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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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merrytle this is growth in the city we're confident he can grow trees that are every gastrothey'll stay with way their heat i didn't they like wet environments in our judgment the 3 feet is sufficient to grow this tree to its full mature heights. >> it's not a problem we see trees 2, 3, 4 in boxes their healthier than the trees that grow near me the city environments are favorable for
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most in wild environments in some cases. >> thank you. >> the question i will ask the zoning administrator would advise us the commission about the trees i have to be very straightforward you can answer it do you building that's anothers adequate exchange new it certainly is an improvement from my prospective when it was basing last before you it required a variance that has a high bar exception circumstances that must be exist that represent a hardship they can and i vail themselves in the planning code for the neighborhood commercial districts to give flexibility to the rear yard to allow
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encroachment in this case ground floor and they need to provide open space on the property which they're doing to 9 large roof deck other finding related to the impacts like light and air in this case it is larger subterranean above ground the question is the impact on the mid block open space on this block i think one of the concerns it's been eaten up a bit by other buildings that encroach into the rear yard all the way to the property line and at least in this case what they're doing is to provide some element greening through the trees and the roof they're addressing and minimizing the impact then in terms of the rear yard modification that we may approve
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in on the projects that come before you with that said this project is before this commission you, you feel definitely than i may for impacts for the mid block you could be are restricted active in our decision so you have the full authority in terms of my review of the changes that were made it is more in line of other projects we consider for review and approval. >> thanks for the advice. >> can i follow-up on that angle it didn't seem xhoourl bigger is this what is trigs it.
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>> the modification project instead of finding the project has residential unit charge they're doing and the area their combroechl into the rear yard it is available open space elsewhere on the property in this case they have the cigarette so it is an element the fact they have the larger roof deck and the fact they have residential unit in the building that allow themselves to avail the different finding and different bar for approval. >> so one of the changes they made to expand the roof deck and correct and that is feasible open space. >> exactly. >> to staff because this is the same feeling as some of the neighbors hoping for more of an agreement but smells that is not
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going to happen we'll set this back again currently what's allowed can the operator going go back to a bar in that space now. >> correct. >> so it's a bar allowed what are the hours of operation because i didn't have the package. >> they can stay on the hours can dismissal if i'm correct they're proposing to stay open still that until two. >> if we didn't grant this approval they'll have to use the existing elements. >> i don't know. >> 2:00 a.m. everyday. >> 2. >> if i recall correctly existing conditions modified. >> limits to the opening hours to the existing bar. >> if you could repeat existing
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limits that are in place for hours of operation i have that in my file the hours of operation were to 2:00 a.m. every night limitations on when they can have live entertainment i believe that ended most evenings at 10 i'll check. >> sure that would be great. >> thank you resolution 8778 the hours of operation for entertainment was 8 to midnight on saturday or to 8 on sunday and that was it so the maximize number of represents were 75 they're not allowed to have live entertainment. >> so, sir so i want to understand what we're changing here what we're being asked for the hours were to 2 or 2:00 a.m.
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you're allowed to be open but you added limits on a.m. if i had entertainment to midnight on saturday and 2 clock she's read - >> so i couldn't have a.m. if i had entertainment on friday. >> as i understand you can't have - >> that was endorsed i was at this bar over the years they have live entertainment we are asking for a.m. if i had entertainment to listen to live entertainment our intent to have jazz in the averages and maybe a jay's brfrn somewhere and other kinds of entertainment. >> but you say it is going to be a restaurant family
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restaurant that is less bar oriented there were ordinances about what was there before what. >> asking for just a larger bar that has additional adheres for entertainment. >> actually. >> and the - and pardon me commissioner our floor area is not expanded in any way the expansion is only for that back of the house as a matter of fact based on the physical changes offender the inside the seating area is less there's less space for the public we're not creating a larger bar but more diverse use a place that is a of greater interest to the community for the full period of the day trying to create a lively space for weekend brunch that is appropriate on the 24th street corridor we're you know increasing density in the community and we need to have better places to go
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and i even this is going to be an improvement over a bar that is frankly in business from 6 passenger seat p.m. to 2:00 a.m. >> you could have the brunch there's nothing in here that requires that; right? you run the operation it could still be the operation that is problematic. >> fundamentally you're correct the market can dictate that to a certain extent it is such a good idea to create hard measures we're creating a sound creating box the only sound is from the street does it is going to be on the sidewalk changes a maid to the building will productive the way is subcontracts with the neighboring properties regardless of what it looks like
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anothers one a.m. >> so what hours exits as is. >> i think those entertainment refresh my recollection westbound may have appropriate in a different area this is a bar and entertainment venue since around the world war ii and gone through changes the names and use it is known as a popular place to go i went thursday afternoons and evenings they have jazz it's an appropriate thing to have in this neighborhood especially the technologies of sound we've got i don't know we're physically we're not creating a stage here not creating a place for the rolling stones are coming to town this is not the fillmore a restaurant we have a big kitchen we're going to support that
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kitchen by bringing people in for that interesting events to come with their friends and families. >> just on the size with the reduction of the 3 feet we're still over the 2499 cu limitation how big is the space? >> i'm sorry this is old data that is 2 thousand 95 feet less the 25 feet so 2 thousand 6 hundred and 75 square feet on the first floor. >> i still have concerns of the size i know what would it mean to come back to the size. >> that's gross square footage
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this building has existing and life safety concerns we're consuming a lot of the square footage with the proper exiting for the egress so the retail airing area in this restaurant bar is m that negative from what exists today. >> impetus still the way we measure it against the size is here on behalf of the appellant because of grow square footage on that ground floor a good quarter for the existing i'll give you detailed numbers. >> i still have concerns i was expecting a little bit more meeting the minds between the neighbors and the project sponsor and unfortunately, we didn't get it i had a ton of hopes but some if there's an
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existing restriction on entertainment i don't see why ivy haven't heard a good reason why that cannot stay givent fact your tlulsz that is more of a restaurant than bar. >> noise is an issue. >> if i can say when this is authorized we have a trial period which is something typically that the entertainment commission would impose if this situation but could be done by the planning commission in this situation because wild we would like to show how the knowledge and business will perform it makes sense it if this is a nuisance there will be an easy mechanism for regulating that. >> thanks. >> commissioner richards and interesting i guess to the neighbors i've
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been in our position i faced off with paul sitting on this side of the railing i wish on the other projects they had mr. sulter and other things to mitigate those issues they did it we had to hauling haul them to the commission in the mission and the zoning administrator, what say you? process that was a nightmare when i look at this they're doing it the right way honestly i'm not kidding you i will be open to more restrictive hours of entertainment and i want them to prove themselves i know the gentleman he had an issue in the upper market we worked with him the two folks we worked with them therapy serious about our concerns we haven't had an issue in 8 or seven years with the cafeteria so he's a good operator i think he'll do they
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might have let the bar slip outer of control and you didn't know the recourse but a community liaison for the cafe there's the zoning administrator process with the continues are met you have recourse we'll do this one right. i echo commissioner antonini's thoughts a bar restaurant i'd rather see a restaurant bar mr. paul what kind of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it this you going to require to have food. >> they're seeking a 47 license. >> it will be a true bona fide eel eating place another thing i want to ask the condition of approval they have the noise limiter installed with the commission standards that's what we did in the upper market
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and s it worked i'll support a 6 month informational presentation back to the commission on all they're doing. >> please come on. >> mike smith's office a discussion of the soundproofing but we've not heard about soundproofing in the back that is a kitchen it is going to operate to midnight. >> mr. sulter your advice on how you're going to do that. >> this is a letter i wrote and i listed mechanic equipment and noise vibration the city has noise owners and we will design
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it to meet those requirements. >> like registertion and things like that for exhaust. >> we have noise and vibration. >> does that - >> ma'am you're going to have come up to the microphone. >> we have a whole extension into the rear yard that is not adjacent to other buildings i don't know anything about sound entertainment in that extension that is the concern and that's really were there will be a lot of noise effecting the neighbors. >> mr. sulter noise and vibrations capitalizing from the building. >> pardon me. >> it is mostly underground; right?
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>> how far on behalf of combried with the roof of the rear extension? on the drawings i saw the tree and the neighbors property and the roof was just the yard >> the roof is the yard the kitchen is in the mid body and above the roof deck this is where the mechanic equipment b will be mr. sulter is a greater expert but the expansion towards the rear yard is a completely concentrated box no doors and windows the current structure has a door and set of third-story windows no off ramps i mean sound travels like light in my i kind of cca crack in the
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structure creates problems the architecture we'll build up on the ceiling plan and the walls we'll hire an acoustical another layer of mass that will have no fears there will be any sound transition towards the rear yard. >> i don't want to belabor this there any other kinds of concerns. >> i'm wondering how they propose to maintain a sod roof that is timber in the middle of a drought it is going to be dead. >> mr. paul i hope you have an example of what a green roof
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looks like. >> i actually just pulled some pictures if the city planning san francisco green roofs publication showing the kind of installations they're recommending and starting this politician is the claim we're one of the city's that has at least encouraged green roofs and very successful around the country what about done with drought resistant planting and very successful in many places around the city it works well. >> commissioners request i could open this issue i take it not companionship open commenting ensue ground level roofs are very common across the country and the use of drought planet are common in the city i mean, you, get it right by the
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technology is there now and i in a robust way to make it work. >> commissioner moore i know in summary i've been down with the road with those folks they know what is like to be hallucinated in front of the board of appeals they get it. >> commissioner moore. >> i'll ask mr. levi to come up with a number of different solutions rather than sod and there are a number of great examples from roof which looks like a nature landscape versus those that are more intentionally planted there's more a new study from the adjoining neighbors into the surface and make a couple of more suggestions the technology as the director is saying it is a built up roof it accepts the
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planting of a depth sod is the wrong choice because it takes a lawn mower to make it look great it is not astro turf. >> excuse me for users and not appropriate for this particular thing. >> i don't mean to signify kentucky blow grass but we're talking about jenly appropriate for the drought tolerant and potentially serves by gray water collection so i don't think so this impacting the drought problems more do i impose non-natives on the neighborhood. >> i believe there are one or two alternatives one is more of a landscape look but i think
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both alternatives should be briefly offered up as a choice of a roof and i basically, i'm supportive of the project except i want to go one more time as the commissioners are concerned over the opening hours this my own reaction having different opening hours for every day of the week is confusing and really not in the spirit of anybody i mean, i'll have to hang up a calendar on the refrigerator to remember which hour of what day let's simplify is there recent week days and weekends and sometimes holiday that are considered weekend hours and what is appropriate i think 4 o'clock is a benchmark for opening it during the welcome then 10 o'clock might b
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be the limit with the a.m. on the weekends and he 12 clock at the weekend hour 2 clock is two late with the residential neighborhoods surrounding this particular place but i'll let the another commissioners at least this is a way to simplify. >> what your hearing hours be possibly like 4 to 10:00 p.m. on week days that is sunday wednesday, thursday that's right. >> live entertainment. >> oh, i believe commissioner moore was talking about hours. >> operation. >> so let's continue to hear from commissioners there's a discussion of hours of operation and hours of entertainment and
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commissioner wu all of restraints on knob hill are closed at 105 minutes later it is dark and their intent on keeping it that way it was in a neighborhood closed at 10. >> commission excuse me. team leader i want to refresh you on the hours their week day wednesday through wednesday they'll be closed monday and tuesday open on wednesday 4 to 10:00 p.m. on thursday is 12:00 a.m. closed and friday and saturday it is back to 10:00 p.m. so commissioner wants as a refresher and and commissioner antonini and. >> yeah. on the issue of
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whatever the green structure is on the top of the decks it will not make a difference to keep it going no matter what you use on the more important issue of the hours we're talking about hours of a.m. if i had music mr. paul paul is; is that correct. >> we're talking about both operations and entertainment separately. >> it is a bar now that is allowed to open from 6:00 to 2:00 but we're saying we're going to not only restrict their a.m. if i had musk but restrict in their opening is that it. >> that's the conversation. >> it sounds like most of neighbors are obtaining to the a.m. if i had musicmplified music and the they're
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open until 2 o'clock in the morning but being open for the bar activities is different but i'll open to restricting the hours from the commission feels i'd thought about the idea of being open until midnight or opened until entertainment for you know friday and saturday approximately thursday and friday and saturday until 10 o'clock i'm not making a motion but throwing that out. >> commissioner johnson. >> okay. so just real quick on the green roof i'm supportive of that change i can tell right now that if we had left it with a larger original yards i'm not sure we said have making made the decision what we said last
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time the green roof is better than or better in terms of the operation i agree what commissioner moore more standard and not having different hours with different days there are a couple of bars within the block on 24th street that you have 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. hours of operation and they at the are not open 7 days a week and not open at 2:00 a.m. but those are the hours of appraising operation i'll be in support of keeping those and limiting entertainment hours to just thursday and friday and saturday we talked about phasing it in and having no entertainment on days that's a good compromise anything else leads to a discussion of having this hodgepodge of hours on different
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days i i don't necessarily agree with that approach. >> commissioner richards. >> maybe we can simplify it for week days i mean why not make it i wish it would be open at 4 but. >> i believe that's the entertainment hours not their - >> why not try both entertainment and opening hours until toings on week days and 10:30 are 1 o'clock. >> i'm looking at that like castro and math has a bar and restaurant and catch has entertainment a piano i'm thinking this is going going to be like not bands or anything like that but i'm open to having
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an informational presentation six months or one year in you folks can come back and let's us know. >> the comment. >> to give us an opportunity to succeed that's what we're trying to do we're taco on a project and putting in a lot of money to create new housing i'd like the opportunity to have you know jazz in theaverage. >> first after commissioner richards commissioner hillis. >> the other restaurant. >> excuse me sir. >> let's wrap up commissioner richards. >> a couple of more things the neighborhood is changing i get it the commercial strip is sleepy there are friends on 24th street the italian