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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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also know that central voting increases the turnout as well as the parents and 16 and older and at age 16 they hold significance in society when adults have responsibilities working hours they pay taxes and allowed to drive and take cola's in civics and government and currently central voting this underway in asa trail germany united kingdom and chicago primers we absolutely know that i don't know sfonz san franciscan are ready to demonstrate their leadership san francisco has a rich history of youth tell him as has been crucial to policymaking we also know from the current
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elections this is cost effective and with the current allocations of capacity they could prepare special ballets for 16-year-old voters and this is also sparked a national statewide conversation currently our state representative senator mark leno introduced an amendment to lower the angle for elections we know that san francisco has the opportunity to build on innovation and for the voter turnout by being the first major city to lower the voting age to 16 we urge this afternoon that the board of supervisors lower the voting age for municipal and school district elections to age 16 and also i'd like to note that
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the other priorities will not tag as long as that one i'm introducing joyce for the second priority. >> hello supervisors i'm joyce sue the district 7 precedent i sit on the immigration committee i'm going to talk about amendment number 2 for the san francisco dock recipients in san francisco there are thirty thousand undocumented cabinet 5 thousand between 18 and 24 in 2013 president obama mentioned the child docking a in 2014 obama expanded docking a for preferred action under the new plan the recipients will renew their status every 3 years instead of 2 and immigrants that entered the u.s. between january 2010
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that has one child that is a citizen or has a green card can stay in the united states although those two programs are not - the needs to have the costs open the immigrant is is placing a significant barrier on docket immigrants 35 percent of under hundred percent of the poverty level those barriers were made clear at a meeting we held with supervisor breed's office we encourage the board one to support the additional fund and grant to sf dock a mranlts two expand the number of seats on the dream sf fellowship program and pass the mayors $10 million total fund over two
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years to sf dock a community we commend mayor ed lee and are particularly excited about the peace in which he's provided fund for the resolution for the youth commission passed in january while the new and expanded docket and depositing a programs are temporarily held up in state court we looking forward to working with you guys and the mayors once the recreations are settled with that said i'll pass it on to sxhurgs chin. >> i'm the appointed district youth commissioner thank you for having us priority new 3 is to really have an open space cadet analysis on the park space this
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issue was brought up to the youth commission buying due to the playground of incident that happened many community members came out and go spoke about the issue of admission playground during the recreation parks recession meeting people were concerned on field recession and improvement no language and better lighting the commission was able to get those improvements because the general manager heard the compliments we want to see the improvements in all the parks in san francisco not only mission playground not only for the meeting in the service hearing on the chancellors bill of rights the youth commissioners and many youth came out and spoke about the concerns of the parks in the city and the need for paperwork
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safety like extending lighting hours and many more which is why we recommend the mayor and the board of supervisors to urge the creation of american people open space cadet analysis things this should included safety and staffing needs and ability for youth to assess the park and numbers of youth in needs of skouch and people of color and protecting famed and in responding english speaking recipe and residents we urge the board of supervisors to consider the children's bill of rights hearing 3 includes park safety and keen access and extended lighting housing thank you for listening
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i'd like to have commissioner to talk about priority number 4. >> thank you commissioner chin number 4 is make sure to the police officers are trained to deal with young people that is over the past 5 years and you commissioners have worked with the police department to improve the joint- in march envelope this year we saw the approval the sfpd memorandum of understanding that understands and clarifies the role of police officers on campuses we continue to work with the police department to work on a competitive train this is knows and have a deems scheduled with chief suhr on may 29th next week our recommendations are the
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following we call upon the mayor and the board of supervisors to implement this now new hearing with the train for that 0 a priority for sergeants and police officers for the police tactics unique to juvenile it should offer the best practices awhile working with youth grounded in the psychiatrist and tops that should be included have 'coz active development and recognizing and tracking the traumatized youth with the color and the training should include the strategies for a asserting authority with youth and incorporates scenarios of real life training and components and offer offers an opportunity to practice the new skills thank you. i'll introduce vice chair for the fifth priority.
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>> hello supervisors i'm certifying have a vice chair of the youth commission and on the commission justice commission i'll be present an analysis of the outcomes of the renewable for the child services after the domestic violence advocates the police commission passed a all that calls for domestic violence calls there was one component for families and children situations and this section was highlighted as a concern to the youth commission and concerns stems from whether this is the best system of care for youths imposed to trauma and effects on the families of color with that background i'd like to move into the recommendations first of all, urge the board of supervisors and the mayor memorandum of understanding for
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the police departments to assess the pd refers including age and rates he can, and, secondly recommend to so how the policy is effectively youth and families and lastly recommendation the collaboration for the referrals and lastly i'd like to thank the police commission for scheduling did review since october when this legislation was passed now i'd like to ta pass to an to commissioner lee for priority number 6. >> good afternoon again. >> priority number 6 revolves around prop c with a timely implementation of the children and family oversight committee and our children and families throughout 2014 the youth commission faflthd community conversation including folks groups and stakeholders meeting
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and reauthorizations of the children's fund some conversations we heard were the inclusion of pay and the there in the funded and better corporation between schools and provider and increasing the voices those asks were incorporated into prop c that passed with 73 percent of the vote this charter amendment called for the establishment of 2 oversight the children our funds citywide that's the c y committee and also the o act the ssi that oversees dcwf the board of supervisors passed the o act with 3 seats and two will be recommended to the mayor and awning update our outreach application are sole practitioner 80 is closed we've
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received 5 strong applications and will be preceding soon the council legislation passed with 3 of the 4 seats that were recommend thou for your voices on those governor jerry brown bodies as for recommendation we want to urge the inclusion and look forward to supporting the youth serving and we urge the knowledge appointment of those seats to we can begin the operations on the government body and thank you for your time and consideration and i'd like to pass it back to vice chair. >> hello, again so i'm present priority 7 to promote and maintain family unit thank you in 2010 that was calculated 7 by 7 thousand plus children's that had parents courtyard in san francisco last
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year the youth justice committee worked with the organization for children of incarcerated parents and throughout last year we put together the needs that of heard no june of 2014 and the board of supervisors neighborhood services and safety committee in fall of this year the police commission released the training video for rest of the praept that involves the process that was a great step forward and we worked with the chair on the postal service that aid and maintain the children while the parents are in jail the commission are recommending and urging the sheriff's that he lower the age in county jail awhile maintaining contact the sheriff has committed to this policy and will present a draft at our first meeting, and,
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secondly, an online location our currently, the state prison system has locate oversees and lastly to look at ways to provide better consumption for incarcerated parent to present to their parent in state prison i'd like to pass it on to commissioner wu for number 8. >> hello good luck i'm going to present priority 8 which is the engagement of the benefit agreement in last year fiscal year the youth stressed the problems of job employment opportunity for san francisco young people by including the youths awhile norwalk contracts with new bayshore's and the youth commission pass this with the same intent as the board of supervisors this year the
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immigration committee wanted to passing passes that a community benefit agreement is a contract with any company residing in the central market past the tenderloin who state of the art exceeds one .5 percent inclusion for exchange of the civic engagement we've researched and met with the cities administrator's office and the liaisons from different companies we've toured companies to see what they offer to the communities, however, the youth to fully understand the potential we're hold a youth town hall on june 11th from 9 to 3:00 p.m. that includes during
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the course people to the mid-market area and city hall at the working groups and give the speakers including supervisor jane kim we'll have the opportunity to explain how they would like to get involved whether through the process or include but youth services to we don't have formal recommendations for today we hope to develop them after the youth town hall so we can accurately describe with that said, i'd like to pass to an to the next commissioner. >> hello supervisors my name is precious the youth commissioners if i ask all of you today what
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you think are the most basic necessities that everyone needs you'll probably respond with food and water and shelter and an education unfortunately 19 to 35 hundred youth in the city don't center access to 1, 2, 3 of the basic necessities that is why we want to urge you to declare 2015 as recognizing homeless youth this priority wouldn't have been potential without larkin a provider for youth they're here today i want to shout out and through our partnership we found out there are not enough available resources for homeless youth again as mentioned there is 3 hundred and 50 beds available for homeless youth and roughly 19 hundred to 35 hundred
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homeless youth it didn't add up so if we analyzed the true mean of those numbers there's actually one in 3 one out of 3 homeless youth in our city or in our nation are approached or recruited by a that i am of 48 hours of being on the street and many are part of the lgbt community and are substantial to harassment and incarceration those numbers made me analysis how i take things for granted i came to the conclusion that those homeless youth are a victim of their society they only want to get back on their feet there's not enough available resources available to them this is why we have our recommendations not only do we want to urge you all a
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declaratory 2015 used the year of recognizing homeless youth with you set aside funding from the 2015-2016 budget to support the oversight kourl services and intensive case managed and outpatient medical services and education programs and job placement programs for the housed youth honestly if you want to build a better eights we have to focus on the vulnerable young people in our city those are the homeless youth i want to bring back commissioner chang to talk about the hotels priorities. >> hello once again and card number ten to fully fund the hours for transitional youth
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there's detected youth they're a vulnerable population in san francisco as well and the youth commission decided to do you want a resolution in 2005 call on the then mayor gavin newsom to create a task force for this resolution and the creation was the mayors transitional task force the first one they did was created a report on this population and they came up with 16 competitive recommendations of the city agencies to aid many of the city agencies step forward and one of them was the mayor's office of housing to xhoej k housing and came up with a goal of the k housing plan to create 4 hundred additional unit for the k 2014 now it was the goal at the right now they're missing hundred and 58 units they still have to identify and
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plan and build it is important that we keep pushing forward and achieve the guideline in 2014 the youth commission hosted a town hall meeting many attends and the commission recommended the development of american people evaluations tool to measure the quality and the effectiveness of k housing and the services they've created this evaluation and the results should be out by the end of summer 2014 with that we recommend the mayor's office of housing department of public health and public services for the 2015-2016 documents and finish identifying the it hundred and 58 units with the completion of the assessment of we hope the city creates a new k housing goal and urge the mayor and the board of supervisors to find a commitment
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for onsite case management and other programs neatest lastly we urge the outcomes for k youth that might not be eligible thank you i'd like to bring back commissioner lee to talk about the in relation priority. >> hi so priority number 11 is the support of the democratic city quality of city since opposing its doors they've been known for the accessibility and the special classes it offices non-credit classes and remedial a classes and so much polar that are specifically as the formal incarcerated and lgbtq and the homeless populations but unfortunately since then ucsf has begun under a crisis that led to a change in government to
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the disempowerment to 9 brutes since then the educational feature are less transparent and the enrollment has dropped former supervisor david chiu introduced state legislation that introduced the ac jc bit providing for college and additional the community college bryce harris talked about the board of trustees with that said we thank this board to their attention to the matter and the closer the civic campus. >> the hearing committee on ucsf but we also hope that is the city will sure the city college that is dedicated to serving the needs of diverse
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students and take all measures to support the restoration of the democratic government and at the college to have the open college assess mission we hope the board that investigate ways to stop the grow up dprop drop of enrollment and finally finally in a decision for the ac d.c. to revoke the education thank you for your time i'd like to pass it on to the next commissioner. >> hello supervisors i'm emily i sits on the immigrant and employment committee and also a district 4 appointee i'm going to present the facts of the market street statistics in january 2015 they're saying
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women were displaced for the section time and deposition was 1973 to save and legal abortions probation officers a risk to young women when the access to the 47b9 youb youth maybe especially vulnerable to the things open market street leading gilroy's to unsafe action and the san francisco neighborhoods win wish the banners were dominated south of market are on the lowest income neighborhoods overall the services in san francisco occurred in areas with poverty we thank the mayor and board to help with the legislation for the bill of rights and for
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honestly passing a resolution opposing the same matters and the displacement we're your of the issues we hope that the proposed ordinance should be on city property for public health concerns may provide a guideline for up holding similar standards for health concerned therefore we respectfully urge the board of supervisors to hold a public hearing, talking about the anti-abortion on market street and encouraging the efforts to educate young people about the rise in health and the the mirror and board of supervisors to engage the public for the choice and during the nona the wade versus row and in order to
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- fellowship we urge the members of the board of supervisors for the lfblgs active avenue for amending the public works code to make sure that the public health information dominated about public events responsible and visual and in the best interests of public health with that i'm going to pass it to the next commissioner. >> so this is our late priority priority 13 the expansion of the 10 cultural training and efforts to track the lgbtq in services in 1999 the charter amended the lgbtq youthcy and the contractors received many thousands of dollars, however, that is an unfunded may or may
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not there was a hearing held and in 2014 working groups westbound held and supervisor avalos office the department of public health has been committed and piloting a training video as well as collecting videos and information on the clientele the recommendations we want to thank the board of supervisors for their involvement in telephone, and, secondly, we would like to urge the board of supervisors to identify and dedicate fund as it remains an unfunded mandate we urge the information on intact forms for the upcoming fiscal year. >> thank you so much for listening i want to thank you all for coming out and now we'll open up for any questions or comments. >> thank you for those who
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spoke and who those who didn't speak supervisor tang. >> thank you very much for your wonderful and grateful presentation i'm so impressed by all of you and the report you put together with the wide range that issued i've learned a lot from you i want to think i'm the youth commissioner on the board of supervisors being closer in angle that is helpful to see you collectively what are the pressing or the things you find are the most pregnancy so i can evaluate at the board level you've done so with my colleagues so for i'm patrolling interested i know that supervisor yee is as well i was at the press conference the mayor talked about the priorities to make sure we do insure that people that are
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applying fog the renewing especially for the youth applicant that the cost really shouldn't be to prosperity for people so people can find opportunity to work and find employment and be able to thrive independently here as they apply for other things so, i mean i could speak on all 13 of the issues i wanted to highlight that in particular i think that you know what we'll probably do i everything this is just before the budget committee but certainly hope you'll share your plan with each the 11 district supervisors and make sure we're aware of the issues i've brought forgot to assist you i want to thank you so much i know you have to balance our academic