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tv   [untitled]    May 25, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> okay. good. i feel better. i
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didn't break it. okay. >> there we go. >> all right. as i was mentioning. there was training available in different languages. and computers. have a range of accessibility features. built in. as well as most sites of accessible computer. table. so folks can use them. regardless of disabilities. and it goes to adult centers. so there is extra help for people learning about applications. and software. for people with vision. and hearing loss. and other kinds of disabilities. here's a map of where these sites are across the city. these are not the only computer labs. you can go to. the library also has great labs. and computers. as you can see. there are centers. all over the center. concentrated in the downtown area. they're out in the
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neighbors as well. now. all of those labs. and training. that went with them. we're one of the five group. involved in doing training and support on these labs. the other is up on the screen. it's community technology -- are all partners. in keeping these labs. staffed with trainers. and tutors. and keeping these running. not too long ago. when this initial program was funded by the government. we are looking at the prospect of the funding go away. the program would languish and die. so we worked hard through the keep us connected campaign. to make sure funding was available. and through everybody's efforts. and testimony. the city put aside $1.4 million. to keep the
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program going for another 21 months. since that time. we have been working really hard to make the program successful. to serve more people and to be able to come back and say. okay. that was great. but there is still more that needs to be done. so that is keep us connected campaign part two. we just tell you what our goals are. hopefully. you will kind of agree with us. they're worthy ones. first of all. we know just having the labs there doesn't do it. have you to have trainers. tutors. and volunteer coordinators. who staff these labs to get people coming in. who do the outreach. as we move forward. we would like to see more of them. including those folks. who are bilingual. and are skilled and able to work with folks. with disabilities and where ever possible. we would like to hire seniors. and people with disabilities. to do that work. we found the most
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successful. with a peer model. seniors. teaching sceniers. then turning around and teaching others. the first goal is hiring people and increase the number of sites. and take our show on the road. to places where seniors. are. there are seniors. in senior centers. but there are seniors. at churches. and community centers. we want to go on the road a little bit more. so just to get a sense of the training. and what we do. i would like jennifer to talk about her role. as a trainer. in the connect campaign. >> good afternoon. i'm jennifer walsh. i'm a paid community connecter. for the community
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living campaign. i have been a computer tutor and mentor. since the sf program began. i helped develop the computer for the hospital as well as help with community presentations. being connected to the community and the world through tech technology empowers. all of us. whether we're in the community or in the hospital. sf connected is to teach basic computer skills. to explore personal interest using computers. to connect with friends and family. to become savvy. in this ever increasing. technology world regardless of disability. we have trainers who specialize in working with people with
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disabilities. who can provide training for individuals. with visual. hearing. or physical diz abilities. participates become part of the community. and find -- in their talents. and help others. we are hoping to increase the number of people by hearing people to support. technology keeps you connected >> guardless of who you are. where you are in the world. being on the internet is the only time i do not have a disabilitied label. we hope you will join our keep us connected campaign. >> all right. thank you jennifer. so jennifer will stay here to answer questions at the end. i know. let me tell you a few other things. that are a part of this campaign. and we will take some questions. so second thing is to keep
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computers running. and haec sure program is supplied. on some sites. they never got funding for paper. or ink. or the headsets. so a let bit of money to make sure it's there. otherwise. people can't use the equipment or print what they need to print. the third thing is the tech support for people with equipment. if you have a phone. you don't know how to get a pictures. or messages off it. you want to use it better. we have skilled trainers. that are good about taking whatever you have and what you need to know and help connect the dots. so that's another piece of the goal for the future. then the 4th one is really about raising more visibility and resources. that's the san francisco tech council. there has been a series of planning. there's been a planning process. we did 80 interviews. with
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leaders. we have convened. a series of work groupses, and planning sessions this year. we're pleased carla johnson is one of the ones been a part of the process. as well as others. in the communities. and the goal is to raise the level of discussion across the board. it's not just a problem for the department of ages. and services. it's an issue of the city. so much money is coming, and activity around technology. we should not have the city's residents and taxpayers left behind in that process. here's a picture from the founding meeting. there is always a point where something is born. that was the moment. we will meet again on monday. as the work goes on. we will become more and more public forum. for people to bring ideas. and projects. activities. people
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work across disciplines. to make this a more connected city. so you can see the mission of the council is to advance digital. inclusion for older adults. and people with disabilities. so all can participate in the safety connected community. the question is. how can you hope? we hope you want to help. first we have a keep us connected facebook page. if you can tell us your story. or participate in the discussion. that is great. the second is to help circulating postcards. they will be available on may twenty-first. and we will be circulating them from that point through june. and talk to your local supervisor. how supportive they are. we have $750,000. we have the cooperation of age and adult serves. but we need the
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mayor and supervisors. and you can help. part is to spread the word of the opportunities. of programs. that already exist. to gather stories from individuals. who can talk about how important digital inclusion. is. and the other stied of that is how it feels to be left out. we hope you will stay in touch with us. here's our contact information. if you have questions. for us now. it would be great to answer them. thank you. i will step back so you can see my t-shirt. you want to see the back? [laughter]. >> councilmember kostanian has a question for you. >> welcome again. i want to ask. are you selling those shirts? (speaking off the mic).
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>> if anyone would like them. i didn't bring any today. we will make them available. >> how much are they? >> we're not selling them we want to be visible. this is one way to be visible. we appreciate it if you get one and wear it. write down your sizes. and we will figure out how to get it to you. >> one question. will we advertise that in different parts of the city? >> first thing we're asking you is if there is a way you can help. we have information and all the material for the campaign on our website. and we have a facebook page that is an easy place for folks to go to keep up on what happens. next. there is not a bug budget hears. that's where we make our case. there are a couple in june. that's where we want to make
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sure folks turn out to make sure this is visible. okay any other questions for me or jennifer? >> i have a couple. >> oh. >> first of all. you have you expanded beyond the original 224 computers. or is that what you are still working with. >> the program has not expanded beyond that. but we are working on additional sites. when we first started. it was hard to get the computers out. beyond the 224. we're teaching at 360 valencia. and telegraph hill. i would say. there are 300 couple pewters. we teach at now on a regular basis. >> great. and other than -- i don't know how your funding is exactly done. if it's through dos and the city and county? >> right now. it's through the department of ages and services.
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we bid for it. then we do the work. in this current year. it's a contract renewal. pretty soon. we have to do it again. we're hoping there is more opportunity again. >> are you exploring larger tech companies. >> anybody trying to do this. it's not an easy pros tect. we think the tech council is the best opportunity to do that. because it has funders. at the table. and the strongest participation has been from microsoft. but they have token leadership role. and helped with funding as well. the council is structured beyond kind of being born and having rules is to promote projects and activities that are across cutting in in eacher. focussing on seniors. as
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part of the community. in the mayor's off. they're looking to roll out test pilots. we're helping them 30 through what that might be. >> thank. anything else? >> any questions from council members? how about staff. >> thank you chair. i think we would be happy to put a little announcement on our mod web page. under the heading. to dra attention to the keep us connected campaign. and we support your efforts for budgets. it's a critical lifeline. we know how this keeps us in the community. integrated. it's very important. hi a question for you. you mentioned that one of the services. that was out there. might possibly be roaming support. i mention this is with my mother. our family is
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for technical support. it's so easy to lose the e-mail icon on the desktop. by accidentally dropping it into the trash. so i was wondering. how much are people using that roving support option? >> it's very limited at this point. we pay people to go outgoing to somebody's home. we're going out. that adds quickly. there say lot of folks. who need that. we look at this in terms of building communities. so if some people have family nearby. and maybe their sons. are not so happy about coming over making those fixes. we do that. as we built these communities. it's linking up people that who is the skills. with people who need that basic problem solving. >> that is good. so it's the peer to peer neighbor to neighbor support. where you spread the knowledge and provide
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the assistance. >> that is exactly right. we want to start in the center. because it's more cost effective and easier. but it's to think about p i go to 360 valencia. from 9-3. there will be a smart person there to help me with what i need. so it's getting people to come to a community place. not just senior center. but focused on technology. >> i was wondering. if you are planning an event. like the fabulous one you had in city hall two years. back. is there anyone one at this stage. >> that was a challenging one. we were trying to get the wireless work the night before. and have computers brought in. having said that. we are -- to celebrate. the long term care here in san francisco. we're ten
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years old. there is an interest that making sure technology is part of that celebration. hopefully. the petting zoo will come back. and people can get comfortable with. we do have swap meeting. what we know and what we share. so the library and other groups have been good about bringing their stuff. we might do one of those in the fall as well. >> i wanted to acknowledge both me and chip. share with marie. on the leng term care coordinating council. >> and jennifer. >> and jer fer as well. we're a team. >> thank for this opportunity. and send me the t-shirt sizes. you see the back -- are you connected. >> thank you for joy joining us today. marie. now we will move
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onto public comment. jay grace? >> i wanted to know how many years you guys are doing this and the different kinds of things in this city. going to the hayte street or cherry. or other events going on in this city. [inaudible] he said. don't say it. i already know. please. i know too well. i know what you are saying to me. she's trying to tell me. do not call me tiffany. call me jen. i always have trouble with people's names. the other part of it is. the
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more you go other places. more people will know who you are. and more people will be -- oh, i see. one more thing before i know my time is up. my question is. are you guys working with the mayor or to try to get new people. the mayor or people that do different kinds before november? that's what i wonder. thank you. >> thank you. next. i have ana paroles? >> hi. i'm arianna. paroles. to say thank you. i need a little more time to speak. -- thank you. first i want to thank you.
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the mayor's disability council for extending your invitation. to marie jobling. the executive of the campaign today. i hope your commitment to social justice. with regards to people. who are often viewed differently. and seeing among us. people with disabilities and seniors. will only grow. i need to make a quote to marie jobling. and to jennifer and all of you. for each time a man stands up for an idea or asked to improve the lot of others. or speak out against injustice. he is a weapon of hope. that is kennedy. god bless you. thank
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you so much. god bless you committee. >> thank you. any more on the on the bridge line? any other public comment? okay. move onto item number nine. report from the director of the mayor's office on disabilities. >> good afternoon. councilmembers. carla johnson. on the mayor's office on disabilities, it's good to be with you again. i have three items. i have planning on the ada 25 celebration. a quick an affordable housing. and executive director. [inaudible]. ada 25. it's going to be here before we know it. it's may 15th. and wednesday. july 1st is our big celebration in san
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francisco city hall. to celebrate the 205th anniversary. of the signing of the ada. there has been a lot of cheering out there. hopefully. we will be able to draw that level of passion and fun for our event. the details. it will be held in the court here in city hall from 1:30 to 11:30 -- the disability community align. which we refer to as cada. -- something that draws people from san francisco. in the north bay. and south bay. so we can all come together. we have an exciting event. our theme is "it doesn't stop here", while we have much to celebrate
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with our accomplishments. there is so much more we want to do. we want to use this event as a call to action about that. we invited our mayor. to share his perspective on the ada. we also have comedian med aj i. which is the misstress of ceremonies -- we also have former assembly man and president supervise. tom. and the [inaudible] also comedian. michael o con nel. we're planning to bring the paul institute. traveling kiosi. which includes media kiosk. that
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share with us. the accounts of the 504 occupation building. back in 1977. there will be rewards. and cupcakes. [laughter] we planned a dream wall. a dream wall is where people will have an opportunity to write up on postcards. and such. what the ada means to me. and how my life may have changed because of the ad a. so the details again. on the avent or wednesday july 1st san francisco city haul. the north right court from 1:30 to 11:30. i know suspanich. you have been doing wonderful work with your peers with the council. and i'm hoping we can see your peers. in your event as well. it will become an event for them as well as for
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us. >> they have been invited. and we're sharing the information with them. >> excellent. we have some save the date postcardses. on the table. we have beautiful save the date postcards. prepared in braille. so they're a combination of brailles. and colors. so there is something for everybody. my next item. is to talk about affordable and accessible housing. we have been following the news. the city is putting an extra ordinary effort. in constructing and rehabilitating accordable housing. the needs are great. our efforts are great. of course. they're not fully meeting the need. there is more that need toss be done. when the housing is publicly funded. that is our opportunity to make sure that public housing is accessible housing. in our
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office. the mayor's office on disability does a plan check. to make sure it meets the highest level of accessibility. we're currently seeing a high volume of plans. that need to be reviewed. for example. our office is reviewing all of the permits. for the old housing properties. this project is called the rad. project. rental assistance demonstration project. it's where the federal housing authority. turns over these properties. to the city with nonprofits. they will be managing them in the future. so far. we have received nine out of 13 properties. in the stage one processing. these are exordinarily complex sites. many of the buildings. were built any where from 1930s to the 1970s. so accessibility was not part of the original design. so our task is to find ways to retro fit
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them for accessibility. and the communitiment to the mayor's office of community housing and development. to do everything we can. within this existing sites. within this constraints. i wanted to give a shout out. to open. lee. which is the direct ter of moh -- of housing. they have been supportive in these conversations and herding cats [laughter] we're also reviewing several large projects. like the rebuilding of the alice griffith site. which is two entire blocks. of new affordable housing. if you have lived in san francisco for a long time like i have. the alex griffith projects. have been some of the worst of the housing property
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folio. the community who have lived there. demanding we do better. to provide a quality of housing. so rebuilding that site is a priority. but it's a big site. two city blockses that is being looked at it. in addition to phase two. which is also two entire city blocks. the last projects. are krital to helping to revitalize the south and certain part of our city. so with this high volume of plans and permits. our office is currently what i call all hands on deck mode. we're staying in late. and coming in on weekends to process these permits. everyone is chipping in. including me. but we're very committed to keeping these projects on track. it's one of our highest priorities. that is
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my update on affordable and accessible housing. i did see the mayor announced his intention to pursue. a $250 million affordable housing bond on the november election. will you be hearing more about that through the newspaper. and other sources. the next item i would like to cover is our new deputy director. speaking of all hands on deck. last month i lel the council know our architecture. started where can working in mod. he started working on some of these affordable. accessible housing projects. as well. most of you got a chance to meet him at our last executive committee meeting. i wanted to give him the opportunity to address the council formally. at this point.
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i would like [inaudible] to come up and speak to us. >> thank you carla. good afternoon council. i'm really happy to be here on the mayor's office on disability. i have had a warm mod welcome from my colleagues. so shan thank you. a little bit about i myself. for the last 13 years. i have been in the private sector working with several public agencies. helping them update their ada transition plans. and assess their services. and activities. in doing so. i have worked with several small cities to large cities across the country and also worked with state agencies like the division of the