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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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jobs to really find avenues of success for them and their families. this is incredibly important to any city in the entire state of california but for san francisco, i think it's a special story. i think we have special employers who are regional, who are forward thinking, who want that diversity to be reflected in their workforce and who use that diversity to gain a huge international market share of good policies that we want to have, and that today, i have to say that most companies who work with us are pretty successful. and more than the bottom line, they are helping me create a prosperity of which we can share with many struggling families who find it more difficult to forward the city and i'm doing my part. it's not just the job situation here is one aspect of what we are doing in
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the city, but it's an in incredibly important critical part. i want people to be able to earn their affordability of owning a home or rent in the city. this is where you come in. this is a special day for me because this is the way i like to begin the morning. when i can begin the morning by saying i'm going to find a job for somebody, i'm going to help them access the skills they need, introduce them to the world of our corporate leaders, our non-profit leaders and allow them to be successful, it has to be a good feeling every morning besides coffee. the other thing i wanted to say, i told eric, i was going to surprise him this morning. if we successful then i'm going to ask eric to do something for all of us this
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morning. he won't do it, but i just wanted to play with him this morning because there is a new dance in the city. a dance that i learned and i saw very vividly and now it's the talk of the nba and that is called the flop. the mvp got fined for doing a flop dance. there is nothing wrong with a flop dance. it's what i want eric to do as a commitment to the job he's going to do. he's going to do a flop dance. [ laughter ] i'm just kidding. anyway because if he isn't then i'm going to fine him $5,000. but it's an incredible time in our region when we can have the
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nba champs play with the giants. they are inspirational, they are doing exactly what sports wants to have a role in society and that is inspiring all of us to do even better. i wanted that example of the flop because when you saw that, you just have to know that basket is going in and why not dance and celebrate because that's what i would like you all to do. when you achieve those job opportunities for our youth, i want to you do a flop dance. the kids to do a flop dance. they have earned the time to dance. i'm going to ask the mayor to do their flop dance tonight when i enter into a regional discussion with what we are all about with the city. i want you all celebrating this because we are
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already on our way. the numbers that i have heard, the commitment that i have already been hearing about are not only going to reach our numbers, they are going to find these incredible stories, and stories like jose is going to share with us in a moment. i want to share my enthusiasm for sharing these wonderful jobs. that is what we are about. we work with each other, collaborate with each other, and we try to use our success to infect each other with this level. that's what they are going to do today and that's what we are going to do tonight on houston. we are going to share that success and experience, but we want ultimately that people have this incredible feeling when they are in san francisco, things happen. they happen for them but they also
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need to do their part. that they need to believe that they can be successful. so i want to say thank you to all of you for being here this morning. i am excited to hear the commitments that will be launched today but just as excited that ultimately you share with me the great belief that you believe in the city from education, to after school programs to when they are even kids like riley is to step, we are in college accounts. this is an incredible city. i'm honored to be your mayor and to be in this city. thank you for being here today. [ applause ]
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flopping, huh? all right. she is the fierce advocate and champion for those in need. the leader of the united way bay area ceo ann wilson. >> no i am not going to flop. it's pretty hard to follow that, mr. mayor. thank you very much. this is my pep rally of the year. the feel good event of the year. you know, starting us out thinking about our first job. i can't help you but say i remember so well on a new jersey highway and a customer who allowed me to serve their hotdog on their lap on my first job.
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those moments of starting out is where this program begins. at new this room and your colleagues as employers who welcome in young people and give them a shot to learn in a place of support and energy. the non-profit partners in this room who coached their young people to show up at your door. it's a team effort. so the analogy of the warriors is quite apropos because we are all in in this room, in the united way. mayor, your energy and enthusiasm in this program has been the wind beneath our sails and you are the reason we are here. i'm here again to thanks
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our employers, non-profit partners and to the young people. mr. mayor, to that number of over 7,000, a very big numbers are agencies and the partnerships in the city itself. the city has created a welcoming place for young people and besides the job experience, what that says to the young people about their city and how their city cares about them and their pathway to success means a great deal and it's why we all come together today to cheer on this program and eric, whether he flops or not, maybe he might sing a song. i will put him on that spot any day. he might just sing a song. he's about to get you all on your feet to raise your hands and invite you to be a part of this and maybe add one more job. one more internship to make sure that our young
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people in this city really are having a great experience this summer. in a moment, you will hear from a young person who has been a part of this. make him feel welcome. it's kind of scary to be up here sitting next to the mayor, but it's what it's all about. so, again our thanks from the united way, our board and staff and me colleagues from around this room because we love this program, we love being a part of it. my thanks to those of you in the room who are supporters of the united way you enabled us to do this work for our community. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> what else should i do? i'm going to dance, i'm going to sing. i'm going to introduce our next speaker. a wonderful partner. please welcome kate.
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>> good morning, i guess i stand between you guys and your excitement to pledge this year. so i will be brief. but we support more than 550 manufactures in the city. you know, i think a lot of what we stand for in our work in the companies that we engage with who make everything from mattresses to beer and making and craft to peopling working with their hands in this city across the country. i think we would all agree the creativity that #k078s -- comes out of engaging in things and not only part of what makes this city san francisco but makes us human. what we have done to launch with the city is our own way to share the excitement that we have and the economic potential that is
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there for young people to engage in the maker manufacture economy of the city. over the last two 2 years we have placed 85 students into internships. it would not have happened but for the ecosystem that you have all created with the jobs plus program. the funding that supports the paid opportunity combined with the ability to enable more than 50 manufactures most of whom are quite small to be able to have not only the opportunity to mentor and engage with a young person, but the opportunity to meet their next future awesome employee which is what happens in many of these cases and we'll hear in a moment from someone who works with a manufacture and found exactly that path. you are giving back twice. you are creating an opportunity for a young person and you are creating an opportunity for small businesses and small manufactures and in particular to really be at the table and be
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part of this city's ecosystem. so from our 550 manufactures and all of the youth they have already employed but have the potential to employ, thank you from the bottom of my heart and let's invest this year. thanks. [ applause ] >> thanks, kate and to the entire coalition of sf partners. the partnership is really critical. so you heard from several of us about our first experiences and those are kind of dated. now we are going to hear from a recent experience from an amazing young person who in 2013 through our jobs plus initiative was hired by girardelli. that's all i will tell you because jose can tell you the story. please welcome jose. [ applause ]
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>> good morning. my name is jose and i represent girardelli today. i came to america when i was 14 and i ended up in the foster care system in the bay area. i want to give thanks to my foster mom, lynn silver in the audience today. [ applause ] because without her love and support i would not be the man that i am today. the way she opened her home and her heart to me. a total stranger who had a huge and lasting impact on my life. at the age of 19 i left the foster care system on my own and went to college and tried to find a job. for years i went online to apply for jobs
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and i never got a call back. then i was referred to the summer job program. the master taught me how to write my resume and i learned that i was really good at interviewing and it was one of my strengths which i didn't know before. they said i should walk into stores and talk to managers and then i did and i got a job. i was offered a job at the girardelli square. since then after being there for 2 years, i have been promoted to store supervisor. if it wasn't for super jobs plus, i wouldn't have this job. i really recommend this program to any young person. i would like to thank my manager david
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africa who i have worked for the past 2 years. i'm very thankful for his guidance and he's been a great mentor and teacher and i owe him a lot and would like to thank all the managers at girardelli who have helped me. i'm also a full time college student studying administration of justice. i will work to give back to the community and country that has given me so much. i show my appreciation for the services i received from jobs plus by helping people get jobs at girardelli. it's satisfying to see the youth get jobs and have confidence in themselves. thank you, mayor lee for the opportunity to share my story. thank you. [ applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> wow, again that's what it all about. what i appreciate not only at the beginning but the vision at the federal level. right, run the country. it's what it's about. good job. one more time for jose. [ applause ] all right. we are here. we are now and we are ready because you've heard from us and now we want to hear from you. we are coming down mr. mayor and i because we want to hear pledges. we've had the opportunity for many committed partners in the initiative who already made their commitments and couldn't be with us in the room. i believe we are going to have a number here that are excellent. those are the members we have today, that says 20, fantastic. we want to add your name, your
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company, your business to this list as you come down to this room. if you have the forms, please complete them because we are getting ready. we need to see hands raised. get ready. you ready? for real. you ready? all right. [ applause ] sir? mr. carroll? >> my name is kevin carol, on behalf of our members we are joining members to this great city. >> very good. fantastic that deserves a flop. >> he's killing me. >> i got you. go. pledges, please. right here. sir, good morning. >> good morning, my name is mike tieger with amc movie theatres, we are
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now hiring, 15 jobs available right now. >> all right. very good. thank you. amc. >> yes, ma'am >> hi, my name is maryann and we are pledging four jobs at the fairmount in san francisco. we have commissioner, the california academy of science will pledge 63 jobs to youth. >> fantastic. good morning, everybody, my name is sheila mahoney with ups. ups in the house. all right. we are pledging 25 jobs for youth this summer. we employ over 100 people a year in san francisco offering great opportunities for connecting the dots. so here we are. 25 jobs for the summer. >> thank you very much. ups in
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the house. browns. >> from the san francisco airport commission, we pledge 63 jobs for young people along with the 30 young people we have working with us now. >> airport. flying time. thank you. >> good morning, everyone. jeremy walgberg with the san francisco initiatives for innovation and through our members we have 22 local companies pledging 45 jobs this summer other. excellent. [ applause ] >> hi, from hilton financial district and we pledge 3 # jobs this summer. >> excellent. very good. hilton financial. excellent. >> hi i'm claire with ss maid, our office will be hosting 30 interns this
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summer. >> incredible opportunities. >> we are with the department of environment, we are going to have six youth this summer. >> six youth working on the environment. thank you very much. >> with erns and young with 140 summer jobs for college students in san francisco. [ applause ] and we've also committed $5,000 to support the initiative as well. >> thank you. jobs and finances. thank you very much. >> mr. mayor, my name is johnson representing breed, we are pledging 50 jobs this summer. >> wonderful. 50 jobs. that's a breeze. we are up to 637. there is a few more. okay, here you go. >> mr. mayor, thank you for
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hosting this event. on behalf of starbucks we would like to hire an additional 70 jobs. we couldn't be more clearer. thanks for your partnership with united way. >> thank you, another good flop. >> good morning. my name is cat arena, with the san francisco business community this year, we woo like to pledge ten jobs. >> this is a market on market. >> excellent. >> good morning, my name is monica, i'm here to present the san francisco transportation agency and committed to 40 summer interns this year. >> thank you very much for your commitment. we got our representative from our great world class
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unified school district. >> thank you, i'm laura maroon, we are offering 100 summer jobs this summer including one in my office. sfusd. i'm with the san francisco public utilities commission, we believe the youth and the students in this city are among the top talent . we are pledging 1,000 opportunities.
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>> thank you. for everything you do. >> we are pledging 140 jobs. hsa human services. thank you. are there any others? one there? >> the ladies in red, there is a reason why they are wearing red. it's target. >> good morning, everyone. we are here to pledge ten jobs. >> excellent. thank you. fantastic. >> mr. mayor frankly from public works. we have programs that hired youth for summer internships for
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architects and environmental workers vment we pledge 150 this summer. 150 public sector stepping up large. >> louis herrera from the san francisco public library. we are so inspired with success stories. we can't help but add to our commitment. we have over 50 student workers but we are going to add an additional 4 to that. thank you. great to be a part of it. >> louis, thank you very much. >> we look forward to the new teen media center at the public library as well. >> yeah. share. >> good morning, mr. mayor and honored guest. the san francisco sheriff's department in collaboration with the san francisco police department as well as the puc are pledging that we will receive and hire 300 youth this summer. 150 men and 150 young women. >> wow, wonderful. fantastic.
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thank you very much for that commitment. what we love is the diversity of opportunities for young people because there are many paths to success. >> good morning, on behalf of enterprise holding and enterprise rental cars, 32 jobs. >> fantastic. thank you, enterprise. others? it's not too late. yes, please? >> christy coffman from dare fashion we are hiring one intern. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] every job matters. so thank you very much. yes, please. good morning i'm tina tang with the san francisco planning department and we are
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hosting 21 interns this summer. >> thank you very much. city department stepping up large. anyone else? maria sui. >> thank you once again mr. mayor for your leadership and making sure that all young people have opportunities in this city. this year ucyf wants to continue to fund this program, we are going to support 2,000 jobs this summer. >> all right. nice. big flop. yeah. that's what i'm talking about we are up to 4941 jobs right now. anyone else in the room. it's not too late. anyone else? yes, sir? >> tom hue department of building
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inspection. significance # -- 6 years ago we had zero internships. this year we will commit 12. >> thank you very much. we are going to get a lot of inspections. >> exactly. anyone else? all right. so we are up to 4953. oh, there is another hand. it's not too late. all right. here we go. >> good morning. >> my name is billy scott. i'm store manager at american eagle on market street and we are going to commit to 10 young people this summer. [ applause ] >> thank you. anyone else? i know we had a few, not many but a few young people looking for jobs in the room. if you are in the room, raise your hand if you are a young person searching. there
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is one shy hand. you can raise your hand. come here. i'm going to embarrass you. anna. do you know what you are looking for? >> i'm a medical administrative assistance and techie industry. >> if you are an employer in this room look ing for a skilled talent she's in this room. thank you fore being here today. awesome. [ applause ] . all right, so we are well on our way to big numbers for young people. general it is about creating pathways and economic and social for young people to have the opportunity to live their dreams and this is where it all begins. again, on behalf of all of our partners that help make-up this great ecosystem, i love that, thank you. this great ecosystem of partners
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creating this space for people to thrive, i say thank you, thank you. as we invite mayor lee back up for words, but i believe the children are our future. teach them well and let them lead the way. show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride to make it easier. let the children's laughter remind us how it used to be. [ applause ] sir? >> eric again, thank you for your sharing of your passion with united way, with our sf made, let's give them all a hand today for joining
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us. incredible morning. this number will continue to grow, again i'm not permitted to go after a particular number, but it will grow. and when the word comes out and comes forward from this meeting to many other employers who are anxiously waiting to announce their commitment we'll share that with you. incredible support for our youth this morning. i thank you for these committed on behalf of all of our youth. no matter where they are at. i'm going to spread the great word that our city is ready to do our part in helping everybody be successful in this city. congratulations. thanks for helping to continue to make this city successful for everyone. appreciate you very much. have a great day and go flop. >> [ applause ]