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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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using. and through their help i have been able to navigate the process of looking for housing. by being a part of luvose lutina i have been able to meet a lot of people a lot of people that also live in the tenderloin and feel i'm with a family. and for that i'm asking for the doors to remain open at luvose la tina kw for you to give them the funding to continue to remain open and continue ohelping the community. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> [speaking spanish]avos la
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tina kw for you to give them the funding to continue to remain open and continue helping the community. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> [speaking spanish] [inaudible] i work for lavos latina i want to talk about how they helped in the community. they help with the work shop for example kid power and safety and tenet rights [inaudible] we also have a safeer mu collie park for [inaudible] thank tooz the activities and event [inaudible] everyone who comes out to participate. i live for 11 year in the tenderloin. i was a victim of the crime in the tenderloin community. at that time i was insecure and afraid of everything evethen police [inaudible] if i named them all i would never finish and these things happened to me and family. what did
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[inaudible] because she thought there was nothing she could do. in the last few month she has become a new pern. she is no longer afraid. she feels sure of herself. she is even able to stop with the police to make a report about what she sees in the street when in the past she did want want to make a report of what happened to her personally. now she feels she is able to help other people to speak up and not stay quite. they have too many rights and don't have to be a forelady. i owe this to the group of lavos latina [inaudible] good afternoon my name is julia gallaudet and born raise live and work in san francisco. i group up in farrells district and currently live in wiener squz here in the off chance you will consider the voicef the community when you make your
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budget decision. nobody here asked for a sish million dollar in police. we want affordable housing and childcare and food security. so far your priorities make it seem maybe you want poor people to just leave san francisco. i'm here today specifically to ask you to list toon the community and fund the hes pu proposal and fund homelessness prevention and home subsidize. this proposal is made by the people that are on the front lines and know the problem and need a solution. >> thank you next speak er >> good morning. my name is wendy click and prom hospitalty house and here to support the hes spu proposal i work with the homeless and see their troubles every day. sometimes we take them for granted.
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sometimes i get on facebook and twitter feed and not realize these folks struggle airfb day because they don't have a home. in the proposal they ask you to restore 173 units that have been empty and vacant for year jz sometimes mujts. that will help those folks get in a house and have a place to lay their hends [inaudible] restores a unit is a very mining repair will be equivalent to one can you say of one housing subsidize where one subsidies will have to be funded every year but restoring this unit is a one time deal. this is very important for those who do not have homes have a safe place and their needs met and heads laid on a pillow. thank you >> thank you next speaker
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please >> joe wilson with hospitalty house and we are in full support of the hes puproposal when chis a cost effective [inaudible] keeping san franciscan housing and housing san franciscan. the investment in surbs defor market and non profit housing and homelessness prevention are practical steps we can take to address this crisis. i hope that it at some point we can come to grips with this mere path logical obsession with tall things. thesstructures that are devoid of substants and literally and figureativity choking the life out of san francisco. a number of previous speakers have commented it is the housing crisis that should be viewed as a public safety issue. it is income and equality that is a public safety issue. you very
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powerful personal and heart renching testimony today. i am clansing as have visor yee, we spent a number of years work ong multiyear campaign to bring just toos the child chair field. it seems we have miles to go before we sleep on that one. i hope that the opportunity that we have today to take to heart some of these powerful stories that you heard and make some practical investments gibbon that we have the opportunity to do this year. we va300 million dollar surplus to invest in our people and rise against the tide of this effort to move san franciscan out to the ocean and i hope that you will take very seriously some of the stories you heard today because thee are people being vulnerable and urging you to be practical and effective public servant. thank you >> thank you next speaker >> we have a board policy we
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are not allowed to have clapping in the board chamber. if you want to show support wave your hand bullet we want to get throus this as quick ozpossible and not disrecept the nebs speaker >> good morning chairlen adams with larking streen [inaudible] it is very hard to follow joe. i am here to speak in support-first i want to thank the collective efforts that happened on part of the mayor and you to fund many important things in the budget we have before us and ask that we also considering the hes pu ask which i thinks makes enormous sense to address the serious issues with eviction and homelessness and all of the things you are all very aware of. i ask that you also support education and opportunities for transition aged youth. we have done a lot
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to improve out come for young people but they continue to be underserved especially transition aged youth, lgbt youth, homeless youth and marginalized youth so i encourage your support of those effort. as a mom in san francisco who has the priverage and ability to afford childcare see i can go to work every day and not worry about my child, please fully fund childcare. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> hello thank you very much for this opportunity to address you. my name is betty trainer and here representing senior and dish blth action as inboard dhair 6789 we are a member of the budget justice coalition and we support all their request. in particular as many people here said we are in great need of affordable and low income housing in san
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francisco. would like you to look at the budget over purchasing land the city can purchase as much available land as possible before it is taken up by speculator and also support the work of the san francisco community land trust which is doing a wonnerful job in purchasing already existing buildings so you don't have to spund the money to build, they working to buy existing build squgz keep the tenet in those buildsings so support their efforts through. senior disabilities action has worked for many years living in sro hotels and one of the greatest needs is working elevators so we are asking for 2 million in the budget for repair and rebuild of elevators in sro hotels. also, a third thing we are asking for is keep us connected. we would like money
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in the budget for tutor and seniors who want help with learning how to use their computers so keep us connected and invest in people thank you. >> thank you >> good afternoon supervisors my name is car leana hanson and executive director of womens community clinic. i'm here with participant kenya and nilisle to ask for support of womens communeky request for 100 thousand dollars for helths work force development programming in public housing in the western addition. we are also are member of budget coalition and advocate for hes pa funding. the clinic has been working side by side with community member squz supervisor breeds office to create job training and opportunity for young women in hublic housing in the western addition for the past 3 years.
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last year over 60 programs participants received 3 fifen00 hours of training that supported them on their path to employment and helped obtain jobsthism loss of funding would force closing in the community at the time when we build key linkages to the employers in the health field. in the world of a program participant, i gained so much confident in myself since joining the program. i have been challenged to think deeper and push myself in areas i wouldn't have otherwise. i are have been able todesign my path for me and my daughter. i urge you support of this important program. thank you very much for your time >> thank you next speaker please >> gootd monching i'm cat cathy. ecs support the ask of 6 million for year 1 and 5.3
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million for year 2. [inaudible] single asult shelter system for 534 beds. ecs is the lead agency for the center. as i look at and compare and watch the city investment at the navigation center many people get housed and case management service and heths services that they need. i also want to encourage the board of supervisors in the next year or 2 to look at folks that are languishing in shelter for yours and years and consider replicating the success and city investment that the navigation center is enjoying in the city adult shelter cystment. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> sorry, didn't realize the
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microphone >> thank you. my name is jessica lamened and exectsk director of senior and disability action. i know you have a lot of hours of testimony to listen to and thank you for hearing us. we are part of the justice coalition and ask you to support the unified plan we put toort for meet thg needs of seniors and individuals with disability and families and low income [inaudible] every day we seniors in 80 and 90's and people with disabilities push out of their housing with no where to go. we talk to people that can't afford to put food on the table, people that are isolated kw feel they no longer matter because of the age and disability. we have people in luxiary housing who are great and other people in poverty who
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can't meet basic needs so we ask whether than muthing more money into police put into housing. seniors [inaudible] we need home dlived meals and case management and transportation to adult day centers and need sf connected. we need computers and trainers to stay in touch with those arond us so take the opportunity to show how much you value seniors and those with disabilities in our community. thank you >> thank you next speaker >> good morning. my name is [inaudible] here about the budget with lavos latina [inaudible] i'm here to ask for support for the funding for the
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program. i know you [inaudible] the tenderloin is to get enough money to keep our program stronger and better. the tenderloin has the concentration of children and their families in the entire city. the mission for lavos latina to work with the families to crete a strong community and belter future and this includes [inaudible] workshops, [inaudible] immigration reform, worker rights, tenet rights, [inaudible] and more. lavos latina is a program with 2 staff and a strong group of leaders for from the tenderloin. we have a small groupf leaders from the community. now are goal is
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have a big group from the tenderloin but just have it stwo staff. if we don't get the money lavos is going be more smaller than bigger. please help lavos latina to get the money or funding to get more bigger with more services for our beautiful community [inaudible] >> thank you next speaker please >> [speaking spanish] >> good mooning everybody, my name is [inaudible] and one othf members of lavos latina.
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i say that with pride because people like surgeio lopez and kelly [inaudible] have really helped me a lot both with housing and just with my general state of my soul. so, i got to this organization because my husband was hit by a stray bullet when i was pregnant with my oldest son who is now 7. it is hard for me to
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talk about it, it was a very hard time in my life. my husband suffered very-had a very hard time. they took out all most 40 cm of his intestines and he was struggling a lot. and therefore i was telling you dpies that i felt really depressed and dissempowered and working with them i really-it
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really improved my situation. i recommend this organization to all my friends z people that i meet because of their results i have seen and therefore i'm here supervisors to ask for you to keep the doors open of lavos latina for all the good work they do >> thank you next speaker please >> good morning everyone, my name is resa mariea and i'm a resident in the tenderloin. i live at turk and leaven worth. i'm here in support of lavos
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latina and them getting their funding for their budget. lavos latina within the last year and a half plus has vibrantly, dynamicly and benefitly filled a vacuum that was very much needed in the tenderloin community for lutino families and lutinny mono lingual individuals in the community. they helped clean up the community. they helped bring community together hosting a series of workshops on immigrant rights, worker rights and tenet rights, many other topics. i feel lavos latina is incredbly important as they sunch the lutino population in the tenderloin and the only [inaudible] and this neighborhood will be
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changing very soon. this neighborhood is already starting to feel the inroachment of development and i think it is very strongly supportive for me to ask that you please support lavos latina for not just the work that they have done in the past and are kuntly doing but all the work that will await them in the future. thank you so much >> thank you next speaker please >> [speaking spanish] good morning my name is maria [inaudible] and this is my daughter kimberley. i'm here to support lavos latina before coming to the lavos latina program i didn't know people in
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my neighborhood. i also didn't knote the services that were vairbl in my neighborhood, the tenderloin. now that i know lavos latina i have gotten to know fmlies that live in our community. now i know what the families needs are and how they can be met and i know that lavos latina i'm confident lavos latina is working to improve our neighborhood and the need of the community.
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lavos latina is the only organization that works in the tenderloin neighborhood with my community and therefore i think it is fundamental that they stay open to serve my community in my neighborhood. thank you >> [speaking spanish]
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>> my name is juan [inaudible]
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and i got introduced to lavos latina when i was going through very difficult times and i had economic problems and they were able to help me subsidize my rent and that was fundamentally important to me. i think there are not a lot of organization in my neighborhood play that role and really able to effect peoples live and want to thank [inaudible] and all the team because they are really there when people need them and think the organization is really a great organization and i want them to continue to work with folks like me that would otherwise be in real real trouble if they were not around.
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>> [speaking spanish] i'm a senior citizen in the tenderloin. >> his name is [inaudible] and he soosenior citizen and lives in the tenderloin. so, as a senior citizen i first got introduced to lavos latina when was about to be evicted from my apartment. i went to lavos
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latina and met kelly [inaudible] and she was able to help me and i'm very thankful for all the work that she did. there are many people in the tenderloin struggling and many people in wheelchairs or on crutches that are sick and think it is important that i'm here today to ask supervisors to not forget about that and realize we need help for those people, we need help for people like me. thank you.
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>> thank you next speaker please >> [speaking spanish] hi my name is careena, i went to lavos latina fist time 6 years ago. i was without a job and i found out that lavos latina they were able to support me with a stipend. unfortunately help like the stipend have gone