results of the statistics i'm not in that mind frame right now i really as a result san franciscan i was born here and went to school and raised any children and worked and retired from the san francisco i've never seen such a crisis or we've seen a lot of
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people come here from different places or having different cultures and masses of like the so-called hippie generation that are supportive but this is beyond sdruchgs it is distribution destruction and the airbnb a small part has an impact on the neighborhoods i grew up in a community no longer living in a community i'm one the thirds o two-thirds of this culture that rents and the remaining some percentage of people that live here because so many people have been adapted i think i support supervisor campos legislation and if it explicit glow the board i'll support it on the bottle i think this is we need more regulation in this city this is
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a small move not a dramatic thing to do it mate preserve our neighborhoods which the mission is right now the target of the whole east side of san francisco has been effected and especially those contingency that people like to rent and live there temporarily because their home like they have good restaurants, etc. but that's for the residents not for tourists we commercial lists san francisco and given it to the one percent i'm - >> thank you tech sf roberto hernandez you still here no bryan please come on up. >> hello supervisors bryan with the aids housing alliance there our several points i know that is a difficult place for you
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supervisors to be in i'm sure you've spent with time the airbnb approach educate on their view it is important to look at almost every tenant in the city ate the san francisco apartments association have gotten together and spent a who bunch of time together we're in agreement that's a rare thing and something to take notation of unfortunately ,those platforms and their business models don't allow for san francisco and this reports under counts the number ever units taken off the math they only have the opportunity to look at one approach people good from approach to approach and a to platform 50 days or 8 days on one approach