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tv   BOS Govt Audits and Oversight Committee 101515  SFGTV  October 27, 2015 8:30am-10:31am PDT

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emphatic there the working-class and the locker class people that don't have homes t so thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm richard dix one with the ct pharmaceutical an african-american pharmaceutical company in district 10 supervisor cowen's district i know mike brown forgot to mention we called for an appointment have several issues with the city it is con mental we're on the bayer when our supporting the doma an republic problems and we support that two but i agree with the last but not least ladies that spoke before let's take care of home we are requesting a meeting specifically for issues with malia cohen we'll have an office
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on gilman in her district and mike brown made a squall to the office we have not heard back we appreciate a call to attend to some of the issues housing is a definite problem but the problem is not spreading money for jobs and contracts and businesses for the city of san francisco when you don't have money you can't afford housing and not a job no housing not a contract you can't for the record housing the african-american population is from 16 percent down to three or four percent those three or four are paying takes i'll appreciate the board of supervisors to address this problem it is dire it is scary and sad for san francisco to lisa lose the element and culture of the
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african-americans that help build the city. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i've been in front of that boards several times but i've been living in so for important my whole lives 25 years from lakeview i've been told if i go to school and object a college degree come back to san francisco and own a house in the city i grew up if if was a lie there's a crisis in the city brown and black have targeted earlier in the explicit comments a young man talked about being a hopeful costs black few weeks are disprorment impacted by the virtual transit racism. >> now without housing if we have housing it is not accurate
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it is a creme and completely disgusting the black population on this represents 8 percent there that is wrong there are supervisors that are paid to service the people but remain mutes on the issue it is december gusting that plaques only representative a my population only in jail those of you who remain silent ought to be ashamed we need affordable housing and need low income housing we need to stop the displacement avenue black folks once we leave we can't go anywhere my family's blood is in the streets you augment be ashamed to look at people telling their stories you know we don't have houses you go home to our nice communities and you need to remember the people in
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lakeshore and fillmore still fighting and surviving you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> lifetime residents of san francisco bayview hunters point i've been before this bodies many times and always brought the documents to i'll not be speaking of myself but you as legislators and is supporter of the law and bodies of the body of bureaucracy in the city for the people article 5 further declaration of policies regarding descents and employment opportunities section 3440 declared descent housing and employment opportunities are
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viable for the peace and problematic a hazardous and sanitary housing for manifestation and achievement d lack of employment and frustration which may percipient violence and c balk lack of the employment helps to perpetuate this financial and human resources 33171 new development no more redevelopment agencies now the office of investment & infrastructure has taken over the forgive responsible eats the may i have to administrative the dew responsibilities and obligations of the redevelopments agency the legislation declares that
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the purpose to expand the supply of low and moderate housing for mr. employed for people's to provide investment for the social and psychological growths for allson's and . >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> all want to say is that i won't say that lady promised me to give me my part in 2012 to 2015 and he really wanted i want you guys to help us you know and
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end gentrification how can you take us out of our homes i'm a kid so that's all i wanted to say. >> (clapping.) he speaks for me. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> trying to get my stuff take care of my son. >> sorry. >> hi, i'm paulette brown i'm here concerning my son aubrey i'd like to use the overhead. >> that's my son aubrey was murdered 9 years ago and still today no closure or justice for his case his case is a cold case i'm triepg to keep his memory
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alive one day i'll get justice i have former mayor gaeven thinks who killed her son and since that day since he said that was a slap in the face none has come forth you said it but nothing else was said i'm walking around with a news letter repeating what he said and showing people what i have left of my son this is what i walk around with every day to keep my sons memory alive this is painful for me, i cry every day i die every day i sit outside in front of the city hall to watch people say get over it get over it i'm tired of people telling me to get over over it i'll never
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get over high son's death my son was a hero how long as a moot am i to derive of grief i don't fight not only for my son but other mothers and father's having hopes and scares to come out i told you mothers you don't want this to happen you don't want to stand over our children's casket i also ask don't walk away from us talk to the mothers how you can you do something for us without us. >> thank you ms. brown. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom
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disappointment realizing a family member is toxic and seeing a favorite actress just distruck on stage now 5 years after this political process in san francisco is reached a point it is just a democratic disappointment this party is a disappointment this election is a disappointment i've reached this affair when we only have one mayor running but it could be something different because a choice election we may have something of a change a pause and change of direction that would have worked for the intent tank maybe san francisco. >> i hope the next mayor has a
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housing plan as good as this 5 points ellis act violations demand with a appeal and no fault with an appeal number 3 market-rate rents frozen if you can find a long term residents their rent is one rent control outfit and for the renters sdpfd if you live in a renters payment and your building is sold you get some of the money 530 percent of open market next 10 percent for if you're thirty year residents in the local rodent and older than 65 next 15 percent if you lived in the area for 20 years 21 those 15 percent units are for you the next 5 -
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>> out of time. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> someday. >> how you doing i'm raymond i'm the youths of bay area. >> i'm the so-called thug on the news but let me let you you know i'm a city of san francisco employee i'm trying to figure out how to take care of my kids if you have to leave the city and how to get to work if i leave the city the affordable housing is school bus where's the opportunities for us never the opportunity i'll out there everyday this is my first time they're not involved with the community i've not seen anyone i've been there for 26 years around you don't i did a
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lot in the community i've seen you all i worked at city hall plenty of time but like i said the affordable housing situation with the youth and it is just had a is to be more opportunity like i said everybody is thinking about the dollar i hear people saying we for the people not the youth i can tell you that so i'm here i don't have a speech i wanted to tell you what i'm going through right now. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> if i can put this on testify staff and read from second kings chapter 22. >> sfgovtv please. and it came to pass when the lord's took up el library that el library went with elisha and he said tare here i've of the
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lord sent me to beth he will and that god with grant me the thing i greatly feared is upon me i was afraid of and he prayed this square feet he wanted to be the next proton prophet but god turned the heart of e allergy to ask him he said i wanted the devil portion i'd like to say in the god load it is dreamland if he asked me i would ask for a day of the hour of returning from christ he was intref this is a book about the is an ethic jefferson city connecticut said 1994 is the is an ethic year it is frustrating when. >> call talk shows you don't get enough time before i could
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explain the rabbis have no authority to rise the calendar is in the spring the pass over not in the seven months so i don't know who thought they would finish the most the is an ethic didn't start until the spring we're in january they're in the spring the is an ethic year of 1995 came to the is an ethic year it is important to know as jonathan reilly said the exile was based on 70 year restore and rebuild jerusalem. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is david lee
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i've written a speech something about us as america us as medical examiner all the street people looking at what we're doing i've walked every district in this town on foot so much housing i think you know people that have been living there so worried they're not pretty painting a pretty picture i've said this city is old it needs a bath not at the extension the sentencing and veterans and people i was evicted from my home of 10 years and i was doing nothing wrong they said he was a nuisance i think that is got to stop it has to stop we can live together rich and poor there's a world war world war iii rich versus poor to supervisor campos i respect he really gets in and
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fights for homeless people people on the street they live on the street but shouldn't have to but basically, i have a speech for him he gets to my heart you people need to think about it you have nice homes i think everyone in the city deserves a nice home. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello, i'm wanted to say it is sad too witness this all it takes to have white supremacy within our community the so-called progressive community so have 3 white people two black people, and one asian this is enough to take and kill the soul of san francisco that's enough to put legislation on the boards that is race and that is a witch-hunt and
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political lynching of an immigrant a person that probably never accomplished moo much because our white police chief does nothing to do anything oh, my god that white woman was killed in san francisco this black woman who's son was killed we do nothing black lives in this chamber is not matter black sell outs and others jewish be sell outs i'm a judiciously conservative man, i'm gay two so it hurts me with others gay jewish men act so insensitive to the need of children's and arrogance it is pact, etc. that 6 people gets
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together against the hard working people of that city a built and main this city our prostitutes you will go and sell our political vote to the highest bidder you don't ask for a lubb afterwards this is gus. >> any other members that would like to provide public comment at this time seeing none, public comment is closed madam clerk can we please go to the reference to committee without respect to committee items please. items 26 and 27 skfrd for immediate adoption a single roll call vote from the member obtains a matter maybe sound proof and cared separately. >> would anyone like to sever any items on the documentation
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seeing none, madam clerk will you please call the roll. >> on items 26 and 27 and supervisor tang supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee commissioner avalos supervisor breed. >> supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar there are 11 i's. >> those months ago are approved unanimously madam clerk can you please read do in memoriams. >> today's meeting will be in memory of following individuals on behalf of supervisor wiener for margie and supervisor mar for the late ms. dora colleagues this brings us to the
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ends of our agenda madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> there's no further business. >> thank you, colleagues we're agenda thank you very at 62942
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together we can support your children. it's been my dream to start is a valley school since i was a little girl. i'm having a lot of fun with it (clapping) the biggest thing we really want the kids to have fun. a lot of times parents say that valley schools have a lot of problems but we want them to follow directions but we want them to have a wonderful time and be an affordable time so the
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kids will go to school here. we hold the classes to no longer 12 and there's 23 teachers. i go around and i watch each class and there's certain children i watched from babies and it's exciting to see them after today. the children learn how to follow directions and it ends up helping them in their regular schooling. they get self-confidents and today, we had a residual and a lot of time go on stage and i hope they get the bug and want
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to dance for the rest of their >> good afternoon, everyone. it's friday, october 23, 2015, we are still from the 21st century this is the lafco meeting and like to have our clerk alicia madam clerk, please call the roll. >> commissioner avalos supervisor breed absent supervisor campos absent commissioner crews supervisor mar mr. chair a up quorum. >> thank you today lafco
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meeting is brought by sfgovtv staff charles and jim smith madam clerk completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. and great it is now 134 additional supervisor breed has joined us call the second item please. item number 2 the september 25, 2015, joint special meeting with the san francisco public utilities commission okay very good. >> colleagues any questions or comments on our minutes seeing e seeing none, open up for public comment and seeing a lack of commenter we'll public comment is closed. and motion to approve from supervisor mar and seconded by vice chair decrees we'll take
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that without objection. next item. >> item 3 the community activity report status on the program launch and b status on the proceeding the california public utilities commission. >> great last meeting the joint meeting with the puc and lafco gives us a sense we're on the on the same page and looking at an aggressive timeline looks like march or april for launching and today, we have barbara hale from the public utilities commission to give her part of presentation. >> barbara hale assistant jp morgan general manager for power i want to update you on the business plan analysis and efforts how we are doing on the contracting approval with the strategies basically our overall schedule to close the loop on
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the last discussion and we understand there is interest in hearing how we are doing on the outreach so i have charles here with me today he will present that at the charges pleasure. >> i want to make sure i don't forget commissioner crews request to indicate how many folks have signed on the website for cleanpowersf we are 200 and 60 for those linking sign and let us you know go to so first a quick recap on cleanpowersf goals and objectives affordability is a big theme for san francisco and it applies this year as well
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this is you know this is what you're business plan effort is all about balancing those goals and chief of police financial stability you know what we'll look at in the risk analysis is, you know, is the initial enrollment case that we're studying financially viable does it remain viable when we test different possible outcomes for example, you know we said our basic green product is going to have a content of 33 and 50 percent when we scale and trust fund test that range do we continue to meet our be affordability and continue to achieve financial stability and likewise looking at opt out
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rates if more customers opt out we're modeling a 20 percent if more opt outdo we obtain our modeling goal those for for initial enrollment at thirty to 50 megawatts and a full testing where this is financially viable and so to give you the numbers on those the initial enrollment is thirty to 50 megawatts 20 thoughts to 75 accounts that is about a 35 million annual expenditure for that program at full enforcement that is around 4 hundred megawatts three hundred thousand go gets a 200 and 70 millions operating stream so age bit this is a little bit larger than the pucs wastewater
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the folks it serve san francisco's stormwater flow requirement it is you know a pretty major program that the city is proposing to wlaufrn that financial stability is an important aspect we're testing through our business plan and risk assessment forevers. >> so when i talk about the risk assessment what are the program risks we're looking so i have on the slide here relates to the program risks to the goals you know affordability goal what is the risk and pg&e will be too low or ours too high the cleaner risk all of the elements in san francisco is the risk would be that our reinvaluable content is too low similar for the local
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jobs and projects investments we wouldn't have enough family-friendly capacity to meet those goals and overall in terms of financial risk we have sufficient resources to keep the program financially available so we've identified the risk that threaten those stablts and we use the discipline of enterprise wide risk management to identify the risk and score them as we score them we glutton this process where you know the business plan takes the risk you see that on the slide in the second column and the impact on our clean power obviously in the first column the objectives and identifies the mitigation strategy on the slides in the third column from russ that risk
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and finally the business plan will recommend policy guidelines that is what you see in the fourth column that we're going to ask our commission to do you want that will guide your management of the program going forward and it is really the policy guidelines that we're going to ask our commission to do you want that will help us as a staff get the balance right amongst the affordable cleaner and local investment okay. >> so then let's take one of the big i didn't see the third one down the cost of supplies exceeds the revenues that risk and apply the discipline of risk management on this slide the risk identified and then some preliminary ratings both initial and with mitigations what we do through this process is we assign a likelihood the
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risk will occur and an impact score to you know if this risk occurs how impactful to the program without mitigation you know the this risk this risk that costs the supplies will steady our revenues get a high score of 25 that means wear certain it burglary happen if we do nothing to control the costs and it will have a high impact on the program it starts out with 25 and 25 then how to mitigate this risk we've identified the target with mitigation at a target rating with mitigation at 4 and so to that's a relatively moderate or low risk rating how have we gotten there we've taken
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certain actions this help us control the risk out to the bidding community with our offers that have allowed us to start to didn't think begin what the actual costs are contracting for those costs for those supplies at a fixed cost for the full volumes in the initial phase of the program so we'll completely control that costs that is how we end up with the mitigation steps with the lower risk rating so the commission we'll go through a series of risk and talk about the mitigations we're proposing to implement and what the guidelines are like them to provide to us as we manage of the program going forward. >> i mentioned this is one of
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the bigger risk in the program and that's because 75 excuse me. 70 percent of cost of the program is the cost of procuring the electrical supply to serve the customers. >> i mentioned the request for approval process that is helping us to mitigate that i want to talk about our strategy for getting those supplies under contract. >> we're going to be bringing to our commission at the next commission meeting on tuesday the 27 a request for approval of the supplier pool and conditional authorization to execute the contracts through the process to really the evidence will then show the competition we saw in response to our request for over find a
9:07 am
large pool of bids came in we're trying to leverage that connection throughout the negotiation process and maintain some flexibility for us within that contracting process the way we're moving forward is through the edison electrical that the board of supervisors authorized us to use for this program is a master agreement and conform process that is used a standard process within the industry we're going to bring the master agreement to our commission in mid-december excuse me. brick the master agreement to our commission for conditional approval once we've signed it will allow to us take the second step which is a
9:08 am
confirm that is laying out the terms and the confirm we'll set the volume of kilowatt hours with the specific price of important that volume we expect then that we'll be signing the master agreement assuming all the approvals are objected in mid-december and then in early january is when we will be asking the master agreement counter parties to submit a confirm and be able to evaluate the price and volume and make a commitment for this early january timeframe while we may sign master alternates with multiple parties we're only be doing business with a subset of suppliers we sign the confirms
9:09 am
with action by our commission on october 27th will allow us to come to the board of supervisors seeking introduction of approval for signing those contracts that gives us a sense of the contract approval strategy we're bringing introduce our commission and then on to the board. >> and now unless questions to schedule. >> so the scheduled you see up on the screen now is the same schedule i prepared at the joint meeting of the lafco and puc i've highlighted towards the bottom the dates that are key dates that are changing so as you can see we'll be providing phase one launch in
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march of 2016 as soon as possible to january 26th that is the 6 week slip we talked about at the last session and that will allow tow us to begin to serve the customers in april. >> this is the tight schedule as was the other we think that is an cheeshl schedule the stars have to align for nothing to change we're moving forward on the schedule and dual tracking the contracting activities to keep our spring 2016 launch date but the contracting it is one of the activities and this next schedule give us a sense of a little bit deeper of some of the activities we're pursuing so i mentioned the december 27th
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date for our commission approval of our supplier pool and moving forward then to the board of supervisors with legislation to approve the contracts the commissions approval we'll be seeking an is 27 will be conditional it will be conditioned on making sure we take the steps of presenting the risk assessment in the business plan and demonstrating the costs of program in compliance with the chartering we'll be coming to them on the 10 to complete those tasks and on the i didn't get is when we'll have additional action by our commission and the action steps are in blue for our commission the puc we'll be presenting the final risk ascertainment and business plan updating the supplier contract negotiations hopefully that will be the date when the commission
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adopts the business practice policies i've talked about and we'll need to bring commission authorization for the gm to finalize the schedule of rates we are - we had adopted rates through the rates fairness and the supervisor process independence in the charter we more solid numbers on program costs and so the december 8th date will be the start date of the thirty days statureyly required period for the rates bra the board of supervisors. >> then excuse me. >> between the 8 and 18 we would expect the board and mayor to authorize the execution of supply contracts we are noting here an important benchmark for
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us to follow on january 1st pg&e will have new rates into effective this is important to us our affordability benchmark are we at or below pg&es rates we're noting that here we'll move forward under the two-step contracting process up mentioned move into the second step the confirm phrase and get best and financial statements through the conforms from over suppliers and he will sign on the doted line to procure power on the 1 of january under this schedule we'll expecting to issue our first statureyly notification and then that will allow us to moved on march 16 and the beginning of the thirty
9:14 am
day quiet period in between us and pg&e and customers will get the service in the middle of april i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you just looking at the latter part of timeline. >> yeah. >> on page 5 slide 9. >> yeah. >> what are the things that can be beyond our control if we hit our timeline up to that date of the things the great risk we'll not be able to get our partners to do what we need to do to launch is there a lot of barriers in place of partnership to meet our marks. >> so one of our partners what is providing back up office services is notable america we've close to having contract
9:15 am
negotiations complete they're all set within the city's system to do business with them they i think this hurdle will be cleared shortly i'm confident that wouldn't happening us up to have a successful launch the program with respect to the power suppliers they'll be committing to us through the confirm process to perform i'm confident if they submit a confirm they'll perform so this will be taken place a fully fund our customer notification and process that's the stuartyly required step we'll meet those requirements so and we have already the board of supervisors has appropriated
9:16 am
$4 million and in working capital as a financial capacity to launch the program the only thing at this point would be a hang up for us somehow the prices that come to us in the confirm make it not affordable for us to launch the program i don't expect that to happen when i look at the forward process for electrical we'll stay within that threshold criteria for launching the program that our commission has given us. >> what factors will effect the prices you can anticipate. >> sure any changes in the electric market forward prices to be influenced by the price of natural gas or severe storms effect that those are typically short time issues within the
9:17 am
market but we're talking about a long term contract obligation those prices influence renewable prices this is something we'll keep your eye see keep an eye. >> is there something that keeps the prices be predictability or something out of control. >> i was referring to something out of the control. >> i imagine with the suppliers going in with us want to keep the control to be provider and the in business i don't expect that to be an issue. >> or at the earlier stages of the negotiations with them you know the city's standard terms but take them time to get
9:18 am
their heads around it we'll get refreshers on the prices so we'll have a sense of the movement we'll be associated with the requirement that the city is imposing that might be unique from on the contracts there used to so i think we'll have pretty good information in mid-i december on those pricing issues and i think any uncertainty will settle out by then thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> any other questions here on the roster so. >> okay. would you like to hear from any colleague on the outreach? very good thank you
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>> good afternoon, commissioners cesar chavez the communication manager for cleanpowersf and enterprise that's been five or six years since i've been up here i'm excited to be back and new things to talk about before i launch into any power point i want to soften you up a little bit we've worked on co-lateral material and to our supervisors we have the first draft or the proof of the t shirts we'll be using those to generate interest we also handing out this flier at a lot of fences we've touched on this from suggests from commissioner crews and gotten
9:20 am
feedback people are that's why this home and signing up at night before they go to bed signing up for super green that's the pattern we want to see for the next couple of years and feinstein offending in our office get copies the brochures and advocates gotten copies we'll be san bruno those in english and chinese and spanish we hosted kind of with the supervisor aids yesterday and got a lot of good ideas and a lot of work coming out of that launch into any power point let's see here so i want to review timelines and schedule as you can see those this list is the events we've attended thus far dating back to july in the event we have coming up tomorrow alone in chinatown i'm going go to go be at the bayview
9:21 am
and be at the district 5 i believe supervisor president breed is host we're covering three staff outreach teams and going forward we've got to number of southeast related activities and this is kind of the schedule we want to fill all the way through customer enrollment week days and week nights and triple and double booked and venture to all parts of city early next year we'll be asking for help and support we'll be out there. >> i have one question. >> sure. >> so just for clarity your goal for example, be in district 5 tomorrow at hampton so you'll be doing and helping residents figure out what their pg&e account numbers are and teaching them how to sign up for
9:22 am
cleanpowersf and making it as simmer for them. >> getting people to sign up at home and working on easier ways to sign up right now the weekend you need a pg&e number we're working on ways for people to sign up with ease no matter where they are at home, etc. we're locking to those o do those things tomorrow. >> most people don't have a pg&e account handy and many people receive their bills online now so it is a little bit harder to assess an easier way to figure out like everyone know their address certain things that everyone can enter into a system on the spot i want to figure out a better system to make a easier for people to sign
9:23 am
up like places and it mobile working group i can sign you up right now and as soon as you get to the point what's tour pg&e number they're like maybe i'll sign up later that's a lost opportunity. >> we want to capture them in the moment we've talked about with our back office company about this dilemma when it came in we're looking at addressing this as soon as possible in the next week or so. >> other questions commissioner crews. >> thank you. >> thank you for the information and thanks for responding to my suggestion on twitter. >> it was a good suggestion we're reading the tweeting feeds keep them coming. >> a few things i want to ask going forward as we you know moving forward with the timeline and getting more aggressive and thanks are moving along to
9:24 am
launch date when you give materials to the supervisors that you also include commissioners that are not supervisors so i can if you were to leave something here at city hall i can pick up. >> on that not we'll put together the tool kit of flyers and a cd of the different log these and medium, etc. anything you'll need to do public outreach and education on our own it is a tool kit we'll put that together. >> what happens to all the people including myself that enrolled after the pg&e number. >> they're still there we'll have to do back verification closer to enrollment to make sure we are pare the right account numbers with the right he'd and people signed up to be
9:25 am
on green green there that will supra verifications we'll do that to get the people enrolled in super green. >> i want to encourage you to use the cleanpowersf twitter account and okay. >> i don't know that all of the people that are interested in having cleanpowersf and being super green a super excited by emergency or energy are going to get trustees i think that is important if you have if you are running this program that you invest in that social media october on twitter and efficiently going forward that people are going to see that more often and know the names cleanpowersf i know you're
9:26 am
banking on the good thing that comes with sf water but important from a business prospective i go with cleanpowersf. >> okay. >> i encourage you to talk with your other communication team about that and one last thing on the communications the enroll early at cleanpowersf i'll say for every single case of communication you put forward you have a call to action that you have the enrollment and you know what's in it for me part so that people understand what why it is they should be interested people are green even though this is catchy and interesting i want to be super green didn't speak to me in terms of what it is what does it mean to be super green and important.
9:27 am
>> i agree. >> i agree that's a good suggestion we've heard that yesterday as well those are themes that keep coming up and try to reinforce them it is important that it is much more than sitting back and relaxing it is about jobs and energy efficient and new energy on the rooftop and so is it is tangible i want to bring it home for every retain business. >> i want to make one more point yesterday, i watched the sf puc merging general manager kelly had a lot of feedback for the videocassettes it came from this feeling of a disconnection
9:28 am
in terms of enrollment i will be going to the in front of 9 meeting this upcoming for stakeholders i wonder if since the 13 any meetings to participate with the people like the sierra club and people that are excited about improperly people in super green some headway maids in terms of the partnership i know coming together more. >> i think there has so who is not with me my colleague the financial operations marry and last sunday streets she warned with the sf folks i think they met afterward she got brochures and amy is meeting one way or another with the sierra club i think amy is
9:29 am
in another upcoming meeting offering it is in the past yes to all of that and hopefully a lot more going forward before the meeting on december 9th we're looking to partner and do what we can. >> i want to see this relationship i have with those groups that or really your best friends in the process i've been in that for a long time i want to see the reassurance that things are moving forward i know that courtney was saying a lot of questioning has to whether or not their meetings in the background or not i want to see energy put into strengthening that relationship where it comes to intraoral people i think many even while we're saying the majority of cleanpowersf is going to be on the lighter green
9:30 am
i forget what it is called. >> on the green product. >> yeah. the only way to really make a huge dent in terms of climatic change is if we strengthen those super green customers if we push for the enrollment i know that that has to be an up front and center goal. >> agreed. >> total agreement. >> i appreciate all the materials. >> absolutely i'll continue with the power point as you can see the action packed schedule in the past and tomorrow going forward this is going so long this is the last time i'll put it into a slide that's the good news the next slide i want to talk about the outreach timeline when mailers go out when opt out notices go out you see
9:31 am
everything this happened october 22nd was the supervisor chat and november 9th did advocates meeting but starting january 4th sending out a mailers all the customers we'll be automatically improperly like a premarital something to soften them up and not two surprised by the opt out notice an january 15th barbara hale mentioned that is the first time i'm not sure why it has the lines but going through jangle 15 i promise we'll be starting newspaper attorneys in january to help with the ousted out notice and the second to the post office they'll be ramping up and door to door and
9:32 am
visibility they muni stops people getting off the muni from 444 to 71 and on march 16 two months we'll go an aggressive outdoor attorneys mostly in the saetd just to make sure that people are aware that the program is happening and this you know they have resources they can sign up for super green all messages designed for paid outreach and start serve customers april 16th the two opt notices follow and step back the items in green they're pretty much that is where we are spending real dollars inform advertise folks and get them into the mailbox and muni stops we're walking around seeing it on the billboards this is when the
9:33 am
media takes effect i want to walk you through those mechanics a little bit you seen a variation of this slide this is our outreach and engagement tactics i'll start on the right and i'll run through this quickly we talked about the paid media and the mailers and the opt out notices but commissioner crews was talking about we'll be working with the community organizations citywide in the southeast partnerships and outreach this has begun and continue to ramp up you saw the scherld 19 scheduled with the fairs well be aggressive and do business what i say door to door chiu's one is the large backdoor throughout the city and softening them up for subsequent phases because they represent a
9:34 am
lot of the energy load and, of course, we want them as part of our program we want to do door to door our third street and southeast and in other parts of city and social media and switch over the outreach no surprise partnership with partnering with the city groups not just the southeast but other parts of city district 5 on saturday and so on. >> and then i think this is my last slide some quick upcoming activities this is long we feel good about it it can be a little bit daunting at times but get a letter to the puc employees and other city people and the presentations to other city departments get the whole city family excited get them to the
9:35 am
ambassadors and he mentioned the video testimonies we're looking for social media our general manager and commissioners and our board of supervisors you know thirty minute video segment and signing up for super green why it is important and the social media media and that generates excitement and increases the outreach we have the advocates meeting coming up and we're talking about other ideas like a big cleanpowersf event after work not a happy hour we can't serve certain beverages but we're looking at things like that and a door to door coordinating with the social media accounts through the departments you've talked about the business meetings and i'll take any questions.
9:36 am
>> any questions colleagues? >> okay commissioner crews. >> just a quick question on the business door to door. >> have you been talking with some of the larger groups management facilities management groups for downtown offices. >> yes. in the past we've ramped that up now we've talked to probably 50 to 60 of the top energy users and the large business organizations we're going to be starting we're at the beginning the process yes starting that again. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. okay. >> thank you for your presentation. >> thank you. >> i that was one of the questions how do we maximize our
9:37 am
outreach potential i asked director freed to work with our offices how to hit our mark with what you provide and mr. fried will be talking about that and other things relayed and insure jason fried executive director for lafco and sit down with the district work plan and working off those plans prior to the meeting that the sfpuc had yesterday, i talked with his office and creating a template to help each individual office to what they need and we need from the puc they've provided a lot of yesterday so we're in the process of ref to push this out with a good work plan for the supervisors office and the public is a utility that a little bit slightly different having the public and stuff like
9:38 am
this to help you out i'll create something to help you out commissioner crews and outdoor that of yesterday talked to prior to coming to downstairs to this meeting talked with puc to not having the account number when you're trying to sign people up at street fairs or festivals thief implemented a new program to get around the things and providing the information i'll be sharing with that the sfpuc and let the city attorney's office talk what their process it so to make sure we have a good running program to how to deal with people if have an pg&e or doesn't have an account and how to get them into the system and easy to understand ways to recapture when we get it supervisor breed was correct as soon as they
9:39 am
leave our hfrnz you don't have that information to get them signed up the likelihood they'll put it on the back burn are and another three weeks that eventually they'll do it is interesting we have to sign of up that minute and i will continue to work with the puc staff to learning the tricks and get people to sign up hoping having a smart phone they'll look it up online yesterday at the festival i was cruz barbara hale she figured out and figured out to do to it on the smart phone i don't have a smart phone i know other people don't have it how to get around segment and
9:40 am
people with smart phones can get it or 2, 3, or 4 minutes and get it system down pat we've work on this is the key for super green getting the pg&e account number outside of that working in general with my team to make sure we launch i know they've been doing a lot of work i mentioned they've been working tirelessly i feel balanced when i call i know he's working on other things they're working very hard i'm encouraging them to do to that's the ends of my part i'll be happy to answer any questions if you have any. >> i think we're okay ms. hale. >> what if you don't center a 1345ur7 if we're signing people
9:41 am
up with ipads we'll use the ipads the issue is a customer needs to have an active electronic account with pg&e and as supervisor president breed mentioned making their bills online is a good likelihood we're all trying to come up with different ways to overcome the hurdles we definitely will the other things i want to follow up with the respect to the regulatory legislation matter when you're ready my time to present. >> okay. >> why not go through new. >> hello michael i'm available to answer any questions you may have cleanpowersf good afternoon, commissioners i just have a couple of that things to report on the regulatory front i've tried to keep you informed of the green are terrace that's thinking folded over the past year and
9:42 am
pg&e did update an advisor letter the implementing document that they're required to submit to the california public utilities commission yesterday and this was in response to direct by the california public utilities commission to make the modifications to the program so we're taking a look at that advise letter to make sure it does comply with the puc resolution that directed those changes if there are in protests filed by any parties to those changes that will go into effect in thirty days a quick scan of the letter shows the pg&e was targeting the first quarter of 2015 to initiate their desire service the other item i wanted to bring up is that we are coordinating closely with our puc colleagues on regulatory matters we did
9:43 am
that this summer with the senator bill and assembly bill 1110 and the puc regulatory items we're going to conduct regular meetings strategy sections with our fellow cca to be as unified as possible if on the regulatory front and leverage our mutual resources and you know looking forward i fourth figure out we'll be working on together in particular is one the implementation of senate bill 350 which is probably the monumental legislation this past session that increases the states rp s target for retail like puc to 50 percent by 2030
9:44 am
so that will have prelims for the puc program wale have to comply with the rules that the c p uc develops and make commitments that will trickle into the exit fee the pc i a as we refer to it we'll be keep an eye on this issue as well and with respect to the pc i and i a they're concerned about the volatility we're talking about how we can look to potentially reform the puc methodology going forward and finally, the green tariff program that will be happening over the next 6 months and, of course, an ongoing program with pg&e the puc has an
9:45 am
active proceeding addressing remaining issues that will be tracking closely and participating in so wanted to give you that brief update if you have any questions he let me know. >> great. thank you very much. >> so we can go on to public comment on this item open up for public comment and if folks want to please approach the podium in in order. >> good afternoon, commissioners eric brooks our clean power advocates i want to prefer by assessing all this revokes have extremely happy this program is moving forward after a decade of not moving that we feel that the puc staff especially is excited by moving forward so that we want staff to understand if we put criticisms
9:46 am
forward we're not criticizing you, we want to help to make the program better so when we've only got two minutes at the podium we've got to focus on the negatives sometimes to the first one you know, we gotten our delay we, of course, didn't want to see that happen but you know that's water under the bridge moving forward we don't see any reason why there is any certain over pricing i mean when you expected 11 bids on those contracts and got 6 that was a pretty good indication we're going to get good pricing we don't want further details any business plan during deeper should delay rolling out the program collaboration
9:47 am
commissioner crews 23 was good you raised that, yes staff is meeting with us will the rollout but raising concerns or other movies we don't feel we're been heard it sound like you were heard on a point we raised we were told that was not a concern but the public officials were heard we need more collaboration we as advocates have spent an decade fighting pg&e messages - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commercialism management for the chapter of the absorbing i wanted to second what commissioner crews talked about with the social media i think that this is a moment the san francisco public works is
9:48 am
changing it's brand identity to the people of san francisco you're adding a whole new program and not i know you guys have given power to the city by the residents don't see that it is important to be communicating with folks a clear way keeping the cleanpowersf handle for twitter and facebook for example, is reilly confusing to people i thought that was a power program not water you're trying to communicate through sf water hey wear a clean power but want to talk about clean energy people have not been working on this for 10 years communicating through the name of the program is really, really important i wanted to bottom line that and also we're very excited to work with the sfpuc to enroll people
9:49 am
in the sf green and want many folks as possible going forward coming november more time to work on it and looking forward to doing so thanks. >> hello commissioners jed from sf ii want to thank eric for making those comments it is important to frame that political exercise is i think other community choice programs the ones that exist and will exist that are in development are more perpy because of unique situations with serving power customers ours is a program within an existing city agency i think that that provides a lot less fewer legitimate opportunities for people input
9:50 am
that is effective we're coming in at the done deal phase so if there are any issues or concerns we have it is kind of a done deal i don't know if it is necessarily partnership it might be something we certainly want to help in any way we can it is not necessarily partnership with the advocates i want to second jed's comments on the twitter handle i think you can't launch a product in 2015 and not have a twitter account if you post to sf water about the handle it informs people about the program and i think that also just a comment a done deal a comment about the super hero super heros are few
9:51 am
and far between and they go above and beyond the call of duty they make movies about them we want to promote one hundred percent renewable energy the city has committed to being b there any 2030 this is not a unique product my friend rebecca saw the down home thing it's not an - >> thank you very much any other there's a lot more work to do seeing none, public comment is closed we'll public comment is closed. >> and this is just an informational item; is that correct we don't have - okay. so we can continue this to the call of the chair. >> okay next item. >> item 4 final reports on the open source elections. >> jason fried executive
9:52 am
director for lafco last week and in this week's packet i sent to you the final version of open source voting elections it is a source that was worked on by an interim named angela yee from sf she did the original draft we took this draft and open up for public comment and she found a job me cable i'm not surprised she find a job quickly i was able to get the feedback from a few people some have larger and some short comments in some cases the comments circuited each other but put that information into a new document i don't know how many you want me to get into the open source but in the expansion
9:53 am
of the drafts i talked about open source themselves there are many styles and ways to do them and other things that are not quite the same we you think or run into that daily and the city and county of san francisco is a policy decision to whether they went to create one none exists certified by the state of california so if will be a decision they have the information to down the road if they deserve and i will yield it to you if you want to make this final we'll submit to to the board of supervisors this request came under the resolution to the board of supervisors and the commission agreed to do i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you don't see any questions from the rosters so let's open up for
9:54 am
public comment anyone wish to comment on item number please step forward. >> good afternoon, commissioners director alec i've been involved with that issue for 10 years now the report is excellent want to commend our staff for having present a very good analysis of things why is open forest is important because at least in florida a court ruled that the trade secret aspect of secrets for the force code praftd tare allowing people to look at the source code behind the machines and election which candidate and others
9:55 am
explicit record a vote for a candidate that's 18 thousand and she lost by a few votes that's the public's right to be sure that the election keeps the election save. >> this will help the city and county to help save money people put in work and while there are many that have been certified there's a this is where things are headed in this country open source for something that requires the transparency in the same that elections do it is critical we move forward if in direction i'll encourage you to
9:56 am
forward 24 report to the board of supervisors the report concludes this is a policy matter for the elected officials in the city of san francisco i hope you'll do what you can to make sure that is in our other roles thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners. i'm brent turn with the california election of voting officials we've been at work pro bono on this issue for over a decade ems as you may know you're familiar with the work on wednesday 9th night in front of the the locations commission as the board of supervisors the elections commissions is advocating open sour elections systems we did have the pleasure on wednesday night of dr.
9:57 am
gilbert a board member presenting information on his election system he's create from a grant he received from the e ac it is now being utilized in new hampshire and public elections this is not hypothetical this is what is going on in other jurisdictions in the country san francisco should be leading on this as we're the hub for open source in the country but i think due to political issues we've fallen behind the curtain user curve that is similar to the clean power so once we remove the remaining blocks if under are any we'll move forward as the city is doing but not paying attention to the standards but also as trars county texas is attempting to do so san francisco county we have a clean slate to start won the greatest
9:58 am
minds and open sources to us i suggest we go ahead with that report it was presidential done if a block remaining this it should be removed one person at the meeting not on board was director john e.r. i thought we need to make sure the elections department is on board with the supervisors and the elections commission thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please the commission sets the policy so not just the decision of the director. >> connect. >> good afternoon, commissioners john templeton here in san francisco oxford university of press historian i was the year dr. gilbert gave the presentation about the voting system it is in use ♪
9:59 am
wisconsin and other states primary so as you moved on the expected rfp i hope it would be amended so it does give the opportunity to move into open source as opposed to to repeating the mistakes in the past because the technology is where we had and i think the certification will be achieved in very short order thank you very much >> thank you. >> any public comment? that wants to comment seeing none, public comment is closed so we had an action item will be to accept this report and forward to the full board can you have a motion to that effect. >> so moved by commissioner crews and seconded by supervisor campos and colleagues without
10:00 am
objection next item, please. >> item 5 the executive officer's report jason fried one quick thing we've continuing to move forward on the study of update how the county can help to increase the voter turnout and participation we've our interim works diligently and created a good work plan i've approved my stamp of approval and starting to do interviews over the next come up of weeks that did pertain to the people doing the election this is one in november so that put a cripple in his style talking about the cameras and then after the election sit down to talk about the day to day activities and talking to those experts and taken our input if you have anything you want to input let
10:01 am
me know and he's drafting that so the process is moving forward as it continues to move forward i'll give updates we're looking at the january and february timeline for the draft report probable in february because of election and the high schools holidays and then good through the same process get comments back and reresubmit a final report to you at this time the other item a reminder our next meeting is december 11th basis the holidays we'll be meeting during thanksgiving i believe everyone will have a better place to be so the next update we'll altercation do our calendar of meeting for the following year so my plan is to use the fourth friday the 1:30
10:02 am
the exception is is not a board of supervisors that meets the week before and after we shift the meeting around to get it between two board of supervisors he meetings we did that that was the first time we took advantage of that we had better participation in the meetings so having that shift if someone wants to come up with a better strategy i'll work on it ensue my goals to use that same basic strategies for the meeting calendar and that's all that i have to report at this time and for me personally if it ain't broken, don't fix it the scheduled is working well and from the colleagues have other concerns to share with you so - on civic participation and voter turnout it is important to
10:03 am
explore not nonprofit but the facts that influence the you are not to if we don't have people to manage or to effect that will be important to be able to explore we don't say impact the city doesn't have an impact affordable unit on what they'll say in the campaign but lowers the participation overall how it is important to offer what some of the minds that think around this what they're saying about the impact on turn out. >> okay. yeah i'll talk with enrique and i don't think i was anticipating putting in there we'll talk about those items none is how excited people are on the ballot itself you're not
10:04 am
excited by not likely to show up so i'll make sure that enrique incorporates it if you have an idea shoot me an e-mail i'll try to photo the information how to incorporate that. >> it will be important to mention ron conway in san francisco. >> okay. i will open up for public comment have we already had public comment on this or? >> eric brooks our city san francisco san francisco green party and clean power advocates the first item that was discussed you may have done this that maybe good to see a new motor-voter law that passed and signed by the governor it will be interesting if you have not gotten something explain how it relates and then at the previous
10:05 am
meeting around this time we asked as advocates cleanpowersf advocates that we look at this idea of only rolling out the program in with an district and mannered wise it might not arguably smart to roll out because of it's environmental justice issues but half the people are super - got me saying it in an area people are in to go hundred percent green not all eggs in one basket making sure we are fooling a good strategy if at the next meeting we can get a report that would be helpful we know that commissioner avalos mentioned that is useful information so, please at some point even though it is a touchy area the puc staff wants to do one thing it
10:06 am
would be good to hear what might not or might be a good move in that reporter. >> hi jed holtzman i was thinking about factors that depress voter turnout how many elections were thinking opposed or deemed unpose by the media resources in this city our mayors razz race is one of them this particular session indeed folks running against him and you know really important offices like the city attorney and the district attorney and the treasurer and others throughout my time here have tended to be kind of just handed from one person to another they're kind of just held by someone opposed for a long time and i think for anyone that is
10:07 am
not a political nerd that really removed a lot of the purpose to come to the ballot or vote anything other than prop f or whatever made you to go and vote it would be great to look at how we can improve voter turnout expecting 25 percent for the votes in november and that's for the folks that are registered we have to do speaking to increase the civic participation in our town or that will continue from the direction it has i appreciate this discussion thank you. >> thank you very much seeing none, we'll public comment is closed. >> commissioner crews. >> i wanted to say that i appreciate all the work you're doing on increasing the voter turnout report i'm interested in
10:08 am
seeing some of the initial drafts and what fwets finalized and i want to invite members of the public and anyone here to come down with me after the lafco meeting i'll be vetoing in city hall today. >> oh, thank you. >> okay public comment is closed. this is just an informational item so we'll go on to the next item, please. >> we already have. >> item 67 public comment. >> general public comment is now open for any subject matter related to lafco. >> good afternoon i wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to the bay chapter i'll be leaving at the end of november i want to make sure you know who he is and i'll get you his contact information.
10:09 am
>> okay. >> hello nice to meet you all i look forward to work with you all and i'll be in touch. >> thank you very much. >> eric brooks to to the last two speakers raised just first of all, want to say we wouldn't have reached this day without justin working on moving forward cleanpowersf is incredible and it is we're sad to see she's going to london hopefully, we'll get her back some day and hopefully, she'll raise hell in london and i met with jeremy and wanted to tip you off that jerry i didn't say sharp as a tack he's thoroughly well-trained and looking forward to working with him and you all do so as well he
10:10 am
knows what he's doing thank you. >> thank you if other - no other comments to the public i think lafco members want to say thank you for your work in helping to help us to push our agenda especially around cleanpowersf is really great to have our advocacy and i in organizing that making sure it happens and my colleagues my want to chime in supervisor mar. >> thank you so much to jerry jessica for the more regional climate justice with people you're an amazing person that unites movements and thank you to lafco for our staff to the absorbing for being engaged for the long hall. >> building alliance where the environmental justice groups and
10:11 am
being more than a mainstream environmental group you've shown the leadership i'll miss working with you but please stay in touch thank you. >> commissioner crews. >> supervisor campos. >> i don't know that there's much more to add it is hard to imagine clean power staff without you being involved i honestly say we wouldn't be here without our leadership and involvement and our loss is london gain but hopefully, you'll could be to us in san francisco we'll miss you but god speed. >> commissioner crews. >> thank you i just want to say that in my time as commissioner commission
10:12 am
on local agency formation commission you've reached out to the me been a trusted partner and friend an amazing climatic justice advocate we county do the work we do on cleanpowersf out our advocacy we'll miss you very much thank you. >> director freed i will chime in thank you you've done a lot of amazing work when you told me you you were going to be leaving i made you one promise we'll be returning to continue to fight i'll hold you to that you'll not fall in love with london you've ability to pick up the issues on
10:13 am
things you had not worked on before and getting the excitement is definitely very helpful thank you so much for the effort and work you've done for the plus three or four years. >> thank you. >> okay. so weigh closing public comment and our next item, please. >> item 7 future agenda items and future agenda items colleagues let's go on to public comment. >> we'll public comment is closed. and go 0 o to our next item. >> item 8 adjournment. >> we're adjourned everyone have a nice amazing
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district. some of you know that i grew up in public housing. i live there more than half my life, right down the street at eddie and laguna. >> good morning out, everything my name is linda and breed in him the supervisor for this amazing district. some of you know that i grew up in public housing. i lived more than half my leaf at eddie and laguna. when i became a
10:24 am
supervisor and met with the mayor he asked me, what my three top priorities were on the board. and, number one, public housing. number two, public housing. number three, public housing. since then, the mayor and i have been working hand in hand to do something different. 1960 housing policies cannot solve our housing crisis in the city and county of san francisco. nor, can we continue to allow the residents of public housing to be neglected. the conditions that exist in many of these developments existed when i was growing up there. bad plumbing. rodents. no response to fixing the problem. discovering that we had about 10-$12 million to fix over 4000 public housing
10:25 am
units, and we had over $200 million of the deferred maintenance, well, it really upset me because there was nothing that i felt that i could do to change the lives of the people who live here. so, i did working hard with the mayor, with edward lee to try and figure out something different. no, it's not a perfect solution, but it's what's going to change this community for the better. today, we have our amazing representative,, leader nancy pelosi, who continuously fights for san francisco and fights for the rights of those who don't have any fighting for them in congress. it is a battle she deals with every day. i've witnessed it personally. we are so appreciative of her hard work. we also have the hud secretary, julian castro, here today was a former mayor, and he has a few
10:26 am
words that he wants to say and what's great about having the mayor and these incredible federal, national leaders, to talk to us today is that they get to see firsthand the experience of people who live here. they get to meet the residence. they get to see the conditions, and what i hope that they walk away with is a desire to want to do better. a desire to want to work hard for the folks who live in these units. every single day i know it's a struggle. i have not forgotten about where i came from. that is why, on the board of supervisors, it is been my priority to deal with changing the lives of folks here because even though i made it out, even though i'm a success story, even though so many people who i grew up with are proud of me, they deserve the same opportunity that i have and today, is a new day for that opportunity. so, at this time,
10:27 am
i would like to welcome mayor ed lee to the podium. >>[applause] >> thank you. thank you, pres. lyndon breed. were very lucky to have you as not only a supervisor for this district but as our board president and obviously all of you can feel the passion she has and we have ours to share our family stories with each other for quite some time now. with the hopes that we would have a better outcome for our residents here in san francisco. let me begin by saying that it's not only a pleasure to work with the supervisor, it is a privilege because not only do we share the stories we get to do something about it. one of the things that we get to do about it, we get to and the description that oftentimes is made about public housing
10:28 am
residents. that is to say that, i want to be here when all of us can say they're not public housing residents. the residents of san francisco. that's a difference. it's a complete difference in the relationship that we have with our housing authority, the relationship we have with the tenants association, the people that live in a just so happens, it might be economically challenged, but they've got the strength and hope like all of our families do. when we talk about our stories, we often talk about the strength of families, the hope that people have, the things they're doing for themselves and for each other to build strong communities. this is what i think, but it was all about when they first began to build these housing units and over the decades been challenged with all of the asset maintenance jones, the lack of funding, the lack of cooperation between
10:29 am
local governments and the housing authority. we have been through all that. but we have new leadership. we have walking torres and all the new commissioners that are in line with the mayor's office of housing and the board of supervisors. we have a federal government that not only listens. they fight for all of us to make sure were doing the right thing. we have a hud secretary that i got to meet again. the last time sec. castro and i met we had not won the nba championship yet. of course, i probably stuck out my tie. welcome former mayor. san antonio. this is warriors ground. of course, he got it immediately but i also say to the secretary, too, having a former mayor in that position means an awful lot and will go into detail later on about that. i am here today to
10:30 am
announce, again, that the robert pitts housing complex is the third of 15 sites that we've already begun. this result assistance demonstration program with our federal government. we arty started at hunters view. if you go down there, take a good look at it. without rebuilding public housing. rebuilding a community with residents formerly of public housing. you are part and parcel of that through a program that leader pelosi has helped that be so much hope sf. it is giving everybody the chance and hope to be part, equal parts, of building a stronger community. second project, up and center wasn't within urban and that's down that alice griffith. that's already underway. in fact, the senior housing is under construction and pretty


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