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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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60 i recently communicated a monitoring velocity the staff is should be commended and the professionalism through the industries performance during the course the tenderloin a lot of folks come in and out and it is heckic i saw the program they're going a good job and other program a an internal tracking i want to commend them in the nonprofit world of having a database that is able to run reports and again really reflect what is already happening for many years in the way it helps us in getting them additional funding and so we look for approval for the conner 0 house program. >> do i have a motion for
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discussion. >> so moved. >> any questions or comments from the commission commissioner loo. >> yeah. i'm looking at the number of duplicate consumer 60 okay with the bayview hunters point for the 45. >> i think it is the 09 way around 45 for bayview and 60 for conner yeah conner how is it is 45 and bayview it is 60. >> yeah. i saw that never mind so the unit of service 9 thousand 4 heed hundred and 50 okay. >> yeah. >> and it seemed like did that mean in the tenderloin area the clients need for different kinds of services compared to bayview the conners house t is counting
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concoct and bayview counting hours so they were different measurement so that is how their systems are set up to track the interacts for the people they serve etch organization has had a justification but the descriptionycy is the bayview counting service hours. >> and the conner house the population is a high percentage of the european or unstable folks so their frequent. >> so multiple times a week or some multiple times a day you're correct given the area and the complexity of the mental illness it is significant with conner's house there is a need more for
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individuals that's not to discount the services there bayview or the services they deal with yeah. yeah. >> the different populations. >> yeah. >> any other comments or questions commissioner ow. >> yeah. a short one you said on the record ms. this is not a new contract how long have they been doing this service and that's a really good question maybe someone with more time spent. >> this is 2012. >> office of the aging we have had contract with candor for about 10 years i do remember that at one point through the time the contract actually went over to the department of the public health and come back over to dos so that's a little bit of the history so we've had a
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relationship with conner house for several years. >> thank you. any other questions or comments any questions or comments from the public? hearing none call the question all in favor, say i. any opposed thank you. the carries >> next item f approval and discussion of the fiscal year 2015-2016 area plan update for submission is to the california department of aging two colleagues welcome. >> good morning, commissioners and executive director can you hear me okay closer i'm rose johnson with the aging planning unit and we're here seeking our approval the update phone number for the office on aging this is the last update you'll be getting for 2012 through 2016
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next spring we'll be bringing a new area plan for office of the aging okay so as you recall the subsequent i didn't want with the data on the california department of angle it is not the only thing we provide we're required to provide an update with the information today i'll be covering the senior population profile here in san francisco service unit for the upcoming service year and the activities in the lecturer there is no update that are 1230eg9 but cherlyn is here to give the highlight that's been made in the past year we recently received the information and it
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will be presented next month not required to approve the aerial update today so the data is hundred 70 thousand seniors as you can see the seniors are prominently asian pacific islander and white senior populations is expected to grow by 3 thousand every year at that decade focusing on low income seniors we see that asian pacific islanders are over represented so seniors 64 and offer living below the threshold are 43 percent closer to 43 percent of the general population the upcoming fiscal year there's more daily in the servicing plans that was included in the area update so i'll do a high
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delivery for the nutrition education service will increase it is due to client need and increased local funding service for meals have decreases due to the focus on home delivered meals and the cost per meal has increased. for the emergency home care and information and assistance and the elderly abuse prospective it remains the same and the increase for transportation is due to change in the benchmarks that are sit down by itself state and increased cost per unit last thing before i i am sorry to is her run the hostilities of the angling and disability workshop is continuing to make
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progress on the assessment of the angling and disability friendliness of san francisco like housing and communication information rfps that went out to bid we met the consumer advocacy and the home care the big news we're starting to work on the citywide assessment it is done every 4 years in advance of the area plan to it identified where the c a money will be i'm going to turn it over to cherlyn >> good morning, commissioners sherry deputy director of dos i mean, i'll try to be admirable in my brevity basically i'll show you a number of goals we
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basically give update on our we have goals that are set we give updates on the oifbdz when we do the area plan and go through and talk about things that are interesting and movement in the last year so if you have questions about any of the other objectives you've seen feel free but i'll highlight a few things goal number one is improved quality of life and first objective under that one organization is about our health pro tem's and risk prospective services i'll highlight the fact we're funding two evidence based promotion programs healthy living programs i know you've had a number of reports from linda that oversees those programs that are run out of on 30th street so we wanted to
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highlight this year we have implemented a snap ed called tie chief for arthritis and it is using the snapshot that linda talked about identifiable 1-b is the our medication management program and so again i think we've recorded on this program before this is the program where we have a pharmacist involved and the q organization director works with the office of aging and the case management programs to work with the case managers they're looking at medications identifying what people's medications are and able to work with the parliament i thought to assist if there are other problems that might occur some of the things are really showing
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the communication between the pharmacy it and case management one of the things we've done to have a new automated message from the system if case managers ask important a communication that is helped with communication between the case manager's and the pharmacists and so under the same goal we're this one is refers to our sf connected program as you recall this program has blumentd it is really expanding if you went this was money we got it was stimuli money it is now called sf connected this is y where seniors and folks with disability can be trained on the
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phones and number of programs airbnb and i were talking about how important that access is for people it helps to level the playing field in a way that is really important and some days when we are thinking about you know basically basic needs like housing and food we that this is not as important but we've heard from the people taking the classes it is extremely important in this day and age seniors and people with disabilities get left behind one of the new things and ann knows about this we have developed and tech council and one of the co-chairs you're one of the co-chairs; right? and that council is here to help promote our program and help bring in volunteers and help find resources in the tech community and be innovative around technology issues in the city
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that's exciting for us to be part of and goal number 2 is to stash better coordination of services we want to highlight one objective that is to initiate greater collaboration between programs that serve the adults and adults with these disability between the department of dos and the council and based organizations planning department staff and department of public health to show an objective object on its own wore or one of the things an internal thing within the services as wear developing the center
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center we're opening in the near future we started round about what we an innovation office one person if the human services agency one energetic young man that works how to be innovative how to find solutions we have a program right now we're looking at involving staff at all levels within the organization to roll improve the consumer experience and improve the staff experience at the same time in our service centers throughout the city medicare and etc. and the staff are really engaged this is an immense process they're meeting every week for 6 months this is an extremely time consuming and a lot of engagement and we're grateful
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they've agreed to do that i can see it is help to integrate programs and people are doing things outside their task because their starting to know each other's programs and starting to understand what it means to integrate an agency other thing we continue to be involved in people in the department and community some thought you are involved if various committees of the long term care council and a lot of things going on there there's the age and sedating san francisco group and the housing committee and hiv and aging to name a few a lot of engagement and activity going on and those help to integrated and the long term care coordinating council itself which brings in a variety of different departments people in the community labor etc. which is not integration effort
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>> so to make things better for seniors and people with disadvantage goal 3 to increase the access to services we want to highlight the aging and disability the sectioning connection organizations serving adult and having the connections between the two community that came from different places independent and aging adult services work together to create even though contexts as you recall we have this what we call the aging resource centers that model we switched labor from a model where we had a contract with on organization and that organization was the fiscal
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community services how do we best serve the entire san francisco and the neighborhood and with better access we decides to go to a model we funded organizations geographically and gave each of organization point a a staff person and included for the first time lgbt community and disability community like their own community we're fund like 8 organizations for this work we are very careful tracking the number of folks serves and the contact i think 6 months into the contract this year we have exceeded our numbers from last year from the previous contract we feel predator good about this
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model in terms of off people getting served in addition, we have a consultant who is working at the institute open angling who basic job to make sure that the information referral and assistance is the same product crossed the 8 agencies and also her job to provide outreach so to help staff resource fairs and things like that and really make sure that people cross the city know where their aging and disability center is we've been reporting on that in numbers and come back and report to you arrest goal 4 to improve the service quality and under that the first thing we want to highlight we're continuing to provide regular trains for staff and go beyond that with our staff training program we've
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created an excellence in aging and disability services curriculum and going to be requiring all staff to take all core courses of the curriculum that is including hipa train and things like working with people with disability andableism and alzheimer's and dementia and suicide assessment, working with the lgbt seniors and things in our core curriculum we've developed is an elective curriculum trying to figure out what it means to make all staff take all core cowards that will take a couple of years to get all three hundred restraining order staff we have people with great experience social workers and attorneys and directors it
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didn't maple they come and know everything they have a basic expertise in working with adult with disabilities we should be able to advertised it that everyone has the basic expertise i'm excited we're rolling that out and rick apple bee is doing a great job and goal 5 to secure financial and political resources we were - we are highlighting the transitional ann recorded earlier our centers for medi-cal and medicaid have cut our contract we've built a great infrastructure and it will be a shame to lose that we have a great network we have a great network with our nonprofit provider the hospitals all of the network organizations that
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work you know subcontractors through the nonprofit provider and great staff engagement within dos as well and so we're working to find a way to make sure we continue that program and find ways to fund it did hospitals are saying they're interested in funding especially, if we can expand our program to expand to the mechanic population we'll report back on that program that's it that's it from cherlyn and me presentation i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> may i have a motion to approve seconded thank you i have a question rose on the poverty rates that were outlined for san francisco seniors is that based on the individual
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seniors income regardless of how she is housed that in terms of below the poverty line but living with family don't have to pay additional housing costs is that included ♪ that calculation >> i believe the poverty rate is based on household so if the senior is included in that household. >> a great many seniors are probably living alone. >> yes. san francisco actually has a higher rate of single household than any other couldn't in the state. >> we've been doing work and getting results from the dementia task force is this something the state wants to monitor in terms of california as a whole san francisco is well
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ahead of the curve but any information if the state is interested therefore provides fund for . >> that's a great question ann. >> so the state formed a state task force after we had put our- i know other parts the country are doing similar things he know the alternative organization and number of folks cross the state will an clamoring for the state to do this for research as well as programming but other than that i'm not hearing of traction in that area at the federal level especially for the research in part this seems to be some transaction but nothing to date it looks like it will be a substantial fund coming this
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way. >> thank you any other questions or comments from the commission? commissioner loo >> yeah. on page 21 the program and i realize the number of certified volunteers has been decreased is that because of the funding and also a lot of the residential care has closed down. >> i could try to answer that i'll ask mike to come up he understands that better arrest remember the volunteer number is up over the previous years. >> down by 20 percent open page 21. >> so typically what happens is and so this is down from 20 so the performance the program
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performance in the federal fiscal year of 2013-2014 showed 16 records in that year so we use that level of performance and use that as our baseline measure for this update for the future year going forward and see whether or not we're going to go over this number at this point we includes to keep it at the same number because it is still in rfp not completed negotiations no one is doing it july 1st, we'll have someone in place the program is subject to kind of budgets swings so it is hard to judge how much money and how much services they'll be able to provide we're going to use that as a base to build from and hopefully increase that actual
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performance. >> thank you. any questions or comments any comments or questions from the public hearing none. > all in favor, say i. > >> any opposed thank you the motion carries thank you, rose and cherlyn. >> the next item on the agenda g request authorization to enter into a new contract with national council on crime and diligence so provide the structured decision making for the adult protective services during in a 2015 in the maturely of $124,000 plus plus a 10 percent contingency not to exceed hundred and $36,000 plus and it looks like sherry reign
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will be doing this presentation yes, i'm giving jason is a break i want to thank kim and jason for getting this contract through our contractor was this was a tough one and he did a great job of making that happen we wanted it for acquit some time adult calls come ♪ the intact line our staff takes the calls and passes them on to adult protective services and one of the things that jason wanted for a long time was the having a dignities making telegraph hill tool that helps staff to give better information
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to the adult services to the workers can figure out what the response time should be whether it was a real emergency situations and consistency across staff we're excited to use this tool jason has spent time in fourth what communities use it and work with the contractor to you know kind of custom in itself it for us we've we'll be implementing that and give us the ability to track data and figure out the kinds of calls we're getting and basically, if there are certain types we need to make certain decisions and get out there quicker and helps us manage our resources better that's essentially what the tool does >> do i have a motion to discuss. >> questions or comments from
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the commission? commissioner loo >> sherry reign that program started on may the first so the program has already started. >> it hadn't start but the contract covers the full month the other question is the contract like 8 year contract. >> right. >> steve might have to answer that question. >> good morning steve kim contract management this is actually a little bit over 8 years just under 9 years total and the nature of that solution most of the every time effort is from the set of plans in the initial set up it is more
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maintenance enhancement so we want to be able to take advantage of the model and we also the model was bans the evaluation of the county. >> so the assessment will be done every year what. >> basically needs ongoing needs and changes perhaps additional sizing those will be pretty much evaluated. >> if they're not doing the job do we have at option of canceling the contract. >> yes. we do. >> any other comments or questions comments or questions from the public? hearing none call the question all in favor, say i. any opposed thank you the motion carries >> item h requesting authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with self-help for the