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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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work together because in addition to helping the port in any way that i can through the states office, i also am interested in helping your client. sthose customers and prospects you work with that use the ports, they will have needs too. i guess this is the clicker here. the california china office of trade and investment is the official office of the state of california. the state was absent from this business for about-international business for 10 years. there was a office in china that was closed about 10 years ago and governor brown said the state of california has so much going on with china, we need to have a office to enhance what we do to do more of it and to represent the state, so approximately 3 years ago governor brown opened the office in shanghai. i was
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as commissioner adams mentioned a exponent tev at wells fargo and on the boardf the trade office representing wells fargo and they asked me if i'm interested in running and i said i would so i'm happy to do this. i'm proud to do this. what a nice way to give back to the state. i have been involved through the state with wells fargo. when governor brown said he wanted a office representing the state he was unsure whether he could get approved by the state legislature so he went to had business communey and asked for a fartner and the [inaudible] 7 oor 75 year old policy think tank step up and said we'll be your partner. the trade off is public private partnership. we are not funded through the state budget, no state monies involved. the bay area counsel provides the
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infrastructure and we represent the state of california. we are a governed by a advisory board made up of about 15 companies. some well known recognized name jz little companies not as well known but just as important. that is our life blood and our board. one of the challenges i have is build the advisory board. i am lookic for additional numbers for experience as well as additional resources. our mission is to promote the state of california and to facilitate chinese direct investment into california as well as help cael companies doing business in china. california has a big wonderful diverse economy. we are the 7th largest economy in the world so i'm looking at things in technology, agriculture, maritime industry, moving making that is a hot topic
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between china and california right now, manufacturer, biotechnology. there are a variety of things we do to promote the state of california. we are promoting the states investments into california by having various hosting delegations both in china as well as in california. i am out promoting as many places that i can. i'm speaking all the time in china. it is amazing how powerful the states name is and having a business card with state seal on it is very very powerful. i'm invited and incollided in a lot of things. compared to other states my challenge is not business development. i'm overwhelmed with opportunities. my challenge is to sort through opportunities to pick the
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right ones and notd waste time and energy so that is a key challenge. believe me, that is not the case with a lot of other states. a lot of other states have to work very very hard to promote their state and get the attention of the chinese. i would say california remains the favored destination of the chinese both for haveicationing and investing so the time couldn't be better. we are doing all kinds of things in all those various industries i mentioned. the state is on a very good footing financially. people know about the budget and the budget crisis and the current drought have not tarnished in any way our image or chinese haven't thought differently about investing in calt for that
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reenz so the timing couldn't be better. this is part of a presentation i often make y. don't necessarily need to show this to you, the reason to invest in california but the cheenies feel very strongly about thatt. these are the contact people. i split my time between shanghai and saf and my colleague who runs the san francisco office jen vive her era is in the office today mpth we are a small group but have the resourceoffs the state for sure and also have sth resources of the bay area counsel so we are doing interesting things and the timing couldn't be better and want to hope the california company that want to do business in china and china to invest in here. we are having a discussion of a potential project that could be invested in by the chinese so we have dialogue
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with thatd. we also want to help your customers doing business with the port so please think of us, the state of california through the california china office of trade investment is open for business. we promote the state internationally and of course my focus is on china. i appreciate the attention you have gichben me and appreciate to answer any questions if there are any. thank you very much >> thank you. any public comment? seeing none, commissioners >> thank you ken and appreciate very much that you have made the time to come here today. it is always good to know and know commissioner adams has been in touch about the opportunities for the port and i guess i'm just curious to know since you have been-we haven't been here that long but in terms of the history of the office are there transactions that you can tell us about so far so we have a sense of the
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flavor either side? >> sure, happy to do that. just at the top of my mind, i mentioned the port one which wree considering it is still in the preimallinary stages. i good example i think that covers a variety of things is a small start up but well funded 3 or 4 years old in the east bay, head quarter in oakland, they produce a device a product that actually goes on electrical wires to better distribute more fishly distribute energy and so that product is being sold in europe and the chinese would like to buy this product foobetter more efficient energy. electricity at peek hours you want to move it efficiently. it is a new company. the company in oakland, they were afraid making a potential sale
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because of the intellectual property challenges and afraid if they made a sale with the chinese they would steal the paten or technology. we introduced to a number of people including the most senior lawyer in the emboss in shanghai that specializes in it. we helped them get a dialogue going with the chinese potential buyer and now after a period of time feel comfortable with the chinese so they are moving ahead with the potential sale and the chinese are interested in investing in the company so that is one project that comes to my mind right now. that sth kind of thing we can make happen >> i have 2 other questions, i know you are based in shanghai but represent california throughout the country of china so are you
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able to get outside of shanghai? >> it is a big country and california is a big state so i do a bit of stravling but i go to the places you might expect besides shanghai, bay zing, [inaudible] southern china. i have limited myself a little bit because you can't do everything, so there is some limitation but i'm out of shanghai. shanghai interesting enough, people probably know this but it is wurkt repeting the population of shanghai, the sate of shanghai population is all most the soim of the population of california so it a big city with a lot going on. i think the population of shanghai is 35 million, some think it is closer to 40 and the state is [inaudible] it is point well taken and try to be judicious about our time
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>> my last question to bring it home to theport and not for us directly but we have a lot of public private partnership and major investment project going forward, pare 70 and sea wall lot 337 and at some point these projects will require [inaudible] some of these may be look frg investment fund so maybe that is a opportunity down the road in addition to some of the maritime is facilitate if there is interest and in china generally there is intrest in real estate development as a way for them to also invest in the-i'll put a plug in from our side is coming from the china side to invest in the u.s. you never know the risk, but this is where since we are in a public private partnership there is better protection more or less in terms of what we are looking at and what they are looking
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at and it may not be the highest return but it is a safe investment. [inaudible] just to put the bug ipyour ear that that is something our partners may be interested in seeing whether there is funding down the line >> thank you and and say there are no shortage of investors but we want to help and with the state involvement and the port of san francisco it makes aechb wn more comfortable so your point is well taken and following up on that >> i thipg i may have a few more comments. commissioner adams >> a couple things that you gave good advise on, first of all we met the chair of the chamber of commerce of shaing high and we usually go once a year. they don't take you serious in china if
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you go once a year. it is like going to the gym once a month. he said you have to shoup and show relations. people show up once a year but they don't take your serious you want to do business in china. another thing that you pointed out is our mayor ed lee has a lot of star power in chuna and yet to utilize that. ed lee is like a rock star in china and that is just how it is and that is a good thing. another thing you can probably help us with and is big is the cruise business. the cruise business started in shanghai in 2011 with 300 thousand passengers. they hoped to get to a million by 2021. last year they hit over a million and they are right on projected noub noub by 2021. and we would like for more of the middle class in china tacome to san francisco and see our great city and kin talked about
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thereat and think those are some of the things we can talk about doing. i think that my slf, jim and peter [inaudible] need to get back ovthere. there are cities outside shaj high and build the relationships if we want to bring more work into the port of san francisco. i understand what commissioner wuhew said and agree with that but there is opportunity there. i think we need to strike while the iron is hot and how we do that and how people project and look at the port of san francisco. i think there is a lot of opportunity with ken and all the contacts he has there, it is just how serious we are about taking our game to had next level. ken, i want to thank you for being here and your insight. i know you haven't been oen the job a year, but you gave me and jim and peter something to think about. i talked to the rest of nigh
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commissioners here all have different skillsch [inaudible] is a lawyer and [inaudible] and of course myself i come from the labor movement but i think putting all this talents together we can come up with something and with your support we can dpoo something better and raise up the port of san francisco and that is some of the things that i want to do and know mayor lee said he is on board with that and think that is where we need to go. >> thank you very much. again, honored to be invited today to speak and it is a easy sale. there is a lot to do, but the chinese like california, they like san francisco, we just need to get well organized and we can do all kinds of things together, >> yawant to thank you for joining us today and really appreciate your being here. i have done quite a bit of
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work inbound and out bound with china with different clineants and projects and i have never seen anything like that grouth. commissioner adams hit the cruise ship business where they thought they would reach a million people in 5 year squz more than exceeded that several years urldy. [inaudible] surpassing those goalsism given that i also want to highlight to see if we can explore getting more calls at our new cruise firminal here given san francisco is shanghai sister city in particular. i think there is a lot of opportunities so to the extent you see opportunities for us to further expands haveic the port of [inaudible] made from ships originating or going to and from china we welcome that. the second question i had is i know shanghai just
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initiated their free trade zone and the sister city, does that free trade zone have additional impact on opportunities? >> that is a tough question to answer and the reason i say that is the free trade is happening all over the world at a variety of ports so speeding up customs and things is hapage and i frankly don't know exactly what the real advantage is of being in a free zone that you can't have at other places. it is a viable method or something to help speed things up, but it is not a henderance but i dopet know if the competitive advantage is bought qulaut it used to be because there is so much trade between california and china and the world so i have spent a little time and haven't quite figured out what is the real advantage we can't get into other places >> just on that point i
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wonder because our sister city whether we get any- >> when yfs at wells fogo we did things with the sister city. i haven't been approached by anyone but we should capitalizeoon that because the chinese love california and they love san francisco. san francisco i believe is the closest northern american city to china so we have that advantage and long culltulator heritage. the chinese played a significant role in moderning california to the railroad and gold rush. as i said my challenge isn't finding business it is sorting through it so your points are good. the cruise business is on my [inaudible] i haven't capitalized on the sister city relationship with shanghai but that is #1347ck
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we can and should do >> i just want to say this year is the 35 anversevy of the shanghai sister city relationship so it is great time to capitalize on that&if i may, one last comment because commission rb adams brought up about the american chamber of commerce. the american chamber of commerce in shanghai is the oldest outside the united states and the lastest. it is the oldest this year t is their 100th anniversary so it is ongoing celebration but the significance for this group is the currents chairman who is a successful business man, he is finishing this 4th year is a american been in china a long time. his name is robert thomean and commissioner adams met him. he is a san franciscan at heart and has a home in san
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francisco and this is where he vacations and spends his time so we have this huge successful chamber and have a friend who runs it in san francisco. thank you. >> i think i would thrike invite you back. i would like for you to come back when you are in san francisco and bring us a upidate and it would be nice if you can lead a delegation here to san francisco. i'm sure once you get a chance to do that we would like to give him to the port of san francisco and also i want it go back to a question that commissioner woo hooasked. are they also look frequent private partnership? what in your mind, what are the 2 things that they are looking for that will make them want to invest in san francisco in your opinion? >> if i can be candid they would like to move money
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outside of china and cam is an aictive place. second is a security and investment return and chinese are keen tahave their children go to school here. i talked my challenge was business development but sorting through, the other is getting potential investors focused because so much wealth is created in chuna in the last 30 years and they are keen to invest in the united states and keen to invest in california but i meet with people all the time and they say i have a lot of money, i want to invest. we like to talk about what industry you want to be in, the return and dollar amount so that is also a challenge giving them focus to find where there is a good fit in terms of of-i would like to have a short list in my pocket when a
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chinese investor says i want to invest in california i pull it out and say here are 5 or 6 project that need your money and go from there because generally they are not focused and need to help them get focused >> i just want to make one last comments, i think we have done things in the past-this relates to the public to public sector, in terms of a lot of people look at the san francisco water front as a really good example of how we balanced development in terms of commercial open space, maritime and it is a constant jegling of balls as we go through development of the water front lands use plan. i know that even if you deal with the government side a little bit i think they are areas of interest and if you were to follow up on commissioner adams point of view, if there were delegation that were public
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private delegation interested in understanding what wree doing to develop the water front there are many lessens learned to what we have to offer just to the commercial aspect of it. with chine china anything that is a benefit to help the business side [inaudible] that is something that should be explore today the sharng high san francisco chity is also a venue for that because that is part of the private public government effort to improve relationships between the 2 cities. i believe our may rb will be planning to go back to china next year. i i think that is on his agenda but not thist year >> thank you. good. >> i think there is a delegation coming from the shanghai free trade zone if i recall. in honor of our anniversary but also to bring a number of investors
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to look at the projects they are exploring and that includes public private praunlects at that time so don't think they set a date yet but they are looking at it some time in november >> i heard about that. there are a lot of delegation squz the key is making them worth while. the chinese love coming here to do business and enjoy our blue sky and sun hp shine as well >> thank you. >> thank you again >> thank you very much for coming. >> [inaudible] i don't think there are public comment. are there other commissioner reports? seeing none, next item >> iletm 7 a request approval of fiscal year 2015, 16 monthly rental rate schedule, multhly parking [inaudible] filming and public art. item 7 b
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request approval of [inaudible] incorporated doing business of [inaudible] aichbiation granting authority to operate san francisco international airport as a foreign trade [inaudible] usage driven site for a term of 5 years w with one option to extend for 4 years and outlining operation for the site >> so moved >> second. >> you have it gavel. >> any public comment? seeing none, commissioner comment? none? all those in favor of 7 irfckts a say aye. >> aye. opposed? >> 7 a passes >> item 8 a [inaudible] allows the againeral of mexico to install a temporary public art on
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[inaudible] embarcadero market street for 3 months. >> one moment while i get the slide presentation up. afternoon commissioners my name is conia dorland and with the port planning and development division and today i am presenting to you a proposed art instullation for harry bridges applauseey that would be in place for 3 mupth jz we are requesting a fee waver for this instullation. i will explain the instullation. this is referred to nob nub our silnsss. it comes from the conslet jenroom of mexico and the artist that created
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the instalation. the conslet general of mexico and [inaudible] aretorying the instullation to deliver a message about freedom of expression. it is 11 piecesism 10 are human figures and one is a cubic sculpture. all of them are over a ton, weigh over a ton and the human figures are depicted on the slide all have something in front of nar mouth. it is a illusion of censorship and reflect speaking out. the piece was created to explain the instullation and has pieces you can touch for people with disabilities. the instalationtoryed europe in 2009 and 11 and it was at the port of san diego at
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rakeo park this january. ber you now is the slide with the base map of the proposed instullation location at harry bridges plaza. it is north of the main circulation zone on the applauseey between the mu lineal light poles. this location has been used before for special event tentss, bike vala and artist [inaudible] the proposed instullation period is july 15 and october 15 and there are no scheduled uses for this area of harry bridges plaza. the proposed instullation is scheduled to coinside with the [inaudible] festival in san francisco which is a annual festival that has events sat the mex comuseum at 40 mason, yurba brena garden and show case the best in
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mexican cultural art and ideas. the following is a fot simulation of what the snalgz can look like. the consulate jenroom of mexico says it will pay for the it instullation and maintain and remove the instullation but request a license fee of the instullation. if the port commission approves the port would enter into a standsered port license agreement with the conslet general of mexico and this license would include indem fiication security deposit or requirement to maintain the instullation including remove graffiti and leave the plaza prior to had instullation. they also require a incoachment permit which assures it is sited in
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a way that is appropriate for a public location. the port commission has in the past waved license and permit fee frz public art instullation. when the port doesn't have to support the instullation with funds, number 2, when the location is not needed for any other purpose and 3, when it can be demonstrated the instullation will benefit the public trust. harry bridges plaza will not be need frd special events or commercial uses during the proposed time period for this instullation which is july 15 through october 15. the port will not spend any money on the instullation and interviewed staff at the port of san diego and they said this was received well by there public. in addition harry bridges applauseey is a great plaiz to site public art. to
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assist with this fee waver request i invited staff with the conslet general of mexico including their attorney to explain their past agreement. i also invited jill [inaudible] with the arts commission as she was thestaff who brought this instullation to the port. this concludes my prezensationitation >> thank you. no public comment? >> did you invite them to speak? >> if there are no public comments jill [inaudible] would like to speak on behalf of the piece >> you would like her to speak oin part of your presentation. otherwise she is limited on her time >> okay, great. >> good afternoon