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tv   [untitled]    July 3, 2015 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioners in may of this year the chronicle i'm sherryly more and more in the bay area neighborhood and a residents of candle stick point i live next door to candle stick point stadium my concern is the resegregation of the san francisco unified school district and you've resegregated them along the racial lines and created an unequal environmentalist and education with that in african-american community and i think we had that conversation back in during that brown versus the board 6 percent of the population we comprise but 85 percent of the students
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are assigned to low performing schools when those students are as i said to low performance schools don't get the quality of education. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hi sheryl davis actually came here specifically to talk about the packet that were passed out today grateful for the opportunity to work with so many of the commissioners, i gave a couple of sample books but looking for the working with get out of school time to work with in the curriculum and supportive of the pathways but i think it is important to not create opportunities for italian nation or description and to make sure that everybody feels
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safe and comfortable and supporting that but i really am here for that i want to see more partnership and build i shared with i that curriculum we've developed and also want to give a shout out for two weeks ago summer learning day the opportunity to work together and thank you to all the commissioners and the superintendent that participated so thanks a lot. >> thank you (calling names). >> hi my name is deepening in a a teacher at abraham lincoln high school a teacher for 20 years i was hired in 2002 another lincoln high school to start a teacher pipeline and with the support of a number of individuals including director rubke e deborah and kathy white and the form
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principles and my colleagues valerie and caitlin moore we've been able to build a successful model at lincoln high school that has produced teachers that are some of them working in san francisco unified school district and one we've be able to hire them before another school district has snapped them up we have school council as paraprofessionals and students working in the after-school programs i want to thank commissioner walton for inviting us to the conversation lincoln has an excellent program we hope you'll continue to include us in the conversation moving forward in the teacher pipelines thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening. i'm kathleen white a department chair at city
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college in the child sediment i'm taken care of the link high school academy students this summer they had to leave and this is a win win program i hope it is represent can't take down when you spend money on a teacher pipeline you save money in professional development down the road and the teacher improvements and get teachers from a community that look like the community they sever and employ our own graduates when our students graduate this summer they'll have college units and my classes you see transferable and those college united count they're getting a bum in up in the grades if they have a b they get an a and helps with the
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college transcripts and p dollars are coming back and going to the students wages and those students are workings in unified classrooms this is a win-win win all the way around please reciprocate and you have a partner with city and deanna and i have been working together we'll be happy to help you grow this thank you (clapping.) thank you very much. >> the final group of. is for the success center i'm sidelined to allocate 10 minutes one minute each or if you can be less than one minute per person. (calling names) >> please come up to the
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podium. >> 10 minutes. >> good afternoon, commissioners sdrum and superintendent carranza i'm listing the executive director of success in san francisco i'm sure you're aware of we partner with the school board around the operations for the early morning study academy one the county day schools it's been grashl offered space i mean in the cottages of the campus of the jewel probation department and offered space across the street but we're leaving 62 hundred square feet and expected to relegate our school down to two classrooms that will effect the integrity of our program we would like to get the district to rethink how we better support
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the vulnerable students in the district our young people have been had been you will truant and dropped out but we're getting them in school and graduated 80 percent of the county kids consistently that and bring over $7,800,000 dollars of resources and support and pay for graduate night and graduation and this year was held at ucsf the elks lodge helped to support us and paid for the testing fees and provide catered lunches for the one 7, 8, 9 learning center as well as for the log cabin we can't be relegated it it takes a village to support our yoengz people i
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want to for our young people we had a sea of youngest people wanting to be part of the process thank you for hanging out to be able to say speak so i'm going to turn it over to them (clapping.) thank you and hold the clause. >> i'll be as brief i'm a principle with the nonprofit corporation that serves for over 20 years and the director for the juvenile justice that makes a tremendous contribution to the good in san francisco i can speak to those isolation that nonprofits feel in this particular environment and the hardships they try to remain safe and secure and speak to the way that excellent and high
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performance program is sometimes presumed to have all of the resources that it needs simply base it is high performing b that is not always the case my program my juvenile justice program has partnered with the success center our boys need it and they will prosper gridlock we can't do it alone no program can i'm asking that you the school district you'll have the interest of the children and the school district so the most prolific landlord in the city i think that the success center should be regarded for its years and years of growth and success and it's constantly turning out
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successful people rewarded for that and that its growth should be that it is setting the setting for the young people should be commemorate with the contribution that the organization has made it should be commemorate with the contribution that this organization has already made thank you >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello good evening board my name is a truce tin and i'm not a product of sfusd i dropped out in high school i failed mainly because i'm diagnosed with diabetes i was out casted in high school and in high school i feel will into a lot of
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bad crowds but added success center they didn't care i was a truant i was labeled the truant throughout all the high schools and a lost child they didn't care they thought i had potential and worked with me no matter how hard i tried to break away they give me so many chances and my experienced at this school i completed any ged and graduated this year in may thank you (clapping.) >> the reason why this school sciences and prospers so much not only do the counseled and the staff and the teachers and even the directors the hour ups care about you you're not just another students on the role or attendance not just another head
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forever i'll be at admission go mission the progress is so, so obviously no matter how much i grow in my life i'll go back to the success center and thank you for the opportunity they paid for tests even like the students failed they believed in us no matter how hard we failed if we failed like 10 points on the depleting they said all we have to do is spend another thirty minutes and they paid for out of their pockets this is a big contribution to the city if you look around san francisco there are children being misguided by urban settings pier pressure is a huge thing in today's soefshg
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e society this school makes the children strife to do something more they made me realize that college is so important i didn't think that education a was to bad but i have plans to go to ucla and get my masters and yeah. a that's pretty ironic that i want to help myself i want to say a few words about the staff and executive director ms. jackson she's one of the most heartfelt people i've known the way she guides the program we're not faculty we're family and i love this program thank you for your time i love this
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school. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my aunt a likewise jackson and i've been waiting for this for the past week and the influence of the kids people have gone up on them and backs turned on the kids and my aunt says i'm not giving up think you, you're going to be on and do something great in life you know the way she looks like it it hopefully hopeful and i believe that she deserves the best throughout the hard work through the program and through the city of san francisco so i think that all the things that we've helped out and done in those years are so outstanding she deserves respect in the things you know she needs to prosper in the program and
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also - yeah that's all i have say thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello, i'm a graduate of the success center san francisco and one thing i've noticed the whole time they don't give up on anyone at all don't jump to conclusions anita lee they see the community needs help so give them some help that's what helps people like being i was able to get past the different things i went through like redoing my junior year i wasn't able to go to
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summer schools things like that but going to the success center i wasn't dump but a reasonablebel at the touch teach you how not to discriminate you don't get that in a regular schools regular schools let them talk about each other and at the success stare your taught how to act i feel if you guys don't notice they're doing more and until like to get back less i feel like this is kind of like you know taking kids who are supposed to be
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delinquents and their graduating i don't see that is a problem but that's pretty much my opinion. >> that's 10 minutes how many - two speakers okay too speakers. >> good evening i'm sorry with the uk sf our program we deal with ages 10 to thirty victims of gunshot trauma that come from the hospitalized our program we collaborative with the success center myself and the other case managers we refer clients to the success center for ged to complete their ged education and also for employment services as well our clients are extremely high-risk and clients come if a
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community in the city sunnyvale and the worker and sfobt part of why i'm able to send our clients that are extremely high-risk to the success center to focus on completing their case plans and needs it is a neutrality zone an off limits zone where young men who are involved in this lifestyle they focus and feel safe at the success center it is a neutrality site and safe with the staff and feel thank they're around family my concern is from a violence prevention standpoint they're offering is somewhere where the civic center in the w you're asking those men and women to
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cross zones and place themselves in safety to come to the we work and probably place themselves in possible danger and harm's way i ask you reconsider the offer and come up with something a little bit more tampa tomb to the spaces to serve the youth and the wonderful team they have you know over at the success center otherwise we're looking at complications. >> speaker please. good evening. i'm vicky the chair of the board of success in san francisco i know you've pretty much heard what we do and who we are we've
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taken on the toughing job the most vulnerable youth under the limp of lloyd's jackson their surrendered but this requires extra staff and extra programming we bring 3 times as much money into the program as we get from the san francisco unified school district we said that you're in a crutch for space right now and we appreciate the offer you've made but we very specific needs including spates safety, the things how kids needs to be successful and if you can't do that we understand you've got space crunch if i can't do it right now work with us to give us more time and we know find the right
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place thank you. >> (clapping). >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry one minute really one minute. >> i was formal chief counselor in hunters point and provided legal services and served as a commissioner on the probation commission and worked closely with the san francisco unified school district superintendant we reformed criminal justice i'm asking to reconsider the space allocations one the perks of jewel hall to create an environment where kids kids can feel safe what the nonprofits
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create the safe haven experts on the board you know what environment means we're talking about creating pathway you're trying to create opportunity for people that feel outside of the system to be included liz has created an exemplar program i went to oakland and came back this is important and you all make it a happy space you've got it you've god got to find it i seen this department work miracles those kids are the same kids whether in the juvenile system or here in our schools i ask you to reconsider find that space and make this program something you can reciprocate thank you very much (clapping.)
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>> i'd like to ask ms. liz jackson to give her contact information to mr. steel. >> okay. it closes. we've move on to item k the advisory committee report by board members do board members have admitted appointments together >> seen we'll move on to item l special order of business i called a public hearing with the service plan may i have a motion and second on the deposition of the plan. >> so moved and mr. superintendant read the resolution into the record. >> thank you madam president tiled invite our sfrunt for special education dr. liz to come forward from the special
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presentation. >> good evening g y irvine is join me in case you have questions regarding the service plan so we are requesting that you consider the deposition of the annual service and annual budget plan we're required by assembly bill 602 to present this to you it outlines the description of the services and location of the services and provides access for students to receive a free and appropriate education so did you have any questions regarding the plan.
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>> so we'll have discussion 3 public speaker cards (calling names) and if you could come to the podium one minute per person. >> hi, i'm katie raul the inner coming chair for the special education i wanted to introduce myself and say that i'm hopefully that the crack can continue our positive partner with the board of education superintendent carranza and dr. and dj is one of our favorite guys he brings the numbers and statistics in a manner in which makes it comprehendible we have many,
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many things on the agenda but in particular we will be doing the highlighting of the issues around reading special education students that are diagnosed with specific learning disabilities and ref their classrooms in a special setting issues with reading and they have disabilities really a difference we're hoping to - we're - we were asked to do i and others putting together a revenue ray research paper hoping to present this to the cca in the fall and pass this on the board of education when finished thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm lee the first chair in coming from the advisory committee in special education i have 4 kids in the
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district mission and mira loma one in special ed, i heard a story on all things considered about school district in the european suicidal michigan i'm a horrible multi articulateer but all about the school district made up mostly of native and african-american students masonic the locals reservation no tax basis so it is a federally funded school but their test scores and all their achievement put them into the highest per actually, in the state of michigan because their federally fund their average funding is $2,000 per below the standard district and they choose to use that money on
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early intervention surrounding reading and paraprofessional support because this is a very socioeconomically disadvantaged group that led me to know think about the african-american initiative a lot of work done among the african-american community and the tack away for special education i think we have important smaller class sizes to train those teachers we've talked about sorry i'm wrapping i promise the educator focus in-laws block guatemala as part of el cap no credentials for special education retention is a big problem right now a teacher that started in ucsf a counterpart in san raphel is
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working on the incredibly we don't have a way she can move there and get a $6,500 raise after we've spent a lot of money training here in san raphel and parse we need more paris and thank you those are my takeaways thank you for your time. >> susan solomon i want to take some of my time so is how valuable to get to know the special ed cca i'm really glad that katie and lee will be there and couple of things to follow up i'm glad that staffing is related to i e p it is important for the paraprofessionals i think we've built capacity to do professional in house services that means less money
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spent on outside consultant similar as we build skill sets in our staff in i think we need a non-public setting that's where a lot of the funding goes if we can keep the students here to it would be great for the district and families i've heard rumors that good set is coming and it spiels the first year teachers coming in this year can hold out this year and part of next they'll have the basic support i hope someone can clarify that rumor. >> rumor verified. >> that