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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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whatever. >> or agency that they've contract with. >> thank you for the question commissioner loo this subcontract goes out into the community to the housing rights economy that is very, very experienced and capable of providing one by one counseling to the folks we've referred to earlier that need if right for tenants right issues and tenants evictions and so forth this is part of the grant this element has been with that particular contract for many years and there's a great partnership with an the housing rights committee and senior and disability action they go hounding so sfauchs there's the advocacy for systematic issues and changes the sro's and so forth there's
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an opportunity for individuals seniors and persons with disabilities to receive much needed counseling and advise. >> thank you. >> okay commissioner sims. >> of the proposal that seems to be one of the most sensitive we're in a very dictate and controversial time around housing in the city we're aware of the mission moratorium discussion before the board of supervisors yesterday and some of the services to be provided on page 2 in particular seemed broad i'll looking for wisdom around what an approval from this body suggests in terms of breath of license and maybe
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especially political philanthropy is enabled by our approving that budget for example, number 4 engage in to to the public of their tenant rights at the surface in a very sort of strict understanding of that line i understand it but how board reaching it the implementation of that statement and then number 7 maybe more importantly participate in public hearings demonstratess group meeting and other gathering to advocate the housing for seniors and persons with disabilities. >> those are all good points and united states specifically requested i believe the advice and wisdom for this i'm glad we have jessica from the senior and disability action again what dos
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is landmarking for to make sure we have a group that is capable of understanding the situation for seniors and people that disabilities the population that includes you know low income seniors, seniors from many ethnic background to we wanted to make sure m there was a voice well respected and so we believe they provide that that particular leadership with that, i will i'm going to turn it over to jessica for even more. >> i would just says as jessica is coming to the marching there are a lot of rules and regulations on this books in san francisco so it is a body of knowledge that respond does need to understand that tenant themselves may not understand so our goal role to make sure that
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it is an informed consumer about what they are rights are and i couldn't help but when we were - i read number 7 what came across my mind we're not paying for anything illegal we've seen most of that that took place in front of city hall your visited of notified to those to make sure that recent part of what the older american act says to make sure that older adults are informed; right? of their rights and their responsibilities that come with being a person in our society but also there are those governmental place where decisions get made if you don't show up your point of view may or may not be heard and so number 7 is about having
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the ability to organize people so they show up and expressed their opinion but i'll let jessica those are my thoughts i looked at those two. >> before we give jessica the mike director one other question not related to the 7 but the budget if it is an older americans act funded proposal that is county fund can you explain how it flows. >> what we do to minimize our administrative work and because we have a lot of local dollars although they're part of the older our office on acknowledging we follow the same rules but the administrative streamlining many, many years ago we started to take the federal money and use it only in specific ways so we wouldn't - we can minimize our reporting so
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we still report on this but have a little bit more leeway so one of the - nutrition is one we report on totally; right? we give them all those numbers but it is a pretty onerous process our reporting to the state and fed's we tried to minimize what we have to do that's why sometimes grants before the department of aging & adult services it is local money because we swaptd the money we're only having to make those massive reports opens certain types of things we consider them part of the department of aging & adult services portfolio. >> i'm confused. >> commissioner loo himself. >> i share some of the
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commissioners commissioner sims concerns in reading this one of the concerns i have it per i cannot an a.d. sincerely relationship between tenants and property owners san francisco has as this members of the small business owners restraining order small property owners of san francisco will awe tested thousand of rental units that search warrant have been kept off the market disprompting owned by seniors they've kept them off the market of the rent control and the difficult with unsuitable tenants so i said the need to help tenants understand their rights but i also have a problem with per you cannot this a.d. sincerely relationship instead of reaching out to small property owners to encourage them to releases thousand
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dollars thousands of unit that will alleviate the housing in san francisco. >> those are good points although you may not see that elements again in terms of affidavit sincerely this is about bring balance to our population a lot of folks say property owners have resources; right? they very their own associations to refer to and so forth tenants need also some balance in regards to pursuing their rights and issues their voiced it didn't have to be a.d. sincerely but i want to share last year through ann paerpgs e
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participation as some of the staff was able to work with the local supervisors and putting together some ideas about creating a home share program for seniors that, in fact, utilities the the people that are holding onto rooms and space they'll otherwise be available for renter to be able to have a program within the city pilot program to help promote that and to have seniors helping seniors with that so we are very much aware we have to do whatever we can and not put all our eggs in one basket to work together we want to think we're helpful and if it appears in the mayors budget if it did we're committed to working with them on that. >> thank you and i'm happy to
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hear that one, the point that needs to be made many, many seniors who own small property owner are asset rich relating low income and available asset their income is although, they can't afford lawyers and often held up and good and bad property owners and good and bad renter yet when what i always hear renters are - it is the implication it is so unbalanced and creates an a.d. sincerely relationship thank you it is the home share is specifically to help seniors that are cash and provide the housing to people in need.
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>> commissioner ow you have a comment. >> i judge confused you know under that where the money come from the county $442,000 and contingency what is the word contingency mean. >> i'm sorry she can't hear you. >> (laughter). the contingency money where it come from >> this is all local county money. >> all county. >> 10 percent contingency we heard. >> oh, the 10 percent contingency. >> it could be higher; right? i got it. >> i think that was the amount that was added on in case there's a business. >> i i understand now
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if this all county money or $400000 is federal money or state money? >> it's all county money. >> - >> right. right >> in your memo it says county. >> i was confused earlier, you said some of the money coming from the state or federal you'll use it for the county this is all county money. >> uh-huh. yes. >> thank you. >> well, we got a lot of things to no public comment we unless there's questions. >> i think jessica was going to address some of the concerns. >> very quick. >> jessica with the senior and disability action thank you very much for considering our proposal a lot of things have come up i want to appreciate the
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director talking about the mandate on advocacy we take that seriously we think it is so important for seniors and people with sdapts low income people have a voice this year are was in the city it is able to happen airlines and people are disincurred with the calibration and home phobia and low income seniors and people are disabilities deal with everyday not only do we want to advocate for people our role the way we interpret the work to bring together seniors and people with disabilities and allow them to advocate for themselves this is partly explains why the proposal is board partly because we don't want to speak for people here's exactly how to fix the housing
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problems for the population it is critical to bring those populations together and the most effective that you know, i can come here but when we're talking about making major policies in the city we need people speaking for themselves in large numbers we there's also the challenge of what to do in the housing crisis and i think this also speaks to what commissioner vice president serlina was saying about the a.d. sincerely relationship but the reality people come to the office everyday facing eviction not to say your legislative aide to board president london breed is a terminal person forgive you an evictions but how to deal with the high evictions and the harmentd and other things it's not a matter of figuring out
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where the blame is but people e keeping people in their homes there are so many factors and things with the hours in the city and county of san francisco and in the state and country you know to be honest there's far more to do than we have the capacity in the city it is a generous pot of money but to be honest not enough for example the issue how to get the unit releases is not an issue we can take on we're dealing with the everyday crisis but we're interested you'll be able to help us with we're certainly open to that the other things deal with the crisis and figuring out would to do that is the most effective you saw we were close to the numbers of other organizations many of the housing if not all of the hours organization that work with seniors and persons with sdrabltd for example
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commissioner sims you asked about informing people are tenant rights so the package on the health committee oh gosh and then we have it transmitted into three or four languages we're getting in this out basically what to do if you get an eviction thousands what do you to do stay in our home and particularly what are the steps to be a good tenant what do you need to get in writing to sty in our home and protect it relationship with the landlord and hearing the demonstrations this is the issue working with the partners including the council of community housing organizations to figure out wag do we think is making sure we have enough housing for low
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income seniors and u allowing people to speak for themselves in terms of of the policy changes thank you. >> thank you. any at questions from the commissioners. >> sorry to tie things up i have one. >> all right. >> you can't get out on time if you're going to spend this much time go ahead. >> jessica in the proposal our focusing on south of market properties specifically - i forgot where that - >> work with the residents in the south of market with the desk clerking for the public hearings on sro's is to the the inclusion of the tenderloin or the chinatown area. >> not at all marie eye were cop vs. it should say tenderloin
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and it is citywide there's a concentration in the south of market area. >> i'll stop there. >> no keep going. >> not with that hat. >> bottom of page 2. >> you'll be here until tloushgs. >> this goes along with what the commissioner said i feel a lot seniors will not rent their pope property 0 out it is a headache let it go let it go any other comments i call for the vote. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it so the vote is carried next we just on the c where am
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i okay requesting c request the authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with seniors and disability action for the consumer rights for the term july 1, 2015, to june 2018 in the in the amount of of $322,000 plus a 10 percent contingency for not to exceed in the in the amount of of $30,044,512 can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved and second. >> thank you, commissioners that advocacy assures that individuals said their rights and assets appropriate assess for appropriate support in the areas of dispute resolution and benefit hearings and market street any other griernz that
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arises as person seeking long term care any encounter the elements of the cc r advocacy make it effective include the call center it's consumer directed a advise line for problem solvency assistance and identifying when consumers need more immediate and professional services and establishing a core of core volunteers that provide direct support and counseling l t cc r work collaboratively to approve the service delivery and a as they seek long term serviced this is a independent resource center that provides in addition to language capacity and spanish and chinese they also are a natural
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compliment is to the program and have benefits assistance with persons with disability and seniors so the l t cc r provided a status report to the coordinating council for consumer issues are arising and gather data that can lead to systemic challenges needed we urge your approval for this 0 grant agreement. >> any questions. >> do we need a motion. >> did i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved and seconded second. >> okay. commissioner and on page 2 i want to know who are the memorandum of understanding with the 12 agencies who are they. >> that's right agencies that provide help to disability
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community so there are disability advocates groups and also folks that provide senior help as well in the community so those are groups that will provide help for those folks that maybe having trouble to access the services irreverent or denied long term services so those are the agencies that are going to support them in that and again, we have jessica layman here more, more specific information bullet it includes the independent living resource services and the disability advocates and also could include the california advocates for nursing reform and so forth those are strong advocate groups.
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>> is that satisfactory or more. >> yeah a little bit more. >> i apologize i don't have the list but i'll send it last night today but llc as mentioned and home bridge and the arc and legal aid we work with on various issues. >> don't go away on the budget page the last page i want to know what is i r lc stand for independent living reservoirs center the independent living center for our city. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner sims. >> just gone how does that program fit with the long term care coordinating council. >> as indicated this particular program works directly with consumers; right? out in the
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community and also, if there's agencies having certain issues that need adding you know, i know for a fact there was a lot of the systems being given during the time that the overtime issue for i s h workers this particular program helped to cooperate some of the advocacy for that so what it does it works on day to day on the groulg and then able to take that data they collect that information over to the long term care coordinating council to share about their experiences on the issues that have been arising amongst the consumers. >> a so this is a doted line connection no direct line of accountability is operating
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individually. >> we thought it would be helpful to have some accountability and some kind of oversight for an opportunity for this program to report to this greater court reporting or corresponding 0 council to work closely together. >> it's not a program of the long term care coordination. >> one last question a rerns responded to haifa exposure and allegations - appendixes are there risks. >> the coordinate our are working with people with issues we want to make sure that you know we keep total
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confidentiality and follow did haifa rules so we want to make sure that compliance is very much in place and hip pa so this is something we'll monitor. >> commissioner president james. >> i wanted to add that this is one of those situations where it might appear that we - there would be a opposing views for example, we're contractors with an organization to help make sure that consumers know their rights and their appeal rights so for example we as a department and i h s sees someone needs reduced hours as a department we may have taken that position but we understand
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we're contracting with an outdoor organization to help individuals know all their rights and responsibilities so that's one of those examples where you know we have a foot in both places but we do think this is important extraordinarily important to know what people's rights are in that area. >> any other questions. >> hearing none any other questions okay call for the >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it so the motion carries thank you. >> d requested authorizations to enter into a new grant agreement with the senior disability for the home care advocacy for july 2015 to july 2018 in the amount of of
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$284,000 mrs. 10 percent contingency in the amount of not to exceed in the in the amount of of $213,000 $295 can i have a motion to discuss. >> okay. your on. >> thank you, commissioners also before you for our approval a new grant agreement for the senior disability home care program i h s is essential for the community so seniors and people with disabilities are able to live at home and preventive institutionaltion the night's is the largest portion of the departments budget with 60 percent of the total however this modest grant helps support i h ss in many ways insures the cooperation and
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advocates for additional resources and provides leadership to the model task force that bills and maintenance the forget it helps to identify the topographic of the home care needs and works with the media and prevention active contact i want to take a moment to highlight a gem in the community that's a monthly newsletter published monthly by s da entitled news and views it provides updates on matters of updates for seniors and persons with disabilities it not only reports but helps to promote by way of listing the dates and times for the forums within the network and posts calls for action either in san francisco or sacramento that is a great resource and helpful tool for home care advocacy we urge your
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support for this grant agreement. >> motion to discuss. >> we had a motion to discuss go ahead ask questions. >> we have a motion to discuss. >> i have a question. >> yes. >> okay page 2 item 3 identify an issue and home care needs i don't understand what it the the tip metrological. >> okay. this is great this is one of the things i was going to look up myself but i'm going to