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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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suvartee of the issue [inaudible] members of the committee, you all should sign on to the collateral agreement with us because out of both parties we need to be in the middle of how our community direction should turn. accountability doesn't come with a price >> peter o00, counsel [inaudible] we have been a part of the san franciscan for health care housing jobs and justice for faum the beginning t. is a very complex project and very complicated package to implement. if you recall in may 2013 the coalition proposed a collateral agreement. the city aprosed. here wree 2 years later and the compliance report from cpmc as well as the sate report said everything is okay and your 3rd party monitor
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mr. jur auto flagged a number of issues that need to be paid attention to and in the conclusion said i suggest the board of supervisor squz responsible agency pay close attention to cpmc performance in the coming years. the question is how? you have 4 or 5 more years of doing this joand you see the packed out of people. the compliance so far is because of the endless amount of work done, the due diligence by the community a to flag those issues that came out in the third party monitors report chblt we can't do that year after year whether there is no formal role for the community. there should and could be a formal role for the community iin making sure this deal is done the right way. the sit a is talking about using development agreements as a tool for other large complex deals coming down the road and to see those things working effectively we have to take construction from this particular project and say how
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can the due diligence and monitoring be done well and how can the community play a lasting role so it is done right. [inaudible] make the da on big projects work the way they are supposed to. thank you >> thank you, next speaker, please >> [inaudible] hello supervisors my name is rita witker. i'm a resident at the [inaudible] hotel, i have been there for about 10 years now. i have been diagnosed with bone cancer and allp i want to say is that for support for helt care for me t is a organization called the sky watchers who take me to the hospital and give support. i just want to say again that i have only one
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wing to fly with and i think we do need 2 wings to fly with and that is where the supervisors come in. thank you so much >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> good afternoon supervisor. gab real thomson and tendser loin resident. in lieu of trying to get my education i took my daughter all the way from the tenderloin over to supervisor avalos district so she would have day care so i can get the training that i need. i want to hold cpmc accountable for this. i am a qualified person, i have a med call office certificate which i went to school for so i can work so as a tenderloin resident and single mom i can get to a better platform so i can show my daughter a better life. this is something that we want. this is something we
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need. this is not just we are asking because, you should just serve a blatant community. we are the community you need and serve. i also need the health care. i have a daughter with disaability to and take her all the way to general sometimes is very distressful. it means getting her out of school early and taking her to general and she is trireed and that trenz ends into my next day so these are needs not just wants >> thank you very much, next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is [inaudible] i'm a community outreach coordinator [inaudible] tend chinese
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[inaudible] my husband has had heart attack april 1 morning. i drive him to the emergency room of cpmc. they save his life. right here i have [inaudible] all medical provider of cpmc. today [inaudible] the members of tenderloin chinese nob nab association. they all low income seniors and disabled residence in the tenderloin. the city must keep the promise to create [inaudible] system by december 2015 so 1500 tenderloin residence on medicare can get special care and hospital care at cpmc [inaudible] there is not accept
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more medi-cal patients, we have traveling a long way to go to general hospital and wait for months and months and need appointments [inaudible] cpmc needs to serve at least 5400 people on medi-cal throughout the city. cpmc must also serve 1500 tender line residence on medi-cal. i hope the city can help the tenderloin and low income people. thank you >> thank you very much. i have a few more names. adela [inaudible] dan galvin,iolaunda jones, chris hess, dunel fuller. please come up on up >> good afternoon. my name is anthony miller, i'm a [inaudible] i was in a meeting at the work force and i came to
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my knowledge there was a 40 percent hiring which there was no public outreach, there was no -any kind of announcements and also about the 1500 medical clients, i also had no knowledge of that. they haven't announced it and they are not really doing their part to my knowledge about as far as addressing that and that is a concern to me because as you know, the san francisco is changing the [inaudible] changing a lot of parts of the tenderloin. the tenderloin will look a lot different within 5 years. it is cleaning up quite a bit and i would like to see minorities and everybody else to get a chance to try to get entry levels positions and think that would be a good
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idea. >> thank you very much. i will read a few names. bery [inaudible] >> good afternoon supervisor. my name is derek brown and community organizeer in training. i'm in support with the city ask san francisco for health care housing job and justice. i want to talk about jobs especially in the western addition in mission street and china town where low income people need these construction jobs to better they life. i'm also concerned about those disabled like myself who was shot 5 years ago ijthe tenderloin. i'm concerned about those who are disabled who would like to be able to work when the hospital is built so they have a opportunity to better they life >> thank you very much next speaker please
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>> my name is [inaudible] community healthy partnership and jobs for justice. my understanding is cpmc has not comply today the 40 percent hiring and they excuse is that the city is not gibbon refelf systems created and we just need this done and get it over with and make things happen. quit playing around >> thank you sir, next speaker >> >> good to see you back in city hall >> supervisor, my name [inaudible] one year ago i was retired. up to 30 years i help with the homeless people and [inaudible] andinose are becoming the oldest community activist. to today i come to thank each of the people who
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work [inaudible] and tonight [inaudible] california, pacific medical center. [inaudible] not far from my home. i live at 990 bunker street. [inaudible] russian, armainian, jewish, arab, [inaudible] i would like to remind you that we would like to allow everyone working in the hospital to open his eyes for the people live in 990. many of them use wheelchair. i going to be blind sooner or later i have diabetes. i survived with 9 time heart attack. thank god god give me a chance to be here to open your eyes and ask each going to work in this hospital
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to be [inaudible] service from this [inaudible] wants to be from our resident of this area. supervisor, for all of you thank you very much for your support [inaudible] to everyone who make it our dream come true. thank you. god bless all of you >> i'll read a few more names. colby whit field [inaudible] >> good afternoon my name is chris [inaudible] director of hethd care training programs at jewish vocational services and j vs is partnering with cpmc to provide training for intrelevel positions not clinical. the model is proven. this
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particular model is 4 week training in class and 4 weeks of internship. it is 61 textialized and work with cpmc to make sure we prepare san francisco residence for employment. we will be paying close attention to those in the priority nairblds neighborhoodss and the entire training is contextualized and make sure there is job success after placement >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> good afternoon. my name is [inaudible] i represent [inaudible] construction. first of all i want to thank cpmc and [inaudible] allowing me to meet my commitment to my community and city. i work closely with the traffic management and equipment out on van ness for the safety of the san francisco residence traveling up and down van ness.
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[inaudible] allowed me to reach out to to the community of san francisco and build a diverse team to represent several communities in san francisco including residence in transition. the main priority of cpmc and [inaudible] is safety and to hireb local. as a [inaudible] hunters point resident and business owner i have never seen this done before but they brought on so many local residence even as much as from local labor to [inaudible] it is unbelievable that people don't see the change out on van ness as far as local home grown people working out on the site identifiable that they are from all districts. people on my team spoke cant niece, mandarin, spanish and vietnamese and english. that
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says a lot about a small company to bring that diverse team in to monitor the traffic and safety of the pedestrians on van ness. they are to be commended and you are commended to alow lowing them to reach out to small companies and employ them. thank you >> thank you very much, next speaker please >> my name isbery stanger and executive director at saint antany foundation. thank you superlistening to us. saint anthony has a long history in the tenderloin of caring for the population in that community and trying to improve their lives. would you we served in the clinic for 60 years. those people that have little access to health care, about 65 percent we serve are undocumented who have no access to health care and will not have access to helts care under
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aca. in turfbing the other thrie 5 percent we need to find ways to get reembursement for the health care we provided. we haven't revved reembursement for the last kickt wreer 60 years. we negotiated with nims and cpmc to see if we coo take care of the 1500 lives in the tenderloin and receive med kale reembursement for that. wree happy we can partner with nims and cpmc to work out disagreement and hope to get support for that. i would like to introduce a drr dr. who served that population for 20 years >> hello supervisors. my name is doctor sonia bloodso, i worked at saint antany for the last 20 years taking care of people in the tenderloin community. we have great need, we have lots of people with
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disabilities, difficulty getting around, emotional challenges, mental challenges and the elderly. ahospital nearby where 1500 people could use services would be tremendous. we also have the only pediatrician who works 5 days a week in a clinic in the tenderloin and we have been talking with cpmc about nishiating a child development center in our clinic, so there is obviously lots of work and challenges but we hope it can go ahead. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you for had opportunity to speak before you. my name is winy you and assistants director for [inaudible] non profit agency in san francisco serving the
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elderly. [inaudible] we are going to talk about the new partnership to [inaudible] for job seekersinate eted in becoming more competitive can dlts. a primary goal is provide training. we work with all the candidate who are san francisco residence we also pay particular attention to those from the priority neighborhood discussed earlier. we are happy to partner with cpmc and work with the other collaborative community bases organizations to allow more san francisco residence the opportunity to apply sfr the first source and also entry level positions at cpmc. thank you >> thank you very much . [inaudible] doctor ty nob noc
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>> good afternoon supervisor. joe [inaudible] acting director for positive resource center. [inaudible] i'm here representing the organization. we are one of the 4 organizations received funding from san francisco foundation and proud to enter into this partnership with cpmc to provide job readyness training interesting in becoming competitive can dts for infrelevel position. received funding for job readyness program designed to assist disabled low income job seekers in china town [inaudible] limited employment histgy occupational skills due to hiv and mental health. we are focusing on the neighborhoods that are targeted by this development agreement. the
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program will include work force [inaudible] reduction service squz computer administrative skills source. we will deliver individualized scofep service designed for people with hiv and mental health disability by using a kemphensive approach. effective program strategys include outreach barrier assessment and [inaudible] case management, resume cover letter and job preparation, job search assistance [inaudible] prc has 22 years of experience providing the quality work force development service squz proud to partner with cpmc in this effort >> thank you very mumpt. next speaker, please >> good afternoon supervisor, my name is nob nab currently i'm project coordinator for
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[inaudible] with the work force development and public relations department. upon graduating from college i had a hard time finding a job [inaudible] they told me that i should look into the [inaudible] program. i just completed the [inaudible] program yesterday and starting june 1 i will be full time with harrah bolt. i'm grateful because sthais unique opportunities cpmc is offering me and i'm very excited to move forward to just gain skills that i necessarily wouldn't have been able to receive had i not joined the capsa program through [inaudible] >> thank you very much. next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is jose [inaudible] born and raised in san francisco bruno heights.
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born in saint lukes and raised a few blocks up the street. i'm employed at the replacement hospital at the saint lukes campus [inaudible] general craft labor apprentice. prior to this i had several jobs but none of them were career material and i was never happy or certified. joub search was difficult to me due to the fact there always seemed there was someone more qualified and didn't have tattoos all over thaur body. with the help of mission hiring hall [inaudible] and implement structure and discipline into my life and attain a career in the construction field. it gave me a lot of experience even in interview skills and job ready ness training and hands on training i didn't step into the
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job field completely blind as do some other apprentices do. i also was able to development a better understanding and skills in the construction field that i use on a day to day basis and every day i'm learning, every day is a #5d adventure and challenge and i compete with myself knowing safety is [inaudible] there is a strong sofens unity and belonging mung the crew and coworkers with [inaudible] and cpmc and i have never been happier in my life and strongly encourage these programs to strangers, friends and family. it is a blessing. i secure a future for me and my kids >> thank you for sharing your story. next speaker >> how are you doing today supervisors? my name is kolbe
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and born and raised in san francisco henters point district. it was hard for me to find a career and something i was interested in it. i saw standing in line in a community center mission hiring hall city build construction work. i never in my life have thought about going into construction i was a big sports guy so i looked into it. [inaudible] direct me to city build. within the month they taught me basic skill squz made a commitment and through that commitment i succeeded. i work for hairic structural. i have been there for some weeks now and they thought me a lot. they taught me to-how to stay focused basically and how to
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stay safe on the job site. also within city building they taught me how to commune tay with others. i never thought about getting up and speaking in front of a lot of people. they had me build my courage up within myself and how to make better path for my family and myself career wise. i'm thankful for cpmc missioning hiring hall to give me this opportunity because without this opportunity i wouldn't know where i would be. standing here today i'm proud of myself and grateful i'm here today. thank you. >> thank you. very inspiring. i have comal more names. dave neego. rodric [inaudible] doctor ana val dez. page lie
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>> my name is jeffrey son and i work as a administrative assistants for [inaudible] after i graduated college i stugled for the last year and a half trying to do sole searchsism what do i do. i graduated from prusteejs university known across the world and yet somehow having very little sense of purpose. recently i have been referred to mission hiring hall in order to participate in the program as well as come full circle in train ing with office of economic and workforce development under compliance. coming out of that now i received a opportunity to work with rosen and electric and special work with cpmc. every
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day is a adadventurer and learn new things from diverse groups of people and it is a wonder experience. considering how i have fulfilled the standards for san franciscos local, i am someone who fulfilled the local hire policy and this particular project and want that to happen for other san francisco residence as well. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker please >> my name is [inaudible] i live in a new neighborhood. i currently work in acute care. my job search was awful. i applied for everything that i graduated for and still nothing and i literally [inaudible] for a whole year and every week he
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would tell me the same thing. i would call every friday and we would say still nothing [inaudible] i hpen to relocate to san francisco and i got signed up with first [inaudible] and i met [inaudible] hazel williams and she interviewed me, i had a 3 hour class and they helped me with my resume and cover letter and thank you letter and 5 months after that everything took off. low and behold i got the jobbed. i received a phone call for tony wagner and [inaudible] and victoria and [inaudible] who i adoor. i can say first stop and suter changed my life. i'm happy >> thank you for sharing. next speaker, please >> good afternoon, thank you supervisors for haerg this iletm my name is stela
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[inaudible] general manager for mission hiring hall. placement services with higher solution and coordinate the city build program and [inaudible] we heard a lot of placement stories that came up. this opportunity also allowed mission hiring hall and cpmc to provide a program that provides job training. we were able to meet with cpmc non clinical hiring manager to see what they were looking for to better serve the rez kwns meet the employers needs and this is a new program we are starting this year. this opportunity allows mission hire hall 32 too provide cpmw-c rks [inaudible] to provide level of customer service. as a provider of the modern and inovateive medicine available cpmc is a attractive
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employer. in addition to non clinical positions mission hiring hall performs training and counseling designed to place can dts inthose entry level positions rchlt mission hiring hall utilized the work force fund to provide tees sunchss to a wide raisk of job seekers from the target population of low and very low income earners minorities and underserved communities to prepare for opportunities that provide a living wage in non clinical clerical [inaudible] we are expanding. >> thank you to mission hiring hall for all you do. >> good afternoon. my name is doctor ty and chief medical officer for nims. i have been the practicing primary
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condition there for 10 years. we are a community helts center serving [inaudible] we clinics in china town, nob gnaw the now jort of the patients are low income, minimal proficiency and on med kale. cpmc is a good neighbor and prend to the patients. we collaborated on many projectsover the last 15 years and the patients received world class care from that partnership. cpmc provides specialty, emergency and patient care to 3 2 thousand medi-cal ben fixiaries. this number will be increased by 1500 with the increase to include the tenderloin patient fraul saint anteany. cpmc provides specialty inpatient and emergency