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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you, chairman there have 3 hundred plus transit systems in north american for the last 40 years they've been gathering once a year what is known as the international bus rodeo this is a competition of driving skills but to qualify i have to demonstrate a strong safety records and good attendance and safety record a meeting of the, if you will bus operator world a terrific source of pride to be in the competition alone i'm pleased to introduce you to this year's winner of the international bus rodeo for the 40 feet how is the
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the transit because we have them in the most common bus in the industry but the international winner happens to be from sfmta so without further introduction i want to thrill about it this quite a preservation award mr. kevin grady (clapping) i'll say paul petersen is the training manager that passed on his tips in terms of kevin kevin is a 29 year veteran that just to show you his versus tilt his day job a cable operator he's able to navigate who types of
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conveyances this is, in fact a prestigious award we're hosting the american transit association in the fall so congratulations mr. grady. >> on behalf of the board of directors and the agency congratulations. >> first thank you to everybody that had high back and believed in me you know, i had to ask can i ask how he goes through the procedure i made it and made an impact i know we have the best system in the world so thank you to everybody for the support anything you want to say. >> yeah. i want to say congratulations i've said that before and i want to say that kevin worked really, really hard and practiced on the weekend no
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cost to the sfmta, in fact every we understand saturdays and sunday sore arms and muzzle bylaw but we're proud of kevin great work on behalf of the sfmta (clapping.) thank you is there youtube footage somewhere. >> well, actually he'll get he received a very expressive trophy unfortunately, i learned the trophy is cracked we'll assist him in getting it respected we'll have it bring it go is the board room it is a terrific honor and award to have when you think about the number of individuals all the elicit across the country he exceeded
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with this is something for him to be proud of and speaks to it's accomplishments if i may mr. chairman the next set of awardees has worked successfully to implement a program that you would advanced a little bit earlier this year in terms of the free mini for seniors and people are disabilities and this is the implementation team it is a wide low successful program the exterminates have far exceeded in terms of the participation and it's true the efforts of the people we're going to acknowledge and recognize this afternoon first, the citations and permits has any group knows they were able to move very quickly to step off and process
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a number of applications issuing and testing for everyone that signed up and again i'll point out they were able to more than double the exceptions and they went out and met that so let me say a special appreciation to the project manager and to is a math, doris king arrest eva wong marilyn chow and you don't think did i do okay with that arrest samantha show r shall accept the award on behalf of the group (clapping). >> i wanted to say thank you to
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the board of directors and also to the sfmta customer service staff for helping to launch the program it's been a procedure e pleasure from creating the transportation for the community so thank you. >> thank you on behalf of the board and agency so proud of that program doing it so quickly and every time you ride the bus i'll see folks that ride because of your work thank you on behalf of the entire agency (clapping) the next group is in our acceptable services section and was able to meet an unanticipated for ids they've received an especially high program of calls and met the program and do it in an efficient way to get folks
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signed up as soon as their lined up we'll call them out christina jamie. >> he's off and working. >> all right. thank you annette is he representing jamie irene matt west arrest alvarez excuse me. virginia oh there she is and jonathan changing that's from assessable services and from the paratransit tiffany and vivian i'll be recognizing vivian who couldn't be here but again good work by all teen is going to
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talk on behalf of the group. >> thank you (laughter) well, thank you all for your outstanding work in an important area thank you so much (clapping) the next group was responsible for making sure that everybody economy about the program and made through an aggressive campaign of media advertising and the on station advertising and e-mail notifications reached out to the participant this was led lou lou and public relations officer jay and jay says in my
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notes you'll be accepting this certificate on behalf of the outreach team. >> okay. >> okay. >> board of directors thank you very much for this award and again for the opportunity to help to expand an important program (clapping) it really showing you shows how many people it takes to make an important the 52 thousand people and in this room we're not done picture the revenue operation section they will dealt with the fairness for the number of people in the program and they provided ambassador service bio illogical to all the customer service centers and
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answered questions and make sure that people were given the fair instruments we've received credit for the program to cindy trend. >> cindy will not be able to make it so. >> so cindy will be ably represented by others laura well congratulations and thank you. >> congratulations and please. thank you very much for the opportunity. >> (clapping.) . >> that's the shortest speech. >> it takes a large village director. >> thank you mr. chairman to advise the board we recently negotiated a collective bargaining agreement with local
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258 for 7210 all workers 82 in this class over the period of months the negotiations took place and pleased to bargaining on a weekly basis reached and tentative agreement the agreement for a 2 year term beginning on june 30th to go through 2017 and it was presented to the membership on may 27th of 250 a to be voted on tomorrow so we'll innovative we'll pubically disclosure the terms of the agreement and moving forward we believe this is a very fair deal and good deal both for us and the
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employees this is an important group of workers that play a vital role in getting service out we're pleased to therps able to get to a deal and extend the wages during that period through the citywide package from our prospective allow us flexibility in work 10i789dz so we got out the service in the kind of 24 operations we want so the agreement itself are available at the meeting and can be reviewed on line at the agency website. >> members the vote will be in two weeks. >> that's correct thank you. >> good it's also my pleasure to announce the caesar chavez straightaway streetscape project
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was finished in 2014 was named the pedestrian bike project of the year by the california transportation foundation this was first place winner out of some nearly hundred nominations and highlighted recently as the project of the year by the bay area section of the institute of transportation engineers that was a joint effort of several departments in the city family in addition to the mta the city planning department and the puc and public works it represents a you think grading to the sewer system along the one mile corridor from hampton insure to gerrero a step up to improve reliability and travel safety so it's been a very expressive project we want to congratulate the sustainable streets folks
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particular mike sal's berries or mike and charmane who were the sustainable streets leads on this project thank you very much and really a terrific and congratulations. >> yep. >> two other just quick points of information mr. chairman and board members after we did introduce double stopping in the system and the good news s it worked the bad news the system integration between the upgraded computer and the announcement computer was not was it needed to be we've shelved it and directed the measures to correct the software problems we'll not
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reactivate the feature until it is working properly and, of course, go through the necessary notifications other thing i want to mention on sunday night we were scheduled to complete oath segment of the tunnel that work did not took place as anticipated this week the contractor was not prepared this weekend the signal on the signal that is in on the west side of the tunnel that directs as your approaching even though curb that directs the speed they're not prepared with the right materials 0 our construction folks moved to she did and we're working to impose a new set guidelines and rules with them so we hope to be able to get on track shortly when we're able to get a viable work
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plan and finally on tuesday night last tuesday night a town hall hosted by director reiskin and the chair of 258 most of the questions focused on the safety of our system and what was agreed to a series of safety campaigns messaging to emphasis the importance of safety the number one goal in the last couple of weeks we've been doing collaboratively between management and 250 a giving the railroad courses a reeshlt course on the braking system and when to use them we've reached out through trainers and instructors and inspectors to
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operators on defensive driving and good driving techniques the local is out to reinforce the safety message it's part of the renewed and ongoing commitment to renew the safety practices in the day to day operations of the system and the shops as well so with that mr. chairman that concludes my report. >> thank you, mr. halley questions or comments do we have a timeline. >> timeframe. >> yeah. >> i would say i've been probable like 6 weeks but because it used to be once the - we've been on daily calls with the software problem its been identified and they're in the
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process of recommending that but we'll require them to go through a series of logical testing and certification so it will you want to make sure it works correctly. >> so i'd say in that range. >> great, thank you. >> members of the public care to address the board. >> mr. chairman no one has had an interest. >> the report board of directors mr. weaver is not here all matters listed under the consent agenda are considered by the board be enacted by one resolution in the form or forms listed below. if discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda separately i have one speaker under this topic herbert wiener. >> mr. wiener. >> herbert wiener as members of this board may know and director reiskin i sent an e-mail about an incident that
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occurred two weekends ago one california from the embarcadero it stops at presidio i had to wait 15 minutes for another bus that went back to the barn my route was interrupted and takes 36 minutes to get oath bus nevertheless i was furious i had to walk to my home so what is the remedy to this what i'm recommending the people that are rudely inconvenience by the small bus runs they if they have to take a taxicab they should take the receipt for the bill and bill mta when mta will not pay mta should be taken to small complains
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court that is inexcusable maybe guaranteeing so many times in small claims courting we can't do that this is the carrot and stick approach this time it is terrible. >> the only thing i can say the final insult with my discount pass is increased it's adding insult to injure this is the regard for the injury over the bodies and under the wheels >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) those are the last two speakers under this section of the agenda. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon mary maguire a talking about driver i want to address a situation for constant gratification companies and
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mulch on other things and get around and speed rocket a medical marijuana delivery service what they have in common they're all have the uber model and they are not required to pay business tax in san francisco treasurer told they don't have to pay a business tax we pay as other businesses those are businesses are they not i also would like to address theirs safety concerns last saturday night a driver felt uncomfortable with a passenger he was fold by a squad car he rolled through the stop sign and the passenger fled with a bunch
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knife in the backseat drivers are robbed at gas stations and getting rob's robbed from the cabs where are the emergency radio procedures that was put if place no one knows they exist and the panic bottom something 0 if you have a sense of danger you are all alone what do you do the dispatcher services are moving to las vegas how can you allow this to happen or do you know about this new york model is set up for the passenger safety not the driver safety i hope as you move forward you'll - and your time is up. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> last speaker barry toronto.
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>> good afternoon mr. toronto. >> good afternoon tom nolan. >> i have a couple of major issues to the addressed the article in the could chronicle about the traffic issues and it is there are other issues involved that are creating traffic besides the flickal issue all those delivery services that have blossomed because of apps and the laundry and dry cleaning and food delivery and a medical marijuana delivery that's why the streets are getting crowded if you go and drive the streets drive down polk street on a friday or saturday night there's lots of
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empty taxis on the streets pulled over double-parked and blocking crosswalks waiting for the riders gets into their vehicle that is that not appropriate the second subject is the baseball they've now closed second street and kevin is a great guy, however, the enforcement of the cabstands is nil nil why do we have investigators. you're not going to help us fascinate picking up the ball park and tow the vehicles with the drivers in them i tried to use the cabstands at the holiday inn at 58 street and overdrive he started swearing at me and closing i took someone in a
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wheelchair from the ball park and i thought that was a bar admits would a left e lyft be able to do that, please take the message seriously and help us >> mr. chairman that's the last speaker card your next is the by one resolution in the form or forms listed below. if discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered separately. directors several consent calendar items have been severed 10.1-c g and e have been severed and the rest of the consent remains as is. >> members of the board is there a motion to approve. >> >> new discussion. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it 10.4 c. >> barry toronto.
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>> hi good afternoon barry toronto again, i'd like to point out on c a request ton traffic lights there's justification 19 and delores is a t intersection with no steebz maybe try a stop sign or the issue to make sure that two concerns that their minded with the other lights on the street so they're all red at the same time with the other existing lights or their you'll green because all you're going to do is create more traffic with the extra cars so i'm thrumming it has got to be minded and at 19 and delores some can be flashing i think it is important to look at like in chinatown it works wonderfully
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after 9 o'clock at night all the lights are flashing except for sacramento but their flashing i worked with a traffic engineer it works great the evidence of pedestrians a minimal on stockton street so maybe looking at especially 19th street and taylor's to have flashing lights or after a certain hour because they're only maine for pedestrians but taylor's is heavy during the day but after 9 at night they're by cars it is important not to implement traffic but by safety if safety there's no one to have safety so so i appreciate your time and also the light out here for example the light out here it is
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important that the light in front of the city hall matches the lights in the intersection it didn't seem to be working that. >> motion to approve. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it now 10 point one g. >> gordon right now. >> good afternoon, sir. >> i'm here to comment on the stop sign on san jose and lake view about a week ago a child was killed i wouldn't have been killed if there was a stop sign in the intersection the day bra he was killed i got off the m a car came barely through at 35 mile-per-hour not stopping behind the car and they give me the finger when i
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complained we were not stopping muni cars need bigger signs i want to see something big and red and flashing not this stupid let's go tiny sign everyone ignores 3 blocks away from this intersection is the m line a thousand people a day are dumped into traffic at that intersection one thousand a day thousand days two years that's one million people dumped into traffic and muni has no plans to fix that. >> there's no handicapped ramp over the freeway at niagra and snows that's 50 feet from the bar entrance and 40 years avsh after bart people
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in wheelchairs are risking their lives going over the freeway on 90s after the m comes out of yard and constantly blocked by cars blocking the tracks you had a man chasing heed of cars for about a week everyday he chased away the cars you know you have a problem and haven't fixed it what are you going to do about it. >> that's the last one for this item one g. >> motion to approve. >> on 10.1 g. >> (inaudible). >> come forward please. that's okay. that's outlook. >> i'm sorry if you could speak