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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  November 29, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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feet long and 40 feet at the plaza there is it at the groaning blown-up up to arkansas street and you get a sense of 25 feet wide in terms of the public walkable and the parks on the right 35 feet. >> there are a couple of more slides bill will speak to design requirements since it is in front of the you the process is ongoing we wanted to show you thank you. >> so thank you we tried to take advantage look at feedback in improvements to make to the existing design with a particular focus on the popping and passages we mentioned doubling the 3 bedroom count all the existing 10 on the muse as townhomes and the other that will not be townhomes but
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they'll be close to the public space. >> we've taken out and in response to the balconies in the east west muse in the public space i will state for the record we've been questioned on this the setback in the east west muse is 35 feet 25 feet in the foot of the patio to live oaks school visibly you'll see 35 feet but pedestrian 25 feet i want to be clear on that. >> and then. >> more on the balconies. >> well, we took out the balconies. >> from the school classrooms. >> we've gotten comments from the entry of the muse from arkansas street we've come up with an alternative opposite up the entry to a much greater
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decree o decree in the passage 11 feet clear there is more sun and more open it is something we will certainly support that represent by way of an update thank you. >> okay. >> thank you open up for public comment tony rodriguez (calling names). >> good afternoon commissioners i'm tony rodriguez represent the workers union and a native
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american or native born and raised and here to ask to you vote in favor of this project this is to our union and well paying jobs for the residents and outreach to the community to create and project that fits well within the community and like i said i've been in san francisco all my life san francisco is always changing some people accept that but san francisco and for the community this project is a good project and well-thought-out i ask you to vote in favor of the project thank you. >> afternoon commissioners i'm ron miguel as far as the item number 6 is concerned on ceqa any opinion is adequate and accurate and should be certified
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as far as the project is concerned i've lived 40 years less than two blocks from the site and obviously built r know that very, very well that is exactly what we how the of in the eastern neighborhoods you have a situation where you had a bus parking lot basically and a auto parts distribution you are coming into the neighborhood residential and services and you want the residential exactly in this type of location you have old foods and safeway all walking distance two to three coffee shops and several restaurant and two games and jackson park you've already heard about the electrician that will be given to jackson park directly across the street the design as evolved in my opinion
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very nicely and as you heard it is still evolving sitting where you're sitting i know the design will continue to evolve what you do today which i hope is to move this project forward well, still be tweeted by the department and interface with the neighborhood i was glad to hear it will be looked at as to the department the department will look at it as to possible interim controls as it gordon's i think that is correct as far as pdr you have a magnificent pdr coming in very, very close to one hundred hooper the area is well served this is exactly in my mind thought of in
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the eastern neighborhoods when we wanted to increase and shape the residential and change because change is coming change the neighborhood it is going to start in potrero hill and dog patch thank you. >> as you're working your way up i'll call a couple of more names (calling names). >> game changer my name is scott the director of operations at live oak school ami i'd like to address the safety of our children in terms of traffic i
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believe that this study shows about 24 hundred more traffic or automobile trips through the area once that project is completed we don't think the traffic study as addressed this but should address the crossing lights and more signage and perhaps a crossing guard during rush hour when the kids are arriving at the school when traffic is to the east i'd like to address the air quality having classes and the children are around i'm concerned that once the project gets started the monitoring will not be accurate to insure all the necessary guidelines are followed i'm advocating there is an impartial continuance
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monitoring to comply with the air quality and noise for our children and they're learning experience thank you. >> hello i'm available to answer any questions you may have kindra the director of development i'm concerned about the health and safety and well-being of the children and the neighborhood as well as the projects going on i would specifically like to ask the monitored they say that attempts will be made for emotion activities and demolition work to be done when school is not in session i ask that that will be done during that time and additional i would like to request the addition of flashing
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crosswalks and a point of contact a third point of contact made available throughout the duration of crosswalks to people develop concerns they want to voice have someone present onsite thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is amy i'm a parent of a student at live oak school my daughter in eight grade my family will be impacted from a student standpoint i think this is important to address the concept of schools in general in san francisco and our school and their schools like ours get operations he learner we can only accept a fraction this is a big project i'm fearful of the
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impact on the children at the school and i think this is really, really important to note that the school is important and it needs to be addressed i agree with kendra that someone need to be on site it will be addressed right away and i share scott's concern that all the measures that are put in place are carried throughout this project clearly will take a a long time i'm nervous how the effect on the school and the neighborhood i live in the mission so i won't be affected but i think that is really, really important to note the people move out of the city when we have kids we moved out of the city an important place to raise
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kids i want to make sure this is being addressed thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners donald a resident of san francisco and concerned about our housing crisis this is one of the projects that really addresses the housing crisis today it is next to a school, however, what is there next to the school now a warehouses i feel is kind of scary for the school children nearby he and this is a block the developers have taken extra care to reach to the community and made the necessary modifications and also reduced the unit from three hundred and 20 to two hundred and 99 now 20 percent the dedicated pdr space is key and important that
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activates the block and invites the dog patch and potrero hill business owners to set up shop and it creates for open space to children and families and displaces none with the new construction i'd like to remind everyone that voter have spoken we need to keep the momentum going and to the interim controls do not prevent evictions and displacement or add rent-controlled units to the supply or lower the prices and given incentives for landlords to keep their buildings when we delay with emergency rooms the housing crisis is real today it is happening and right now 55 thousand dwelling units and supply like that we need to keep overseeing dwelling units moving forward through the planning commission there is an estimated
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1.2 million jobs in the bay area by 2040 thank you. please support the project. >> i'm sarah parents of a fourth grade student at live oaks school i want to thank the gentlemen for the endeavors thus far to cooperate with the stakeholders in the neighborhood i think there are a couple of areas i'm concerned about the environmental impact report in particular, the issue that addresses the hazardous materials the issue that kendra spoke to you know, i think it is a great report i thank the commission for going through it but ken dwra points out the language is
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toothless it requires the developers to do absolutely noting nothing feasible and an attempt to do the demolition and emotion procedures with the school is no it in session what's not feasible what is feasible really mean to the commission and the requirements of the developer to do make the best efforts i think the proposal language should include you know the development and construction takes place with this specific demolition while not in session during the summer of 2016 it it should be a requirement of the environmental impact statement we're acknowledging the fact we may choose to don't worry about and do construction in an area that is acknowledged to have
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significant environmental hazardous waste had the students are in school i think that is cumbersome upon us as at community and parents and as one of the commissioners said as a fellow human being to do the right thing by our kids in school thank you. >> hi thomas potrero hill and the person that reached it out to commissioner richards for comment tips we'll see you lived on the mariposa and in potrero hill 99 through 2002 familiar with the site definitely in support of project i sent you a letter part of your packet i want to hit a few key points i love the 20 percent affordable onsite this location is a great location for people to live low g hd take muni and
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bike and walk i love the increase setback between the project and the live outcomes school that was important in the original proposal was not right all the open space is a key benefit to the community and i really love the design there is a lot of reports sometimes, i read the staff recommendation the design is exceptional david barker is an experienced architect and it will turn our head around one hundred 80 degrees just as the 18 and arkansas very controversial at the time it has turned both a great community asset this would one will too the second is a comprehensive i want to close by that's why you
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for your services and the neighbors helpful in getting this project to this point i hope we moved with an approval today thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commission my name is steve i didn't a mom at live oaks school and please i have a daughter lilly 6-year-old she loves learning and learning to read and loss recess and chasing the boys i want you to imagine you're waiting to run around and chase the boys at recess and lunch at jackson park and bracketing really hard not thinking about the hazardous materials that are coming at you in the air our mom is she's in this afternoon ever nerves you'll get sick i ask you to
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please make sure the hazardous material are happening at a time when the kids are in the under and you're looking at the records worse on the paper and trying to hear in you're ahead e head what is that word and loud construction noise please make sure that those loudest noise at the construction site happen during summer break so it didn't interfere with the kids trying to learn we know there is a lot of noise and as part of a whole process but help us to mitigate something like that i've made friends but they've moved out of the i city it is hard to raise kids we need to protect the learning environment thank you
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very much. >> hi, i'm silva i'm going to read a short letter he wrote in support of the project i'm writing 1601 mariposa a model for the projects that are being developed in the project sponsor recommended california is helping to offer native san franciscans the opportunity to have a hope of living here and raising their children they grew up loving the project is 20 percent affordable housing to help to insure that potrero hill is here and our family born and raised in the mission district we're raising a third-generation that are attending daniel webster in potrero hill we have grown to love potrero hill
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because of the educational opportunity for our children the only thing no opportunity for the working-class families to live here we would like to raise our children like 1601 mariposa is proposing we had the privilege of growing up in a working-class family not face with affordable housing because the richness our variability of food and other things we were effort to grooving grew up can't offer our own children because the fluctuating costs it saddened us to think our children will miss out on our history the future history which is why we hope that 1601 mariposa burglary sustain our community culture by giving people like us people of color and people from the
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working-class i background we're excited for the outdoor space and schools in walking distance the mom and pop shops and a salesman for my children to have their own home overlooking the beautiful view of san francisco lastly 1601 mariposa has pdr says that a good example of keeping san francisco roots by giving the skilled workers to maintain a strong bond with its community thank you. >> i have a handout for the commissioners that is the 4 proposed guidelines for a large project scombrmz we proposed last week the community members will present their analysis whether mar possess needs the
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controls i'll frame on the 4 accounting proposal whether the project and sponsors have outreached to the neighborhood this is the neighborhood has been engaged with the related with us working with 3 sets he was project leads on bringing this sediment e development to the finish line any improvements that came out of that feedback but i'm notable the boosters approved this more able to say we oppose it when september and prior to the october calendar date several issues we are identified one is providing the clarity for to take a position our membership asked for a continuance to give us time to settle the issue they didn't and go to a continuance one was granted in the letter from
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numerous groups several open items and moving we'll get into the police cars but the open issues is two-fold first of all, by the open issues of preventing the incumbrance to get a broader design we had a discussion the potrero hill approved it as we go through the guidelines that has been able to address the designed economy we're eager to avoid in the eastern neighborhood but the second issue it is this is. in a difficult position with the open issues and here we can include the design by coming to you before a complete project for these you to advocate and decide on our on behalf of if we finally listed the issues and in our support or lack there here's
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our instructions from the open issues have not been resolved and instead of coming back to the neighborhood we've seen online with the goes on we the community should be the one side here speaking in support of this frontage we were only now given the full chance so we're here today thank you very much. >> i'm handing you some letters 6 letters will the opposition to the project that didn't get in by the deadline alison and potrero hill the project authorizations will combine 6 parcels into 3 and 1/3rd acres in a 2 acre block is the norm one would expect to screen the structures two huge
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buildings with the north west it has the potential to have a break in the mass because of overhang it rise up to does not - the open space should be redesigned to be more than hard escape passages to include greener areas and neighborhood amenities and commercial k commercial used with interaction and reaction a project demand the exceptional design that harmonized with its surrounding while maintaining a sense of place along 18 street an inherent problem with one david barker building across the street from the man you are that recognizes the david barker building here the the not
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harmony along did you passageway is a form and finishes of each side too much of the one opposite and depending e extending 23 hundred feet without a break the result is the less authentic facade and the frontage longer than carr lien with a missed opportunity to reference the detailing of the brewery so commissioners here's the problem given the disappointed level of community engagement and a lack of formal guidelines we end up with a crazy happy a hundred process not fair to anyone and unfortunate the skafrp with buildings that are neighborhood characteristic and not enhancing that one additional point the $2 million deal on the table was related includes the requirement
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that the residential unit not be reduced of 10 thousand 99 units this is good restrictive and makes that harder to have a mix designed tweaks and increase the percentage of design space thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm rod a residential the potrero hill and a co-founder of the grassroots i want to address some of the designs concerns raised specific massing and scale first applaud the conclusion inclusion of two passages each promised to break down the use and the developer can go further in achieving a final design the east west
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passageway is 25 feet not the thirty or 40 foot setback the developer claims it should reflect the pledge the true 35 passageway that severs as an buffer preventing the light and air for the adjacent live oaks school the project should respond more to the surrounding urban block of residential buildings and small-scale commercial uses this is proposed and envisions buildings across 3 acres the blocking structures demonstrate a lack of thoughtful design for buildings that are definition longer than carr lien and arkansas street the developers caved out some of the massing especially on arkansas the revisions are minimal again more can be done with or done to
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widen and deep and legit them one notch or a setback here or there to have a modulation falls short of design and also the current plans lack the adequate penthouse for elevators and stairs and how those will be designed to minimize the impact on the vantage points out this one employees several architects should employ several annexes so this is not merged into development perhaps those will make a difference measures by the planning commission may want to consider for larger projects in the future and potrero hill shows a density for the neighborhood as 27 unit per acre related 89 will triple the density of potrero hill
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unfortunately reduces the project density by less than 10 percent is not meaningful when you consider the neighborhood scale and characteristic in closing beggar projects have a bigger responsibility to achieve superior design i urge you to help make that project a better fit for the neighborhood thanks. >> (calling names). >> commissioners tony vice president of the potrero boosters the interim controls westbound submitted last week unintended to be a composition test for the architect and developers not ss a we're trying
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to get better buildings and drawings i see the renderings of 3 sides of the mariposa on the screen ask yourselves how this project buildings makes a good character trying to get something on the screen does that project earner the large-scale in the neighborhood one side another a third a fourth. >> i see there is not that dissimilar the project deserves a better design it came up in last week's forum there is taking of materials on into a series of boxes the attempted
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texture and detail is sproishl and this to do with the casting features that is material on top of boxes of seen and approved many times before the rooflines are they finished or detailed or the building is stretched up and what does that do to the features on the ground floor i'll say the same thing this is an attempt at a roofline here but not on the one side of the building the muse the change of uses inside the muse can a make that welcome not just usher folks through i ask you for artists space inside of the muse noted only on the outside and really significant differences in the building space i'll say it is minute news in a couple of
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colors in our neighborhood that you've are already approved we can't trust the staff to finish the design of the project that is exactly who i have the - we don't want on approval if the podium and say the staff will work out we have no architecture on the staff that's why question have the 0 problem a small delay will not hurt that it will approve that we ask for a more substantial project to the controls thanks for listening. >> good afternoon, president of the potrero hill 1601 mariposa is a unique project it is nearly 6 blocks large in the middle of the residential
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neighborhood and next to a park and it is circle think a street near mariposa connects the two freeway assess it is unlike any other project in potrero and deserves cafeteria attention according to the eir and we expect more significant traffic on mariposa due to the 101 off-ramp and the 20s on and off-ramp we're 200 in danger of having mariposa a defactor against the common sense sdrien what the area plan envisions putting a large building which will generate a lot of traffic
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is expected according to the eir to provide localized congestion and will likely provide for congestion in adjacent unstudied intersections the second impact to the size of the project is the impact on the views from jackson park jackson park is one of the few open neighborhood parks we have and has a view to the south of potrero hill right now good sides of the view are blocked off by the brewery and live oaks school this project will fill in the remaining space third effect we have to the potential of this project is coming at the expense of a great
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deal of pdr space it is providing very this eir space to replace this is a unique opportunity no other site officers finally this project has been several years in planning many meetings with the developer and we've always encountered foot-dragging in the final plan the developer take 5 percent of the originally envisioned and other improvements have been required anyway if public mergers are going to have any effect please i would like you to consider they be taken seriously in consideration for this project thank you. >> indulge commissioners i'm
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with the potrero hill residents and with friends of jackson and handing to you hard copies of the e-mail that i sent to you earlier this week on the tenth i'm here to talk about the the need to create open space and save the precious space in our neighborhood as you may know our community has repeatedly voiced a lack of open space in potrero hill on the developers side there is open space but make sure that open space has planned with greenery and keeps it friendly and in the advisory committee of green space and not concrete and a great deal of pathways we appreciate the addition and the increase of the family-friendly units like 10 to make sure that open space and pathways make for a family friend garrett spaces friends of
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jackson join with live oak community their concern about the mid block passageways at 36 feet all the way across and more important skewering or securing the health and noise that happened discussing the construction that will effect the live oak kids era folks in jackson park at the time i want to say a friends of jackson park works with live oak and san francisco rec and park to create a benefit for the ramps on jackson park related to the dpw said not related to the determine how that will be to the ends we sent out a survey to the people own the e-mail list and overwhelmingly can you be
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that people want to see the community rec center on the community this shows our community needs the precious green space we have i like to urge you to keep in mind we're put out not survey and figure out the first step to get the community outreach to find out what we can do and work with the stakeholders in order to get a plan for jackson park and as a see we love the developer to come to the agreement in order to direct their impact fees all of them or a percent towards the renovation of jackson park. >> hi, i'm wendy smith a
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kooeflt residents on connecticut san francisco county transportation authority budget & finance committee around the cornerstone from the property project and have a child that graduated from live oak and my office in the building next to live oak on the corner arkansas and mariposa i'm familiar with the neighborhood and i wanted to make a statement will my concern for the safety and specifically the crosswalks at mariposa and arkansas on the western side and the southern side because on a daily basis i see cars failing to stop appropriately and concerned with the children at live oak and concerned for the children in the rendering for the related project i'd like the commission to please do what it can to make sure that the traffic moderation signage and calling measures are
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taken for mariposa street and that intersection in particular thank you. >> like to ask those person in front of doorway to move i see a fire hazard. >> i'm also a parent of a kindergartener at live oak school i want to tell you that right now when our doing drop off or pick up it is improbable to get through the idea of adding hundreds and hundreds of more cars is impossible to think about what is scarier the attempt i don't attempt to keep my child save i make sure i keep my child save is it so not feasible to keep our children away from hazardous materials we need to make sure there are hazardous materials only there
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during the times that kid are not in session we want to tell you another thing i'm a san franciscan and proud to be a san franciscan i was living in los angeles for the last 9 years and recently moved back this city is a concrete jungle it feels for traffic i didn't the soul of the city has disappeared the artists the art of city is quickly disappearing by creating more concrete jungles by not insuring enough green space we're destroying this city a mother of somebody that is 5 years old and groou u growing up ♪ city i want to make sure when she walked out of the city not breathing in hazardous water her parents doing everything we can to insure the green space allocated is enough for children
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to enjoy and the playground is not cost and no sunset because the vitamin d those children will not be enough if this building coffers it which is what we're seeing he wanted to tell you one more thing that is amazing you guys do everything you did this is important to feel our voices are heard and if our children are exposed to hazardous materials? their future and i hope you take that seriously thank you >> hello good afternoon. i'm laura and i've two children at live oak one in elementary schools the first time grade and the second in middle school i share many of the concerns for us today about the scale of the project
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and the lack of open space and the number of cars that will be coming in the neighborhood already efrpdz along mariposa street a line of cars and the traffic has really increased in that area and children are walking across the street everyday on their way to school and quacking to jackson park for recess and for pe sister-in-law kids in the crosswalks and middle schoolers leave the school by themselves often at the end of the day or on the way to school so i want to insure that their kept save the toxic measures are introduced
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including crosswalks thank you. >> hello my name is chris james a i have a kindergartener at live oak 5 and a half years old the half is important and there's a lot of things to the parents have said that's safeties i want to address one concern and that is the remediation activities associated with hazardousus materials the phrase the sentence feasible response attempt to schedule the demonstration and remediation activities in summary summer of 2016 no responsibility for the sponsors to protect around the teachers from the risk of exposure to hazardous materials and contaminated materials we
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would like to see much stronger language specifically about that we - the project emotion activity should be scheduled when the school is not in session and communication a reference to the document about posting communication up on the site regarding hazardous materials and in this day and age especially where we live in terms top locally and to the residents on a weekly basis to lemon them know what is going on thank you. >> as the next speaker comes up
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(calling names). >> my name is u london lands a kindergartener at live oaks and 3-year-old twins that will be joining. >> can you speak into the microphone. >> sorry i'm short. >> so i have a 12 year run with the children i think my primary concerns echo a lot of what's been said already the concern with the language i'd like to see that strengthened to require the noisiest and most hazardous demolition during the summer most and the other primer is the traffic measures serving
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a few incidents of skids hit in crosswalks near the school are dissecond street for everyone and every measure to make sure that the safety of our kids crossing the streets throughout the day and my secondary concern would be the green space in the development i'd like that increased to the 35 feet that was discussed and the idea of an onsite community space that is large and assessable for uses i'm in support of that and i'm in support of making sure that this passageways from the screens is not just paved and welcoming and inviting to the school community and neighborhood community as well. >> thank you. >> tends to prove.
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>> hi, i'm cammy a san francisco recipe a live oak mom and i vote i'd like everybody to know i'd like to reiterate the i have the traffic concerns as well i walk my daughter into school along with any 3 year-old son a abundance of people that run the stop signs even though security guard does an amazing job of keeping everybody in line he is one person we'll be battling more and more drives e drivers so whatever signage would be terrific i'd like to reiterate i also would like the hsa hazardous materials and noise to be at a minimum and done through the summer months if at all possible thank you very much.
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>> hi steve i didn't i own a small internal design i'm out here everyday i'm not an expert but know about the construction and i'm the mom of two children so my kids are in the first and third grade i echo the concerns and hope very, very much that you'll basically have the sponsor do the deconstruction and the demolition in the summer months and if they not our children need to be somewhere safe if they can it is a big issue i think that all of that is a huge issue i think the language is very,
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very weak also i think that's about it so thank you very much. >> game-changer my name is jackie a parent of two current and won future live oak students i think i wanted to let you know that jackson park is a very busy parade they have successor and baseball teams and the addition of three hundred units in this area will put a lot for pressure on the playground the developer needs to provide for recreational facilities for the burden on jackson playground at the moment i support what the friends of jackson playground said about community recreational facilities on the site
1:52 am
$2 million donation i'm helping with the renovation of a playground in fire extinguisher it is costing $17.2 million so $2 million didn't go that far thank you. >> hi, i'm jeff i've lived in san francisco since 1991 and i also have two children at the live oaks school i'm i'm a designer one of the things i'll not telling them how to do their job details matter and they've been putting out misinformation about the sixth district of the project that has been readily discussed about the phase of nearly 40 percent on the web is said they've created
1:53 am
42 foot sobriety and he says active 25 feet we want to ask that the projectile be returned to the promised setback of 35 feet and the details that matter in 2, 3, 4 process of that does it include patios and balconies and things like that does that included the 35 foot setback does not include those patios thank you. >> hi, i'm an 11 year residents of potrero hill and this morning i was taking an out of turn up showing her in my neighborhood she noticed two things in potrero hill we have a lot of clean coffee shops and not enough open space that is totally un- i'm here to talk
1:54 am
about that i'm one of the friends of jackson playground we've been working closely with the proprietors and the rec and park and the developer to come up with a benefit true benefit for the community 0 on to the planning commission and impact fees to make the in kind impact fees for the parks in the neighborhoods we'll appreciate that thank you. >> hello, i'm kathy less than a potrero hill residents and firstborn of jackson playground and he my kids go to this school i support what's mentioned previously with ward to the sentiments about safety and hazardous materials and i'd like to speak about the recreation open space like many residents in san
1:55 am
francisco we don't have a background jack park is our background in the potrero hill community and i expect 1601 mario most of impact of hundreds of residents on the park is a huge priority and thinking about how we can make open space and green says that a priority for everyone and assuring that the community remains a wonderful place to live for everyone current and future i've appreciate the developers working with the community like ours and the city in terms of the jackson about park but $10 million will not go too far as much i implore you to use our discretion when we talk about impact fees and love to see an in kind donation where developers can direct they're impact fees to the jackson park
1:56 am
and green spaces and as this project sits across from one of our green spaces that will impact residents and the green space needs so much less i'd like to tfa found find a way to direct the fees to that park thank you very fa found find a direct the fees to that park thank you vera found find a way direct the fees to that park thank you ver found find a way direct the fees to that park thank you very found find a way direct the fees to that park thank you veround find a way to direct the fees to that park thank you verund find a way to t the fees to that park thank you vernd find a way to direct the fees to that park thank you verd find a way to direct the fees to that park thank you ver find a way to direct the fees to that park thank you verfind a way to direct the fees to that park thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i'm deborah i'm a potrero hill residents on 19 about two blocks from the proposed project and one of the founders of the potrero education fund when among other things has with an on the campus of daniel webster elementary schools and one you'll remember in the dog patch with built to an in kind -
1:57 am
so what is happening with that in kind agreement with the martin building cement it agreement is allowing for you the impact right where the project is i'd like to urge to do a similar requirement and require the developer to put an in kind facility a community recreation space alters related project that could be done and works i know because i've been involved i want to comment on you've heard about the traffic measures will be a lot of live oak parents my son is in first grade i've spent 10 years working the education funds another school which doesn't have a population that is here to be heard but you need to consider you've heard the
1:58 am
mention of i s a we've got two elementary schools daniel webster but two schools there and the impact of all that traffic at the same time in the morning is dangerous for residents and the children and we saw a horror retention accident so really, really need to make sure when over talking about the traffic caging measures the benefits at live oaks school that benefit whatever the population is going to be and you're communicating with the san francisco unified school district as to with whatever is going to be on the campus to you hope you'll take those things take into account.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please as you're working your way up (calling names). >> good afternoon a san francisco resident and a live oak parents i am here nerve to support more to outburst to the project i'm here to ask the plans of the projects are changed to absorb the 35 foot project i've been practicing architecture in the city of san francisco the set back means no part of the building that sticks into that i'm urging the developer to change his plans and the commissioners to impose this setback and the developer want to somehow asks for a variance he can do see and explain what the hardship is thank you very
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much. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is cashing i can't i'm a resident of the hill i've also on the hill for 23 years the past 18 years i've been fortunate to buy a home on any, any between 18 and 19th although the process of building out mission bay and potrero hill is a motion we're a compression of traffic with no path of emotion and judging from the skeletons of the new buildings it is going to get worse every block of communication custom 86 adds to travel that is to a standstill in the non-community hours