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tv   [untitled]    June 17, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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okay. on 18. >> yes. this is a hearing to consider the process and outcome of the rfp for radio broadcast services i've provides water 0 memo to each of your offices that lists the details specifically the colleagues work and the highlights are in cooperation with the various experts we've drafted a comprehensive r f x for the station qualifications and experience that will be necessary to perform this work a multi faucet work to included the direction distribution to the my time culture and outreach force 40 for the platforms and broadcast the service announcements we've convened the
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3 panel comploemd of sdildz individual with media and community engagement knowledge and experience k p.s. m respond and met the qualifications and commission requirements in the solicitation and have a total of 83 points from the panel and the only prequalified vendor from the committee is satisfied with our process detailed in the memo i would recommend that the clerk will provide a motion premised from this for the committee toe consider next week to be acted on to authorize to enter into negotiation with k for the successfulness of the negotiation indicated they're the official broadcasters of the sfgovtv. >> i want to thank you for
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working through the r f q process and paevengs to the board policies in support of the applicant k po radio the 85.9 fm is is good services for the city for televising the brown on monday and tuesday and the research of the radio broadcasting stations is allowing people not only to watch online but also to have tare road on as you're driving it is a good increase in participation and democracy within our city i want to say 75 thousand is a scale down of the broadcasting
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was quite a bit higher i believe based on the collects analysis of the services? a reasonable amount i'm hoping to support this unity broadcasting of our board of supervisors at the to k po radio. >> thank you supervisor mar i don't think we need to take a motion should take a motion to direct the clerk for a motion for next week. >> thank you, supervisor farrell that's in order. >> that ms. johnson motions to direct the clerk to authorize the clerk to enter into negotiation. >> city attorney. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney so the motion will go to the board for consideration on june 23rd or back to the committee. >> back to the committee. >> sorry. >> back to the committee arrest outcomes motion by supervisor mar and seconded by supervisor
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yee we'll take that without objection. >> not acted on the underlying budget supervisor tang. >> so i just i had wanted to wrap up the budget decision we are asking questions i want to piggyback over off the question of the budget offices that portion give it come out of the board of supervisors budget wanted to know how it is we're working in conjunction to strengthen the board of appeals it was mentioned we do a lot with the private single-family homes but in terms of commercial transactions or new construction i'm sorry that's where there is more of a need can you address that in this year's budget. >> through the chair supervisor tang we agree with the assessor our
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new concussion to the bulk of the work to achieve i'll have my colleague to speak to that we're meeting with dpooud and his staff to paying attention to the various areas she's mentioned in her presentation first on your calendar this afternoon scheduling items we feel our office for the aa rb has a good schedule on items we've work through a couple of items with the careers oversee staff more space being needed i will let dawn mention if this stacey space is needed she thinks she can do with the next cycle and
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in addition to there's one thing we can specifically do with board 3 since they've gotten through the residential backlog we can sunset that board 3 it will property owner just to residential and having have it go back to the original purpose for residential in addition to commercial and new construction and we can kick up our scheduling that specific way okay. so again that will take a sprap legislative action for the board to have that happen. >> i'll need your assistance on that. >> okay. colleagues if no other questions or comments we'll accept those for the facebook. >> we'll accept those motion pie supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor mar we'll take that without objection. >> a motion to file 18.
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>> i move we file 18. >> motion we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk back to item 16 please. item 16 the revision for the fiscal year 2015-2016 budget at the office of community investment & infrastructure and approving the issuance by ocii of bonds in an aggregate principle announcement not to exceed $51 million important a position of enforceable obligations. >> okay. thank you very much we have tiffany bohe and team mr. city attorney for items three and four can and agendize those. >> but to continuance to the call of the chair. >> as well as items one to
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apologizes if we could also colleagues, can i have a motion to continue items number three and four to the next beacon hill committee and motion pie supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee we'll take that without objection. >> okay as we're done with the departmental except for ocii. >> thank you scomplaerl tida bohe investment & infrastructure i believe we're the last budget presentation for you and the power point presentation hard copies are going around in the interim we'll get the power point going in just a minute and joined by sally of ocii our agenda 3 key components one to review where we've been sirens the dissolution the department agency around the state were
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dissolved by jerry brown in 2012 the board took perspective action to approve the successor agency and the successor agency gives the authority to us our mission are codified in the state improbable through major projects that are located in district 6 and 10 as a key component of the major propensities o projects 22 affordable units and over 1/3rd affordable job generating you'll hear about the components in the budget and key management responsibility from the former relike yerba buena we'll transfer there are helpful pie charts. >> so in the interest of times we're asking the department to
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stick to a 10 minute presentation so get to the budget discussions. >> there are slides that are pragmatic for reference the key thing in the major projects residential investment & infrastructure and the landfill for the transit center over 2 heed million dollars you'll see that and again 70 percent of budget for affordable housing and our budget through the next 5 years really comprised about 1/3rd of the mayors plan to produce affordable housing and our role is land use and financing moving to slide 4 and hunters point candle stick and diving into the work program you see significant ramp ups abuse of the residential and commercial our included but not limited to and design authority
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for the demonstration on hunters point hilltop and the alice griffith rebuild through hope sf and our development partner funds in addition to property tax increments we have on reserve and importantly there are 3 rfps two in candle stick and the master developer and lennar removed candle stick stadium for a mixed use mixed income retailed center we want to keep pace with the market rate development and the land use approval and importantly we will this year for the first time in 10 years have another property transfer moving on to slide 6 for respect shows you how far we've come in mission bay our work program diving in the key focus affordable housing in those areas in a number of the sites
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not only heirs but important supportive services including childcare all incomes from the low to the moderate and that's the block in 4 p that is under construction the public infrastructure with the open space and importantly i want to highlight on this slide there are street sustainable street improvements through the tax increments we didn't have this bond issuance is part of budget we're initiating the conversation that the fossil mission bay but we will come back from the board approvals for the proposals in the fall and certainly the worries and biotech developments in all the areas the reoccurring themes the
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jobs on the kralth side as well local hire a key components for the contracted for the professional services and construction and participating about oewd and the academy are a key component of the work again moving on to transcribing the key slide in slide 8 ocii has the infrastructure that is zone one the balance is covered by transbay moving on to transbay a reoccurring sale the state owned parcels there are mixed income mixed use and variety of income levels and the neighborhood infrastructure development under ramp park and others now focusing on the air force
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component of those contractual obligations and indicated ocii will be responsible for well over 1/3rd 33 hundred of affordable units for the affordable units in those improved areas that are master developers they do a lot of cooperation with the infrastructure and oewd and assessors oversees to get it on the roles you see significant development in planning in construction and 6 rfps we'll issue in those developments areas you've heard in the mayor's office presentation ocii will transfer certain bond procedures another part $1.7 million for a repair and the bonds precedes the reserving resolution
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provides for $51 million not to exceed that includes the cost of issues ocii the informal as we transition to the city office of the city administrator and other assets to highlight the mexican museum the city receives as part of the development argues approximately $2.24 million no tax rerudimentary the second half of the fiscal year accounted for in our review proximate we talked about the big the landfill increased on slide 12 and due to the cycle we have pushed anti development and get the dollars identity in the form of infrastructure work and the third partners and now j
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from a visual prospective to look at the procedures those dollars go to the mta a portion of new property tax increments for the depth is 24 percent if you're soliciting it is for affordable housing going now in a particularly path again see it clearly the pathways through the landfills that are happening on all the sites 7 mrs. sites in transbay and the affordable housing work given the uses that will be helpful to isolate from a pathways that is hundred and $41 million in pragmatic dollars the significant 71 percent for affordable housing on the administrative budget our
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last slide you do see a slight increase in the administrative budget we're regulated by the state department of finance and a cap on the administrative cost allowance and below that our salaries and benefits are blow 14 and 15 a couple of things to highlight because of prop d that the board and voters approved for last year important for the health development and appendixes employees they transition to the city you'll see that even though the employees transition to the city we're going to keep with the work program 6 ftes from the overhead fte count we're blow last year we were at 46 and last year 15 and the dissolution we're down from that. >> i lastly want to thank the
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mayor's office and the budget analyst we're not yet in agreement by confident we'll get to resolution by next week thank you very much if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> thank you, ms. bohe colleagues, any questions. >> mr. rose your report. >> yes. mr. speaker, we state our recommended reductions over 416796 that amount ongoing savings and 283 one time savings with an instruction of hundred and $16 million plus or 30.8 percent in the 2015-2016 and we're still working with the department and will report back next week. >> do you have our report on there lying items 16.
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>> that was the report. >> supervisor that's the only and apologizes apologizes apologizes. >> that is the only report. >> thank you very much colleagues, any questions? with that >> 63 do we have to take separate public comment. >> it's the same as the big budget items you'll continue until next week week. >> continue item 167 until next monday colleagues a motion. >> we'll take that without objection. >> thank you everyone for their guidance and help anyone who wishes to speak any other business. >> item one and two has not been acted open. >> items one and two the
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revenue letter we'll file item 2. >> before this is can we take public comment. >> anyone want to pubically comment on items one and two. >> can i have a motion to continue item one and file item 2. >> motion pie supervisor mar and we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk, any announcements? >> no, mr. chair. >> thank you, everyone we're
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>> this coffee memory i remember having coffee with any grappled. in the old days myelogram ma get together >> i was six or seven i made a faces a good face. >> when i was younger i know it did something to my body. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i've been drinking coffee since i was 17 really the only thing i'm good at i was trying to find out what i was good at i
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got a job at the coffee shop i decided to do that the rest of my life. i like the process of the coffee and what are those beans where do they come from oh they come from a fruit. >> the coffee stays with me since i was a kid i grew up and opened coffee shops everybody. in the 8 i visited over 11 hundred coffee shops maybe more to see why people go to coffee shops >> we're searched the beans all over the world from east afghan and tokyo. >> when i wanted to do was get into aspect of the personal coffee and the processing and
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everything else there was multiple steps in making coffee and we did have a lighter roost because of the qualities of the keep once you roost it it home gisz the coffee. >> one thing about the coffee they were special blends and i spent seven years on one blend so that's my pleasure. each bean they were all chosen and blended with each with different cultural and beans is like people and those people give me a reputation i can't buy. people love you my clients love me they take me to the moves
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movies. >> fell in love with coffee and went to the coffee shops the community aspect i really enjoyed. >> i think it's important to have a place for people to show up and talk to their neighbors and recorrect. your surrounded with all those behalf communicated i communities >> i love my city san francisco has a good name my has every cultural in this planet living in san francisco it's a small city 7 by 7 but it's huge. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i really like the idea of
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staying in the neighborhood and living in the mission i've lived here the whole time and the community really stick to it people talk about seattle and portland now they talk about seattle and san francisco. or portland and san francisco but san francisco is definitely on the cutting-edge of the coffee scene in the entire nation. >> there's so many romance in coffee is surrounds the sourcing of that and thinking about where it came from and how and coffee is wonderful. >> i know for a fact i was born to make coffee. i have a notice from the dad let the life i live speak for me and let's have a cup of coffee and
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talk about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. >> welcome is to the tuesday tuesday, june 16, 2015 just a few house keep items keep your cells on vibrant there are pink sheets fill them out with whatever item and your thank you to expand sfgovtv at the media services for broadcasting