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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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led venture capitalist and investors build housing for people that don't live here we live here we live here and we need correct housing housing that is fair housing that is dignity if i had not the families living two to three to a block families divided one person gets a house for $300000 we live here and create housing for those of us you don't have to recruit hundred thousand workers from another place for luxury housing you know you don't call it luxury housing luxury condos are
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some other word so vote with us housing for us who are lord here and need fair and justify housing give a moratorium and give us time to stop the grabbing in our community. >> remember one last piece just remember this is really caused us lives alex and on the arab family that was burned alive and fulsome and the 24 families believe it or not out of their homes because of speculation. >> thank you>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm ending the meeting i am
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with our admission no evictions you're wondering why have are so many people of color and over one thousand people on may 8th and disrupt the city why have over 8 hundred people it's simple two yearlings we told the 3 and 4 declare a state of emergency there's a crisis and he declared a state of emergency what are the consequences 10 thousand people pushed out of the mission how many people from hunters point and the western edition 8 thousand latinos out of the mission and 3 thousand children are holes you've heard me say it is prison in the city that is so rich there is 3 thousand children homeless
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living in the streets yet 6 thousand white techies living in the mission making over hundred thousand dollars a year and what are they about given back to the mission this city the mayor for 15 years was told for 15 years not one single housing affordable housing has been built how long has he been in office not one single unit built we've asked him him for a plan to the mission to this day, no plan in 2008, we had a community plan and this city failed to implement other housing plan yet 37 cranes with up in san francisco that this city approved. >> (inaudible).
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>> thank you sir, thank you. >> we need 3 thousand new units thank you. (clapping.) >> public comment is over.
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>> clapping police have not
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removed nobody from the chamber. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> evening ladies and gentlemen, of the board members of the public i ran over here in berkley trying to paid attention i don't have anything to say i stand in solidarity with this community (clapping.) save the mission staples with that community thank you. >> seeing no other members from the comment that want to comment public comment is closed. >> abstinence. >> sir we still are a meeting
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please please. >> supervisor. >> thank you, thank you very much if i can please have everyone's attention if i may ask my chief of staff put up this projector. >> i want to make sure having begun tloul through all the public comment giving this board an opportunity to deliberate and give what i think that both sides of the issue deserve a you really don't care yes or no on this proposal apologize to ask hillary put up this slide if sfgovtv has a map of the 13
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sites where we build affordable housing in the mission today you know there's a lot of emotion today and i have to say for me today is the sort of a very, very challenging day and yet a really rewarding day it is been very painful to hear the stories from so many people i know that folks may have been entrusted by the passion and meekly emotion you have to understand how personal this is for so many of us i was moved to see hocking so many people chewy who is dealing with leukemia i
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know for him to come out to a meeting is not an easy thing that is how important this is and what i would simply say to any colleagues is is that i don't claim to say a panacea i don't know how anyone can come to the building with a solution a lot of things need to happen but in my whole 10 year as an effected e elected officials i've not sown what or someone like what happened here today not seen a community so moved by what is happen on the ground that 8 housed into a hearing there are still people lined up
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to speak didn't doesn't happen just because so it is about the reason why those folks came out i asked you to ask yourselves what you do to pie colleagues if you're own district was golden o going drove 8 hours and hear from our constituents how power less they feel we have an opportunity to give this community a chance to take charge of its own disney we may not agree but the fact should mean something. (clapping.) >> now let me say this is you
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know someone started the hearing in public comment this is our cell man thank you for the supervision for so many of us there are so many reasons this is important to people there's so many today, we're talking about a community that wants to preserve it's identity that wants - i hope colleagues have not decided that to the extent you air on the side of giving this community the benefit of the doubt i believe they deserve that benefit i'll say this to our community and i'll end with this i hope my colleagues do the
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right thing i hope that mayor ed lee can work with us to do the right thing but i also know that this is not the end this is the continuation of a movement because we have started something in the mission and - regardless of what happens or didn't happen here tonight this community will continue to we're not going away i want to end up with this quote from a writer who said all the forces in the world are not show powerful as an idea which time has spoken the idea builds housing for the middle-income and middle-income in san
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francisco is a time who's time has come thank you. >> 1 o'clock this hearing has been held and now filed madam clerk read item 39. >> an urgency items for the demolition of informs gain or loss of 5 or more resident unit for the distribution and create the permit for a hundred percent affordable housing in a portion of the mission plan funded by the north side of caesar chavez and the west of bryant and route 101 and van ness and madam clerk call the roll. >> on item supervisor kim
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supervisor mar commissioner hwang no supervisor wiener. >> hold on just a second. >> supervisor cohen i was expecting an opportunity to ask questions for the staff i everything it is late we went straight to 0 vote i - >> i apologize supervisor cowen so supervisor cowen. >> thank you so alright madam president. >> so colleagues is there a motion by madam chair rosales and supervisor farrell it has been rescinded at this time i'll recognize supervisor cowen. >> i have several questions about the policy discussion we have before us on this particular item a lot of the questions are district towards
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the staff how proximate causes and units will be impacted and schedule are affordable how many units will actually be affordable? >> the question is how many projects and units will be impacted by this legislation and any of the proposals are affordable. >> thank you very much in emry rogers sorry for the delay in our notes.
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>> our current pipeline in the area of the moratorium effected by the proposed owners this is a total of one thousand net new units that on the line of those we have the inclusionary requirement that is 12 percent he know with the malice at this
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point there's a limit number that is affordable and in addition some of the projects in this area are subject to hire requirements than the inclusionary okay it is really late normally i'd able to follow it is 1216 to. >> excuse me we're trying to credibility in members of the public will continue without burst we'll have you removed we want to get to the vote please respect our process to allow the members of the public to ask questions please thank you. >> my question any proposed unit affordable housing that would be stopped underneath this
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legislation and not allowed to go forward and be built. >> so just those can be impact maybe clarify about the project at jumping
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