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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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for our seniors i'm from senior and disability action, we have a specific demand also that we want you to think about. we need affordable housing subsidize. home delivered meals and [inaudible] meals. we need case management and transportation to adult day health centers and also we need our seniors to be connected. to be connected to the families and connected to the community so please please, it is a great day, the building is turning 100 years old so celebrate that by giving all the needs that we have. thank you. >> thank you next speaker >> my name is [inaudible] i be
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with the budget they need to do a little more affordable and low income housing and for childcare and for the food bank and i do celebrate the annual of city hall and i have been here for a number of years [inaudible] 8 years [inaudible] here in this year [inaudible] for a few months. i think that we need research more on the budgeting annual so we help the homeless and get involved with the [inaudible] for homeless and student and teachers and to make it to where they can afford prices and food and to do a budget for more accessible
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in stead of trying to put it on fine air crafts and i think that there is secrets behind all that message. [inaudible] we have think that we the resolution is trying to solve all the problems. legislation is [inaudible] i'll give you respect for that. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> michael lion san francisco gray panthers and senior disability action. it fsh something coming to the building this morning, all the red carpets and all the plants bought into it, it was to me a symbol of what is happening in san francisco that is just
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incredible wealth that is polluting us frankly and incredible poverty. for the budget to talk about hiring hundreds and hundreds of mere police and funding a new jail which the chief of police already said will be use today home homeless people and criminalize houm less people while not funding housing and food and medical care is outrageous. i can't help but wonder how long do you think people will have any illusion of what the system is about? >> thank you, next speaker >> good morning counsel my name is elvia [inaudible] and a part
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of caring voices. i have flee children, 18, 13 and 8 months old. this is johnny. i'm here to support the c pack budget priority. i am a working mother. i work for rec and park for my whole pregnancy but now that i have my youngest chileds i have to stay home because i have no quality childcare. please support the 2.5 million for [inaudible] and toddler subsidies. thank you very much >> thank you next speaker please >> good morning my name is [inaudible] i'm here also to spote support [inaudible] from families in san francisco. i benefited from childcare for my 2 children and they are good student [inaudible] i am asking
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you to support early childcare and education. thank you. >> thank you next speaker >> good morning supervisors my name is maria [inaudible] organizer of [inaudible] my children grew up here in the city and they have family childcare license exempt care and [inaudible] at different stages of their young lives and i was lucky to have that choice when where did-sorry. one day i woke up being a single parent so i had to get on welfare. i have 2 [inaudible] without childcare transitioning and looking for work that is really difficult. many families don't have the same benefit i had, they have to get on the wait list and now there are about 200 clern [inaudible] the children are now in college working students and they have
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seen my fight with other parent for 20 years now for access to affordable childcare and they told me, mom, [inaudible] i said i hope so. anyway, the family economic summit a city animist mentioned the income disparity insuch isn't because we have a lot of poor people, it is because we have a lot of rich people and because of that the cost of living in san francisco is just so expensive that families are leave thg city and think providing a affordable childcare we are giving a opportunity for a lot of low income families to stay in the city so we are here to support the c pack budget and [inaudible] >> thank you next speaker >> good morning my name is
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joana [inaudible] and division tweckt drecter nathe [inaudible] institute and we are here with the family developmental center which is a program that serves about 230 families every year. it is one of the most expensive type of care a center can provide. i wanted to first thank you for funding the past 2 years a 12 percent operating grant which supported our ability to provide the quality services we are expect squd fmlies dirfb d serve. we know you vadifficult task of decided the priorities of the city and multiple needs the communities have. as a title frive provider knowing the department of education dozen provide enough funding to cover the cost of care, we know it imperative the sinty and county of san francisco continues to fund the apperating grant in order
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fortuse continue to provide this type of care. i wanted to share just a personal story, i am a recipient 20 years ago i was a recipient of childcare services for my daughter who is all most 19 years old and going tobe a sophomore at state. i was a teen parent and as a 17 year olds teen mom without the resources and ability to affords quality childcare i benefited from the service that my organization provides so in terms of looking at long term investment i want you to consider the fact that investing a dollar today to children as apode posed to spending 8.60 cents in the future it is worth it. i bow you have a difficult job but urge you to support c pack budget priorities and in
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salidaryty for the budget and my staff >> good morning [inaudible] teacher [inaudible] severs chernl for 25 years. i love my job and want to speak as a single mom, how raising my cinds san francisco i want to stay in san francisco and please help us because i can't afford the rent. please don't push me out. and i serve the [inaudible] and i love them and i love those babies so please support us because we need help and please don't force me to have to leave because my [inaudible] she is a a student and i pray to god you support us. i go to school at night working on my degree and just want to be the best educator i can be. thank you >> thank you >> next speaker please. good
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morning my name is jen lewis associate program manager of sf start which is the behavioral health team service shelters in san francisco as well as [inaudible] ets supports the hes pa ask. there are over 150 individuals on the assessment case load who are homeless 13 plus years and believe these individuals wouldn't be homeless if there were enough affordable housing. every day when i sit in my office i get asked why client have not been referred to housing yet and why they have been there for 2 plus years. it isn't because we are holding back it is because there is no housing to refer them to that is affordable. thank you so much and again [inaudible] supports the hes pa ask >> morning supervisors ken
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[inaudible] community service squz like to make 3 point quickly in the 2 minute. first let me echo john in saying that he ecs with deep experience in sheltering and housing homeless and formally homeless people strongly urges support of the hes pa ask. we see people stuck in the rotation of shelter placement for years. the barrier isn't a lack of will on their part, it is lack affordable housing. please invest 6 million this year and another 5 million next year to support homeless prevention epieffort and rental subsidize to assist people moving into market rate and non profit housing. secondly [inaudible] urge your support of the food security task force at the tenderloin hunging task force to fund 3.7 million for home
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delivered males, groushries and [inaudible] ecs works with 1100 formally homeless men, women and children every day in our 10 supportive housing sites. i speak for those 540 housing first residence. we have no access to cooking facilities and all too often like 80-90 percent [inaudible] food insecurety [inaudible] finally let me short circuit this one by saying i ask you to more fumly fund shelters. we are looking at ecs as i know colleagues are as well at about 620,000 of the unfunded balance. we are asking that you provide shelter fundsing to hsa. we can make up about half of that but can't do it all
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>> thank you, next speaker please >> hello good morning my name is kelly [inaudible] i'm the program manager for [inaudible] i'm here today in solidarity with the budget justice coalition. our program is dedicated to supporting empowering and organizing latino mono lingual spanish speaking individuals in the tenderloin neighborhood and we do so through community education work shops, events, leadership development programs, case management and other service connections. in a neighborhood that by aconservative census data is estimated to be 25 percent latino, the fact we are on the program in the neighborhood solly dedicating to organizing and supporting this population is no small thing. if i-i may be bias but believe we do a really good job and do with 2
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staff and a small group of committed and passionate community leaders. this year we are asking for 65 thousand dollars so we won't have to cut one of those 2 staff positions and to increase the leadership development program and our impact in the community. i ask you essentially to support a program that works. a program thatome power individuals and connects a community. i hope that we can count on your support. thank you >> thank you next speaker >> [speaking spanish] >> thank you.
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>> hello good morning my name is [inaudible] i have come today to tell you that [inaudible] needs your support because for many people and for me in particular it is important the program stays open for all the people who need it as it is the only program in the tenderloin for latinos. i have lived with gnaw nob and my husband is the only one who works. we went through a difficult thing earlier this year, we were
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facing evictions and we didn't know what to do with little resources and less information but we came to [inaudible] and i thank god for the support that they gave us and i-that is why we are here today to ask for your support so more peepical come through and receive their support i received through [inaudible] i want to give thanks for everything that i have lurnled and also the personal transformation and experienced. i feel happy and confident of myself in the country and something i never thought i would feel. thank you >> [speaking spanish] god
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morning my name is [inaudible]
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i'm here representing the magnificent ocean luvose [inaudible] we are a program to help the community. we help with menopy things including eviction prevection tenet rights and education. we are in the community are thachckful to have this program and we need it. i'm a resident of the tenderloin and see the needs of my community. please show us your support. thank you very much >> thank you next speaker please >> good morning my name is resa [inaudible] and i'm a resident from it tenderloin for more than 20 years. last year i worked as a outreach worker with [inaudible] i'm here to support luvose luteena of the tenderloin which is a
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organization that really helpathize latino community and on top of that they do different events and meetings to inform the latino community what is available outside, what are the rights through different matters and i really ask you to think about it because we as a latino sometimes we don't have enough access to information or we don't even know there are so many things outside which can help to support our neighborhoods, i really ask you to think about the budget and fundsing for our programs there. thank you very much >> thank you next speaker please >> hi rks my name is kevin stall and i'm a resident orphthe tendser loin and a organizeer at nob nub and also
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worked with luvose latino in the past especially for reactivating the park of mu cully park at oferrule and larken. for the past all most year luvose luteena helped clean up the park and open it up for families with children. for a long time it was a drug dealing and activity outside the park and people hanging out that don't belong in that area. sorry. for the past all most year, they have had a event about once a munt to take back the park in the neighborhood to make that area safer for families with children and i'm here in support of the group and to make sure that they get it budget needs that they need today, so thank you >> thank you next speaker
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>> [inaudible] i'm here in support of-steven [inaudible] i'm here in support of luvose luteena. i work and volunteer for [inaudible] collaborative which means i work with them closely, just about every day. sometimes 3 times a week. rather than spending budget on police officers or the budget on a new jail, why don't we try something different. historically we know spending money in that direction doesn't work. we knoi that on a national and local level so let rr do something and take a chance and educate people rather than incarcrate people. let's spund money on feeding people rather than in2cheers
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and applausee carcerating people. what do we have tolose? luvose is a vital ribeerant part nof community. 65 thousand over the next year is a drop in the budget, let's be bold and make it 125 thousand. [inaudible] please do it >> thank you next speaker >> my name is shealy wheeler and [inaudible] i'm here on behalf of luvose luteena. i had the opportunity to work with them at mu cully park and at the office every day. they do a lot for women and children especially latinos. they are the only organization that helps the latinos women with children so i'm king you to please support them. i am a tenderloin rez dent so please, we real a need the funds.
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thank you all for your undivided attention >> hello my name is [inaudible] work with coalition of homelessness. most of us when we have a hard day we go to our home and take a warm bath and then we eat a warm meal and after that wego into our comfortable beds but we have a lot of families and seniors and homeless people that they can't do that. why? they are [inaudible] why we are here. we need to support the proposal and get 6 million for the first year and for the second year 5 million and they can have a better life. our children can get a place that they can call
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home. thank you >> thank you next speaker. >> good morning my name is nob nab i'm here in support of luvose luteena to show they are in need of funding for them to continue their community programs. they coordinateed event on mu cully park on a monthly baseish sw revitalided the use of the park. we see it on a daily basis. [inaudible] please invest in luvose luteena as a they provided a much needed community service. >> thank you next speaker please >> good afternoon my name is tony robeilous and with senior and disuct action. we work and advocate for seniors and people with disabilities. advocating
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and for you're group here, reconciling economic cost with human cost. with all the economic success 457ening in the city for a few, the human cost of seniors and people with disability and families with children are very deep. we have a warrior parade going on across the bay. for our golden years warrior parade it is very troubling because many seniors who are facing and faced eviction the golden years warrior parade is a procession out of the city or into a shelter. we really very much need affordable housing subsidize, we need continuation of the home delivered males, case manager to adult day health centers, those can mean the difference between life and
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death and a good quality of life and a very bad quality of life. we are looking or had city is planning money on police officers, we really need to get into the accountability measure squz put those in place with the department before woe put more money into the police. invest more in our people and less in our popo. thank you. >> thank you next speaker please >> hello, [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> samantha with [inaudible] workers united and here inch support of luvose latino. young workers worked closely [inaudible] they worked to secure a safe space at the park and also worked in reopening the city college campus in the tender loan and imgrjt right. we went to sacramento to talk about immigrant rights. i have seen the women and people involved in luvose luteena have changed. i have seen them grow
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and be able to fight for their rights and would love for the organization to continue and to be if staffed at 2 people. eeben at 2 people that isn't sufficient. it is very hard to run a organization on 2 staff but they do it and 65 dollars is a reasonable request so hope you can give them that and hope to see their doors remain open. thank you very much >> that you can next speaker >> good morning my name is maria [inaudible] i live in the tenderloin for 11 years. i have been one of the people that needed the help of luvose lutina. they helped me fill out applications for housing.
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and through their help i have been able to navigate the process of looking for housing. by being a part of luvose lutina i have been able to meet a lot of people a lot of people that also live in the tenderloin and feel i'm with a family. and for that i'm asking for the doors to remain open at luvose la tina kw for you to give them the funding to continue to remain open and continue ohelping the community. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >>