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tv   LIVE BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  September 8, 2016 11:00am-2:31pm PDT

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>> the city of san francisco sfgov tv meeting of the rules committee occurring thursday, september 8, 2016 we will begin shortly. >>
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>>[gavel] >> hello good morning everyone and welcome to our exciting rules committee meeting of thursday, september 8, 2016. i'm grady katie tang chairman of the committee and to my left is cohen. mar will be joining us shortly. from sfgov tv would like to thank charles kremenak. we have any announcements speed tends thank you. >> thanks. please sounds all cell phones >>[reading ordinance] >> at this time i think oregon about skip over item 1. if we can go on to item 2 >> item number two, >>[reading
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ordinance] >> so, this is one of the i guess routine appointments to the reentry counsel and am happy to support supervisor avalos on the. see no other questions or comments on open item number two to public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> we will do that without objection >>[gavel] >> let's call item 3-5 together >> item 3-5 >>[reading ordinance] >>great, thank you. so, at this time i believe that colin kelly
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from our puc would like to make a few remarks there will: although commissioners in the order appears on the agenda for the presentation. good morning supervisor. i'm here to offer my support for the reappointment of the three commissioners to the san francisco public utilities commission. francesca hitler was squarely and [inaudible]. i would like to give you a little perspective of each one of them. quickly. first, i like to start with francesca vidor can in fact, our history goes back to 1996 when she was a department head of environment and i was city engineer where she was trying to introduce green buildings which i thought she was crazy at the time. but, now it's industry-standard. working with her, i really understand her a little better, not holy but a little better.
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she is really pushed our organization. first major organization with community benefit policy and environmental justice policy, which we advocate nationally. she is really pushing on sewer system improvement program, green infrastructure, and how we plan to protect the environment and i think her drive to help us successfully launch clean power sf is a testimony to her tenacity. i just want to support her in a reelection. the next commissioner i would like to give my support to is in court egypt was courtney and i share a lot of the same vision about creating jobs. and how we not only provide opportunities for communities in these jobs that were created but how do we build a pipeline for people in the community to get these union jobs with benefits and how they also can become city employees as well. so, he has really focused his efforts on
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our sewer system improvement program, i wonder system recruitment program and also clean power sf from the perspective of how we can provide jobs to the community and i think he has been very valuable in his contribution. the last one, commissioner is in molar tainted and miller king has been there for 19 years and she has been a voice of reasoning that she has what we call the jesse water running through her veins. she knows everything. she documents on every conversation we had were for the last 19 years, every time we talk about a subject she pulls out a piece of paper i was talking out 16 years ago and shares that with me. so, at a minimum, she is a great filing system. she has been
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really the sort of the foundation of making sure our organization is financially responsible get on the water system improvement program and sewer system program and also clean power. she is focused on how can we protect our ratepayers, financial. she needs our financial or actual our budget process every other year. she has been really thorough and as she reviews our budget. so, one promise that in and i made is that we are going to stay on until we actually built the digester and southeast treatment facility and so i want to make sure that i help her and she's going to help me say when those with that project is complete. so, in closing, i would just say i'm very fortunate to be the general manager with an all-star team as commissioners and i would hope that you support the three
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reappointments here today. they give a much >> thank you very much. so at this time will call up each of the commissioners in the order that you appear on the agenda. come on up. thank you. >> hello kitty good morning. i'm francesca vidor. i really appreciate your consideration of my reappointment to the puc. i been on the commission for eight years now and i feel very proud of all the work we've accomplished so far and environmental justice environmental policies pasted i feel like to puc graduate years ago is really institutionalized a lot of its green programming initially recognized nationally and internationally as an environmental steward. so i just hope that i can continue to serve in that capacity. more
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specifically, i'm really looking forward to being able to assist with the limitation of the sewer system improvement program. and as harlan mentioned, the green infrastructure i think is huge potential budget from an environmental perspective but multitude of benefits that can provide jobs to storm water management to beautify neighborhoods throughout san francisco. i am also looking for to continued success of clean power sf which another we've got launched i think is gone beyond our expectations as far as success of enrollment into the next big push is critical and i hope to be able to assist with that. so thank you for your consideration. >> thank you could just some general questions off all of the appointees to just either speak to in your remarks or insert if you haven't already addressed, but wanting to know, why you would like to continue which i think i got out of your statement here, but what are some of the challenges that you see facing the that the puc
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will be facing in the future and how do you expect to work to address that? >> i think a couple of the challenges were going to face the drought is going to continue i believe. i think climate change is on a trajectory where water is going to continue to be scarce. so were going to really need to be much more aggressive about that person find our water system. we are bringing on groundwater. we are bringing on recycled water and i believe it's not a moment too soon because water management is that a critical issue for the puc. we also be seen our rates go up so i think it's going to be really important, especially from equity perspective to make sure that a low income communities and communities already struggling to stay in the city are going to be able to afford their utility services. as we enter into the rebuild of our sewer system. so, it's credited a lot of documentation and community engagement to make sure especially those most vulnerable financially will be able to pay the increased rates and will be able to rebuild our system. with that in mind. >> thank you. any questions
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from other committee members spewing commissioner cohen >> thank you for your interest and willingness to serve. there's been a lot of call, date conversation about the wastewater treatment plant government usually try to rebuild it. do you feel any strong or i would imagine that you do feel strongly about the rebuild process. what are some of the feedback to hearing from the neighbors in the neighborhood around the looming the development of the treatment plant? >> welcome i think change is hard and i think it's overdue. so i think the neighbors have a lot of questions. i been really proud of puc's involvement at the neighborhood level the engagement level. there's been a lot of outreach to communities to participate in the beginning of what they'd like to see in the community. i
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it's been a long time since the 50s synth that plant was built and there's been a lot of negative impact, and i feel like we're on the brink here of really being able to create a destination place with the treatment facility and without re-envisioning and rebuild of the community center that. i think it's going to be a place of pride for that community that's long overdue people can gather, we are people 10 x. the neighborhood in a whole different level than they have been able to for these last years. i think that by focusing most of our dollars and most of our attention in district and interview and that site, that it's going to be an opportunity to really galvanizing reinvigorate and i live in the community that's not happened historically, really. since maybe it was first done years ago to look for to that effort. i know my commissioners share the commitment to making sure that budget is really done
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right and is really led by the community. >> one thing i want to, and not just you but the entire commission, you guys have done a fantastic job in bringing summer interns and on board and to the department whether their young engineering students or students don't even know they want to the engineers and results of the end of the summer to their placement they have found themselves on the pathway to a new career. i think that really has to do with the strength of the and the direction not only of harlan and his executive and also the commission being in sync with the overall vision of exposing young people to careers they would not normally be think about it when you think about the environment. when you say about empowering people to be more than an activist but actually rolling up the sleeves, learning the science to save your participant and be a part of the rebuild. the project will be going on for a long time. >>[laughing]. there's room for a lot of room for opportunity
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to inspire other people. coming on board >> i think that is right. one of the challenges we are seeing retirement the silver tsunami is coming but one of the opportunities is to engage our youth and get them excited about these jobs and break the pipeline for them to become the next generation of utility leaders, really >> think. i know other questions. >> thank you for your presentation and answering the question. commissioner supervisor mar is not here. he might have questions before this is over. >> thank you. >> well commissioner king >> good morning. i certainly have any of you times before. i'm here to certainly ask for reassignment to the commission for the next four years. i think i'm just going to jump over eight accomplishments
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because i've been vice-chairman -i've been on the commission for so long and we have done so much of the infrastructure, and the birth of the water system, the $4.8 billion that is almost completed now, 90% completed, and the beginning of our waste water system. so, we are now 11% completed on that. that is $2.9 billion. so, i would really like to jump to what i see are our problems going forward and what i would like to do about them. first of all, i want to keep a very sharp eye on our sewer improvement program. it has to be on budget
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and on time. i have been very involved with digesters even ever since isaac came on this commission in 1997 and so they are part of me. i cannot wait until they're in the ground and functioning so that is my true goal. secondly, another concern i have is the fact that we've been so good about conservation and consequently, already bizarre way off. we have dropped 17% in the last 10 years in revenues. so, we have to really look at our system and how we are going to change that. so that is a top priority for me. dr. priority for me is to keep a very watchful eye on the clean power program. we have to also look to build out that we can do to complement that system. and just for your information, in november we have
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765 new sign-ups and out of that 70% are [inaudible] so that's very good news because that's what were looking forward to. my fourth feeling in terms of priorities is to make sure that we get our reset program completed. we have three outstanding projects and they face different problems in their development. so, i see, for sure, we have cavities completed within the next four years. >> the three projects their major projects do you think we can get them done in the next four years? the next yes, definitely there under construction now. it just we had some problems with the land situation. we had to change motion and so on and so forth. lastly, my concern is to really
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forcefully look to other water sources, how we are going to do that and move forward with that. because we certainly cannot rely on our snow melt, which might not be occurring in years to come. so, lastly, i just wanted to make some remarks about my last 19 years and the changes i have seen. first of all, i want to complement our utility. i think it's a very fine fine well run utility and i would compare to any publicly held utility. under rgm: kelly and deputy gm michael carlin, it is really so just beautifully run. we should be very proud of it. and you,
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supervisors, should be very proud of the fact, two. secondly, i want to remark about our relationship with boss called. bart the is a water district we have 26 water districts to which we so water and when i came on the commission there was no communication. it was just no. now we have a very fine working relationship with them, with their staff, our staff and i would like to point out to the ceo, nicole--has been a great leader overtaking the retirement from arts johnson. the third point i like to make is that our commission is very well functioning. we worked together very well. way back in
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2008 the whole commission was dismantled and i was the only commissioner at the time, and the seats were assigned. the environmental sees the financial seats so on and so forth. so, i want to say that this stems from actually the board of supervisors and was a very good idea and i think it functions very well that we do have these assigned seats, but we all have broad vision to work together and i really want to complement my fellow commissioners. lastly, what has not changed is the communication and the weight we have worked and you have worked with oscar the board of supervisors, i know the five times i've served as president for some reason there's always been some trauma. it's been a very rewording to have great help from the board. i appreciate that. so, with that,
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any questions and? >> thank you very much for your very laser focus presentation to colleagues, any questions or comments? supervisor mar has joined us now >> i just want to say i don't think you necessarily need people speaking out for you but ed harrington's letter in support acknowledging your focus on infrastructure and core water and sewer wastewater efforts. i think it's important. i really appreciate you talking about clean power sf and ensuring that local buildout is so critical and we maximize the number of super green customers as well. then, from a regional perspective come i think the dq: tosca with the bay area water supply conservation agency, a letter of support showing the understanding of the regional vision of san francisco and our partner counties and water systems but i really appreciate
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historical memory that you always provided and helping to educate me on the issues and i'll look forward to more years of your leadership on the puc can i want to thank commissioner theater, also for the service and really focused on sustainability and the environment, but commissioner diane, your history with the with our enterprise department and the puc and the city is really amazing and i'm just so happy you're going to be serving again. this is entering your third decade, i think of service to the city but thank u so much. >> thank you very much >> thank you. i do also you know as someone who cares a lot about finances as well want to thank you and commissioner before opening up the rate issue and how the revenues are defining the good and bad problem as we spoke about before in terms of how we are doing better with conservation
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but that impacts us in other ways. so i look forward to working with all of you to address that as well. >> chairman tang, i forgot to mention i never met someone who is so interested in digest. because of the severe need in the southeast neighborhoods to have clean and new technology but i appreciate you traveling globally to understand the technology from the workers that implement them to the technology and other things, that is really is a something about your leadership on the puc as well >> well it is a passion. i must say >> you become an expert in sludge and so they we should call you the grand madame as well as the down from hetch hetchy. i think you're incredibly good example for many women across san francisco what leadership looks like. you walk it and talking and you
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done it for a very long time and were grateful for your service. you do it with a tremendous ease and is a sense of elegance particularly when you're thinking about engineering terms and you could probably really give some of these young engineering students a run for their money on terms, terminology as well as your know how your technological know-how around different systems. i, too, just one comment and recognize you are exceptional in the sense that you get out. you walk the plans. you meeting with the consultants doing the tourist. attending the conferences on the front line learning about the latest technology and that is to be admired and commended. thank you for your service. i'm happy to support your state gmac thank you so much the next thank you very much for your presentation. so, now we will move on to commissioner courtney junior. >> good morning supervisor. thank you for having to get my name is vince courtney. i'm from san francisco. i was born and raised in. i'm honored
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mayor lee was appointed to this commission i served on the commission since 2010. i never thought i would do anything like this. i think one of the reasons i'm still there and still interested in your support is because the community workforce that place on high priority on. we heard a little bit about clean power. obviously, the water system improvement with i can get into those things if you want to get into those things but i do want to talk a little bit about the workers and the people and then obviously the sewer system improvement program, which is underway. i have a lot of respect for my colleagues. i rise in support of them as well. obviously, i am proud of my affiliation with organized labor. i'm proud of the men and women of the san francisco labor council and leadership we have their, jim paulson was in the room. i'm especially proud the building and construction trades confident that you'll hear from later on another item. especially mike calio
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who were integral in development of the project labor agreement that covers this sewer system improvement program to commissioner science point the well was completed job on time and on budget. obviously, the men and women of the labor international union i'm proud of them as well because they just have the fight in them. i think most of you are aware of my record when it comes to the career pathways community workforce development specifically in areas underrepresented and underserved. pretty much made it my life's work to advance those career pathways through action instead of just words. we did together the first the apprentice ship program we run the mayor's preoperation program on the west side of san francisco. some of those candidates are here today and the purpose of doing that is to make sure local residents the best crack at these full-time jobs in both public and private sectors. we've already graduated probably 70 individuals. a number of gone into the public sector pathways and a number have gone into the private sector pathway. i'm honored by the and kelly will
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rise and supported me. i've the most respected public objective is a true leader. i think it's incredible vision and today we had a conversation with harlan, j ellis and michael: and it's amazing how much work the utility has managed to just complete the last year. it happens and you guys know this as well as anybody, it happens to you when you're reminded about all the things that you did in the year it shocking volume of work. so, i'm asking that you consider my reappointment to the commission. every promise that we made we've capped could we kept our word. we been honest and transparent. with a lot of work to do moving forward so i'll take any questions. >> thank you very much for your presentation at supervisor cohen the next i probably less questions and more of a statement. what i admire most about you, vince is you are a leader. whether you are a commissioner or not a commissioner even part of san francisco in a leadership role in a very thoughtful and
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profound way. united work together with a wrecking part on glen eagles project. and connecting the local 261 to apprentice ship programs and to the neighborhood. i think that those stated because i think you would be the type of leader if you're going into battle you want a guy like this on your team. the right. the right witty. he will take a couple hits and will even throw a few for you. >>[laughing] at the said but that's a big knowledge. not everybody even on the drawnout rules committee not every commissioner acted out. even a leader before being a commissioner. you build helping people before being a commission. this is almost like a feather in the capt. something you don't even need. it's an acknowledgment about singing readership. but i think it's a testament to your personal character and there are few people that come before us for commission appointments
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they really have that innate leadership ability. a major turnout room like this. that's quite a commendable. to have top levels of labor leadership in the city as well as regionally to turn on your support that incredibly good i don't see that here but i'm sure he's somewhere close by. >> that is. >> your mom is here. see, that the other thing i like it because of the fire without mom or dad. go there every step of the way. >>[laughing] executive probably would have kids here. i know you got it some are around. nonetheless, making light of the situation but i really want to just publicly acknowledge the work you've done quietly when people are not paying attention but when you're public setting you hitting yourself in a very professional way. sometimes it can get a little contentious when ratepayers find out have to pay more for services, but you been able to bring a measure and professional
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perspective to the board and you never leave labor behind. never forget about the men working men and women and i commend you for that get that incredible and we need more people in leadership positions like you. >> thank you very much supervisor cohen >>[applause] >> supervisor mar >> i want to thank commissioner courtney and i appreciate what you're saying about the pcs great opportunities for getting people especially are low income southeast and other communities jobs in a new sustainable economy. as we transition to a from a fossil fuel economy to a hopefully, cleaner greener economy as well. i know as clean power as it moves forward were some concerns that some commissioners like you had but i appreciate now everyone is on board supporting clean power as ethanol local buildout as you
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mentioned it so critical for getting many of our workers from our communities to work as we build this incredible program out on a very large scale compared to other counties. but i'm wondering if you talk a little more about the local buildout and how you envision that along with other commissioners as well? the next i appreciate at supervisor mar production down memory lane given those comments it is really organized labor it's been so performed now. the primary conversation that myself , my karaoke jim paulson were we were all having was about the buildup. that was a priority. it was about where the workers would benefit into the program and we set that aside. so, were still working on that piece could we set that aside in the interest of the clean power program. we feel
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confident that working to get more into the weeds in that but once we were able to get organized labor on the same page, which was the last and heaviest lift, that's when they were able to secure the threshold number of votes to get that done. i actually look forward to having those conversations. i'm impressed with the numbers. i'm impressed the amount of folks that are withdrawn. i think it's 1.8% when a prediction was 8%. in the next phase, we will see expanding it expanding it and expanding it. it's delicate given some of the issues we have with for someone i percent in support of the program. i'm enthusiastic in particular, about the buildout. and havoc with the men and women of the construction trades but also local 21 seiu you on the ministry decided how that puts folks work together for a long long time before. >> yes i was in a mansion with the leadership of puc staff j
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ellis, others there's a strong social justice and equity perspective. could you talk a little bit about how you see social justice and equity in him anyways in the career pathways that you talked about earlier? next thank you again. >> thank you again. those are nicely done the middle. i was here yesterday talking about proposition b john avalos is called hearing supervisor avalos it called a hearing about equity in the matrix for back and parked after proposition b. those kind of amazed to go through that and i've been back in your area in district 1. there is a hot zone there. i did not know from the lesson. died like it you look more and more every day you go through that did not take the time to get into those weeds. when it comes to j, j is as good as it gets. she's thoughtful. she delivered she's always willing to meet with me but also talking to massoud. massoud has responsibly as relates to the sewer system improvement program moving forward. i mean, that's my
11:49 am
wheelhouse is the equity particularly the labor peace but making sure that folks want to be electricians have a clear pathway to be an electrician. joe koppel is in the room we also supported folks want to be plumbers. the plumbers, the pcs all about the plumbers. at the fact. everybody knows that so making sure they're in line with those career pathways, whatever training you have to administer, whether nationally recognized multicolor craft curriculum of the building trades we do administer whatever programs their administering in else with the changes in technology the changes in tools, doing with those safe work practices and it is changing. these labor organizations are experts when it comes to that work. the
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doors are swinging wide open. we really want local higher in the public sector. it just about outreach. so every opportunity i get you mentioned dpw and you mentioned back and parked. every opportunity at and there's a few people in the room right now to make sure that we reach into communities to get those folks interested. we actually had a meeting at the union hall a few weeks back where we laid out all those job classifications. we told them exactly what they were and exactly how they fit into the clear pathway. there's a little more to it than just the general civil service application process. you have to explain what the wage rates are. not expand with the benefit packages are. you have to talk about the barriers. you have to talk about union dues. it's about drug tested that that those conversations before i leave, only to see that we integrate those conversations into the city programming at a judge i know donna is it. she
11:51 am
does workforce in hr but those are the kinds of impact were trying to have weathered that the puc whether to the building trades council, whether labor council, whether it's through our own collective bargaining agreement, its exact overtime to accomplish. thank you >> thank you very much. i just want taking up her juju at all the comes made by supervisor cohen and mar. i know see five which you occupy is an at-large seat but i would not be surprised in the future we have changes because i think it's incredibly important as were talking about all the work puc is engaged in without labor components and mindset for everything is the department does. so i just wanted thank you for everything you've done. in fact i have not had to meet with you before this rules committee because i know exactly what you're doing. you're out there working hard with not only existing people part of your organization but also young people who are seeking to be where you are. so, with that said, i just want to thank you for your service as well. at this time, then i don't have any questions. i don't see any other comments. we have backed up the presentations from all three commissioners. so, at this, i know you're all you to get to
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work and open up public comment for item 3-5. i have a couple of common cards i'm going to call. i also understand we have a large number of people here in support of commissioner courtney we will asked to stand in a moment. at the moment, i have eight card. >>[calling public comment cards] >> first, it's great to have dinner with three leading to a my favorite councilmembers. supervisor eric mar and melia cohen. eric and i sit on the bay area quality management district great seeing you advocate raising your mother. i'm here to rise in support of his courtney and at the same time thank harlan kelly. as you know, daly city and a number of cities, we get our water from
11:53 am
the puc. it's been very very collaborative,. visit i had the opportunity to talk about numerous issues relative to san mateo county in terms of job creation. i think you brought up a great point commissioner mar supervisor mar terms of social equity. these are the issues by billy vitally important and i think one thing that is always does, mr. courtney always does he's always accessible. whenever of questions about infrastructure were different things happen around in san mateo county, it's always been there to answer very clearly. i think he represents-i know he's your commissioner please always been accessible to the elected family in san mateo county. i incurred you to support mr. courtney in his appointment. thank you very much >> thank you very much for being here. next speaker, please. >> good morning commissioners.
11:54 am
my name is tom harrison. i come here to support mr. courtney for reappointment to the puc commission. i stayed up late last night trying to think of something nice to say about him. but you've already said these things. i just will say one thing that someone once said that this is a doer. if you want something done, ask vince. he gets these things that. as example with the apprenticeship program in the pre-apprenticeship program. in my opinion he's a great guy. thank you. next speaker, please. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, jim paulsen executive director of san francisco of labor council. we represent over 100,000 men and women in public private sector here in san francisco and chair katie tang is music to my ears when you talk about labor seats. we are very very proud of having commissioners who come from the ranks of organized labor on some of our commissions and we believe that should be a policy of the labor council and of the supervisors.
11:55 am
is what i should say. we are very proud to have vince courtney representing us at the puc in that wonderful speech that you gave supervisor cohen that i will vote for you last night was incredibly >>[laughing]-incredibly to the point and i don't think i could've said any better but this courtney represents organized labor. he sits on the boards of both the building trades council and the labor council and is the commissioner jeff says, he gets things done. we really are proud to have him on board so labor council supports his reappointment. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning commissioners. larry mazzola junior local 30 plumbers union also president of san francisco building trades. i don't vince courtney for about 10 years. we've been friends the last six months of those 10 years. >>[laughing]. in all seriousness, i urge you
11:56 am
to reappoint vince. you can find a more dedicated guide for what he's doing for the commission. he we've heard from him what he's been doing and ways going to continue to do. he fights for all workers. he fights for neighborhood people getting those jobs. he fights for the city itself. you could not find a more dedicated person to be on the commission in a really appreciate it if you would reconsider putting them back on as commission because he is a very smart guy. is he undid all those older than i am. but he has a long time in this business and he knows what he is doing and really cares about the residence of san francisco so i really urge you to reappoint him. thank you >> thank you. >> supervisors [inaudible].
11:57 am
there's an ethic in the building trades of living our work speak for its oh. you can look around town and see how the workspace for itself but that we can get in a very real way this commission latest iteration of the public utility commission speaks for itself. using the real level of accomplishment the commission has shepherded in the last couple of years. the green cut clean power sf near completion of the water system program and if there were not for few surprises with even closer to completion. the start of the sewer system program. that last regard, particularly commissioner courtney as folks have said, his involvement on the commission is important process we again because of his passion for creativity in and knowledge about workforce development. as we try to engage the southeast part of san francisco in projects that affect it so many ways, it will be important that we draw heavily on the workforce there.
11:58 am
to do that work and to come into our trades and commissioner courtney is the right person to have in place to help that along. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervisor. lynn café from the assessor recorder's office. i'm here on behalf of councilmember carmen chu. she want to be an issue as they do share some words. carmen has great support for james. he's been outstanding dedicated commissioner serving as a top leader. he listens to the public various constituencies and takes action to prove the lies surrounding. i think it's proven by the number people in the room to get sure there's a bigger room and be a bigger audience. these are the qualities that cannot and should not be overlooked as the puc commissioner and we urge you to vote in support of reappointment having this service commissioner. thank you so much >> thank you so much. next speaker, please. >> i'm robert watkins. i'm a
11:59 am
longtime employee of the city. the work for parking that over 35 years. that's been involved in labor and my moms involved in late. i'm here to sport this courtney for reappointment. he is, like the supervisors he's right or that. he's for working class people. and creating jobs. i'm also on the friendship board and i watch what he does. he's a great guy. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning hon. supervise. my mysteries of program with local 261. david opportunity to speak in support of the reappointment of vince courtney. that the pleasure working with events for over a decade now. he brings a lot of assets to the table. one is he has a unique ability to think outside the box. he can listen to both sides of an issue and come up with creative solutions
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that usually exceed both sides expectations. i echo the sentiments of everybody who spoke before me in support and his dedication to workforce development and providing job opportunities to the citizens of san francisco is unmatched in the city. so, deeply supporting a reappointment >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervisor. my name is bruce i get. i'm involved in the community in district 6. here today speaking on behalf of myself. i'm speaking in support of reappointment for vince courtney junior. this has represented thousands of workers and thousands of classifications both public and private sectors in northern california for decades. his experience in the construction industry in general and connection with his work with the building trades will be invaluable as the sea cf puc
12:01 pm
loses $7 million sewer improvement program for. in the strong record your pension and heard about the community workforce, workforce development and career pathways is a benefit to residents and rate payers alike. one key thing for me i just like to sum up. i've not known this that long maybe a year or two but i've seen in those couple of years is just amazing what he's accomplished and the relationships he has built. that doesn't mean agreeing with everyone, every time to avoid conflict really having meaningful and thoughtful discussions on an issue by issue basis. that's really special quality. thank you for the opportunity providing comments and again speaking in support of vince courtenay junior. thanks >> thank you very much. before i am bring up the next speaker i'm going to call somewhere speaker cards. >>[calling public comment cards] >> thank you. good afternoon. my name is monica wasn't a second objective young
12:02 pm
community developers as was vice president of the san francisco board of education. i was given strict instructions by mr. courtney to talk for 30 seconds. i'm going to read my statement but first i want to say i'm here to support all three commissioners. i definitely appreciate the commitment and dedication of commissioner mueller as well as the expertise commitment and dedication of commissioner viator as well. pathways and pipelines to careers as a result of community benefits are very integral for realizing the promises on the sewer system improvement project, on a continued infrastructure of our water system in relation to clean power. as of
12:03 pm
opportunities available here in san francisco. commissioner courtney embodies all of the innovation dedication needed to help sf puc and the commission gave its promises while completing these projects and more. we have heard of the great things that vince has been innovative in terms of creating good we often talk about some of the things that we could altogether and it's always about providing pipelines and opportunities much as the labor but for young people so they can feed into building and construction trades and opportunities available. so, thank you and i hope to reappoint him to the sf puc commission and also just want to say, i support the appointment of [inaudible] to the planning commission. >> supervisor mar >> thank vp walter for a limited much within school district as well, to this body thank you for being here today. >> commissioners, donna-department of human resources workforce development director. part of our job is to bring in people to ensure our citizens receive adequate services, great services and i have to say vince has been such a big part of that through
12:04 pm
helping us working on a pernicious, pre-operation program bringing in people from the community to learn new skills and to eventually become city employees to up us deliver those important services. i'm here to support vince. i don't know what else i can to get everybody else has spoken about all the great qualities he has but i encourage you to support his reappointment. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name it is-i'm here as a member of numerous california board of directors. the former manager of contractors outreach for the puc. i'm proud to stand with commissioner courtney and his commitment to his the city his commitment to those with degrees and without degrees. we need a voice on the puc whose passion and fight for between job training and placement, work list of element, housing,
12:05 pm
the environment not only his job but this is his way of life. as part of the foundation of our city and ability to mobilize resources and diverse communities is commendable and out unmatched. thank you for consideration for reappointment to the puc commission. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> high commissioner. jesuit civil rights attorney at about number of literacy union or 261 gallon speak in support of all the appointees to the puc commissioners. viator gaylor came at commissioner courtney. just on a meet the puppy when you look at the roster and ready to look at with labor day on monday and always candidates done great things for workers and look down the rest three of tida he runs the first portable housing nonprofit in the country to endorse all union labor on construction. [inaudible] is a hot chill call will return legacy to the planning commission for the first time since the great kevin hughes and so i support everybody but pertinent to this item, of course, is the fact
12:06 pm
that there is a something special happening about the convergence of the environment and with the puc does the community and local entrepreneurs, workers everything that's happening that we've heard about all the appointees and particularly my brother vince courtney, i was just thinking what else can i say. physical the things i just want to point out with respect to my brother because he is my brother. he has a big family. but the fact is, our organization otherwise within organized labor seeking to create partnerships with the community run the environment around affordable housing run all these different things. one of the things i was about to work with commissioner courtney on with the idea that we did take two years to get past some of the challenges within our house with the clean power as a program and other were there we are good. we started offering early enrollment to our members and local labor 261 became the first members of organized
12:07 pm
labor and the maybe there's many many more were the first to endorse the rights of immigrant families to vote in this is under the leadership of vince quinn. he thinks outside the box in more ways than we even know that i learned all the times. so i support all the different candidates, especially my brother ben's courtney from 2621 on behalf of our members. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is-nixon and i'm the public employee chairman for labor local 261. i do support you guys in reappointing vince courtney to the commission. this courtney is a labor leader. he is also a visionary and he is held up ine are intriguing public employee labor apprenticeship programs.
12:08 pm
with that being said, i have worked with vince courtney for the past 10 years on different labor issues in he is most definitely a solid choice for you guys to reappoint him to the commission. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning mdm. chairman and members of the committed by james amelio close representing myself. they for the opportunity to speak about the honor and privilege of working as a city employee for over a dozen years in my career. in addition to being an employee of also served a number of boards workforce investment board caltrans joint power authority vested with supervisor mar on board of education slanders in the perspective both the employee and board member trying to set policy. i last position was assistant general manager of san francisco public utility
12:09 pm
responsible for their infrastructure program. i can tell you the puc is windows forward thinking agencies have ever seen they lead by example. they lead in environmental stewardship. the first organization of a platinum headquarter building. was an article in 2012 identifying the puc is having the first lien this building office building north america. congratulating them on that. now were moving into clean power san francisco. we lead by example. as far as ratepayer value, the commission is always looking at optimizing operational over cost. always looking at a triple bottom line to make sure every dollar spent is a dollar that gives service and gives to the community. what i think what separates the puc for most excellent utilities at their community empowerment. benefits agency to do a community benefits program program pumped billions of dollars into very important programs in our communities. they've done as supervisor hasz at the manager is a program that brings hundreds of kids that would otherwise know they have an interest in technical careers good paying careers and introducing them to them. they also do at risk youth. elastomer 50 work in doing valuable work on grounds. and
12:10 pm
they do it pre-operation training program that supervisor that commissioner courtney was able to work with labor to allow for people from our community to work with labor and get [inaudible] on important programs you in closing i would say that the commission the general manager and staff at the public utilities commission are among the best in the world. now that i'm in the private sector i go about and working with other agencies. i find it interesting they not only asking about the technical side of things but chicago asked me how did san francisco bring that many interns in every summer when la asked me how to speak into the community benefit program. it's a testament to the commission. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervise. i am the very ordinary kevin hughes from electrical workers
12:11 pm
local subject thank you josh for the totally on one. speaking as one of vince courtney junior's recommendation with approval to the planning-to the public utilities commission, we represent people both in public sector private sector and in public city and county is san francisco at the puc from moccasin the three powerhouses up there in the distribution and transmission system all the way down which includes the new or in process clean power sf program. so, i am here just to verify that everything that you have heard and no as it relates to a need for workforce development, short-term and long-term perdition programs, we work with margot reid. margot's work with vince setting up examples of punishing programs that have been very successful. a couple of bumps along the way. it's helped us as it relates to
12:12 pm
setting up a punishing programs within the city and county of san francisco four line workers, electricians, and other electrical related classifications. so we encourage your support. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning commissioners. margot reid. i'm not officially representing any particular department but i come to you with the position of being in charge of the cities of punishing program. i also come to you with the background of over 10 years of working with this courtney and i strongly stand in strong support of his reappointment. whether working with seiu and working alongside to 61 to move critical issues forward the workers of san francisco or whether it's been now working with a precious and because of vince and because of
12:13 pm
his passion, i have been able to garner the support of people you just heard from by kevin hughes could local six has been standing right there with me. local 38, you saw that we had that person here what did he say, six months friend with him and i understand that. we've had similar conversations. >>[laughing] but it is it's the passion and drive. it's the way that he is able to coordinate and bring mutual beneficial situations for every one that is what you need on the commission got to have that person that can drive all sides together for common goal and vince has been absolutely been able to do that. i would also say it's this that help me work with local 39 along with local 38, local 22 which is a carpenters is not part of our punishing program, but we're trying desperately to figure out to make it work. it's his leadership and his support that
12:14 pm
allows me to do my work. so i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commission. jackie flynn executive director of the a philip randolph institute here in san francisco. i've had the pleasure of knowing vince for the last five years. as i've served a pri. he is one of the most hard-working powerful people i know. he's very much committed to working families. i'm proud to be union strong. family for us is very important . what i think vince and i have in common other than being labor rats is that we both grew up with a mantra to fight for justice and equality. just always been ingrained in our lives. so i applaud how passionate he is good he's fearless to be himself. young, ambitious and gorgeous. >>[laughing] vince definitely
12:15 pm
cares about our city >> does that make you blush? >> been said that only cares about our city. in all seriousness gave you is about to go under major improvement with the sf project and whatever endeavors the puc has in the future, that community is going to be directly impacted . we need an agency that continues to deliver outstanding service. vince has shown the ability to work with multiple departments, create sustainable jobs and i'm just very much proud of not only being a colleague but also being vince is fine. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervise. eddie on a set of dr. of
12:16 pm
[inaudible] of policy nonprofit dedicated to the southeast. could you speak in support of commissioner courtney commissioner vidor in particular the long time what. commissioner courtney has been a longtime advocate for local hiring as well as making sure jobs of good paying jobs. not just any old job at jobs that are available for low income communities could should create pathway to the middle class which is informed of pipeline advocacy as we move into the state level as well. prince is the public utility commission and california energy commission. more recently, actually yesterday, but outlines convened a policy summit in bayview-hunters point wood keynoted by supervisor cohen and talk about the need of district 10 and figuring out where the best workforce opportunities that can be presented for local income residents. that also brings me to the second key point which is the issue of environmental justice. which commissioner viator embodies the perfect. more recently again at the state level is been a definition that's been developed for disadvantaged communities. which basically
12:17 pm
targets through legislation how monies public monies at the state level will be spent channeled towards it now in the last iteration this tool and is 2.0 version did not include bayview-hunters point which is an extraordinary challenge. luckily our san francisco delegation a similar number two and king have in their son in terms of advocating for bayview-hunters point to be included and more recently in the next version we see improvement and will continue working on this. commissioner viator has been a key advocate again making sure san francisco is included and goes to show when we work on these issues in the environmental [inaudible] we need strong commissioner advocates and that's perfectly embodied by these two. >> thank you very much. if there's any of the members want to speak or did not submit a speaker card please come up to the walter >> good morning commissioners. i appreciate the ability to speak over. everyone has said was thinking and going to say. in that light other two because of the graphs do not know. at
12:18 pm
the forum that his spoke of, one of the focus populations with the populations from the housing development. we do not get much attention in terms of workforce career path and opportunities of engagement. during that particular firm, we were able to sit down and actually speak for the first time for many of those housing development residents. when we talk that the commitment and passion for what was developed, it is legal. it is working and he is moving through the community in a more diverse way than we have seen many other institutions that come through in the past to do. in that light, i've also got a letter very thick letter, from united players that is also advocating
12:19 pm
the reappointment of vince courtney. one more thing. to understand that is absolutely unique tablet personality and person that has a passion, the drive, the wherefore and at the end of the day, the institution to provide outcomes for community members is indeed rare and precious. i encourage you to keep this man on your commission >> faith. i think although most of us know who you are would you mind stating your name be one >> my name is always patented and him here as a representative of bayview-hunters point. i'm also the workforce and community liaison to the community training funds for local 261. most of the policy advisor for the southeast community consortium for equitable partnerships. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is jacqueline holiday. i'm holding it down for the mission here on the death of environmentalism people care about the planet. who supports the reappointment of commissioner courtney. there you cannot find a harder one dedicated fight on behalf of
12:20 pm
our planet. behalf of the environment on behalf of clean green jobs and i highly highly recommend that he stays in this position because he is a wonderful asset and deftly needed to fight on communities of color low in communities and just all of us. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commission. my name is javier florez. the labor local 261. we are here obviously to cover support of my brother vince courtney to be reappointed to the puc. thank you. >> at this time maybe since you are here with her lovely t-shirt bypass sfgov tv to banter the audience and of all of those like to stand in support of commissioner courtney . take a look. thank you very much for being here. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is victor prada. on the business mentor labor local 267. i'm
12:21 pm
here to support the reappointment of mr. courtney. at the same time i really want to take the time since i drove 100 miles to be here and have the honor and pleasure to say a few words about mr. courtney. i love him as a brother. he is a-i love his desire and his fire and i really look at him as someone who has the capacity to continue to make organized labor a better place to live on planet earth. without i just want to let you know please consider the reappointment of mr. courtney. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> and hope hello. my name is [inaudible] wilson could i would think mr. courtney for creating gleneagles program which is been able to open up doors for the young people. so
12:22 pm
i think you should reappoint him. thank you >> thank you. at this time are there any other members of the public would you comment on item 3, four, five sp1 seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> now the matter is before this commission. this committee. supervisor cohen >> i think it was a much of who is tim paulson or mike terry. i think mike said, the work let the work speak for it's up. i think when you see the show of support that's turned out for not only mr. courtney, but for francesca viator and indicating i think it's incredibly important for us to honor the request we hear from the general public. i like to make a motion that we accept the mayors reappointment and reappointing to the public utilities commission commissioner francesca viator,
12:23 pm
commissioner and moeller came and commissioner vince courtney junior. >> thank you. supervisor mar >> before seconding that, i did want to say thank you to everyone for speaking so highly of the puc staff and workers but also the leadership of the commission as well. three incredible people that put so much time into ensuring that we have as emilio crusade, one of the most highly regarded utility systems in the country. i want to just say, despite all the accolades to vince, i want to say francesca viator leadership has been stellar for 20 years. and i mentioned j ellis earlier but i think we would not have the commitment of community benefits and social justice and equity without francesca. was leadership. as a want to say the convergence of
12:24 pm
environmental sustainability and movements within governmental justice, i think, commissioner viator to the san francisco foundation would have low income communities on a regional level has been incredible and bringing that expertise of regionalism also to our puc has been really beneficial as well. only to acknowledge the 20+ years of work that really bringing together environmentalists mostly white environmentalists with low income camisa color to fight together for a just transition to more sustainable economy and we would not have sf working power sf without commissioner viator tremendous leadership on the commission as wicked so i want to thank her and really give props to all three of the commissioners in courtney and viator as good a second the motion and we strongly support them. >> thank you very much. that is been seconded and i want to again thank all three commissioners. but general manager and everyone at the puc. we are proud of just what
12:25 pm
a wonderful utilities commission we have here really world-class and so far they're not turn down any ideas have had. complete outlook continue. what thank you for supporting all of our wonderful community organizations fostering young people to be able to develop careers to continue to a better world, religion but just the same. so, with that said we can do that without objection. congratulations to all the commissioners. >>[applause] >> well deserved. bill 7 reappointed to the full board with positive recommendation concerning the mayoral reappointment. thank you. >>[gavel] >> mr. clerk if we can move on to item, let's see, item 6 mr. clerk >> item number six, motion to of confirming mayoral appointment of san loss to the tida >>[reading ordinance]
12:26 pm
>> thank you. i know there's a lot of excitement in the room. if we could just wait a few minutes while i exit the room. >>[pause.] >> i think it is quite enough now. welcome. mr. moss >> thank you. i just want to say, first and foremost, >> side. i know it's very exciting but we have to continue our matters. at the rules committee. if we connected the room quietly, please? almost
12:27 pm
there. >> no problem. >> thank you mr. moss for being patient >> thank you. i want to say what an honor it is to come speak before you today. i think the mayor. to honor to be nominated for this appointment. we have an opportunity to do something really great at treasure island. it's an unused large piece of land that has limitless spotless possibilities in a certain sense but from my perspective, especially in the last four years as executive director at mission housing, we have to do it in an equitable way. doing that supports the low income residents that live there, those that will eventually live there in the workforce and market-rate residents back and
12:28 pm
live there. i believe that i bring a unique perspective and skill set to the treasure island board could one thing that mission housing the government corporation believes in more than anything else is instilling a sense of ownership in our buildings that we are stewards for that land and a residence in the surrounding neighborhoods on that land. i believe treasure island would benefit greatly from that type of perspective. and tactical focus. when you talk about building out the infrastructure, utah 28,000 units of housing, is easy to grow the numbers out there but it's important to remember that human beings living there already. they need to have a say in how and what we do and how we go about building things and i would just want to say i'm truly honored to have the opportunity to serve on the treasure island development of good authority. before i miss work on mission housing i used to help with real estate
12:29 pm
investment for union pension funds for many building trades of northern california. i can say units for me to college for lack of a better term. so, i really do believe that i bring a unique perspective but for my previous life occurrence one. that is, equitable union construction and perseverance to ensure that everyone in san francisco deserves it does deserve housing gets the type of quality services and housing they deserve. so, i'll keep it brief. but with that i do want to just say thank you again for the opportunity. >> thank you very much for your presentation. you are also one of those individuals who again not need to meet with me because i know we're doing in our community what you stand for and what you will be able to accomplish if you're pointed to this. so i don't have any questions were other issues. colleagues? supervisor mar vmax oh i thank you, sam, for stepping up to serve on the tiger i know as the development
12:30 pm
was for,i know the low income residents on the island i figured person to measure as the development was worth it doesn't leave behind the people there. many formerly homeless and low income families as well. i appreciate your leadership in stepping up. >> thank you. so, at this time were actually do note open items six to public comment. >>[calling public comment cards] >> whoever else is in line, please come on up. thank you. >> hello again. i'd like to
12:31 pm
find. it'll disclose i recently joined the board of directors for mission housing as well. i would not have done that lately actually because i'm enough on my plate. as is but i really believe in sam moscow that it's been terrific making mission housing a strong institution and ensuring everything from a photo housing in the mission district is insured on their newer projects as well as ensuring that the labor that both that of former housing is of quality. ensuring the local hiring placements as well. so, again is on support of same >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervise. my name is erica bueno [inaudible] cultural district in on here speaking on behalf of sam moss for this commission. i've been honored to work with sam for the last two years. we manage buildings long 24th is to get sam has expense that's needed to do this type of work. he is a broad background. he's able to work with everyone and
12:32 pm
build consensus. he has helped put mission housing back on track and understand the community which is important to a lot of us. we hope that you support him also. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is near to the old guard have been involved in affordable housing issues in san francisco for many many years. the mission and protective. i'm here to support the leadership of sam moss in a you support him for this appointment. so, sam is someone who stepped into a really difficult situation and been able to be respectful in the winters step back and went to step forward to really appreciate it. his leadership style and he's been able to do mission housing. i hope that we have more of that. thank you >> think it was you later in the agenda. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors from
12:33 pm
supervisor kim's often i want to be very brief and we are in support of sam moss. obviously, the appointment to speak that are important to us did it on this subject it's been over go and undergo a lot of transformation. so existing residence and how we make sure they have access to the process is of paramount and i think sam we had the pleasure of meeting with him, our office did it was good to us his perspective on equity in affordable housing the great addition to the board. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. good afternoon. peter cohen also here to support sam. is that the technical chaps that he's a real professor. importantly, sam follows in the line of some really solid folks john jeff kaczynski former executive director of community partnership. sam moss now for mission housing to moment corporation. it's been essential
12:34 pm
in these big master plan development static community-based housing departments perspective. because were not just builders out there. rising china great community and i think that's something that sam said himself he brings to that of the institution mission housing been around for 35 years but also same. so you pick a good person. thanks >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hi. scott balko and a banana for browsing to moment in all those in favor say, aye over 15 years. i miss him four years ago when he started at mission housing and i were together founding found him to be a strong leader and good team member. sam understands the broad community impact that these development seven and weaver on several relocation and construction of affordable housing development. interstate the financial structure as well as the design and construction consideration also the long-term operation issue. i'm in strong support of sam for
12:35 pm
the tida ward. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. and any other members that wish to speak on items six please come on up >> my name is [inaudible] i really hope you support sam in this appointment. i have i live at hampshire and 24th and i've watched under his umbrella we have the apartment that's at that mission housing has a 24th. and hampshire get what i want to say about is and it really shows sam is best as a neighbor it was very efficiently done. it looks fantastic. it was quickly done. they're having an open house next week. i can hardly wait to go see the new units, but he is somebody that can really move things forward and that's what i really look forward to for treasure island. thank you.
12:36 pm
>> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervise. my name is oscar-organized with people organizing [inaudible]. i'm here to support sam moss's appointment. i've had the pleasure of working with him for the past couple of years and really impressed as he taken the reins of mission housing the some of the partnerships we created in the neighborhood. restore some of the capacity that organization. justice approach on building community surrounding himself with confidence people. people who know the neighborhood and the community. i'm really impressed and we have a saying, right right who you run with
12:37 pm
that tells a lot about who you are. i think you'll do a great job. so i'm in support. >> thank you. at this time other any other members of the public was to comment on items six? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> colleagues, do we have a motion or any other further comments or questions supervisor cohen >> thank you, sam. good to hear all the things people have to say about you. i'm happy to make a motion that we move your name forward with positive recommendation to the full board in this for the appointment to the treasure island development authority board of directors. next speaker, please. they. when the second by that moved and seconded. also for that motion has look. thank you for everything you've done already in our city. were that to the full board. >>[applause] >> now, we are moving on to item 7. >> item number seven, >>[reading ordinance] >> thank you. welcome mr. mill
12:38 pm
guard. ms. >> good afternoon again supervise his. i am very honored to have been nominated by pres. breed good i'm somebody who comes with many hats to this nomination. i bring technical expertise. i have a masters degree in urban planning. i have studied affordable housing in land-use development and consider myself sort of a geek when it comes to those things. but i also bring the perspective of a mother who is raised three girls who graduated from san francisco schools and i desperately want them to be with me when they get out of college. at uc santa barbara. it is difficult to do that in the city. seven by 7 mi.2 with lots of interesting
12:39 pm
and challenging development issues. so, i want to do my part and spend my thursday and many other days dedicated to helping our city make progress on the issues that are so challenging to us. i also have a background that is very deeply rooted in community. i spent nearly part of my career as a community organizer working with a look at mission housing department corporation it was my first job after college. worked labor. i work for the afl-cio and carpenters union as a researcher. researching development and building could i've spent the last four years as a commissioner for the building inspection commission. and have become really immersed in that world. and what it takes to create an infrastructure that will support the utility of our
12:40 pm
city and at the same time safety. i'm somebody who stalked somebody believes an affordable housing and revelatory infrastructure that will allow that to happen. in particularly, when it comes to what low income communities in need and committees of color. i currently work as an executive director for youth development agency in the mission and i've seen first hand what has happened to the community. as young families can no longer afford to stay here. so, want to do my part to solve some of those issues. i am very excited . i was nominated by pres. breed because i think that i really share her support of wanting to have neighborhood patterns and the will to stabilize things in our community. so, with that, i will answer any questions and i thank you very much for considering my nomination. >> thank you very much. just a question user touch upon in which i'll ask our other nominee as well. but some of
12:41 pm
the challenges that we face here in our city and how it is that in your role as planning commissioner, what you think you can do to help address that? i know there are obviously, certain types of issues that will come before you and i know the planning department itself is also working to address a lot of the social challenges that we are facing at the moment in san francisco. so, what do you how do you see yourself in the role as a planning commissioner to be able to help address those? >> i see myself as somebody who can look at difficult technical challenges but with a social justice and racial economic justice lands. i do believe that san francisco has a very long history with development with the redevelopment, the displacement. also, we are a fantastic city with some actual richness and diversity. so what i would do in looking at
12:42 pm
typical planning questions is listen but also bring to the table my experience and my background as an organizer. for communities of color. >> supervisor mar questions. the macs i appreciate that answer. the lens that you see planning when using other issues through that only base and class but i think you mentioned earlier as a mom wanting her three children to be able to stay in the city and be able to afford it, and then also your lens as an organizer that allows people to build their own power they can have a say within the planning commission and structure of government. you did mention also that the mayor's office of housing that you were the director of homeownership. so really getting people to be
12:43 pm
able to afford to buy a home especially in low income communities did i think would you do at jamestown in other places is about empowerment and i think you're such a well-rounded experience to bring to the planning commission did i figured to be a tremendous voice experience on the building inspection commission i think is one thing but even this will districts bilingual committee counsel that you served on is another thing. you had all the seven groupings of people you've worked with but to me, as we do with the fear of displacement and fear of gentrification, i think that sensitivity to families in low income communities that so important and your experience as an organizer from labor to housing rights and housing justice to help you understand how different groups and come to the planning commission so that you will be fair. i knew and bring all that experience with you but i'm just so happy that you've been nominated pres. breed and looking forward to what people will say unto also support your appointment as
12:44 pm
well. thank you soon-to-be commissioner mel guard >> thank you very much. i'm really glad supervisor mar without your work at this office of housing where i first met you and got to know your work. i was wondering if you mentioned that. wait a second. jeter got in any case, i just cannot think of a better appointment the president breed made to the planning commission is all the different perspectives you bring technical, with all the different lenses supervisor mar mentioned that you spoke of it is critical especially at this difficult juncture i think we are facing in san francisco right now. so, i again am very supportive as well. among thank you for stepping up to the occasion you because i know you got very long meetings. supervisor cohen >> thank you. what are most attracted to about you mirna, your well-rounded you know the
12:45 pm
city from being a former employee. you know the nonprofit world. its onboard service. your active in the political women's community. mother, knowing the struggles to remain in the city. i mean the list goes on and on. i don't think you could find or ask for more perfect person to fill a very important role. i know president breed deliberated for weeks on the appropriate appointment and will be able to strike the right balance and be able to cut through the noise that you hear on the moderate and progressive side of the political spectrum. really need someone that can steady the ship in particularly when would talk about planning land use development which i think is one of the most pertinent issues the city is doing with today. so, i am enthusiastic supporter of yours for this commission appointment and i wish you the best of luck as you go through the prostate >> thank you very much >> great. at this, amanda open up item 7 to public comment anyone hereto speak on this item, please come on up.
12:46 pm
>> i'm very sorry sparrow i've been doing tons of clinic commission meetings it's really nice to have somebody that has the background that has the true wherewithal to sit on the board , like we just got rid of a dentist. i don't know how they appoint these things, but it's really nice to have somebody that has an urban planning background to understand the inns and outs of exactly what goes on in the planning department. i am thrilled to support her. please, vote for. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisor. my name is oscar grundig. i am
12:47 pm
hereto will heartedly support mirna millibars nomination. i've got a list of accolades this impressive list of accomplishments did you guys touched on it. she touched on it but you know it was me the most about her and really tells the story of her experience? and her readiness is her role as a mother, as a mentor, as a mother glazing san francisco kids. it's not easy. as a father of four, living during one of the worst housing crises and having a nonresponsive planning commission that really doesn't care for working folks. doesn't care for low income population doesn't care for our middle class. murdoch brings that notches from a theoretical
12:48 pm
basis, but from a know-how from raising kids. not only her own blood but gives that jamestown. the hundreds of kids become through that door that rely on jamestown for the services. these are city kids. these are our kids get permission from the excelsior from bayview. from other neighborhoods. so, to me that is, in addition to our having the urban planning background that housing development the work she did, she's done at moh, or work as a dbi commissioner, it goes on and on. it's about time we bring back that equitable development voice to the planning commission. that voice for the rest of us because for a long time it has not been represented in i'm super proud to talk about her. as a mentor as a comrade and i hope you all
12:49 pm
pastor nomination. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is laura-organizer with-. i'm here today in front of you to support the nomination of mirna know god. she not only about she is extremely competent and overqualified to be a commissioner i also think, as you heard from her directly, she brings the heart into the work ethic as a commissioner with an ever we need people that can do the smart and technical work but also bring people with compassion that a caring and are going to look after working families here in san francisco. i'm here to support her because i truly believe that she is our voice and ensuring [inaudible] remains culturally and ethically diverse. i urge you and respectfully ask you to speak
12:50 pm
please consider mirna bogarde as the nominee to become a planning commissioner. thank you so much >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commission did my name is-i'm also with-o2 echo what my coworkers of, peer to say. we are definitely here to support mirna and rick said about the nomination. the planning commissioner. she has years of experience working in a community that's why we know she's the right person to represent us. she's done affordable housing public health inner-city development tenant protection as you heard she worked with a lot of youth. so we know it's vital to have an individual who believes in a community planning prospect and that is working class people of color a voice in the community's ernesto organizer she knows firsthand what that is like not to engage the community. we know that she is
12:51 pm
the right person for this, so we re-ask that you respectfully consider our concerns our needs and our nominate myrna. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is [inaudible] i'm also with [inaudible] contingent. i'm really excited for mirna medgar and just really want to echo what everyone has been saying that she's well-rounded in aspects of the community. i went through jamestown and i am a community organizer was of the two places of seeing her as a role model. and being a voice for community a lot of the times the committee does not see the presentation on these commissions or other different boards and it's really inspiring to see her have an opportunity beyond the planning commission. so i urge you to appoint her aunt thank you so
12:52 pm
much for listening. i'm excited for her. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. [inaudible] i'm here in support of me and if the planning commission is a great back on expensive dbi. whatever the mayor's office of housing. she's a woman and a latina and we add diversity to the diversity of san francisco. she knows the city in the mission district very well never stand she's around housing. and how that affects everything and everyone. she's knowledgeable articulate and works well with everyone and is well respected by everyone. president text from past commissioner bustos supports are appointment. he's in washington dc otherwise he would be. please support her nomination. >> thank you. next speaker, please. vmax my name is percy. >> i support of i've had
12:53 pm
opportunity work with her personally and found her insightful individual who brings a great lens that focuses on low income and middle income families and really is such an activist with specific lens in planning and understands that only intricacies of planning but also mentorship and that shields mentor the maturation of folks for low income and folks of code. she understands planning and truly get involved in the capacity of government. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> briefly comments on supportive mirna mel god. appreciate your committee organizing expense interpersonal background and in addition samos executive director mission is greatest about what he asked me to voice his support as well. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> supervised, peter cohen very supportive of me a. i worked with her for many many years. she is very highly
12:54 pm
qualified. she meekly brings an incredible blend of experience as a commission. we look at this as a community perspective but she has also the technical skill in the kind of wonky planning knowledge and view from inside and outside city government that will round out the committee perspective. they will also say and i say this man up completely respectfully, she's no pushover. we can finish each other's sentences and we can argue. i think that's really good we want commissioners who can be up there making some independent decisions and she has her principles and values which are very important for us. the commissioners and i have to leave it to go testify at the commission do with such a range of projects and issues and policies and stakeholders that you really have to be able to say no to folks you to be able to support them and i think mirna has that ability to be tough when she needs to. since
12:55 pm
i can't stay, i want to put a plug in. give a triple play here. it's appointed samos to the treasure island. mirna hopefully supporting to the planning commission and joel [inaudible] grind ever met you have a labor guy coming onto the commission and i think that brings a really interesting balance to the commission. so, i think that's a good opportunity for you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i just want to speak to mirna bogarde's appointment. i feel it shares this dynamite triple combination of integrity, community credentials and noel. i think those three qualities we speak to themselves that you heard lots of stories and it's been we've had too few voices over the years over the last generation that are speaking to issues of equity and equity development the planning commission we really hope the
12:56 pm
update to bring a fresh perspective to the commission. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> i am here with [inaudible] and really really in strong support of mirna mel god. i think when the most important things everybody-ditto what everyone has said that one of the most import things as a person that works with youth is development and making sure the youth born and raised in the city are able to part of this commission unable to be a part of city hall have a voice your. so really, i want to support me or not and her commitment because not only is her hard and here in the community but she's from the community she's representing us and she's bringing us all of us with. also, i want to bridget-representing san francisco state zero there. she had to leave and she also wanted to voice her support for mirna. the appointment. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervised.
12:57 pm
april-supervisor kim's office here on behalf of mirna bogarde's appointment wanted to thank president breed for this appointment to the planning commission. as you know, district 6 has the majority of new developments happening in the city and having somebody with mirna's perspective both in the community and in government and on most recently as a dbi commissioner, also very difficult commission, i think it has a lot to the perspective of the planning commission and we are enthusiastic about this appointment and look forward to getting to know tool couple as well. will be speaking with this afternoon. it's wonderful to have mirna in this appointment. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> perfect timing.
12:58 pm
>> yes. my name is-[inaudible] nothing terribly prepared. lifelong resident of san francisco. founder of [inaudible] environmental rights. mirna was one of my first hires so i've known her for over 25 years. i'm also currently on the equity advisory committee of human rights commission. so i am aware of what is involved in part of these committees and i highly highly recommend mirna as a person with an immense amount of passion and integrity, knowledge in this area. highly recommend her.
12:59 pm
thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public who wish to comment on items seven? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> supervisor mar >> i want to say we support on his back there that says hold family that's here today. but i think it's an example of struggle with the planning commission and how now at this board of supervisors appointment of someone of such stellar quality, well-rounded with a heart but knowledge and know-how as charlie said, and coming from the community during the planning commission i feel really proud to be one of these three members of this committee to support mirna and
1:00 pm
bringing a voice and a heart to the planning commission and i can't wait until we hear about joel koppel in a moment but i know that mirna will be a tremendous addition to our city's planning commission and really thank everyone for coming out to speak on her behalf as well. >> thank you supervisor mar. i would just say in hearing what the specimen the public commenters said, i think that sums up the snow guard that she has that technical background experience but she also has a heart. i really i think that's such so much needed on the planning commission. not just at this time but really always. so, again i want to thank president breed for coming up with is a great appointment when i first heard of this i thought wow, just perfect. at this time to we have a motion to move forward to the board >> i like to make a motion that we move with positive recommendation to the full board the name of mirna bogarde to the planning commission is >> will have a motion to prove that. moved and seconded. we will do that as a committee report to the full board so you can start your service as soon
1:01 pm
as possible. we will do that without objection >>[gavel] >> congratulations. >>[applause] >> item 8 mr. clerk >> item 8, >>[reading ordinance] >> welcome mr. koppel. >> good afternoon. ms. bigelow but off the copy i do have some prepared remarks today. good afternoon again. my name is joel koppel. the director of sustainable energy solutions. the san francisco electrical construction industry. amia today to ask for your positive recommendation of my appointment to the san francisco planning commission did >> site. on but have asked either close the door or enter cloud. sorry about that. so we can hear your presentation. alright. you may continue to be an expert slimming talk my disk
1:02 pm
space but when it comes to planning and land-use dispute since 2008 of attempted numerous planning mission hearings board of appeals land-use and full board. i'm involved in many hearings and project approvals with respect to the bayview-hunters point shipyard development treasure island, the golden state warriors arena and multiple large hospital projects such as both cmpc campuses and general hospital. i like to quickly expand on my involvement with the bayview-hunters point shipyards project and explain how this helped the community members needs being met while also creating jobs for san francisco. when i first attended hunters point meetings i was speaking on behalf of electrical workers local six and specifically san francisco residents. i took this one step further shutdown our members that lived in the 1 to 4 and 134 zip codes in san francisco for more authentic input. i was able to contact our premises and journey persons and
1:03 pm
encourage them to attend the hearings. they were excited to be part of the process because it involved her neighbor them because of their addresses their voices meant more than mine. this eventually led to the formation of electrical workers minority caucus san francisco chapter. this group advocates for economic justice, socially quality, while defending the interests of minorities, women, youth and the lgbtq community. i'm proud to stand here today to say i'm a part of that group. i've worked with the business community, labor community and neighborhood communities to see projects to see their eventual entitlements. because my years of expensive gain the support of nonprofit housing developers such as the mission housing, for-profit housing developers such as an world son, land-use attorneys, commercial real estate developers can also including community groups such as united players. i've also
1:04 pm
been very involved member in san francisco housing action coalition serving on their regulatory committee advisory board. i know that serving as a san francisco planning commissioner is an enormous time commitment and i'm fully prepared to make that commitment to review all documentation provided for perspective projects to visit site addresses an adequate understand the topics at hand. i'm going to meet with both parties project sponsors and impacted community members so i can make a well-informed decision. michael was a planning commissioner would be to positively impact the landscape and the people san francisco. i'm excited to have the opportunity to participate in the discussion that shapes
1:05 pm
the future of the city. today, we see there's lots of construction and development of currently underway. however there still areas of the city that a potential to become even more extremely vibrant neighborhoods. i feel my background in the construction industry my ties to the local communities will offer better construction projects in san francisco. if we can form our development to work seamlessly with the residents and the city's infrastructure we will help. i'm very excited to be part of this process and grateful to have the opportunity to stand before you today and urge you to support my appointment. thank you and am happy to answer any questions you may have >> thank you very much for your presentation and asked the same question i asked of commissioner mel god soon-to-be commissioner bogart which is easily to face a lot of challenges here in san francisco right now and how do you see yourself in the role as a planning commission to address that? >> thanks for the question. i plan to as earlier buses as possible bring everyone to the same table. sometimes when not on the same page. we can get creative and figure out a way to resolve all of our differences before hand and set
1:06 pm
up sometimes at the commission last minute and i literally am in doing this this very thing for years and years now. dealing with project specific instances depending on what part of the city but community groups are in those neighborhoods and what the potential impact to those community members will be. so, i really think that got all the bases covered as far as labor, business community, i can sit down at the table with all these groups and figure things out. >> supervisor cohen >> joe, i was delighted to see your name on the list as potential planning commission. i think you could fill a very important role. given your work that you've done in with the electrician specifically but larger in the building and trades in the movement of san
1:07 pm
francisco. i'm excited to see a lot of potential in you. you saw the lovefest prevents courtney. that was years and years of work and i've come to know you probably in the last 23 years-four years, and i knew to be moving in that same vein. what really touched me is your commitment that you've demonstrated working with electricians typically those electricians that want to get back into the bayview community that come from the committee. i think that's incredible. i want to recognize your leadership in that. the thing that i've learned about the planning issues period is that their multiple sides to the story. right? because the people looking to build something you got people looking to prevent something from being built. what i want to just encourage you is always remember as you know it's a luxury to come down
1:08 pm
to testify and wait hours and hours to give 2 min. and always remember when community members reach out to you i think you ever sponsor billy to reach back do your due diligence. i want to see more planning commissioners getting off their stuff and try to keep it pg-and walking the proposed project site, getting the look and feel of the neighborhood of these impacts. thank you. i think that's absolutely critical to not be active from your armchair but actually out there in the streets you connect with the community. that's a really tough thing to do because you will have a limited mind of time to do it in. but to have that personality is able to connect and listen anyone be a listener, a strong listener and a facilitator to bring communities together. what's unfortunate these develop projects that have come before us, many of them and you don't even on the fight inside of them they really tear communities apart as opposed to bringing them together in these developers should be uniting
1:09 pm
communities. i want you to pay attention to the look feel and character of the buildings existing buildings is when you propose are coming there complementary and not something that is ugly or something may be a thing of beauty but only two of those that are creating the building. when i think about potrero hill in particular, i want you to think about how these not just one project that of an impact but having impact on the entire biodiversity of a neighborhood. of a sector. what is happening on the northern slope of potrero village is a development is in effect on the southern slope of potrero hill where public housing is located has an effect on the northeast mission and mission bay. will he take that ecosystem into consideration this is not just one individual project a look at the entire mass of projects going to the pipeline. pay attention to the impact. height, paul, density setback pedestrian friendliness,
1:10 pm
walkway of course, of course, making sure that these projects are that union labor is being built is used to build these projects. i know i don't need to impress upon you that. also, paying attention to minority contractors. it's a very interesting that verse ecosystem that exist within the planning departments. you are going to have to be able to balance all of this. don't you feel like i'm singling you out i just work with me a note longer than i know and feel comfortable she has that ability. the sooner demonstrate it. you have demonstrated certainly a likeliness and willingness to learn and i love that about. i think you be fantastic you have my support. i think you have also you be bringing the voice of labor which is been missing in the planning commission and in the process. it's going to be i
1:11 pm
think a dynamic shift there were going to see on the planning commission with both you and hopefully, mirna bogart on a body. so very interesting. i just hope it's not too late for us to have positive impact on the changing housing dynamics of what san francisco is going to. thank you >> thank you supervisor cohen for your comments. supervisor mar >> i want to thank the mayor for nominating and appointing you mr. koppel. i think you me a great addition to the planning commission at i think the thing off when supervisor cohen just said, i think your work with not only his apprentice amir through the ranks as an electrician and working on projects from the bayview to lower haight to the fillmore somebody different things and even the forming of
1:12 pm
general hospital you bring tremendous expanse. i think your work in helping to build the logical workers minority caucus and low income communities is really important as we sat and talked i think you find a commonality with people and i think your mentors like commissioner hughes to others you would be a great mentor for others, too, i know. i also want to say lastly, i think as we talk about the puc and departmental sustainability by mental justice can i think you bring this awareness of what a just transition to a new economy is and in planning projects and other things you bring a new lands that near the doesn't necessarily bring or others to that. but think about sustainable energy solutions. the thing about local buildout and how we get young people from our specially low income committees into this pipeline for living wage green jobs as
1:13 pm
you think about the development and then you stuff, but thank you for putting yourself out there is stepping up to be a i think, a great member of the planning commission as were. thank you >> thank you supervisor mar. with the planning commission appointments, it is important we have on. it not only literally but that's the changing landscape of san francisco but it's also partly due to the community. the impact whether positive or negative. i know that you wear many hats and bring many perspectives to this commission. not only in your day job but also as someone is from the west side. i think it's incredibly important because without losing someone who represents the west side whether we agree or not and so forth and i think that the various was that supervisors also different perspectives on development on that part of the town. i do believe in opportunity that have not been fully utilized yet. especially on the transit and commercial corridor where we could see a
1:14 pm
lot more to help middle income families who income families building families units. there are again, many opportunities on the west side so i think that's a perspective that you bring which i appreciate and even though most of the development is happening in the majority of us a district 6 or even parts of district 10, i think we have to have that perspective on the planning commission. so, i e all the comments of my colleagues may. i think lily the mayor. great choice here. i think that with you and commissioner to be commissioner no gardeners can be such a big much more well-rounded planning commission that were going to see. so, this am to have any other questions or comments from committee members is. seeing none, world of this item to public comment. if anyone is here for item 8, please come on up but i took of cummins cards. >>[calling public comment c >>[calling public >>[calling public comment cards]'s anyone
1:15 pm
knows please line up. >> supervisors thank you again compulsive executive director of the san francisco labor council and would please the mayor has put joel koppel zoning forward. as you know we have many different unions in the san francisco labor council and they all have their own form of unique form of government. besides working on collective bargaining and representing members this and many other things labor unions contribute to on behalf of their members whether that's what was the moment partnership, political issues legislation the list can go on and on. i do want to point out in i don't know what the fancy title joel has the development coordinator or what have you, but ibew local six actually like other unions is one of unique in that it does have a different position. it was creative joel used himself that he sees out there looking at ways to make sure that they're better jobs and their good jobs for members. it's not just
1:16 pm
working within the members of representing them but also looking out into the community whether not going to the planning commission were working with some of the contractors to say, what is the best way we can move forward in san francisco. this unique position that joel has been not every unit has. it's not just a member of labor that's going to be pushed for. to be on the commission, but a particular person joel koppel is uniquely experienced to get into the development world and planning world and i know it's because we had former commissioner kevin hughes who is here the wonderful job three years. windows heavy load to move that forward work out in the labor council to support joel moving forward at the next planning commission to represent labor. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors michael taylor san francisco building construction trades council.
1:17 pm
the newspapers have cultural unit leader and was certainly is a leader so the more accurate description of what he does. tim hutchinson is a little bit but joel works even a electrical interceded that is a joint labor management organization. so he represents business and labor in that regard and there are organizations like that otherwise in the building trades this and not someone called impact. this evening and that there's a balance that has to be struck when you work in that sort of situation. it's a balance week spirits in the building trades generally. where, our employers have to succeed for us to succeed but that doesn't mean we don't advocate seriously on behalf of the part of the community that we represent. things have to happen at the same time. as athens a, business leaders and business needs to make a living doesn't mean it has to make a killing. that kind of balance
1:18 pm
is a key thing to have on the planning commission at that understanding that drives the development and economy of san francisco business needs to succeed. at the same time the committee of san francisco have to be served by the business and by success. commissioner hughes preaches in our own deliberations the gospel of community benefits. i know joel has been there and assert that gospel from commissioner hughes. so, i count on is doing well for you in the planning commission and i ask for your support. >> thank you. the legendary commissioner hughes. >>[laughing] >> good morning. thank you again kevin years with electrical workers local spirit i've got to come in this room more often. so, i'm just thrilled that first of all like to think the mayor's office for dancing joel's name for consideration. thank you so much for your comments this morning. i could not agree more. so till you know his back on you know the organization he comes from a new core values
1:19 pm
and principles that he has lived with and demonstrated to you all. with that skill set and education and background, he will sit on a commission that will make decisions as to not only just buildings but to the fabric of san francisco. that goes far beyond concrete and steel and work and what have you. from the retail, for example. planned unit development for example. there are many things that are codified in codes that are very definitive and then you're going to wander into the last definitive standards that apply for a conditional use. things you on the. conditional use, is it necessary and desirable? a decade of i mental review is it adequate? and accurate? there'll be arguments on both sides. these are judgment calls that, as a seated commissioner
1:20 pm
and you know better than anyone, you have to have findings on that. those findings have to be linked on why was it necessary and desirable? why was discretionary review taken on this project be when the six optional were extraordinary and if so what were those exceptional or extraordinary circumstances? quickly, when you have those findings, you explain those. to the people to the project sponsors and project sponsors will be people from the outer richmond or community organizations from the outer sunset potrero go all over san francisco and you pay attention to the board of supervisors board of appeals, to get overturned you want to know why and what you do that? because the people at the podium the project the owners of their homes and buildings are owed that from the city. so, thank you for a much for your insight did thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker, please.
1:21 pm
>> good afternoon superbike. my name is sabrina fernandez business representative and ibew local secured i'm here to support the nomination of joel koppel for the planning commission. i want to also want to express my gratitude to the mayor for putting his name forth. i hope that you three will take his name forward to the full board. there's been a lot of interesting and thoughtful comments today about joel and i think the well-deserved. budgets from three gem proceeded me here at the podium but from all of you in terms your understanding of what the city needs in terms of if your commission. i think joel will round out the commission. i'm going to share with you couple of things about joel probably others will not share. i worked in working with him very closely. in fact his office is next to mine at the local union. he is very dedicated hard-working individual. he goes the extra
1:22 pm
mile. as he said, he knows the hours and responsibilities that it is to be an effective planning commissioner. i will testify here for supervisor cohen i seen his work was in their well-worn. he is all the [inaudible] and will spend time out on his job to the does that as part of his job right now. also one of things he did i mention he's a founding member of the committee on our citizenry task force on upcoming industries, cutting-edge technology for the industry. he's very well is informed as to the issues regarding sustainability when it comes to the development and is a member of the san francisco electrical workers minority caucus i can tell you what is not doing his day job is not on jobs looking in the interest of the planning commission, when he's not the planning commission meetings he will be on weekends and will
1:23 pm
community housing buildings in chinatown installing smoke detectors. he will be working in committee service with the many things but coworkers in the minority caucus does in volunteering our efforts and skills to the community. he will be continuing to be a great mentor to the members of our organization did i fully appreciate listening to my comments and i hope you for his name on to the full board. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. laborers 5200 men and women in san francisco marin and san mateo and his love for the 40,000 more than cultural. [inaudible] cannot be here today but am speaking on behalf of their behalf in favor of you moving the appointment of joel koppel four. we learned that obviously sabrina and kevin that the electrician is a classy
1:24 pm
organization that it's been around for over 100 years. it's not often we stand together in total agreement but today delivers do. the reason that we stated it was because joel has demonstrated that he's a fossil , smart, engaged savvy person. to your point supervisor cohen, you do have to give the people the time. if to engage them. you have to listen to them enough to walk the site. to commit to this worker it's already commitment just vehicles meeting. journal is the kind of person is been a diving in and make a commitment to all of san francisco. i'm honored to just call him a brother and colleague and is without any reservation that we urge you strongly to move this forward. thank you >> thank you commission. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. can cleveland represented building owners and managers association commercial real estate property owners and developers. i met
1:25 pm
joel several years ago when among personal and professional level. i think he'll be a very fair and inclusive planning commission. fossil did everything that's been said with his afternoon i was second that. he's a good person. he's a man of integrity. i think we need him on the planning commission and i appreciate the mayor 14 his name to you and appreciate him stepping up to the plate because beating a planning commissioner is no picnic. it is one hard commission to serve on. overall for general business community and the labor community for somebody with his perspective and his experience and his fairness being appointed. so i urge you to support that. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> eddie in support of joel koppel. among other things commitment to the southeast has not gone unnoticed. we also appreciate the continued engagement of labor and local hiring as well. in the most actually with supervisor mar
1:26 pm
comments but just transition to a new economy and how that basically beads to three principles we've always believed guideline. building green ensure the best practices are brought forward and building it will with hyvee garble building for community which is first and foremost identified by the supervisors in this committee >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> local 38 plumbers union. joe told me earlier you do not need me to speak but i feel like i need to get up here just say a few words. the building trades is not have a representative on the planning commission since the godlike kevin hughes. >>[laughing] we think it's important that we do have some and on their and truthfully, i cannot think of a better pick than jewel within the building trades. he is more
1:27 pm
than qualified and i think you'll be godlike one day, two. so thank you for your consideration next speaker, please. high expectations. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is having your local 216. we are here to support our brother. again already mentioned so much about him. we support that and not only that the kind person that he is. it's hard to see often. one of the things i believe in luck but i also believe in ability of a person. he's able to do the work. he's one of those people. that is able to do quite a bit of work. please, support him. give him the spot. thank you >> thank you. would you like me to have everyone stand in support the what i see they have come on that. dd, if you like to plan to our audience? thank you for being here again.
1:28 pm
next speaker of current planning commissioner. >> not that i need to add to much more singing tools prices but i cannot be more delighted to jolt nominated to me by fellow clinic commissioner i met joel couple years ago when i start on the commission could we had a great relationship even though we don't agree on everything did when i talked to told upgrade complete city and the need to balance jobs housing, business and arts and nonprofit he gets it. his can have a steep learning could but i look forward to serving with him. i just want to add my support. i know we were on public comment but i support her as well. emacs thank you very much for being here commissioner richards. any of the numbers of the public that was to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> supervisor mar >> i like to move that we support joel koppel for the planning commission and that is been moved to the full board as
1:29 pm
a committee report for consideration on september 13, 2016 >> moved and seconded. the mets are you ready for this? without objection. congratulations. >>[gavel] >> >>[applause] >> mr. clerk item 9, please >> item number nine, >>[reading ordinance] >> mdm. chairman i like to note the agenda erroneously under vacancy number 12 supervisor that should be president of the board >> i was wondering if we had a 12 supervisor here. thank you for being so patient here with us today during our long the rules committee meeting. we have two seeds two applicants is our clerk statement with beverly and i apologize if i mispronounce the last name pelican and if you want, and
1:30 pm
make your presentations. there will wait for the room to quiet down as well.thank you, you may proceed >> a good afternoon, supervisors, on that-and i am the executive director for c-5 children school. we located into facilities in this neighborhood right across mcallister street. in the state building. at the sf puc building. i feel very privileged to have for our program to be selected to be the operator of the sf puc because it is a very forward thinking and operating organization and it is been a real pleasure to have been
1:31 pm
there for four years. i could go before the commission one of their commission meetings back in april 2012 when we were being approved for being selected to be the operator. so, was very informative and kind of interesting to me to see office activities of appointing the commissioners and the detailed information of course i did not have at that time. we serve about 150 children from infants off to kindergarten age. we are a nonprofit with the board of directors. our organization was established about 31 years ago in the california state building for public utilities commission by a group of employees who were parents there. that center operated for a number of years and then when
1:32 pm
we took over the building for the sf puc because that center. so we still continue to have two centers. i believe that my diverse background in educational management, my rich life experiences, the insights i've gained qualify me for being on the planning commission. well, see back not quite as doesn't have it is important commission or advisory committee. i have attended those meetings for a number of years very faithfully and know and appreciate having a lot of colleagues that i work with to be a place where i think a lot of very positive and very good work is being done in san francisco and my desire is to participate in a
1:33 pm
little more official manner. my overarching goal would be to work on creating an even more outstanding system of early care and education that serves all children and families in san francisco. we are on the right path. we have a good system. it's just this a lot more to do. in order to be able to serve all children in san francisco. i believe that my experience in government and in public education particularly including programs like head start provide me some insight and also we are program right now is recognized as an example or a program with conference of learning and development for children and i have a real passion for this. so, my hope is to in some smaller ways is to continue to need more
1:34 pm
families needs in the city of san francisco to expand the number of businesses, business kinds of contacts and engagement with business in relation to early parent education. to develop new and diverse sources of funding, to address the need that is there for middle income families for care. i get calls every day for children, families wanted to the children in and just because of the high cost of doing business is not just in san francisco but it's everywhere for early care, and they're being very little
1:35 pm
support. i mean there are supports and were very appreciative of that but to give you an example, we can provide about 10% of our population the some sort of scholarship. that's about 15 children a year. and were talking about a difference per month in what any kind of subsidy of what parents can pay and our tuition is somewhere between 6-7, $800 depending on the age of the child. so, there still many people in san francisco who don't have access to quality early care and education. i want to work on issues to improve the pay for people in early childhood. we work really hard. we go to school we get degrees and yet, that supports and being seen as a group of professionals is still lacking within our society. were all very knowledgeable about that but one of the things we are working on in san francisco is getting paid to be equitable to
1:36 pm
say public school teachers are comparable to that. so that is important. i also just want to continue the collaboration that i've had, the opportunity to enjoy not in an official capacity with all my colleagues on seatac c pack so you appointed to that commission, i hope to bring innovation. i really want to work with businesses. i think that now is the time for us to grab hold of all the wonderful opportunities of the developments and the changes that are going on in san francisco and applied that to how we can better serve families in terms of early care and education. we've got to have it there within your talking today. we've listened to all of the kinds of jobs that people do. people all
1:37 pm
parents, all people need to go to work everyday so they can contribute to the economy and that is what we are in the business for improving that situation. so, thank you >> thank you very much for your thorough presentation. we have any questions or comments from committee? supervisor cohen tmax i did have a few questions but your presentation answered all of them. that's probably one of the benefits of sitting in front of hours of other testimony but i'm excited. "to see what you do. on the child care planning advisory council. >> they could. supervisor mar i do want to say i think you have a great addition to see that. could you talk briefly young children with special needs and disabilities because i know you had that experience as a mom also teaching and i
1:38 pm
like that you been a teacher at the high school level, administrator in a number of districts but specifically for c-pack do we do enough to identify special needs early on and as a system. from birth-five even k-12 system to we do enough and what can we doing in c-back to me that those kids and families? >> i think we do a good job good i don't is ever enough. i think we always can improve. i think san francisco has a good system for identifying in my experience of being at c-five we've had children who have acquired special interventions and i've been impressed and even more impressed over the last few years because the services, both with some of the early intervention now with the school district had been very good. so, speaking from a
1:39 pm
parental point of view, many years ago, children with disabilities were not entitled to attend school. so i think we've made tremendous progress in that area. i think we always have to keep looking at it because things change and if we can always keep changing with that-and to make sure that we are looking at children with special needs and i really love the terminology that is used in some of the schools in italy and is children with special rights. so that children all children have special rights but those children and particularly their parents who are under a lot of giraffes and coping with the situation. >> thank you >> thank you very much. so at
1:40 pm
this time we will move on to grant dobson could >> good afternoon supervisor. was it good evening? i'm not sure. i'm grant dobson and am currently working at the san francisco office of care and education. i looked i oversee the public policy and legislation aspect of the work that. also do a lot of work around the facilities in child care and early education facilities and that the city. look at the development impact fees and use of those increasing access in building new programs and new sites around the city with public housing working with many departments, working with various other departments in the city. around expanding childcare and early education opportunities throughout the city. i've been involved with
1:41 pm
c-pack for 10 years because prior to the best job i was the c have impact coordinator. full circle for me to those on the other side of the fence supporting the work that c has impacted as a sappers in and out i would be seeing it from the other side good i'm kind of excited to have the opportunity to be a member of c-pack a senior member of feedback and be able to vote and contribute in that way. to the work that c-pack does. before i joined the city 10 years ago i worked at the tenderloin childcare center which is no compass children center in the tenderloin. work there for 13 years. of the teacher in the classroom and i was a director or administrator and i bring that perspective to the work i carried on to the city as a provider as an educator myself. so, i feel like i straddled those two roles during my career. currently,
1:42 pm
the office of the ece is charged with implementing the citywide plan early care and education after proposition c was passed in 2014. we are charged with a looking at the lincoln education for 0-5-year-olds with all the city funding that's available. we are very lucky in san francisco we have tremendous local investment in ece. so, i think what i bring is a public agency representative on c-pack am able to work with the committee base members that providers for parents listening to the other voices a part of c have contact and shared mission and goals throughout the city both from the public agency side and the community side around what is best for the children families in san francisco run early care and education. i'm looking forward to actually getting to vote at the c seatac meetings instead of breaking in the next all right. supervisor mar the max i want to thank them for 30 years of really supporting
1:43 pm
young people in the tenderloin the expertise you developed and your work to educate on the board and so many others. child activity, the coronation of different departments doing similar work in the better functioning and efficiencies in creating out with the office of ece and i think you know on the side of the fence is a c have impact commissioner is addition good addition as well. things are much continuity, and so much historical context of lips on glad you're joining >> thank you for your presentation. now at this time we can open up this item to public comment. this is item 9. first i will call up ms. lopez from supervisor kim's office and anyone else who wants to speak on these appointments please come on up. >> good afternoon. i will be brief. i think beverly
1:44 pm
altercation speak for themselves. i obviously the things that attracted us to this applicant are the issues of economic justice and her focus on page. as we know childcare providers are some of the most wage workers have important task of raising our children at development milestones of the like. i think we need to pay our workers without october. that said, i also want to say that her background in special education is also of interest to us. especially given the disproportionate number of students that disabilities in our district as well. so for us it's important to have that perspective on c has impacted him a supplement special-needs parent so i think that the needs of advocates to help navigate through the system is so important because it's a difficult one even with advocates. so being as you get from supervisor kim being an office full of mothers, we want to folks were able to represent these types of issues. so, thank you >> thank you. any other memos of the public wish to comment
1:45 pm
on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> committee members, >> i like to make a motion that first i think we need to take up the issue for residency waiver for beverly in seat number six >> all right >> i like to make a motion that we move with positive recommendation beverly-[sp?] beverly malaysian to seat six and also appoint mr. graham dobson to also to-adam c >> c 12 >> sorry. next speaker, please. moved and seconded. we will do that without objection and again with the residency waiver for seat six >>[gavel] >> congratulations. unless item, item 10, please >> item 10, >>[reading ordinance] >> thank you. i just want to
1:46 pm
thank whoever is left here for your patience to a long rules committee meeting. we have dion the beauty could i don't know if i pronounce that write. great. scott nelson, elisa dela pea on kendra amica nicholas chimera. weather is here please come on up for presentation. >> thank you for your time this. my name is the on the beauty good i'm here what i wanted community housing partnership. i'm assistant supervisor that. we operate a community organizing program that has a lot of great work in our community including our campaign [inaudible] for starting this task force. i tried to sit on the task force because i really don't support the fact that current policies really disproportionally affect our homeless and low-income
1:47 pm
neighbors by extension, really disproportionally affect people of color are neighbors of color and i like to be a part helping to make practical equitable solutions to current problems in regards to municipal violations quality-of-life violations. i think might experience that community housing partnership working closely with the folks most impacted by current policy would offers me a valuable perspective to the task force. i think my role in workforce development is closely connected try to help people get jobs get back to work get their lives back together in the face of barriers like tickets and being collections, having your license revoked things that make it hard to get on top of those barriers. i think that my experience professionally my outlook experience as a person pretty moderate means, my compassion and genuine interest in raising
1:48 pm
the welfare of my community would allow me to offer relief bible perspective to the task force. i really appreciate your consideration. >> thank you very much. supervisor mar >>, thank you and the dead free sf coalition for bringing this forward with supervisor avalos and others but thank you. i think the organizers from chc be on this body so important so thank you for stepping up to be honest body. >> thank you for your presentation. so see no other questions or comments we want to our next applicant. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is scott nelson. i volunteer with the coalition on homelessness. i'm interested in this board appointment because i have a lot of experience working with the coalition assisting people with it in a program called [inaudible] revival income persons, and a
1:49 pm
seeker assistance in getting their tickets dismissed were ameliorated through the assistance of attorneys. we been doing this program for a long time. it's really been changed a bit can you step attorneys assisting and out basically it's just i guess it would cause waitpersons. so, we really see the people coming in and with these issues are and what they're facing. trends that are happening including muni tickets which are to address nowadays because of the change in the prosecution of them with the fare inspectors. i've also been working on that debt-free san francisco coalition so to speak representing the coalition of homelessness. we've also looked into this along with lawyers on civil rights and i think also living as a low income person, i can offer a perspective from not only being the low income
1:50 pm
but of writing services for some of these other low income and homeless persons. so i ask you support my appointment to the task force. thank you >> thank you very much for your presentation. seeing oh questions or comments will move on for next applicant. >> good afternoon supervisors minus christina i tuned a massive. as elisa dela pea on his proxy. jenna family emergency so she apologizes for not being able to make it. alisa has some of the most expertise i know on fines and fees issue. i work with the lease at lawyers committee. she currently serves as lawyers committee legal director but prior to that she ashley started her legal career there. in 2004 and was working as a homeless rights project attorney and she has had the most experience representing homeless persons in traffic court on fines and fees, issues municipal fines and fees,
1:51 pm
citations, etc. she knows the ins and outs of the san francisco traffic court system. she knows all the clerks at each window. she has also spearheaded so much of the statewide advocacy, most recent one is sb 1881 on the governor's desk right now, which would actually require courts to process amnesty traffic court amnesty applications within 90 days. she has also done-she served on various coalitions. she's able to work very closely with community members. she was a very close relationship with the coalition on homelessness. we always turn to her for any expertise on any fines and fees issues you can think of. she is the expert on it. two and, with her she was a co-author on two
1:52 pm
policy reports that brought to light this issue. the first one being, not just the ferguson problem how traffic was driving inequality in california and the second one, was called stop fine and arrested. how racial bias in policing and traffic courts in california, the first report really brought to light how much one traffic ticket can add up quickly to somewhere around $800 and how much it impacts low income people. the second report really brought to light the racial lens of the issue and how much i think we got rich data from the dmv and got some and combine that with us census data and it showed how much drivers license suspensions impact low income people of color and that brought home to light this issue. so i actually have three copies of each report for all
1:53 pm
of you. i can just--so, i would really encourage you to appoint lisa to the task force >> thank you for appearing on her behalf. supervisor mar >> i want to thank you for supporting elisa dela pea on up and having represented the visitation work committees is a critical but i want to say that the involvement with coalition is really important. it's very rare when there are attorneys to work with activists like mr. nelson and others in the coalition and that really stepped that but also step forward broad-based coalitions and-victim was george jackson's attorney and came out of a lot of movements but i think his approach of peoples loitering is important ethical lawyers committee for civil rights a
1:54 pm
number of the attorneys believe represent that as well. i think that debt-free sf coalition to the california on the road coalition i believe is a great example. brothers being involved is so critical to but i'm very proud of this body will be creating legislation for the future. so it's an ongoing effort that's building power in low income communities and will utilize government to make lives better for so many people whether they're behind bars, coming out, were on the streets and don't have homes or shelters as well. but thank you for supporting the various people here but especially peoples lawyers like ms. dela pea on a as well. >> thank you very much. at this time we will move on to our next applicant. >> my name is nicholas-i'm appearing on behalf of canada and make it up her proxy today. worked with kendra for many years now a couple years now on
1:55 pm
different issues. however, am spoken here many times about the task force and she is she wants to serve definitely to develop better solutions and procedures because for people who low income community especially web in trying to resolve their outstanding fines and fees. she has been working an advocate of behalf of low income san franciscans since 20 way. she did have experience in working with gap which is the general assistance advocacy project. when their commission represented clients with quality by citations in muni citations in superior court and while there she also help self help material for the general public to use. that was in order for typical layperson to be able to appeal their to help them go through the appeals process through sf mta and issue citations issued for fair violations. she does have a good knowledge like some of our past speakers have insane, about the many things that
1:56 pm
affect certain groups and our city namely low income people and people of color. so, she has been working throughout she does work now in bay area legal aid. she was working at gap was also on the shelter monitoring committee appointed by this committee. she does have many goals that she developed throughout her knowledge and her interactions with the system that ships to congress while on the task force. definitely within collaboration with the members of the task force and community. she does want to help to improve the appeals process the payment plan service and the committee options for people that receive citations and people that cannot afford them. she also like to change the practice of citing homeless people for simply being homeless and sleeping outside. finally a major goal she would like to achieve is reviewing the current policies developing new ones like we were saying before likely heard, this would be to address the many disparate racial impacts certain groups
1:57 pm
impacted by these fines and fees. namely, one of the things drivers licenses [inaudible] so, i'm speaking as myself, i would encourage you to appoint her. she's very good. i served under she's a very good sort of the committee. >> thank you. are you planning to also >> i am not. [inaudible] just appoint them all to very good >> thank you that's very kind of you. so, committee members any questions or comments? i would just say that there's a huge difference between people who receive fines and so forth and penalties to have the means and who decide not to pay vendors a huge difference between those who really have other challenges that they face in life. some interested in seeing how the task force is going to come up with solutions to address that. because it's
1:58 pm
an opportunity for us to help better help those who again these challenges and need further assistance from us. so, supervisor cohen question or comment? >> i had a comments. i want to agree with the spinning you just make it i have for my constituents from time to time about an inability to pay fines discrepancy in fines. contesting fines. all of the above and i think the task forces going to actually be very positive for san francisco and it can be very interesting get with that said alike to make a motion if i make >> with the to public comment first. will go to public comment first on this item and then we can have a motion. i see mr. jerry pollock from supervisor avalos's office. >> good afternoon jerry pollock legislative 82 supervisor john avalos. i just a briefly were very happy with this pool of applicants and really appreciate mr. morris to
1:59 pm
dropout leaving us with for qualified applicants for the four c's. urge them to stay involved as a member of the public who again give input on this excited for the treasurer tax collector offered to step up and take the lead on this task force. so urge you to appoint the recommend the four remaining applicants. >> thank you. i do see the treasurer's office here. did you have any comments? okay well thank you for working with the task force. so, seeing other comments on a close public item on on them 10 >>[gavel] >> now we can do supervisor cohen's motion >> i like to make a motion to appoint [inaudible] two-seat number eight. within a motion to move that we support scott nelson two-seat number nine. appoint elisa dela pea on a two-seat number 10 and kendra a mac two-seat 11. i want to
2:00 pm
recognize that elisa dela pea on a fancy number 10 when the residency waiver. i want my motion to reflect that. >> is a committee report the next phase. >> for september 13. we will do that without objection >>[gavel] >> now committee members, congratulations and thank you very much. committee members we do need to rescind a vote on items seven and eight planning commission and bonus because we need to amend the actual motion first to say we are approving each commissioner and then send afford as amended as a committee report. to the full board on september 30 p.m. at i moved to send >> rescinded >>[gavel] >> can have a motion? we will amend to appoint me in a mellow
2:01 pm
guard to the planning commission and will do that without objection >>[gavel] >> we will make a motion to set forth as amended as a committee report to september 30 one milk board meeting will do that without objection >>[gavel] >> item 8, same thing. the motion to amend joe koppel moved and seconded. >> without objection >>[gavel] >> move it to the september 30 board meeting >> >> accurate use myself because this is my appointment. alternately two supervisor mar >> leave a motion to excuse supervisor tang moved and seconded. without objection let's call the item. >> item number one a motion to pointing supervisor katie tang indefinite term for the children and the first commissioner >> think. i move we excuse supervisor tang and it's been seconded. with that without objection. now, any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. is there a motion to appoint
2:02 pm
our colleague >> >> moved and seconded. >> were doing this without objection. supervisor katie tang has been appointed to the children and it was first commissioner of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you very much. mr. clerk any other matters before sp1 max no >> no more matters mdm. chairman >> okay thank you. we are adjourned. >> >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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2:12 pm
>> the annual celebration of hardly strictly bluegrass is always a hit now completing itself 12 year of music in the
2:13 pm
incredible golden gate park. >> this is just the best park to come to. it's safe. it's wonderful and such a fun time of the year. there is every kind of music you can imagine and can wander around and go from one stage to another and just have fun. >> 81 bands and six stages and no admission. this is hardly strictly bluegrass. >> i love music and peace. >> i think it represents what is great about the bay area. >> everyone is here for the music and the experience. this is why i live here. >> the culture out here is amazing. it's san francisco. >> this is a legacy of the old warren hel ment and receive necessary funding for ten years after his death. >> there is a legacy that started and it's cool and he's
2:14 pm
done something wonderful for the city and we're all grateful. hopefully we will keep this thing going on for years and years to come.
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
as a society we've basically failed big portion of our population if you think about the basics of food, shelter safety a lot of people don't have any of those i'm mr. cookie can't speak for
2:17 pm
all the things but i know say, i have ideas how we can address the food issue. >> open the door and walk through that don't just stand looking out. >> as they grew up in in a how would that had access to good food and our parent cooked this is how you feed yours this is not happening in our country this is a huge pleasure i'm david one of the co-founder so about four year ago we worked with the serviced and got to know the kid one of the things we figured out was that they didn't know how to cook. >> i heard about the cooking school through the larkin academy a. >> their noting no way to feed
2:18 pm
themselves so they're eating a lot of fast food and i usually eat whatever safeway is near my home a lot of hot food i was excited that i was eating lunch enough instead of what and eat. >> as i was inviting them over teaching them basic ways to fix good food they were so existed. >> particle learning the skills and the food they were really go it it turned into the is charity foundation i ran into my friend we were talking about this this do you want to run this charity foundations and she said, yes. >> i'm a co-found and executive director for the cooking project
2:19 pm
our best classes participation for 10 students are monday they're really fun their chief driven classes we have a different guest around the city they're our stand alone cola's we had a series or series still city of attorney's office style of classes our final are night life diners. >> santa barbara shall comes in and helps us show us things and this is one the owners they help us to socialize and i've been here about a year. >> we want to be sure to serve as many as we can. >> the san francisco cooking school is an amazing amazing partner. >> it is doing that in that space really elevates the space for the kids special for the chief that make it easy for them
2:20 pm
to come and it really makes the experience pretty special. >> i'm sutro sue set i'm a chief 2, 3, 4 san francisco. >> that's what those classes afford me the opportunity it breakdown the barriers and is this is not scary this is our choice about you many times this is a feel good what it is that you give them is an opportunity you have to make it seem like it's there for them for the taking show them it is their and they can do that. >> hi, i'm antonio the chief in san francisco. >> the majority of kids at that age in order to get them into food they need to see something simple and the evidence will show and easy to produce i want to make sure that people can do
2:21 pm
it with a bowl and spoon and burner and one pan. >> i like is the receipts that are simple and not feel like it's a burden to make foods the cohesives show something eased. >> i go for vera toilet so someone can't do it or its way out of their range we only use 6 ingredients i can afford 6 ingredient what good is showing you them something they can't use but the sovereignties what are you going to do more me you're not successful. >> we made a vegetable stir-fry indicators he'd ginger and onion
2:22 pm
that is really affordable how to balance it was easy to make the food we present i loved it if i having had access to a kitchen i'd cook more. >> some of us have never had a kitchen not taught how to cookie wasn't taught how to cook. >> i have a great appreciation for programs that teach kids food and cooking it is one of the healthiest positive things you can communicate to people that are very young. >> the more programs like the cooking project in general that can have a positive impact how our kids eat is really, really important i believe that everybody should venting to utilize the kitchen
2:23 pm
and meet other kids their age to identify they're not alone and their ways in which to pick yours up and move forward that. >> it is really important to me the opportunity exists and so i do everything in my power to keep it that. >> we'll have our new headquarters in the heart of the tenderloin at taylor and kushlg at the end of this summer 2014 we're really excited. >> a lot of the of the conditions in san francisco they have in the rest of the country so our goal to 257bd or expand out of the san francisco in los angeles and then after that who know. >> we'd never want to tell people want to do or eat only provide the skills and the tools in case that's something people
2:24 pm
are 2rrd in doing. >> you can't buy a box of psyche you have to put them in the right vein and direction with the right kids with a right place address time those kids don't have this you have to instill they can do it they're good enough now to finding out figure out and find the future for >> a lot a ton with the community and we say to ourselves, there is this one and this one. we all compartmentalize them, we have our own agenda. our agenda is to create great work. if you are interested in that,
2:25 pm
you are part of our community. >> hello and welcome to brava theater. >> we are trying to figure out a way to make a space where theater and presentation of live work is something that you think of the same way that you think of going to the movies. of course, it has been complex in terms of economics, as it is for everyone now. artistically, we ha done over 35 projects in four seasons, from producing dance, theater, presenting music, having a full- scale education program, and having more than 50,000 visitors in the building almost every year. a lot of our emerging artists to generate their first projects here, which is great. then we continue to try to support figuring out where those
2:26 pm
works can go. we have been blessed to have that work produced in new york, going on to the edinburgh festival, the warsaw theater festival. to me, those are great things when you can watch artists who think there is nowhere else that might be interested in you being a woman of color and telling your story and then getting excited about it. that is our biggest accomplishment. having artists have become better artists. what is. sheri coming back to brava, here you have this establish, amazing writer who has won a clue -- slew of awards. now she gets to director and work. even though she is this amazing, established writer, the truth is, she is being nurtured as a director and is being given some space to direct. >> the play is described as
2:27 pm
ceremony and -- where ceremony and theater me. in the indigenous tradition, when you turn 52, it is like the completion of an important era. the importance of the ceremony is to say, you are 52. whenever you have been caring for the first 52 years, it is time to let it go. really, here, they have given me carte blanche to do this. i think it is nice for me, in the sense of coming back 25 years later and seeing personally my own evolution as an artist and thinker. the whole effort to put the chicano or indigenous woman's experience on center stage is, in itself, for euro-american theaters, a radical position. because of the state of theater,
2:28 pm
it is a hard roll to hold up in institution. it is a hard road. i am looking at where we are 25 years later in the bay area, looking at how hard it is for us to strive to keep our theater is going, etc. i like to think that i'm not struggling quite as hard, personally, but what i mean by that, the intention, the commitment. particularly, to produce works that would not be produced in other places, and also to really nurture women of color artists. i think that is something that has not shifted for me in those 25 years, and it is good to see that brava remains committed to that kind of work. ♪ >> when people talk about the
2:29 pm
reflection of the community, we can only go from what we have on our staff. we have a south asian managing director, south african artistic director, latino community out rich person. aside from the staff, the other people, artists that we work with being a reflection of us, yes, the community is changing, but brava has always tried to be ahead of that trend. when i came in, i tried to make it about the work that shows the eclectic mission district, as well as serving the mission. those are the types of things those are the types of things that i feel build one brava is
2:30 pm