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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  October 10, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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san francisco mayor ed lee and i'm going to go straight to introducing him mayor ed lee please come to the podium thank you. >> clamoring. >> thank you louis to you and the committee and general mit for your wonderful leadership welcome to san francisco what a day, huh? i know that everybody serves loving coming to san francisco and from the outset it is our tradition it is our pleasure, it is our honor to celebrate and to thank our men and women in uniform here right in san francisco and i want to take this opportunity to thank new senator feinstein then mayor feinstein that recess instructed our fleet week and made that every mayor since that time including your
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own today embraces in entire week we always burglary pray and hope we never are visit by disaster and one way that helps us to have a strong military force to make sure our defense are laser clear we we celebrate our men and women that also serve in that capacity we've taken the tremendous opportunity we're presented with fleet week and made that an additional to one of the most active fleet week we can image not with the events that louis identified as well as but in collaboration that the department of emergency our fire department and police department all of the agencies from muni to the public works to the volunteers that red cross
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and the tremendous communities collaboration over the years when we had navel landing contrast on ocean beach or in the replenishing we continued the very special practice of commissioner melara that we create the relationships that are necessary in case an event were to happen in san francisco or the bay area no other part of country not only slbltd like we do but takes the opportunity to make sure we practice all the things we want to do in case an event man made or natural earthquake and be looking at you know winter we're looking at all kinds of things that can happen we'll time to have practiced those very things that we want to have happen on the shores and within the boundary of san francisco that means questions like how do
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we bring emergency workers back to the city in time and how we triage those are injured and on their own in the first 72 hours to insure we don't have pockets of solicitation in the city is given with something i everything the military is well known to, of course, the defense of country they're most known for but i also think that is military including all of the difference divisions and our coast guard are most known for the logistics expert they get things when people need them in the constant of time when they need them we've been working on that as we work on landing crafts and we can fit on them just this morning to follow up with the desk tape experience on a 7.4 i think earthquake or 7.5
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that we also wanted to have landing crafts that bring supplies in we'll bring trucks from other agencies not only the military trucks that are staged here but if you look at all the collaboration we've done you'll see american red cross and go, of course, our that emergency vehicles and pg&e vehicles in an effort to mash or make sure that supplies and emergency responders are there in any part of city to help them restore as soon as possible you you know why it takes practice this morning we find out that southern types of vehicles a local utility company will couldn't necessarily get on the level in which that landing craft was going to land in the city i know that is going to cause that utility work to work closer with us to make sure they
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have the right vehicles and they can respond when you need them those are times this should be found out not during the disaster it's iris this is exactly why practice a simulations and relationship building with the military partners is so variable to city like san francisco we are three-quarters surrounded by water we'll know and often expect that traffic will be stopped for many varieties of reasons we have to take advantage of those landing craft and all the other military type of vehicles that might be assessable to us i want to say a great thanks joe who is here in the middle-income family association more than observing but hermosa beach up to critique the things we can do with our
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maritime friends and rear admiral to his wonderful staff with our navy and fleet i want to say a special thank you to them because the relationships we're building is not just the mayor and the high command you've got to know the logistics the people that run this sheriff deputy ship are talking directly with the people that run our city day to day and make sure the logizing and engineers are talking with each other more handshakes exchanging practices that will necessarily be experienced in a large event in the invaluable to any city i ask every other cities in the country without that practice and the names and agencies associations generally the first
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72 hours is confusion and misdirection it is one sacrificing to e casing saying to the other and command structures that are complimentary to each other in a major disaster there has of a be one set of commands that are obeyed and carried figure out that why we want to work with them and have our fire department and police department our emergency renders when i have a chance in addition to all the lovely beautiful things the blue adams to the vehicles that are here to military vehicles and ships that are here during the week with take into account something that it is special units of firefighters of fire department our emt and department of emergency has done in converting a muni bus this
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bus upon a large emergency is already reoutfitted with a tremendous amount of work with the mta staff and engineer and staffs did with the other renders parked outside on the wharf and take into account what, if anything, we have they've converted a bus we're good at converting old buses for showers and pit stops in the parts the city that one is equipped to cover up 12 people lying down with all the equipment to save and improve their lives those buses will definitely be on time they are and they say as the fire department vehicle they look at the regular buses
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they've got all the right energy lights and systems on there and the fire department i think that very proud they'll have this he additional tool to reach the victims throughout the city 12:00 smart and inventive i ask you all take into account that as well one of the newer things we've done in collaboration to get services to people i'm arrived to have your military men and women here in san francisco on the occasion of fleet week he know that is spends well beyond the celebration and support for them it is in recognition of their role we practice those things i can't say enough thanks to the fleet week association led by louis and general mit and all the wonderful ideas that allow
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the citizens and the residents and visitor of the city to feel more comfortable, more confidence and more grace's of what we do like events like fleet week let's celebrate and identify the things we have to do and practice in understanding what people's roles are in those fonts to prepare better and rim the public the first 72 hours you've got to go to the 72 wednesday night to find out what you should do to compliment the entire brigade of people what they're doing to help the city and the region thank you for celebrating fleet week i cannot r can't be more exciting and looking at looter look forward a to a wonderful week and the crack of the open
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sky to the blue angles thank you. >> (clapping). >> mayor ed lee on behalf of the fleet week association i just i thank you you are an inspiration and you're a great supporter and the words he speaks i believe see dooementd thank you very much to you and your employers city government is wonderful yeah thank you (clapping.) next up we're having a array of the organizations represented behind me the san francisco fire department every year they off the on tdr their academy the urban rescue for the military they go over there and spend a day with the fire department learning how to do techniques it is an important thing to leernt folks from the military the
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small leaders become excellent at the leeds the missions especially the international situations one of the great supporters of san francisco fleet week is fire chief joanne hayes-white i'll ask here to come up here thank you. >> (clapping). >> good afternoon, everyone it is an honor and privilege to off remarks as we begin fleet week a lot of people to thank fire hydrant our great mayor ed lee he has credentials but as a leader of public works as the public safety and has a presents message many say would today is about i want to acknowledge the fleet week men and women in the u.s. military and perp
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acknowledge the men and women in the u.s. military that put their lives on the line each day and make sacrificed you're welcome here in san francisco thank you for what you do (clapping.) similarly i'd like to acknowledge the local safety providers the men and women in the san francisco fire department and joining with chief suhr the men and women police department for the efforts and sacrificed you make to keep over city satisfy that is about this would not have happened without the fleet week and the department of emergency under the leader ann there a civilian organization that gets you will i us together a practice and prepare as mayor ed lee it is about partnerships and teamwork all of us sx that if any, that yaefrdz we're dllthd to host over wednesday
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the urban search and instruct at treasure island's you are you're welcome to come out and obvious spectacular on thursday, we'll be learning and doing ship firefighters we're thrilled to partner and get closer and closer he spent the last 4 and 10 minutes to get to know the admiral and his dedication to the country as mayor ed lee said after you have at opportunity to view this ship we're proud with the partnerships like mta with the men and women in auditorium get a lot of proposals but the muni transportation and the director neil pots representing the mta without the mta and the grant we received you wouldn't see the bus down blow it is the status quo and the only one it will transport 12 critically
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injured people 23 patients that will be treated and transported you know during the course a mass causality or for drills like today other tool in the toolbox thank you it is a perfect utilization illustration of what this week is about and prep and being ready for anything that may come our way thank you and enjoy the week (clapping) thank you, chief marad we've gotten into our fold the deputy administer to our seminar and talked about the capacities and their response system and their port of the exercise program and hosting us on the action is the executive directors joel
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joel (clapping.) thank you thank you thank you, mayor ed lee want to thank the city of san francisco for inviting the maritime to host the kickoff for fleet week on one of the vessels here but most importantly for inviting us in and others to agencies to participate as part of fleet week the one of the lessons we've learned the exorbitance the cooperation whether for disaster or international security i want to give a special shout out to the two andrew that are both the captain and a near the velsz vessel we have a crew of 10 people in the peacetime for whatever needs and partnership maritime administration manages a 46 other vessels like this some of them with faster with
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chips those are vessels their name applies can travel fast a rapid replenishment or supply and support we have vessels that are called gear vessels those are important for disasters and emergencies unload cargo from they're on vessels from the port was damgd or no port at all but perhaps the most vessels we have perhaps the most valuable like the deck on the one we're standing on our role on and role off i see behind me a type of equipment that can be moved and taken to a disaster area what kind country tells me that represents hundred and thirty capacities 3 hundred and plus more vessels can be loaded and taken quickly in case of an
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emergency so that's the need we have and the capacity that we bring and wear delighted to as mayor ed lee said last year to be part of exercise and working with the military and counterparts by the end of this week you're going to see some of the most dramatic scenes of ships and airplanes underlying overmedicates reprimand yourselves for executives than technology and platform are the men and women who serve them the men and women in the military but also the men and women in the service agencies as is private segment in the marines tennis e since 1774 regular sailors were called on to man those and they come in the time world war ii and vietnam and
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cc&r we've had them whenever we needed them they're there for us as long as we keep faith with the brave fornicated and when the men and women they'll be there for us thank you (clapping.) >> thank you yellow and thank you for hosting us on this ship it was really expresses us to be out here and looking at the equipment delayed you know, i think that was eisenhower said it was not the plan but the planning together and the third fleets and the e s g they start planning with us all the way back right after fleet week they plan for the next fleet week
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they and the next marine down no camp pendleton part of emergency management they talk about next year's fleet week and the drills and others in the program it takes a lot of work to plan the events and with us today is the commander of the strike group 3 rear admiral if you could come up here (clapping.) >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you for allowing us to be here i'd like to say to the mayor the citizens of san francisco thank you for having the united states marine corp in san francisco ladies and gentlemen, those men and women in the uniform you'll meet this week represent the bright and i'm bias every one of them the youngsters when i
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joined the u.s. military were that not at war every person in the klgd and army and coast guard national guardian want and raise your right hand and enlisted knowing well, we were in houmz ladies and gentlemen, that's a trumps accomplishment for the men and women i offer to you if you see those folks they're your navy and marking up and our requested i guarantee if i engage them you'll be expressed mayor ed lee thank you for having us, sir we're honored very, very much (clapping.) >> the mayor framed exactly what w what we're doing as happily i'll shire shire this that planning we talked about we do before beget her and several
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months back an awe brefk force a load we acronym everyone in the military quite frankly it's cool. >> confusing we were practicing how quickly to get the equipment to binge to support you and the men and women of san francisco and the marking up and other military in the afternoon it is seasonally hot in san diego and they're wet loading the gear he said i know what you're i'm doing in the most important position, sir i've detain this overseas i'm doing this for my country pretty powerful statement we work for you ♪ assistance wear ready to do it a
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honored i can't thank you envelope enough for the hospitality in the short time we've been here he promise promise you engage over navy and marking up and our other military mr. mayor town to be training for the event we hope never happens but if it happens we'll get through that thank you very much (clapping.) >> thank you be careful what lunch your invited to in 2010 he got a phone call from a friend of mine that asked me to come to lunch at the memorial we're to talk about fleet week it will be him and me that was a conference room filled with volunteers and an organization chart with my name an it that's how we recruit
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we talk about a training program for the joint military joint response i want to introduce the man who inspired me to stick with that and create the program thank you major general mike mit (clapping.) and. >> thank you we have a saying in the marking up never from a users yourselves on a battlefield get to know each other first this is what that is about it includes not only local people but the pentagon and the office of secretary of defense and fuming and north come and all the people of the agrees that is have been mentioned here previously i want to thank everyone for the participation
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and so grateful for picking louis to be the executive director larva but thank you very much and we have partnerships with the verizon with pg&e, with the academy of arts university that provides the transportation we use everyone here and everyone does it willfully thank you very much (clapping.) >> thank you general and thank you for that lunch it was where we will good (laughter) i want to say i want to say thank you to a number of folks general mentioned pg&e and verizon their true partners in the abruptly again you think about 2 if you can't community you can't command or cooperate and verizon is out there painstakingly with the wireless networks with the data networks we don't think their work as
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well and you know what verizon can't do a lot without power of pg&e another strong partner in the execution of the exercise program thank you to the pg&e and developing for their support i want to run down a list those folks are here and to host follower presentation interviews they're available from the police department chief suhr and the department of emergency ann who i talked to 2, 3, 445 times a day to make sure that program will take off and be successful and as part of public works mohammed nuru and the security initiative greg and california national guard cornell is he here california national guard is
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here the bryan kelly from transportation, jed i didn't regional department of emergency and fuming region 9 officer a strong friend of fleet week cornell and responding fenton who is new on board but we know as a speaker now the regional administrator for the fuming region 9 and the army korea and joseph united states marking up cornell phil who's men have helped us plan throughout and mary hickey from pg&e and eric from verizon i wanted to thank all of them and let you know they're available for post conference discussions and tours of the ship are available after this so
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thank you, everyone for coming very much appreciate that and to very much appreciate that and to the speakers behind them - working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrant and dynamic city that's on the forefront of economic growth, the arts, and social change. our city has always been on the edge of progress and innovation.
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after all, we're at the meeting of land and sea. - our city is famous for its iconic scenery, historic designs, and world-class style. it's the birthplace of blue jeans, and where "the rock" holds court over the largest natural harbor on the west coast. - our 28,000 city and county employees play an important role in making san francisco what it is today. - we provide residents and visitors with a wide array of services, such as improving city streets and parks, keeping communities safe, and driving buses and cable cars. - our employees enjoy competitive salaries, as well as generous benefits programs. but most importantly, working for the city and county of san francisco gives employees an opportunity to contribute their ideas, energy, and commitment to shape the city's future. - thank you for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco.
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