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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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>> this is june 16 2015. st e meeting of the san francisco municipal transportation board of directors and parking authority, call the roll. >> director brinkman. director borden, director heinicke is expected director nolan, present, mr. rubke present, director ramos will not be here with you today. item 3, the ring of any use of cell phones and other sound producing electronic devices is prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room. please know na cell phones do cause microphone interference the board respect tli request they be turned off. approval of the minutes of the june 2nd meeting. >> all in favor say aye. okay, thank you.
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>> item 5, communications director,s, please be advised there bb no closed session today. item 6, introduction of new or unfinished business by board members. >> members of the board, none? okay. >> item 7 director's report. >> chair nolan, member of the boards and staff a couple of quick items for you, the first is just a reminder but last year when you adopted the two year budget, it included as per the board policy fine, fare and fee increases, that index with inflation and as we're come tog the beginning of the new fiscal year this coming july 1 which is the second year of the two year budget, some of those fare increases will take effect, so i just wanted to remind you and the public of a few of them that are noteworthy, one of them is the discounted single ride fare for seniors,
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people with disabilities and youth will increase from 75 cents to a dollar. you'll recall you asked, this was meant to go into effect last year and you had requested that we delay this until after you had the opportunity to consider the free muni for seniors and people with disabilities so this of course will only -- will not affect those who are low and moderate income and who are participating in the program. our cable car fares will index up to $7 and the regular passes the regular monthly passes will rise anywhere from 1-3 dollars, of course, the free fare programs will continue and essentially all of the other fines and fees index per the board policy, so those will all be going up on july 1. we put this information on our website and made it available
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to the public as we do each year. two other quick ie steps one i wanted to announce that the cable car bell ringing competition, the 52nd annual event is scheduled for july 9th at noon at union square. the judges will include our police come manger from the san francisco police department, the fire chief and ten time winner carl pane plus other celebrities and business representatives they will feature the best of the best of the cable car ringers, those who will have won preliminary competition that will take place later this month at the division. we should have a pretty good contest for the winners, it was very close last time around and the world champion tinny whitacre will be
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working card to have his tieing and the band will be playing, the last one we had, it was a lot of fun, and it's a great way to honor the tradition of the san francisco cable cars. last item has to do with state cap and trade funds and our light rail vehicles. you may recall that we were and are anticipating a chung of cap and trade revenues to support the expansion purchase of our light rail vehicles, the of course to expand the fleet by 40 vehicles which you approved and the board of supervisors approved cost about 200 million dollars and we're hoping that the state cap and trade grant program will provide a significant source for that. the good news is that the anticipated revenues from the cap and trade sales the
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projections for those revenues ko*n to grow, so we believe that there will be more funds available than we had anticipated the last time we reported on this to you including for the transit intercity rail capital program which is where the legislature has designated a lot of those funds to go. in april we submitted an application for a 41 million dollars for the first round of that grant program, but in light of the news that the overall pot of cap and trade revenue iss anticipated to be greater than we had anticipated, we are working with mayor lee and our state legislative delegation to work with the california state transportation agency and the governor's office to hopefully not only make sure that we receive that funding but perhaps a larger amount towards the 200 million that we'll need to exercise the option so hopefully we'll have good news to report from that soon and that concludes my report. >> members of the board, questions or comment tos the
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director? >> we didn't receive an indication that anyone wishing to address you. >> item 8, citizens' advisory council report, mr. weaver is here. >> good afternoon, mr. weaver. >> good afternoon. before i read through the motions for may and june, i wanted to point out in case you haven't heard this yet that oewd is planning to select 10 neighborhood commercial streets in san francisco that are undergoing work to assist the merchants in carrying on through that activity. this is something we talked about last time i was here, so it sounds like oewd has picked up on this and is going to participate as well. first motion i'm going to go through was from our may meeting the cac urges the
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sfmta to leave geneva beach division as the home with the historic fleet where there is ample room for storage and maintenance as well as space for future expansion of the historic fleet. second motion, cac urges the sfmta to store the historic horse car body and the portugal car in an indoor facility such as the burk warehouse should the vehicles have to vacate the marin storage facility fo in order to preserve them and protect them from decay. i hope you guys know about that because i'm not sure what it's referring to. i guess it's an old streetcar and a horse car body which is part of the historic and vintage fleet. in order to make for a more comprehensive read, the sfmta
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cac recommends staff to add detailed data information to support the text in the 2015-2030srtp, easy to read and understand items are the main stay graphs, charts and tables past, current and future comparisons should be included. a line by line analysis and ridership data should be part of the plan as well as performance summaries. next motion from that meeting, that month the sfmta cac reck ms that items regarding the historic vehicles be included in the srtp, the 2006srtp plan for example include a detailed information of the fleet, service increase on the f line, e line startup, e line expansion and g line
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study. now i'm switching to -- or moving on to the motions adopted at our june cac meeting. whereas the cac previously endorsed the 2012 on-street parking policy and subsequently discovered that staff misrepresented the contents of the document as it departed from previous policy now therefore the cac recommends that the mta board of directors immediately rescind the 2012 on-street parking policy and commence a public process to establish new on-street parking policies, new written on-street parking policies. next motion from our june meeting, cac recommends that the capital projects and
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construction staff address the safety hazards of the muni key stop at 9th and juda inbound to improve wheelchair access on the ramp and so that historic streetcars can pass, so the issue here of safety for everyone the need to improve wheelchair access and the need to provide or allow historic streetcars to pass at that key stop. next motion, the sfmta cac recommends the capital plan needs to be incorporated into the overall plan with an integrated list to bring in all programs into the overall capital plan. the mta cac reck ms the projects to maintain existing assets as a general role be
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priories over projects to expand transportation assets. and final motion, the cac recommend mds that the mta modify its real estate vision plan to expand the storage capacity of the light rail vehicle fleet at muni metro east from 74 to 119 cars, 119 cars, this will accommodate the expansion of the upcoming seimens lrv fleet. >> the council's obviously been very busy dealing with very important issues facing the agencies any comments or questions? thank you. okay. >> moving on to item 9, but before i do for members of the public who are standing because of the fire codes we're goik going to ask that you either find a seat in the room or go to room 408 which is just up the hall, that's
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our overflow room and you'll be able to see and hear everything, so we'd appreciate you taking the time to move along and that includes staff, darton, thank you. >> so, before we begin the public comment, i noted that mr. williams is here, i want to express on behalf of of the board of directors our concern sending our prayers and thoughts to the cable car operator who was struck and seriously injured by the mote cyclist this past week. >> item 9, public comment this is an opportunity for members of the public to address the board within the matters that within the jurisdiction of the mta board and not on today's agenda, we'll start with ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, directors.
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i don't know if this is in the purview of the mta or not but it should be. i think that [inaudible] should be regulated by the city of san francisco because they're not really being regulated by the state of california. there are two contradictory facts that i would like to bring up. one is that fewer people are using cars in san francisco than were previously three or four years ago and the other one is that the level of congestion is rising. i suggest that uber itself has given us a reason, an explanation for this they have a study that show they have 16 thousand drivers, almost 11 thousand of which are on the street at any one time, these people drive an average of 30-35 hours a week, on the whole whereas the a*frnl car that isn't being used is usually driving wha 5-10 hours a week, so the main cause of current congestion is in fact the t and c's, this
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is just 11 thousand uber is without including the lifts so i believe that the number of vehicles these are a major cause of congestion and pollution in san francisco, there should be an environmental impact study done and since the state isn't going to do it the city of san francisco should. let's see what i've got here. there are more of these vehicles in san francisco than there are taxicabs in new york city. just on uber alone there are only 15 thousand taxicabs in new york city and there are 16 thousand uber's here, new york city has ten time it is population density of san francisco so i believe that i've been told that legally you actually can do this, maybe i'm wrong and incorrect, in any way, it should be worked toward in the future if you want to end the congestion of pollution in the city, the
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number of these vehicles have to be reduced. >> next speaker. >> ( calling speaker names ). those are the last people who turned in a speaker card. >> i hope the closed caption is going to be turned on on the screen. i noticed something in san francisco state that's very positive. there is signs for bikers to walk their bikes and this is a very good thing because they don't ride the bicycles on campus. now the positive thing is i've noticed more bikers walking their bikes on the sidewalk, this is a very good thing but there are many bikers that still persist in riding their bikes on the sidewalk which is illegal. if you could possibly stencil some signs on the sidewalk directing people to walk their bikes, that would be greatly appreciated, so i think this would greatly enhance the
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safety of pedestrians on the sidewalk because it's one thing for pedestrians to be run over by automobiles it's another thing for pedestrians to be run over by bicycles on the sidewalk. you want to have, you know, vision zero instead of zero vision, thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, i want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak today. fellow directors, one of the directors is missing and you haven't appointed a new one yet it's been a number of months and i want to duck tail on what mr. heeley spoke about, traffic congestion. if you look at every other car on the street, you'll see there's a map hanging from the windshield or dashboard and
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they're not a taxicab, they're a private vehicle, so i would appreciate it you do more observation on the streets and see what's clogging your streets and it's not just the tnc's, it's the food delivery, the laundry delivery the amazons, the gaog ls deliveries, it's all those vehicles that add traffic. they're trying to tell you that they're taking cars off the road. a lot of those cars are coming from outlying neighborhoods, excuse me, outlying cities and counties if you do an actual study, it would be great if you used your interns to do -- and take down license number and is do a study of where they come from, you'll find mobster of them do not live in san francisco, if you look at willie brown's column this week, he talked to somebody they said they came from san diego to work here three days a waoe, also about enforcement. we need cooperation from the mta taxi division staff.
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the baseball games there's hardly any, we have a great great pco number 19 who helps ut out, when he's gone all of a sudden all hell breaks lose and we don't get any help and we're having a great meeting tomorrow with michael harris, hopefully he'll help come up with solutions with the other mta staff and enforcement staff of what we can do with the baseball services it's not just that, it's the cab stands z the pco's close their eyes to it we need more help, i beg of you, go warriorser. >> david smith and he's the last person who turned in a card. >> good afternoon mr. smith. >> good afternoon, commissioners, as far as making the turns on allows the tnc's to do that >> these are about thing that is are not on the agenda. >> i thought we could just come up. >> mr. chairman that's the
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last person who turned in a speaker card to address you on this matter. >> mover on to con sen calendar, mr. chairman, these ie tens are considered routine unless a member of the public, a member of the board wishes to have an item severed and considered separately, please be aware that several of the traffic modifications under 10.2 have been severed as follows 10.2n which has to do with no left turn on 20th street 10.2r and s concerning the establishment of a bus zone on lincoln way and then 10.2t regarding various tow away zones nr the vicinity of oak and stel and laguna and that is it as far as your consent calendar goes. >> so members, is there a motion to approve the consent calendar with the exception of -- >> i'm sorry, 10. .3f as well
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has been severed. >> i guess we'll just approve the one that is were not severed. >> a motion to approve those not severed? >> second. >> is there any further discussion, all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> so i guess we're at 10.2. >> and it would be n, r, s and t and we'll take them in that order and call all members of the public for that. first one is barry toronto, he's the only one who severed 10.2n. >> okay. >> toronto? >> hi good afternoon, chairman nolan i severed this one because it says no one can make a left turn except for muni buses at 20th and mission, so you're coming eastbound toward the bay on 20th, left turn, so i think i
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would like to ask that taxis be exempt from that restriction. i don't know, i think it has to do -- something to do with the route that takes 20th street i don't know why i think it would be great if we exempted taxes and i don't know why that was considered at the task meetings when this was approved and i beg of you to help cab drivers by exempting them from some of these left turn restrictions that others can't do. it would help with customer service. thank you. >> thank you. anyone else care to address the board on 10.2n? seeing none, is there a motion? members? >> a motion to approve? >> second. >> any further discussion, all in favor, say aye. >> aye. okay, so we've gone through 10.2. >> r and s. >> ( calling speaker names ) >> we're taking these two together? >> yes, they are related, they have to do with establishing
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a bus zone on lincoln way. ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, ms. opening. >> good afternoon. i would like to offer several reasons as to why the bus stop should not be relocated from its existing location the first is the proposal goes against the mta's mission to increase transit efficiency. in 2012tmta had increased the stops basing distances from 1 thousand to 1360 feet, as it currently stands, the existing bus stops are very easily spaced out about 900 feet, however with the proposal it will result in uneven spacing
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it will be 350 feet, doubling [inaudible] i would like to point out at this point in time that the 2012 mandate stipulated the minimum distances is 8 feet, so the proposed relocation falls short of the requirements of set forth in 2012. the second reason why the bus stops should not be relocated is because it doesn't support the ridership. as you can see from the existing bus stops there are several located along lincoln way. at three of these locations, specifically at 25th avenue, at 30th avenue and 34th avenues, they are also access points in [inaudible] park, but as you can see, from the mta's report back in 2012, i mean, in fall of 2010, their apc data as it was collected shows that the ridership both going on and off the bus at
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these various locations as being equal. it's very well spread out, so what that says to us is that the ridership doesn't use the 29 to access the park necessarily however what the ridership does do is they access the bus at alternate locations to reach the community which is why it's important for us to have evenly spaced bus stops. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> is ian peng here? >> he's coming. >> good afternoon mr. peng. >> good morning. my name is ian openings i'm 11 years old and run the 29 sunset every day with my grandmother who takes me at school and to math classes near slope we ride the 29 sunset all the time, if you move the bus stop, you will be moving it in front of my car,
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i see accidents happening there all the time, i don't know why you would want the put the bus stop where there are a lot of people walking and biking into the park, these people don't ride the bus but they will have to stand behind the bus as it blows smoke into their faces as they wait to cross the street. these people will be blocked by the bus and won't be able to see on coming cars on their way back to fr* the park. when i ride the bus with my grandmother, we see many people they either go downtown to their school or to their home, we don't see people getting off the bus to go into the park. i don't know why a bus stop should be moved because there is now going to be a stoplight. if the people riding the bus don't use the bus to go into the park, then the bus stop shouldn't be moved. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, mr. peng.
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>> we often say mayor lee and supervisors speak on the importance of improving traffic to make our streets safer for pedestrians and riders alike. locating bus stops if areas of less congestion is one such safety measure. the bus stop at 33rd avenue and lincoln way is a safe location, at 33rd avenue, there is no accident history. the bus stop has worked in the remaining area for transit riders for many decades, without it needs to [inaudible] or traffic [inaudible] and 33rd avenue it is a safe bus stop. why move it? just a short 200 feet away from a safe location to an area that is not safe, this also goes against what the mayor and the board of
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supervisors has said, 34th avenue and lincoln way is a heavy traffic area. the mmt in its may 8th letter to our neighborhood said that it anticipates collision to be reduced once the street light has been installed, however, the traffic light will not reduce traffic. the mta is locating the bus stop to a location that is more congested, this also goes against per the mayor and board of supervisors has said about making our streets safer. the proposed bus stop is also unsafe with [inaudible] that are not on 33rd avenue, there is an underground electrical volt approximately 4 types 6 feet, there are grill marks.
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>> thank you. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, chairman and board of director i just wanted to reiterate some of the things that ian said, i'm a frequent rider on the 29 bus line as i travel from baker beach to stones town shopping mall and i believe moving the stop from 33rd avenue to 34th avenue would be a dangerous move because 33rd avenue is already been proven that it's a safe spot to drop passengers off who may be live ining the community rather than visiting golden gate park. also, the proposed bus stop at 34th avenue doesn't follow the dot street guidelines for bus stops. it is according to the mta
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the proposal is to make it a near side bus stop which would create hazards for pedestrians that are already on the street traffic flow that's going in the other direction because the bus will block the view of the stoplight, and the pedestrians may have to cross in front of the bus and that could create hazards for them. and as a member of the public, i respectfully request that this matter be removed from the consent calendar and be considered as a separate item and i think you've already done that. also, i do have a petition signed by more than 40 members of the community there that i can give to you if you would like. >> thank you, sir. anyone else care to address the board under these items? >> this is the original. >> a staff report, please.
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>> okay, it's requested we hear from staff on these issues. mr. mcguire, okay. good afternoon, mr. mcguire. >> good afternoon, chairman and director, i would like to clear up a couple of facts about the proposed move of the bus stop on lincoln from 33rd to 34th. first of all, the proposed bus stop would be just like the existing bus stop, a far side bus stop so as you can see in the item, the bus stop would be located on the easterly side of the intersection, this is a far side inbound bus stop. the rational for moving it to the intersection of 34th is that in the fall of 2015 we'll be installing a traffic signal at lincoln and 34th and that is a much safer place for pedestrians to access golden gate park to cross lincoln way finally the proposed bus stop is 100 feet long which means it's large