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tv   LIVE BOS Budget Finance Committee  SFGTV  October 14, 2015 10:00am-1:01pm PDT

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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv joint meeting of the budget and finance committe occurring oct 14, 2015, will begin shortly. >> >>
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>> good morning, everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors, budget and finance committee meeting
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for wednesday, october, 14, 2014, my name is mark farrell and i am joined by katie tang and i would like to thank sfgtv for covering the meeting for today. >> do we have any announcements. >> silence all cell phones and electronic devices completed speaker cards and any documents to be completed, should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will be appearing on the 2014, board of agenda, unless otherwise stated. >> could you call item one? >> resolution, authorizing designated city and county officials to execute and file on behalf of the city and county san francisco aks necessary for the purpose of obtaining state and federal finance assistance under the various grant programs. >> my name is christian, hogan and i am the manager with the san francisco department of
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emergency management and the legislation that you have before you today is a governing body resolution, authorizing the city and county of san francisco to apply for this year's home land security grant. and i am happy to answer any questions that you may have about this resolution. >> okay. thanks very much. >> seeing no questions, we do not have a budget analyst report on this. so move on to budget comment. anybody wish to comment on item one? >> okay, seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming before us. >> and supervisor tang? >> all right, well i am happy to move this forward. i know that this is something that we consistently participate in and so, i would be happy to move this forward with a positive recommendation for the full board. >> we have a motion by supervisor tang and we can take that without objection. >> could you call item two, please? >> i want to note that item 150945 was recommended to the full board with supervisor mar absent. >> next, item two, resolution approving an amendment to the
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agreement of the department of public health and the bay view hunters point foundation, of the community improvement and increasing by 17 million for a total of 46 million. >> okay, thanks and i know that we have dph here to speak. >> perfect timing. hi, i'm michelle rukels public health department. and so, we are in agreement with the recommendations, by the budget analyst office. this is a long standing contract that provides mental health substance abuse and within substance abuse methadone services so we don't want to have a break in services while we are completing the process of determining the best service mix to meet the requirements of the affordable care act and then a recent federal waiver that was given to california with respect to how the substance abuse services are
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organized. >> okay. thank you very much. >> i see no questions, mr. rose, sorry supervisor, taning? >> thank you. i don't see any problems with this particular resolution. but i just wanted to see if you might also talk a little bit more high level in terms of you know the changes coming under with the aca. i know that we are granting your extension to figure out how some of the local programs can operate, given some of the changes with the aca. and so i don't know if you want to speak about the efforts in that. >> so the department of public health spent a couple of years, more than than and it is ongoing. and we are configuring our civil services in order to create, the san francisco health network, which is an integrated service, delivery system. so that you could choose the health network as your provider, and your delivery system. and so although the work was
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very much internal. and but we have over 250 million dollars worth of contract services, and so now we are doing, that process, to see how those services can best support the civil service clinics and specifically the primary care clinics. so we are doing focus groups. and we know what some of the, and we know that there are specific requirements, for example, under aca. eventually, you will be, reimbursed, based on out comes that will not just be on the number of units delivered. and we have to do, utilization review and there is a lot of case management and care coordination, that we don't have the capacity within just the civil service to insure that that is spread throughout the system, but we want everyone to have care management. so how do we best utilize the contract agencies, and to do that, and what does it mean in terms of changing definitions?
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changing requirements? and changing maybe, where services are provided. and maybe right now, it is in their own site, but maybe they will be providing groups on sight and in the primary care so that the people don't get lost, as at the get a referral out. and then the state wave, it is a federal waiver that the state of california provided to change how the substance abuse services are delivered. they are trying to achieve parody and insure that the services are stream lined and coordinated. so we are becoming a substance abuse plan. like we have a mental health plan as well. so i don't know, if that. >> and i appreciate just, again, very high level of review. kind whaf is to come. and understand that we have to approve thesing extensions so that we can continue to figure it out. >> and also, i will just say you will be getting in the next month, a whole bunch of them.
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the extension is the outside. we believe that we will have rfps going through the process but we don't know which order, which the outside date. >> great, thank you so much for that. >> okay, mr. rose, could we go to your report please? >> yes. mr. chairman, members of the committee on page, 3 of our report, we note that based on the actual and projected expenditures from july, first to 2010, to 2017, requested not-to-exceed amount of 46.4 million should be reduced by 4 million, to a total amount of the amount of $41,647,000 and that is on table two of the sxrpt so the recommendations on the bottom of page 4 is to amend the proposed recommendation to reduce the not-to-exceed amount by 4
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million. and we recommend that you approve this proposed resolution as amended. >> thank you very much, nr rose. seeing no questions, we will move on to public comment. >> anybody wish to comment on item two? >> (inaudible) >> okay, and anybody else wish to comment on item number two?
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>> seeing none, public comment is closed. okay we have a recommendation by the budget analyst to reduce the not-to-exceed amount. >> yeah, through the chair we make a motion to accept the budget, and to send forward to the full board with the positive recommendation. >> we have a motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. >> that motion is passed with supervisor mar being absent today. >> and okay, mr. clerk, could you please call item number three? >> item three, resolution approving the amended and restated memo of understanding with the metropolitan transportation commission, and other bay area transit agents for the future governor ans and operation of the cliper program through june of 2025. >> thank you very much, and have anybody to speak on this item. >> good morning, and diana sfmta the item before you revises the current memo of
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understanding between the transportation and the 21 par participating transit agencies in the cliper fair payment system. includes, revisions to the cost allocations and 2.1 million in credit card and banking fees for the cliper purchases, at the ticket vending machines that are absorbed by the agencies, the most significant chance, is the establishment of the eight member, executive board, including representatives from eight agency and mtc. and it will be responsible for evaluating performance goals and a work plan and a budget and the approval of all matters suspected to have a fiscal operating impact. under the current mlu and retains, sole authority for all of these. >> it comes for the region to develop the requirements for the next generation, cliper system and will enhance the agencis in this planning process and i am happy to answer any questions.
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>> supervisor, tang. >> thank you very much. >> over all, i do agree with this change. i wanted to see if you can speak a little bit to the additional cost that mta will be absorbing because of this change? so roughly 730,000 and if you could explain a little bit about, why there is this increase? >> yes. so as a mentioned the majority of that cost, is approximately, $700,000 a year, comes from the inclusion of bart and bta, credit card and banking fees. that are associated with their ticket vending machine, purchases for cliper. currently, the mta, our costs for these, at our ticket vending machines in the metro vending machines were already allocated because they were purchased as part of the contract and bta and bart because they added those to the existing tbm and those are
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operating on the separate gateway and for the gateway, they agree that the costs because they are regional costs because they will be allocated accordingly. and approximately, the $30,000 of the other part of that increase, comes from the agencies agreement to pay a portion of the cliper executive director's position. this is an mtc, position. currently, but, the mlu, allows for that to change at any time that the executive board is interested in making that change. and that reflects about 50 percent of the salary. and then, mtcs, i am sorry, sfmta 33 percent allocation that have cost. >> thank you. >> and you know, over all, i really agree with the establishing the executive board, that takes more into consideration, all of the various agencies. and i mean, that i know that there are many more that participate and use cliper. but in terms of having it broader than just the mtc, i
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think that it is actually a really good idea. and this particular mlu, would be extended until, 2025, if approved today. and so i am wondering if you could speak a little bit about, you know, with the up coming potential changes in technology and how it is that we can continue to create a better service and experience for customers that what is this new mlu agreement allow for and how does it effect to achieve that. >> sure. so the mlu itself is extending to 2025, the current contract with cubic transportation systems the contract holder for cliper, expires in 2019. so, really those two piece to this mlu, one is the government's portion, which i mentioned establishes an executive board and provides a process for the decision making. and it was the interest of the transit agencies and the mtc to insure that continues passed who ever is the vendor, for the
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new contract, that is going to be awarded. the appendix b, which is the cost allocation, form law is tied to the current contract with cubit and so it is understood by all of the parties that even though the mlu terms to 2025, we will have to come back to the board of supervisors when the contract is awarded because the changes to the appendix b will require additional approval. >> not so much a question, but i do like that it includes the performance standards, with the goals of ex-expanding the electronic payment to all modes of transportation and enhance, access to the customers for the value which i know that we discussed yesterday, about how customers would like to, if they are loading funding on to the card, on-line. if they can do so. and see it, immediately? and establishing consistent fare category and discounts and
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improving the operation, integration for the system. and i am glad that all of that is in this current mlu. actually kind of surprised that was not in the current one, i am sure that we are learning from the past experiences and making it better for the future. and so, again, over all, and i am very supportive of this, and i want to see how we can continue to improve the customer experience, using clip , or whatever else is to come. >> colleagues, okay, any more questions? >> seeing none, could we go to your report on item three. >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee, on the bottom of the report, we note that the cliper administrative cost paid by the mta from the fiscal 2011, to 14, was 14 million and and under the proposed third amendment, the mta estimates that they are sure of the cliper program, and the administrative costs will
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increase by 2.4 million or from 28.1 million to 30.5 million. and that is over the period for july, first 2015, through june, 30, 2019 and, that is shown in table two on page nine of our report and we recommend that you approve this resolution. >> thank you very much, mr. rose. colleagues, no other questions, and we will move on to public comment and anybody wish to comment on three. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisor tang? >> all right, take a motion then to approve this resolution, and send it forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> okay, a motion by supervisor tang and we can take that without objection. >> mr. clerk, could you call item four? >> item four, resolution approving the issuance of the bonds, in the amount not-to-exceed, $7 million to finance and refinance, various capitol facilities owned by the mission resources center llc. >> okay. good morning, thank you for considering the item today, my
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name is vetty from the controller's office and also, here, in case you have any questions on the project, i have caroline from the mission, economic development agency. representing the applicant. just to give you a background on the proposed issuance that the tax equity and fiscal responsibility act allows the tax exemption of interest on the certain types of debt issued through the california, enterprise, development authority, which is the joint, powers authority to which the city and county of san francisco is a participating member, the authorities are authorized to issue the bonds and debt. and the federal tax law, requires that the governing body of the jurisdiction in which the project is located approve the financing, and the project. and after providing the opportunity for dually noticed public hearing before the bonds can be issued on a tax exempt basis. in this case, in the city of san francisco is not obligated for the payments on the bonds and so therefore the approval
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will no fiscal impact on the city of san francisco. the hearing notices in the san francisco examiner, and the public hearing was held at the office of public finance here at city hall on september third, and no comments from the members of the public were heard. and the purpose of these bonds, in the amount not-to-exceed, $7 million, is to finance and refinance, the cost of acquisition and rehabilitation and improvement, and installation of equipping of the real property and improvements at 2301, mission street, in san francisco, and 21,000, multistory commercial building and which is known as the facilities in the legislation. and to pay accountser certain costs with the obligations. these will be owned by the borrower and leased by the agency which is a non-profit public benefit corporation, 501 c3, organization whose mission is to achieve economic justice, for san francisco's low and
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moderate income families supporting the individuals and families develop and accumulate and machine, the personal and the material assets. mission economic development agency has been in san francisco, since 1973, and the community, and economic development corporation, located in the mission district. and they help the families open, and improve the small businesses and purchase the homes and prevent, foreclosure and both the credit and savings, and access technology and find sustaining jobs and the works improve, the economic, and social conditions for the san francisco low and moderate residents with primarily, latino families as the constituents and the project is located in 69 and the legislation is sponsored by campos. >> do you have any questions. >> any questions on item four? >> okay. we have no budget, analyst report and so we will move on to public comment, does anybody wish to comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> colleagues could i have a
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motion to move this forward. >> we move it forward. >> motioned by supervisor mar and we can take that without objection. >> could you call item five. >> resolution, approving three emergency public works contracts with the services, and alta, and sierra, detentions to design and upgrade the electronic security system for the county jails number 1 and 2, with the total contracts not-to-exceed, 1,116,047. >> okay, thanks. dpw here? >> good morning, public works and the contract administrations i just want to say that we agree with the budget analyst recommendation, if you have any questions, i would be happy to answer. >> i guess, i just have one question. we got this about nine months later. so look, in opposition, here, we are stuck with this and it has been done and we are very much backed into the corner and it is not that these things don't occur. but 9 months later. could you --.
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>> yeah, we realize that this has happened more than once in the past year. and to be honest, there is a new code requirement in chapter 6 that we are required to report to the board within 60 days. and when these and other emergencies happen in the past year, to be fully honest, for the department is more concerned with geting the work engaging the contractors and negotiating the prices performing the work, and it was not a consideration for us to turn around and report to the board, we realize that was an error and, we fully agree with the new policy and the new law. and we have committed to meeting that 60 day, and exceeding and bettering that requirement. it is just when these contract and this is the last of athlete that we have had in the past year, when these krts were issued that was not a requirement of law. >> okay. >> i am hearing from you that this is the last one that we will see. >> okay. >> i will take that. >> okay. >> supervisor taning. >> i am not sure if this is a
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question for you or someone from the sheriff's department, but it appears that the incident had occurred, in august of 2014. the work was completed one year later in 2015. and so i am just wondering what happened during that time frame then? were there no security cameras in the jails one and two. >> no, the sheriff's maintenance staff, as soon as the failure occurred back in august of 2014, they did do some minor repairs just to get it, a radio shack solution to get the basic functionality, but it was not fully compliant with the state and federal codes, which is why the public works is engaged to do a more comprehensive repair and so we declared that the emergency in november of 2014 and issued a notice to proceed right away. since november, the work has been ongoing. and we did wrap it all up in august of this past 2015. >> okay. thank you.
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>> okay, thanks very much, mr. rose, your report on item five? >> yes on page 13 of the report and table one, and that shows a break down of the total contract costs of $1 million, 116,047 and that is for the full design, and repair and upgrade as well as providing the related support services for the electronic security systems, at the jails, one and two. and on the bottom of page, 13. we know that subsequent to this subject and emergency as you know and it has been discussed the board of supervisors approved at mendments requiring the emergency, contracts effective on august, first, 2015. that is when the board approved that, and legislation and, if the estimated cost of the emergency exceeds, $250,000, now the proposed resolutions approving the determinations must be submitted to the board within 60 days.
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on page 14 of our report, we note that the electronic and security systems in jails, 1 and 2, failed on august, 11, 2014, and the emergencies were declared on the 21st, and as was stated here this morning, the legislation, is not submitted for the board for over, 9 months. this is, we note that this is the third emergency resolution, in the past year, that was delayed, due to the misunderstandings on the part of other city department and agencies regarding who has jurisdiction for declaring the emergency and for procuring the emergency, necessary contracts and so we made a recommendation on the bottom of page 14, where we recommend that you amend, the proposed resolution to urge the department of public works to work with the city attorney's office to immediately issue a memo to all of the city departments under the jurisdiction, regarding the specific procedures to follow,
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and if an emergency arrives in the future and we recommend that you approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you very much. >> and any further questions? >> okay, we will move on to public comment, on item 5, anybody wish to comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> chair, all right, so i think that chair farrell made his points clear as well as the budget analyst. and so i would like to accept that recommendation, that the city attorney office issues the memo, so that all city departments are clear on the procedures. for the future. and then adopt the amended resolution, to with the positive recommendation to the full board. >> okay. >> thank you, we have a motion by supervisor tang and we can take that without objection. >> okay. >> sorry, the budget analyst, the deputy, and the budget analyst recommendation is that the dpw work with the office to craft a memo that will go out from dpw to the all of the departments about the process. and so, just wanted to make sure that that is your intent.
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>> yes tha, is. thank you. >> thank you for the clarification. >> all right. >> it will be providing the revised legislation to me? >> the public works. >> i will need that by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> understood. >> thank you. >> mr. clerk, could you call item 6? >> item 6, ordinance aappropriate ating $5 million from the waste water, enterprise, designated for the general reserves in the public utilities commission waste water enterprise to pay the claims and settlements and legal expenses and related costs due to the extraordinary expenses occurred as the result of the 2014, rain storms. >> thank you, puc is here. >> carlos, with the budget director and before su a waste, water supplimental in the 5 million dollars to fund, the plane settlements and the litigation costs. >> and could you put the microphone down. >> sure. >> again, five million dollars to fund plain settlements and
10:31 am
the expenses associated with the december, 2014 storm. and the funding source is the waste water, general reserve, appropriation and my colleagues and i are here, and you know, available for you, and to answer any questions that you may have on this item. >> okay, thank you, supervisor tang. >> thank you very much. and so, i know that from the supporting documents that we know that there have been many claims filed already. and there is still opportunity for more claims to be filed. can you just talk a little bit more about that? >> yes that is my understanding, supervisor. >> and perhaps, the city attorney can -- john? >> deputies, the attorney john. and the limitations for the property related claims and ends in december and it is possible that more claims could be filed, before that date. and i am not entirely sure, how many will be anticipated but still it will open. >> and so far t looks like we have already paid out over 2
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million dollars in terms of some of the claims, >> that is correct. we basically have paid out, over all of the 6 million dollars, of the last six months. >> okay. >> and then, in terms of i mean that i know that there is potentially the future, you know, storms coming or whatnot. could you describe a little bit about what puc is doing in terms of making sure that this does not happen again, or that we are able to really take preventive measures? >> i will -- and captain and --. >> good morning, supervisors cathy with the sfpuc. and we are doing, and looking at hot spots in terms of cleaning the catch basins for this winter, and there is about 700 and the hot spots where we have to keep an eye on the catch basins and we are also looking at short term solutions and then also, long term capitol projects potentially for some of these problem areas. >> okay. >> thank you very much.
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>> mr. rose? >> could we go to your report please, on item six? >> yes, mr. chairman. and members of the committee, on the bottom of page, 16. we report that the five million requested amount was based on the estimated costs for the additional claims settlements and related expenses and according to the puc, the water enterprises 14, 15, and 15, 16 budgets had 160,000 dollars per year for claims and judgments and that is fully extended. this requested appropriation of 5 million will increase the water, needed for the general reserve account from $6 million, to $1 million. and we recommend that you approve this proposed ordinance. >> thank you mr. rose. >> and colleagues any questions sf okay we will move on to public comment. >> anybody wish to comment in seeing none public comment is closed. >> motion to send this forward
10:34 am
>> so moved. >> from supervisor mar. >> approved. >> that completes the agenda for today, thank you everyone, we are adjourned. >> we came to seven straight
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about 10 years ago. -- 7th street about 10 years ago. the environment is huge. it is stronger than willpower. surrounding yourself with artists, being in a culture where artists are driving, and where a huge amount of them is a healthy environment. >> you are making it safer. push, push. that is better. when i start thinking, i see it actually -- sometimes, i do not see it, but when i do, it is usually from the inside out. it is like watching something being spawned. you go in, and you begin to work, excavate, play with the
10:36 am
dancers, and then things began to emerge. you may have a plan that this is what i want to create. here are the ideas i want to play with, but then, you go into the room, and there maybe some fertile ideas that are becoming manifest that are more interesting than the idea you had initially set out to plan. so there has to be this openness for spontaneity. also, a sense that regardless of the deadline, that you have tons of time so the you can keep your creativity alive and not cut it off and just go into old habits. it is a lot like listening. really listening to watch what is going to emerge. i like this thing where you put your foot on his back. let's keep it. were your mind is is how you build your life. if you put it in steel or in failure, it works.
10:37 am
that works. it is a commitment. for most artists, it is a vacation and a life that they have committed themselves to. there is this notion that artists continue to do their work because of some kind of the external financial support. if that was taken away, artists would still do their art. it is not like there is a prerequisite for these things to happen or i will not do it. how could that be? it is the relationship that you have committed to. it is the vocation. no matter how difficult it gets, you are going to need to produce your art. whether it is a large scale or very small scale. the need to create is going to happen, and you are going to have to fulfill it because that is your life.
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meeting the san francisco board of education of the unified school district for tuesday, october 13, 2015, is now called to order ms. casco roll call. >> thank you ms. fewer mr. haney
10:40 am
ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase ms. chin and mr. totiano thank you. >> thank you. please join me in the pledge of allegiance thank you very much as i've been annunciating past if you meeting in the members of the public wish to address the san francisco board of education please filled out a speaker card as present according inform board rules and procedures speaker cards will not be accepted for items before the
10:41 am
board and two kinds of pro comment on general public comment for issues not on tonight agenda and public comment taken for each of the agenda items item a approval of the minutes of the september 29th minutes will be threatened at the nestle meeting and presentation to the san francisco board of education mr. superintendent. >> thank you dr. murase and good evening to everyone a couple of announcements every year the unified school district teams up with the san francisco department of department of emergency to run a dignity wide great california shakeout this year we'll be joined by mayor ed lee and chief joanne hayes-white and commissioners and yours truly as we drop, cover, and hold on at exactly 8:15 action
10:42 am
committee for women in prison san francisco students will be taking pa right in the exercise that began in 2008, the shake identity is october from 13 from the afternoon to 11 all the parents listening to remind the children this thursday is the shakeout day for the san francisco students she should take that socializing so once again that thursday october 15th and all of us will be that he school to drop, cover and hold on i'd like to announce that our family empowerment conference will be saturday october 17th at the willie l. brown middle school the recurs fair opens at 9:00 a.m. and working groups will be from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m. and interpretation services will be provided so i encourage the
10:43 am
community and all the parents to please come on out this saturday something new the conference is co-sponsored by advisory bodies the african-american parents advisory committee and the communities sires for special education and is district parental council been engaged in obamacare this and flyers are available in 5 languages on the district website and disabled by community organizations that work with the san francisco unified school district families families are encourage to reserve 415241 6184 in english or spanish and 41574910 for cantonese mardin drain pr
10:44 am
www.sfusd dot ed u f e r e nc e it is available in english or spanish and the empowerment speed limit is taking place on the california state building 4455 golden gate from 9 to 6:00 p.m. students attend two working groups and see the panels on working group and a keynote address i'll encourage our students to be prompt and ready to go at 9:00 a.m. in addition that is very important at sfusd will be having an enforcement fair on saturday october 24th at the city college of san francisco
10:45 am
which is located at 50 feland avenue san francisco, california an opportunity to see all the public schools and see the working groups on the trickleal kindergarten and middle school theatres and off-street parking and the saturday october 24th from 9:30 to 2:30 they did city college of we look forward to seeing you there finally i'd like to give a recognition to two of the hard working students this past week in long beach, california the 59 gwen the council of cancels this is a conference of the 68 largest your honor, school districts in america as part of this convention we hatchet to have a student panel with students if new york and california and different parts of the country
10:46 am
i'm proud to say that two of our very own students seniors and junior from lombard high school that attended and represented san francisco on the student panel what was facilitated by mp r host and coordinator this was nationally broadcast i need to tell you our students made us proud their articulate and spoke about race and education their dreams and hopes he i have to tell you as a superintendent i was thrilled with no prompting from any of us they parking control officer into vision 2025 and how their city took place in the classroom is special shout out and mr. sonata and our wonderful coordinators that got
10:47 am
up early and flew to long beach they've made us proud i'm proud to say they're our sfusd students. >> thank you very much planting next is item c the recognized of accommodations there are none together student delegate report thank you, commissioners as the ssi report as superintendent carranza mentioned last week our student leader if lombard high school and from mission high school had the great opportunity to represent our school district in long beach at the voice panel both of the leaders participated with other students from new york city and
10:48 am
long beach talking about their experience in urban schools particularly our going on innovation at sfusd as superintendent carranza men's the vision 2025 we would like to extend our thanks to the representative again may i from lombard and from mission high school both whom has made this journey on the student advisory committee we want to thank mr. superintendent richard carranza for louse us to competence our voice. >> in support of human trafficking and human expiation of children at the prior meeting the entire council troubled to this resolution as a result we're happy to announce that unanimously voted in favor of
10:49 am
the passage of this resolution we would like to thank dr. murase for louse to r us to co-author this resolution the students voted yes to this resolution part of meeting consist of the 50 students adding ways to have a voice this is a serious situation that needs to be recognized at next meeting wednesday october anothers 5 o'clock and anyone are welcome to attend our meeting as an added incentive diner for all the students and guest if you want to attend are make a presentation or like a copy of our up and coming meeting compact salvador lopez we had our cabinet meeting a medicaid waiver celebration that was mr. salvador lopez and they
10:50 am
friend jackie's birthday so happy birthday and i do want to stop and say thank you for all you've e all you've downey done you've been a influence and this is a privilege to have you at the school. >> thank you and again happy birthday (clapping.) >> thank you, dr. murase. >> student delegates thank you i'd like to invite the city council forward. >> good evening, commissioners mr. agrees i have a son in
10:51 am
second grade for preschool daughter she's 4. >> good evening my name is georgia i'm the court reporting for the citizens advisory committee and the patent advisory committee to provide parents prospective on policy discussions by the board toentsz staff report highlighted our two year discuss our action plans and prompt the district third annual conference plan. >> so in order to set the priorities pack members looking at the achievement data excluding councilmember reid the result from the smarter demographics from the student profiles and change that are happening we also look at the profiles of students that are being have bio and the free and reduced lunch
10:52 am
program and set the context we have visited the place that superintendent carranza set and looked at it new interests from pack members. >> our priorities to activate for an engagement plan to support of family engagement centers. >> to strengthen the redesign the education to be more inclusive in practices especially the after-school programs and helping to develop i ev family surveys to look at what is working with the iv process and areas for improvement. >> racial equity and the deployment of school initiatives
10:53 am
and the african-american achievement and leadership initiative. >> strengthen the implementation to serve our language families and students and continue or work on the local plan to inform the annual and the overall esl o el cap process. >> support the our family council the outreach campaign to with they'll develop the 5 year plan our focus to reach families underserved and children that attend our public schools. >> so next week is the next pack meeting and pack members will establish their project teams and develop the goals to implement p.s. >> over the year pack members will be with district staff community partners and
10:54 am
commissioners to support our effort to identify ways to collaborate how to bring the parents prospective to the discussion and strengthen good work. >> also saturday october 17g we'll close up the unanimous conference anothers martin luther king from 9 to 2 some of us will be fayette a couple of working groups and have information outreach table at the events. >> right to giving up giving one more plug superintendent carranza said breakfast and lunch are provided and interpretation services please families come out and the commission and staff and leadership to come out and support to empower the families to help with the children's education. >> thank you so much questions or comments from my colleagues
10:55 am
seeing none, really appreciate our hard work yes. >> actually, one of our priorities we wanted to highlight is the first one around the family engagement to highlight that is identified as a strategy to support our students success and fully implement our indicator we could a have a strategy plan to measures what are the indicators with implementing those standards as well guiding the implementation how to engage families on the ground and what was talked about in leadership to empower the leadership and creating those conditions for families to engage and support their children in their education. >> this year. >> thank you so much really appreciate yes ms. fewer. >> so thank you to the pack for this report you know it's
10:56 am
been while since an update on the plan we've talked about the parents from the independentcy mold to a parent item i ask this be heard at the committee as a whole so we're on the same page to examine what we need more to do. >> thank you very much. >> we're now on item f public comment on content items nun together and item g consent calendar i need a motion and second. >> move the consent calendar. >> second. >> thank you very much any items withdrawn braun withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent. >> mr. steel. >> yes. dr. murase on page 6
10:57 am
the summer grant number one from $60,000 to $6.02 a page 31 grant number had the dates of grant to 7, 12015 a 2016 on page 41 in the subject the newark security and b-9 to summer in the resolution on page 42 the recommendation as follows: that the san francisco board of education unified school district in the interests of the sfusd to authorize the school district so use google apps for education and for the superintendent or designee to enter into a contract with google no cost impact in this district. >> thank you, mr. steel any items removed from first reading
10:58 am
by the board seeing none, nun any items severed by the board commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i'd like to pull item k through 12 yes. i'd like to pull items so in this green part so bear with me i think that an agenda item 2 one ion page 42 superintendent thank you. >> any other items. >> seeing none, roll call vote will take place in section o the number 8 proposals none and item i is board members proposal
10:59 am
speaker cards and action in support of countering human trafficking and commercial squall concession moved on august 22, 2015, report from the curriculum and program committee commissioner walton. >> we're now with the human trafficking recess resolution that was held at program committee last week. >> so the committee approved the resolution to going forward with the contingency we had a proposal in the budget we could all agree on. >> thank you.
11:00 am
>> commissioner wynns. >> and to agree on the amended language with the amendment. >> that's right at the curriculum committee reviewed the resolution and there was a proposed amendment that i received language from commissioner fewer the other issue with the budget analysis that was provided to the commission so when ms. casco gets back i want to make sure to note the student delegates should be adams as co-authors to the resolution and commissioner fewer. >> i wanted to add something to that amendment and i believe
11:01 am
we can probably put it in the be it therefore resolved that the superintendent in consultation with the consultant experts i just want to begin that they may develop a or create a task force for this so want to make sure. >> i should read the resolution first. >> sure and go into details so with the my colleagues i'll not read the entire resolution but selected paragraphs expiration of children whereas according to the bureaucracy protection act of 2009 be authored and according others occasional labor act all squall act are
11:02 am
defined and had you had occasion and the author investigation has identified san francisco as a huge expiation area under the country whereas traffic use explicit recognize their victims due to a lack of understanding ever denial and 68 percent of child sexual activities have depression and the sfmta to counter the kate violence students can hope to identify the commercial sex expiated kids and pier resources and the outreach have demonstrated their fiscalness in reef the is it so
11:03 am
therefore, be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district requests that the superintendent and staff work with the community partners to add language to the child abuse policy to address had you had occasion and the commercial exploitation of children and therefore, be it resolved that the superintendant and district staff in connotation have all policies for all folks and support staff reporting human trafficking and be it therefore resolved that the restraint and district staff in communication with the experts develop an age appropriate unit to develop healthy relationship for inclusion and curriculum and further be it resolved incorporate an education
11:04 am
component on the history of comfort women of world war ii to educate the communities about the harmful effects of had you had occasion in the morning day context for protecting the youth and community from sexual exploitation and be it therefore resolved that the superintendant engage the leaders to engage the resources for human trafficking among the peers thank you very much. >> i would like a entertain a couple of comments would that be okay with the chair i have a few signed up let's see i'd like to call folks up each person pa has two minutes to speaka has two minutes to speak has two minutes to speakhas two minutes to speak
11:05 am
(calling names) if you could please approach the podium two minutes for. public comment, public comment >> okay looks like i'm the first i'm representing shared hope international we're an organization that sides against human trafficking of children we're an international company with a large organization we have a large national component of the volunteer ambassadors like myself that go around trying to raise awareness our our closed captioner or children
11:06 am
with recruited into the horses of sex tragic i'm representing the collaborative against human trafficking and also, because i'm from marin i'm on the mar run had you had occasion coalition so all of those organizations are very much in support of this resolution starting with the adults making sure they know what the signs are when children are being recruited and traveled that can happen under their noses and expanding the education into the children themselves thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm agreeing son leading batter from the district 2 and i'm here to urge the school district to pass this
11:07 am
legislation the school district has been a wonderful clash there are many departments that signed occupy to put forward this resolution in the giving up we have been identified as the top counties for sex tragic i'd like to off to the school district that the community of health services will collaborate with them in train and other initiatives they want to put in place around there is already a task force and you have represents open that committee there is no way we could do this without the school district on board thank you for your time. >> and we welcome retired just. >> i also wanted to mention we have a son that is a proud congratulate of the local school
11:08 am
thank you for approving the amendments to the sex trafficking to add a component of comfort women because of women and girls spoken as sex working to the japanese as sex slaves i ask you to set up a task force to work towards fulfilling the intent of the resolution to include the high school kirment the japanese and the sex education in history and thank you to ms. fewer for making that amendment because the comfort women is a part of world war ii and supported the resolution in 1996 for the schools to educate the students about, about specific war issues in world war ii this is an
11:09 am
opportune time to revamp to fulfill the purpose of the 1992 resolution i had a chance to see a thorough discussion in the holocaust there's timely if any discussion of asian holocaust during world war it the asian population in the school district a close to 70 percent it is important to incorporate the asian holocaust alongside the jewish holocaust because of the events across the ocean i work with under the name of the women justice coalition we have expertise in the area of comfort women and legal expertise we ask you to utilize our
11:10 am
much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good evening my name is judith i'm in the comfort women coalition a coalition may that of 37 organizations our honorary person is the number one official in the bay area we've come to talk about the issues the comfort women and million lists them but talk about what the impact of the studying the comforts women is why do we want to study the comfort women we want to study the comfort woman because the comfort women is a documented history of the largest state exported institutionalization of sexual slavery a holocaust of women an example of jerntd
11:11 am
violence during the war by studying the comforted women we open up the entire public of jerntd violence of domestic violence of sexual violence and the relationship to military but openly up this top and study the history ocher do the studies of history leads to the presents and the future by studying the issue of the confront o comfortable women and talking about the gender violence during the war and how that gender violence relates to other areas we allow our students an understanding and analysis that we wouldn't get in other areas it allows them to look at the topic in a dispassionate way that is all not been able to only talking about what happens to them by doing that they can then
11:12 am
extrapolate and understand the implementations for themselves for and pa for their society thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm michael wong a member of veterans for peace the director for children outreach and part of the comfortable women justice coalition the reason that this is important is because the comfortable women established an international law the precedence that rape and sex call trafficking during war is a crime because the could comfort women spoke this became an issue air force after world war ii international law that is significant and significant those are asian women that spoke
11:13 am
out there a great many asian students in san francisco they should know part of their history and victims of rape and sex trafficking so know that the people before them has spoken out it changed the law and changing the world thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good evening. i'm roger scott a teacher at san francisco city college and active in organizations i've supported this resolution it a step in the right direction although i agree with earlier speakers that said this city and cities cross the country thereby incorporating into the curriculum a much more comprehensive study of the world war ii many years ago when i was in high school the history class what was taught by a coach and the histories class went like
11:14 am
this ever person with read a paragraph when i went to college world history was western civilization this kind of i think complete and biased curriculum i think exists in proving places like san francisco i think you should devote considerable time and consider part of our curriculum is educating the people on world war ii but also, we should american public education so do a better job of covering the designation of native people the institutionalization of slafrt and our shiem full history in month part of worlds i ask you to pass and enact this but to make history in this city what it should be throughout of
11:15 am
world. >> thank you very much no future speaker cards by way of introduction this is primary about, about educate our adult staff in the deduct u school district about the signs and resources for addressing human trafficking i want to note that the mayors task force in had you had occasion a report that document the six months from july one to december 2014200 and 91 survivors of human trafficking in san francisco for a 6 month period and many of the cases involve children many of them involve foster youth and they've tried to capture the vulnerable port of population. >> i said ms. fewer as additional language for considered. >> thank you dr. murase that
11:16 am
is angle opportune times to include young men and women should know there are women we want to as speaker said a woman spoke out that's why we're recognizing and the international tribal has recognized this as a form of fads infanticide and has a great context to so the amendment i'd like to put forwards i'd like to add a couple of inserts further be it resolved that the superintendent and district staff in their i'd like to say create a task force with community experts to incorporate and education component and so this is the only thing i'd like
11:17 am
to add into that and then i respectfully ask that we would hear the results of the progress of this in the curriculum meeting probably sometime maybe in february a february meeting just so to see how we're progressing. >> did any colleagues get that i can read it. >> the supreme court and district staff create a task force of experts to incorporate an educational components of the history of conference of women under the japanese military and the curriculum to kathy the community about the harmful effects of the human trafficking and protecting the youth community if sexual exploitation in travks.
11:18 am
>> commissioner fewer would the task force make recommendations to the district. >> no, i think that works in collaboration so everyone has ownership but the task force worked together with the community experts the reason i think the community experts have a sensitivity to the subject matter they know i think their expertise how to present this curriculum to the age group and make it age appropriate and also to present the curriculum in a way non-boys but states the facts and amble appropriate frankly to our middle and high school students. >> superintendent carranza. >> great, thank you commissioners if i could just you know we'll have on our agenda a discussion about curriculum if i could suggest that the wording be all
11:19 am
of the evidence in consultation with district staff so we fully collaborate with the experts in the community but it is owners by the district i want the district staff to write the curriculum with the experts it is an important change in the advisory committee of the communication of the community experts. >> sure i think that is great i wanted to know that whatever any budgetary implementations to add that one line in. >> under mr. superintendent repeat language our suggesting. >> i think that the language that commissioner fewer proposed was fine instead we'll just insert in consultation with community experts.
11:20 am
>> okay. >> truth is trying to say that the supreme court and district staff creates a task force to work in consultation to incorporate an educational component you're absolutely right we own our own curriculum that's fine if my colleague agree. >> i'm happy to accept the amended language thank you, commissioner fewer and now there are concerned about the budget analysis commissioner wynns. >> thank you i wanted to i have two questions about the amendment that was just accepted to so i this puts me in mind of the work for guidelines for the curriculum work with the community organizations so long as the supreme court is happy www a task force is not
11:21 am
particularly independence my preference to say if he wanted to say that to say might include a task force are whatever structure is agreed on i think it is age specific. >> so i'll just say that, however, the authors this is a accepted this but my question when is maybe opposite of others about the fiscal year analysis i read that was sent to me this afternoon most the money is for train so i'm not specific as far as i remember as far as what the costs is just says staff training so and it is so it is mostly
11:22 am
more hiring someone just to do this training so i'm kind of a little bit surprised by that i don't know if this is necessarily to have a person presuming doing most of training what kind we're not undergo the institutionalized trainer on this curriculum year by year are we my question aren't we're going i have to develop the train i understand that assess things but we have professional development times set aside every year we focus on different things to which is one reason why there is not i'm presuming not money set aside for substitutes so people what leaf their classes but presume we're
11:23 am
could this sometime in our regular professional time could someone tell me and this is a place holder we'll not necessarily have a full-time person that will permanently do this. >> mr. superintendent. >> thank you thank you, president murray is a so commissioners this as noted in the resolution are staff view on this collectively is that there are a couple of layers one is that because this particular training is very broad based including references to every school site and classroom
11:24 am
teachers in addition to certificate of employees that are focused on wellness staff because that training participate within the scope is so board we do feel there's needs to be additional resources to implement that train so right now there is a gap in our staffer capacity to provide to develop and provide and chiropractor broad basis mandatory training in order to meet the needs of that resolution at this time given what is and not in place that the best solution would be hiring a staff member actually within the human resources department as 421 a personnel analyst a classification we're
11:25 am
thinking of having said that, that individual could also do work on providing other broad based mandatory training for example, training ton mandatory reporting or sexual harassments for staff or others forms of broad based train that in fairness is a bits of a gap we have to every time there is a particular content module that comes up as something that needs to be delivered to multiply staff including thousands of staff we have to look at the departments that could be involved and make a in some ways i am advice a solution not ideal in general when this resolution was drafted in the current form
11:26 am
we thought the best solution to this situation which will help us in terms of other contents would be to create a dedicated staff possession that will cooperate and implement that. >> so to a finer points we're not talking about that cost all being about what is in this resolution; right? so contrary to our thing oh, it will cost sixth less than tha than identified for this resolution to be implemented and somewhere a mandatory training director or whatever this person cost is identified here so be some kind of it will be built into next year's budget i presume we're into the budget of the current year; right? >> that's correct but you have
11:27 am
to look at in two ways the train of adults the other curriculum development in the integration we feel strongly we can do with that an existing staff but a notion of interrelated opportunities and needs train for adults what is germane there are indicators that our staff should be trained open to identify when children maybe in danger or maybe you know recruited to be trafficked we think is critically important for our staff to be trained on. >> i have a question commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and commissioner fewer. >> on this one 20 we're looking at a personnel analyst that will be doing the training are cooperating the training smells this is a high-level
11:28 am
enough to do the training. >> we think this person will cooperate the train whether this involves online training or cascading the comments throw in person structures all that that to be frankly determined commissioners but the principle will take the contact that is appropriate some of which may exist now and some needs to be developed including the consultation with the sunset experts and organized the delivery of the in services or the professional development in a lot of ways i think the challenge is as much about the roll out of training the
11:29 am
logistics the organize and is recordkeeping to make sure that all of the again thousands of paternities have discussed - successfully passed and completed the train as about delivering the content per say so really the fulfills emphasis is about the coordination and okay. and on the so the health curriculum is r curriculum is 45 thousand on one time and the annual 17 thousand what is that? piece of it because the 37 plus the 25 is the curriculum total so what part is the unanimous and what part of one time >> commissioners, if you look at the moab memo i want to thank kim the executive director of the school programs did it thorough job of detailing the
11:30 am
cost of related to the school health curriculum to help the curriculum so this is a little bit complicated if you see on the second and third pages of memo by way of for members of the public who, who are here there is copies of document referred to in they're available in the foyer so the memo in ms. coats analysis indicates that specific items related to the elementary school and middle middle and high school curriculum in the parse of the memo on page two and three detailing the specific costs there are a total cost items this has to do with with training and/or curriculum and development those personnel costs and the first two are one
11:31 am
time costs so extend days for health education for health educators for curriculum and professional development that's the first one the second one is to partner with cbo's to collaborate with health assessor those are one time costs and the items 3, 4 and 5 within the personnel section are annual costs so those are annual workshops for health educators and then the last section are non-neglect costs so the startup costs is $20,000 for a curriculum materials and in year 2 and i don't understand that we estimate that would require 5
11:32 am
thousand dollars every year to replenish those materials those are the specific items that has to do with with the health curriculum and summary table on the last part of the memo as a health curriculum totaled 682 it thousand dollars in the firefighter and 42 and one time is he 17 in reoccurring years. >> got it we're only do a one year so the expectation that every year this will grow are that this would capitalized to more teachers i'm assumeing it is actually, i shouldn't assume that but for training for the teachers they get once a year and set to do this piece every year or you know what is this looking like going forward and
11:33 am
before you answer that can i ask why this didn't go to budget we wouldn't have the resolution that has the fiscal impact brought to a board meeting would you tell us undergo budget why are we having that budget discussion for the first not a huge ticket item but once we pass this presuming will be one we'll have to continue to concur every year and it didn't seem like we are totally clear on what it is we're going to be needing to side going forward. >> happy to answer that question i've been working with staff on this resolution in my communications with staff i was told it will not a one significant budgetary impact that was not correct and once we
11:34 am
adopt a regular process for over resolution i anticipate this kind of thing will not happen because it is supposed to happen the resolution goes to mr. steel who gets to the right staff to review because this was introduced in august and we just received this analysis tonight i agree i apologize but i think it speaks to the needs for a stricter process for how resolutions are examined let's see commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell anything further. >> i agree there maybe differences in how resolutions come forward but i think historically we've not brought forward a resolution about the discussion of the impacts this makes me uncomfortable we're having such a big discussion
11:35 am
we're just now talking about this not how especially on the budgets piece we've done things in the past so if staff is now telling us that has a budget interact this should have come to biggest first, i want to be clear about that you know this is again, a one year proposal and we want to see this be extended and continue but $200,000 a year presumably and not anglo what the growth is going to be and who else meetings needs to be trained and how it will be implement in the first year? not the right way i'm uncomfortable voting on this tonight. >> and want to clarify one point recently the legislation did require some of this so
11:36 am
whether this resolution was passed or not we'd concur those experiences; is that correct. >> yeah. that's correct president murase we noted in the first page the memo so i'm sorry, i should have mentioned before we calling your attention before the health curriculum development section so we did add a note that most of costs related to the health curriculum the $62,000 we think lease related to curriculum for middle school and high school students that those are the subject in large part of recent enacted legislation ab i'm going to forget the actual bill title
11:37 am
but there was an assembly bill and senate bill that was passed eased signed that go into effect in january that address some new requirement for sex education material and information about sex trafficking and sexual assault so some of the costs are new requirements i'm sure that i'm not sure that is a president murase said those costs we're in a position to need additional staff resources for those activities >> do we know what those costs are. >> if you look at through the memo so the last page the health curriculum component of the total costs the total costs for the first year of the
11:38 am
implementation of the resolution we estimate at one hundred $82,000 one for the staff training that is in the resolution it is calls for in the resolution and that's what we were talking about the additional new staff position to cooperate that training and others module train for staff and the second part the health curriculum that is, we estimate to costs $662,000 in this memo broke down the components for elementary school in every case a secondary student curriculum within that $62,000 let's say roughly 2/3rd's this is a little bit of on estimate if we thought about the $62,000 reach all
11:39 am
grade level elementary school middle and high school the state laws that were placing the requirements on district to provide curriculum to secondary grades 5 through telephone some portions of the $62,000 inform provide for anyway, the rest is not explicitly required by the new state law. >> i have commissioner tour-sarkissian and commissioner walton. >> i also want to yeah, he actually at the meeting requiring requesting go to budget a budgetary consideration at the time of the meeting there was a conversation about we could have it at the same time as we're deliberating but i see
11:40 am
this is basically a all around the health curriculum i'm wondering have we done in analysis how those resources cover the comfort women in incorporating it did we think we ask absorb that into the cutters budget if that's the case it's understandable, however, we'll pay the presidio to participate with us in the budget i've wondering who are the cabo san lucas we're contracting that the 5 thousand dollars each and is cabo san lucas - the combobz cabo san lucas cbo i have a
11:41 am
question the main question about how the money that it might take the resources to incorporate a components of comfortable women did it include that if we're in agreement for there is an opportune time to relate the two it gives us a historical context. >> so commissioners related to turf question about the curriculum for comfort women the curriculum instruction brent stevens believes that can be developed within the existing resources and staff capacity of the c n i history curriculum
11:42 am
offices so thankful explicitly said. >> they could absorb that okay this is a great i feel like when we ask for an update we'll ask for an update own the earth curriculum and ask about the did you want of comfortable women incorporating it into the components so that's fine hates great what into the cvs. >> i'm scanning ms. coats is here that particular answer to that question i don't have commissioners so i believe i know that kevin truit is out of town as well. >> he's out of town that's fine we'll follow-up with that, i feel in the boards decides to pass that resolution with this current budget he can give me that answer. >> commissioner walton.
11:43 am
>> i want to add context for commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell this is awe typical at the curriculum meeting the budget committee a was moved because labor day this resolution in terms of what is for the curriculum the budget chair was at the meager and we alexander agreed to put that with a positive recommendation depending on the budget analysis we got to the board meeting for today like commissioner fewer statistics we have conversation tonight about the budget implementations we want to give you a little bit of context of the process but you're right a typical the conversation was had and had the budget chair in attendance that posted it
11:44 am
forward under the guidelines. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> so it was my understanding the budget chair was told interest there would be no implications so she may have respond to get this moving he wanted to go back to the resolution thank you for the context i do want to get back to the resolution quickly i appreciate that this is being put forward a conversation that niece to be had our young people need to have that more and more and our adults need to find ways to talk about this very clearly we want to appreciate that the history of comfortable women is included in it that there is a historical piece to this for me personally it is something that my 89-year-old mother has not
11:45 am
talked about until recently and during the times she was 5 until until a teenager her father hit here with a rice budgeted whatever the trips and mothering my mother and all her sisters my mother didn't have the ability to talk about it until recently this is a conversation that sorry that my mother had with my son and my son is a senior in high school i find it unfortunate that we haven't been able to have this conversation particularly with our boys and for him to understand the challenges that many of our women through before and during and now it is a lot to be said
11:46 am
so i wanted to thank you dr. murase it is an important conversation to have and i think florida there is a lot of history that needs to be brought forward and a lot of recollection for the handful of women that remain not counting the hundreds of thousands that are part of this history that we have put aside for a very long time you never know which women have experienced what and until they finally have enough nerve and settled with themselves to have this conversation what with my mom did with many i son was this summer i hope that many of our young people have an opportunity to understand better because that is an important part of our history and comfortable women are so many
11:47 am
are my own personal heros so i'm pleased that is going to be put into in resolution he support the task force components of it i do want to see we're providing the kind of curriculum that we are committing ourselves do the budget challenge i'd like to see as parts of task force put back for a better understanding of what this will actually take to implement i will be supporting the resolution in its current state. >> all right. before we move to vote we want to reread the amendment to make sure we're on the on the same page the second
11:48 am
to tbe it therefore resolved. >> in terms of the task force how exactly will be completion of this amendment how will it look like we mentioned the importance the task force so would it mean that we would have to extend the budget to include for training for the task force are mean wear individually picking people from the pool of training to form the task force. >> if i may thank you for the question student delegate report the task force will be made up of people doing the work that have knowledge of the comfortable women i think with we passed our ethics study resolution i heard strongly from the students i am hearing the truth about the history of my
11:49 am
family of my ann stares if we don't talk about in an educational environment we talk about the task force that will be made up the people that studied this and perhaps scholars and i think that we can draw from real life experiences of people if we were to incorporate it into curriculum for example, the task force will say our personal serious appropriate and which personal story and voices of those women are appropriate to put into this curriculum those are the people that we would work with on this task force people that have deep knowledge of subject area i don't think that we have maybe that in house deep knowledge of what happens and the true
11:50 am
historic facts anybody we present to our students should be the truth 0 i think we'll need to call upon experts in the fields that studied this and also our curriculum folks to see what is age appropriate and what is appropriate for that this age i mean to in the language in which we express it into able to i guess also relate the experiences of those women that were comfortable women that will be what the task force is made up of does that answer your question. >> student delegate. >> if i may it will be in the ethic studies curriculum. >> i'm going i don't think so everyone has to actually take a worlds history class that is parts of world history a ethic
11:51 am
studies we couldn't capture all the students history class is required so i'm imagine it will be incorporated into that somewhere thank you. >> all right. no further discussion i'd like to rereaders the amendment be it therefore resolved. >> further be it resolved, that the superintendent and district staff create a task force with community experts to work in consultation to incorporate and educational components of the hefty of comfortable women ever world war ii under the japanese military in it's curriculum to dedicate the effects for the modern day context for the purpose of preventing and protecting folks from human trafficking; is that correct ms. fewer. >> we're ready for a vote ms. casco. >> a process on the must we
11:52 am
approve the budget separately or on this incorporating the action item was for the resolution the action item not for the budgets. >> superintendent carranza. >> yes. good question so the commissioners are approving the resolution the budgets is not necessarily for you to approve it is informational for your. >> ms. casco roll call vote. >> thank you as amended ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and president murase of i's. >> thank you very much and ms. casco if you could please make sure that the vw's are authors it was an oversight thank you to the colleagues for supporting this and members of the public
11:53 am
that came out to testify thank you. >> the next item on the agendas is item j request for speak for general matters we have several speakers (calling names). >> please come forward public comment is 2 minutes per person.
11:54 am
>> see it but not read it. >> sorry. >> i do have a transcript of what is on here if you like a copy i could. >> please pass the transcript to ms. casco. >> that would be great, thank you. >> if you could give it to the members okay. >> i'll wait until you've got that i appreciate how taking the time thank you.
11:55 am
>> so superintendmt carranza and commissioners i'm jeremy a math teacher for 12 years at lowell high school i have also been a member the blue shield health plan for the same amount of time now i looked at you sent out the open enrollment you're familiar with the brochure 2006 and the i'm quite concerned because the blue shield's premiums have gone up 11.5 percent that's on part of the
11:56 am
problem 93 to 97 percent of the increase has been passed there to the teacher that puts an unfair burden on us at the momentum we are on a financial precipice in san francisco i've given you specifics category one for a similar employee that is increased from 944 to 17 hundred so that's increased by 678.82 percent for a single person that about $750 per year category 2 teacher premiums that is me employing would be person roughly 6 thousand to 76
11:57 am
hundred. >> that's 16g hundred dollars approximately a 23 percent yearly increase. >> that is pretty well wiped a major part of the race negotiated as i said but all the categories the sf usd premium are one hundred 38 for the category one single teacher 78 percent for me 2 percent for you employee plus one person 23 percent there for your one .4 increase for you and the category 3 which is a family
11:58 am
employed plus two or more 11 thousand 8 hundred to $14,000 200 that's a 20 percent yearly increase your premium the part you contribute has gone up 1 hundred and 37 that's 1.36. as i said we work for you i feel that is unfair okay. it is completely disproportionate please i'm now open enrollment can i ask you to adjust your race for blue shield if you can't do that okay. then reopen the contracts so that blue shield members are not getting
11:59 am
this treatment which i think is very unfair thank you very much >> thank you, sir perhaps we can refer this to the upcoming personnel meeting superintendent carranza. >> i'm sorry is there a congregation. >> it is a city negotiated agreement because the school district is under civil service you can have a discussion but we're part of a larger negotiated priced on blue shield thank you sdmenz. >> richard. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is a richard i'm san
12:00 pm
francisco residents the proud parents of a soda congratulate and district employee since 1980 i'm a strong advocate for vision zero and the california's core standards however, i'm concerned about the future of public education and it's crucial roll in our democracy i think this is fair to say we support the goals assessing access and exited and student achievement and accountability those goals are a constant in my 35 years as we move forward not forgot area history no child left behind is a minimum impact how we taught in the elementary schools starting a george washington and taylor we encouraged the students to sole
12:01 pm
their own problems to find and manage information to organize themselves themselves into teams and tackle new challenges we give your students a chance an equal funds opportunities. an education did we make mistakes yes did we learn if our mistakes he hope so i feel we're at the crossroads as a classmate teacher i'm share those 3 questions. >> in the future how will the district recruits, prepare and remain and regard it's teachers? secondly, to evaluate and recognize students success what theoretic tools and methods to compliment and possible to plants high stakes 12 yes our students will continue to do
12:02 pm
better i'm with the superintendent carranza on that and finally therefore, be it resolved for the corporations and others that donate what we we do to put pressure on the representatives for the adequate funding we're continuing to do what we can to insure we have talented visionary teachers and rigorous schools for all our children thank you >> thank you, mr. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping). >> didn't go school board. >> thank you for the opportunity to speaker to you briefly i wanted to addresses some of you know i've been representing the voices of several hundred residents in current opposition to the so-called final plan for the
12:03 pm
france square feet key project i want to cover a few points and we've seebd what we believe is relevant information the boards should consider before this vote or otherwise number one there is no convince and that is because key stakeholders were clued from the process in the very beginning oversee stakeholders included homeownership's and residents and attendance the elderly sick and people for whom english was a second language secondly, immediately adjacent residents clearly expressed their voice but disregard and third more recently a std group two members who shared the views we have those two members
12:04 pm
members were ousted from the group if so not a fair process we presented an alternatives proposal to the groibz committee we don't this they have the full opportunity to look at this proposal we urge them to do so i think that and i do said this in overwhelms to various commissioners i'll say it to all ever you i believe this issue is well beyond what you puts at this site it going to trains and accountable ability i ask you not issue a permit or allow one without the vote from the school board. >> thank you that collects public comment for this evening thank you very much we are now on item k the advisory committee report appointment to the citizens advisory committee by the board
12:05 pm
members any appointments by the boards? seeing none, there is no additional report yes, ma'am l special orders of business none and item m others issues none tonight and n consent calendar resolution noting none and item o votes on the consent calendar. >> ms. casco roll call vote. >> you missed a card commission you have a card there for under individuals. >> i apologize. i need a reopen public comment ms. hernandez please come forward my
12:06 pm
apologies. >> thank you for your patience and thank you very much and thank you for the opportunities to address you this evening i'm a state certified electrician and a member of local of the union in san francisco excuse me. where i serve as a representative and compliance officer i have the responsibility of project labor agreements experience oversight for the electrical workers union on october 1st, the district san francisco unified school district announced they'll suspend general contractors subcontractor prequalification
12:07 pm
for 2016 and this has caused my organization as well as the san francisco building constructions trades council of great concern i have a couple of statements in my work as a prevailing what this and -- excuse-me. i have a cold and experience officer to have an opportunity to speak with the workers and do job interviews i want to share exerts from the workers he interviewed think school projects matt felt his job i'll not name schools matt felt his job was a correct faulty installation he was constructed by the owner to open up a injunction box in the ceiling he was shocked and
12:08 pm
appalled to see high vogue and fire wire and cable in the same injunction box and combining those function is extremely hazardous and creates seriously compromises the communication and life safety with the association of wire and cable when matt pointed out they needed to be separated sam said the owner said no time for that no inspections here. >> matt experienced other training and the understanding the electrical system installed by others he discovered other things and sections broken with the weight of the 60 feet
12:09 pm
because of wire that had been pulled together in the same cafe many of the floors and pictures installed have seismic safety clip and not building code they were held up the the ceiling frame human resources here's a second statement i have several more this job was a mess literally it was worse than usual but the electrical violations in the ceiling had been installed and the injunction box when he brought the j boxed to my aspire i said it would be supported later when later they installed the tiles indicating the work with i think complete the injunction boxed were not installed correctly and in a
12:10 pm
building where kids are integrated so example like this i follow-up trying to get the inspectors reports and unfortunately, i of the not pleased with the response from the contracts folks at the district they tell me inspection don't exist at the schools i did the due diligence and got to the bottom two things won their needs to be more accountability there needs to be inspection reports and new qualification that contract has contracts currently working in san francisco unified school district and electrical contractors it is not a pre-qualified electrical subcontractor so my organization feels strongly that this policy was required for the
12:11 pm
qualification a new run statistics not lease expand to say projects that incorporated things like know. >> i appreciate that. >> this is for the record. >> we will now proceed with the agendas we were at the consent calendar voted on the consent calendar that was there is a motion and a second ms. casco roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell except for item 1, 2, 3, 4 and 18 and 19. >> 4, 3, 2 , 118 and 19 mr. walton. >> ms. wynns and dr. murase.
12:12 pm
>> thanks. >> we're on item p consent calendar severed for immediate action what were two is first severed by commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you i pulled item 1510 k through 12 that is a retroactive action and the dates from july 2014 to june 30th, 2015, and the explanation is something i need clarity due to the changes that the contractors and procurement found it has been set up for the 2015 funds i pulled this this is a significance amount for work that is already done from 2014. >> mr. superintendent. >> thank you, commissioners i'd like to ask dr. blanco if
12:13 pm
she could clarify. >> the department of the mental health submitted their bids late so it grant we extend them and only so much has accrues for the outstanding bills we set up this year to pay last year's bills. >> those funds were available and you had to have them set up to get paid for last year arrest where did those funds come from. >> other funds we have to transfer in because it as grants but it is not a sufficient amount of money to pay all the bills when we think that the bills have come in to the amount we'll use the money to pay others mental health costs for the schools so those bills came a after the fact and not until
12:14 pm
october and i guess what i'm trying to upstairs we have stated funds we had fund but not sufficient we had to have funds come from other places that safer the looins we paid for services that were rendered previously with funds that we maternity have so my concerns we didn't have the funds the services were provided and now we're looking for the money so if you're telling me we have the money we had to set is aside we knew the services would be provided and paid for it mates e that's one thing if you're telling me the services were provided we have to look for the funds and take the money from
12:15 pm
other places because we didn't pay the bills if 2014 or september when they came in then he just want to understand that because this is my worry we have services that are provided to us without the funds in place in order to pay for them. >> those are educational mental health services we pay them with non-public schools and for children that wouldn't be inevitable in medi-cal so this is generally the way it works to send us the bills in the best case scenario we would have use the money from other places but our bills for services we search warrant would have had to be
12:16 pm
more responsible. >> what happens to this year's bills and where are the funds to make sure we take care of those bills i i don't imagine this will be different. >> we're going to make surely they have the bills in a knows manner. >> let's see commissioner fewer has in the item sound proof. >> this is a want to let you know this is fabulous my concern i didn't see anything attached the support plan calls for a couple of things a third party consultant i'm wondering are we observing that in the it funding or an additional costs at the
12:17 pm
this year's budget cycle. >> hi good evening thank you any additional costs for support whether if so the third party support for data congratulation it's been factored into the current it budgets. >> the support plan the it project manager and teacher traimg e training and white-glove service do we have a fiscal analysis how much did it costs if you don't have it figure now i assume you've got to money for it and nothing will be retroactive i think that then that is fine but if we could get a fiscal analysis for us to anticipate this thank you very
12:18 pm
much. >> so colleagues i'm doing everything i can i'd like to take both sound proof item together roll call. >> with the items that commissioner fewer sound proof page 42. >> that this 42. >> b-9 is that b-9 okay. thank you so b-9 and k through 12. >> ms. chin mr. totiano. ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell yes except on item 5 k through 12 >> ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase. >> thank you. >> thank you very much
12:19 pm
let's see we are now at item q superintendents proposal at the first reading that recent postponed until tonight's meeting may i have we have revision to boards policy curriculum and evaluation board policy and instruction and board policy in the district programs and activities may i have a motion and suspension on the rules to hear this tonight. >> so moved. >> thank you. >> is there a second. >> second. >> thank you. >> roll call vote on suspension of the rules. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. wynns
12:20 pm
ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase. >> of i's. >> thank you very much i need a motion and second for formally introduction of resolution. >> so moved. >> second. >> mr. vice president if you could introduce our person to read the resolution. >> i'm going to ask our chief council to side us is honors. >> with the permission of board i will not read all the blultd items if f this is acceptable the board of education of the unified school district revise the following boards policies boards policy 6141 the curriculum and evaluation the boards policy 61 61 .1 instruction and others non-discrimination programs and activities
12:21 pm
thank you very much there are questions or comments from my colleagues? seeing none, ms. casco roll call vote >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase ambassador ms. fewer yes. >> thank you this is a of i's. >> thank you very much i failed to note no public comment signs up for this item the next item is item r the board prospering proposals for the first reading for the student transportation in school district by commissioner haney he understand that commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell should be added as one of the co-authors
12:22 pm
may i have a motion and second thank you very much i'll refer this to budgeted i budget at grounds committee i received no public comment item we are now on s board members report report the standing committee and the delegates and all others reports by board members can we start with comprehends on the budgets and business services. >> we had a 3 informational items on our meeting on september 28th the first was an update on the france scott key that was an item for permit request to actually, i guess it goes to the alliance to the
12:23 pm
parks alliance the fiscal agency and it is a new relationship creating a partnership with supervisor tang and the communities to do something different at the sites at the former france scott key a proposal that was put-down forward and plans shared we didn't do any action on the proposed plan they heard the process that was puts forward over the last year the other item on the initiative to name the high school a proposal to make it a historical landmark a 6 to 12 months process what it means if we were to landmark former mayor willie brown high school and the last item an updates on the former
12:24 pm
middle pointed roads excuse me. so there is been action that has happening at the site to supervisor cowen has provided 200 and $50,000 to move forward on a community process to have have it to revitalized the parks for our communities so the commissioner walton and i have been working on this project and commissioner walton touring the site and going to do the injection phase mr. golden will be providing a report on the next steps in terms of demolition clearing and then start. >> communities process on that thank you. >> thank you for the reports on the building and grounds committee a member the budget committee wants to speak. >> yes. dr. murase and
12:25 pm
commissioner norton has succeed me to presents the report we had an augmented committee on september 1st, 2015, and 3 informational items one was administratively approve the k and allocations the school site budget allocations actually all commissioners received a copy in hair boxes that's the updated allocations for the fall there is some changes in the spring logos to our commissioners should look at bicycle sites and deputy superintendant would you mind doing a brief overview the rainy day fund. >> yes. this was an informational discussion about
12:26 pm
recommended guidelines or the steps working and drafting the guidelines and committees request if a prior discussion under the spring related to city rules of evidence reserve that was separated for between the city's rainy day fund reserve that was one of the features of the charter amendment that was approved by voters last november through proposition e several transitioned were a change to the rainy day fund reservoirs that was one reserve for the city as well is possible including withdrawals from the district and that require or reserve is separated into a city reserve and school reserve the committee we priority staff provided an update about that back in the spring at the
12:27 pm
present time, and meeting the committee asked the staff to draft some possible guidelines that the board of education might change of venues choose to adapt about the conditions under them of it might authors a draw from the reserve we brought that to the committee some initial thoughts albeit all of those thoughts we provided to the commissioners in over mailboxes and student delegates along with the information along with that discussion and the committee i believe was receptive to the ideas and give us a little bit of feedback we intent to incorporate those ideas into a subsequence set of boards policy amendments or revised boards policies that will be introduced at the subsequent board meeting
12:28 pm
and taking through the additional process. >> thank you ms. fewer and deputy superintendants we've heard part of report from the curriculum committee i'd like to ask commissioner walton to continue his report. >> thank you president murase so as discussed we had one action item the resolution we approved together and had updates on the school index waiver and the continuous of that opportunities for the district we talked about gates i say proposal for how to implement a new strategy around getting that that will be ongoing discussion for a timely awhile and excused the high school on the track status which of course, things we need to work on there we will have more information coming forward in terms of next steps on how we
12:29 pm
will address that. >> thank you very much. >> if commissioners can please announce their working group committee meeting times. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. a pencil labor committee on september 22nd at labor box and carmen and commissioner wynns. >> the is the assignment committee will be meeting on october 19th next monday at 6 o'clock. >> commissioner wynns. >> the rules committee will be meeting on october 21st next wednesday at 6 o'clock here and commencing. >> building and grounds on monday october the 26 at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you i'd like to ask commissioner wynns to give a belief report on the city
12:30 pm
schools. >> i want to start by thanking the superintendent and the ma many, many shareholders from unified school district and communicated with the colleagues in outlets school districts and deepens our relationships were that different there and schoern was there i was there i'm sorry more of you were not able to attend the meeting with the colleagues on the boards that wyoming have been useful to but and i - would be remiss not to mention that the superintendent is the chair did council now and so the council meeting with extremely well run i congratulate him and the staff but also to mention that the supermarkets of urban education
12:31 pm
was extremely well received you should be proud of him and is that (laughter) no, but you should and i also would need to add my congratulations to our students that participated i don't think that if you and this is was 0 on the band it is probably archived and it maybe a little bit executive ethnic to say i think our students were the best and they were remarkably i mean the superintendent mentioned dislocation and simultaneously would you tell us coaching we had students that which asked about issues to deal with in your lives credit to the school district and the city hall for providing supports important creating an educational as well
12:32 pm
you know social and emotional investment that helped them i was i couldn't have been more proud you should share in that pride i personally spent a lot of time which i do no spice to you interacting with the legislative staff and the council striving trying to find out whatever i could that is useful about the development in washington as united states of america kind of sunny but about the preauthorization of investigation what planter happen i did wanted to say one thing you've heard me before talk about how one of the developments in washington we're very unheaping happy about their proposals that have affordability in the
12:33 pm
reorientation that allows title one money to follow students where they're not concentrations of property that are served to undo a lot of the take into account of money is all the purpose of title one and core education funds to support those school districts that have concentrated poverty that is to undermine the very base of title one of major federal funding for public education i was happy to hear you'll a you can bet i'll be talk to the sbca and pleased to hear the proposals that exist in the current versions the bill require is legislation it is your the state to do something to embrace the affordability
12:34 pm
solutions i felt quite reassured by that this is not going to happen no colonel is isn't we're not we as a district and over state not continue to oppose those provisions it will - you know we can talk about the politics of california and essentially how many members of the legislator come from los angeles county not to mention the bay area but from what i know as politics affordability will not be implemented no san francisco, california we should take some comfortable florida from that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information before what happenslorida from that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information before what happeorida from that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information before what happensrida from that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information before what happeore what happe
12:35 pm
what happensida from that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information re what happensda from that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information re what happea from that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information re what happe from that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information re what happensfrom that so whatever happens we'll, of course, take the information re what happens with the - unfortunately, the people think that the politics in washington is less than 10 days that something happened so i very much appreciate the representative to the council and he thought the meeting was extremely useful for us, that concludes my report. >> thank you ms. fewer. >> family add commissioner norton wanted to mention that november 4th is the budget committee. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you. i wanted to make two announcements one laura moon we've been supporting her cancer challenges has been accepted to the bris he will c e e program so she'll start her procures on this in three weeks that's great news we're raising if your honor please so she can continue to get into the $93,000
12:36 pm
because she's not a uk residents i wanted to give her a shout out and to thank the warriors we're going to do a big sex celebration for the warriors down to city hall efforts start at 4:00 a.m. and built a baseball court in front of city hall and james playing with a group of kids at 5:30 and the professor will be playing with a group of kids as 1 o'clock come out thompson and the president of the warriors and a lot of the other special guests about one hundred of our school kids coming out part of kaiser
12:37 pm
permanente and being supported kaiser permanente and slkt with our champion worries wednesday be october 14th. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. thank you i'd like to noupsz that thursday october 16th our annual lgbtq center i invite everyone to attendee it is completely delightful at at middle school from 5:30 to 8:30 we're having the parents conference at manageable middle school from 9:00 a.m. to 2 public comment this coming saturday thank you. >> commissioner wynns. >> i hope everybody is done at a point of privilege i want to
12:38 pm
say not going to happen but tomorrow is my mothers one and first birthday and since you've been been so kind to her. >> (clapping.) thank you very much. >> i have a few announcements thank you to my colleagues at the celebration and a wonderful community it will be and also want to congratulates abraham lincoln many of you were on the anniversary on october 3rd i joined the s c i u for sunday october 4th for the barbecue and raffle and many of the members are politically to positions in the district so we're very glad for that and want to thank my colleagues would joined us at the walk and role to school at
12:39 pm
school with mayor ed lee with the oldest elementary school west of the miss missed valley skies school and congratulate the filipino communities for the unveiling the auditorium and the crack over the weekends to commemorate the antibiotic metal lift and speaking of human trafficking this friday is san francisco collaborative against this and the burton federal building more information as www.c a s t organ are and the middle graders for a speech at city college on saturday october 24th for additional information contact course children the e-mail da n
12:40 pm
e s tic wyoming zero one 3 for a free speech xheegz any other announcements? >> okay. seeing none we will move on item t report of closed session action there are none item u other informational items posted in the agenda are the following receipt the chart petition for the mission preparatory school i'm refer to the curriculum and program committee also the staff report on informational notice of personal transactions colleagues, we adapted a new order of agenda we hope to put into place at the next school board meeting you'll see changes
12:41 pm
to the agenda meeting adjourned. >> it. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the 311 calling center i know that our director nancy welcomes me usually we get
12:42 pm
to announce another great tool if not a modification of our 311 center the public and residents like to see you know when we first created the 311 center we were here for that start we wanted a tool that lifts the burden off all the vacuums of calls going to 9-1-19-1-1 is for real emergencies life or death and whatever it happening on the street currently that will be of the emergency nature needs to be called through to 911 we'll get an immediate fire and police and department of emergency response on that on to day to day basis we have a lot of other calls we have tried to direct those now thousands everyday that come to 311 and we're glad because their calls for information, for refers for
12:43 pm
how to do this and that of the various departments of the city. as you may know we've been active in helping our people on the streets particularly our homeless population to get the services they need a challenge because we not had all the hours housing we want we're building that as soon as possible and rehabilitating affordable units as much as possible but things happen on the streets our residents say should i call 9-1-1 or small business i see somebody they don't look healthy we've had a few instances on the street if we had an earlier call appropriate there can have been a health check, if you will, or check on someone that may have not looked at not an be able
12:44 pm
they doesn't see something happen that is an emergency often myself i've made calls to 311 someone is not necessarily in a door front but passed out and needs help those are things that happen on the street we're very congested city we want to make sure that if it is not a 9-1-1 call but perhaps there could be a health check or care check on someone maybe 356 can do something about that over the past weeks 36 through the leadership of flabs our city administrator that oversees it w the putting and police department and public works department and hot team through
12:45 pm
dpevenz combevenz hope program to you work tot to respond to what neighbors are telling you there should be an act perhaps something a little bit more modern use people don't have to the time to make the call but can actually with their footprints r fingertips simultaneously complun with 9-1-1 and not try to figure out who's responsibility but 311 will figured out for the residents for someone that seize something on the sidewalks we should be able to respond to in this app we're excited in the past fewq weeks to see whether or not to develop an app to low people to scroll through a push
12:46 pm
bum efforts something on this street or particular intersection you need to see and someone should check on this individual ear r we care about the people on the streets and make sure it is not an emergency but ought to being sure to follow up on someone that is in need of help a care arrest health check followed up we created the 3:11 a.m. and i know that nancy will pop up it on the details i want to lead this effort by saying a big thank you to her team working with all the other departments they want to also be able to get to where someone suggests to us there might be something that is happening with someone we care about i believe that this is an infection of combpgs of the city
12:47 pm
having a deeper compassion to people on the tree we want to provide it to the right agency to follow up with this is why all the departments here are working together 0 so they can be part of it in the meantime we do what we do everyday the dpw and the hot teams visiting encampments of people on the street we assist them more and more and getting them into places like the navigation center or referring the services to the shelters we have or inviting them to the latest project homeless connect program we have all the services housed on a quarterly basis in different parts of city and while we work on short term and long term answers to getting temporary and more long term housing we're focused on ending
12:48 pm
chronic homelessness for the veterans by the end of this year we've been focus on the transitional aids youth and more and more getting the data together to respond to more of our families and youth being homeless through the school district and food for thought creative ways to tackle this challenge a housing crisis in the city we're trying to build and stabilize neighborhood as we're doing these so a lot of people from the development and the business segment to the nonprofits they're all collaboratively with our city agencies to do better and barbara garcia and i are working diligently with interpreting moreno has has as we introduce trying to figure out the mental health and challenges happen on
12:49 pm
the streets in the meantime we ought to make sure that the things happening on the streets can be respond to we've done with the 311 app to invite the people the people that walk our streets an ability to communicate request city services that do care and will respond to situations on the street and particularly to people who might be on the street in need of something may not be a 9-1-1 situation i want to distinguish between 9-1-1 and 311 9-1-1 will continue to be the number everybody calls if there are a true emergency if something something is happening whether a public safety issue or health issue but 9-1-1 is where it may not but in your mind someone ought to follow up with something and persons on the
12:50 pm
streets we don't know all the time whether in immediate need or not but if it appears to someone that someone is in need that they don't look like they are comfortable at all perhaps this is where the 311 health check ought to be had with that, i'd like to introduce over the course our director of 311 nan o'farrell to go over the details >> thank you, mr. mayor for your asking to implement those changes all of us can make a differences by reporting streets events at 311 we're looking at improving ways for the public to connect with government over 50 percent of the questioning requests for broken street lights we see the demand is high for people wanting to assess
12:51 pm
government services and expanding the 311 app of non-emergency to include homeless concerns a convenient way for the public to be pro-active in reporting issues as they see them at this time i'd like to to a thanks my team as well as the departments here the office of hope and department of emergency and the police department and public works the public health department and the city administrator's office took all those departments to build a partnership today with this i'll introduce the police chief greg suhr thank you. the non-emergency number it can't be stressed enough that the way to report on emergency is still
12:52 pm
call 9-1-1 if you want or need someone in a hurry you have an emergency something that process or someone in danger you've got to call 9-1-1 with that said, nancy and the team she mentions to come up with that 311 app is a fantastic way in a city that, you know, how the innovation center of the word now to come in the term an app we met this smurp is mo' magic and the mayor's office and the hope sf and one of the things we have is apps to reporter things we have an entire generations that has touch phones it would be great for a whole tech safer i didn't
12:53 pm
city like san francisco to call on a.m. we could be headed for a especially pick winter and make sure that everyone is taken care of this 311 app will go a long ways not only is it about time it is timely this year ahead of a wet and cold winter to take care of the less unfortunate none can imagined how much they need you applaud the team behind me certainly the mayor that know how and nancy alfaro she's modest but nothing short of a he or sheic effort before the winter is upon us to check on the well-being the less unfortunate fortunate i appreciable are appreciate it now to introduce the next member
12:54 pm
of the team from fellowship this would not have happened larry sprinkler. >> morning public works is out on the streets two r 27 we understand we're facing challenges this app hemming heels a lot thanks to the leadership the mayor and nan alfaro for alexander this to the app we have 3 pro activities crews through the city many times a week we may adjust and be responsive as well as with the predefined i'm looking forward to getting the data to evaluate the route, however, with this information allowing the public to report it will gridlock help us to go our job.
12:55 pm
>> i'll now introduce my other partner barbara garcia. >> good morning we're excited about this new app preservation our homeless team has doubled the members on the team we've responded to 311 but multiply calls someone calls 311 and determine what status it is with this new app we'll have that directly and that will help us in ronald's to the call i want to note the deducting 23 23w47 programs people are i will are picked up we're able to provide that care as an e in san francisco general hospital we have teams that are out there we have teams that go out to homeless issues and violate
12:56 pm
issues on to twenty-four hours those are homeless teams in every district and compared to the 311 call they're excited and trained and ready to continue as i walk down the street i see everyone with a cell phone the public will be responding as they help those no need and make sure the public we respond to the homeless needs to the community thank you very much. >> now i will introduce erica sandburg she's an example of a community member began calling and helping us lead this program. >> hi so, yeah i'm a resident of san francisco i am a lover of san francisco as soon as i set eyes on the city i fell in love he
12:57 pm
have a daughter a second generation san franciscan it is unconsciousable it is so depressing and so upsetting to walk by people every day on particular every block and say i can't help them i so ordering my neighborhood and beyond we have to something has to be done is it not right who can we call not just helping people on the street but combrrn the neighborhood this is okay. we can't continue to walk by so someone had a great idea there should be an app everyone has a smart phone and next thing i know there's an app great idea and great minds think alike i vibrate an what is happening he want it on everybody's phone and i want it on visitors smart
12:58 pm
phone in ms. short's windows they download this app lower-income and moderate income a major victory of that because it is so necessary we need to find a way to get those people's anybody this is getting them off the streets i'm a huge optimistic this is a great way to go i couldn't be more excited i want to get the word out i love innovations it is san francisco and so thrilled absolutely atheist and happy to be i don't know who - there you go. >> prior to concluding i want to show the types of concerns record to the app and this demo. >> (inaudible) at the top
12:59 pm
(inaudible) that concludes this event thank you very much for
1:00 pm
>> all right. ladies and gentlemen, good morning the meeting will come to order the third-degree tomato supervisor wiener the vice chair and to my left it supervisor jane kim your clerk victor young thank you to jim smith and leo from sfgovtv for their broadcasting this meeting mr. clerk, any announcements? >> yes.