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tv   Board of Education 92915  SFGTV  October 8, 2015 12:00am-5:31am PDT

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francisco unified school district for tuesday, september 29, 2015, is now called to order ms. casco roll call ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase ms. chin and mr. totiano thank you. >> please join me of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all thank you very much as i have been announcing at the past if you meetings the members of the public are reminder if
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you are wish to address the board of education you can fill out a speaker cards prior to the item being called and plenty it present it to ms. casco please fill out a speaking according to board rules and procedures their they will not be accepted before the board the substitute resolution revision to bernie madoff's the agenda is being withdrawn only board policy 932 is withdrawn the board will be addressing the board policy on pages 9 through 11 part of the substitute resolution item a is the approval of the minutes of regular meeting of september 18th i need a motion.
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>> so moved second thank you very much any corrections to the minutes seeing none, oar mr. totiano turf ms. fewer matt haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase. >> 6 i's. >> next is presentation to the board of education superintendents report the superintendent is at a unconference about the good work in his place a superintendant guerrero good evening, commissioners and good evening all in attendance and in the listening audience i have a number of unanimous one i will to be able to share but
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back tweaking to september 19th more than 4 hundred eager plants that took part in the cradle to career college its part of my brother's keeper in the alliance of black school educators it featured over 3 dozen representatives from the historically black colleges and universities at this college fair in addition a number ever working groups for the african-american families a resource expo staffed imply the community bansz based organization black family day was a celebration of our caregivers and youth and the educator and those that championed their success many of the students walked away with commitments of financial aid thank you to the organizers and
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we expect this to continue to grow on on friday little u.s. department of transportation of education and fill be waiver for the 2015-2016 sexual year along is with 6 other school systems the core districts are committed to implementing the school quality system and collaborate collaborate to better insure the student success among the range of indicators a small excerpt to the superintendant stating the decision is renew the core districts request is based on my determination the waivers have been xfk in enabling the core district it improve student achievement that conversation it
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in the public interest the core districts will implement the plans to promote innovative locally tailored strategies to improve educational ordinances for all students close achievement gaps and improve the qualities of instruction commissioners will have an opportunity to hear about the ongoing work on the school index at an upcoming as a whole the next announcement it 9 quality education the wards that has been navigate for 2015-2016 and just wanted to get get the word out the applications are now available for school sites to submit those were a components of prop a in 2008, to recognize and support schools model effective strategies and
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show growth in student achievement sfusd has worked with the united educators of san francisco to establish this that program for our skulls up to $500,000 that available to total waushdz and application reproductions have been distributed we want to note the schools what apply to both categories and each has a separate application and the deadlines are approaching first one innovation due october 9th that is coming up and for impact awards on october 23rd please consider applying and having their programming recognized this past friday on september 18th they celebrated the one year anniversary and the indian education supports the
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educational and culturally related go academic niece of the american indians and they celebrated their space at the elementary school they've provided yupdz for parents and 67 tutoring and monthly family nights and others resources thank you to the coordinator for coordinating the everything celebration that had many performances by the youth in coming friday approximately close to 3 thousand san francisco middle school or mid graders will be attending the opening day of the 21st century harder low blue embarrass festival that is made possible by the philanthropic warning that began hosting the sfusd students for a kid's only concert a number of years ago that continues and we're grateful for his generosity and
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the opportunity for how students to have is a music filled day in the park thank you to the volunteers and staff helping to iron a fun filled day yesterday evening we attended the asian-american administrators and the chinese teachers annual kind of we had a wonderful time yesterday's everything e.r. we've ever e.r. evening we believe ross opportunity opportunities for the educators to promote advocacy their theme it leadership matters we also have another organization the latino-american they'll have their kind of event on october at the restaurant an 2565 admitting and honoring new features and veteran supporters this saturday october 3rd san francisco state will be having a
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teacher recruitment in the student center in annexation on the san francisco state university campus from 9:00 a.m. to 12 clock i'll be present to speak to the students about strongly considered do are k considering a career this start alice will be celebrating from 11am to 3:00 p.m. food and entertainment carnival games and much, much more during the same afternoon abraham lincoln will be celebrating/75 years the celebration will take place on saturday from 12 to 6 including school tours and sports tournament and a classic car show and performances and food i hear a dance latter and finally proud to announce two of our students from san francisco
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unidentified participating in a town hall meeting that he council of 59 conference in long beach on october 9th may have the high school and mission high school will represent two of the 9 nationally selected students at the town hall that will be moderate rated by the public radio the other students will representative broadening new york and long beach, california thank you for breaking and entering our important student voice to the gathering of the students leader from around the country thank you deputy superintendant guerrero and now recognized of accomodation i believe superintendant guerrero will be presenting. >> so for a rave distinguished
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i want to call up mary and washington high every single can will be recognizing our award he. >> thank you and good evening, commissioners and deputy superintendant and student delegates it is my great pleasure and honor for the administrator administrator to introduce this rave recipient linda boyer (clapping.) i believe many of you are familiar with linda and in many represents she niece no introduction that is her 25 year as the in-your-face in
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sfusd and several folks in attendance that had the privilege of working and learning from linda during our time in the student school house programs linda has shown her stripes by co-founder the consortium created a nationally imammunition tool kit and have dpw students with they are relationships with schools of nursing and wrote 35 presentations about public health and the value of school nursing dating 1984 and as recent as 2013 though those are reasons to consider lynda public health department champion i want to impress the impact makes with the individual students and
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staff with whom she kweernz with 25 years ago i'm going to take us all back to the early days linda was one of only four nurses in a district of approximately 70 though students 4 indoors to 70 thousand students how could nurses make an quack with that kind of ratio well linda came up with the idea of articulating those few nurses and assigning them to the challenged elementary school a concept she calls clusters last standing and prioritizing these school is a need we fill today, she came up with the nurses day program a nurse concussion service that handles 16 to 20 calls a day at points in her
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career at stanford university linda coordinated the successful vision van program that literally helped hundred of students get glasses and developed a vaccination to protect the students against hepatitis b a new requirement given that one out of 4 children have unmet dental notices she skreebd it before it was a stated mandate and listened was key in developing the model for the student assistance program that creates plans of innovation for students struggling so currently bringing us back to today linda stays busy and a school district nurse and wellness longing high school they insures every ninth graders gets a screening managing
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students with doing the best we can they learn to self-manage and find support with one another an integral member the wellness team providing alcohol and others education and seeing students with a chronic or from asthma to acne not only has he inspired newly graduating students a mentor of mine as well a forward thinker a revolutionary she inspires and motivates with her resource physicalness and an advocate foyer those who benefit the most linda congratulations on our award i believe i speak for the social kevin truit the school health director kim and all the
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nurses in awe testing you are school nursing at the intersection by itself thank you for all you do for the district and family and staff (clapping.) congratulations well, i'm eir erica the principle at lincoln high school linda's arrives full of energy in the morning rides up on her moisture and comes in her 70s high heel pumps linda is an as or arcs e acts she acts out the mental health and singling given
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condoms to all students in the school on top of she's make sure that our breakfast has increased triple fold we have a line out the door for the breakfast our students are energetic and involved in their classes because of what linda did an integral part of our community and evidences by the many people here today she's a power house and we thank her for being here at lincoln high school (clapping.) >> but i'm a troublemaker most of all (laughter) thank you so much puncturing and commissioners i'm so, so honored thank you, mary for your gracious leadership. >> thank you principle i've
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always said it takes an outstanding principle to raise a school and thanks to you eric can washington tliefrlz i was raised and born in japan art giving is a form of et cetera you do so much behind the scenes so we in the front lines can make a difference i want to share that with any 46 extraordinary nurse colleagues that work across the district (clapping.) teachers i share it with every one of you and nurses wholeheartedly support you and your instruction i think of myself as a public health champion you're the public health is a champion you spread literacy i share that award with
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any students (calling names) please turn around (clapping.) you are my best teachers you remind me to work harder and breath deeply and laugh i share that award with any children that attended sfusd schools and with my mother sitting in the front right now i was growing up her mantra linda get a good education because it will help you get a good job but my work is more a calling than a job everyday nurses we nurses get to make sure that students have health insurance and see the entertains and get shots and have healthy breakfasts a immediate care for disease and get the best medical care for cancer and doing the best we can
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regardless of income a couple of stories today, i met with a student injured during lunch he treftd me to share he was living with his oldercy that's his guardian my mom is not doing well, he qualified to the student transition and my awesome colleagues will support him receiving all the services associated with that as another examples nurses help students to be up to date with shots i met a student a newcomer from south america that was used as a certainty and isolated from her peers so in those and other ways our work makes a difference as the work of all of us each of us sitting here that work in public schools on that note thank you
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very much for this opportunity opportunity to express my gratitude (clapping.) >> president murase i want to congratulate you that he do the vision band together a has not we didn't think we would pull off when mayor newsom asked to be preparing the glasses we discovered things about our
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children. >> ran that e with that we had a good laugh and figuring out things to be differently but i want to thank you for all the things you do foyer is young people in san francisco unified school district. >> president murase. >> commissioner wynns. >> i want to thank linda and not talk about how long i've known her i had an opportunity years ago some of you heard this it was in the paper when we were fighting over the immultiplication bill believe it or not there's an nationals influenza meeting at the national institute of health i was the only board member from around the country they were duis the proposal that require all schools to give flu shots to
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children every year and had no idea it takes the destruct and linda was one of the nurses that recommended me that's how i got to go so i have i'm proud to be known as a champion for imyou mean multiplication it has to be withlipid. >> we have a rave special service award i'll ask our acting principle at el dorado middle school to please approach the pronounced and present our award
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awardee this evening. >> as the acting of el dorado middle school i did is a great honor and privilege to recognize christen armstrong the rave service award christen was nomad by the parents and others for her extraordinary dedication to maximizing the learning development of all her students puts in countless hours in and out of school to make sure her ask the get the most from each day in class in the understanding through their rich classroom discussion like the
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environmental living program to for the ross she workouts the coercion of an outing never losing sites how to turn it into a fun unforgettable learning experience such logistics and supervision represents our best teachers and in christen we have a stellar outstanding teachers a split three or four classroom that requires academic boiltsz and mutually to make sure all of her students are taught at the appropriate level and style which is much easier said than done i was the first principle to hire her, she teaches with densest enabling the students to
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learn on a daily basis that's the most important part is the classroom teacher i want to congratulate christen thank you for all you do for the families in the district (clapping.) >> thank you for those kind words i'm honored and humbled this award is especially meaningful because the lady that hired me is the one that is presenting it you know it as come full circle it wouldn't have the impact except for the effort of my students and dedicated parents at deldz i was thrilled to get e get my first teaching job it is exciting to see how engaged our young
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students are children are naturally inclined to learn i try to return as much energy each day thank you. i look forward to continuing this work for many years to come (clapping.) >> congratulations.
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>> next on agenda i'd like to call on commissioner fewer and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you president murase that past summer they slbltd in san francisco this organization has become a leader in the field of summer and serving san francisco unified school district students are great effectiveness since 1986 is one of the truly valued partners it was started from a grant and aim high served students in the excelsior and uttering mission they make a three to four year
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commitment to families and provides them with a free engaging and inspiring academic summer that's right it is completely free 5 weeks for students and 7 weeks for teachers the students spent the summer doing hands on project based math and science and the classroom is unique to it is called aims and choices in the afternoon they take electives like sports and things kids love the program and the retention rate is in san francisco is over 80 percent over the years aim high has grown and this past summer they operated 7 compasses a total of 15249 bay area over 9 hundred sfusd students participated in aim high this summer that's a huge number those are kids that spend the
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summer in learning they participate in outdoor education programs and visit college campuses they have campuses in the mission and excelsior and chinatown and western edition and bay area and engel side one of the priorities for 2016 to launch a summer program and willie brown academy i couldn't think of a better option this is what i appreciate about aim high they prioritize and serve kids from targeted under performing schools many of the graduates return and aim high is a wonderful training ground for young people passionate about careers and heard aim high graduates aim high changed my life aim high has continued to
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grow and serve the stanford university students they adopted a plan that is closely indian with the work in the district we hope we continue to work and look for ways to support this outstanding organization commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell do you have anything to add as we're both the presenters of this. >> no, i just want to add my personal thanks to alex and his team an incredible informs my kids have the opportunity to experience aim high they'll deny that aim high had has nothing to do with it but they want to go to the colleges my daughter is at the santa cruz i remind them of aim high it changed their lives an opportunity for that the young people to be engaged and learning during the summer a
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place you don't realize you're gaining this incredible rich education because it is the way it is set up it is really a wonderful receiving place for the young people thank you aim high for what you do for thousands of young people throughout the bay area we're happy to recognize you tonight ape i'd like to mention as aim high has given us great teachers and administrators. >> thank you eric and the principle joseph steel himself and many, many others but now i'd like to call up executive director mr. alex. >> (clapping). >> thanks so much that your comments are sweet and generous i want to acknowledge my colleagues that make the magic happened in the audience thirty
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years that's quite a journal we couldn't be more proud ms. fewer to work closely with the school district and teachers i want to thank you and president murase and the teachers and counsels some are in the audience and shout out to kevin truit that lawsuit for us in the summer but anymore importantly hydra mentioned that number i want to thank the 9 thousand kids and families that participated in aim high over the past thirty summers they trust us and they experience the aim high magic and go on to success in high school and college and beyond i also want to thank someone that is not here but i'd like to think of the people who came before and ray is the person that came okay -
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>> who came and spent a couple of days at aim high in 1990 and asked if we consider to expand to the neighborhoods around the district and over time we've done that as sandra mentioned this past summer served 9 hundred kids in different neighborhood and make a multi year commitment why we matter middle school summer community opportunity those are really our guiding principles i look forward to locking arms with the district to make a san francisco kind of the premium city from the country around summer learning with organization like mo' magic and aim high and others we're eager to do that and be a quality and effective collaborative partner i want to close by mentioning a couple of
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portraits of impact in front of you have the invitation to our fault gala i know some of you have come and this year we're honoring eric a former aim high teacher from the w we couldn't be more trial to honor him along with the distinguished alumni someone that grew up in the mission an educator in the peninsula. >> one other important operating trait is in the audience it is michelle the former survives teacher at willie brown academy and she went back to aim high for many in years as teaching assistant in turn and outdoor director the portraits of interact capture
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our work in san francisco and beyond thank you very much. we really appreciate you're taking time from our meeting to acknowledge thirty summers as i said it is quite a journey and we're trial to be working in san francisco and thrilled to grow and expand in the future thanks so much (clapping.) >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> congratulations commissioners i'd like to change the order of agenda items we have the fire chief no attendance i'd like to ask if he could move r better off the student delegate report and move up item k the special education ssi in the place of item e because we will not be having an
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advisory committee report if no objections from my colleagues i'd like to move to item k i'm sorry item r board members proposal for first reading tonight we'll be considering the resolution in support of fire safety education all to ask for a suspension of the rules staff says there is no budget impact that is voluntary may i have a motion and second for the suspension of the rules. >> thank you very much please remain standing roll call vote on the suspension. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase.
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>> 6 i's. >> thank you very much i'd like motion and second for formal introduction of the resolution the tolerates are myself with the student delegates may i have a motion and second. >> so moved. >> thank you very much we will now proceed with the reading of the resolution and we would like to start with the school district chang thank you whereas since the great 1906 san francisco earthquake we're r where damage was greater from fire san francisco has invested heavily to keep the residents as safety save as possible and whereas since 2010 they have been over 2 thousand 6 hundred residential fires in san francisco and 6 thousand plus container fires in san francisco which have caused over 3 hundred and thirty injuries and 37
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deaths and whereas numerous studies demonstrate it fire safety leads to reduction as recent as the one perturbed in the june 2015 the journey of burn care and research of fire safety education amongst second graders and the report in fire rescue magazines the fire resistance program launched in 1995 as reduced the death from a extraordinarily reduction. >> whereas since 2001 from the san francisco police commission fire department have trained more hundred thousand r hundred thousand and in multiple languages from the firefighters a thirty minute module that covers stop and drop and role and stay low and go and
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essential skills to dial 9-1-1 and whereas as the results of this curriculum enacted free of charge by firefighters from the san francisco fire department students have been to educated to be protecting themselves and the program has contributed to the reduction in injuries to children and whereas the san francisco board of education recognizes the importance of fire safety particularly given the extraordinarily fire damage from the exchanges. >> now therefore, be it resolved the san francisco board of education requires the superintendent require fire safety education for every elementary school from the 2016-2017 school year about whether allergy school or assembly or the clusters in classrooms for the site basis
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and further be it resolved, that the superintendent identify and review the fire safety at all levels elementary and high schools including the fire education policeman program and makes resources available to all levels i'd like to move to public comment and introduce fire chief joanne hayes-white good evening delegates and others chief joanne hayes-white i'll the fire chief i would be remiss if i didn't talk about what you do for quality education we've been proud to partner with you in the past you open up your father's for the response training i participated in the read loud days and more recently with our
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support and approval and with partnership with the american health association we're delighted to be volunteering in our classrooms to train the trainer to your health and safety with hands only cpr before they graduate they'll learn the value of learning cul-de-sack marry retaliation thank you anytime none oman of us go into the school district and classrooms we enjoy participating and educating the students the student becomes inspired and possible think of a career in the fire department through being a firefighter ann or an emt pacific we talk about the greener quality to the student you know better than i do when they go home the people
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don't speak english in our family and they convey what we learn or triple the message we're delighted tonight your formalizing a program that we've been happy to participant in for a number of years it's the firefighter and safety education hats off to the president of our fire commission she's parking right now and slightly dlauld she arrive that is andrea evans and working with pickup truck on this resolution i'd like to acknowledge the vw's for getting involved thank you so much and if possible briefly recognize and call up to talk about the program someone that is a very valued member of the san francisco fire department that is the firefighter that oversees the precipitate program this would not have happened the
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partners and now your partner's the alicia burn foundation and we'll have a delegate here to give remarks with your permission thank you. >> good evening my name is dewayne a san francisco firefighter working on station 5 at turk and webster and working with the alicia foundation that i sit on that foundation as well a volunteer for the firefighters and safety education program i've been doing this presentation sins 2004 i recently took over that program in 2011 from another firefighter and so you see i see this program through any lens and today i'll share the prospective of the actual firefighter the presenter that has given
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hundreds of those presentations to san francisco children since 2004 you have the resolution in front of you, you know that works and saves lives and reduces injuries that information is environmental for all the school kids all to tell you briefly when you see is positive effect on the administrators and the teachers and kids we get all the time comments i remember you from last year after the presentation last year, we got smoke detectors the courses i couldn't have a better feeling this program a impacting not only the kids as chief joanne hayes-white it is impacting the entire families doubling and accentuate rudolph that message it is a environmental mbe mess in 50 percent of san francisco schools
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so whether we go into schools their eyes are open their areas are open and their mouths are shut first and foremost and they're ready to engage and demonstrate their acknowledge their stop drop and role the 7 points over a thirty minute you get to see the excitement of them watching a local san francisco firefighter someone they see only the streets and they remind time after time and we put on all the gear it reenforces this vital message the teachers and administrators have absolutely positively respond never, ever not been asked not to come back and they asked to come back year after
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year i'd like the support of resolution bus 50 percent of san francisco kid is not enough we believe this information should be given to every single san francisco kid thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening my name is dan i work for the alicia burn foundation i'll remark about this meg thank you for your partnerships we done this this year 15 years and thank you to the fire chief and thank you for the district and as a vendor with an agreement with the moh continue to work with you guys the wish burden foundation has been around for 44 years a oxygen we do burnt preservation and those in a traumatic burden
12:48 am
situation i work on the hospital i see burned injured children and adults it is a painful process not only physically but emotionally our job as the affirmation is not only to improve the lives that are burned but preventing it from happening with our partnership we'll see a decrease within children that will prevent that stop deposit drop and role was created by our foundation we want that message in order to prevent those injuries from occurring thank you for your time and the project sponsors we we look forward to the future. >> i want to recognize andrea evans she was the person that brought this issue to my attention any questions or comments if my colleagues that.
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>> hi my apologies i want to thank president murase for her assistance and a thank you for your consideration of that resolution as everybody said it is important and just want to thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you, president evans. >> ms. casco note that commissioner norton has joined us any questions or concerns by my colleagues commissioner wynns and commissioner fewer. >> this is important i want to correct something you said this says that will be required and that there will be a compliance report so it will not be voluntary. >> you said it will be voluntary i think you were talking about whether there would be a financial impact and clearly that will be done though
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the fire department with the support of foundation i think that is why there is not a financial impact not voluntary we're doing this. >> when it was brought to my attention it is not in all our schools that is required but this is a request from the superintendent as our protocol to request our superintendent to make that a requirement. >> commissioner fewer. >> i was just clarifying also that we currently do this i'm hearing we do it in half the schools we're already doing it this resolution is implement to the other half of the schools we're not doing it for sthaishg we were on the truth of the matter target to do that or some sort of obstruction from it happening in all the schools as a graduate i know is a long time
12:51 am
ago but i get to training almost every year and those are those who promoted the san francisco elementary schools the fire department will come out and to do this every year and combine that and at that time an air raid also i know that the a long time ago i'm clarifying. >> sir. >> absolutely so when the last 15 years 7 thousand and 9 students we'll reach out of the 20 elementary schools in unified school district we are falling short we were only building to reach some due to the support of fir commission and the fire department and changing the program from a volunteer firefighter being able to go union street up to the program
12:52 am
and now a firefighter on duty to go and a intern through the wish burn foundation that did a job in recruiting the schools we believe that program that be enticing to all schools is it take work to contract the right person at each school to get the program and do it by us requiring all schools it will allow us to reach them all the truck process on how to figure out and make that process will be in a easy way we had a large presentation it takes thirty minutes not requiring a lot of time not funding a simple thirty minute presentation a firefighter provides. >> that's great a great program it sounds like fabulous because so many of your buildings are
12:53 am
wood; right? so as the chief mentions so many of our paerptsz our children come from households where a language other than ervin is the primary language so it is important we educate our students to be able to teach the family members simple to other lotta's fountain earthquake. >> i want to thank you we met yesterday the stated citizens advisory committee and thank you for everything it is a little story i remember i attended the lawyer a firefighter came to my school and shows you the gear and put his mask on and he tested us what to do we tried to guess the right answer to the competition you you know being able to wear the hat and go to the stations
12:54 am
that was a price i got to talk to daniel and dewayne yesterday so i feel like the district has done good job. >> any further questions or comments seeing none, roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase. >> 7 i's. >> thank you, very much and chief and president evans thank you for coming tonight laura the next item on the agenda is
12:55 am
student delegate report. >> thank you as for the report at our last meeting yesterday the citizens advisory committee representatives elected our cabinet leaders for the year and i would like to congratulate this this year's 2015-2016 school year for the presidents is lee on from mission high school, vice president is jessica from rolling high school and secretary is may from walling even berg and the other offices from the school of the arts and treasurer is kevin katie tang from burton high school the public relations officer is from mission high school and the ask the citizens advisory committee deliberate it miguel next to me morph since then we've had the opportunity
12:56 am
to sit with mr. truit to talk about the voice concerns while to extend our thanks to mr. truit for the dinner and supporting our peers last week as for the sf cc committee we assigned the will special committee just to name a few budget and legal and health and wellness and the district activities for the public enrichment education committee we'd like appoint 4 members i'd like to appoint shannon and second from the galileo high school. >> and a new student delegate from lowell high school and jessie from walling even beggar high school as well as the agenda we had
12:57 am
yesterday in our meeting in support of fire and safety education the council development to hoist dr. murase and present in support of education after delegation with the student leaders we're happy to no foundation we're in favor of this resolution. >> thank you to the san francisco firefighters that were available for questioning and dr. murase for co-authoring this resolution thank you, again. and the next meeting is wednesday october 14, 2015, alter 56 p.m. and again, it is a public council anyone that welcome to attend dinner will be provided for all the representatives as well gifts attending at 5:00 p.m. if you want 0 attend or make a presentation or would like a copy of the unagenda please
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contact our coordinator salvador thank you. >> thank you very much for your report the next item we're taking out of order we'll move to k the the report from the community ssi from the members could please come forward. >> we so have our president katie with her esteemed team. >> thank you commissioners thank you, dr. murase and deputy superintendant and i want to
12:59 am
introduce who's doing the presentation we're the cac special ed patterns and on the board and i'm katie russel the chair and the secretary and in the audience we have linda as our morale support and we have the special ed department chairing division in the back and dr. black man could we know as our assistant superintendent and others that have obligations including back to school night that is environmentally important joan and deborah and most importantly kim the past chair a lot of what we're doing
1:00 am
this year she's laid the ground work we're indented to her in helping us we would like to invite all of you in the listening public to any of our meetings we have a cac meeting before thursday of each month is an organization called organization for families street and whoops just continue we did pass out our full report to the board
1:01 am
earlier i think many our board books and we will be discussing various elements not the entire report but just specific elements of it basically we'll talk about last year's achievements and achievement outcomes and assess and shared ownership and accountability as related to the cac the first presentation thank you all for having us here we appreciate the opportunity to share the xhuchlts i achievements on of the biggest 2014-2015 school year was being a spearheading partner of inclusive school week last year involved a large committee spearheaded by our community
1:02 am
siding it kinds of at city hall on monday with mayor ed lee there were varies kind of events at jordan high school a week of activities that almost every school in the district and culminated with mayor ed lee visiting sunset elementary school an amazing autism awareness and presenting ipads to the special day classes to hem to provide better access to the curriculum through technology other highlights from the previous school year i'd like to to mention include our awe w e the advocates worthy of excellence we had spruthd to honor the crossing guard for their dedication to our students
1:03 am
was a year of a couple of first or first, the first time we presented our annual report to you the board of education probably the first time we were able to do that we work in collaboration with the rules committee to update our baufdz bye laws and have been delighted that the partnerships that we created sunlight of that outreach along with the special ed leadership members of the cac have traveled to sacramento to lobby on behalf of our families and students and an example of this is getting a monthly bill that relates to properly identifying and supporting students early with dyslexia awe
1:04 am
wasting joseph's signature and we've updated the local plan the cac has been busy presenting to various stakeholder groups along with dr. and her colleagues including the pack and is african-american pack and various others stakeholders groups. >> in regards to achievement ordinances there's a lot of detail in the report we've presented some of the highlights of our recommendation include increasing warns of the modifications we had a very successful roll out at test not without it's challenges but it was quite the learning experience for everyone special education and accomodation
1:05 am
modification providers included we would like to make sure that this coming school year some attention in training raising awareness for the accomodation and the modifications built into the test as well as some of the universal pools designated supports available and there's a lot of training that is required to make sure that many of those accommodations are applied to students there are more information on the next slide we will be happy to provide information for anyone interested in more another area we think that additional train is essentially helpful making sure about the education plan that supports our children have enrolls when we say legally defenseable i have a lovely case
1:06 am
study that was prepared all 22 pages of how to write legally defenseable goals some of the best practices making sure that your goals are specific descriptive you're not using industry jorlg r jargon something that can be measured towards the success of our childrenr jargon something that can be measured towards the success of our childr jargon so can be measured towards the success of our childrjargon som can be measured towards the success of our children. >> the adversity first is the the pyramid i know the school district uses this model would be the achievement outcomes to insure that all succulence students can read at grade level by 6th grades in order to do that it takes a lot of work i
1:07 am
know that dr. stevens ahead of curriculum is working on this very issue in terms of trying to identify the methodologies the targeted levels such the level of reading identification of a level reading levels and tier 3 the more individuals level of instruction traditional methods have been with the (calling names) i myself am optimistic we'll mvmd i myself have a child that is dyslexia so i had to take her outside of the school district to get her to read i'd like to see that change there are something as you may know your heard about the what is it called the education to the
1:08 am
prison piecemeal no easier flow to get on the piecemeal than not being able to read the statistics for prisoners that can't read or can't read well is off the charts so as concerned citizens we should all want to support better, more specific reading instructions special ed can i see sometimes their identified as special east side simply no instruction to read and some kids have a different way their brain functions definitely and need a different type of methodology maybe more kenicly based but it is imperfect we address this so many of our kids that don't know how to read end up on the streets doing in prison things
1:09 am
like that so and then additionally, we would like to see in terms of achievement outcome increased professional training positive behaviors and intervention generally the school district has moved to the practice model i'm perp thrilled because in terms of disciplinary issues special ed children are disappropriately targeted with superstitions to give you an idea of how suspensions can effect just one suspension in florida the researchers from johnston hopkins university look at the ninth graders in increase in would be suspension the graduation rates dipped to 52
1:10 am
percent and 42 percent it dips to 38 percent anything we can do to address the special ed and other targeted communities to deal with something other than suspension this alarming article i read called piecemeal to prison special education too often leads to jail for american children and refers to rather than dealing with - like in a punitive way towards behavior they should you know the administration should look at the disorder because the children try to stimuli their
1:11 am
behavior has to be understood. >> last year when the cac report to the board of education there were a number of recommendations around technology as it relates to equitable assessed the district has made strives no technology in the past year are specifically with the innovation center an incredible resource for staff and families, however, we recommend greater and better use of technology in the classroom to support the students as well as to communicate with families additionally, we would encourage the district to give tier 2 and tier 3 sites greater latitude for prioritizing their needs and things as just to highlight a partnership that the destruct has with common sense media the
1:12 am
sfusd is partnering that common sense media to provide comprehensive programs with the goal of hermosa beach students to responsible use the digital media for life and specifically to students with special needs they have developed a guide that provides information around app and games to produce learning and off fun ways to engage students is a great resource for the kids and families on the topic of shared ownership and accountability welds to commends our special education leadership for in their approach to inclusion and mobbing it is a top down approach the special education students are priority
1:13 am
for the most part that led to positive outcomes for their son and many others in the district as well the shared ownership the one general education professionals and special education professionals of all students even those we i public works build the communities at those sites which are the model it is very impressive to see that change tot to past couple of years and that focus be implemented certain areas we need growth and improvements making sure that the district has done great strides in translating all materials into multiple languages for easy access for multiplied community we see a lag in specific i e p
1:14 am
estimates and other individual documents being translated and it is problematic prairie ever particularly that have families only one do i day to not get the documents for one meeting until two weeks ago later causes a huge delay no services or to appropriately respond we say an idol information if parental communities it is a big challenge we i'd like to commend the district for their moving towards the credential clearing for special education features huge for actually retaining our special education teachers and allowing them to stay in the district and provided continuity to the students so thank you
1:15 am
very much for helping to develop the preamble and moving forward with that. >> oh, and this year inclusive week will be bigger a competent that meets so expect big things the first week of december and not part of presentation but very much like to invite all families to the family empowerment conference on october 17th it is being held and martin luther king mission high school with the collaboration between the corin woods by the african-american and special education and the urban language learn siding i apologize many working groups to help understanding how to get
1:16 am
ascertainment and hopefully engage in the power and lastly we did want to encourage actually more talk about this document this is the collaborative from the inner what is the urban collaborative it was the document give to us in september of 2010 based on a special needs they find us the district lack several points has nothing to do with it was viewed the programs rather than services were being offered and too much of an emphasis on separating the kids out of environment that might be special ed kids and they were also talked about this issues of disappropriate outlet like
1:17 am
african-american children 7 times more app to be identified as emotionally - and we wanted everybody to encourage everyone to reread it i reread that this is what i have to say about it because i've been around for a long time and you know in the special ed community i have to say when i first start i felt that was just a nightmare in dealing with special ed department and i don't feel that the only a lot of the recommendations that this survey made were actually implemented and it was actually very refreshing to read this, of course not everything is perfect but the district is definitely trying to reach out to the community about that and really
1:18 am
look at specific cases, however, i do think in general the- i talked to dr. about it she uses this as staven plan in reading it i see she in fact, did i want to give her kudos she drafting a new plan in the works and hopefully that will having addressed a lot of the issues that might be more of a historical document than anything else so i want to thank you for your time we were cob june 28th to talk about exciting things we you'll see and at this point if i have any questions we'll field them and make the doctor answer as many as possible. >> thank you, ms. russel i'm glad to hear our nightmare is
1:19 am
ending we have one speaker cards. >> good evening commissioners superintendant guerrero thank you others cac to all of them accept especially lee and kate i've learned so much about special education by going to their monthly meetings and hearing from the parents is the most important things i'll urge anyone that is interested to try to make it to a meeting they're interesting and the parents are so devoted to the students and the program it is an inspiration thank you for they're recorded. >> thank you very much any questions or comments from my questions or comments commissioner norton and commissioner fewer. >> thank you for your report i have to reflective on a little
1:20 am
bit on - i mean like you ms. reluctantly things have go changed not everything has changed but still things we can work on and always have to work on this is not an easy area but i just really want to commend the cac for the work you've done and the partnership that is forged with the district the tone it different from the report years ago till when i was on the cac i don't think we were - as you were and appreciative of the partnership with the district i just that that is a huge step forward so thank you all deserve a real thank you and acknowledgment for that i do have one question about the report specific when about the recommendation to provide for flexibility to tier 2 and 3
1:21 am
schools in resource allocation what does that look like or an example what you mean'd like to understand that more. >> i think just from a general standpoint our understanding is that the way we resources are allocated it is the district saying you're a tier 2 or tier 1 those are the resources we think you need based on the day we have it is based on the destructions discussions to give the sight a little bit more flexibility no terms of saying hey, you see our needs we see our need maybe another way to make sure there or agreement and understanding in terms of resources that are being shifted to tier 2 or tier 3 are resources they feel that
1:22 am
those are resources that will be best utilized. >> deputy superintendant my instinct that is about the first it ration of multi tier that allot not just students with special education but you know all - all schools thinking about all students with manner of needs and challenges ask for that flexibility we are implementing them. >> i'd like add scomploern that is in collaboration with the school community to have the accurate understanding about the needs of those students and in the inspection of any specific school sites so part of our continuing to view progress i think we've gotten more in fact about the understanding of the
1:23 am
needs to match the flexible support and interventions to addressing the equality gaps the process included lots of dialogue between site leaders a department leaders or leaders to see what supports seems more appropriate and moving into the multi tiers of 4.0 we every year continue to get more sophisticated in understanding the current conditions and capacity of any given schools it's our goals to and then the interventions that are appropriate at the same time, we continue to make sure that as possible we are increasing the indirect resourcing of sites to make a lot of those decisions within the school community as well. >> thank you. i had one other question or actually for dr. black man could i appreciate the
1:24 am
comments around inclusion and we've made a lot of process and things have improved we've made a commitment to include the practices i know part of what makes that difficult is that we need to support all our educators in the classroom that that means with the resources and things like that i hear that a lot if usf they've been focused so brown belonging could i'm interested in the recommendation of training and sort of where are we in supporting all our educators in supporting the children with dablts and broadening out the training and understanding the inclusive training. >> we're really working closely with the curriculum department
1:25 am
to find ways we can we've training together so there's not a like train e l a that didn't include the contract from autism or four classrooms we're starting to educate in a way with our teachers and partners to look at the child was one whole group of children and starting to look at the universal design for learning fraction in your leadership teams we also meet with superintendant gerrero and also working on that area there is not as many opportunities to pull teachers out because of our substitute situation and time away from children so we're having more preach of coming to sites and
1:26 am
training sites we have a lot of online opportunities for co-teachers to go in and learn about co-teachering i think we're approaching it with multi tasks and making sure that we're emphasizing that work across the program for general addition and special education of teachers we have heard the concerns if huey and our staff and doing everything they can to make sure we're having tints for general ed and special education teachers together and looking forward. >> commissioner fewer. >> so i want to thank you for your meeting last there you go thank you very much for this report he and thank you for your service for volunteering and being on the all volunteer committee i have a couple of
1:27 am
questions recycle i'm wondering and hearing through the grapevine we're having an increase population of els that have i e p i don't know if this is drew you've mentions one thing about the translation an issue other concerns from non-english speaking my daughter had an i v it is you know it is pretty involved and technical and some is parents themselves having to advocate to make sure your common cold it getting services required by law have you heard anything from any thoughts persons of the el students. >> last night i tenants the bilingual communities have a b
1:28 am
cc what. >> yeah. >> i never been there before it struck me geeze i live a bilingual household and thinking i'm perfectly fluent in english if he went to the meetings it would be a disaster and he's got relying good ervin but seriously i took him one time to a school interconnection he said i didn't understand a thing they said i e p is a legal document and it is very difficult special education of your fluent in english is hard to understand it beyond my apprehension and some of the parents have difficulty reading
1:29 am
their own languages in a way not only a matter of translation but explaining. >> this is a element around that the language is technical and the language actually is pretty specialized so i've wondering you don't have to answer now but i'd like a conversation how well, we're be serving our esl around this language a completely new concept you have to advocate for your children versus handing them over to the school district i think the advocacy part is huge especially the child and also want to echo about the piecemeal we have a charter school in the couldn't jail men's facility 50 percent of inmates were i e p we have to
1:30 am
stop that pipeline and own that 60 percent in the council jail like we own your students into harvard university or uc berkley and want to commend the district for the success helping them clear their credible a huge way to build a stable well qualified team in the future and attract the best and bring out it quite frankly to san francisco state university to help our students thanks so much. >> follow-up on your comments about outreach is one of our big pushes this year we're work with the parents liaisons particularly on the southeast see of the city that's one of our big pushes and part of the reason we're eager to help to co-sponsor the family empowerment conference we have deborah not here but taerntd the
1:31 am
steering committee meetings and helping to suggest working groups beneficial for that parents working groups in he u p not just in english but in spanish not translated in speech. >> but hopefully in cantonese i can't speak it that but the assessment process that is a huge barrier for first of all, receiving the services and those are two what we hope will be very educational and they provide those workshops as much was we can. >> thank you for doing that and for the listening audience i gurgle you all to come there is something for everyone to learn. >> commissioner fewer i want to follow up on your comments i'm the co-chair the b cc a year ago
1:32 am
it was be looking at identified esl who having also have i e p and the number of students is 2 thousandish so you know is translation and interpretationer interpretation is an over issue but understanding the reclassification for the judge an el can be challenging and they have angie p is more challenging so i know that the b cc would love to have the doctor back and look at the recommendation a juror nature ago to look at what, if anything, and how to advance those needs and if and when we would like to have you back. >> next, i have commissioner vice president haney and commissioner walton. >> i also wanted to thank you for your work and report i'm glad to hear improvements and
1:33 am
positive things to report i also wanted to thank you for bringing up this issue of the school to prison pipeline and some of the questions around positive interference and supports we recently coming out of the school policies we developed and still adopted in growing as you may know the behavorial interference matrixes on of the things i'm happy to see for the specific categories of students including students with i e p defensive of steps to be taken and we want to make sure when there are behavorial interferences they're positive and done with the understanding the full sxeks and services that a student is receiving and especially in the case of i e p make sure that everyone
1:34 am
especially students are involved in that conversation and in any behavorial interferences took place in i e p i'm sure you're aware of but ask you if this has been a conversation you've been involved in and as a committee and if potentially you're hearing about or seeing changes that year was the fifth floor to roll out the magic you'll see more of it in terms of changing how we operate by maybe that is something that we can continue the conversation about thomas and make sure that we're doing this right and getting you, your input and wear hearing from parents and from students and educators about how this is operating and how we can tweak the matrix of the work well, if
1:35 am
meeting the needs of students with i u p you can respond or wanted to flag that to figure out how to continue that conversation immediately way flagged the needs to make sure our educators and paraprofessionals have support and training in the restoreic practices. >> i think that that was actually, one the i am pets of us in the local plan the indexing and the excuse me. sorry with the law having changed and the functional behavorial analysis i think that everything is fluid; right? and but what i think we can confidentially say through the throughout the process and if local plan is updated and as new
1:36 am
policies are implemented we have a say and a very collaborative ripper with the special ed department i personally feel grateful to be part of this administration as opposed to the horror stories about the previous environments well, you know if you want to get the services you'll have to do that we're part of a collaborative and supportive investments that has the kids best interests in mind as opposed to the bottom line. >> commissioner walton. >> again, thank you so much for your report a couple of questions if you feel the district is not be responsive we or will you come here before june 16th and let us know and the second one again, i appreciate our calling your attention to the piecemeal
1:37 am
prison as commissioner vice president haney stayed you mentioned the work in the asset and the schools this year and thank you so much what's been the premeditation with the cac with black families and black parents do we have black families on the cac right now how does that work. >> well, i've adopted african-american children we're a mixed family here representing black kids you know that doesn't give me the rights i understand all black african-american families throughout the district but have african-american families our ken our form chair and intern we have i don't know that that is my place to name them all right now but we would definitely like the number to be higher and we're attending the african-american parents advisory committee as well
1:38 am
my attendance is more sporadic but trying to build collaboration between the two and you've attended some of the meeting and dewayne and others i feel that this awareness and the needs for collaboration between the two is definitely raised and again co-sponsors the parents is helpful and ruth is a great support with outreach too and the thank for laura savage we have only so many hours in the day and parents volunteers that are parents and some of us with full time jobs it is difficult to go everything we want to see or do but i think there is a lot more collaboration and we're getting along with that. >> thank you, thank you. >> commissioner wynns and superintendant gerrero. >> thank you all for your work
1:39 am
and it is very important we get to have you come and report to us i appreciate it i want to ask a followup to the staff about the pb i s training for the paris i understand when we trained were school teams and that they have a train responsibility and implementation responsibility of the school site i have concern i don't want to you know single out people to be trained not in their school teams and so the way that we you know what we require or how we expect there are to be kind of bring that implementation to scale with the whole school is - so i'm going to ask the staff if i
1:40 am
could get a report if we think that is a good idea what we're planning to do necks and how we on the train at the school sites is going. >> we work closely with mr. truit and grave in the pbs we have the board certified behavior i thought 67 position previously he did not and they go to sites with the other team from the student family support division and train the staff as well as a new program wear launching this year there that department called safety care their say a multiple train offenders and the schools that serve students with the best needs but mr. truit and i can meet you with and give you more
1:41 am
details on that. >> thank you by my question they're not actually just train parents and their training par and administration teams. >> very it further responsibility the people that are trained have some responsibility that makes sure that everybody is using our techniques whether they're on the team or not so - >> you understand my question i'll be happy to talk about to about it some other times but not target the paraprofessionals the team approach we're committed i want to make sure we continue to use that approach thank you. >> deputy superintendant. >> i too want to appreciate the cca leadership i can continue to
1:42 am
see us to be a regular presence at our monthly meetings he appreciate our calling out and recognizing areas we doing a lot better and shown a lot of growth but appreciative at the same time to identify the areas to continue to phone call so in the spirit of that we'll continue to tackle those areas i want to lend a bluegrass it plug to the week of september 7th say tuned for bigger and better you might have noted the awesome tree reminding everybody about the inclusive schools september 7th. >> to finish up any appointments to standing committees. >> i'm sorry yes. >> thank you. i want to appoint trev macneal.
1:43 am
>> i will be appointing alicia to the public education combrsht any others appointment. >> i have a comment i'll still mr. steel i don't know if we were able to do that bus get a list of open spot that the board members have. >> yes. commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell he sent out a let to commissioners with open appointment. >> if you have one that pebtd. >> if not other appointments always observations to move to public comment there are some young public speakers in the audience we would like to get them home let's see he have a group of speakers on marshall elementary school and followed by a group of speakers from the willie l. brown middle school
1:44 am
and a few folks for the speaking on either of those i'd like to call the mash elementary school speakers first please line up by the podium two minutes (calling names). >> please precedes. >> hello, i'm here to comment on the correction that went how but school district regarding this is a erroneous flier to the marshall school no may unfortunately his correction is still not an accurate summation at marshall school sits extremely frustrate to go
1:45 am
over the second communication to the parents makes it sound like the school is evenly divided by the mission development and the people that supported that is not accurate it was quite clear from the meeting notes taken by a staff person the majority stated they wished the school district would support the community in opposing this project that is harmful to the marshall community the most important miss statement from the original flier were not retracked non-the parents said they felt intimidate by community activists none i repeat none stated that that is a very serious shuks secondly, he didn't retract that at all, and, secondly, in his original flier he stayed the parents
1:46 am
requested no future meeting at marshall in fact the parents were promised further meeting at this time further meetings are not necessary the project is nostril moving there is no longer contract to purchase the land between the seller and buyer in litigation that will probably not be development for years but we hope when this issue come up in the future that the parents will not be mislead or misrepresented and that any communication from the parented be with the school board members not through carranza. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good evening. i'm maria.
1:47 am
>> (speaking spanish.) >> thank you for the time you loaded me to talk to you. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm an organization that supports marshall we outreach to the community and with work with the families and due to this
1:48 am
monstrous proposal we talk about the benefits to be of this building we are not agreeing because - >> (speaking spanish.) >> for us that project represents no benefit for the families that live in the mission. >> (speaking spanish.) >> my piers and i have been work with the family in no moment those families expressed they were uncomfort by working
1:49 am
with us . >> (speaking spanish.) >> on the contrary she showed a lot of interest open is information we were providing >> (speaking spanish.) >> i don't agree about this person that made the comment about us and is aggression with the families why does this person take it upon him to make those comments i don't appreciate that thank you. >> good evening thank you for giving us those moments i want to reiterate what susan had said
1:50 am
in the letter that the superintendent sent to marshall parents it contains a timeline of the tentative projects schedule for the promoted proximately for 16th street and mission and you probably are all aware that max must filed suit against the owners of the property and we just learned that the owners of the property have filed a counter complaint against max must i want to point out that is newly and avoid at this point and that the jane family has termed their contract with max must and no longer a purchase agreement in place i want to make you aware of that. >> thank you, andy. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
1:51 am
>> hello my name is diana martinez i'm very depressed to hear about the information to the parents of mash school it is too bad the staff should be promoting education yet in two different school letters not not educating the parents that is misinformation so from now on on the future other proposed project for that site the school board members meet circle with the community having the parents voices filtered through superintendent carranza it as not been effective for the an effective form of communication if and when a project proposed we hope the school district will work with the patents not ms. informing them there will be
1:52 am
important issues of safety for the children at the school during construction and we hope the school board will be assert active in maintaining a healthy environment for the kids in the property is purchased for affordable housing we hope perhaps the school board could work with the city to provide affordable housing for the teachers to help e military the shortfall of teachers that the school board it facing until then is it so incredible i am peripheral that the right information goes out to the parents and that the false statements that did go out to the patterns is retracted pubically thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm beyonce a member the mission community and also a parents at marshall elementary school i want to say that i think that is quite yes, ma'am
1:53 am
baker that supreme court is putting out misinformation i've been going meeting it is quite embracing he said his assistant gave out the wrong information he said oh, my assistant messed up when we talked to the principle at a single parents drying to do the right thing i feel like i need to say that that's it i'm not going anywhere via have marshall elementary school from anywhere heart and thanks for listening and i want to say carranza is not could go
1:54 am
two great right now thank you. >> (clapping.) i'd like to urge public comment to keep to the policy issues and not personal attacks and if we could hold the applause and hear from more speakers thank you. >> i'm the program manager that the mission collaborative i believe we might be put it out as a personal attack i don't think that is meant that way holding accountability of someone in office is part of coming here that's why everybody is coming and expressing their concerns not a personal attack but the amount of accountability we've brought organized families to bring issues on the spring of 2015 on february of 2015 and on
1:55 am
february 12th of this year so there has been several meetings and the families that we work with has been promised thanks or things not happening once a time to conceptual with the whole community the meg is different and all the marshall families are expressed their concern and their position to this development i know that now the development is can you think but i feel the district school board harassed an opportunity to show the communities that their voices matter and you guys have the concerns at heart and you know mistakes happen everybody makes them as a matter of taking accountability yes, this happened but in that i respect the needs of parents of that school we work with about 6 families that that marshall
1:56 am
school that live in an 8 by 10 room an sro and have to help with the tutors and those kids have to go home and live in an 8 by 10 room and figure out how to do their homework one of the families said they were told if not food to live in the development can go somewhere else keep in mind 3 thousand ask the in our district is homeless. >> good evening school board members i'm from the mission sro collaborative and the plazas 16 coalition a proud of stanford university from betsey carmichael to galileo and i'm here to speak on a breach of trust and to plea for transparency the san francisco unified school district 55 two mailers sent out by the superintendant has
1:57 am
condominium. >> breach of trust and the served community at large the people before me have already spoken on the need correction we're not here seeking revenge or punishment we're here only seeking transparency we're here seeking truth updated information must be sent out to mash marshall including what happened at the meeting as well as an updated timeline including the delay by litigation. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm the member of the coalition i just want to bring to the attention that sometime we have a huge crisis in affordable
1:58 am
housing if we're not able to recruit the entertains not opportunity to live here all families are living in places everyone is sharing their room and based on the numbers that the school board has for the mission district all the public schools have 3 hundred and 50 families not a stable place to live several and we want to make sure you're aware it is important having go what the communities needs we can from the mission that any maneuvering development is not built for our people not for teachers or is san franciscan and you should be aware of that and work with the community asking for affordable
1:59 am
housing every time around a school or in the neighborhood. >> they're asking the maneuvering developer vendors their asking for letters to support those projects we know they're not i providing anything community benefits or place for the communities please by a be sure and more engaged and support the needs for the san franciscan affordable housing thank you (clapping.) thank you very much next, we have the group of folks on willie l. brown middle school thank you very much for your patience i'll call your name, please have the students speak
2:00 am
first (calling names) >> good evening commissioners school board members and assistant superintendent general public and teachers and parents of willie l. brown middle school education is our passport to the future for tomorrow the belongs to the people who prepare for it today malcolm x my name is a elizabeth than a pioneer of grader school i wrote you a letter a month ago but gave it to the form principal told me not to give it to you and wait some time he they told me he was going to fix things
2:01 am
approximately didn't happen i'm here a month later. >> thank you for adding a new security guard and counselor detainee we students need more adults that care and need culture and community i'm still concerned about the vision of willie l. brown middle school because becoming a reality what's the learn gap like what are the steps to help all students do you have all the resources? who is measuring success? who is suffering while you get there? who are you failing while you figure out and who are. >> benefiting while you stumble
2:02 am
to get the solution it is time to fix the trauma in the school let's combine a new with the understanding that there are has been issues in the past less be honest and frank let's be untruth or truthful by being the community that willie brown deserves at the end of the day we want the best for every scholar there is a lot of work to be done who's ready to do that i state again who is ready? when will the classroom behavior nelson mandela said education is a power weapon use to change the world's will i get that weapon at willie brown thank you,
2:03 am
everyone for your time (clapping.) thank you and please know your comments are all welcome at the school board. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good evening. i'm a schorl at willie l. brown middle school 6th grader a giant step giant step you'll take throughout your life i'm speaking to everyone right now when i was in 5th grade i thought whether or not mission high school will i go to that didn't fit for me i looked at the visitacion valley that did work either whether i heard about willie l. brown middle school i thought that's the one the first days day what a breeze totally fine i thought that was okay. i was
2:04 am
the first student to come here at sfusd to sign up for this school where did i end in the first day i end with a student push me in the locker and putting his arm in my neck for no reason he thought work i was here for a dream i had a dream in school i did i get that that is no fair a entertain said in the meeting that it is a normal process bullying is a normal process in schools this not normal if you ask me so later on it was going pretty good and i was defending what i
2:05 am
thought people were bullying me and told them no if so not right. i get punched why again, if i come here for a dream if i come here for a dream why is that happening i found it no fair that all of this is happening someone needs to help willie brown and stop bullying because it is no fair and all school is not o no fair i've golden years of my life it is not okay thank you for your time (clapping.) thank you very much. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is audio i'm 11
2:06 am
years old in of math at 5th grade oh, my god i'mth grade aided willie l. brown middle school today, i'm here to say the fighting has to stop all the snack talk has to stop and the violence some staff doesn't want to help with everything because it is too much going on going on there's kids there are the kids have starting to not care about anything the amount of kids acting bad it growing the kids don't want to do the work kids are being bullied from, no reason kids that hate everyone and their own friends and they're only friends can stop them by what they're about to do when their say a fight a crowd
2:07 am
surrounds them and the ground starts to chat oh, my god - the crowd starts to chant fight on and on i tried to ignore it but the fighting is too constant i hate it and it really sucks for me and all the other kids who want to learn and do the work and do the work even my friends are scared kids at willie l. brown middle school on feel safe at the their homes and when they're in mayor group of friends please let - please let let's work together to mark willie l. brown middle school a safer place thank you. (clapping.) >> thank you very much.
2:08 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon. i'm brenda's and parents of audio this spoke i am a educated fitness instructor with a criminal background with the school board and is probation department i'm familiar with the therapeutic issues and schools i saw this since day one and spent the day at willie l. brown middle school a whole day off the clock because i'm my own about say i still attentive in juvenile hall and go after my own contracts but i spent the day in my council role supporting the damien dean i'm here to layout the number one thing the school needs from many schools i'm really here is to
2:09 am
just i'm at. >> and in discuss that this school board overseeing this project that is a project literally and the children are being treated like their test dummies noted your kids you'd be there too every day basically the staff and the students are e.r. during human right violations on a daily basis their mistreated physically and mentally that's why the teachers quit and the pranltz if not to be there, however, we found out look he officially quit and your acting principal was overseeing him not overseeing discharges and now acting as principal i really like to find out who is
2:10 am
in charge of that policy can we ask that question that was the number one thing we're a lot looking at a behavior policy and the things behind that i want to lay out is in order to fix this school let me get to my nostril. >> please wrap up. >> i will this district needs to follow the district policies and behaviors for example, two incidents a bullet was froo brought from a child after victimized and told did adults that was going up they're going to kill them the school should have recorded that that is a obligation by law i spent the next day on the phone with the probation department and contacting bay area magic that is seen by jeff adachi office i'm aware of those offices to
2:11 am
find out. >> ma'am. >> basically, i'm looking for answers to basically find a policy for this school school to get it in place and i'll lay it. >> your time is up your time is up. >> i didn't hear the two minute beep i'm sorry, i, overwhelm if you can get our e-mails this is common sense things i don't understand why we have to be here. >> i'd like to have you contact with the liaison mr. steel for that information. >> good evening, commissioners my name is donna smith i'm a native the san francisco i was born and raised in hunters point shipyard i'm a product the san francisco san francisco
2:12 am
unified school district i come before you with a heavy heart i'm the family liaison and dr. george washington dr. george washington liaison for 19 years i come to to you about the injustice that's been put upon our students in my communities i met in school demetrius hopkins last year a dynamic and spiral leaders he told you about the schools being built in the bay area i want went to several meetings in the district and the communities about this wonderful school this school was to be like no others middle school in san francisco a dream school i was so excited because feinstein we
2:13 am
would have a school and in our neighborhood this is designed the state of the art, technology, computers, the computers labs and counselor see dean it was a school we were promised to have 101 emissional assistance that have i e p problems willie brown knew he there were were he going to have a population of 2 hundred and 6 children promised and stem and wellness center where we that was comprised of doctors and dentists to help those children for a wonderful education we were - there were some things that the san francisco skublt they principles us i went to homes and churches and bars to
2:14 am
promote that wonderful opportunity for our schools at hunters point bayview i was told we'll have first times ever we made our quota on the first time of school i got phone calls rumble in our communities there was something wrong at willie l. brown middle school inform phone numbers can you imagine august 16, '78 with inform telephones how can patterns call they have 1.56 security that takes care of of 3 buildings okay. and wrap up up please. please just let me. >> please. in the so important. >> i want to be fair to all. >> i understand we will please let me say this. >> please wrap up ma'am.
2:15 am
>> the securities had inform walk i didn't talk i didn't see and the security went out and bought walk i didn't talk i didn't they spent $300 others best buy no counselor or deans no stem program in rvp teachers no attendance clerks no botanical get in the lab and the tech company pulled out i'm sorry, i have to stop you. >> i think justice at- you talk pipeline to prison to educate those kids you're setting it up to fail and the broken promises that is uncomfortable. >> please submit it. >> can you see the problems. >> thank you. >> thank you very much
2:16 am
i need you to respect everyone thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you for giving me me to chance to talk i'm one of the stipulated parents of the school everybody e every single child must be prepared to achieve to be successful my sons 6th grader but he never had at least one book in elementary school i always ask where is the book every single child in the world to be succeed never had the book i was one answer why does the school board have the money i hope the willie l. brown middle school it is sound to me and to my son like dream school
2:17 am
technology and computers and best dream school my still my son lights up about this school but he's expectation me my expectation and other patterns expectation doesn't match this moment my child's spent of years will be no book at all no book book give mia chance to graduate two universities 20 book to learn second language my third language i don't know how child can be successful without any book i heard he watched the movie in the math class this week this is really concerns me math class should be learning math not
2:18 am
watching the movie it is flashes me back america from 2007 my daughter was attend public schools too miles in the 2007 she watched all movies all movies in math class i'm afraid now my son will be repeating his experience in the middle willie brown no. >> please wrap up. >> every single child should be save it is not save i'm coming to drop my child at 8 o'clock the administration none in the office. >> please wrap up. >> my child. >> please wrap up. >> i'll finish in a half second my inhaled child was there twice it never happening in his life someone attacks physically and the school did nothing the school is doing nothing the
2:19 am
third time i'm ready to call the police i'm sure i love my child. >> thank you. >> is there any students in line can we hear from the state's first i want to make sure they get home in a reasonable time. >> we'll to have our young speakers come first. >> sixth graders. >> we'd like to have our younger speakers speak first before the grown ups. >> welcome. >> i wanted to go here because they made it seem like that was going it be like a really good school but a lot of fights and
2:20 am
things happening not learning in the class >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> good evening he appreciate this opportunity to come before you my name is felicia in my son is a student at willie l. brown middle school i meet the first day i was exist by by the end of the week i was stereotyped but with the information about the i e p and actually, the curriculum not being approved and that was just i felt like it was rude to have my son go to the school we're new to the district we expected so much i feel very
2:21 am
deceived and cheated and i'm hoping the distributed will do something about the issues we're having immediately (clapping.) thank you very much>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and good evening, everyone i'm the mother of guerreroy bold my daughter is the one who actually encouraged memo to make sure that i got first so she can go next year she formed a bond not easy for her to do she met him on one of the events he encouraged her do learn that night she went home and wrote a two page paper full of references only in the fourth grade we were told a dream how
2:22 am
great i work at the puc i see how careers in technology engineering and science can change the lives i was so excited i fully believes that this could be the one thing that could stop the violence in our neighborhood i'm so tired - i'm so tired of seeing our children die on the streets and killing one another way they lack education and motivation and i'm sorry to be so emotional but those are the lives of our children you've got to fix this
2:23 am
you have to you can't allow those schools to fail that is totally bad for our communities please i beg you to fix this does not - make true the promises and you should apologizes to principal hopkins i've heard on negative from him it's not fairy didn't have the support from day one to make it successful so, please stop putting it on him fix it you have the ability to do that (clapping.) thank you very much i'm sorry. >> please be respect to each the speakers. >> good evening i know i don't have a child that going to willie brown i'm involved if the african-american advisory committee and you know, i wanted to give willie brown an f okay
2:24 am
i think that you know starting off the school year with many brand new school with you know dignitaries and people showing up to the school saying we've got a brand new school in the name of willie brown then to hear so much of the problems and that went on at the beginning, it deserves an f it failed it is failed our children and failed this community i drive by that school all the time and looking at that what a great school in the boyer that's an f it failed our children and failed the paerntz ♪ community you know you need to start looking at the problem and fix it interest the problem starting with an f okay. not it is failed you know you need to grow from that point of view and that prospective that you need to develop something that will make that school work okay. we
2:25 am
have a resolution passed that last year on the african-american children you know we've got together and it did think tank on the african-american children but a brand new school opening up in the district failed the- to get this principal here the person he admire ended up leaving 6 weeks into the program how can you have a principal leaving 6 wings into a program handpicked teachers and created a perfect environment the hispanic and african-american parents are the only one sat up here saying there is problems in the school we show have targeted off not the flowery but the problems in the school district
2:26 am
(clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. >> good evening commissioners spruthd and teachers and families i'm ali a public parents advocate and educator for almost 20 years a prospective willie brown parents and here to show in my support sponsor the teachers and families at the school i'm heart broken to hear about the challenges that school is facing and also upset by many disparaging comments i'm hearing from parents and community members outside of this school it is very damaging people leave jobs for many reasons sometimes students get into conflict that is all unfortunate but also to be expected especially at a school in a startup modes
2:27 am
nevertheless, the vultures are out and the boyer school it is american people difficulty of our entire public education read schools with brown and black schools are destined to fail what did you hear about those complaints and west side school any school what experience unexpected leadership and kids don't always get along nevertheless, i'm least wondering where is the call for action for willie brown families who is current out organizing them so they can have a voice who is showing up to volunteer in teachers classrooms? where the the citywide pattern affairs caption for auditorium and books
2:28 am
and music equipment and food it is shameful some of our schools are in the state instigating with black and brown at the bottom been this way and a change is needed unacceptable to label schools blame teachers disregard families and walk away as a san francisco unified district community we create schools in our image i'm inspired by the parents and especially students here tonight. >> (clapping) and we need to alone and help them rebuild and we need to follow their lead thank you.
2:29 am
>> (clapping) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote mother it has been a difficult journey that brings us to see you tonight and first, i want to say we feel we're sold a bill of goods not delivered principal hopping son was a phenomenal speaker and touches the hearts of many students we are that saddened to see him go he was not given the tools and support by the district on day one (clapping.) we had classrooms with telephones that did work and fights brought u broke out teachers 0 couldn't call the
2:30 am
office the school district bought the walk i didn't talks i didn't you should be ashamed i'm so frustrated he keep hearing people the school a startup mode and we're pioneers and struggling that's terrific if you're opening a company but dealing with 10 and 11 years old you should not be in startup mode you should know how to open a school i've never opened a routine but i know the staff your opening a startup school and bayview has changes you should have multi staff i've worked in multi coffee shops i had double the staff why? because i didn't know what was going to go wrong so therefore
2:31 am
you're opening a brand new school double the paraprofessionals those i e p transfer into the string spring we didn't have them. >> so we need to recoup and make in vision. >> realty and support those students i think the faculty is phenomenal and we need to support them (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi good evening i just want to let you know my daughter was a poster child and actually in the pamphlet before she came it this school he went to the meeting and met the principal mom i'm going to go to this school tried to recruit friends from marshall school i have something to say about that
2:32 am
as well so, anyway i asked her at the begin housing how is it going she said there were fight and sledder and final this finally one day i need to get out of the school there are convicts noted getting the support and the teachers not getting the support but the kids especially i went to the first meeting back to school night i heard a parent ask one of the teachers what is my doss going to get her iv checked pretty sure like bullying the other kids i'm sure saying the kids with i v are not bullying but none is pay attention to their immediate niece it i really disappointing
2:33 am
also i'm a little bit frustrated with the skbtd i was at the all the meekly for marshall and i was at the meeting where the information came out i don't know where it came from the majority of parents didn't want that building there but the miss communication that was there the miss communication is in the frier is still there this is a school district i don't trust my daughter was promised a beautiful school from the outside but from the inside missing all the tools 0 one last thing the poster you see in the superintendent office the beautiful child with their hands across the heart that's my daughter remember that when you go to the officer you're failing her underneath the - let's go to san francisco together really
2:34 am
let's start is willie brown take our failing right now thank you (clapping.) thank you. i have after the next speaker 3 additional speakers (calling names) and i'm lydia ramos. >> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening my name is maria my history i had a dream
2:35 am
for my children child this go to the middle school i participated in the teachers with that middle school. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i remembered which i saw the entry lot i had a dream the school was going to be be built there i had a dream any child would be running around that building and getting an education but now my child is having nightmares everything that has happened since attending that school.
2:36 am
>> (speaking spanish.) >> i am a hard worker and part in the community i've not taught my child to be violent or a bully he's been a victim of all those things i'm very sad and disappointed to see many parents have withdrawn their children
2:37 am
from the school i'll sad that the principal started has quit the school >> (speaking spanish.) >> it's hard for me to consider the two months the school as failed and i've not prepared for a contingency as a matter i'm very sad and i wanted
2:38 am
to tell you that everything you've heard here all the complaints that the parents are brought before you they'll continue because i i don't building this school is going to function the way it is and i believe it is your responsibility to fix it thank you very much (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening i'm a parent at willie l. brown middle school and i'm here to speak on behalf of of the parents willie l. brown middle school opened august 17th ami i've been an involved parents since august 17th this literature went out to the parents and if some parents missed, i.e., was interest everyday to know that the parents knew in other words, to make the school successful i've
2:39 am
received pneumonia of those back almost 2 hundred i'd like to see is that parents want to be involved they're interested in the education of their children our children have of unstable education at willie l. brown middle school thankful fully one council is not enough we need two teachers in each classroom we need 5 paraprofessionals and assessments on students before and need before the school activities to help with academic challenges and the academic advance we need cultural education - educators willing and ready are experience to teach the students if different communities
2:40 am
we need a plan for students who fight and break rules my concern is we have established we're parents are willing to come in but we need to accept this in the classroom we need to know that is okay for a parent to come in and sit in on behalf of other students and at this point another student might say offering this is a ms. harris but we don't have that yet we're looking to have and the students need better activities and lunch we have 2 hundred students going to lunch at the same time just imagine no play areas and no activities set up for the students are rejust hopping who will help with the schools will we get any answers back
2:41 am
that's my question i know we stood up and put auto a lot of information one thing the relationship with the parents and the teachers had will help drive the students as well thank you for your time (clapping.) thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm josh davidson have the privilege of cooking for the convicts in the early program i'm the chapter precipitating in the aclu i'm having difficulty which is good news having the concerns of the parents of willie l. brown middle school i'm feeling a little bit involved in that right now i know friends willie brown one person serving in the lunch room and 2 hundred kids may make that
2:42 am
difficult to get the kids done in a timely way i'm ready to get to the good news smoking gun something happy our student nutrition workers the last couple of years finding american people avenue to get them into permanent positions the job positions went up and the application next week everything is preceding and positive meeting with the d h.r. talking about other clarifications that have similar problems i wanted to say thank you to commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell who has been moving the processed along but to all of you for the support off those workers that deserve job security and the abilities to know they have a job to come back to thank you for your support i heap e hope we can
2:43 am
make process on the schools that need our help (clapping.) >> hello long time no see i'm here to talk about a difficult issue i a sophomore and student at middle and middle school scholars my middle schooler times to take the train we live along the m line in the afternoon my hoirld gets on the j gets off at balboa park and walk to denman and the two come home together a lovely arrangement, however, in the morning i don't know if you've spent minded near the ocean or given mission those intersections are a hot mess
2:44 am
they're about as dangerous as anything in the city everyone is rush to get on 280 or to the bus e.r. train or whatever as an adult i wouldn't touch that intersection in the mornings let alone any middle school schooler, however, my husband eye and i work and lucky we have carpool and in a privileged position we can drop our convicts off not send our kids public transportation i'm advocating on behalf of the 3 thousand other kids between balboa and leadership high school i'm not sure of the enrollment but got to steady 3 thousand all those kids trying to get to school during rush hour i'm going to encourage san francisco unified school district to work with the mta to
2:45 am
provide public safety some kind of increased awareness we had one failed along the m line exactly the stop my girdles get on and off the train all to encourage you to think about what we can do to increase safety outside of school as well thank you (clapping.) before we close public comment superintendant gerrero has many remarks. >> i know that is not protocol but i'd be remiss if i didn't share the thanks for the many parents and community members at willie l. brown middle school that come out in particular our students that are leonardo their voice to what i their daily censures is like in the school community a clear we have much work to do in order to live up
2:46 am
to the vision for willie l. brown middle school and families in sfusd particularly and willie l. brown middle school have the right to expect a quality educational program and at every single ever our school and certainly their child in in a safe and positive environment i say to the student no bullying is not normal thank you for reminding us of that important point please know we said we're only going to be able to earner the contingency trust by demonstrating action to help the school be successful we are telegraph hill working to have concrete was that demonstrate that to address many of the issues that are being raised please know this is at the top of our priority list i extend that from the desecrate staff on campus to make sure we
2:47 am
start feeling up to the vision and the potential we know our students have in attend those schools thank you for come out of here and we're hearing you allowed everyday as we visited the school. >> i want to thank all the community members for public school and apologize to donna for not hearing her out thank you very much for coming out tonight i want to skis our student delegates their excused we're now back to item f public comment on consent items i have one speaker card richard on consents item 2 k.
2:48 am
>> good evening president murase and commissioners deputy superintendant my name is a richard i'm the executive director of united administrators of san francisco i pulled a card to speak because this is the second time it is come up so in the meantime since it came up we've been meeting as partners with sfusd and with sf plus in trying to develop and give input to a pipeline to create future administrators and so the work teaspoons there is some which this is but a cohort group that is getting started and going to working groups and
2:49 am
getting a lot of mentoring so in actually outlet we're in support i know you guys have questions about the money because the grant was given to t n p t not to the district and there's no trickle down economics happening here our mentors principals are not getting the kind of support they should be they're working to train those new administrators already on their side so that's our concern in future some support for the administrators that are giving that kind of mentorship and support to the new administrators we also want to make sure in the future there is talk about but there will be a incredibly program for the second tier administrators and on a personal not deputy
2:50 am
superintendant mentioned that but the new principal of willie brown is in saturdays paper not mentioned today is a t n p graduate a successful program for the past 9 years at phillip and berry son school and the vice presidents of the united ministers we want to give him the support he's an excellent commitment to bring the leadership to that school that is needed based on the comments your heard from the parents and students so we support him and want to make sure you support him thank you very much. >> p thank you, no others public comment cards under item f we move to item g consent calendar
2:51 am
may i have it motion and second on the consent calendar. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> the panning 71. >> any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> and president murase on page 137 the code should read a different section - on page 159 the ending date should say 2016 not 2015. >> and on page 1 61 marked
2:52 am
non-retroactive and the explanation deleted and o.j. on and package 167 under dates of service beginning 2016 not 2015 and resolution. >> thank you very much any act items remove by the board seeing none, any withdrawn seeing none, roll call vote will take place under section objection we're on agenda superintendent proposals we'll be dealing with substitute resolution s p one only board policy on the order of business for the agenda that was moved
2:53 am
forward and second may have are reporter from the rules committee ms. chin. >> thank you the rules committee gave a positive recommendations to both of the parts of by laws i want to point out that actually, i think that for your simplification instead of trying to go through kind of a typo there it should say an page one where the description is the first bullet the designation of the pch should be ta c but those bullets explain the changes we're proposing to make that more workable so i can read them if you want for that the benefit of the public or refer to them. >> yes. please. so ross the changes that are
2:54 am
being suggested the language in the resolution before you but the summary so one item would combine the advisory committee reports and appointment to one section and remove the designation which we saw deemed today that says the pack report it says will be every meeting we put that in the rules instead of it will say executor advisory committee and the pack will only be listed on the first meeting of the month that's when they get the report that's the recommendation we thought would be better the second bullet is to put the issue of the board members resolution and superintendents resolution into one item that is separate and clearly describe this is about the first reading so they'll be listed which also it is the next
2:55 am
simplification to allow for an announcement and committee assignment with a single item all the first reading from the superintendent or the board will be one item read out not the town hall consent only the titles by the president so that will say those are the first reading that the board is considering that will be before the board and assigned to committee the confusion that we basically treat our first reading like the second reading did not actually explain that the purpose is a public notice when the board is going to consider the fourth bullet is to clearly describe changing section q to what we're doing when we propose to suspend the rules and then
2:56 am
the next bullet is adding a section for memorial adjournment we have in our same agenda in our closed session if we have on a few occasions if you remember had our closed session congress into open section and adjournment none it listening to when we honor someone make sure that is done others regular meeting that is broadcast and people are listening and the last is that we have agreed we have will have a report on items and actions in closed session from previous closed session especially those that does not have are expanded alone so it is at regular meeting for the public that licenses and watches
2:57 am
will actually have here the report of the actions that the board has taken in closed session so we urge your passage to try to make it simpler more assessable for people more logical that's what i'll say all the discussion that the committee has been about that and try to take make that more transparency and take away packness some goes with the complexity of the requirements but those changes our efforts to try to make that more understandable to us and the public. >> may i have the reading the resolution by council hook. >> president murase would i like me to read the entire policy or just the requested auction just the windows action. >> thank you (laughter) there requested action to
2:58 am
approve the provisions to by law. >> 9322.1 order of business. >> thank you, no public speakers my comments or questions from my colleagues? >> seeing none, roll call vote please. thank you ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase 7 i's. >> thank the next item is revision to the boards policy formally board policy concerning
2:59 am
students non-discrimination and harassment this is moved and seconded may i have a report from the rules committee. >> the next 3 items which are updates to the regular policies we have were recommended and in a positive recommendations recommendation from the rules committee if we want to summarize the changes i recommend we ask council to do that. >> yes. >> reading the resolution or a summary the changes legal council. >> so all 3 of the policies that you is have on tonight regarding the non-discrimination sexual harassment are all to update with currently changes in the law as well as recommendations for best practices so non-discriminations harassment the first policy you're looking at 51.433 to
3:00 am
update and make clear consistent with the guidance that non-discriminations will be very good according to the protocol and it also clarifies the educational programs that will publicize our non-discrimination we resolving resolve policies and practices that act as barrier for the participation in the educational program. >> thank you very much read the call for action. >> the requested actions to approve the board policies non-discrimination harassment to update and bring into compliance with the california education code at state and federal laws and the guidance from the san
3:01 am
francisco board of education and the office for civil rights no public speakers any comments or questions from the board seeing none, >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase 7 i's. >> thank you the next item is revision to board policy formally board concerning the scott taylor's students sexual harassment it is moved and seconded on august may i have a report from the rules committee ms. wynns. >> same report those were all with a positive recommendation if you want a summary as legal council referred to in accordance with the changes to the updates you can ask her but we've covered all of them. >> council would you read the
3:02 am
recommendation to action. >> the requested action to the policies for sexual assault to update and bring into xriengs with the education code at favorable state and federal laws and the board of education and the office for sifting. >> no comment public speakers seeing none, ms. casco roll call vote. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase. >> 7 i's. >> thank you the last item under that agenda item is 158 percent plus revision to the board policy formally board policy thirteen 42 communities uniform complaint that was moved and seconded on august 25th a reports from the
3:03 am
rules committee commissioner wynns. >> we'll have the reports this is the third of the resolutions. >> and we came with a with a positive recommendation. >> ; correct? so let's see see the meeting the requested action legal council. >> to approve the provisions to this policy uniform commit procedures to bring into compliance with the board of education at state and federal law and the guidance for the office of civil right. >> thank you, no public speakers seeing none, roll call vote. >> ms. fewer mr. haney mr. walton. >> ms. wynns dr. murase 7 i's. >> thank you very much i want to recognize our legal council
3:04 am
for really trying to improve and get our policies in compliance with standards and state law that was a good thing item i board members proposals 155 plus pathways to the careers and internship program by director metca commissioner walton and commissioner wynns may i have a reading the resolution by commissioner walton. >> thank you president murase. >> before we read the resolution i originally had a december television station prepared but in the advisory committee of this long evening i'll say a few things i definitely want to thank everybody in or involved that or with bringing that germany and
3:05 am
alexander and june jordan at lincoln and, of course, commissioner wynns and commissioner vice president haney the team meet the district stephen koffman and emily and monique in h.r. i want to thank legal and ms. hawk and her team and the teacher academy and the lincoln high school and your labor partners what specifically patterns for a justice future in the vision 2025 under the coalition the equalities justice in 3 scenarios of the district again if so not about developing a program but about a system that aligns the competency of what employers need to unable or enable the does the to recognize this san francisco unified school district is a major employer we have several tints
3:06 am
that not only help people earner a living but add value to their lives as a top employer we should make sure that students in the district and students that graduate if this district have the opportunity to angina employment that provide a pathway formal students to get work experience in a few sfusd pathways and attempting the strategies that provide early worker experiences that are conducive to help builds opportunities outside of the classroom if we're to go ask for for staff at a cost of million dollars to provide the employment's for the education no longer enough to provide a free education that's more of the same now time to provide resources for the children to stay in school even my own thoughts are individuals my daughter used to ask why i
3:07 am
wouldn't give her money for good grades, in fact, we're paying in the real world we're paid for thing we accomplish our educational programs are providing opportunities we can do more to insure our students get a shot at the career within the instead of this resolution also attempts to address the fact and this following statement comes from an article from the institute called dropping out we can't think about in terms of academic combrsht and behavorial intervention economic problems have economic solutions or should this resolution also gets at the core of providing tangible economic solutions to extreme obvious economic problems the proposed resolution
3:08 am
realize a need a collaborative roll in making the pathways a reality within the district and working with the city college and higher education institution in this city there is also a pathway on training for educators within the resolution the educated pathway that provide it is your to recall and future administrator possibility we want to build our educators a pathways one with it and the building and grounds that allows for immediate employment's continuous for students that doesn't go-go a higher opportunities with the el students identity the needs for a curriculum that is more engaging and hands on and relevant that provides an hand on opportunities for the students we know there is
3:09 am
happening in schools lincoln is thoughtful and working to helping students and peer is exposing our students to careers assessor and education and lincoln hayes valley another and late affordability in the city and insuring that families have a pathway forgive future employment is the first step less prepare our students for opportunities to develop and create things here and most importantly live and raise families here with that said, i'm going to reader finder one whereas clause and i'm sorry the resolution clause the san francisco unified school districts vision vision 2025 graduate profile identifies life skills that guides the work of
3:10 am
san francisco unified school district as it prepares students for life and study beyond high school called act out as an essential it is as 15 environment supported by pathways that prepare the students to live and succeed in san francisco and beyond commissioner wynns. >> thank you therefore, be it resolved that the san francisco unified school district will aggressively focus on strategies to funds through partnerships with the california labor and office of economic workforce development san francisco development of youth and families should be unit sf and government and sf general fund and combrsht funds and the private sector wages and resources to create internship experiences for sfusd students
3:11 am
within identified sfusd departments and therefore, be it resolved under the direction of the stunt it sfusd h.r. department along with sfusd division of curriculum and career readiness develops a plan for the 2016-2017 school year that paves a way to add the minimum wage for students during the school year and summer identified and further be it resolved, that sfusd career pathways interning pay at or above the minimum wage win the sfusd's departments in partnerships with the following goals criteria year-round youth jobs and support the stanford university youth and create incentives for students to remain in school and work to make sure that every interested high school students have a job
3:12 am
and career and builds a resume and seeks experience that fulfills their life goals and ambitions and be it therefore resolved that in the direction of stanford university of instruction and readiness departments within will work to develop intentional pathways with the san francisco municipal transportation agency san francisco state university and other universities that allow the preferences for alumni that studies with the staufdz department including high wage within a local workforce as determined by the labor market data and further be it resolved under the direction of the sfrunt sfusd's curriculum and college and career readiness work with the sfusd labor unions to align them with the train and
3:13 am
certifies needs for pathways in the resolution and be it therefore resolved that the h.r. will help with the hiring of the alumni for all sfusd positions and further be it resolved, they'll interview all alumni who have implement the pathway and and/or internship program for positions in which they apply and then. >> further be it resolved, sfusd college and readiness department with the h.r. department will work to collect comprehensive data to demonstrate progress and pub presents an outcomes of the sfusd alumni the internship program will include at minimum the following the number of students receiving the internships the number of students upon be completion of
3:14 am
hi hayes valley at a 4-year college or university number of students in the technical preheinecke program at city college that leads to a career in one of the career pathways number of hours serves or served in the interim program and internship program and satisfaction survey. >> thank you very much. we have one speaker card susan solomon. >> thank you president murase. >> i rise in ethnic support for that this resolution and i think i better side that we're one of the labor unions that are responsible especially for the educator pathways and the stem tech technology pathways so i'm - we're interested if continuing that conversation
3:15 am
there are so many things that are important about this resolution the focus on union positions because we know that union jobs pay better and have better benefits so have that hope for our students is so important the recruitment and hire the sfusd alumni is great i know several people who actually graduated with any own son and daughters that work for the district they're so dedicated to their jobs and maybe draw my own kinds i kids back home that is very important above the san francisco minimum wage and continuing that trespassed for the students is extremely important i wanted to mention we have sfusd's has a second grants we have the safe and supportive grant and have within to funds a
3:16 am
position for a teacher to work with the career and readness for the train and the supports the teachers needs for mission high school teachers it is a project correct position not sfield if you have any recommendations we'll be happy to take into consideration but we want to help with the packets by helping the teachers i think there is a certain irony the position is not filed it indicates we need to encourage and recruit teachers to go into the fields of ct e and computer science to prepare our students thank you very much. >> thank you. i failed to provide that information at the beginning this resolution was referred by the chair of the budget and services and the voting rights committee on -
3:17 am
taken up by the program committee on kierm an june 8, 2015, forward to the board with a positive recommendation by the general consent and the amendments were incorporated with the resolution and taken up the the business committee and forwarded to the board without representation questioning from colleagues. >> oh. >> yes. okay. >> well, i was just is i mean, you have our that we forwarded what did you do recommendation the issue was that we had with that larger taken care of by the amendment and concern about the earlier language we have created undue burden on marrying to offer minute any graduate an
3:18 am
interview unto that language appears to be resolved by the amendment but the budget committee didn't have a recommendation. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell then. >> thank you to the authors of this resolution we want to appreciate commissioner president murase that is our day job and your commitment to our young people that is really important to be focus i appreciate you bringing this forward and appreciate a member of the budget committee the comments it sums up at one point i'll automatically get an interview as a sfusd alumni i guess i don't get that anywhere you know folks like me to be lighting up and pushing the kids for theist for the jobs i'm glad
3:19 am
you were able to take care of that of piece i wanted to acknowledge the tighter involvement with the mayors plus initiative we've been dwoeg this year at 73 internships from the summer and the school district a becoming more and more gaemdz in that the more we're able to open up opportunities like this come summertime there are be more young people taking advantage of that we throw an anonymous door received the money. a fellow that will be starting on monday so she's going to be serving time in the school district as well as the city in my office and in oewd so oakland she'll be focuses on which stem
3:20 am
way giving our staff in terms of the support and a lot of what you've addressed ♪ resolution so looking forward of her taco on this responsibility this is critical time for i don't know people and an intelligent for them to seek or search, you know, what we want to do next, i think through many of the internships we've seen over the simmer students think about things they've not dreamed of you know we need to - we have amazing jobs in the district but kids could a think about or know what we do quite frankly so this is again, just a great resolution i'm going to be very supportive and again, thank you for all the efforts and changes to a make that to accommodate all our concerns so thank you
3:21 am
>> commissioner vice president haney and commissioner fewer. >> i also want to say thank you to the chief suhr's office and everything that worked on that commissioner walton you came in as commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell with a tremendous amount of knowledge of the needs of young people and opportunities that exist to make sure their linked to career pathways i think for you to put it into writing and realty is xribl exciting i'm really proud to have been a part of it with you and everybody that puts it together this is a huge step forward towards vision 2025 where every single graduate of sfusd has real concrete relevant engaging career experience we we look at obviously the first step not just the city as a classroom
3:22 am
but the school district as a classroom reilly bringing to light and bear all the incredible employees we have and the credible career and exposure to young people in the district i'll say i'll call that a practice what we preach resolution we're asking companies and the city we're asking the community to step up and help us serve the young people and hire them and this is a way for us to say how can we do that better ourselves every level looking at you know hoping because of those interning working with the board of education in this building really we have to join together and really partner in every possible way and be able to demonstrate to the city and to the companies and everything
3:23 am
else this is how you do it right and actually set a goal and track data and create a pipeline internally and hire a young person to thrive in san francisco that are high reconciled we've actually done if we go to salesforce or tech companies or whoever we want to show we can be that model not only but to create piecemeal for our students to work in high paid jobs and unions so that partnerships with the higher institutions the data we'll track i know we went back and forth on that but to put in here your human resources department is actually going to not only prioritize but guarantee an interview so for those who went through concern pathways is an
3:24 am
incredible powerful statement how serious we are and how we're going going to put our actions where our ideals are so i'm excited about that i think there is a lot of meeting need to happen in premise to make it real but what the outcomes for i don't know people as we those o see those numbers bump up especially with the huge needs with this year with the teacher shortage and employee shortage we should for the most part guarantee look to our own communities and our resources our students to file those opportunities first so thank you to everyone who was a part and commissioner walton for your tremendous leadership in a future of our students and their ability to live here and thrive
3:25 am
here in san francisco. >> yes. he also want to thank the authors of this resolution it is very visionary and also pertaining how promise to our students and if we urge or urge other companies to hover your fabulous graduates we should do that two the most i mean, i like the whole resolution i must say what i like the most is the be it therefore resolved that says that staifd human resources department about prioritize the recruitment and hiring of sfusd alumni commitments for all sfusd's available positions because i think that as we grow our own they know us best they're in our schools and communities we constantly seeking people that know the students we teach. >> how better to gain that knowledge going through our
3:26 am
system and knowing our educational system and our population and culture that's been is disconnect of many people it has not worked we have a particular cultures thank you to you are your leadership and i'm proud and happy to support this. >> commissioner wynns. >> i just want to thank everybody and commissioner walton for taking the leadership on this i'm very happy tobacco involved and i just wanted to say that i for many years thought that this area was something we kind of never gotten to in the way we should it is a weakness in the district and some of it is kind of systemic and unique we don't have pads like many small ones
3:27 am
because of the history of city college and the day with the revenue and see the kind of circular and other infrastructure for criteria and education has been weak how how commitment to it is weak for a a long time and particularly today, we know the way we actually help students to prepare for the real world experience is to give them the real world experience and not saying we're doing vocational education we continue to have to your college and career departments what i think of as kind of small and inadequate interning and programs i think this is a huge step forward he appreciate commissioner walton exercise and this is what he
3:28 am
does in professional life but i also on the amount of work and the talk about it at the committees with the staff i want to thank the staffer for the analysis and the work they've done has juggling gotten us to some place with the real hope we'll make a change in the future a change we needed for a a long time so i appreciate the sentiments of our colleagues and the enthusiasm and proud to be part of it i know we've pass it thank you very much. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i'd like to respectfully ask the authors if i could be added to the resolution. >> thank you. i just want to wrap up this item by about he you saying this is a way for san francisco unified school district to approach it states so it is really in keeping with the vision 2025 i did have a
3:29 am
concern bans the supplemental staff the costs of $3 million and the 5 hundred students will be served he have committed with commissioner walton that that is the overall price tag but there will be neutron district fund available to help support it program i'd like to work towards scaling the program so we can reach many for students i'll be supporting this resolution ms. casco roll call. >> everybody alexander their names thank you enthusing ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase. >> 7 i's. >> thank you very much we are now at we have completed item jshgsz and came back we're
3:30 am
at l special order of business the next goes together i begin by calling a public hearings affordable unit on the textbook from 2015 as required by the educational towed code may i have a motion and second by the educational code so moved. >> second. >> thank you superintendant gerrero. >> yes. we have our excessive economic officer brents steve's that will speak to this item. >> commissioners good evening typically on a night like this i've excused my colleagues i'll
3:31 am
be reading the be it therefore resolved section of the document into the record to conduct williams structural related materials i'm reading from page 31 of the agendas therefore, be it resolved. >> i'm sorry if you could only read the requested action on page 29 this is sufficient. >> i can yes and requested action the board of education san francisco unified school district hold a public hearing regarding the textbooks and structural steering wheels by the educational code. >> thank you very much no public comment any questions or comments if colleagues on that matter. >> just take a second.
3:32 am
>> commissioner wynns. >> we do this as a routine matter one of the interesting things to see what is not there so it is kind of educational and makes me want to go further about the science lab and equipment i presume and behave it should be said for anybody life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? unbelievable how everything is there the number of schools that don't have the equipment the textbooks and the curriculum materials, etc. is so small given the size of our system it is really amazing and the staff is to be commended but the things missing are scientific science lab equipment i'd like a curriculum issue to look at that
3:33 am
into it and see how to address it thank you very much. >> colleagues, i stand corrected about mr. stevens is required to read the two resolve clauses i'm reading the now be it therefore resolved of page 31 embodying that the san francisco unified school district as determined as of the structural materials hearing held on september 29, 2015, each pupil has sufficient textbooks and arithmetic in science and ervin language including the english language user language the adopted program and embodying that each pull i will has tacks and structural materials in foreign health classes and the equipment lab for the core
3:34 am
categorize as indicated on the site survey thank you very much. >> yeah, he have a question on the attachment a on the inadvertent there are 3 places page 34 there place that will have a dash the course is not offered at the site biology and chemistry is not offered it seems odd. >> so this is one i'll i'll be happy to so collect additional information about those courses where the slashes are indicated. >> that would be great thank you. >> commissioner fewer >> i'm wondering are those materials not available? we are
3:35 am
getting them now for the students for those classes? >> so we what i've learned in and time we've conducted two surveys the survey that relates to williams materials and conduct a kinds of lab equipment it is not technically required by law it is the plan as we roll out the next generation standards in the coming year we'll have a desecrated baseline for the scientific equipment noted to date up to this moment site based budgeting that provides that lab material and the departments steps in where there is material missing to context the labs with the lending locations or try to facilitate the changes between
3:36 am
the schools for particular labs. >> maybe the correct me if i am wrong i had a discussion with the science folks they said they are sending out unique commensurable goods it is supply-side by the office when i look at this that's why i'm asking i'm wondering that - so if they were to put in a request and say i'd like this sort of these spilled will they get them or is this fund not for this but more con subconsciously goods and whatever frogs or whatever we use to disseuse to dissect at
3:37 am
out no excuse to do it i'm wondering looking at this list is it a different fund we're talking about or i don't know so you explain that to me. >> i'll try my best we have within in the process of stocking the materials related to what we call farther kids a period of years not stocking those kits we've now essentially a small warehouse on the m clarion site to provide those kits for the elementary schools that request those materials we're not up to a full district wide warehouse but to build up to the warehouse over the next couple of years as the science standards are rolled auto at the
3:38 am
high school different from the elementary school we've provided a supplemental and allowing the schools to make purposes the science department wants to see is allocation are larger and the other schools but two funds depending on whether or not our elementary school or secondary. >> it won't cover those things on the other hand, they look big like ramps and steel balls you know those types of things that sounds more expensive than what your supplying and that's correct and okay. thank you. >> no further questions roll call please. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase. >> 7 i's.
3:39 am
>> i need a motion and second thank you, dr. stevens on the ratification of agreements between san francisco unified school district and a charter schools operational memorandum of understanding superintendant gerrero. >> mr. michael davis is here to speak on this matter. >> thank you superintendant gerre gerrero. >> so moved. >> yeah. >> right it's been moved. >> thank you. >> would you like me to read the requested auction the requested action the board of education in san francisco unified school district ratify the mou mia mous for the 2015-2016 year were the chart
3:40 am
schools and designee and the list of 13 chart schools it board has authorized. >> if there are no public speakers comments from the board. >> seeing none, roll call please. thank you ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase 7 i's. >> we are now on item m discussion of others educational issues two substantive presentations the first on engrossments projecting projection and the second on benchmark years results superintendant gerrero. >> we have executive director
3:41 am
who will be sharing enrollment
3:42 am
projections. >> good evening commissioners i'm happy to share some of your preliminary results if the folks to develop the enrollment projections for sfusd i'm start by sharing the context there are really steven shifts that are transforming san francisco and over hundred and 74 thousand people will need for housing units by 2030 and getting results from park merced and the shipyard and vision 2025 a vision to transform the public schools for our portfolio we're
3:43 am
coming off a period of unenrollment and on a 1994 to 2008 considerably enrollment and we mreergd a lot of the schools since 2008 the our enrollment has been growing an upward trend we want to have a sense of the future enrollments so we can think about what we need to do to perpetrated to support the needs of the city and the families in the future so a work of developing the enrollment projection. >>i'm give an overly an steven reports they'll share in the next month hopefully, but i want to give a high-level overview and highlight the key understanding the work they've done with the enrollments projections are exercises
3:44 am
showing possible future enrollment that make assumes about future trends that's important because there will be a series of ravages to consider they vary depending on the assumptions so the approach we've taken is collaborative so the democrat giraffes have been working with the economic & workforce development and the mayor's office of housing and community development to get access to all available data that will help us develop the best enrollment projections at sfusd's so shell and again and again what are with the democrat giraffes have been incredible partners and really rigorous amount of research to develop the projections this work is ongoing not the first or the last time the district has created enforcement in 2002 and
3:45 am
2010 and 2013 we development the forecast the enrollment from housing growth was close to the forecast and the actual encroachment was closed to the medium forecast we plan to continue to evaluate this the method at the looked at existing housing and in ink students with existing housing that is looking at bitter to kindergarten that is basically looking at the number of children born from the city and how many enroll in kindergarten it is 50 percent of student births and i have groveling in kindergarten and most recently it like 54 or 57 percent an increase of children barron born in san francisco improperly if sfusd and one of the best predicts and how
3:46 am
children age through the grade if we end up with a large cohorts that will go into middle school and historically and elementary schools transitioned into the high school and the great analysis that take into account the fact that some students leave and some enter the districts not a straight prompt but a analysis that look at that go we noticed with our promotions at elementary school their stable and their bagging at a lower level and high school their sitting down lower had say this is a probation officer thing and look at it new housing to determine the impact that will have on enrollment growth so the two together is what we look at when we create the
3:47 am
enrollment projections the significant part is analyzing the stougdz and the bitter a k ratio and doing analysis around the housing so here are the key understanding what we statute our enforcement about ton to grandson the cohorts into into middle school and high school there is uncertainty and the extents is for the student geoand the south of market and treasure island have the largest cohorts the boyer has the largest 11 percent of all students enrolled in bayview is from there no other neighborhood has that large and experience the greatest growth of new students from now housing in the bayview 31 percent of new students will live in the
3:48 am
bayview a i'm going to talk about enrollment projections for existing hours as i mentioned it will continue to grow the ranks it depends on the assumptions and the method that is used but fairly save we at the present time, by 2023, 3 to 6 more k through 8 students to somewhere between 60 and 62 thousand from 2030 we see 6 hundred for students pie 2023 we'll give you the reports it will show you all the information and the mission high school continue to experience growth by 2023, 12 hundred more and at the high schools for the immediacy future
3:49 am
stable maybe a slight decline but the bubble will move both high school by 20 if a thousand for students enrolled in the high schools i'm going to talk about enrollment for new housing so students yields look at the anchorage number of students per housing units and projections can vary significantly depends upon the assumption in past conversations that the boards i think the commissioners have shared their desire to spend a lot of time looking at student yields and to consider the methodology ear using and consider changing the patterns i'm going to into that e into that the record will have the details just to illustrate it is important just a we're going to get 70 thousand new houcht if we
3:50 am
use the yields of '070 but 2 two we're project 14 new students that is a significant range that is important to base our assumes on the cafe information and continue to monitor it so this slide is a bit dense in our hunt it illustrated to show you that new housing by 2040 we've done two yield scenarios one uses the call low yield simulation it is bans historical patterns we we modified it an average simulation it reveals between 7 to 12 though new students k through 12 by 2040 and once the
3:51 am
units are built being part of the enrollment profile to show you the growth about happen over time not overnight fortunately, we have data that indicates the start and ends date thought you housing development that is over a period of time we'll build up to the 2020 project if you want to consider the historical you know yield numbers that will be the red bar and if you want to modify them to different assumes about molesters then that be will the higher yield bar or the imply bar chart so there's 5 major developments that we're devoting some is treasure island and yerba buena
3:52 am
and about 20 percent is projects k through 12 combrorlt growth from new housing we don't anticipate that so start before 2020 that's on of the population things at a different date but anticipate from 2 and a half thousand students based on our current understanding of the housing development plans for treasure island hunters point shipyard that you can represents 13 percent of the projected enrollment growth and you'll see the rank is significant but it is also a fairly significant students the low ends 8 hundred and high 1 quality and mission bay park
3:53 am
merced and again those ranks are varying because of the summations we want to apply them we definitely needs more information to refine oar assumptions for example, market rate housing will be described this information we've not gotten assess for example, you know whether a tower a condos or townhouse the variation depends on the market rate housing and units and how many units are dedicated to seniors and we want to use the number of single-family units when calculating those we need to get ann's and more information about the bedroom especially those that contain no children f that is some of the ongoing
3:54 am
additional work we need to do this slide on slides 19 shows the growth by neighborhoods again yields year-old and this is again growth on housing not has to do with only new housing so across the first line with the abhorring a number of new developments listed and again we're prospective juror if 25 hundred to 37 hundred that's quite a range in the bayview to the right-hand side i put the number of k through 12 this gives us a sense of the density in terms of the number of school age children as you can see your potentially going going if 6 to 8 thousand or 10 thousand students living in the bayview
3:55 am
by 2014 this is a sensed of the growth of the neighborhood that is a extension so the black bar in each neighborhoods is the number of students that are currently living in that neighborhood not about enrollments by the way, only residential patterns and then the blue bar shows the low year-old year-old is a as you can see the distinct patterns to where we can expect students from new housing to live so the larger growth is bayview and south of market and treasure island and the financial district and lakeshore so, now i'm going to show you what the enrollment projections if you combine new housing we've reviewed some of the additional growth might be based on existing housing and then with
3:56 am
the new housing i'll show you which you annoyance the two as you can see based on summaries this is on this 2023 but 2040 is out there we expect the growth this is again existing new housing combined anywhere from 7 to 12 thousand additional students in usd's staufdz by 20 if you, see the base 47 thousand student at the low forecast if we have another 3 thousand from existing housing and 4 to tell us from new housing that comes to 64 thousand students and if we look at the higher forecast we're looking at 69 thousand students today was 57 and we're
3:57 am
going proposing by 2023 from 64 to 69 thousand that's a significant growth to recap the key findings over enrollment will continue to grow and the large from elementary school to high school and unsincerely about the magnitude and the extent is assumes about the vldz and certain neighborhoods most of the growths particular in bayview and south of market and treasure island and again bayview has over 6 thousand students and they're going to receive the greatest number of students from new housing based on the information we have that's pretty important in terms of next steps we'll continue to craft the with for the public i'm giving you of you a high-level but the rigor and
3:58 am
analysis that has been done been by the democrat giraffgraphers o we'd like to get that to the boards hopefully within the in relation month we will continue to base this on findings in an earlier slides i described the information from the city and others so we can continue to refine our student vldz we want to share the information with the key stakeholders is it so at a high-level some information we can inform policy decisions so we can use the information to inform policy decisions and that concludes my presentation. for this evening >> thank you, commissioners.
3:59 am
>> thank you very much there are no public speakers 0 colleagues commissioner vice president haney. >> widen i don't know if i more by the nourishes or how cool our power point it is this power point it is really wow. everybody oh, dang. >> my case is kind of funky is that why none sits here you talk commissioner. >> so, yeah i mean it sounds like we're going to get a much more detailed report i think
4:00 am
what kind of freaks me out we - our schools are full in the advisory committee of the bumpy opening of a new school that makes me (inaudible) sorry i do wonder are we going to get a sort of a sense when do the first of those students start to arrive it seems like we will really need to prioritize and have good information if we need to build new schools which ones do we build first, it takes a a long time to builds one school if we have to build 3. >> yes. commissioner absolutely we're looking at the timeline for the developments so that will inform decision about how there might be a press needs
4:01 am
and focus our resources based on the build out plan for each development and the timeline for doing that. >> you know i've said that before i know that the demographers are going to detail their assumptions in the report but i also wanted to caution us i'm concerned it sends a lodge message i don't know my mike - >> i think that sending the wrong message for us to say that maifrts the yield are so low understand there is a lot of different factors that go into that the number ever berms we are talking about one bedroom condos versus 3 bedroom town housing and southern is more likely to attack families i don't want to send the message it somehow i think the last time
4:02 am
we did that we messaged this low income housing does attract students that is damaging and i think we need to be really, really explicit what goes into our assumptions and have policy discusses how we can effect those assumptions with other decisions going forward so i just don't want to see a yield this kind of housing will only give us one student for every 10 units or things like that we need to be - we just need to really explain why we make the assumptions we do and also make remedies how this can disrupt the assumptions if their not favorable. >> commissioner fewer and back
4:03 am
to commissioner vice president haney. >> thank you for that was very informative what we kind of needed to, to move forward and particularly the discussions that hydra and i have been having with planning it looks like they don't build where they are planning thank you so because treasure island's in the financial district i'm so used to have banks there so i think i'm looking at dog patch like you know we never had anything there except wanted to go do gastroencounter reluctance u restaurants i'm concerned the 5 years to build the schools with willie brown it costs us $44 million so i'm very concerned about those and those are modesty projections i agree what commissioner norton we can't seem that market rate
4:04 am
housing will not yield us a large student body from the developments i think the lecturer housing is a little bit different than the market rate housing which is crazy to even say rights it's like we're dealing the maneuvering is so expensive but than a luxury rate the luxury kind of hours being built we may not capture a lot of students but the manifest we have an opportunity to do so i personally would love to capture every school age child for the school system i fear chart and private schools i don't need to remind everyone on the boards and everyone in the room we're goodwill an obligation for free public education for everyone what scares me those finding are
4:05 am
that if we're are there others who wish to speak this new housing we're probably looking at younger children in first and second grade and kindergarten and first grade must be on the firefighter of every building in san francisco we intentionally build up it limits our ability to capture the new is it so our big boom will be the candy and first graders as families as younger folks have families that is going to be the crutch we had that before and had to cut classrooms in one half i don't know if you remember that maybe jill; right? jill al me we had to cut the classrooms we didn't have one now we're sloped to max
4:06 am
out at it it per students per classroom 22 or 24 whatever it is not the 35 stds students that in my child was ♪ kindergarten we're going to have huge problems if we don't act quickly it takes us 5 years to build a school and so expensive and he can't even make sense of this how to build what what we're middle-income out maxed out if you're telling us to increased the enrollment in cortex through 5 we are going have a hugeer increase in the enrollments with middle school we're maxed out man we should continue it
4:07 am
discussion maybe around in the student assignment meeting we'll be having it is about projections for student assignments and then i think we probably needs furthers analysis a little bit more analysis of the trends in economics in our public schools and your public school system so are we seeing less and less families and poverties level or families more middle-income affluence as we know increasing more expensive in san francisco the demographics are parents president obama interested in improperly back into our schools those types of i think that type of examination might give us more direction about what we can
4:08 am
expect you know when we is that most of growth will be also at treasure island's but not have a school at treasure island i feel like we need to get neutron on the game earlier when planning is giving permits for huge unions where we don't have schools that maybe we should are requested lands for schools and proper being said maybe when they were negotiating all the variances they said for the development maybe we should have been to the table this concentration of new development is going to demands a stand alone school within the proximity we have zero schools there maybe part the planning and maybe it is all will
4:09 am
ludicrously in san francisco so set aside the lands to build a school you you think maybe we should have done years ago but into the piecemeal we need to come to the tackle now i'm looking this like we'll be a little bit behind the curve i think that is our goal to capture every cancel age children we educate students the best of any educational system or institution i believe in san francisco thank you >> commissioner vice president haney and commissioner bobbie wilson commissioner wynns. >> thank you, again how awesome the graphics were i want to echo the two comments before and say that parts of the question
4:10 am
that some of our projections and the way we think about them are they self-philosophically prophesies we're going to get x percentage of the developments we're not going to put a school there or respond in a way that attack observing students we sort of end up with the individual one of the questions i'll put out there do we have a goal of increasing do we want to get on the higher ends that effects the decisions in terms of not just where we put schools but the lessons now from why folks enroll and where they enroll and the choices they make obviously this information of the public schools generalized
4:11 am
it is important but the overhead school aged children particularly the roll is to grow enrollments we want to be more aggressive as commissioner fewer said this is our responsibility and a goal we have i think that that was changing the way we think about that obviously to be realistic about the projections but important to think about our goals as the school district to you u how to serve as many students where they are so i think we can continue this conversation in the student assignment committee and many of those i agree with commissioner fewer important to be at the table as early as possible and putting developments would you tell us consulting the school district but at the same time
4:12 am
many of the developments i think are at least a few years ago out maybe more than that even though yesterday would have been better than today in terms of making those decisions for four or five years this is an important time to have the conversation we expect the buildings will be betsy carmichael how so the timing is important but if we talk about this in three or four years it will be too late i think the timing is good but important to think about our goals i'd like to imagine we want to end up on the higher
4:13 am
ends the individuyield. >> those are big numbers there are we're sitting here what have we got so i'm looking at those those are the conversation i want to start we need to look at the land and buildings we have especially the underutilized ones and start thinking what can we for instance, a school on treasure island not used as a school and interesting enough like the other buildings i don't know who owns them it was owned by the navy; right? >> the city owned it because thankful taken over treasure island but we have to look at the assets we modesty might have
4:14 am
to apply i have questions about the oz demographics not only stunning but raised sort of follow-up detailed questions i think appropriate we can ask at the stated assignment committee why the low and high yield at packard or park merced is so high we don't have to do that now but a sort of greater details on the demographics considerations as something that is appropriate to where the student assignment committee and also for the student assignment committee it seems to me that reveals issues around where our kids go to school their we
4:15 am
already know not enough capacitate and that's where the vast majority will go so this is important information and everybody is right that has spoken we have to get on this right away we can't not engage that as strongly as we can as quickly as possible because the school district will not be prepared thank you for all the work and by the way, all the demographic projections we've gotten from those demographers have proven to be true so they know our community and told those things the one thing
4:16 am
interestingly enough i'll have to go back i don't remember them telling us that in 2015 we'll have no space for mission high school can i see, in fact, so i don't mean pa facetiously what kinds of things are unanticipated to incorporate some of the preparing for things that are unexpected but history tells us things are happen thank you. we'll have a lot more to discuss henceforward. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> great this is exciting so we've i don't know. i think sandra and i talked about that
4:17 am
planning group we've had for a few months that over and over la and others have been dialoguing with some of the city folks the planning department and the mayor's office of housing and actually supervisor kim's office and a lot of those stem from the ideas of how to get our hands an understanding what planning is doing you know and what their obligation do do this kind of outreach and well what happens is up to the developer to come in you know and let us know what they're doing if they choose to and you know planning is doing the poise of it i've been through a lot of process and is conversations we'll be having on the urban planning group but more importantly oca f our families council we'll be having
4:18 am
dialogue around what this means, what all of this development means to the school district i'm excited about the different relationship with the folks making decisions we're finally at the table to be bettered planners as well i also wanted to think about you know the list of the promotions that are coming up there is one or two that stick anti that's mission bay and park merced for example, maintaining we had to get the property completed that piece of property sitting in motorbike we have an opportunity
4:19 am
to do something with and i know since all the buildings kind of went up quibble after 2010 a huge slump we now have actually a neighborhood there which we didn't have for a very long time if schools take 5 years plus to build we should be thinking about the communities that are further link versus where we need the largest size and i think how you know we had had mr. larkin for the next school we may want to build they have impacts on the cutters schools that exist rights so are there combining or some other ways for us to build to expands existing sites into some certificate communities we've been tossing over and over those questions around we have to figure out a
4:20 am
process in which to start answering some of the questions but i think it is you know really exist i think we'll start getting pressure particularly prosecute the communities already establishes and i also wanted to say so much of that relates to our bond planning pardon so if not this time around and the next time around how to balance or how do the question tangible i talk to people that are interested in investing we talked about this in 2018 with two investors but if you look at the enrollment that was for the up until 2008 no reason with to think about
4:21 am
building a school in mission bay but there are people out there that will want to consider investing in school in a community so we have to think about that aspect and insuring we have enough few minutes to do that i'm really again existed to see those numbers it is great that they're going in a upward trends i was teasing with commissioner vice president haney that the numbers started going up when i went on the board in 2007 and 8 they start to revise it is really cool great to see but scary it is great to see the growth but scary and i think we've also seen a shift and points that made shifts to families that may
4:22 am
have begun private to public so that's exciting we looked forward to hearing the next phase of analysis and when do you think that poise will happen. >> their refinancing the reports we're going to complete the reports based on the information we currently have and going to do ask the board to continue to engage the demographers and to continue to get information to refine it so really tease out the ranges that will be an additional scope of work we'll wrap up the work for the last year and generate those and get those to the boards hopefully, if october that's our plan we're in draft kind of right now. >> thank you and just on of the other things on the urban planning committee pleading has
4:23 am
been the opportunities to over lay where you know some of the advertisements is happening and overlay it topping of school map to actually see you know where the housing is going and our schools currently exist once we get the numbers and work with the mohcd we can get closer to seeing that as well. >> thank you. >> i just have one question ever of curiosity do you know what the live birth rates between one thousand births announcing i wonder what that fabulous is new - what that number is now. >> commissioners it, it is
4:24 am
easier to forward to to the boards but we have got it off the top of my head. >> one suggestion he received from the school parents to send letters whenever there's a baby born if san francisco welcoming them to the sfusd family i'd be curious to know that number thank you very much for your comprehensive report we look forward to seeing the final report thank you. >> the next item on the agendas a bickering results this results to the smaller balance assessment that the results within announced superintendant gerrero. >> yes. we have our chief research from john burk this evening provide us with an overview of the baseline results
4:25 am
from the 2015 smallest balance assessment that was administe d
4:26 am
administered. >> okay good evening commissioners i see you dropping the power point and flufrt through it i think we'll go for the and i bridges version we said to cover big topics and set the
4:27 am
participation and focus on the results absence on the student report and maybe the school actions but i think we'll quickly move into the district results and maybe leave some of those for you on our own we've reviewed with you in the parts that are really about the testing and the differences two one year to the next and certainly touch open is participation quicken the state was 95 percent we hit 95.8 in math the current number it 93 percent in english arts but scores results that were connecticut testing that's another 2 and a half percent the state a saying they're not counted as student testing but we were right on or near the target of the nia percent
4:28 am
participation special ed i'll leave that for another time and related to the participation and some of the supports they used and take advantage of and i'm going to turn it over to dr. conna for a deeper looking at the results. >> i want to begin by saying this power point is with the sfusd's website so any communities member public or anyone can view it if you go in sfusd website and go to board presentation you'll in fact see that power point and all the details so again, you can review it in the sfusd website so to begin with the district wide results we want to say we're halfway there 52 percent
4:29 am
of english language are exceeded the standards so 52 percent of our students met or exceeded the standard in ervin language arts within the english language arts the areas that you know we look at how students did and the four areas been reading and writing and listening and research and every inquiry the results are interest for each area where the students were above or blow suicide is shown on the graphucie is shown on th graphs shown on the graphis shown on the graph math 48 percent met or steadfastly standards and the concepts and procedures project
4:30 am
solving and communicating and reasoning and the results are there this aggregating by grade levels this is for each grade level as you can see san francisco is results ranged from 48 percent to 64 percent in grade level grade 11 was higher for the state as well for other districts if you see a doted line that goes drove the green this is what was predicted or estimated from the fold test that which is done last year, i wanted to see how we exceeded that prediction the same trend holds true for math so again, we the better than predicted at every grade level we wanted to report the results by sub groups do when you look
4:31 am
at the sub groups that are seconds and there are challenges so the celebration as you can see all students are 50 percent achieving proficiency and other celebration is at the highest level sub group are on the job initially fluent english proficient which is the students that entered bilingual. >> and in terms of the challenges the two targeted sub groups about do need attention are the african-american students and students with disabilities as at the performance levels were lottery in ervin levels and arts and mathematics some huge genders different when looking at the english arts females performed
4:32 am
and 58 percent proficiency and males 10 percent lowering at 47 percent that same gap was not seen look at the map another area that many districts have been talking about and looking at is economically sdaejdz students versus not economic disadvantaged students i want to show you the arts and math there is a thirty percent gap between economically disadvantaged and not economically sdaejdz let's look at the gap more with regards to ethnicity you have to african-american and latino and filipino the major ethic groups in san francisco from ascending to descending the performer and the two bars for etch ethnicity
4:33 am
representative those not economically disadvantaged and not economically sdaenldz race is a factor irrespective of s c s the african-american performed the lowest and the whites performed the highest in english arts the gap exist for every single ethic group so the gap distinct ses exist for every single ethic group some trend was seen in mathematics again, you can see it from ascending to descending in terms of perform asians performing the highest and african-american the lowest we compared us to other
4:34 am
districts seconds san francisco does have the highest perform as compared to district and the state in la and math okay. we also looked at sub groups as other indignity there was again celebration in challenges are taurthd groups african-american and latinos as a sub group we didn't didn't perform better than the other districts that was true foyer both the la and math but when we looked at the programs to english learners and special ed we did better than most other districts
4:35 am
now we're going to talk about co-relations to other carts we tried to correlate to 2 percent ever targeted students in a school so percent of school that are african-american, latino airing samoan we we saw a very long negative co-relation because as the percentage of targeted students there's the performance decreased okay so about la and math the same was true for chronic absent itch as absent itching increased the performances decreased they were positive strong positive co-relations with the progress district progress measures like the schoolic and same was true
4:36 am
for the common learning assessment so in summary participation more than 25 thousand students participated in this grades 11 we're halfway there and higher than the state and other districts when it comes to program kids but not for african-american and latino kids looking at sub groups we are higher with sub groups but have vast achievement gaps and high co-relations with the district progress measures with high negative restraining order rings with the absenteeism and concentration now we want to take the
4:37 am
opportunity as a parent you should get our students score report if you don't please contact united states i us the report are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out ofnited report are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out ited st report are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out ted sta report are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out ed stat report are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out d statet are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out states are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out states are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out ates i are being mailed coming this friday in this core report out ates i e being mailed coming this friday in this core report out oftes i being mailed coming this friday in this core report out es i us being mailed coming this friday
4:38 am
in this core report out s i us being mailed coming this friday in this core report out i us t being mailed coming this friday in this core report out i us th being mailed coming this friday in this core report out of us tg mailed coming this friday in this core report out us the mailed coming this friday in this core report out of received. >> again to talk about the data we've talked about parent will see the performance level scores of meeting or exceeding the standards hopefully that is the score we've seen as well as the scale score that allows them to measure process and get the claim scores related to each of those levels the 3 levels is below standard and at are near or below standards on the claim levels we want to remind you, we don't want to compare those to previous scores it only one of any measures including the task assignments and grades they are really baseline we want to track over time there are a number of resources especially that is a national test we want to make a plea to all the commissioners and the parents out there log in and take the practice test it is enlightening if you have not done to we invite everybody to go to the practice test and kind of sit through and answer those questions that is really kind of exciting that are parents guides to the result that are available online and on our district web pages as part of the district web pages
4:39 am
the assessment of office we have a link to a video from the state and wanted to give a shout out to the parents rebate schools so really great if you have not looked this excellent excellence resource for parents and teachers and videos available and lots of green why questions and activities with their children to really assess the core and really kind of want to come to a great understanding and support the student learning so schools are taking actions with results we've been going through a cycle of inquiry to setting goals and looking at the accommodations with them and then we're looking forward to full implementation of the exposure we will be using the
4:40 am
intern assessment from smarter balance and students get more learning times and looking for the results. >> we will leave a bierpd and give you access to all the commissioners for more details school so we will give us assess to more information we have a binder we'll leave i know in the board office but will give you access to this for school level results you know some upcoming attractions would be to talk about some of the progress measures as well talk about the school qualify improvement indexing that will come out in
4:41 am
the middle of november some abstractions we are talk about later. >> thank you very much questions. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, comments comments or questions from my colleagues >> commissioner walton, commissioner norton and then science commissioner wynns. >> thank you, again i want to reiterate the importance of strategies for earliestcy and making math relevant to real life experiences as we look at the future in terms of what we're doing to educate our students in the district. >> commissioner norton.
4:42 am
>> i don't need an answer tonight i'd be interested in what we learned from the core district, as far as, your sub groups as you said there is a place to celebrate with our overall progress i hope we're digging into the strategies what can we learn from them and as you sort of absorb those results and talk with our partners how are we - what's the results of those cycles ever inquires what are we're going do implement by looking at all of those and looking at it. >> dvpt and that's a great question commissioner norton, in fact, tomorrow we have a exposure superintendent for the
4:43 am
entire agenda focuses largely on some the data trends and where we have a greater level of success and strategies for so we want to extend that among the district leaders to some of the school systems and the teams of staff that are working cross the district that's the right question we'll be did he give down to understand the trends. >> commissioner wynns. >> i have a few questions specific i don't needs an answer unless it's short and maybe explain in a language of someone that's not an stewart or expert why are the long beach in orange as other pages.
4:44 am
>> that's a typo that should have been the state. >> oh, that make sense this is the one or more i presume you're going to need to get me the non-restricted educator version but i don't understand how the district score was achieved because especially on the english language art if you were to as a layperson average those it would be above 52 i don't know how many students are in each cohort i presume that takes a while tell me later and whatever day the curriculum meeting last week you talked about the math scores and the district we've been working with and the scores over time what are you going to show us at
4:45 am
sometime or make an appointment and you'll show me later okay ellis looking forward it that not this late hour i tomato understand how that works thank you. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> i'll pass. >> commissioner fewer. >> so thank you i think it will it can take mia little while and analysis and see how a - get a true xaern are comparison is about the population i laboratory la urban inside and have ten times african-american and all the factors what i - when i look at this i say it looks as to i
4:46 am
could be wrong our gap as wooilgdz after everything we've put in the million dollars and million dollars and million dollars are racial gap is widens i see that you know we tested 23 african-americans and there are proficient i can't say even know what to say at this point, i know this is a baseline year but when i looked at this it kind of i just have to ask are we doing it right? we have to or this strategic plan to close the gap by i look at this i think the gap has wielthd i wish this was
4:47 am
some formula or something to tell us how you do it and other districts have done it and we could copy them all districts are struggling but under san francisco i feel like our population of african-american is it so is so small and i think the most important thing about this is is concentration of rational isolation couples with poverty as we see how the income social economic level is really huge gap across the board but in particular in these - and applause when you show us those scores plus we look at the comparisons of schools that have how concentrations of african-american and we look at
4:48 am
the all those things it is like this horrible storm sorts of all those factors attacking those schools that have those high concentrations and high turnover the teachers and repeatedly repeating repeating it is not the students but the system those kids their deserve more than that i feel like something we are doing so i know that is really easy sometimes wu when you look at scores lyle line oh, the kids are not doing well that is a report card on us i felt that way with the crazy standardized tests but what that was a sort of cluster of what we're doing i can say looking at this book in particular i think that we are not serving whole
4:49 am
populations of students and i hope that this is baseline year and next year that will be really, really good but i don't know if it will be i mean unless we change some of the factors we know highly trouble to our students not meeting their academic potential but thank you for this presentation that was sobering but very, very informative thanks. >> i want to say one thing i agree with everything you say excepts widening nothing to compare it to as of now a vast achievement gap with the baseline we can't say survive that. >> i felt we can't compare but i don't know. i thought we would be closer that's when - i
4:50 am
thought when i look at it by schools is it like glaring anyways. >> very much we want to make sure to have this presentation families will be getting their results and we will have many questions of us on the board so we want to be sure that people were apprised on the snapshot thank you next item on the agendas item n consent calendar resolution nun together and o votes on the consent calendar was there's a motion and a second under section f roll call. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell
4:51 am
ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns excepts no 259. >> two k b-11; is that correct. >> okay. thank you. >> dr. murase >> thank you item p consent calendar consent calendar severed for immediate action noun superintendents proposal for first reading a motion and second this will be held for action at the next board meeting do you want board policies facilities facilities and charter school facilities. >> motives. >> second. >> thank you very much the next item i need a motion and second for stipulation of the rules to revision to board
4:52 am
policy curriculum development and evaluation instruction and board policy non-discrimination and activities may i have a motion and second and suspend the rules. >> thank you ms. casco roll call please. >> i think sandy and i i moved it and she seconded it; right? >> (laughter). >> suspension of the rules ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton plummeting ms. wynns director metcalf 7 i's. >> so that was a votes for suspension ever rules now a motion and second of formal
4:53 am
introduction. >> move the formal introduction. >> thank you. >> may i have a reading of the requested action by the council society e vote. >> dr. murase i think i need to make a during the course there was an oversight in the advisory committee print in the agenda in which you know we take responsibility the policy lease in any printed agenda don't appear to be attached to the summer page which i think as a matter of progress is a problem so what i would suggest we put that on informs the next regular board meeting and make sure the amendment policies are told them. >> we've introduced them so all we have to do is a not take action they'll came back come back from a second reading.
4:54 am
>> so we'll postpone the votes to the next tints we don't need to withdraw the suspension of rules. >> now i don't think so you're not choosing to exercise on the votes. >> okay. we'll take action at a future meeting we've done item r now boards members delegates for the organization and all other reports first up is commissioner vice president haney report from the committee at a whole on accepcceptepts at a whole on accepccepteptptts 2015. >> we had would this informational update the superintendents annual
4:55 am
evaluation and performance measures. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney let's see we heard from science apart from the rules committee may i have a report from the augmented curriculum and program committee commissioner walton. >> thank you president murase. >> we have no action items the one was moved to monday october 5th we had an update on the california assessment student performance in process the lgbtq with the school of the arts media used guidelines and the mission high school computer science and math and technology, and laptops for educators we just basically had our brief report and updates on all those
4:56 am
items. >> commissioner wynns. >> i am a new member of the meetings that really worked really well under the past we've had periodic reports on all those programs throughout the year and in debt a short snapshot way we got do you think it was really informational and informative i want to thank the chair and staff fro organizing that way and recommend it is a good way to do that. >> thank you the next item is the report from - (laughter) the city and school district of september 24th may i have a report from the commissioner fewer and commissioner vice president haney and/or commissioner walton. >> yes. we had a meeting and
4:57 am
the city and school district selected 3 supervisors and 3 commissioners that items for discussions family homeless and teacher task force and free muni for youth held over for the for the next meeting anyway that was pretty informative and my megan colleagues want to add any information for homelessness for the families and the task force has been working on a couple of ideas another person teacher housing that the down payments assistance and housing stipends and brick and mortar buildings. >> thank you people want to announce their next committee meeting. >> can i do a reports on the buildings and combrounldz that was not listed on here.
4:58 am
>> yes. please. we meet last night and had the france scott key proposal presented to us a beautiful proposal and interesting conversation and i want to remind the commissioners that is a request are for a temporary use permit that board members don't typically vote on but there will be an mou that comes with that so david golden and i will work out the logistics but the communities has been asked do get together with the planning department and i'll stay in contact with p them and had and just want on the parks made pay supervisor cowen and thanks to commissioner walton a
4:59 am
$250,000 investment to clear the space and reimagine what could be but there and then there was a presentation on landmarking washington high school that was rather interesting and the pros and cons to what landmarking can maple that is a relatively slow process we're not ready do do but a better understanding of how landmarking happens thank you. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell commissioner norton. >> i wanted to announce the budget committee meets thursday october 1st at 6:00 p.m. >> any other committee dates i wanted to make a brief announcements i wanted to give you a shout out to scrap that hosted an event to introduce their executive director ben
5:00 am
delaney and the sfusd teacher give away days and scrap that offers free art materials to the teachers next one october 3rd and december 5th and february 6th and march 5 and may 7, and, secondly, graduate the rosa parks that happened last friday and commissioner haney and i attend the event at bret heart i want to thank commissioner fewer and thank supervisor farrell for his leadership on that project and want to do a shout out to the mid autumn harvest and the south asian communities and have some announcements i wanted to congratulate alice they're
5:01 am
having what anniversary it that the 20 anniversary alice in their having a celebration this saturday i'd like to congratulate lincoln high school with an event this saturday october 3rd. >> sorry is that we will be having our annual lgbtq family dinner an october's 15 at toast middle school 5:30 it is not to be missed every year he met a wonderful family and an opportunity to sit down and break bread together thanks. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> last monday we celebrated the fourth job plus celebration actually, the third with the
5:02 am
mayor and the superintendents and a room full of folks over at autodesk and we're up to 73 hedge fund internships so far and still counting in addition to the bret heart school yard who other efforts friday mark farrell is doing his fundraiser for the projects so i hope those of you who have never attended counted out on the boards and then the next stared school yard events inviting the public noted invite the public it's late is going to be at coming donor this saturday from 11 to one and it is another kind of for a great opportunities for a communities and i wanted to just
5:03 am
shout out to the harvey milk elementary school community for an amazing events foreign the mower moon and i and marissa martinez a full day of music the may come out and supervisor wiener was there and kelly clark who was the fifth grade math teacher one of the organizers and remark and another parents the cohort organizer and ron who is now at harvey milk was there the entire can i as well with lots of volunteers i left around 6 it went to 7 and at that time, we had a quick count of $12,000 that was raised not including
5:04 am
the electricians so we think of you often and glad we were able to help and a lot of folks stepping up to do great work for her including for her travel to the utility box k and hoping to get hotel stays depended on by the council and get in contact with the project called ribbon trust in the u k and doing something that airbnb with free housing while they're there for the treatment we've been in contact with the sfpd's was great in donating their time and huge thank you to everyone that supports this during this difficult times and happy
5:05 am
birthday to her. >> one last announcement the sfusd enrollment fair is just a few weeks awe saturday october 24th this year at city college of san francisco so hope people will come out to that all right. we are al at item t report ever closed session temples no report and u other informational items post in the agendas the following staff reports accepting gifts and informational notice of personal transactions colleagues i'd like to adjourn in memory of kathy miller she served with us with 31 years in 1956 and retired in 1997 serving as the principle was loves by the communities
5:06 am
during ore or her career he worked add woodrow wilson and school for commerce and opportunities programs and come out of retirement a few years ago to open the elementary school this school year as a principal was having medical issues she ends her assignment with cop in last friday she sent her assignment september 18th with a century e sends off with the cake and other goodies died early sunday's morning of a massive heart attack a supportive member of the creators and pathways for kids she have mayor's for more than 40 years follower educator
5:07 am
mr. miller proud operator of two daughters one is a teacher and one great granddaughter and names in merry honor the dedicated wife and grandmother and colleague and friend will be truly missed meeting adjourned
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