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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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(clapping). >> so our partners at the state in the department of the hours gene lee transient orient group so eugene please join us (clapping) thank you, doug wow, i have a
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good feeling today, the combiepts are going to win a great turnout i can actual i've seen them all from sacramento how many of you know that today is a special birthday not only for this department development but for willie mays. >> what a great memory this is going to be he turned 4 today i can't believe i'm doing this but i'm actually quoting a gorging and nucleus between what we do here and what we're celebrating and baseball and jackie robison number 42 actually spoken spoke but with wigging e willie mays i said that when he willie was in
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california whites refused to sell him a house in their communicated they loved his talent but didn't want him for a neighbor i just should dinner with someone that actually saw that happen he was a young kid huge baseball fan couldn't believe his hero was red rind from his neighborhood never got the chance to see willie mays when we fail to actually segregate our society just segregates doesn't it and whether it is in baseball or in housing or how we actually find housing for your neighborhoods in the word community has the word unnight
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there can be no community without unite amen you know today is also a memorable day in history i love history bear with me being a chinese-american today was also a day when the place i worked 90 for the state of california passed the chinese x cares aqua a nexus of a day this is here i am standing as part of an immigrant family as i know many of you are we're still struggling with the issue of our society and the people that live and work and we you know and that are our neighbors you know and jackie robison said this he said i'm not concerned with our licking or your
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disliking me he only ask you respect me as a human being how true how true yes (clapping) and i wish i said this but i'm going to quote it because another leader of that age was sending the same message this is so interesting in this day robert f kennedy what is 0u6b8able and dangerous will extremity itself it is not their extreme but their n intolerant the evil is not what they say about their cause but about their opponents what a message we need to remind ourself isn't it but today, we're witnessing an segregation we're witnessing an segregation called in my
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world development you know seeing environmental and social goals coming together to create good we have families people that are formally homeless we have commercial all coming together in one massive intersection and how ironic it is that you know the generation before me as chinese-americans as chinese not america's i guess you know we're building infrastructure the transcontinental railroad right i'm here a few generations later with the infrastructure chief infrastructure connects us i tried to explain my job to any children they don't understand that what do you do dad does anyone suffer from that what do
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you do. >> i explain look at where you walk when you take the bus, how do i drink infrastructure is what i do it connects all of us together we're one in this society and this is why although i first hand today was the staging and the traffic coming over here i'm reminded how to forcefully tells me to stop and look at my neighbor it forces me to stop and look at the other people in my city and my neighborhood i look at into their eyes and wonder where they're going it forces us to show that we are
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connected i'm not living just my life in a car by myself going from point a to point b that is not about me it is about the we and that's what i love about infrastructure it forces us to look at the eyes of the folks around us so when we celebrate today and we look at the great work of mercy housing we should be so proud it is a monument isn't is a monument of we're together and all of us are important and it is a remember is planning and design must be sustainable for our future and that the future matters smart planning is business smart it is not inclusive taut at all
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in 2006, the voters of san francisco voted yes on proposition called proposition one c and out of that money came 7 by $7 million to help build this it is not state money it's your money on that day i voted 73 percent of san francisco voted yes and you said yes because you wanted this your opinion matters this is an investment is it so not the states money it is your investment it is saying yes this is so important 83 to me in san francisco i want to put 7 by $7 million right here and do this so celebrate that
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celebrate that it's that is a reminder of our responsibility to create the community to create the jobs and really protect all of us residents thank you. (clapping.) >> that's correct very much eugene we work with 0 so many people at states of housing and others that are involved in the realm of political commercials this is transient money currently, the state is about t release it's first dollars of keep that in mind that is modeled on 80 this program the seeds that will be continued for many years in the future as i said many difference learned and
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furnished we're happening happy to have the permanent mary kaiser and others advocating for avenue at arrears levels we serve on the california housing coalition and bring her up and thanking thank her (clapping.) congratulations to all and no to several don't follow eugene lee it is a home run that is a home run doug we can't be prouder at cc r.c. 45 member banks that fund all the loans that was build in 45 years and bank of america has a piece and silicon valley valley has a piece every financial institution we have a
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couple of our team members here today somewhere mark and maria they've heard the line and silicon valley has their line if you build it we'll fund i wish i'd brought any checkbook congratulations (clapping) that's correct mary as i said earlier this is a quiet a partnership not the only thing we work on together but your new it partnering ken is here they provide critical services with the mercy and ken known to us a champion of the issues four many years in san francisco and he and his staff help to make that program work ken (clapping). >> thank you, doug we actually, i think have worked together since 1999 when mercy
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and the episcopal services starting working together and subsequent we've participated in building the marcus housing for homeless families about 12 years ago current working with merry sky kip community house that was actually, the first new construction supportive of san francisco it is a great partnership and we value and are glad to be part of the work and of all the things we've worked with mercy nothing more exciting and marrow promise and 1184 fourth street one of the things phenomenal this is home to hundred and and 50 families and among those 50 families who epilepsy a year ago were sleeping in cars were living in
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shelters and maybe crashing on their cousins couples in their living room and staying and i at crowded hotels to be able to call this home a phenomenal and among the 50 homeless families hundred and 60 children for the children formally homeless families that promise is a greatest they're going to grow up and groaning e growing up in a stability of a home we all have a right to so many does have an opportunity your kids and my kids have taken for granted it is phenomenal they'll grew up in a time their tackle for granted a right we all have to live in a he decent place
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that's affirming to everyone have access to the promise for the children homelessness will be a part of their past episcopal is a service provider at this facilitate we offer case management and hope people to stabilize and provided assess and connection to health services needed i see our colleagues from the merit college of nursing and i's heart and her colleague that's an important part of the work as well we provide access to education to vocational services and help people be stabilize their income one of the important things we work to insure this is not an address
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but a community a place where people belong and people contribute a place where the must be of the community and the broader community of san francisco is deeper i want to acknowledge our housing director scott on the planning with colleagues from mercy jennifer over the course with our staff shawn and anna and nelson so great appreciation to them. >> (clapping.) i want to recognize and thank our funding partnered we8d joyce and i phenomenal brianna that worked with us and great to be working with you both as well and finally congratulate doug on
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our development partners what you're giving people is a life changing place for years to come a fabulous accomplishment (clapping). >> so i know ken just sort of said when i think we're all feeling those days are incredible i know what we want and happen in if building and just kids are kids here people living together it is what it is you're part of this beautiful environment and neighborhood and it really is the at the end of the day this will be a seamless part of san francisco unfortunate not that many community to quote that's san francisco values we're proud of that i want to take a minute and thank and recognize the mercy
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board members joanne and greg and i'm not sure if i missed anyone i think there is a fabulous board of directors (clapping) and then before i introduce the mayor i want to thank the mercy staff this project has had a couple of project manager so thank you (clapping) but it started with jennifer our ceo and barbara (clapping) and then a long list of folks parker the wonderful property manager but julia and jackie and warren and nancy doing a fabulous commercial wait until you see the wonderful local
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businesses that move in you'll are incredibly happy mr. mayor and supervisors but also, if you raise your handicaps be everyone at mercy there's too many to list thank you for making this happen i always forgot to mention barbara with that i've made him wait long enough we have such an unrespectable mayor i've met with hundred and 50 of our closest friends discussing what the mayor and this board of supervisors will deepen the affordable housing it goes to show you how commit this mayor is to this violation for many, many years and deepened that
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effort so workplace i give mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> well doug i'll bring it down lower (laughter). >> first of all everyone glad to be here yet again with supervisor kim wife cherished those stunts to make sure we're opening up the housing opportunity for people we love opening up doors and give out keys i'll have to admit as we pulled up in fronted when i saw the fire truck i said oh that's my way of saying oh they're here to get their kudos for a job well, well done i want to personally thank you for putting this fire out and not losing end unit and forestalling this day.
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>> thank you san francisco fire department world-class (clapping) world-class. >> you know the everybody knows all the details so i know we have a lot to celebrate with the families already moved in the expression i'm glad i came in here to listen to some of the others speak a couple of impressions one that there is a history that we have to honor i know eugene talked about that a lot and we are doing so there's a lot of people on this waiting list in fact 20 thousand people have been waiting many, many years to get open i think this particular waiting list thousands waiting to get into those hundred and 49 units to be exact with the 50 unit units for
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homeless thousands on the streets we have to work hard one impression i got in linking to the contributions whether it was bank of america merl lynch or silicon valley or our community reinvestment or the agency that rezoning this land formally ocii all the myriad of agencies that came together with mercedes the impression those are complicated projects to build avenue and affordability for the incomes of people that are struggling in the city very complicated and, in fact, when eugene quoted that this issue was passed by the voter in 2006 and this is 2014 why does it tmc take us 9 years to build hundred and 50 units of affordable
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housing it shouldn't have to be that way it shouldn't be confronted with challenges like a fire or the slowness of brirz not everyone has the things to do but as a city who invites everyone from the world to be here we have to honor people with a much more robust aggressive program and this is why the board of supervisors and i are putting forth something i'm going to ask you all to help there is no way we can help thousands of people on those watts list if we move in 9 year increment in chinatown we owned and operated opened up apartment for folks it took them seven years for the financing
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mercy knows that olsen lee and others in the center of trying to put together the packages suffer from the bureaucracies that the federal and state and sometimes our government troiktsd the slowness that's why we're putting together 2 hundred and 50 thousand the board of supervisors and i, we will put a ballot this november and, of course, for those of you here are part of yes audience what you don't know what is happening behind the escapees to create something i know that bank of america and silicon valley and the community trust fund eject in particular putting together an accelerate fund so when we identify those sites and we have them just like we have another
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site that is about to break ground north of us for another 4 hundred and 88 i want those projects accelerated we have this very unique opportunity given the prosperity of our city the things moving along well in the business world we need to have that prosperity shared by everyone pull up the families in sunnydale and alice griffith and hunters point and charley hill and the people on those watts lists waiting for promises to be met with our leadership i've told time after time i'm not going to make new promises fulfill old ones old ones that were made by mayors and supervisors in the past (clapping) and everything should find a
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place to be able to have a culturally diverse society of all economic incomes be it able to enjoy the parks and bike ways the small businesses that will be here a stones throw away from a brand new fire department and police department and the giant and, of course, hopefully a soon to be developed basketball arena and transmitter center everybody deserves that and needs the good air so we're in a hurry to build thirty thousand units of housing in the city with a guarantee over half to be affordable to all families working class families and he guarantee 33 percent to l. folks he we're in a hurry to have you
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lucky enough to move in you have to tell your friends i city is going to do more and they want to be here and live a decent live in san francisco so when we're all celebrating we have to make a double down commitment there should be 12 or 13 thousand for people that could be celebrating i have center to get folks off the street a navigation center working with the task force to get people the support the mental health and more housing for them we've got an incredible decision in the mission i want the people to know in the mission i'm going to be aggressive in building the affordable housing open south van ness we saw 10 sites if we get control we can right now we
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can really have the banks accelerating that affordable housing this is how strong how city is we have to be strong for the folks it is disastrous we have a new minimum wage for folks in the city that's a what to help them and free transportation inform low income and youth and seniors ensue i've got to get the housing up so help the economy and get the wealthy into the places the successful city is for them as well as everyone else we see being successful will you help me will you all help me here i know that mercy is there they're part of my nonprofit development centers that will help me i need
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this story accelerated with everybody participation and if we do so then i can also talk about a city that is not only diverse and successful it is investor friendly we need our banks to be able to tell the banks you have the strongest investment and that will speak to the pension fund our own pension fund and labors and teachers fund as well but we're going to work with the teachers housing and work on a large sites you'll see more houses on we need that dialog at city hall that pushes us best bureaucratic let's get out p there perform and perform and it's an incredible die let's go
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to work and that's correct very much. >> as mayors do (clapping) by today is 1184th street day in san francisco (clapping.) the mayor as acknowledged this building would have been burned down and it would have taken years we'll have special folks from the san francisco fire department from the company dan and other battalion chief i've bunched the name but if you guys wouldn't mind coming up and taking credit for the tremendous work