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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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my neighbors want to do this and not depend on the nice landlord but out of examination at city government data shows that the hotels like the airbnb has damaged our ability to live this way talk about the data talk that up with the nasa the voting act of 1965 has been permanently damaged by the fact that the superiority. >> sorry. >> next speaker. >> and weekend hi, i'm a registered host and we rent our entire home in the summer a week during the most otherwise we wouldn't rent out our home i've been a resident for 2 of years i share my home
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for 14 years i was evicted twice before we bought i voted for you and between my x and i we have 3 small businesses in the admission and bayview because of divorce i'm collecting money from ash i need the income awhile i get my bus up and running it has b also allowed us to start a college fund for my daughter available that people taking rental unit off the market should be stopped not what i'm doing i'm not a commercial unit honestly there shouldn't be a cap for people renting out their room and distinction between a full how
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is it is easy to pinpoint if you looked into sometimes kitchen cupboards you'll whether they live there or not without other than it wouldn't be possible for that any x and i so share a house our data has been going to a public here entire life i created community engagement fund from the san francisco arts commission and supervisor campos are you willing to loss a million dollars for the art programs and the parks and safety. >> okay. thank you remember this is general public comment you can't direct our comments so. >> i'm chris george i think i was the last card. >> oh you think you do you're in there. >> i first of all, thank you
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supervisor cohen and supervisor wiener for engaging with this even though the last of months ago we went through two grueling instances i want to thank supervisor campos for pursuing partially what he mutt building he's right yontd comprehended how you're taking airbnb over the market and want the remain development in the district i want to talk about the public policy and the social contractor before the people of san francisco and the legislative it was voted by the full board of supervisors payroll went into effect in february no time to draw conclusions if you pass two things you'll send the message
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that people can't trust the government of san francisco the people that registered responsible to anyone in san francisco and the second thing that happens you send a strong message to all lobbyist groups if you don't like the legislation wait for of months or until the legislation leaves board of supervisors and lobby again and change the legislation didn't leave for a good environment you know you have propose this out of respect for the people that proposed it i urge you to say that undermines the public trust in the city of san francisco. >> thank you. next speaker. >> before you begin i'm going to call 10 more names
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(calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm a recipe of district 10 i work at the laura's street community services and the vast majority of my coworkers can't live in the city we're individuals that go dictate our lives and crazy to make the careers better for others it is
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hurtful to see the san francisco homeowners they'll rather make for money than rent to residents in san francisco everyday at any work i see horrible stories of homeless children and homeless families entire families living in 8 by 10 room because they have no other options i'm sure they'd love to share a home and pollutant companions and help you to support maybe even with childcare you work with many mothers and fathers that have to commuter two hours each way two hours each way in order to come and work in san francisco we have teachers people that is important form of to be connected whether they're not able to i'd like to ask mr.
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supervisor wiener f is that you're against gathering the data b.a. but woer when we're talking about luxury moratorium it not on housing but itself luxury that is dpa many of the folks in the mission you're asking exactly for the database that addresses the financial impact why are you supporting a database that will harm the interest of the lobbyists that be quiet present in city hall but not when you have communities coming here and asking - >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i'm registered short-term rental host operating and cooperating with the treasurer i'm committed
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to remain in that unaffordable city for another 24 years this month i was hit with a tripled property tax homeowners insurance. >> earthquake shiners and preparation 45 fee i didn't have the typical fear of borrowing against my savings i've had the pleasure of host guest in my neighborhoods my home sharers give us them a place to stay i've listened to my guests they don't want the traditional lodging experience and helping them with businesses in the neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods as for the proposed changes i don't think how railways the number of days and life enrichment committee the hosted and unhost making it more enforceable i don't understand how
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encouraging neighbors to sue neighbors makes my neighborhood better i disagree with the characterization based on the information i've provided the city associated with my listing and retract and feasible i ask you to reject the this legislation home sharers makes it affordable for my family don't let individuals eye home sharers as a result straw malt there's a political advise that has prevent san francisco from addressing the home affordability changes for your time and consideration. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello, i'm replenishing or richard i will with my partner of 16 years that works for beach blanket i would like
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to staying say that i think elevating the homeless situation is go slightly inappropriate an numerous problem it i'm not saying it didn't belong but we're going looking for a solution that convoys a small percentage i think this is also, we share a room we have a room in our- it is very wrong to assume we'll rent out to a roommate a roommate comes with a completely stressfully can be a stressfully situation that is simply representing out short-term rental it give us us flexibility and above us are dealing with medical issues it give us a flexibility public school a
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roommate situation simply would not i also this is my first time linking to this i'm hearing holes mount data that is providing where our drawing figures i think that a balanced research and written 0 allowing law is no law at all i think this is a part of the discussion that is going on naturally the skwooerz the middle-class most of the people that are using the hosting and non-hosting are taking a seeing i'm a host it tribld contributions to my lifestyle it is a firm line that needs to be drawn between a hosting and non-hosting situation thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please
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hi, everybody my name is nelson born and raised in san francisco and spent my life in district 3 my family runs a restaurant in the excelsior to cramp a small chinese restaurant that barely seats 8 dinnersers so it makes it a real mom and pop so i'm going to turn it over to the chinese restaurant industry is acquit competitive yes, we have a fair share the rentals but this is sustainable without a doubt this brings people to san francisco my parents need the extra business there is is a filipino and a mexican restaurant in the same day block
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locally owned mom and pop in the neighborhood i don't think it is our small business that needs home sharers but your whole neighborhood thank you for your time. >> thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i've hosted people from china and france ivory enjoyed showing them where to eat and have fun airbnb has helped me focus on my business and live my lifetime and you know given the fact i'm a first generation immigrant i want to be successful and help my parents to stop doing the
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back breaking work they're doing i think that the amendments are passing ray not going to solve the problem which is the birthdays forces that are driving us to host makes sure; right? we do this because we won't be able to afford rent otherwise i ask that you, please does not pass those amendments and let the rules that were passed in october play out. >> okay
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(calling names) please come to speak thank you. >> all right. hi, i'm carmen i'm the executive board of harvey milk club demonic club and have been a tenants organizer what a group eviction free of san francisco a grassroots response to the housing crisis we're dpern in san francisco. so i want to make a few basic points about this debate the fact we're having this meeting is cast of an acknowledge that airbnb has had an impact on the housing stock in san francisco this is supervisor campos the
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recollection niece to happen or the debate around regulation needs to happen american people what level of regulation ultimately a commercial entrepreneurs rightfully to the principle and regulation that all businesses endeavors have to throwing with that said, i want to talk about a basic stripping away the nuts and bolts it ultimately this conversation is about commercial interest versus public interest how much to balance those not necessarily balance the needs but needs this is an ask of a business community that has a personal feel a business that koutsz of folks to their home with great
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pay and all the great amazing things it that the end >> yep. >> next speaker after this it is going to be
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(calling names). >> homeowners and master tenants have been able to meet by taking 2, 3, 4 tenants this has not changed i've lived in san francisco as a adult and child it is difficult for us renters to find permanent housing we can afford as a renter that was veeblgd it was hard to find longer housing many units are long-term and expensive you've heard about the cost of san franciscans when you have to rent a tracking truck to move from short-term rentals you're paying 2/3rd's of our income in rent you can't spend think outside the box 0 groceries or going out with your friends the only housing you're
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spending. >> times consulting to your job instead of taking classes or eating at local restaurants or businesses most importantly the biggest cost to san franciscans is the loss of stability to our neighborhoods in the sense that protecting tenants can in the morning belong in a city because of that i support of supervisor campos campos. >> i live in san francisco i'm many of that share an under utilized room the rental market will not be offended for a long term rental mark the last thing to have a distinction between good and bad actors between hosted and non-hosted if you
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want to go after bad actors you know who they are i ask you to eliminate the distinction within hosted and non-hosted i believe that the - a guest room is under used that didn't make me a commercial host i believe we
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